Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror

In regard to major military-religious historical figures who might serve as an "iconic-meme" counterpoint to Breivik's concept of the Knights Templars, the Puritan Oliver Cromwell remains one of the most controversial leaders in British (and even American) history, and vastly more relevant to us today than the Templars. Cromwell is depicted here leading his troops after his victory at Marston Moor during the English Civil War, the most costly war on a per capita basis in British history. [Painting title: Oliver Cromwell after the Battle of Marston Moor by Ernest Crofts]


Part V


Political Analysis and Activist Solutions

Overcoming Tyrannical, Corrupt, or Incompetent Power Elites

* We require citizen activism both in Norway and abroad to have an open and honest investigation
* Norway has become heavily "Finlandized" by the New World Order, therefore grass roots activism -- and "nationalism" -- is a vital component for successful activism. Paradoxically, the "Finlandization" of Norway can also make it harder for us to accurately evaluate Norway's leaders.
* Support genuine Nordic-Celtic spiritual reawakening

* Find alternative inspirational memes and nationalist philosophies for WASPs besides Breivik's erroneous concept of "Templar" subservience to Zionists and the Vatican and avoid a "Self-Hating Nordic" syndrome

a) Relate Breivik's behavior to the "alienated self-hating white" concept.
b) Find more suitable nationalist heroes consistent with Nordic traditions
. Adequately characterize the natural enemies of Nordic peoples, as well as Nordics themselves.

Conferencing, Networking, Organizing International Support
Identifying Malefactors and Collaborators, Educating Incompetent Bureaucrats, Recommending Appropriate Action

* What has been going on with America's CIA shadow government?
* From de Richelieu
to Robespierre: How the History of France Provides a Grim Warning For Dispossessed WASPs in America and Elsewhere
* Alex Jones and others protest the "Big Sis" police state: Is Janet Napolitano a "Suspicious Individual" or "Person of Special Interest" Regarding Anti-WASP Genocidal Tyranny in America?
* Some latest high level initiatives in the Jewish-Catholic war against WASP liberty



WWII Artist concept of the Katyn Massacre
, where Jewish Bolsheviks led the Soviet NKVD mass-murder of approximately 22,000 Polish officers, intellectuals, and priests. The predator vs. counter predator social model suggests that as social conditions continue to deteriorate in America, European American groups will come under increasing pressure to organize themselves to defend their existence. The Jewish-Catholic establishment in the United States may eventually conduct "Katyn Massacres" inside FEMA camps of Scottish, English, Scandinavian, German, Russian, and other Northern European-descended Americans. If Mossad-CIA is willing to shoot Norwegian children in Norway, what is to stop them from murdering Norwegian-American children in American FEMA camps? What is to stop Jewish-influenced Catholics from mass-murdering WASPs in America, just like the way French Catholics once mass-murdered Cathars, Huguenots (French Protestants), and Vendee in France, or the way Phillip II of Spain once reportedly sought the mass murder of all Protestants in the Netherlands? Below are some examples of pure Catholic hatred towards Protestant innovators and free-thinkers:

In 1565 Spanish Catholics senselessly butchered about 131 French Protestant civilians and soldiers at Fort Caroline (located in what is now Jacksonville, Florida) and another 245 with their hands tied behind their backs who had been shipwrecked off Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral at a place called Matanzas Inlet 14 miles south of St. Augustine. "We do this" wrote these Catholic fanatics, "not to Frenchmen, but to heretics."

The Slaughter of Huguenots" by Debat-Ponsan. Starting in Paris, the St. Batholomew's Day Massacre of 1572 spread to other French urban centers and the countryside. According to Wikipedia "
Modern estimates for the number of dead vary widely, from 5,000 to 30,000."

Spanish Catholic occupation forces massacred most of the remaining Dutch Protestants of Haarlem in the Netherlands after their heroic defense of their city from 1572-1573, which had numbered 30,000 citizens. The web site "Heroic Holland" notes how Spain unleashed a "reign of terror" on Dutch Protestants, beginning with a "council to condemn without trial those suspected of heresy and rebellion." Spain also amassed a mighty Armada aimed at Britain whose ships "were filled with fanatical Jesuits . . . and racks, pulleys, thumbscrews, iron virgins, gridirons and other diabolical instruments of torture to be used once the Spanish Inquisition was set up in England."

Fall of the Alamo by Robert Onderdonk. There was a strong Protestant vs. Catholic undercurrent to the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836 Wikipedia notes: "Some American immigrants and Mexican citizens were accustomed to the rights they had in the U.S. that they did not have in Mexico. For example, Mexico did not protect Freedom of Religion, instead requiring colonists to pledge their acceptance of Roman Catholicism; Mexican Law also required a tithe paid to the Catholic Church. Since nearly all the American immigrants were Protestant and many reviled Catholicism, they found such demands to be highly offensive." Mexican Catholic soldiers slaughtered all the surviving defenders of the Alamo and proceeded to murder over 300 prisoners of war at Goliad before finally being defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto.


The famous Pogo cartoon saying "We have met the enemy, and he is us" is a spoof on "We have met the enemy and they are ours" voiced by Oliver Hazard Perry, commander of the American fleet, after defeating the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813 during the War of 1812. Sadly, from the standpoint of U.S. and UK citizens, the Pogo spoof is all too true when analyzing the root causes of false flag attacks conducted by Mossad-CIA-MI6.


Political Analyis and Activist Solutions

Overcoming Tyrannical, Corrupt, or Incompetent Power Elites

We require citizen activism both in Norway and abroad to have an open and honest investigation

2012-04-15 Killer of 77 goes on trial in Norway by Bjoern H. Amland and Karl Ritter, AP.
"...Breivik told investigators he is a resistance fighter in a far-right militant group modeled after the Knights Templar medieval crusaders, but police have found no trace of the organization and say he acted alone."
Ed. Note: It is obvious from this story that the Norwegian government prosecutors are pushing the "lone nut" story, just like the way the U.S. Government has promoted the fiction that Lee Harvey Oswald in regard to the JFK assassination and Timothy McVeigh in regard to Oklahoma City bombing operated as loners, none of which is believed today by any serious black ops researchers. If the Norwegian government were really serious about uncovering the truth behind Olso-Utoya 7-22, they would have invited me (the editor and publisher of this web page), Dr. Chris Busby (in regard to the Red Mercury bomb theory), and Dr. James Fetzer (founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and a leading black ops researcher in the U.S.) long ago to come to Norway to testify about the nature of Mossad-CIA-MI6 false flag ops and discuss before the jury major points made on this web page. So far, I have not heard "boo!" from anyone in Norway, despite quite a few alert emails that I have sent to people in both Norway and the U.S.A. -- to include all members of the Norwegian Parliament.
As one example, on my 17 Dec 2011 Lone Star Iconoclast alert coauthored with Dr. James Fetzer and LSI Publisher W. Leon Smith, we state:

On the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 web page, we provide extensive evidence that the alleged “lone nut” gunman Anders Breivik did not act alone, but instead has ultimately served as a patsy for intelligence agencies. Major William Fox, a coauthor of this alert, believes strongly that the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 tragedy is relevant to Fukushima 3-11. In both cases Mossad-CIA-MI6 is the most likely culprit. Significantly, both 3-11 and 7-22 took place on occult dates with the same “divisible by 11” false flag attack numerological pattern as New York 9-11, Madrid 3-11, and London 7/7.
Oslo-Utøya also has a likely “nuclear connection.” In the aforementioned interview with Dr. James Fetzer, Dr. Chris Busby described a “Red Mercury”-type mini-nuke manufactured in Dimona, Israel that was very likely used in New York City to help bring down the World Trade Towers on 9/11. Major Fox believes it was probably also used in the 2002 Bali bombing 16 as well as in the Oslo 7-22 attack.
On the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 web page, Major Fox applies his own sociological analysis to explain how an international criminal power elite could rise to power and perpetrate such evils as Oslo-Utøya 7-22 and Fukushima 3-11. Understanding the false flag nature of one event helps to gain a deeper understanding of the other, and vice versa. In regard to Oslo-Utoya 7-22, Major Fox also provides a unique personal perspective as a Norwegian-American.

Incidentally, this alternative media summary page has consistently "googled" top of the list for "Oslo-Utoya false flag" searches! It is inconceivable to me that high level people in Norway are unaware of what individuals like myself, Dr. Busby, and Dr.Fetzer have to offer.
And what particularly bothers me, besides the Kangaroo court aspect of the Norwegian government cover-up, is the way in which a failure to address Breivik's role as a Mossad-CIA-MI6 patsy helps reinforces PSYOP fear conditioning. This directly damages traditional conservatives in Norway and indirectly damages white conservatives both in America and around the world by reinforcing the "violent white extremist" meme while simultaneously withholdingevidence regarding the real nature of Breivik's Mossad-CIA-MI6 likely handlers at higher levels. Breivik is very likely a Quisling for the Zio-New World Order -- which is the blood enemy of all national sovereignties except that of Israel. Breivik is specifically operating as a traitor against the Norwegian people and Norwegian sovereignty.
I welcome comments and support from anyone in Norway or the U.S. or anywhere else who share our concerns.
2011-09-23 Dr. James interview with Nick Kollerstrom and Torstein Viddal; Tony Farrell; London 7/7 and Oslo bombing,. transcribed by William B. Fox, from the The Real Deal talk.

Viddal: ...There is a 22-7 commission being formed, and I was invited to take photographs when they were walking in the area of the bomb.
Kollerstrom: Yes, yes.
Viddal: I have some pictures of them on Googleplus. The thing is that already in their manifest for this commission it says that they are supposed to find out everything about this lone bomber. This one terrorist who is already defined that it is only one person. And also it says that they are not there to establish blame or anything, just there to find out as much as possible. [Sound quality begins to sound garbled].
Dr. Fetzer: Are you there? This sounds very much as though it is set up like the Warren Commission who investigate Lee Oswald. The lone demented killer, where even Bertrand Russell observed that he thought they were missing a section in their report, namely who killed JFK?
Kollerstrom: Yes. Well I think you need to campaign [garbled sound, next few words are unintelligible] as soon as possible so we can see what evidence there is, and try to press for a basic inquiry. I think it is hopeful that the Norwegian Prime Minister talked about the need for more democracy, more openness, more humanity in response to this bombing, and let's hope this does lead to an open citizens inquiry.
Dr. Fetzer: Torstein do you think there is a realistic expectation that this could actually happen? ...That there could be a formal inquiry that might actually be legitimate? I mean the parameters you are describing indicate it is so circumscribed it is only going to investigate Breivik and his background. And since they are not being asked to determine responsibility, whether anyone else happened to be involved is something that is beyond their mandate.
Viddal: Yes, it is very, very narrowed down, and I think this whole issue at least if you suspect some police complicity it has to be taken to a higher level. Maybe abroad, I don't know.

Norway has become heavily "Finlandized" by the New World Order, therefore grass roots activism -- and "nationalism" -- is a vital component for successful activism. Paradoxically, the "Finlandization" of Norway can also make it harder for us to accurately evaluate Norway's leaders.

2016-11-18 Norwegian city votes to boycott Israeli settlement goods, middleeastmonitor.com (also posted at uglytruth.com):

Norway’s third largest city has voted to boycott all goods and services produced in illegal Israeli settlements located in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Trondheim City Council approved the motion yesterday, in a resolution that states how “illegal settlements are expanding, the construction of the wall continues, Palestinians are subjected to daily harassment and face major obstacles in their daily lives.”

The resolution added: “This is a policy that Trondheim Municipality cannot support. The municipality will therefore refrain from purchasing goods and services produced in the occupied territories.”

According to reports: “The city council is also asking residents of Norway’s third largest city to personally boycott settlement goods and services.”

The boycott resolution was supported by the Labour, Socialist Left, Green and the Red party, it was opposed by the Conservatives, Christian Democratic, Progress, Centre Party and the Pensioner’s Party.

Two reader comments from the posting at the uglytruth.com unfortunately contain more than a few grains of truth:

  • #1 by huw jarse on 11/18/2016 - 11:11 pm

    Well done Norwegian Folks, but be ready for a very nasty back-lash from the followers of the Synagogue of Satan. If you folks have not realised it by now, you are dealing with the the chosen few of the lesser god, namely Satan. These eager monsters will endeavour to destroy every part of the lifestyle that you know of now……………and they can do it. And they will justify it by screaming thro’ the main stream media which they own, that you are all “Anti Semites”. Be vigilante because something bad is coming to you sooner or later.

  • #2 by Gary on 11/19/2016 - 12:48 am

    Expect a false flag terror event soon.Easy to get away with it using refugees who flooded Norway courtesy of that filthy jew Soros

In regard to the first reader comment, something extremely bad has already been directed at Norway. Please note the NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research) simulation chart in the Radiological and Weather Warfare section of Part 3 which shows Fukushima fallout plumes being steered around the UK and over Iceland and Norway.

I applaud the courage of Norwegians in Trondheim to speak out against Israeli bad behavioral and their determination to not always live their lives "in fear of the Jews." However, at the same time there is a price tag for trying to be a real man and real woman in this treacherous world we live in today. Keep your guard up Trondheimers against retaliatory attacks by members of the self-annointed, self-chosen, master criminal race of Old Yahweh!

2010-05-30 Part 4: What Nationalist Principles Might Have Defended Iceland? in the Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776" series by William B. Fox. [Editor's Note: Norway is a small country of 4.6 million people that is heavily entangled with international trade. Many of its leaders and major media controllers have been "chess-moved" into their positions by New World Order operators who are fundamentally hostile to Norway's national interests. Bucking these leaders, confronting a sophisticated covert 4th generation warfare force like Mossad-CIA-MI6, and standing up to heavily Zionist-infected major powers like the U.S. and UK is a difficult task. It will not be done over night. The same general points I made about Iceland's struggle also apply to Norway. This struggle is likely to be very long term, and require the mobilization of deep sociological, cultural, political, intellectual, financial, and even religious resources for the effort to be intelligent, effective, and sustainable. The complete analysis of 7-22 involves not only events at Oslo and Utoya, but also understanding how this false flag attack relates to New York 9/11, Madrid 3-11, London 7/7, Bali 2002, 2005, Fukushima 3-11, and many other false flag operations around the world. I have already tried to come to grips with many of these issues in my Mission of Conscience series.]
2010-05-30 Part 5 What Can We Do? in the Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776" series by William B. Fox. [Again, the same general points made about Iceland also apply to Norway and its resistance to 7-22 predators. The following is a list of specific points that I think apply not only for addressing the Oslo/Utoya crisis, but generalized ongoing threats to Scandinavia.]

Support specific initiatives
There are many areas involving alternative media and political consciousness raising where we can identify, analyze, and interdict high level criminality before it gets out of control.
* Support alternative media, the free Internet, and free speech. Create more alternative media web sites
* Support political activists. If ones own career situation is such that one cannot afford to come out in the open, then one must find a way to fight by proxy.
* Host back up servers in different countries that can survive Internet lock-downs
* Support more "Project Gutenbergs" for suppressed media. There are still myriad classics, particularly of the nationalist type, that are still gathering dust in private libraries that desperately need to be put online or in PDF format.
* Transcribe and post significant talks and interviews by whistle blowers to increase content visibility before Internet search engines. There is a lot of extremely important a very timely information shared by whistle-blowers in alternative media interviews that simply is not breaking out of the archived MP3 format. We need to form groups of volunteers who routinely transcribe shows and email or post this information.
* Collate and report on warning signs made by interview subjects in alternative media
* Archive interviews and other important documents, to include breaking news reports immediately following false flag attacks that typically contradict official cover-ups later on
* Create online files and dossiers regarding high level malefactors to assist law enforcement
* Provide additional online archives of important articles, particularly after likely false flag attacks, in case they get scrubbed from servers.
* Create more false flag analyses to explain the modus operandi of major events like the JFK assassination, Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the financial hijackings of Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, and other countries.
* Create more documentation of warning signs to support current false flag alerts meant to deter ongoing threats
* Scandinavian countries need to support think tanks that analyze how they can implement economic, political, cultural, and demographic policies consistent with nationalist principles that maximize long term prosperity. This includes honest examination of genuine indigenous values as well as the characteristics of aliens. This also entails helping people conceptualize unifying ultimate goals, such as the recovery and strengthening of sovereignty, the creation of ethnostates, or the need to create a backup "nations within a nation."
* Scandinavian countries need to provide havens for activists who seek to prevent the persecution and even genocide of fellow Nordics abroad, not to mention whites in general. They need to spend less time spreading Jewish Christianity among alien peoples on continents outside Europe, and more time raising heritage consciousness among all Nordic peoples everywhere in the world (the "Nordic Diaspora").
* Exhaust all defensive measures necessary to preserve our culture and people, to include filing complaints and responding in other ways to specific threats made against our own people and their civil liberties. I think that it is wisest in the long run to appear defensive as much as possible for moral purpose, but at the same time we live in a very dangerous world where we have to be aggressive about being defensive in order to survive.
* Instead of importing Third World peoples, Nordic countries could serve as a "Nordic homeland" for Nordic peoples from around the world who have become disgusted with the oppressiveness of their Zionist-controlled societies. Nordic peoples should have the same right to return to Nordic homelands that Jews enjoy when they go Aliyah to Israel. In addition, Nordic peoples of the Nordic Diaspora should also be entitled to create Nordic ethnostates in various places in North America just as Indians are allowed their own tribal reservations. If America continues along its current path towards national suicide and breakup, courtesy of uncontrolled Third World immigration and its insatiably greedy and psychopathic power elites, many parts of New England, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Washington State may be highly suitable for this purpose.
Support genuine Nordic-Celtic spiritual reawakening
Ultimately our struggle is spiritual in nature. It takes a certain spirituality to resist the constant flood of ugliness promoted by Zionist media and pursue a higher path, rather than fall under the hypnotic spell of psychopaths. Without spirituality, there is always a terrible danger that people with succumb to myriad degenerative factors, which include Stockholm Syndrome, fatalism, defeatism, criminal coercion, and "faddism." They may never seriously resist the forces of slow genocide until it is too late.
As mentioned earlier, if anything too many Icelanders ignored the prophetic warnings of Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson. How many of their ancestors of the saga era, if looking down from the clouds, would approve of the path that Oddsson, Grimmsson, and the "two Bjorgolfurs" put their society on?
No doubt many Christians do not agree with my fondness for tribal, natural religion as a bedrock of nationalist revival. Nevertheless, there should be room for mutual tolerance and understanding. I note in my discussion of Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson on my Religious Crisis web page:
...Interestingly enough, within the context of a homogeneous Icelandic society, Asatruar are often more leftist than rightist and are concerned with ecological themes. Also, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson maintained friendly relations with Lutheran ministers, who reciprocated by allowing him to be buried with a Norse pagan ceremony in a Christian cemetery beside his deceased kinfolk. (Being buried among kinfolk is a strong custom in Iceland, regardless of the place of burial or differing religious views between them). In other words, many Asatruar and Christians in Iceland typically maintain a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship rather than a hostile one, which I think is probably the wisest approach in the long run.
In Issue 137 of his "Asatru Update," dated 7 May 2010, Steve McNallen, head of the Asatru Folk Assembly, reinforced this perspective:
by Steve McNallen

Steve McNallen
Reading through posts on Asatru blogs and lists, I often see derogatory comments made about the Christian faith and its followers. This is understandable. Organized Christianity ruthlessly suppressed all the native religions of Europe, including the Germanic religion we today call Asatru. The several thousand Saxon leaders slaughtered by Charlemagne for their refusal submit to the cross were only a very small fraction of our martyrs; Europe succumbed to Christianity after a sputtering war of resistance lasting centuries. It is possible that every man and woman of European descent has direct ancestors who died in defense of our native faith.
So what are we to do with this history, now that a thousand years or so has passed? The scene is complicated by the fact that (1) Asatru is an ancestral religion and (2) most of our recent ancestors have been Christian. True, most of our line is thoroughly heathen - Europe as a whole has been under the sway of Christianity for only between one and two percent of the time that modern humans have lived on the continent - but things are no longer simple.
Here's my take on it: I went through a stridently anti-Christian phase in the years immediately after I decided to follow Asatru. I was young and brash and angry because I had been cheated of my heritage. Now, I am older and somewhat less brash. I still feel the loss of our traditional culture, and I still honor the martyrs of our faith who fell before the steel and fire of Christians. I certainly believe that Christianity is a faulty faith, a foreign imposition on European soil, a way that has done us great damage...But you know, I find it hard to blame the Catholic or Baptist down the street for what Charlemagne did.
In short, I am still in opposition to Christianity as a religion, but I am not against Christians as people simply because of the faith they profess. And to be honest, many of them live our virtues better than some of us do.
Most especially, I am not interested in "Christian bashing." I don't automatically assume all Christians are bigots or fools - because they're not. My parents were Christians, and my grandparents, and so on for many generations. I honor my Christian ancestors just as I do my pre-Christian forebears, because blood is thicker than water - and, specifically, thicker than the water of the baptismal font.
Our task in regard to Christianity is simple: We are, in some sense, in competition with it for the soul of our people. Reasoned criticism of Christianity is one thing; ad hominem attacks are another. The former helps us accomplish our mission, but the latter hurts our efforts. If we are negative and angry, people who might otherwise regard us well, or even join us, will not hear our message. Hostility stops communication. We must conduct ourselves in a way that reflects well on our beliefs, and that suggests a maturity and confidence leading us to treat others with the respect due them.
Hail our holy Gods and Goddesses! Hail the ancestors, and hail the generations yet to come!

Find alternative inspirational memes and nationalist philosophies for WASPs besides Breivik's erroneous concept of "Templar" subservience to Zionists and the Vatican and avoid a "Self-Hating Nordic" syndrome

In this section I have two objectives:
a) First, relate Breivik's behavior to the "alienated self-hating white"concept. Everything about Breivik's behavior absolutely reeks of this. Normal nationalists support the survival of their own people against alien aggressors, and generally try to create good publicity about their own country, culture, and people. In Breivik's case, everything he did was negatively inverted from what was normal. He savagely supported alien aggressors (Zionists) against his own people (Norwegians) by killing them and creating recklessly unfair bad publicity about Norway. (In contrast, while I might publicly deal with topics that are potentially embarrassing to certain Norwegian leaders, such as possible infiltration by Satanists, Mossad-CIA, and other New World Order-related operatives, my ultimate objective is to help Norwegian society clean up parasites and defend itself against other enemies, and not to rupture or degrade indigenous Norwegian social fabric).
Three very good introductory articles on the problem of alienated, self-hating whites who unfortunately are very common today are as follows:
1999-11 Individualism and Alienation by Dr. William Pierce
2001-03 Poisonous Doctrines by Dr. William Pierce
1993-06-10 Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality In the 1990's Sioux (Lakota) Indians got sick and tired of alienated, deracinated, self-hating white American males who tried to "go Indian" and ape indigenous Sioux religious ceremonies, similar to the way Breivik got cut off from authentic Nordic values and decided to viciously ape a pro-Zionist/pro-Vatican agenda. The Lakota issued their "declaration of war" to keep these sick whites away. It is fair to say that the two largest white ethnic groups in America, namely English and German Americans are probably the sickest of all in terms of having either no identity at all (thanks to the melting pot ethic), or else having a very distorted and inaccurate understanding of the real history and culture of their ancestors (in part supported by propaganda against their home countries during periods when the United States Government has been at war with them). All of this disorientation and confusion in no small part due to the influence of Jewish-controlled Hollywood. In fact, virtually all major white ethnic groups in the USA, to include Scottish, Irish, and Italian Americans, are in desperate need of "ethnic psychotherapy." They are all so weak, disoriented, and confused that they have proven themselves to be totally incapable of serving as adequate counter-predators to Zionist criminal predators, who are now out of control.
b) Find more suitable nationalist heroes consistent with Nordic traditions. Adequately characterize the natural enemies of Nordic peoples, as well as Nordics themselves.
As previously mentioned, just on an ideological level alone, the way in which Breivik [or his intelligence agency handlers] spin-doctored his interpretation of the Templars to be pro-Vatican and pro-Zionist is very suspicious, because as Christopher Knowles explains in Another History of the Knights Templar, the Templars actually worked in opposition of the Vatican, and many Crusaders fought Jews as well as Muslims. It is also very suspicious that an alleged "Norwegian nationalist" would be so infatuated with groups who are so alien to Protestant traditions and key sentiments espoused during the 19th century romantic nationalist period of Norwegian history.
In fact, there are quite a few historical periods since the 17th century ranging from America and Britain to Scandinavia and Russia, not to mention going back further in time to the Viking era or even the classical and heroic eras of ancient Greece and Rome, that strike me as vastly more relevant to contemporary WASP nationalism than anything to do with the Templars. I have created an overview of some key historical periods ranging from the Americas to Russia to drive home my point below.
However, I portray these heroes with AN IMPORTANT CAVEAT. On the one hand, their nobility of character, to include courage, decisiveness, and integrity in the face of enormous odds can be very inspiring. But on the other hand, focusing on them exclusively can be analogous to generals who are always fighting the last war. The "Jewish Evolutionary Strategy" described by Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Mossad-CIA-MI6 stealth modus operandi are very different from the openly combative armies that the heroes below often faced.
By responding to Breivik's military-religious heroes by providing my own concept of military-religious alternatives, I also run the risk of staying channeled within his intellectual sandbox. WASPs have plenty of heroes who were not particularly religious, nor were they ever military personnel, but nevertheless they accomplished very admirable things. Examples include leading American industrialists and inventors like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Norway has produced many great explorers such as Fridjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen who also fit this description.
The key success factors behind Jewish power are also very different from the way in which Norwegians and other northern Europeans normally interact with each other under normal peacetime conditions, which is a difference that Jews can exploit to the hilt to gain supremacy over others.
Jewish "key success factors" involve many peacetime social-interactive "intangibles" like greater effectiveness at various forms of business and social networking, deal-making skills, deception, and miscellaneous covert operations. They also have a vastly stronger grass roots sense of ethnic identity, cohesion, and millennial tribal purpose compared to virtually all other ethnic or religious groups in America.
In military parlance, we are faced with what is called "asymmetric attack," which in layman's terms typically means getting hit by stealth from an angle where one has blind spots and has dropped ones guard, or to put it more crudely, it means "getting caught with your pants down and kicked in the groin."
In Chapter 38 Pittsburgh False Flag "Anarchists," Cyber Militia, and the Principles of Info War I explain how Jews may be viewed as "The Mongols of covert 4th generation warfare" who delight in attacking, degrading, and ultimately enslaving or causing the genocide of other peoples by stealth. In the "parasitism" section of my my mutualism vs. parasitism article, I also talk about the amazing Thuggee Cult in India before I also discuss Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology. The Thugs included professional people who seemed to lead fairly normal lives most of the year, except when they would take off once a year for about a month to participate with other Thug gang members to engage in ritual murder for sport. Thugs delighted in their cleverness in being able to charm strangers into vulnerable situations where they could then kill them. Interestingly enough, certain Jews also have a history of ritual murder (see The Bloody Passovers of Dr. Toaff by Israel Shamir), not to mention organ theft and other ghoulish things.
A very dangerous physical example of "asymmetric attack" currently impacting on North American and European populations is the ongoing Fukushima radiation contamination of the air, food, and water supplies, which no one can taste, feel, or smell --and which is not being adequately reported by mainstream media. According to Leuren Moret, in her interview hosted by Dr. James Fetzer in "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update," dated 28 Oct 2011: "Centers for Disease Control has reported 34,129 excess deaths in the United States including 129 cities, and that is basically unexplained compared to one year ago with corrections made for migration of population or different changes." Other examples of physical asymmetric attack include carcinogenic metals rained down on people from chemtrail spraying, poisonous additives for vaccines, GMO ingredients that can cause third generation sterility as well as other types of dangerous additives placed in America's food supply, and fluoride and other toxic substance slipped into America's public drinking water.
Nonphysical forms of asymmetric attack include the Jewish Hollywood propaganda apparatus which has brainwashed most white Americans into passively allowing a once thriving, highly productive and stable First World society, with a majority white population, and which once was led by self-restrained men of stature admired around the world, to slowly covert itself over many decades into a majority nonwhite Third World country with unrestrained and widely despised political leaders, massive social chaos, and a basket case economy. The military parlance for Jewish Hollywood influence over America is "psychopolitical warfare" or "PSYOPs" ("psychological operations").
Nonphysical forms of asymmetric attack also include the psychological element that goes with "dog training tactics" used by the TSA designed to humiliate people and coerce them into accepting invasion of their private areas during airport searches. They include FBI COINTELPRO, ADL, and CIA watch groups designed to infiltrate and disrupt the ability of Americans to defend their civil liberties and organize themselves on a social and political level in their own defense against Zionist and other globalist aggressors. The closest thing to this in military parlance might be termed something like "unconventional warfare," "civilian operations," and "espionage."
A very important component of Jewish power is Jewish wealth, which can be understood by studying organized crime operations mixed with competitive business strategies (to include "mean streak-get ahead" business success formulas covered in classic works like Jews Must Live! by Samuel Roth or Winning through Intimidation by Robert Ringer). It is also worthwhile to study tribal politics in highly urban environments.
Jews typically have a sense that real power comes from doing big business and financial deals over cigar smoke. To them, an admiration of military heroes known for their valor can come across as "boyish." For certain types of social, political, and economic environments, they have a point. WASP elites have to do a much better job of keeping their guard up in these areas as well as showing loyalty to their own people.
I can provide a clear example of a major American leader who grew up in the context of the old heroic Nordic-Celtic/Anglo-Saxon/WASP culture of early America, and with evil genius exploited every backroom deal-making vulnerability and ideological ambiguity of that culture to fool most of the people most of the time, and ultimately put WASP America on a downhill slope for the next 150 years before the rising Jewish-Catholic-led Liberal Minority Coalition. His presidency marked a major watershed in psychopolitical warfare waged against the American public. It provided new fertile ground for the rise of such leftist imperialist ideologies as neo-Jacobinism and Marxism in America. All of this would in turn get hijackd by Zionists to support their globalist schemes for Greater Israel, and also provide an ideological basis for Americans in the CIA to condone or actively support the highly probable Mossad false flag operation in Norway on 7-22.
Please read the following about Abraham Lincoln, and then I rest my case. (He may have been part-Jewish and certainly did not look particularly "Nordic" or "High Celtic" -- in fact a number of contemporary cartoonists called him "Ape Stinkin'").

The American Lenin by L. Neil Smith. American libertarian writer explains why Abraham Lincoln was America's first "Communist" President. The web page hosting this article has links to other good articles.
King Lincoln archive at lewrockwell.com. Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo has numerous brilliant articles that explain how Lincoln stood on the side of centralization and exploitive special interests all of his career. He was far more interested in collecting high tariffs that favored Northern patrons and was relatively unconcerned with "emancipation" except as a political expedient. Overall, Lincoln proved to be one of the greatest enemies of genuine libertarianism in American history.
The Lesson of Appomattox. . .Learn it or Die
by Alan Stang. A great tragedy of the War of Southern Independence is that Southerners only learned too late that it should have been treated as a Civil War. They should have fought to protect Thomas Jefferson's concept of a union against Lincoln (!) Try to wrap your brain around this one.
Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln by Sam Dickson. Written in the 1970's, this was one of the original revisionist articles in post WWII era boldly debunking Lincoln written by a paleo-conservative prior to when it became fashionable for contemporary libertarians to jump into the fray.
The Litmus Test for American Conservatism (The paloeconservative view of Abe Lincoln.)
Chronicles Magazine, Jan 2001. "Abraham Lincoln is thought of by many as not only the greatest American statesman but as a great conservative. He was neither. Understanding this is a necessary condition for any genuinely American conservatism." Why Lincoln's War was in fact America's "French Revolution."
Sherman's March
by Clyde Wilson. Mentions War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco.

The punchline is that the U.S. Government fought the bloodiest war in its history from 1861 to 1865 to "save the union" at all costs. "At all costs" is a maximalist, totalitarian principle. Today, a large percentage of the people who comprise the U.S. Government (particularly in the CIA, DHS, and other "secret security services") believe that they have a divine right to protect their federal jobs at all costs, no matter how corrupt and tyrannical they become or how much damage they cause the American citizenry at large.
On top of this, many Jews believe that they have a divine right to rule the world at all costs. ("Because the Talmud says so"). The Jewish lobby is heavily entangled with the highest levels of U.S. Government power. Therefore, Americans are currently ruled by two highly entangled groups of "divine right" crazies that I have termed "Alien" and "Predator" in my Mission of Conscience series. They feel entitled to be completely and absolutely ruthless in doing whatever it takes to maintain their control at all costs.
Part of the at all costs mentality involves staging false flag attacks against allies like Pakistan and Norway if certain Washington-City of London-Tel Aviv leaders feel they have run out of transparent options. On the home front, it also involves turning all political dissidents into "Devils" and persecuting them as such in order to maintain control at all costs, just like the ruthlessness exercised by the highly corrupt pre-Enlightenment Catholic Church to preserve its power base at all costs.

FROM WASP TO WISE GUY CULTURE IN AMERICA. A WASP who has to adapt his personality to New York Jews and other "wise guys" while living and working in the Big Apple may wind up resembling Dustin Hoffman trying to play "Tootsie" (1982), or for that matter Donald Trump doing a stereotypical "New York City Smart-Ass Wise Guy" routine in his "Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump" video, as described in more detail in Chapter 29. The American flag in the background of a cross-dresser on the Tootsie poster may have been intended as wise guy spoof of the Patton poster (1970). The movie Patton itself reflected "wise guy" editing by Jewish Hollywood, for example, please see the article General Patton's Warning, which explains some of the very well-grounded concerns of the real life Patton that motivated his heroic efforts to speak out. In contrast, the movie falsely insinuates that Patton (a WASP of Scots-Irish descent) was a loud-mouthed militarist nut who simply shot from the hip. Please also see Did Jews Kill General Patton? by Brother Nathanael Kapner.


A particularly important level of analysis involves trying to understand the Jewish "gut" or what I call "innate emotional-cognitive responses" behind the Jewish "wise guy" culture. My own personal definition of "wise guy" culture not mentioned by many online dictionaries involves a strong conviction that talented and habitual lying is a sign of manly strength, whereas habitually telling the truth is a sign of mental weakness and immaturity. It also involves a sneering attitude towards any form of gain through honest productive hard work that could have otherwise been obtained more quickly and easily by working crooked angles. Last, but not least, spinning good hype is generally considered more important than finding good substance. "Wise guys" generally manifest the key characteristics of a criminal subculture, while remaining too slick and well-connected to get nailed by law enforcement.
Compared to Old Norway, this is "Bizarro World." I have discovered from considerable "street experience" working with Jews in New York City that trying to understand Jewish psychology can be like trying to learn a foreign language. They have a unique set of emotional and cognitive responses for just about everything which is very different from the way I feel and see things deep down inside. Needless to say, this includes trying to fathom strong evidence that elite Jews felt it was desirable to wipe out much of Japan with the HAARP and Stuxnet virus attack, and on top of all this, they have sabotaged the U.S. Department of Energy and other Obama Administration emergency response capabilities to the point that much of America's West Coast and prime Midwest farmlands will now become permanently contaminated with Fukushima fallout. Their apparent willingness to risk creating a major extinction event for much of the U.S. population is also very alien to my own innate sensibilities.
Ironically, in order to adapt and improvise in an environment where Jews held the high ground while I lived in New York City, I had to try to mimic them in the same way that prior generations of Jews had to mimic people like myself when WASPs once held the high ground in 19th century America. This experience for me was not quite as extreme as Dustin Hoffman trying to be "Tootsie" -- but it was pretty close.
The idea that different racial and ethnic groups with different evolutionary histories should have different "innate emotional-cognitive responses" should be common sense, yet over and over again when I read opinions by certain Norwegian politicians, journalists, and academics, they seem to a) be unaware of how information they receive in major Jewish-controlled globalist media is highly edited and biased, b) they "anthropomorphize" or project their own Nordic characteristics on to alien peoples and (c) Nordic traditions of honesty and plain-dealing make it hard for them to comprehend the "wise guy" mentality that permeates so much of American society today.
Jews are not invulnerable. They have many neuroses and blind spots of their own. They are more centralized, hierarchical, and rigid than most people imagine. (Where would they be, for example, without a relatively small elite that controls the City of London/Bank of England, the UK monarchy, and the U.S. Federal Reserve?) I am reminded of Cortez and Pizarro whose forces were extremely outnumbered, but they nevertheless successfully worked "top down" to conquer the highly hierarchical Aztecs and Incas respectively. Jews are probably also particularly vulnerable to a "top down" approach, although this observation does not necessarily imply that I advocate anything illegal or violent, like a conquistador method, to handle them. (Interestingly enough, the "top-down" approach was the major modus operandi of Ian Flemming's character James Bond as he went after arch-villains with Jewish-sounding last names; see "Bond's Semitic Villains" by Robert F. Morris, Jewish Daily Forward, 24 Nov 2006. Flemming had considerable real life experience in the high level covert operations world, as noted in books like A Man Called Intrepid and Room 3603.). For more background on the Jewish power structure, please see Chapter 5 "Profiling the Opposing Forces Commander and His Kosher Handlers."

Hollywood dramatizes "top down" covert operations approaches that can be applied to certain high level malefactors beyond the reach of ordinary judicial proceedings. In The Day of the Jackal a free-lance assassin played by actor Edward Fox prepares to take out a major head of state (above) and below we see British intelligence operative James Bond (played by Sean Connery) getting better acquainted with a plutocratic puppet-master named Goldfinger and his handyman Oddjob.


Continuing with military analogies, a competent "G-2 Section: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield" not only involves a very extensive sociological analysis of the international Jewish phenomenon, but also the unique characteristics of their auxiliaries and proxies, such as Irish and Italian Catholics. I have mentioned elsewhere on this web page how certain Catholics have served as "front men" and "muscle" for Jews at critical times in American history. Part of this analysis should address how substantial portions of certain Catholic populations are so innately authoritarian, petty-greedy, lazy, and stupid that they hopelessly lack the "republican virtue" necessary to successfully tackle tough issues in a timely manner and rule themselves. If WASPs don't give them the constant adult supervision they require, then Jews will step in and work their evil influence just like the foxes who lured the little bad boys to the carnival in the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio --where they got turned into donkeys.
Of course, in addition to keeping a sharp eye on Catholics, one also needs to be watchful for the enemy inside the gates, to include understanding the psychology of pro-Zionist WASP (or quasi-WASP) renegades. They include such suspected "donkey wannabes" as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.
While on the topic of military analogies, please also consider that United States is fundamentally flawed on the "O" or "Principle of the [Overriding Social] Objective" part of "MOOSE MUSS" (Acronym for the "Principles of War" contained in U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-0). Thanks in part to neo-Jacobin and anarcho-libertarian ideology, the "pluralistic" U.S. has ignored over two thousand years of European history, where different European tribal groups have shed rivers of blood to separate themselves out from each other, to include Germanic tribes from the Roman Empire (for example the 9 A.D. "Battle That Saved the West" in the Teutoberg Forest), and then later the Protestant wars of secession from Catholics.
Tom Chittum makes the point in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America that throughout European history, as soon as any dominant ethnic group begins to drop below 80% of the total population, social instability and the prospects for civil war or secessionism start to skyrocket. The underlying differences in innate temperamental traits in the different immigrant groups from all over Europe in the 19th-20th centuries have not gone away just because people become U.S. citizens and swear allegiance to a super-magical religious icon called the U.S. Constitution, but rather always lie just beneath the surface. (I say "religious icon" based on the view of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and 1799 that the main line of defense for individual liberty on a governmental structural level is for the state governments to be stronger than the federal government -- a doctrine called "true federalism" -- all of which was largely destroyed by the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence from 1861-1865. The "dual sovereignty" concept of the original Constitution got transformed into "Federalism Uber Alles." In The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, Dr. Kevin R. C. Gutzman documents how the Constitution has been largely ignored by a non-stop federal "romp n' stomp" power orgy throughout the 20th century at the expense of the American general public in favor of special interests).
Furthermore, just like in business strategy formulation where a high end auto niche like Mercedes (high quality features/luxery/high price/lower volume) does not mix with a low end strategy used by Volkswagen (medium features/no luxery, lower price, higher volume), the "dress British/think Yiddish" (or Nordic-Jewish) American social model that evolved in the 20th century tries to blend two fundamentally incompatible social strategies, and has often wound up with the worst of each. Rather than achieving "strength through diversity" America has discovered something more analogous to trying to mix drinking water with gasoline. One winds up with an end product that can neither be imbibed by humans nor can it power a car -- but is essentially worthless -- and the same came be said for the outcome of "dress British/think Yiddish" America. And frankly, if given a stark choice between the two worlds, the Nordic-WASP- "dress British" world holds the trump card, because it is capable of infinitely scaling up productivity and the creation of real and useful goods that people need to survive, whereas the marginal gains one might achieve from the special Jewish expertise in conducting financial transactions, deception, and cutting corners for quick gain quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns.
My personal opinion is that at least 75% of major social policy decisions in U.S. history have been driven by pure greed at the top and crooked enviousness at the bottom of the social hierarchy, and have had absolutely nothing to do with any kind of wise long term considerations. The most obvious example of greed involved the importation of Negro slaves to work plantations. A more subtle example involves the way in which a fast growth strategy opened the floodgates of pan-European immigration and trumped maintaining WASP ethnic integrity. This has a long history. A major motivator for the American War of Independence involved lust for Western land. Following the conclusion of the French and Indian War, the King of England and Parliament forbade grabbing land on the western side of the eastern continental divide. A prime example of a land speculator who circumvented this restriction was George Washington, who claimed thousands of acres of land near the Ohio River where the Battle of Pleasant Point was fought in 1774. Here, Virginia militia -- in defiance of the King and Parliament --fought Indians for control of the Ohio Valley. According to Theodore Roosevelt in The Winning of the West, the victory of the Virginians over the Indians was a huge shot in the arm for patriot self-confidence just prior to Lexington and Concord. The problem from a social policy perspective, is that once the West was fully opened up after the War of Independence, America embarked on a wild ultra fast growth strategy that was basically a "have your cake and eat it too" social fantasy. Americans wanted to retain the idealism, egalitarianism, and parliamentary democratic traditions of a homogeneous Nordic tribal society like Norway or a Nordic-Celtic society like Iceland or Scotland, and at the same time operate a multi-racial slave-holding plantation structure in the South and an imperial New Rome and New Babylon social structure in the North that included Catholics and other groups which had historically proven themselves to be incompatible with Noredic Protestants in Norhtern Europe. If one really thinks through how Nordic or Nordic or Nordic-Celtic societies really work in terms of common values, culture, and shared racial and ethnic characteristics, and compares and contrasts them with pyramidal, Asiatic-despotic, multiracial, multi-cultural "New Babylon" and "New Imperial Rome" type societies, the idea that one can mix the two together and avoid dysfunction -- like what we have today -- is very silly.
Last, but not least, WASP groups need to look at their own internal sociological issues. Thanks to the melting pot, neo-Jacobin and anarcho-libertarian ideology, and other baneful influences, most WASP groups in America today have basically "given away the store," that is, they have no functional capability to stand up to a sophisticated threat like the Jews and their minions. Deracinated WASPs are analogous to an infantry unit that has no cohesion or unit pride, no C3 (command, control, communications), no intelligence awareness of the enemy order of battle, no logistical support -- I could go on, but you get the point, just a complete disaster on all levels. They have become like sheep before alien-controlled major media, government, and financial systems. They are now too weak as counter-predators to prevent ferociously criminal-parasitic predators from prowling about.
While it is certainly very worthwhile to continue with a detailed analysis of asymmetric warfare against WASP America, I will save a continuation of this discussion for elsewhere. For my purposes here, I would prefer to start with heroic counterparts that are at least one step up from Breivik's role models related to his "Christian Zionist" ideology, even if they really do not necessarily cover all the important aspects of the "asymmetric warfare" being waged against us.


The Protestant swashbuckling sea fighter iconic-meme, reminiscent of the Viking era. Caption from Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series: "Hollywood romanticizes the buccaneer or quasi-privateer version of 4th generation warfare in the fictional work Captain Blood (1935), starring Errol Flynn. Many real life buccaneers in the Caribbean alternated between nonstate warlike enterprises `for a cause,' that is, 4th generation warfare as a continuation of the religious wars of the 16th and 17th centuries between Protestants against Catholic Spain, and pro-state activities, such as when Henry Morgan became governor of Jamaica, elements of the `Sea Beggars' (Geuzen) helped lay the foundation of the Dutch Republic navy, or Jean LaFitte and his followers assisted Major General Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans." Norway's most famous sea fighter "iconic-meme" of the late 17th and early 18th centuries was the topic of William S. Lind's article "Tordenskjold Sails Again," although for the purposes of this discussion about "nationalism," Peter Tordenskjold's involvement in the Great Northern War was ideologically much more complicated and ambiguous than the theme of Protestant freedom fighters who oppose Jewish-Catholic dictatorship, because Tordenskjold was part of an imperial Norwegian-Danish (Protestant)-German-Polish (Catholic)-Russian (Eastern Orthodox) grand alliance against the Protestant Swedish Empire.


Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Frances Drake The adventures of Drake, combined with those of other legendary privateers of his era such as Henry Morgan or various Dutch Sea Beggars helped keep northern Europe free of the Vatican-Catholic-Spanish imperial threat (the "New World Order" menace of their era). Their adventures also became a basis of the swashbuckler romances, a prime example being Captain Blood (1935), starring Errol Flynn based upon the novel by the same name. This is a kind of western, ocean-going version of Taras Bulba about the Cossacks (see below).


Another "iconic-meme" answer to Breivik's Templars from the Puritan past of both Britain and America. Left, the statue of Oliver Cromwell outside Westminster Palace, London, created in 1899. Right, a U.S. stamp of the John Harvard statue at Harvard University, commemorating a devout Puritan who founded America's oldest university. Below, the WWII British tank named after Cromwell.


Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) ...was a courageous combat general, a Puritan champion (or "mailed fist") of the British middle class and Parliament, and an ardent foe of Royalist absolutism and Catholic totalitarianism. Or at least this was his uncomplicated original public persona before he dismissed Parliament and became military dictator of Britain, massacred and enslaved Irish Catholics, made war on his former Dutch allies, alienated much of th e British population by literally enforcing draconian Old Testament laws, suppressed the Levelers (viewed by many modern libertarians as the prototype of their movement), and let Jews back into Britain for the first time since Edward I issued the Edict of Explusion in 1290. (Cromwell's attitude towards Jews had many different roots. He had accepted financial support from Jews in the Netherlands during the English Civil War. Also, many Puritan ideologues of his era viewed Jews as some kind of Holy People of the Bible. According to some sources, Cromwell later came to regret letting the Jews back into England). Cromwell ruled Britain during its only period as a republic, and remains one of the most controversial Englishmen in history, particularly since Britain's republican experiment turned into such a mess that the monarchy was reinstalled. .
On the positive side of the ledger, Cromwell and his Puritan cohorts imbued the British Army and Navy with new elements of meritocracy in the officer corps and a righteous fighting spirit which helped produce a long string of victories both at home and abroad. Prior to this, the British Navy had fallen into such sad shape that the English Channel started to suffer from pirate attacks. (Cromwell's superlative military leadership is a major reason why a WWII British tank was named after him). On the other hand, having been instrumental in the overthrow and beheading of King Charles I, and having fiercely suppressed Irish Catholic resistance, Cromwell is passionately hated to this day by many monarchists and Catholics alike.
Interestingly enough, American historians have tended to view Cromwell much more favorably than their British counterparts. In his biography of Oliver Cromwell, Theodore Roosevelt called him the greatest Englishman who ever lived. (But then again, Roosevelt was one of America's most autocratic presidents, and he turned a blind eye towards the Jewish creators of the privately owned Federal Reserve, just like Cromwell ignored vehement warnings from English merchants and even fellow military officers when he decided to let Jews back into the England).
According to William R. Everdell, the author of The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans, the "Cromwellian" notion of a spiritually-guided republic without a King lived on in the American colonies Rip-van-Winkle style long after it had died out in Britain. Cromwell's strongest supporters were Puritans, who came from the easternmost part of Britain. They lived in the most Nordic part of the British Isles, heavily settled after the withdrawal of Roman Legions by Nordic Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Norsemen from Norway and Denmark. They had a certain Nordic-style egalitarianism and fighting spirit in their blood. Their Puritan descendants became the forebears of the most of the colonial settlers in New England, including both Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts who envisioned a "City on a Hill," and John Harvard, founder of what later became Harvard University. During one particular year of the "Cromwellian" era, half the graduating class of Harvard College went back to Britain to fight on the side of Parliament.
According to Kevin Phillips in The Cousins' Wars: Religion, Politics, Civil Warfare, And The Triumph Of Anglo-America, "Oliver" was one of the most popular names given to newborn in the colonies at the time of the American War of Independence, and most New Englanders had a distant ancestor or relative who had fought on the side of Parliament. A full spread of Oliver Cromwell appeared on the front page of a patriot publication in Boston shortly before the opening battles of the Revolution, and one of the first fighting ships of the United Sates Navy was named after him.
One can imagine that when British soldiers came to confiscate patriot arms and ammunition at Lexington and Concord, many of the Redcoats thought they were simply dealing with a rabble of hick farmers. They probably failed to see the ghosts of Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army standing behind the Minutemen, armed with pikes and blunderbusses. They probably also failed to see that these farmers retained deep convictions carried over from the Puritan and the Parliamentary side of the English Civil War.
According to Everdell, Americans retained a very righteous conviction that when one fights a King, tyrant, or dictator, one is serving God and fighting Evil. One can almost sense that type of conviction when the British troops crossed Concord Bridge and opened fire on a group of Minutemen as they were falling back, inflicting casualties. Rather than continue to fall back, as they had done on Lexington Green, an American commander yelled out "In the name of God, fire!!!" Another American leader echoed with "For God's sake, fire!!"
Then came that special moment in American history commemorated in the Concord Hymn by Ralph Waldo Emerson:


By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

The Americans not only returned fire, but counterattacked and drove the British off North Bridge. The whole countryside became a hornet's nest of armed rebellion, where patriot militias arose out of nowhere and started vectoring in on the British troops, eventually driving them all the way back to Boston with heavy casualties. The war was on!
One can sense that with the references to God at North Bridge, there was a lot more than abstract libertarian theory at stake here. This was probably latter-day Puritan code-speak that counterattacking the troops of King George III was not only Righteous, Holy, and Necessary, but a Supreme Moral Duty to God Almighty Himself. Or as Thomas Jefferson put it, "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."


...First the Minutemen staged a "military demonstration" on Lexington Green by forming a line in front of the redcoats, feeling out the situation without any specific intention of turning violent. Then someone fired a shot -- to this day no one really knows where it came from. This resulted in an exchange of volleys on both sides. The Minutemen fell back, still in a tentative, defensive mode, and retreated towards Concord...


...Then at North Bridge, near Concord, something unexpected for the British happened. Seeing smoke rise over the tree line, many Minutemen became even more infurtiated, thinking that the British were burning down the village of Concord when in fact they were making a bonfire out of some captured provisions. Then the retreating Minutemen took one casualty too many. Their leaders called out an "Appeal to Heaven." The violent version of this supplication soon followed on the ground. The Minutemen counterattacked and drove the British soldiers off the bridge, and in fairly short order the entire area became a hornet's nest of resistance. Americans drove British troops all the way back to Boston with heavy fighting along the entire route. [Illustration: "The Shot Heard Round the World" by Domenick D'Andrea]



As an interesting side note, the memory of Cromwell continued to live on in American political discourse even after the American Revolution. One of George Washington's most bitter critics was Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson of Benjamin Franklin. He was editor of the Philadelphia Aurora, considered by many historians to have been a leading independent populist newspaper of his day. Bache held some strong anti-Federalist sentiments. (As an example of some of this line of thinking, see Conspiracy in Philadelphia (pdf) by Gary North and other articles under the "Limited Government" heading on my Articles Archive web page). Bache felt that Washington went way too far in sponsoring a new Constitution that ran roughshod over the Articles of Confederation. Washington played a major role in creating a much more centralized Federal government (complete with a central bank), and was the only acting U.S. President in history to lead an army. (While serving as America's first President -- or some higher number if you want to count presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation -- Washington led an army larger than the one he had commanded which defeated the British at Yorktown to crush the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania. The dissident farmers melted away before any shots were fired). Bache specifically accused George Washington of trying to be another Oliver Cromwell.
Throughout history, Nordic and closely related Celtic peoples seem to have a certain duality in their character. Regarding the Spartan vs. Athenian personalities of ancient Greek history, or the Puritan vs. Cavalier duality of British history, George Washington seemed to be more on the Spartan and Puritan side, whereas Thomas Jefferson seemed to be more on the Athenian and Cavalier end.
On top of this, "Nordic" or Nordic-Celtic" peoples in places like Britain, northern France, and northern Germany have often done a pretty spotty job of retaining indigenous Nordic values, often getting "confused" or "hijacked" by alien ideologies and social structures from the Continent. William the Conqueror got in bed with Jewish financiers of Rouen, a feudalistic social structure, and French Catholicism. Oliver Cromwell got in bed with Jewish financiers of the Netherlands, and also with Puritan ideology heavily rooted in the Old Testament (another alien contrivance that came with "the invention of the Jewish people"). George Washington ran a plantation with Negro slaves, was a Mason, and utilized a likely Rothschild-Bank of England agent named Alexander Hamilton to set up his own central bank. He utilized an ultra fast growth, multi-cultural imperial Roman social model for conquering and consolidating the American West as quickly as possible. (Washington even used a Roman-sounding name "The Legion of the United States" for a new military force he deployed under the command of "Mad" Anthony Wayne to consolidate western territories under American control). All the aforementioned tendencies were aberrations from the norms of homogeneous, relatively decentralized Nordic tribal societies that once existed throughout Scandinavia that were characterized by having relatively large middle classes of land-owning, armed free men who were usually represented in a parliamentary system and whose common law typically guaranteed equal rights. (A contemporary Icelandic writer once called his fellow Scandinavians"An egalitarian people with aristocratic tendencies." There is also the famous exchange "between a Frankish messenger and a Viking ship on the River Eure in France in the 10th century. The Frank demanded, 'What is the name of your master?' Back came the reply, 'We have no lord, we are all equals'"). In this respect Benjamin Franklin Bache had a point, Washington was a variation on the "Cromwell" theme of a well-intentioned but perhaps misguided military leader who may have been somewhat alienated and confused regarding his real Nordic or Nordic-Celtic roots, or at least subordinated them to political expediency.

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Called "The Lion of the North," he helped save Protestant regions of Germany from the clutches of Catholic aggression. Adolphus also demonstrated a tremendous capacity for innovativeness, rational operational planning, and flexibility of mind that is a Nordic hallmark. See, for example, Gustavus Adolphus, Father of Modern Warfare (video) (3:23)




"Gustavus Adolphus is one of the most inspiring characters of the Reformation. The rapid rise to fame of Gustavus Adolphus, the young King of Sweden, his military innovations and dramatic victories in battle turned the tide in The Thirty Years War and saved Protestant Germany from annihilation...He championed the cause of Protestantism and secured religious freedom for centuries to come."

Bohdan Khmelnytsky of the Ukraine. According to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson of the Orthodox Nationalist talk show series, many historians refer to this great Cossack leader as "The George Washington of the Ukraine." He is also a very powerful "iconic meme," in fact, according to Wikipedia to this day there are Jewish writers who are so fearful of this man that they do not even want to mention his name or put it in print. (Among other things, he and his fellow Cossacks completely smashed the Jewish-Catholic effort to take over the Ukraine. Interestingly enough, during the 19th century, the original design for a statue to be created in Kiev of Khmelnytsky on horseback called for him to be trampling a Jew and a Catholic priest underneath, however, this idea got nixed by a Russian overseer who thought it went too far). In Chapter 32: Neo-Con Bloodying of the Russian Bear and Putin vs. the New World Order, I make the following observations:

One of the greatest practitioners of false flag attacks and Info War deception on this planet are Zionists. As their control and influence rises within a society, the probability that these things will take place also rises.
The Zionist neocon-led attack on Russian peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia in August 2008 was merely the tip of the iceberg of attacks waged on many different levels against the popular sovereignty of Russians and their Slavic neighbors. The neocons have used every subterfuge in the book in an effort to gain control of political parties, natural resources, key corporations, media, culture, religious institutions, and other strategic power bases. Two of the most well-publicized efforts involved the takeover of the Russian economy by Jewish kleptocrats during the early 1990's, and the "color revolutions" promulgated by Rothschild confederate George Soros.
While these latter efforts have certainly been more nonviolent and abstract than a shooting war, the ultimate deleterious effect on the target countries can be every bit as dramatic --if not more so-- than the outright killing and maiming soldiers and the violent seizure their territory with tanks and artillery.
Russian history provides an invaluable case study to show Americans how the Russian analog of "Predator" and "Alien" can subvert a western society --and what can be done about it.
An invaluable guide to help explain this struggle is Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, author of The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy and a frequent contributor to the nationalist publications American Free Press and Barnes Review. His articles are archived at www.rusjournal.com and MP3 lectures are downloadable at "The Orthodox Nationalist" web site.
Now some brief history. In the 20th century, Russia suffered its first major Jewish takeover during the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin began to weed Jews out of the Soviet bureaucracy in the late 1940's, but the Soviet system was so inherently inefficient that it eventually collapsed on its own despite efforts to increase Russian control.
Russia suffered renewed Jewish supremacist infiltration in the early 1990's at the hands of kleptocrats who plundered Russia under the guise of "privatization." Many of the worst kleptocrats were weeded out by Putin and other Russian patriots beginning in the late 1990's. Since then, the Russian economy has demonstrated promising signs of recovery and growth.
Renewed Russian control has had benefits in other areas. Capt. May, who is fluent in Russian, has repeatedly commented on the irony where Russian publications often play a key role in countering "Info War" deception by American-based national media. Former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen frequently disseminates important news analysis on "RT" (formerly Russia Today) Internet TV that American mainstream sources will not touch.

Dr. Johnson believes that Vladimir Putin has a done a tremendous job playing a weak hand well to restore important elements of Russian nationalism, which necessarily means fighting Zionist oligarchs and the New World Order.
Three particularly interesting indicators that Putin "gets it" on the nationalist front are his rapprochement with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn , his public call for white Russians to reverse their declining birth rate, and his efforts to support resurgent Cossack communities.

Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (AP photo)

Dr. Johnson characterizes the late Nobel Laureate Solzhenitsyn as a nationalist with views similar to his own. According to "Toward end, Solzhenitsyn embraced Putin's Russia" by Peter Finn, Washington Post, 5 Aug 2008, Solzhenitsyn stated:

"Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered country, with a poor and demoralized people," Solzhenitsyn told the German magazine Der Spiegel in a 2007 interview, when Putin was still president. "And he started to do what was possible, a slow and gradual restoration. These efforts were not noticed, nor appreciated, immediately. In any case, one is hard-pressed to find examples in history when steps by one country to restore its strength were met favorably by other governments."

Vladimir Putin's strong support for an expanded Cossack role in Russian affairs contrasts with their suppression during the Communist era. The Cossacks have historically been a relatively independent people with strong traditions related to personal honor, bravery, patriotism, and resistance to Jewish criminality. See, for example, the videos "March of the Cossacks," "The Return of the Cossacks," or the RT segment below on the revitalization of Don Cossacks.

RT: The Don Cossacks -
Resurrecting a Way of Life

According to Dr. Johnson, 17th century travelers observed that brave Cossacks were not only terrific horsemen and warriors, but also "preferred freedom to life itself."
In Chapter 38 I analyze Jews as masters (or the "Mongols" or "Thugs") of all the covert and criminal forms of "non-state" 4th generation warfare. (This is based the "4th Generation" concept explained by military analyst William S. Lind. As a disclaimer, my references to Lind’s work do not necessarily imply that he agrees with my political views, to include my analyses of Jews). These forms range from Mossad espionage to unscrupulous forms of international high finance.
In contrast, the Cossacks were once masters of overt forms of 4th generation warfare. As an example, during the 17th century, Ukrainean Cossacks under Bohdan Khmelnytsky were so formidable as a "nonstate" force that they not only defeated the Polish Army, but had the option of creating a Ukrainean-Polish empire.
The Cossacks viewed themselves as "knights" who frequently defended peasants against nobles attempting to reduce them into complete serfdom. They also rescued women from Turkish slave expeditions run by Jews.
According to Dr. Johnson, slavers sought to drain the Ukraine of its best women. Whenever the Cossacks rescued women, they would typically kill every Jewish slave dealer they could get their hands on.
The Russian military establishment has always had a longstanding love-hate relationship towards the Cossacks, simultaneously respecting their strong initiative, flexibility, and fighting spirit, and at the same time feeling uneasy with their relatively high degree of social and political independence.
Dr. Johnson explains that a major reason for this Russian paranoia and tendency towards centrist statism is that on a geopolitical level Moscow has always lived in a very rough neighborhood. The Russians have been attacked from all directions, such as Mongols from the east, Turks and Zionist neo-con led Georgians from the South, and French, Germans, and Swedes from the West and North. They have historically felt need for strong, centralized leadership to handle as many as two different fronts simultaneously.
Jews and Cossacks have not always been each other's favorite people, particularly since they have such totally different outlooks and approaches to life. So much so, in fact, that the rise of one group is typically an inverse social indicator regarding the power and influence of the other group in society. In fact, the relationship is almost mathematical and ecological in nature, just like between cat and rat populations. The general rule of thumb in Russian history is as follows: When Cossacks are riding high, honor exists within society, the Russian and Ukrainean peoples are generally doing well and on a progressive path, and Jewish criminals are suppressed. Conversely, when Jewish criminals are riding high (such as during the Bolshevik Revolution), the Cossacks are typically suppressed, organized crime is out of control, and the Russian and Ukrainean people are usually suffering greatly.
As fledging cyber activists in Ghost Troop against criminal forms of 4th generation warfare, certainly there is quite a lot we can learn from both the Jewish and Cossack experiences.
One can begin to see some interesting parallels with cowboys here in Texas and the Cossacks. At the beginning of the YouTube documentary "Russia -- The Return of the Cossacks, " a Russian military commander comments "Decency, honesty, diligence and a war-like spirit, that's how I would characterize a Cossack."


According to Wikipedia "Taras Bulba is a romanticized historical religious novel by Nikolai Gogol. It tells the story of an old Zaporozhian Cossack, Taras Bulba, and his two sons...This story can be understood in the context of the romantic nationalism movement in literature, which developed around a historical ethnic culture which meets the romantic ideal. It has been cited as the seminal work establishing the concept of the `Russian Soul.'" The American actor Yul Brynner, who was born in Russia, starred in a 1962 Hollywood adaptation. This was a "dream project" for Brynner that reflected something of his own soul. Needless to say, just like Tolstoy's War and Peace, another great Russian epic, there have been quite a few cinematic adaptations before and after Brynner's work.


In the 2009 Russian film version of Taras Bulba, Cossacks look solidly Caucasian and European. (Please see the Taras Bulba (2009) full version online with (English subtitles, 2:05:05). In the American (Jewish Hollywood-produced) 1962 version starring Yul Bryner described above, Cossacks are made to look more Mongolian and otherwise Asiatic, probably to confuse white role models and serve the Jewish race-mixing globalist agenda against white America. (In 1965 the Jewish ADL and other major Jewish organizations played the lead role along with Sen. Ted Kennedy and other Irish Catholic lackeys in opening up the U.S. to Third World immigration with new Congressional legislation). Interestingly enough, when Hitler invaded Russia, he and his S.S. Chief Henrich Himmler were surprised by the number of Nordic-looking peoples they encountered, and many anti-Communist Cossack groups who absolutely hated Stalin and fought with the Waffen S.S. claimed ancestry with ancient Goths and the Swedish Vikings (Rus) who once ran Kiev and gave Russia its name. Russia actually was a cradle of Nordic and Celtic -Indo-European peoples who were once indigenous to the area and migrated westward into Europe prior to 2,000 B.C. . Unfortunately, this Russian film also has some "political correctness" editing and interpretation just like the America 1962 version. If fails to explain the extremely serious Jewish-Catholic threat to the Ukraine and Russia. According to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson of the Orthodox Nationalist, Jews had completely taken over all commerce in Poland and reduced the Polish people to the worst form of slavery in Europe by the 17th century (with the exception of a small group of Polish gentile nobility who collected various forms of "rent checks" from the Jews). Unlike Ukrainian and Russian peasants, Polish peasants were not even allowed to own weapons, and they even had to pay taxes to Jews standing in the doorways of Catholic churches whenever they wanted to attend a service. The Cossacks and Ukrainean people were faced with a struggle that has interesting similarities to the plight of the dwindling white middle class in America today, both of whom are being steadily dispossessed by unscrupulous Zionists who inititally formed Jewish-Catholic alliances to occupy America's largest cities, and from there infiltrated and took over strategic bases across the U.S. The Cossacks remembered the great medieval Russian hero Alexander Nevsky who successfully defended Russians and their Eastern Orthodox faith from Catholic takeover by the Teutonic Knights and their allies.


One of the greatest Christian knight-commanders of the medieval era was Alexander Nevsky (1220-1263), whose ideological posture against Catholic control was the opposite of the alleged pro-Vatican and pro-Jewish posture held by Breivik's Knights Templar heroes. Nevsky's victory in the "Battle of the Ice" (1242) against the Teutonic Knights helped win him Sainthood. According to Wikipedia "The battle was a significant defeat sustained by Roman Catholic crusaders during the Northern Crusades, which were directed against pagans and Eastern Orthodox Christians rather than Muslims in the Holy Land." Nevsky later became the subject of the famous 1938 Russian patriotic film Alexander Nevsky, paradoxically directed by the Communist Jew Sergei Eisensein and sponsored by Joseph Stalin because it was tactically convenient at that particular time to pump Russian military pride in the face of a possible war against German Nazi Catholics, for example Wikipedia states "Thus the film is also highly anti-clerical and anti-Catholic. This is highlighted by the fact that the knights' bishop's miter is adorned by swastikas." According to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Nevsky preferred to arrange a temporary military alliance with the Mongols rather than with Catholics, viewing them as the lessor of evils. While the Mongols exacted tribute, they generally left the Eastern Orthodox faith and local religious customs alone, whereas Catholics sought to root out the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity in a totalitarian overhaul of Russian society ultimately subservient to the Vatican. "Catholicism" was a kind of global-imperialist "New World Order" of the medieval era -- just like today. According to Dr. Johnson, Nevsky's worst fears came true in 16th-17th century Poland, where a Jewish-Catholic imperium reduced the Polish people into the worst form of slavery in all of Europe -- exactly what a Jewish-Catholic alliance is trying to accomplish in America today as it liquidates the economic resources of the white middle class and establishes a police state. Last, but not least, according to Wikipedia Nevsky was "was the Prince of Novgorod and Grand Prince of Vladimir during some of the most trying times in the city's history. Commonly regarded as the key figure of medieval Rus." All these names are very rich in historical connections to Sweden, Norway, and other Scandinavian countries. For example, Russia was named after the Swedish Vikings Rus, and a number of Norwegian Viking leaders described in the Heimskringla spent considerable time in Novgorod. (According to Wikipedia "Four Viking kings — Olaf I of Norway, Olaf II of Norway, Magnus I of Norway, and Harald Hardrada — sought refuge in Novgorod from enemies at home.") As another interesting historical factoid, Nevsky "...sent his envoys to Norway and, as a result, they signed a first peace treaty between Russia and Norway in 1251." (Illustration above: "St. Alexandr Nevsky" painting by Yuri Pantyukhin).


The Cossacks also had bitter memories of the prior era when Jews ran the white slave trade out of the Ottomon Empire that sought to drain the Ukraine of its most beautiful women. They understood how the Jewish-Catholic Polish Empire sought to completely enslave them, just as Mossad-CIA today promulgates global depopulation radiation warfare and even openly discusses the micro-chip robotizing of every human on this planet (Except for fellow Jews, of course. Please note where Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde claims in her 4 Aug 2011 Red Ice Radio interview with Erik Palmgren that the head of Norway's Police Security Department thinks micro-chipping could be desirable! Is this more "Nordic naïveté" or a chess-moved lackey of the Jewish New World Order or what?). Today, Jewish leaders continue to remain "in character" in all the ways that have caused them to become universally hated everywhere they have gone in the last three thousand years. As some examples, Israel is the number one global white slave dealer and organ trafficker in the world, and Mossad-CIA-MI6 is the largest drug peddler of opium, heroin, and cocaine, not to mention the number one practitioner of false flag attacks and other "black ops."



Taras Bulba Trailer


The Cossacks have bold, spirited music, such as "Kasakka [Cossack]" and "A Cossack Was Riding Beyond the Duna" sung by the "Leningrad Cowboys" and "Cossacks Never Say Die!" which compares favorably to "punchy" country rock hits like "Let's Rebuild America First" by Merle Haggard, "Let's Impeach The President" by Neil Young, or "Not Ready to Make Nice,"by the Dixie Chicks who won't back down.
Capt. May and I have brainstormed the idea --which is all it is at this time, just an idea--of forming some kind of Texas Cowboy-Ukrainean Cossack-Scandinavian Viking anti-Criminal-Zio-Fascist association to help defend our peoples in the U.S.A., Scandinavia, and Russia and the Ukraine from international Jewish-Israeli-Mossad terrorism.
Perhaps instead of supporting Israel, Americans need to encourage Cossack immigration to America, and support Cossack communities in the Ukraine and Russia. Now that Larry Silverstein and his Mossad criminal associates have mass-murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11, and led America to squander trillions of dollars and ruin millions of lives in ensuing Middle Eastern misadventures, one can almost imagine the spirits of Lone Star Republic founder Sam Houston and the great Ukrainean nationalist Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytsky saddled up and riding together against them!

While on the topic of iconic-meme alternatives to Breivik's Templars, there are at least a couple of 20th century incarnations that I think are also worthy of mention. The first is Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, who I have already covered on my Henrik Holappa web page, and Else Christensen, who I have also covered on my Religious Crisis and Else Christensen and the Odinist web pages. First, let us start with Mannerheim:




Wikipedia caption: "Mannerheim leaves the President's Residence in Helsinki on 4 March 1946 after his short presidency."

Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

Wikipedia has the following comments about how this former Russian Army officer and later Finnish Commander-In-Chief during the Winter War and Continuation War who successfully navigated Finland through extremely difficult circumstances near the end of WWII:

A month after he took office [as President of Finland], the Continuation War was concluded on harsh terms, but ultimately far less harsh than those imposed on the other states bordering the Soviet Union. Finland retained its sovereignty, its parliamentary democracy and market economy. Territorial losses were considerable, all Karelia and Petsamo were lost. Numerous Karelian refugees needed to be relocated. The war reparations were very heavy. Finland also had to fight the Lapland War against withdrawing German troops in the north, and at the same time demobilize its own army. It is widely agreed that only Mannerheim could have guided Finland through these difficult times, when the Finnish people had to come to terms with the severe conditions of the armistice, their implementation by a Soviet-dominated Allied Control Commission, and the task of post-war reconstruction.[33]
Mannerheim's term as president was difficult for him. Although he was elected for a full six-year term, he was in his late seventies, and had accepted the office reluctantly after being urged to do so. The situation was exacerbated by frequent periods of ill-health, the demands of the Allied Control Commission, and the war responsibility trials. He was afraid throughout most of his presidency that the commission would request that he be prosecuted for crimes against peace. This never happened. One of the reasons to this was Stalin's respect for and admiration of the Marshal. Stalin told a Finnish delegation in Moscow in 1947 that the Finns owe much to their old Marshal. Due to him Finland was not occupied.[34] Despite Mannerheim's criticisms of some of the demands of the Control Commission, Mannerheim worked hard to carry out Finland's armistice obligations. He also emphasized the necessity of further work on reconstruction in Finland after the war...
...On 5 December 2004, Mannerheim was voted as the greatest Finnish person of all time in the Suuret suomalaiset (Great Finns) contest.

We must note that an important reason why Finland had to make such horrible concessions to the Soviet Empire is because the United States was under the control of FDR and a Zionist clique who were allied with Stalin. They and their UK allies --under the control of the Zionist City of London-- were more than happy to feed Finland to the Soviet bear, just like the way they betrayed eastern Europe to Soviet occupation, and even handed over P.O.W.'s and anti-Communist Russian soldiers to certain death by Stalin in "Operation Keelhaul."



An increasing number of religious skeptics view Christianity as a left wing, universalistic religion fabricated by Jews, that was promoted by many ancient Jews with the malevolent intent of turning the Roman world on its head, as explained by William Gayley Simpson in Which Way Western Man, or Friedrich Nietzsche in The Anti-Christ, or by Marcus Eli Ravage in his article Commissary to the Gentiles. Hence, Christianity can actually serve as an enemy of authentic forms of indigenous nationalism, because it hijacks the tribal religious history of gentiles and replaces it with Jewish tribal religious history, much of which is sheer fabrication (as explained by Israeli scholar Dr. Shlomo Sand in The Invention of the Jewish People). To many Nordic nationalists, the Knights Templars were way off base, although the medieval order tried to retain some pre-Christian indigenous Indo-European religious elements. A more straightforward approach has been resurrected in contemporary times. Examples include the works of the late Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson of Iceland (please see interviews that this author helped to arrange), the works of Steve McNallen, or the newsletter The Odinist produced by Else Christensen (please see the interview conducted with Else by this author Here).


Conferencing, Networking, Organizing International Support

*First line of defense is Internet.

2011-07-24 Wayne Madsen: Link Between Breivik and Israeli Mossad, by Wayne Madsen, infowars.com. "Because our police forces in America, New Zealand, Norway, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Canada, Australia and elsewhere are infiltrated with Mossad sayanim, katsas, and jumper katsas, we must take it upon ourselves to expose these agents, publicize their names, turn the disinfectant of sunshine on their subterranean operations, and generally, make life miserable for them."

*Hold conferences in Scandinavia to explore this and other issues, particularly radiation contamination

Business and political leaders in Scandinavia as well as North America should have every incentive in the world to want to sponsor conferences and increase alternative and mainstream media regarding the issues addressed on this web page.
In regard to the false flag threat, ignoring it will not make it go away, but will only encourage the sponsors of Oslo-Utoya 7-22 to become that much more aggressive in Scandinavia. In view of the likely Mossad assassinations of Olov Palme and Anna Lindh, and confirmed killing of Count Folke Bernadotte, everyone is a potential target in Scandinavia as well as America. The only way to effectively combat this threat is for enough Scandinavians --as well as concerned individuals in America and around the world -- to get very aggressive about exposing malefactors.
The continuing Fukushima radiation circling the northern hemisphere, as well as other sources of nuclear pollution in Scandinavian waters, remain a very serious threat to general public health and the fishing industries. According to Leuren Moret, pre-Test Ban treaty nuclear blasts in the 1950's and early 1960's knocked out as much as 50% of certain fish populations in the northern Atlantic, which began to recover after the open air testing was discontinued. The British Sellafield nuclear plant has dumped massive amounts of radioactive waste into the Irish sea, dramatically driving up cancer and other radiation-related ailments along the coasts of Wales and Ireland, and even causing millions of infant deaths in fishing areas along the coast of India as a consequence of radiation carried by ocean currents. According to Dr. Chris Busby, as a consequence of radioactive effluents from nuclear reactors in Sweden and Finland, the Baltic is now one of the most contaminated oceans in the world. The official attitude in Sweden is so callous that one firm actually imports radioactive metals that it melts down to convert into parts for consumer and industrial products. Last, but not least, even low levels of radiation create cancers, undermine generalized cell function, and increase rates of sterility, birth defects, miscarriages. A fetus is over a hundred times more sensitive to radiation than an adult. The elderly, with reduced immune systems, are the next most vulnerable along with small children. Leuren Moret reported 34,129 excess deaths in America as of 3 Sept 2011 from Fukushima radiation based upon Centers For Disease Control data in her 28 October joint interview with Dr. Chris Busby hosted by Dr. Jim Fetzer (see transcript here). There has also been a 35% spike in infant mortality in many hospitals across America.
There are strong linkages between the threat of violent false flag attacks like New York 9/11, London 7/7, and Oslo-Utoya 7-22 and the reality of stealth radiation warfare, to the extent that there is very strong evidence that they are both promulgated through Mossad-CIA-MI6. After all, it was Mossad-CIA-MI6 that gave the Fukushima reactors a 1-2 punch with a HAARP earthquake and tsunami, followed by Stuxnet virus sabotage.
Radiation contamination of civilian populations is cumulative over time, and the governments of Israel, the US, and UK are in desperate need of more false flag attacks to divert public attention away from their chronic policy failures, therefore there is an urgent need to sponsor conferences and aggressively fund alternative media and political activism as soon as possible.


Identifying Malefactors and Collaborators, Educating Incompetent Bureaucrats, Recommending Appropriate Action


Editor's Note: One of my major purposes in this work was to uncover evidence that the Oslo-Utoya attacks were ultimately a false flag operation sponsored by one or more intelligence agencies. I believe that I have now identified very strong indicators in this regard.
However, one question leads to another. Now that we have established Mossad-CIA-MI6 as the prime suspect, what specific hard evidence might we gather regarding what took place among Leon Panetta, Michael Morrell, David Petraeus, and other key figures at the CIA in July 2011, not to mention what Sir Robert John Sawers, Chief of British MI6 and associates were up to in London, or what Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO and his fellow travelers were up to at the NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium, or Tamir Pardo, Director of Mossad and his colleagues were up to in Israel? Similarly, the anomalous behavior of certain high level Norwegian government officials also raises many very troubling questions.


What has been going on with America's CIA shadow government between Fukushima 3-11 and Oslo-Utoya 7-22? Three excellent starting points in our investigation regarding the strong likelihood that the CIA played a key role in the Oslo-Utoya mass murders are the three CIA directors whose tenure overlapped 7-22. According to Wikipedia, Leon Panetta (left), currently the U.S. Secretary of Defense, served as Director of the CIA from February 13, 2009 to June 30, 2011. Of Roman Catholic/southern Italian ancestry, his public career has been highly supportive of the Liberal-Minority-Zionist Coalition agenda addressed by Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority. "One of Panetta's first major acts as Defense Secretary was to jointly certify with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the military was prepared to repeal `don't ask, don't tell', triggering final repeal after 60 days." Panetta was hardly "out of the loop" during 7-22 because as SecDef he presided over all U.S. unified command elements of NATO. Michael Morell (pictured below) served as acting CIA Director from July 1, 2011 to September 6, 2011, and currently acts as Deputy Director. He was initially "nominated to the top post as the CIA came under scrutiny following a bomb attempt on a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day 2009." (See Chapter 39 about the phony "panty bomber" episode). David Howell Petraeus (right) "relinquished command of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan on July 18...His nomination to become the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was confirmed by the United States Senate 94-0 on June 30, 2011...sworn in on September 6, 2011." The 26 Aug 2011 wsj.com article "Mr. Insider Will Guide Petraeus at the CIA" raises serious questions about what Petraeus knew and approved before 7-22. Interestingly enough, both Panetta and Petraeus now serve on America's new "Principles Committee," which might be America's answer to the Imperial Ruling Council of the Galactic Empire. Webster Tarpley tries to explain it all below.


The 26 Aug 2011 wsj.com article "Mr. Insider Will Guide Petraeus at the CIA" has the photo caption "In 31 years at the CIA, Michael Morell has drawn lessons from major economic and national security crises. Gen. David Petraeus plans to draw on Mr. Morell's institutional experience when he becomes CIA director next month"


The 26 Aug 2011 article "Mr. Insider Will Guide Petraeus at the CIA" by Siobhan Gorman, wjs.com, describes how Gen. Petraeus got briefed in Kabul prior to July 2011 on every critical CIA program. I fail to see how a false flag attack against a NATO ally on the highly strategic GIUK Gap would not be considered a "critical program" if the CIA was involved in any way, shape, or form. In Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series I explain how both Icelanders and Norwegians had already become "stressed" in regard to the GIUK Gap issue, NATO, the U.S. and Russia:

The U.S. abandoned its Naval facilities in 2006 as part of a geopolitical shift towards new locations ranging between Romania and central Asia, another special gift of Zionist neocon lunacy. Norway stepped in with its own fighter jets and naval patrols to assist Iceland's defense.
The 16 July 2009 article "Russia approves 64 billion ISK loan to Iceland" stated: "Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson said a few months ago that Iceland needs to find new friends since some close allies refused to grant Iceland a loan. The President then offered to Russia use of the Keflavik Airport for military operations but the Russian government denied this proposal."

Given that Norway has already stretched way beyond its traditional "quasi-neutral" posture as a member of NATO by helping to patch up America's abandonment of Iceland in order to redeploy U.S. Navy units to serve Israel in the Middle Eastern-Asian "Global War on Terror", and also by deploying Norwegian armed forces in support of imperial ventures completely outside of the original NATO mandate in places like Afghanistan and Libya, one might ask what kind of mentality on the part of an intelligence agency would feel that Norway deserves to get whacked on account of its decision to withdraw from the Libyan military adventure by August 1st? Could this mentality be related to the decision to wage total war against the Libyan civilian population by knocking out most its strategic water supplies in July or to later savagely attack Muammar Gaddafi and his motorcade as it traveled under a white flag out of Sirte?
Also, the article below touches upon the alleged raid to kill Bin Laden in 2011, the alleged connection between Saddam Hussein and WMD's, and the alleged "Al Qaeda" connection to 9/11. These other topics are are also important to help the reader get a better sense of the extent to which the CIA is immersed in a very deadly and destructive version of the "Infotainment" or "PSYOPs" business. For example, in Chapter 12 I describe how Bin Laden very likely died in December 2001, in Chapter 4 I describe contrived WMD connections used to create phony pretexts for war, and in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 I provide strong evidence that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA inside job. In the U.S. Government and MSM Questionable Behavior Patterns section above, I provide the text to the 10-11 August 2011 Wayne Madsen Report story "Jakarta -- Obama welcomes home SEAL Team bodies after the SEALS became a "problem" which states: "...sources claim that many SEALs believe the SEAL Team 6 members were sacrificed for political reasons because they `knew too much' about the Abbotabad raid. Moreover, SEAL Team 2 members believe their comrades were eliminated by CIA assets operating in the area in an effort to eliminate witnesses to the actual events that occurred in Abbotabad." In any event , getting back to Ms .Gorman's article:

...Some agency veterans say Mr. Morell may be too much of an insider. He has never worked anywhere else, and might miss areas where the CIA's culture or management are due for a change, they point out.
Gen. Petraeus, the agency's fifth director in eight years, is the four-star general who led allied troops in Afghanistan, steeped in a culture that confers authority with the insignia on an officer's uniform. Mr. Morell rose in an agency averse to hierarchy and hostile to leaders who don't assimilate.
During a two-hour briefing for the new boss in Kabul, Mr. Morell presented Gen. Petraeus with a blue briefing book emblazoned with the CIA seal and detailing every critical program, organization and operation at the agency. "It was the most highly classified guide that I've ever seen in my life," Gen. Petraeus recalls.
One piece of advice Mr. Morell delivered to Gen. Petraeus: Don't pull rank in meetings by sitting at the head of the table...
...Throughout the summer of 2001, Mr. Morell served as Mr. Bush's intelligence briefer, providing updates about al Qaeda communications. Responding to Mr. Bush's questions, Mr. Morell asked the CIA to look at the group's threat to the U.S. In August, Mr. Morell delivered a report, "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US," which later gained infamy when released by the 9/11 Commission, though Mr. Morell says the document didn't offer specifics of an impending attack.
On Sept. 11, Mr. Morell accompanied the president to a Sarasota, Fla., school as planes struck the World Trade Center and Pentagon. When Mr. Bush later asked, "Who did this?," Mr. Morell says he responded, "I haven't seen any intelligence, but I would bet every dollar I have that it's al Qaeda."
He now says 9/11 reflected an intelligence-collection breakdown as much as an analytic one, pointing to a need to redouble efforts to penetrate the adversary.
In the lead-up to the Iraq war, Mr. Morell ran the CIA's analysis of possible connections between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. He said his team concluded there had been contacts between Iraqi intelligence and al Qaeda, but that there were no links to al Qaeda operations at that time.
His team didn't handle the analysis that erroneously concluded the Iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction. But he says the debacle taught him that analysts must describe their confidence in their conclusions and should consider alternate explanations for the information they're assessing.
This year, as the hunt for bin Laden climaxed, Mr. Morell repeatedly questioned intelligence on the compound where he was later found, says Leon Panetta, then CIA director. "Michael always raised the experience of what happened with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," Mr. Panetta says...
...In the end, Mr. Morell supported the decision to send in the Navy SEALs on May 2.
A photo of two guns seized from bin Laden's bedroom hangs on his office wall. A handwritten note on masking tape reads: SEALS WANT THIS BACK.
But the CIA still has the guns. It was, after all, a CIA operation, Mr. Morell says.

2011-08-24 Leon Panetta: Wars Will Go On Forever by David Henderson, antiwar.com, 24 Aug 2011.
[Editor's Note: This does not give encouragement to Americans who wish to immediately curtail phony GWOT (Global War On Terror) adventurism abroad. I think that I am beginning to get the picture here. Panetta, Petraeus, and Morell, are like Cardinal de Richelieu and King Louis XIII in 17th century France. They are high priests and monarchs of a grandiose "absolutist" state, on a sacred mission to suppress heretics (like Senator Paul Wellstone, Rachel Corrie, Col. Westhusing, Cpl. Pat Tillman described in Chapter 14, and SEAL Team 6 mentioned on this web page) and exorcise terrorist devils around the world (mostly imaginary ones invented by Mossad-CIA-MI6). In their cosmology, nothing is "sin" or any kind of real danger to worry about unless they officially dub it so (to include the continuing Fukushima radiation poisoning and chemtrail spray toxification of America). One can always buy an "indulgence" to avoid blame for major crimes like the depleted uranium contamination of America's troops (55% of veterans are now on permanent disability) and the hollowing out of America's strategic industries is not an issue so long as one supplies the Church of the New World Order with adequate high-powered tribute (like the military-industrial complex, nuclear industry, and the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve central bank and its allied major banking firms like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase). On top of all this, just like so many post-Renaissance French monarchist and clerical leaders, we see America's "enlightened despots" engage in enough dissimilation and waffling back and forth to keep most of the people fooled most of the time. (In regard to France, French kings and cardinals waffled back and forth from one reign to another in the 16th and 17th centuries between tolerating French Protestants (Huguenots) in one period and then savagely persecuting and crushing them in another, much like what the federal government did to Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge or the Branch Davidians at Waco).
In his 19 Oct 2011 interview with Alex Jones "CIA Boss Petraeus Behind Crises with Pakistan, Iran; Principals’ Committee Running US Government as Obama Skulks" (Tarpley.net web page description here, MP3 download here), Webster Tarpley explained how Panetta and Petraeus have not only become key players on a very powerful "Principal's Committee," but also how Petraeus has openly demonstrated a lust for for black ops and strong arm tactics at the very inception of his reign as CIA Director:

Webster Tarpley: [at 1:25:52 in the three hour version of Alex Jones MP3's] Who is running the U.S. government right now? I don't think it is Obama. The reports we are getting from all kinds of sources, the infamous Ulster Man, or indeed the Washington Post of a week ago, Saturday, that Obama is increasingly withdrawn, right? That he is like Nixon, maybe. Paranoid, right? Retreating into the family quarters, watching TV, sports games, not very polite to people who show up, sometimes insults them, maybe hitting the bottle. Maybe chain smoking again, who knows. He is under a lot of anxiety, but he is tending towards dropping out. He thrives on adulation, and adulation is not so easy to come by now. So who is running the government? I would say it is the Principles Committee. The Principles Committee right now is composed of Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, now as Secretary of Defense, Kendall David Petraeus [Editor's Note: Wikipedia lists him as David Howell Petraeus] of the CIA, Tom Donilon, Head of the National Security Council, and Eric Holder, this multi-malefactor who is the head of the Justice Department. And if you look at that group, I would say that the likely source of this Iranian story is Petraeus. In other words, the author of this is Petraeus, not the civilian government, but Petraeus, who unites now in a personal union, we might say, the Pentagon with the CIA. And let's just look back. He came to power in the CIA on September 6th, and September 6th what have we had since then? Three big, big false flag type stunts. We had the special alert over the 9/11 weekend. If you go back and look, Petraeus arrives at the CIA, and the call goes out, "special alert" two days later. Then we have this amazing story which is attributed to the outgoing admiral there at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, right? But it is really Petraeus. Petraeus is the one who delivered this story to the Pakistanis. He called the head of the ISI of Pakistan and said, "You are supporting terrorism, you are supporting the Haqqani Network, you are no good. And that has created a tremendous wave of acrimony, hatred, and possible war. We are constantly getting stories that there are shooting incidents between U.S. forces and Pakistani forces on different sides of the Afghani-Pakistan border. And then within the first month still of his tenure at the CIA, we then get this unbelievable Iran story. So I would warn, I have heard various people saying, "Oh, this is the work of bungling civilians, and we need somebody like General Petraeus, because we are praying that he is competent." Well, guess again. Petraeus is the number one Bonapartist, and of course what I mean by that is somebody who wants to have a military dictatorship. The term comes from Napoleon, right? Coined after Napoleon Bonaparte, a general who becomes a dictator and then much, much, much more. Petraeus is I think up to his neck in this, and I would say in terms of these personalities, he is probably the dominant one on this Principles Committee. So they may have already been a coup behind the scenes where they keep Obama as a figurehead, and this Principles Committee runs the government, and Petraeus -- well think of somebody like Field Marshall von Hindenberg becoming the President of Germany after World War I. Very bad results, right? He was not Hitler, but he brought in Hitler. So, something like this. Now why do they do this now? [1:29:27]

Given my own paleoconservative ideological predisposition to look for the "Jewish-Catholic War Against WASPs" hiding behind various bushes, it is very tempting for me to take the view that deep down inside, Roman Catholic/southern Italian-descended Panetta probably wants to dominate independent Norway with the same zeal that once inspired Imperial Roman Robo-Legions to conquer Vercingetorix of France, destroy Queen Boudica of Briton and try to crush Arminius of Germany. On top of all this, the temptation is also overwhelming to note that Panetta was CIA Director when Mossad-CIA-MI6 very likely hit Japan with the HAARP and Stuxnet virus attacks on 3-11. However, in Chapter 27 I quote Wayne Madsen from a July 2009 RT interview on the Benazir Bhutto assassination, where we get a more sympathetic view of Leon Panetta. He apparently resisted the wilder side of Vice President Dick Cheney:

RT Moderator: Washington is caught up in a political scandal centering on the former Vice President, Dick Cheney. It follows a move by the new CIA Director to cancel a secret plan to find and kill Al-Qaeda leaders. He says when in office, Cheney ordered the agency to withhold information about the anti-terror program from Congress. For more on the story, I am now joined live by investigative journalist and RT contributor Wayne Madsen. Now why do you think the Director of the CIA Leon Panetta made this information about a secret effort to destroy Al Qaeda leaders public now? Why not earlier?
Wayne Madsen: Well Mr. Panetta obviously knows this story is not going to go away any time soon, and is going to get worse. What Mr. Panetta obviously knows is although there was some initial involvement by the CIA in this program early on, and it was described to me by U.S. intelligence officials as a modern day Phoenix program. That was during the Vietnam War. The CIA and the U.S. military Special Forces cooperated to assassinate Viet Cong leaders. That is how it started out. But how it ended up is something Mr. Panetta and others in the agency wanted no part of, because it went far outside of targeting Al Qaeda leaders and may have operated in friendly, allied countries and the United States itself.

There is probably much more going on behind the scenes that just Panetta and Petraeus wielding power, even as latter day (as Webster Tarpley puts it in another French-related analogy) "Bonapartists." Higher level "Sanhedrin" players in the City of London and Israel have substantial control over the CIA, which in turn has significant influence over the federal and state governments. (See Jesse Ventura talks about CIA implanted in State Government, his CIA interrogation and trip to Cuba! (video), uploaded 15 Sept 2008)
In regard to high level Norwegian officials, I find it difficult to be particularly critical of them compared to their U.S., UK, and Israeli counterparts for three major reasons:
(a) Norway is such a small country that it has effectively become "Finlandized" by the forces of the New World Order and its leaders probably feel they must "bend with the breeze."
Norway's leaders may face a dilemma similar to the one faced by Finnish leader General Carl Gustaf Mannerheim in 1944-1945. FDR had threatened to declare war on Sweden for supplying iron ore to Germany, and Norway was occupied by German troops. The Third Reich was in a state of steady retreat, and Hitler seemed unlikely to be able to produce enough atomic bombs to make it worthwhile to sue them and try to influence the outcome of the war. If Stalin wanted to roll right through Scandinavia to ostensibly "liberate" Norway, the Finnish situation was completely hopeless.
Mannerheim decided to "bend with the breeze" rather than risk turning his country into an "Alamo." As onerous as the terms were for Finland, they were still vastly better than those suffered by eastern European countries overrun by Soviet forces. Finland even gained special respect in the U.S. for being one of the very few WWII combatants to pay off its war debts to America. As noted in the discussion of Mannerheim elsewhere on this web page, recent polls show Finns still consider Mannerheim to be one of the greatest heroes in Finnish history.
(b) Because Norwegian leaders are often forced to play a weak hand well, they may be forced to play their cards close to the vest.
Norwegian leaders may be faced with a dilemma similar to what Winston Churchill confronted after the British captured the Nazi Enigma machine that could decode the highest level German transmissions. When Churchill learned that the Germans were going to bomb Coventry, he was concerned that if he alerted the people there, he would prematurely tip his hand to the Germans and cause them to plug their Enigma security leak before he could use its information for operations critical to the outcome of the war.
Similarly, the U.S. Navy broke the Japanese Naval code prior to the attack Pearl Harbor, and knew the Japanese were coming days in advance. In this case, FDR had been baiting the Japanese to attack as a backdoor for war with Germany; however, one can argue that the Japanese attack plan was probably less bad than what the Japanese might have come up with if they had been openly thwarted without firing a shot and then had regrouped and launched a much more effective and devastating sneak attack. The Japanese failed to do any damage to America's two most potent weapon systems, namely aircraft carriers (evacuated from Pearl Harbor before the attack) and submarines (which later destroyed over 80% of Japanese tonnage lost in WWII). The battleships they sank had become largely obsolete in naval warfare except as auxiliary weapon systems. The Japanese also failed to seize Hawaii or knock out its strategic oil reserves, or capture any airfields that would put the American West Coast within strategic bomber range. In fact, on a grand strategic level the timing and location of the attack seems almost like a neurotic Japanese death wish in retrospect. From the Axis viewpoint, the most obvious grand strategic priority was for the Japanese to first help the Germans finish off the Soviet Union and Great Britain, and then the Germans could help the Japanese complete their conquest of China. Then after the industrial bases of both Germany and Japan and their new satellites had a chance to create at least a three to one superiority in major weapons systems and military personnel over America, and after Germans had consolidated oil fields stretching from the Caucasus to Saudi Arabia, then attack the U.S. -- if indeed their ultimate goal had any similarities to the Zionist dream of world domination.
Similarly, if there were Norwegians in the intelligence field who were aware of an impending false flag attack on 7-22, it is possible that they went along with a LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) not because they wanted a false flag attack, but because they were afraid that if they tried to openly thwart this particular attack, Mossad-CIA-MI6 would simply regroup and come back at Norway some time in the future with something vastly more secretive and destructive.
All of this gets back to a need to conduct further research. I also believe that conducting and reporting to the public additional research can be a valuable end in itself, to the extent that it can serve as part of a consciousness-raising effort that can help deter future false flag events.
[As someone very much concerned about historical accuracy, I need to make another important point, namely in regard to my ancecdotes about Coventry and Pearl Harbor -- while they help to illustrate my point about cold-blooded "lessor of evils" calculations by people in the intelligence field -- they might also reinforce what I call the "Allied Propaganda Comic Book" view of WWII history. After all, as George Orwell's Ingsoc so deftly put it: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." Aged WWII Allied propaganda continues to severely distort rational policy formulation to this very day. Winston Churchill and FDR are examples of World War II heros who collapse before factual scrutiny, and is worth discussing them in some detail here to make my point with the reader. First let us start with Churchill -- one of Anders Breivik's big heroes -- who was part Jewish, was on the Rothschild/City of London payroll, and among other things, this alcoholic, double-talking, likely bisexual dandy-dresser could never live within his means and continually relied on Jewish plutocrats to financially bail him out -- always with strong political strings attached, of course. (Even modern libertarians have become disillusioned with the real historical Churchill, see for example "Rethinking Churchill" by Dr. Ralph Raico, or "Churchill Was Like Hitler?" at aangirfan.blogspot.com. Churchill's War by the eminent British historican David Irving also does an excellent job of cutting Chuchill down to size). Churchill double-crossed Poland at least twice, first by encouraging the Poles to take an intractable stand on Danzig corridor negotiations with the Germans in exchange for promises of direct British military support -- which they never received -- and later effectively handing Poland over to brutal Soviet occupation in his summit meetings with Soviet leaders. Oh well, so much for "self-determination vs. totalitarianism" as the ideological basis for the Allied Cause following Hitler's invasion of Poland. Churchill also committed an act of war against Norway by mining the waters off Narvik to block iron ore flow from Sweden to Germany in "Operation Wilfred" and also planned to invade Norway first before Hilter beat him to the punch. According to "Battle of Norway," "Churchill also proposed that a force should land at Narvik, march to Sweden and seize the mines in Kiruna and Gällivare. This would have the added benefit of cutting off Germany from the precious Swedish ore all year. Despite Churchill's best efforts, however, the British war council was unable to make a decision. In the end, the Leads [off Narvik, Norway] were mined on April 8, and some forces that could be used for an expedition to Norway were being assembled. But even while the mining was carried out, German forces were on their way to Norway [which they invaded on 9 April]." Churchill ordered the Royal Air Force to bomb German cities first to bait Hitler into departing from his initial "Battle of Britain" strategy of attacking only military targets. Churchill was actually glad in many ways to allow the Germans to bomb Coventy not only to protect the Ultra-Secret, but also to provide more "Blitz"-related atrocity propaganda to help bring America into the war on Britain's side, having earlier helped set up the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI to accomplish a similar trick. Churchill was also under considerable pressure by his Jewish handlers to further a "Total War/Unconditional Surrender" political objective that reflected subterranean Jewish racial hatred of all things Germanic, and also to serve the long term Zionist political goal of demonizing all forms of white nationalism in furtherance of their megalomanaical dream of a "United Nations" New World Order dictatorship ultimately headquartered and run by utterly corrupt Mossad cutthroats and usurious international "Blood Bankers" out of Jerusalem. (See, for example, Germany Must Perish! by Theodore Kaufman or consider the Morgenthau Plan endorsed by both Churchill and Roosevelt in 1944 that would have killed off another 20-30 million Germans and rendered Germany a permanent agrarian state. Also, please see my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in the "Parasite" section my "Mutualism vs. Parasitism" series where I describe how global corruption watchdog groups rate Israel as more corrupt than any European countries -- yet Jewish leaders still think they have a Divine Right to tell the rest of mankind how to conduct their affairs. Total chutzpah!). Similary, as documented in A Man Called Intrepid by William Stephenson, FDR invited British intelligence to set up their HQ in Rockefeller Center in New York, NY to actively persecute his traditional American conservative adversaries while baiting the Japanese into the war with such measures as the Flying Tiger attacks on Japanese forces in the China-Burma theater and cutting off Japan's oil supplies from southeast Asia. He also welcomed Japanese attacks on Americans as a pretext to backdoor a World War against Germany as well as Japan and also to clamp down on his political adversaries with a de facto police state; for example, FDR cut off the ability Father Charles Coughlin to send his Social Justice Magazine in the U.S. mail, sent tens of thousands of German, Italian, and Japanese Americans to U.S. based concentration camps, and absued the American judicial system to persecute traditional American conservative critics; see "A Mockery of Justice: The Sedtion Trial of 1944" in pdf by Michael Collins Piper. Later FDR and his associates and like-minded successors handed over Eastern Europe to communist slavery, ran the "Eisenhower Death Camps" documented by James Bacque in Other Losses, sent tens of thousands of anti-communist uniformed Russian soldiers to their deaths under Operation Keel Haul, and committed myrid other acts of treachery and villiany against both Americans and Europeans]. .
(c) Norwegian leaders lack the support of a savvy and empowered community in the Nordic diaspora outside of Scandinavia that could provide them with more options.
Unfortunately major segments of the Nordic community in North America has become so brainwashed that it has failed to take any meaningful steps to halt the gradual but steady dispossession process that it has suffered over the last 150 years.
We have reached a point where Nordic people around the world must become much more assertive. Certain Nordics living in small countries like Norway cannot afford to become so militant that they unnecessarily antagonize major powers. However, on the other hand, their ability to expose hard truths is one of their most potent weapons to keep criminal leaders in foreign countries at bay. Faced with extremely serious continuing threats like Fukushima radiation poisoning, assassinations, and false flag attacks directed at both their leaders and common citizenry, they absolutely have to become both more aggressive and find more ingenious ways to protect themselves.


Siege of La Rochelle (1881) by Henri Motte (1846-1922). In this romanticized depiction of Cardinal de Richelieu, "The Red Eminence" leads the forces of Catholic Monarchist absolutism that laid siege to La Rochelle and eventually crushed the last bastion of Protestant political autonomy in France. We see similar contempt for WASP's with the Jewish-Catholic aggression against America on 9/11 and the Mossad-CIA-MI6 attack on Norway on 7-22.


From de Richelieu to Robespierre
How the History of France Provides a Grim Warning
For Dispossessed WASPs in America and Elsewhere

By William B. Fox

If Nordic and related Celtic peoples in North America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand fail to get their act together, the downside risks coming into view are terrifying. An excellent example is documented in the book The French Revolution by Nesta Webster and Early Civilizations of the Nordic Peoples by Roger Pearson that describe the events that led up up to the mass murder of leading Nordic and Celtic Frenchmen during the Jacobin Terror.
Many political analysts believe that the historical political tendencies of France provide better comparables for the United States than, say, Weimar Germany. For starters, America is more of a racially and ethnically composite country, like the France described in Lothrop Stoddard's chapter Composite France in Racial Realities in Europe.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts made an excellent historical analogy when he referred to the federal ideology that evolved out of King Lincoln's war (1861-1865) as "neo-Jacobinism" to connoted a top down, leftist orientation (please see my "Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies" discussion to see how this relates to other ideologies). Between the Articles of Confederation and "America's Lenin," government consumed less than 5% of GDP. The "government monster" has now grown to the point that it consumes between 50-70% of GDP, and most of this is wasted to benefit special interests at the expense of the people. Nevertheless, government leaders posture as enlightened, progressive liberals who want to benevolently help the people (this is the leftist part of "neo-Jacobin" ideology) and unite disparate groups within their realm ("we are all part of the brotherhood of humanity") while using top down police state tactics to keep their vassals subservient to them at all costs. But of course "government knows best" and "we are the government, we are here to help you," as usual. This type of leftist or "environmental" authoritarian or "top down" ideological approach propped up de Richelieu, the Jacobins, and Napoleon in France, and it has been going strong in America under "liberal fascist" despots like the Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR administrations. (Please see landmark article "Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln" by Sam Dickson for his excellent analysis of the impact of the Lincoln-Wilson-FDR "Liberal Trinity" on American history). Liberal fascism is alive and well today with the current "Global War On Terror" national security state.
Both Racial Realities in Europe and The Dispossessed Majority are a very valuable books, because they help Americans overcome their anarcho-libertarian and neo-Jacobin indoctrination to see how there are important biological elements behind the advance of the authoritarian state in the history of France and "Alpinized Germany" as well as America that actually go against advances in science and the application of reason in political, social, and religious philosophies. It is as if Alpine and Mediterranean peoples have a totally different set of cognitive and emotional reflexes, very different from the streak of individualism found among Nordic and certain Celtic peoples. These instinctive tendencies thrust their social and political institutions in authoritarian directions as they gain the upper hand in demographics and political and economic power. It is even more this way with Jews, who have a higher level of innate criminality than any other group, as well as their own unique tropism towards monopolistic tendencies, as I explain in my analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism article.
What makes this comparative analysis tricky is that when Nordic and certain Celtic peoples are in the majority, and set the tone for society, these other groups engage in adaptive mimicry. In addition, a minority of people in these other groups may actually be very competitive with Nordic and Celtic peoples and similar to them on an emotional and intellectual level, blurring things even more. However, once alien groups gain control, the mimicry begins to fall away, and suppressed innate traits that characterize the people as a whole rise to the surface.
All the advances in our understanding of political science issues, and all other logic on all other issues will not necessarily prevent authoritarian people from continuing their addiction to authoritarian measures, and the same for people like Jews with their addiction to intrigue. In fact, at some certain point continued discussions about the logic of decentralized, libertarian policies can be self-deceptive for Nordic peoples, because it can actually "train the dog to bite them," that is, teach innately authoritarian and criminal people new forms of adaptive mimicry to deceive WASPs long enough until the Jewish-Catholic stealth invasion takes over.
In the long run, for innately authoritarian people, the ideology de jeure does not really matter, whether it is secular or religious in nature. It does not matter a great deal whether it involves Catholicism in the 17th century, Jacobinism in the 18th century, neo-Jacobinism in the 19th century, Marxism in the 20th century, or Zionist neo-conservatism of the 21s century. The innate tropism towards authoritarianism remains constant. If you discredit a religious approach towards regimenting society with the Enlightenment, the innately authoritarian Liberal Minority Coalition will simply come back at you with an authoritarian secular state approach like the CIA or Department of Homeland Security. This kind of problem will never go away as long as Nordic and certain Celtic peoples allow alien peoples in their societies to grow in power and influence over them, which is why the most conservative solution to this problem is to re-establish fully autonomous and sovereign, homogenous, tribal, Nordic and Celtic ethnostates. Another alternative is for Nordic-Celtic peoples to form a ruling class, but is always a very tricky and risky long term situation. Under-classes usually envy and resent any ruling class over them. They often try to to use liberal propaganda to subvert their will to rule, or create an unstable demographic situation by out-breeding them.
Now let us consider the history of France, where we see a tug of war with Nordics and Celts in favor of decentralization, innovation, and individual initiative, and Alpines, Mediterraneans and Jews push for centralization, dogmatic conformity, and collectivism. When the latter start winning, we see very tragic consequences, similar to what we are experiencing in America today -- and which might get vastly worse.
To help set the stage, let us consider the impact of Nordic and Celtic peoples on general European history, as taken from Roger Pearson's Early Civilizations of the Nordic Peoples. This is a huge topic, so I can only address some key elements here taken.
We see strong evidence that Nordic or Indo-European peoples created Sumer, the earliest civilization, and blond mummies are found among the earliest ancient Egyptian dynasties. The Ionians and Dorians who created the heroic and classical eras of ancient Greece, which included the earliest prototypes of modern science, mathematics, republicanism, and democracy -- all of which was light years ahead of anything that was ever created by Jews -- were Nordic or Nordic-Celtic peoples who had migrated southward from the northlands. As some supporting evidence, the Wikipedia article "Greco-Roman hairstyle" notes "Homer, Achilles, Odysseus and other heroes are represented with blonde hair." See also New Evidence Indicates Legendary Greek Tales Took Place in the Baltic by John Tiffany, Jan/Feb 2007 Barnes Review.
Then along came the Sabine and Oscian tribes from Germany (back when Germany was a majority Nordic land) who founded the Roman Republic in 508 B.C. and its patrician class. They practiced egalitarian Nordic-Celtic tribal values and other forms of traditional social structure, to include the usual large middle class of land-owning, armed, free farmers who held strong citizen soldier traditions and who also practiced various forms of parliamentary government. However, as Rome became more successful, it increasingly expanded its control over alien peoples and absorbed them into its growing empire. In order to accommodate these disparate peoples, its ideology become more leftist on a superficial level. At the same time, in order to maintain the iron grip necessary to maintain the discipline of the formidable Roman military machine, and suppress potential rebellion within its growing de facto plantation social structure (like the Spartacus revolt), Rome increasingly resorted to more brutal, authoritarian, and otherwise fascistic tactics on an de facto level, while still pumping out benevolent leftist rhetoric for public consumption on the rhetorical level. This shift in ideology, in both theory and practice, that took place as the Roman Republic transitioned into the Roman Empire shows amazing
similarities to French and U.S. history as both countries trended towards the neo-Jacobin imperial state.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and before long the heavily centralized and race-mixed Roman Empire became so corrupt and dysfunctional that by the 5th century AD it became fatally vulnerable to invasion by the same kinds of Nordic-Germanic tribesmen who founded the Roman Republic in 508 B.C.
Interestingly enough, as Rome rotted internally, it also became more vulnerable to stealth invasion from within by Jews. The same predator vs. counter-predator, rat vs. cat analogy that I applied regarding Cossacks vs. Jews earlier on this web page also seemed to apply to "Old Romans" vs. Jews. Contrary to the impression left with many readers of the New Testament that Jews were some kind of pastoral people concentrated in Palestine during this period, in reality Jews were always a very urban people spread throughout not only the Roman Empire, but also Babylonia (which was actually the Jewish center of gravity, not Palestine). Jews dominated the slave trade, became powerful enough to bribe and intimidate major Roman politicians, and were denounced by Roman contemporaries for their corrupt and deceitful practices. Many critics of Christianity believe that wealthy Jews in the Roman Empire provided major initial support for the spread of Christianity (invented by their own tribesmen) as a limited hangout PSYOP to encourage gentiles to replace their own tribal history with that of the Jews. Christianity also helped turn the Roman Empire on its head by confusing manly instincts with forms of mystical pacifism. Niccolò Machiavelli wrote that Romans of the pagan early Roman Republic era were inherently more virtuous than Christianized Romans who came later, and William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man? explains Jewish theological and sociological subversion in greater detail.

