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This section consists of digital downloads. It is divided into two broad categories:

a) Business and investment-related ereseach and books
....1) eresearch reports, typically related to industry conventions I have attended
....2) eresearch analysis on broader investment issues, to include macroeconomic reports

b) General reading
....1) Background books and papers related to commentaries I have made related to investments and political economy
....2) Very generalized reading; the kinds of books one might see referenced in book review sections of business magazines, except here you can download and peruse them at nominal cost .

Please Note: All sales are final.
Please contact me at willfox@comcast.net regarding any possible download problems.

Go to: combined Business and investment and general reading page.

The ebook, eresearch concept:

Digital downloaded ebooks and eresearch have many advantages over paperback or hardback books ordered over the Internet. Our overall "value proposition" is to dramatically drive down the costs and time that people spend to amass private libraries of important books, and to accomplish this in a free enterprise rather than government or nonrpofit mode.
a) One gets immediate access over the Internet without any wait for shipping
b) The ebooks are priced cheaper than most paperbacks
c) The copies are yours to keep on your hard drive, much like accumulating MP3 files on an iPod. Pdf files are easy to transfer to portable readers.
d) Pdf files are much easier to read than books, because they have background illumination, and one can easily adjust the size of the text. Much easier to scan vast amounts of text material by pulling up files on lap top than handling books.
e) One can search text for key words and topic areas.
f) One can easily copy and paste from text for research purposes.
g) Like a portable MP3 files for music, one has a private library that is not dependent on streaming contact with the Internet.
h) Advances in memory are such that one can easily amass a private library larger than most public libraries in a very portable fashion. One can easily copy to other PCs, back up discs.

We try to price the ebooks low enough so that people can easily acquire batches of books.for less than they would spend to out to a restaurant. For researchers, cheaper to buy pdf files and permanently archive them in their private hard drive collection than to make a trip to college library, check out books, and then return them.

Lastly, your support helps us go out and scan more books to make information more freely available to mankind, literally bringining great libraries into your home at very low cost. An excellent aid for home schooling and scholarship.

eBooks also reduce the cost of publishing, making it easier for people to have their ideas and research obtain a public forum.


We generally do not store credit card numbers, or make them available to outsiders.

Again, all sales are final.


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