Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror


Oslo/Utøya 7/22
False Flag Terror



"Let it be known - the enemy has come to our land!"
(Gjev ljod - fienden har kome til landet!


[Quotation above from the Wikipedia article "The Battle of Kringen" of 26 August 1612 (Norwegian: Slaget i Kringom) which ". . . involved an ambush by Norwegian peasant militia of Scottish mercenary soldiers who were on their way to enlist in the Swedish army for the Kalmar War . . . Having been warned of the incursion, and probably inflamed by a massacre of Norwegian conscripts at Nya Lödöse and the events of Mönnichhoven’s march (Mönnichhoven-marsjen) earlier in July, the farmers and peasants of the Vågå, Lesja, Dovre, Fron, and Ringebu mobilized to meet the enemy. Legend has it that the sheriff of the area, Lars Gunnarson Hågå (b. approx. 1570, d. approx. 1650), came into the church in Dovre with a battle axe, struck it on the floor and shouted "Let it be known - the enemy has come to our land!" (Gjev ljod - fienden har kome til landet!).
Today the invading enemy operates in a much more stealthy and deceptive manner but is no less dangerous, consisting of Mossad-CIA-MI6, NATO-Gladio, the Rothschilds / City of London, and other sinister allied forces who seek to put Norway on her knees, grab all her natural resources, and convert her into a totally culture-less, race-less, and spiritually dessicated prostitute nation of the New World Order.]





Photo of the author of this series while serving a period of reserve active duty as a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Major in the G-2 Intelligence Section of the 4th Marine Division Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana during the Gulf War I era. I later received an honorable discharge and no longer have any official connection with the U.S. Marine Corps or any other U.S. Government entity -- and I am sure the feeling is mutual -- ie, these entities typically want to disavow any connection whatsoever with the kinds of highly independent social, political, and religious views expressed by individuals such as myself.


Editor's Note by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books


This is a"full spectrum overview" by a "51% Norwegian" Norwegian-American; needless to say this issue has become very personal for me, as reflected by my commentary provided throughout this web page. The Oslo-Utoya 7-22 mass murder of my Norwegian kinsmen was an unspeakably evil act of war. Its real perpetrators must be publicly identified and brought to justice! In addition, there are quite a few special interest groups here in the U.S. who have enabled the most likely perpetrators of Oslo-Utoya 7-22 -- namely Mossad-CIA-MI6 -- to get completely out of control. At a minimum these groups need to be verbally taken out behind the woodshed, and I deal with quite a few of them below. A failure to confront these malefactors will only encourage them to become bolder in the future. Regarding my own personal Norway-related background, see photos here. As a caveat, I am not in any way an official representative of any Norwegian or Norwegian-American organizations -- everything I write is just "one man's opinion." Last but not least, I would be happy to visit Norway to speak at symposia about the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 false flag attack, the ongoing Fukushima radiation threat to the Northern Hemisphere, and other topics. Please see contact information here.


Part I


Overview of False Flag Characteristics


  • False flag operations typically reflect major geopolitical interests covertly at war with their own host society or other countries.
  • False flag operations typically utilize major official operations as camouflage to accomplish the exact opposite of what is stated for public consumption.
  • False Flag operators typically require both high level national and local control to thwart honest "first responder" and media reaction and suppress patriotic citizen uprisings.
  • Insiders usually personally profit, or advance long term profit goals –-in more ways than one.
  • Controlled national media typically pre-condition Norwegians, Americans, and other target audiences to accept false flag illusions prior to attacks with forms of "predictive programming" that promote fatalism, "Stockholm Syndrome," and an "expectancy effect." They also encourage serious "cognitive dissonance" problems when target audiences later encounter facts that contradict "official reality." Malefactors might also engage in "reverse predictive programming" where they search for fictional scenarios with demonstrated psychological impacts to find ideas for a "life imitating art" covert operation as well as a "role model" for operatives who execute the operation.
  • * Includes the special essay section "Satanism, Other Religions, and Intelligence Operations in Regard to Breivik-Oslo-Utoya 7-22 Psychopolitical Warfare" by William B. Fox

  • False flag operators usually require powerful intimidation propaganda apparatuses capable spreading massive disinformation after the false flag event. They also usually have the organizational ability to create a climate of censorship and general fearfulness towards finding or speaking the truth.
  • False Flag attacks staged by today's Zio-globalists typically have Kabbalistic, Masonic, or other occult numerological significance.

Part II

Miscellaneous Authors on False Flag-related "Facts, Theory, and Conjecture"

Comparisons With Other False Flag Events

Israeli Government, Zio-Establishment Media (or "MSM' for "Mainstream Media"), and Global Jewish Community Questionable Behavior Patterns

UK Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns

U.S. Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns

Norwegian Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns

Other Scandinavian (Outside of Norway) Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns

Other European Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns

Part III

Miscellaneous Forms of Subversion by Zionists and their Allies Against Scandinavian Countries and Other Nations Around the World

* Economic Warfare
* Radiological and Weather Warfare
* Ideological/Cultural Warfare, Conversion, and Hijacking
* Demographic Warfare
* Assassinations, Gang-Stalking, Marginalization, Bullying, "Sheep Dipping" and Miscellaneous Other Methods
* Breivik Used As a Strawman to Target Ideological Adversaries Or Ratchet Up a Norwegian Police State

Identifying the Most Accurate Macro-Social, Political, and Historical Analogies, Contexts, and Interpretations

Part IV

Events Analysis, Miscellaneous Indicators, Ideological Anomalies

Breivik's 2012 Show Trial
The Oslo Bombing
Utoya Island Shootings
Breivik's Strange Personal Background, Highly Suspicious International Connections, and "Fractured" Character: A "Patsy on Steroids" and Evil Parody of an Altruistic, Open and Honest Nordic Activist?

* General background and recent developments
* Does the real Anders Breivik have a synthetic "double" or "handler"?
* Is Breivik under mind control by an intelligence agency?

Breivik's "Christian Zionist" Ideological Background, Political Connections, and Suspicious Works

* Breivik's Ideology
* Reactions to Breivik's 1,500 Page Manifesto and Video
* "Pre-trail" Breivik Used As a Straw Man to Target Ideological Adversaries Or Ratchet Up a Norwegian Police State
* "Trial" and "Post-Trial" Breivik used as a source of continuously manufactured propaganda to sabotage genuine Norwegian nationalism and other European "right wing" opposition to the Zionist New World Order

Part V

Political Analysis and Activist Solutions

Overcoming Tyrannical, Corrupt, or Incompetent Power Elites

* We require citizen activism both in Norway and abroad to have an open and honest investigation
* Norway has become heavily "Finlandized" by the New World Order, therefore grass roots activism -- and "nationalism" -- is a vital component for successful activism. Paradoxically, the "Finlandization" of Norway can also make it harder for us to accurately evaluate Norway's leaders.
* Support genuine Nordic-Celtic spiritual reawakening

* Find alternative inspirational memes and nationalist philosophies for WASPs besides Breivik's erroneous concept of "Templar" subservience to Zionists and the Vatican and avoid a "Self-Hating Nordic" syndrome

a) Relate Breivik's behavior to the "alienated self-hating white" concept.
b) Find more suitable nationalist heroes consistent with Nordic traditions
. Adequately characterize the natural enemies of Nordic peoples, as well as Nordics themselves.

Conferencing, Networking, Organizing International Support
Identifying Malefactors and Collaborators, Educating Incompetent Bureaucrats, Recommending Appropriate Action

* What has been going on with America's CIA shadow government?
* From de Richelieu
to Robespierre: How the History of France Provides a Grim Warning For Dispossessed WASPs in America and Elsewhere
* Alex Jones and others protest the "Big Sis" police state: Is Janet Napolitano a "Suspicious Individual" or "Person of Special Interest" Regarding Anti-WASP Genocidal Tyranny in America?
* Some latest high level initiatives in the Jewish-Catholic war against WASP liberty

Part VI


Appendix A: Continued discussion of "Possible Motive: Act out subterranean ethnic/racial hatred for Cro-Magnon / Nordic peoples" by William B. Fox
Appendix B:
Three Gross Misconceptions that Too Many Americans (Like Glenn Beck) Have About Norway and Norwegians
by William B. Fox
Appendix C:
An Aside Regarding: False Flag Theory and Conjecture. Is it possible that the author of this web page may have been intended as an opportunistic patsy while trying to organize a Fukushima-related conference in Oslo?