Germanic Peoples (Wikipedia)


In the centuries that followed the collapse of the Western Roman empire in the 5th century AD, we see many Nordic-Germanic and closely related Celtic tribes migrating southward through Europe, often setting up provincial governments that reflect their tendencies towards decentralization and parliamentary government (called Things). Germany remained highly decentralized throughout the Middle Ages by contemporary standards, and was also very supportive of human liberty. In fact, according to William Shirer in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Germans of the 16th century were ahead of Elizabethan English in the protection of human rights. The Old Swiss Confederacy remained very decentralized and Lombards, who originated in Scandinavia, set up principalities throughout most of Italy. The Swedish Viking Rus formed the Novgorod Republic in Russia. Nordic Visigoths in Spain formed the parliamentary Cortes. Germanic Franks (from which France gives its name) also ruled France in a relatively decentralized, provincial manner for centuries (with some exceptions like the rule of Charlemagne), so much so that by the 17th century many provincial leaders could still raise their own private armies and conduct separate treaty negotiations with foreign powers.
France began a process of centralization in the late Renaissance. A particularly famous "evil genius" behind French centralization was named Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu et de Fronsac, better known to history as simply Cardinal de Richelieu. He is the arch villain in the Dumas' The Three Musketeers and the inspiration for Ken Russell film The Devils. In the latter film, a French cardinal trumps up false charges of heresy against provincial leaders as backdoor method to remove them from power and proceed with a campaign of knocking down the castle walls of all the provinces to eliminate their ability to resist central control.
The Wikipedia article Cardinal de Richelieu observes:

Richelieu is also notable for the authoritarian measures he employed to maintain power. He censored the press, established a large network of internal spies, forbade the discussion of political matters in public assemblies such as the Parlement de Paris (a court of justice), and had those who dared to conspire against him prosecuted and executed. The Canadian historian and philosopher John Ralston Saul has referred to Richelieu as the "father of the modern nation-state, modern centralised power [and] the modern secret service."

The high point of de Richelieu's campaign to crush provincial leaders and ideological dissenters came with his successful siege of La Rochelle, as noted in the Wikipedia article: Siege of La Rochelle.

The Siege of La Rochelle (French: Le Siège de La Rochelle, or sometimes Le Grand Siège de La Rochelle) was a result of a war between the French royal forces of Louis XIII of France and the Huguenots of La Rochelle in 1627-1628. The siege marked the apex of the tensions between the Catholics and the Protestants in France, and ended with a complete victory for King Louis XIII and the Catholics.

After the fall of La Rochelle, all that French Protestants had left for their own protection was "moral suasion." Their lives and fortunes literally hung on whatever particular whims a particular French King and his loftiest Catholic advisors might have at the moment.


The Devils (Ken Russell - 1971)
review caption: "Cardinal Richelieu and his power-hungry entourage seek to take control of seventeenth-century France, but need to destroy Father Grandier - the priest who runs the fortified town that prevents them from exerting total control. So they seek to destroy him by setting him up as a warlock in control of a devil-possessed nunnery, the mother superior of which is sexually obsessed by him [below]. A mad witch-hunter is brought in to gather evidence against the priest, ready for the big trial [above]."

State-sponsored hysteria then and now. Back then, in 17th century France, it was de Richelieu's Inquisition. Today in early 21st century America, it is the CIA-FBI-DHS police state apparatus. Back then, it was The Devils. Today, it is first an overseas version of Muslim "Al Qaeda" -- originally created by Mossad-CIA -- followed by the even more hysterical "White Al Qaeda," which allegedly bedevils America from the inside with "Homegrown Lone Wolves" and other strange entities according to "Big Sis" Janet Napolitano and her Department of Homeland Security. [Above, an obsessed "Big Sis" of a 17th century French convent. Although she is also single like Janet Napolitano, in some areas the analogy breaks down, for example, note her preference for wearing black and white as opposed to the colors of a "Red Eminence" like de Richelieu depicted in the official Janet Napolitano photo below].


The current trend involved in the ratcheting up of the post 9/11 police state in America, along with a corresponding growth in the power of Jews and their Catholic minions over WASPs in America, ultimately points towards an endgame for Protestant America similar to what French Protestants (Huguenots) experienced with the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in France.We can expect controllers of America's Department of Homeland Security, CIA, media monopolies, and other shadow government controllers to some day become every bit as impatient with political dissenters as Louis XIV became with the Huguenots. The Wikipedia article on the Edict of Nantes.

The Edict of Fontainebleau (October 1685) was an edict issued by Louis XIV of France, also known as the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes of 1598, which had granted to the Huguenots the right to practice their religion without persecution from the state. Though Protestants had lost their independence in places of refuge under Richelieu, they continued to live in comparative security and political contentment. From the outset, religious toleration in France had been a royal, rather than a popular policy. The lack of universal adherence to his religion did not sit well with Louis XIV's vision of perfected autocracy: "Bending all else to his will, Louis XIV resented the presence of heretics among his subjects."
By this edict, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes and ordered the destruction of Huguenot churches, as well as the closing of Protestant schools. This policy made official the persecution already enforced since the dragonnades created in 1681 by the king in order to intimidate Huguenots into converting to Catholicism. As a result of the persecution by the dragoons billeted upon prominent Huguenots and the subsequent Edict of Fontainebleau, a large number of Protestants — estimates range from 210,000 to 900,000 — left France over the next two decades, seeking asylum in England, the United Provinces, Sweden, Switzerland, Brandenburg-Prussia, Denmark, the Habsburg's Holy Roman Empire, South Africa and North America. On January 17, 1686, Louis XIV himself claimed that out of a Huguenot population of 800,000 to 900,000, only 1,000 to 1,500 had remained in France.

Let us now flash forward a little over a hundred years to the 1780's. Leading members of the French intelligentsia and nobility have experienced the Enlightenment, which has exposed contradictions and absurdities in Christian Fundamentalism. One might think that this would help take some of the hard edge off of intolerance based on theological issues that supposedly created so much religious conflict in the prior century. On top of this, French nobility and intellectuals have been exposed to the libertarian ideals of the American Revolution. Once again, one would think that the intolerance and very hard treatment demonstrated by the likes of de Richelieu and Louis XIV towards the Huguenots would be a thing of the past. Right?
Wrong! Despite major advances in science and political theory, the French Revolution degenerated into one of the most savagely ruthless and destructive spectacles in history.
This kind of paradox has me gravely concerned about lies ahead for America as highly authoritarian members of the Liberal Minority Coalition continue to ratchet up their strong arm control methods and fail to take positive steps to address such current dangers as the Fukushima radiation poisoning, America's hollowed out industry, and GMO contamination of food supplies -- problems which they themselves have aided and abetted by while maintaining politically expedient mafia-like camaraderie with the perpetrators of these evils.
There were quite a few paradoxes surrounding the French Revolution. First, King Louis XVI went deep into debt to help finance the American Revolution. This put France under so much financial stress that helped cause the revolution that deposed him.
Secondly, the initial phase of the French Revolution was supported by many members of the French nobility who later became its many of its leading victims. They intended the revolution to be a nonviolent reform revolution. They included the Marquis de Lafayette who had been a close friend of George Washington and who had made a major contribution towards the American victory.
Third, one of the reasons why the revolution degenerated from its initial reform phase tolerated by the King and supported by many nobles to the second very deadly phase that got hijacked by savage Jacobins is because many nobles were very naive about how to control a revolutionary process once it was set into motion. According Nesta Webster's The French Revolution, all the "fire" or dynamic revolutionary organization was on the side of the Jacobins. In contrast, members of the ancien regime remained amazingly passive. Webster believes that when King Louis XVI was confronted with viciously criminal subversives as opposed to well-intentioned idealistic reformers, he was too naive to see the difference and deal with the subversives in the very firm and decisive manner that they deserved.
Lastly, the French nobility not only failed to understand how to prevent the revolutionary process from getting out of control, but was also naive about the extreme levels of hatred that could be aroused against them. De Richelieu and other centralizers had put much of the nobility on retainer as an additional move to make them less autonomous and more dependent upon the monarchy. The Jacobins then blamed the nobility for acting like parasites on the people rather than blame the centralizers who created the problem in the first place. In fact, according to Nesta Webster, despite this centralization, France was still Europe's leader in population size, industry, commerce, and general standard of living by the 1780's, contrary to the image created by works such as Les Miserables. In fact, if pre-revolutionary France was so horrible, one might ask why Thomas Jefferson, who spoke French and had been U.S. minister to France from 1785-1789 -- and who had even traveled around the country a bit -- would write the following in his Autobiography:

"So ask the traveled inhabitant of any nation, In what country on earth would you rather live?—Certainly in my own, where are all my friends, my relations, and the earliest & sweetest affections and recollections of my life. Which would be your second choice? France."

The Nordic peoples have always excelled at new technology and entrepreneurial business development, and one might expect that any reasonable and patriotic revolutionaries who might be genuinely concerned about the future welfare of France would first consider devising a plan to take the descendants of the Nordic Frankish nobility off retainer, restore local autonomy and self-sufficiency, and put them back to work rather than send them to the guillotine.
Jacobins who grabbed control of the French Revolution -- the same revolutionaries who advocated worship of the Goddess Reason -- also perpetrated some of the most destructive insanities in world history. 5,000 militant Jacobins based in Paris kept a country of about 25 million people in such a state of terror that ordinary middle class people in Paris wore shabby clothing for fear that if they dressed up more, envious neighbors might report them to a revolutionary committee and send them off to the guillotine. French Revolution's Hidden Depopulation Agenda by Andrew Smith, 30 Aug 2011, henrymakow.com, states:

The popular version of the French Revolution told by today's mainstream media is a monstrous falsehood. This "Tale of Two Cities" account has the Storming of the Bastille and The Reign of Terror happening for the benefit of France. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The assault on the Bastille was a fraud. Professional terrorists told Parisians a Royalist Army marched on Paris to destroy them and that everyone in Paris should therefore arm themselves from the armory at the Bastille. But there was no armory at the Bastille and there were few weapons. And the storming was not to free political prisoners. There were no political prisoners in the Bastille. Bastille Day therefore represents a day of French slaughter and disgrace, although extravagantly celebrated each year on July 14.
The Reign of Terror was a thoroughly malicious pre-Marxist depopulation program. According to Hyperhistory.net.
"Pol Pot's regime is surprisingly similar to the French Revolution, 200 years before. Both revolutions began in the French capitol of Paris. Both revolutions conducted deadly purges, resulting in the death of many. Also, when they took over, both Pol Pot and the French declared, 'This is the year zero.' They both made their own 10 day calendar and rejected the thought of any God. Both revolutions were curtailed within a decade."
And both were financed by the Illuminati Bankers.
After the radical Jacobin (French proto-communists) leaders guillotined the monarchy and the moderates within the Revolutionary Convention, they seized power with a vengeance and immediately commenced the mass murder that today we call the Reign of Terror.
Firmly in control by the spring of 1793, they calmly and carefully discussed the proportion of the French population to be suppressed to make France a model (communist) republic.
Before the genocide began, the population of France was 25,000,000. In early 1793 Jean Bon St André openly stated in the Revolutionary Convention, "[I]n order to establish the Republic securely in France, the population must be reduced by more than half."
More radical leaders made even more gruesome proposals. Maximilien Robespierre, the most aggressive annihilation advocate, blithely proposed that 23,000,000 be culled from the French census.
We should consider whether Robespierre and the other French Jacobin could ever have dreamed up such a massive depopulation program on their own.
How could they believe that such a program of murder and mayhem could possibly benefit France? Obviously, they acted upon the prompting of the originators of depopulation theory, the scholars (like Jeremy Bentham) of the British East India Company (BEIC) a/k/a Illuminati Bankers. The first BEIC experiment in depopulation occurred 20 years earlier, the Bengal famine of 1770 (10,000,000 dead).
According to Jeffery Steinberg's April 1994 EIR essay, "The Bestial British Intelligence Of Shelburne and Bentham":
"Speeches were prepared by Bentham and translated and transported by diplomatic pouch and other means to Paris, where leaders of the Jacobin Terror, Jean-Paul Marat, Georges Jacques Danton, and Maximilien de Robespierre delivered the fiery oratories. Records of East India Company payments to these leading Jacobins are still on file at the British Museum."
How else could buffoons like Robespierre (35 years old) and St Just (27 years old) take control of France and lay waste to it? How could a simple minded, miserable worm like Pol Pot take command of the Cambodian genocide 200 years later?...

The same Rothschilds-City of London group which today controls Mossad-CIA-MI6 and recently gave us the Fukushima radiation catastrophe from its Stuxnet virus, not to mention Oslo-Utoya 7-22, is the direct lineal descendant of the same Rothschild-City of London gang that inflamed the Jacobin side of the French Revolution. Not surprisingly, many historical accounts claim that even during the worst phases of the Terror the property of the French Rothschilds and other leading Jews was never touched.
In contrast, many wigmakers claimed that one of the best ways to get blond hair was to attend the guillotine executions of aristocrats. Nordics suffered in other ways as well. Lothrop Stoddard pointed out that Nordics tend to be taller than the average population and also tend to be more likely to serve as warriors for idealistic causes. After doing a disproportionate amount of dying as front line soldiers in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, Nordic genetic stock declined significantly in France (as it already had in Germany during the Thirty Years War, and also as it has been in continuous decline in America). The average height of the French soldier dropped by an inch or two when it was all over. (John de Nugent noted on his Joan of Arc web page "Hans F. K. Günther wrote in his Racial Life of the Indo-European Peoples that a study of recruits in Napoleon’s army in the year 1800 showed 70% had BLUE EYES, reflecting the original French look before the wars of Napoleon and WWI decimated the true French stock. The French are basically a keltic-germanic-mediterranean mixture. The northeastern province of Lorraine, next to Alsace, then in Germany, specifically was heavily keltic-germanic"). In addition, Celtic peoples of France also suffered horribly, such as the genocided Vendee and untold numbers of Celtic women and children who got mowed down, bayoneted, or drowned in other regions.
Despite all the high minded idealism of the French Revolution and the military glory subsequently won by Napoleon and his armies, the 19th century economic performance statistics of France tell a tragically different story. France began a long period of steady decline in its relative output of industrial and scientific and technological development relative to other European countries, particularly as Great Britain and America gained steam during the earliest 19th century phase of the industrial revolution. .
Nesta Webster makes another very important point in The French Revolution, namely that if one could back to the mid-1780's in a time machine, and try to warn the average Frenchman about the horrors that lay ahead over the next ten years, most of Frenchmen of that era would probably find this "reality projection" to be completely unbelievable. Too fantastic and too horrible to be worth thinking or worrying about. Not even Jules Verne could come up with something this bizarre and crazy.
But it happened.
I have heard other writers make a similar point how the average Russian in the year 1913 would probably find a realistic description by a time traveler about what actually happened over the next thirty years to be completely unbelievable. Again, too fantastic and too horrible to be worth thinking or worrying about. (Incidentally, the Jacobin version of the French Revolution was a major inspiration for the horrors of the Bolshevik Revolution).
So it is from this perspective that I now look at someone like Janet Napolitano, or other likely Rothschild-City of London minions at the CIA HQ in Langley, and ask myself if we might be looking at more Robespierres. If we do not suffer under a Robespierre now (actually we are suffering right now with the Fukushima radiation and other poisons being directed as us), will we suffer someone like Louis XIV who retracted the agreements with the Huguenots and savagely persecuted them. Why wouldn't any reasonable person in America be gravely concerned about his situation?
Imagine if a time traveler from the future -- who is totally credible visits you and tells you that New York 9/11, London 7/7, Fukushima 3/11, and Oslo-Utoya 3-11 are "red alert" foreshadows of a fate awaiting America that is every bit as horrible -- if not worse -- than Jacobin France and Bolshevik Russia. He also tells you that if you act now, you might be able to prevent the coming horror -- or at least most of it. He also tells you " Doing nothing is not an option." He points out that the people who right now think they can keep a low profile are still getting victimized by Fukushima radiation, dog-training searches for humans, sterility for future generations from GMO foods, toxic vaccine additives, chemtrail carcinogens, and myriad other evils that are being visited upon us by a totally psychopathic power elite. Acting like a "sheeple" will only delay, but not prevent, your doom. However, if you act now, you have some chance of leaving a better world for posterity.
So I ask, What are you going to do about it?


