Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

11-19 March 2011

Global Overviews

Modeling the Dispersion of Radioactive Releases Internationally produced by the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety and Meteo France. From 3-12 to 3-25, Caesium 137, 20m to 500m elevation. Source web page Here.

EURAD: dispersion model, Caesium 137 surface.

Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud over The Northern Hemisphere
This animation displays a potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud (Caesium 137 Isotope) after a nuclear accident in reactor Fukushima I. The continuous release rate is very uncertain, thus the calculations have to be interpreted qualitatively. Dispersion in the near surface level (Level 1), in appr. 2500 m height (Level 12) and in appr. 5000 m height (Level 16).


FIG. 6: COMPARISON OF CHERNOBYL AND FUKUSHIMA RADIATION PLUME: The global fission product contamination plume aerial distribution from Chernobyl (left) compared to the Fukushima radiation plume and contamination levels (right) in North America. Nuclear explosions and accidents that occur on the ground and are picked up by air currents in the troposphere, result in much higher rainout of the nuclear materials into the environment, a much more efficient form of nuclear war, and conveniently everyone thinks it’s an accident. Compared to bomb testing, which resulted in environmental deposition of only 15% of the radiation created by bomb tests in a period of 65 years, with Chernobyl, depleted uranium, and Fukushima, 95% of the radiation and aerosols will be rained out of the troposphere in 2 ½ months. Even more alarming is that the comparison of peak Japanese radiation releases from Fukushima, were at least 300 times higher than from Chernobyl, as estimated by Dr. Chris Busby, a British radiation expert. The fact that the US military is synchronizing the peak bombing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan with the summer monsoon rainy season since 2003, indicates that depleted uranium is being used as a military depopulation agent in the Middle East, Africa, SE Asia, Central Asia, Asia, and beyond.
Source (left): Vostok Project,
Source (right): Institut de Radioprotection et de sureté nucléaire (ICRN), “Simulations of the atmospheric dispersion of the radioactive plume formed by the ejecta from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since [March] 12”, March 19, 2011.
Transcript illustration by Leuren Moret in "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update;" Dr. James Fetzer interview with Leuren Moret (1st and 2nd hour) and Dr. Chris Busby (2nd hr), 28 Oct 2011.




Japan earthquakes 2011 Visualization map, uploaded by StoryMonoroch on Jan 2, 2012 [Ed. Note: This graphically shows the amazing spike above normal levels of earthquake activity on March 11th, and how above normal levels have persisted for months].





From “Are people going to drop dead?” US officials surprised workers still at Fukushima after assessment No. 2 went ex-vessel and 400 milliSv/h dose measured,, March 6, 2012. Below, a different conceptulization of releases:

From Fallout forensics hike radiation toll by Geoff Brumfiel,, Oct 25, 2011


From Strange: “Vertical earthquake” caused explosion at Reactor No. 1, says NRC report on Fukushima — Did not impact other units — Occurred March 12 at 1:36a ET,, March 7, 2012


A still of the March 14th explosion(s) at Reactor Building 3. Was this the result of a chain of criticalities that took place in the spent fuel pool. [for this date] (Japan) Read This And Cry : The Message of Fukushima Unit Three (YouTube) (19:47) Published on May 12, 2012 by Marygreeley1954. See The Message of Fukushima Unit Three, TerraHertz 20120501, for the script of this video.

FIG. 22: PROFESSOR YUKIO HAYAKAWA: RADIATION CONTAMINATION ROUTE MAP This map is the careful work of Professor Yukio Hayakawa from Gunma University in Japan, indicating the contours, routes, and timing of dispersion of radioactive contamination from the March 11, 2011, Fukushima nuclear disaster. Within 10 days of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, a large area of Japan was already contaminated with high levels of fission products not reported to the public. By March 15, contamination (dark yellow) had reached the mountainous Nagano region of western Japan, and to the south west (dark orange). By March 20 contamination (dark blue) had moved to the northeast of Fukushima. By March 21 contamination (bright pink) reached south through Chiba into Tokyo. Another plume (turquoise) moved northeast offshore before contaminating the Sendai region. Within 10 days of the Fukushima disaster on March 11, a large part of Japan was already contaminated with high levels of fission products, not reported to the public. Source: Prof. Yukio Hayakawa, Gunma University, Japan. Illustration used in the 3 Feb 2012 article"Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe" Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby on The Real Deal talks show. Also posted at Veterans Today under the same title, divided into Part I and Part II. Transcripts prepared by William B. Fox, who also helped to organize this interview.

From: Enviro / Breaking News Geiger Counter Readings Rise in Tokyo; posted by Jonathan Golob on Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 8:05 PM

Archived radiation data from Hino, western Tokyo, March 19. 2011

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) forecast

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) forecast

From Xenon-133 and caesium-137 releases into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant: determination of the source term, tmospheric dispersion, and deposition (PDF), by A. Stohl (1), P. