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Procedure: I create and go first to CatPage1.html, then in application box click on "Server Behaviors."
In the html mode, Insert>WebAssist>eCart does not go further to "add eCart button etc. I then click on "choose a document type." From the dialog box that appears I choose Javascript. This then brings up an update files dialog box with the url ending in ...\eBookIntroPage.html. [This is the last page that links to this page]. I click OK and the links update. This then shows a new file as CatPage1.asp. I can now add eCart object, etc.
I then click through Display manager>quick cart, add Quick Cart, and saved in both CatPage1.asp and CatPage1.html. This is in the local view.
Next, I put both CatPage1.asp and CatPage1.html to the server, and verify in remote view.



a) Business and investment-related ereseach and books

.....William Fox; Cortez Trend extract:

...Cortez Trend detail page
Description: [ProdShortDescription]
Price: $1.12
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When I click on "add to cart" I get the following response:
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b) General reading

......Dr. Brooks: The Robots Are Here extract:

The Robots are Here by Dr. Rodney Brooks
Description: MIT Tech Review Article
Price: $1.00
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.......Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas, Chapter 21:

Link to Detail Page
An exciting story
Price: $1.18
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