DHS "Big Sis" / "Godmother" Janet Napolitano: a de Richelieu - Robespierre "Red Eminence" wannabe? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has developed a very dangerous new capability in the continuing Jewish-Catholic stealth war against WASPs in America, where it can round up and mass murder Nordic Americans in FEMA camps with the same racial envy and hatred that motivated ancient Mayans to ritually murder Nordic seafarers. A very disturbing indicator of an evil depopulation mentality is the fact that DHS has made no effort to alert the American public about the continuing -- and accumulating -- Fukushima radiation threat, which remains extremely serious. Of Roman Catholic/southern Italian ancestry (perhaps Jewish as well, she has been closely associated with the Jewish ADL and Wikipedia states "daughter of Jane Marie, née Winer" --an often Jewish name), Napolitano's public career has been highly supportive of the Liberal-Minority Coalition agenda addressed by Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority. She has consistently alarmed civil libertarians, for example, please see "Homeland Security Targets `Anti-Semitic Extremists' by Brother Nathanael Kapner and More Proof The Department Of Homeland Security And TSA Are Actively Destroying America by Madison Ruppert, 30 July 2011. Alex Jones is not a big fan of Napolitano either, in fact on his 21 Oct 2011 show he called her "Janet the Troll," "Witch," "Monster," "Anti-American Pig," "Magic Weasel Fairy," and "Jack-booted Little Miss Hitler" (see transcript excerpt below).


Is Janet Napolitano a "Suspicious Individual" or "Person of Special Interest" Regarding Anti-WASP Genocidal Tyranny in America?

We may be lucky this go around that the Obama Administration has botched things so badly that it has lost momentum. There may be just barely enough free thinkers and activists left in America today to keep possible Robespierre wannabes like Napolitano and her minions at bay (although we are still faced with other horrendous problems such as handling Fukushima radiation, out of control Third World immigration, and overcoming a hollowed out industrial base, and myriad other problems), but just wait another ten to twenty years when the percentage of Nordics and other whites has declined even further, and their political and economic influence has diminished that much more, and then people like Napolitano and their Jewish backers might be able to fully indulge their Neanderthal-like bloodlust, just like their lunatic counterparts during the French Revolution and Bolshevik Red Terror.
In his 21 Oct 2011 show, Alex Jones used some colorful terms such as
"Janet the Troll," "Witch," "Monster," "Anti-American Pig," "Magic Weasel Fairy," and "Jack-booted Little Miss Hitler" to describe Ms. Napolitano. (Infowars.com, archived at GCN Alex Jones Show archives, First hour, download here, 6.9 MB, 58 min). In order to be fair to both Alex Jones and Ms. Napolitano, I have decided to provide a transcript of everything that Alex Jones said between ad breaks so that the reader can fully understand the context of this criticism.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones does give Ms. Napolitano a little bit of dispensation by recognizing that she inherited polices that were commenced under arch-Zionist Michael Chertoff in the Bush Administration. (This is the same utterly shameless high level Bush Administration insider who let the infamous "dancing Israelis" return to Israel following 9/11 with barely a slap on the wrist, and who has also engaged in grotesque self-dealing through his ownership interests in a company that makes the unnecessary X-ray scanner machines that genetically mutilate and give cancer to both passengers and TSA workers alike at airports). In addition, Jones provides an excellent snap shot of a wide variety of other very serious issues that currently plague America, ranging from Orwellian media control, to devious schemes by globalist bankers to dupe American taxpayers into more trillion dollar bailouts of banker follies, to DHS lawlessness and insubordination towards U.S. Senators. All of this additional background may help the reader better understand Alex Jones' less than rosy evaluation of Ms. Napolitano's character:

Alex Jones: [24:08] ...That's right, before you start watching your television, within about a minute the trained mind -- the TV trains your brain -- goes into a REM-like sleeping, waking, sleep-walking state. Scientific fact. In fact Darrin McBreen and Rob Dew put together an incredible subliminal message report last night, showing subliminal messages in TV shows, ads, magazines, television ads, you name it, and by the way, we are going to have Peter Schiff on tonight, on the nightly news, to break down the 9-9-9 Plan. Because it is not just 9% income tax, 9% VAT, 9% sales tax, which are two new taxes that the Feds will administer, and it is not that they can just jack up the income tax once they have lower it to 9 [percent], which you know they will do, income taxes [originally started in the early 20th century] at 1% for the top 1%, then they are going to continue with the social security FICA part, that is around 9%, so you have 9-9-9, and then they could just jack all those up. I mean, it is such a nightmare. And it is exactly what central banks, the very same big megabanks do through their central banks that masquerade as governments all over the world. That is a big deal. And listen, you cannot expect these criminals to do anything but this. Criminals have committed such monstrous level crimes, once they have gone for broke, once they have committed global assassinations and invaded now dozens of countries -- it is over a dozen wars -- not five, six, seven or eight that are going on right now. And I listed some of those with [Webster] Tarpley yesterday. He was saying six or seven wars, and I went on and said "Mexico, Columbia, and just started listing other places where wars are going on. Once the elite gets to this point with corruption, you go off the edge. And that is why I have a Detroit Free Press article saying they have got checkpoints all over the state now searching people for drugs without warrants, and they are taking people's cell phones and downloading them into the police systems, and some of them are passive digital snoopers in the police cars that just grab the stuff off your phone as you drive by. The paper says courts have ruled you can't do this. Well why are they doing it? Because they don't care. They don't care anymore, do you understand? An FBI agent couldn't stick their hands down your pants two years ago. The FBI won't do it today because they are actually following --still -- even though they are corrupt -- the Constitution. They had to make a new agency called the TSA that first grabs the outside, and now the inside, and they say it is OK. And now Federal judges have ruled, well if your state police are searching people's pants, as long as they are TSA-certified it is OK. Or, "Oh, there are law suits over a school prom, people are doing TSA-style searches. This is now standard training for security and police." [Editor's Note: In other programs Jones has described how TSA and police go to entrances at sporting events, school proms, and highway checkpoints in order to randomly pat down people as part of a national dog training programming to condition the American people for slavery]. They will have TSA come in and oversee it and certify you in Santa Fe and now they can grab your 17 year old daughter's breasts and genitals, or son. See, the TSA is a magic fairy, and Janet the Troll Napolitano, who said she doesn't like my web site and the Drudge Report calling her a troll -- I never called you a troll, but if the name fits, you know, a troll is a troll by any other name -- OK, you're a troll -- don't tell me what to -- I don't care what you do, you -- you -- you -- witch! You don't tell me what to do you, you monster!! It's my First Amendment, you PIG! You ANTI-AMERICAN PIG!!! Excuse me [Jones pauses and exhales] the point is she floats around like a magic weasel, a magic weasel fairy and waves a wand and now there is no Fourth Amendment. I have got a big stack of news articles on that here, but all over the country they want to search our cars for drugs or guns, just randomly, as if we are guilty until proven innocent, and then here it is in the news, C-SPAN" "Homeland Security told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that they authorize illegals when they feel like it to work in the U.S." She ignores Federal law. She is the fairy. She waves the wand -- stick their hands down your pants, put you in a microwave oven [an airport X-ray scanner]. "Napolitano: DHS authorizing illegal aliens to work in the U.S." Just what Obama did two or three months ago when he said "We will decide now to deport or whatever, I will ignore law." It is like saying, "I'll decide if I prosecute murder or not." Or, "I'll decide if I can kill U.S. citizens without a trial and arrest them or not." It is total tyranny. Here is another one "Union president testifies ICE Headquarters ordered agents not to arrest illegals including fugitives." I have known this for years, but here it is, they admit it to Congress. And then [Senator] Orrin Hatch, I have got the article right here, he complains now that they are putting in microwave oven scanners even when he says, "No, I don't want to" they order him to. They have got other Senators with Napolitano in [Senate hearing committees] there complaining about it, well as much as I don't like Napolitano, the jack-booted little Miss Hitler, the point is, this all started under Bush. The thirty million dollar contract that Michael Chertoff is getting for naked body scanners in Austin, you know, that's Bush! [29:53] [Editor's Note: Please see Chapter 29 of my Mission of Conscience series which explains how the "Panty bomber" episode in Dec 2009 used to "justify" the X-ray scanners was another government-contrived false flag operation, and also how the scanners provide dangerous radiation not only to passengers, but also TSA workers].


Some summary comments regarding America's suspected "de Richelieu-Robespierre" wannabe:

Janet Napolitano has a stated mission to fight the "War on Terror" (which is phony, see Chapter 12). Her real mission, in all likelihood, is to provide strong arm support for Jewish financiers and their collaborators who have looted America with their "derivatives" schemes and other intrigues to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars. (Please see Chapter 33 about their shenanigans). These criminals have deliberately refused to rebuild America's industrial base -- the real source of real new jobs and economic growth -- therefore leaving Americans with extremely serious structural economic problems that are leading America towards massive social dislocations, more unemployment, and other forms of impoverishment and degradation. Rather than openly and honestly address this problem, they deny it while they continue to engage in massive financial fraud. They ultimately plan to "make ends meet" or "sweep everything under the rug" with slave-labor camps and genocide. Napolitano's operation is a central part of this evil plan.
Another implied mission for Ms. Napolitano is to advance the continuing Jewish-Catholic takeover of America. This means the continued the squeeze-out of WASPs in high level jobs and also the continued degradation of the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation and other WASP political, cultural, and religious legacies.
In regard to undermining the Protestant Reformation, which stood for political and theological decentralization, Paul Joseph Watson commented in his article Chuck Baldwin: Restoring The Republic:

Baldwin says we have more to fear from Washington DC than we do from Tehran or from Afghanistan, pointing to a program that seeks to recruit pastors as martial law pacifiers for FEMA in the event of a national emergency. Baldwin relates how a pastor from Ohio who attended a FEMA training seminar confirmed to him that there is a program to enlist pastors and clergymen to be part of clergy response teams, the primary goal of which would be to use the clergymen to encourage their constituents to submit to following government orders upon declaration of martial law, including the confiscation of firearms.

Napolitano also aids and abets the biological displacement/genocide of WASPs with open borders policies with Mexico and out of control illegal immigration with other Third World countries. Other skullduggery includes gun-running schemes designed to undermine the Second Amendment right to bear arms and myriad other artifices that sneer at what little is left of the U.S. Constitution, whose followers she has actually targeted as "suspicious individuals."
Napolitano wants to implement legislation that would enable DHS to arbitrarily deny the ability of any person to get a job in America, and her TSA underlings are encouraged to grope the intimate parts of travelers at airports and humiliate them, a form of "dog training" that has been applied to Congressman Ron Paul, Gov. Jesse Ventura, and Texas State Legislators. This "dog training" is now also being applied to other types of transportation terminals and attendees at sporting events.
It is worth emphasizing that despite endless waves of Fukushima radiation passing over America, DHS has deliberately refused to alert Americans to take the most basic protective measures such as to stay out of the rain and watch what they eat. Given that Fukushima is likely to be 100 to 1,000 worse than Chernobyl, which caused the deaths of over a million Europeans in a 25 year period, it is possible that Janet Napolitano is aiding and abetting the unnecessary early deaths and incapacitation of over ten million Americans simply out political expediency (or NWO "global depopulation" ideology), and in violation of the ultimate spirit of her oath of office. (Her airport scanners have also caused unnecessary cancers in thousands of TSA employees).
This is not the traditional WASP concept of honorable behavior. In fact, this amazing level of shameless rent-seeking and dogmatic political expediency that blindly serves privileged criminal special interests is one of many reasons why the American Party tried to keep Catholics out of the U.S. beginning in the 1840's, and Thomas Jefferson felt that southern Europeans were vastly less fit for republican government than northern Europeans.
We should not be terribly surprised if an implied collateral mission for Ms. Napolitano, whether she is consciously aware of it or not, is to keep kicking WASPs while they are "down." This is not exactly the way WASPs treated her ancestors during a much earlier era when they got off the boat fresh from southern Italy, a stagnant society which can never quite get rid of its mafia infestation problems -- and always seems to export them abroad among with Roman Catholic communities. As some background, please see Mafia is now Italy's 'biggest bank' - and they're squeezing the life out of small business (quite literally) by Nick Pisa, dailymail.co.uk, 12th January 2012.
Far from making any kind of positive contribution to America, Napolitano is simply supporting the continued spread of Roman Catholic-style totalitarianism, Italian mafia-style corruption, and Jewish-style criminal gangsterism. She is now playing a lead role in the conversion of America into a pyramidal Asiatic-despotic "rat-dog" society with "rat-like" criminal mafia on top and "dog-peasants" on the bottom. (See my discussion of pyramidal societies in Chapter 5).
Bye bye the old Nordic-Celtic concept of the desirability of maintaining a large self-sufficient middle class of armed free men who retain "top of the food chain/king predator" instincts and a heroic "land of free, home of the brave" culture.
Is this what Nordic Americans deserve for having been so "happy go lucky" for so long, for having been so blinded by anarcho-libertarian and neo-Jacobin ideology that they believed Catholics and Jews could eventually ever become "just like them," any more than the Mayans described by Thor Heyerdahl in Part III who killed the blond tribesmen? Nordic-Americans have been every bit as naive as Norwegians when they granted political asylum to Leon Trotsky in believing that Catholics and Jews require anything less than either complete separation or continued "adult supervision."
After all, what are Jews and Catholics trying to tell us now that they are ruthlessly exploiting their power positions by trying to impose a cruel, hypocritical, and even genocidal police state over the rest of America?
Instead of creating some kind of Zionist-Marxist-Catholic New World Order fantasy utopia --or whatever it is their mad and evil schemes might entail - everything might ultimately backfire on them. What they might really accomplish is import social strife characteristic of "Northern Ireland" and resurrect the "Gangs of New York" -- except this go around the story is told from a sympathetic Protestant viewpoint rather than the viewpoint of the Roman Catholic director Martin Scorsese.

Some latest high level initiatives in the Jewish-Catholic war against WASP liberty

2011-12-09 Napolitano Jokes With CFR Elitists Over Drudge “Big Sis” Moniker: DHS chief is proud at being named after the fictional dictator of a totalitarian state by Paul Joseph Watson, infowars.com.
2011-? The Illuminati Choice for 2012: Newt Gingrich is Their Chosen as the Republican Party's Nominee for President by Texe Marrs
"...Gingrich a Loyal Zionist Puppet
For now, though, it’s all Newt Gingrich. He has been ultra-loyal both to the Jewish money men and to the secretive Vatican group Opus Dei, another group of money men. A fanatical Israel supporter, Gingrich is continually pimping for more wars and death in the Middle East. He supported the Bush torture and gulags and can be counted on to siphon trillions from the U.S. Treasury into the coffers of Wall Street’s Jewish bankers and ponzi scheme artists.
To prepare Gingrich for his role as Rothschild front man in 2012, Newt recently “converted” to Catholicism. In February, 2010, some 500 Catholic millionaires, initiates of the Opus Dei affiliate Legatus, met in Dana Point, California to honor Gingrich and former President and Jew-Catholic loyalist George W. Bush. Gingrich was lauded by the group for his conversion and even gave his “Christian testimony” regarding his leaving the Southern Baptist denomination to become a convert to “Holy Mother Church.” His new wife—his third—was on hand..."
The Jewish Jesuits
Also present was Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, a Jew who is Chairman of the Vatican’s Magis Institute and Spitzer Center. The Jesuit Order is, in fact, a crypto-Jewish organization and Spitzer is one of the many Jews who claims to have converted to Catholicism. He and the debauched Gingrich must have really been laughing up their sleeves.
Legatus has some 1,800 members, with a heavy presence in the United Sates, Canada, and Ireland. Gingrich thrilled the attendees in California by showing them the new film his company, Gingrich Productions, has produced about the “exemplary life of the late Pope John Paul II.” The theme of the Legatus conference was “Challenging the Culture.”
Gingrich’s Third Wave Plan for America.
And just what kind of “culture” does Mr. Gingrich want to see take hold in America? In my insightful, eye-opening book, Circle of Intrigue, I unmask the traitorous anti-American intentions of Gingrich and his associates in crime. “I have an enormous political ambition,” Gingrich told the Washington Post. “I want to shift the entire planet and I’m doing it.”
This planetary shift of Gingrich’s takes a number of dangerous forms. It is, in fact, all part of the revolutionary socialist movement which Gingrich calls the “Third Wave.” The Plan calls for nothing less than to radically change America into a fascist “paradise” with citizens stripped of constitutional rights. What is planned is a virtual high tech prison, an Orwellian Police State superintended by the self-appointed `Masters'”...
2011-11-04 Vatican Suggests One All-Powerful Bank Run by One All-Powerful Global Entity by Richard Walker, americanfreepress.net. " [Editor's Note: I listed this article once before in the Other Government and MSM Questionable Behavior Patterns section in Part 2 of this series, but repeat it here because it reinforces such important points. In view of everything that has been written in the financial press about how a primary factor behind bank corruption involves excessive centralization ("power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" applies to the banking industry as well as government), and also in view of everything that has been written about how a common practice of criminal executives is to try to "kick problems upstairs" to sweep bigger problems under bigger rugs, for the Vatican to now call for total global centralization almost sounds like something out of a Larry Wilde ethnic joke book. (Sample joke: Did you hear what happened on the first day of 1967 Arab-Israeli War? Answer: The whole Italian army surrendered!) As a group, Catholics seem to have this tropism towards corrupt authoritarianism that just never quits, just like Jews as a group seem to have a permanent addiction for Asiatic despotism and financial manipulation over real productivity. All these things make it dangerous in the long run for WASPs to subordinate themselves on a social, political, and economic level to Catholics, not to mention Jews who are even worse. ...And so now you know why Protestants shed rivers of blood during the Protestant Reformation to free themselves from these people!]
2010-03 Boys Town and the Pope (pdf), noagendapdfs.com



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Reenactment at the Centennial Pageant, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925,
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