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In the fictional movie The 13th Warrior, Vikings defend fellow Norse people against "an ancient evil so frightening that even the bravest warriors dare not name it." This evil consists of "eaters of human flesh" who come with the mists. (According to Wikipedia, the plot is loosely adapted from the legend of Beowulf. I also see some plot similarities with The Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa). Today modern Nordics face Mossad-CIA-MI6 terror -- with strong roots in ancient forms of Zionism and its never-ending anti-gentile racial hatred -- that also tries to remain unnamed. This more sophisticated threat consists of "eaters of gentile nations" who come with false flag operations, assassination campaigns, extreme environmental contamination, ideological subversion and propaganda warfare. This evil force also employs international central bank control, "economic hit man," "blood banker," "shock doctrine," "police state," "full spectrum dominance," and perpetual "strategy of tension" reductionism tactics towards all potential competitors. It also promotes the stealth genocide of Nordic peoples in their ancient homelands by promoting unlimited Third World immigration and rape of Nordic women, even to the point of suppressing news of attacks on Nordic women in Scandinavia. (See, for example, the article "Will Beautiful Norway be Snuffed Out?" by Arthur Kemp, the discussion of unlimited Muslim rape of Finnish women that is ignored by Finland's controlled corporate media on my Henrik Holappa web page, the description about how Zionist activist Barbara Spectre of the organization One Sweden admits that Jews are at the center of efforts to cram "multiculturalism" down the throats of white Europeans, and how an Israeli satirical TV show referred to a pretty Norwegian girl named Sandra Leikanger as the "newest existential threat" to the Jewish people). This criminal force is ultimately motivated by the acquisition of pure power and the maximization of short term profits, and it regards most political ideologies and forms of patriotism (with the exception of Zionism) as nothing more than play toys to be used and discarded whenever convenient. This international criminal mafia has amazing similarities in real life to the fictional organization SPECTRE in James Bond movies, except real life "James Bonds" or MI6 agents are controlled by the Rothschilds / City of London and their allies (to include other elite Jewish families such as the Oppenheimers, Schiffs, and Goldsmiths), and hence they really work for rather than against the real life counterparts of villains in James Bond movies such as Auric Goldfinger, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and Emilio Largo. Unfortunately the most powerful real life crime families in the world control most central banks and are interconnected with the extremely wealthy British and Dutch monarchies and other plutocratic interests. Over time they have cultivated a wide spectrum of political "strange bedfellows" utilizing "concentric ring" and other types of recruitment tactics via such shadowy organizations as the "Bilderberg Group," "Trilateral Commission," "Tavistock Institute," "Council on Foreign Relations," and even the "Vatican/Jesuit" apparatus. (The Rothschilds have a long history of managing Vatican finances). Some particularly colorful examples of real world front men include George Soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton (please see the picture of her and "Slick Willie" cavorting with Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild about three quarters the way down this web page), and even Obama. Hence real world "James Bonds" are in actuality "globalist" enemies and hit men against traditional American and Norwegian conservative values and the legitimate expression of the national sovereignty and self-determination of both countries. It is worth adding that the real world version of SPECTRE exerts its evil influence in myriad other ways beside the control of central banks in America and elsewhere around the world, such as through the international drug trade called "Dope Inc.," the global "white slave trade" and international pedophile networks, and the execution pro-mass murder global depopulation agendas. Ironically, 19th century forms of imperialism by Western powers in the era of "white supremacism" were arguably more honest, open, and relatively less destructive than the totally deceitful criminal versions of imperialism that the world is suffering today in the era of "Jewish supremacism," particularly when we factor in the stealth poisoning of the planet with Fukushima radiation, nuclear power plant emissions, depleted uranium, GMO food, chemtrails, and myriad other forms of toxic assault that genocide entire peoples. The more things change, the more they stay the same, to include the continuing need for a valorous approach to life among latter day Norsemen in order to defend their own people, culture, and heritage. (These comments last updated 5 May 2015. I have created a more extended recent discussion of the subversion of Norway and the United States and the real nature of the most dangerous enemies of both countries in my commentary titled: "Does this Affair Only Involve the Staff of the Norwegian American Weekly, Or is There Something Much Bigger and More Sinister Taking Place?" last updated 22 Aug 2014).


13th warrior - Viking Death Prayer


Lo there do I see my father.
Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.

Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them,
In the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave, they live forever







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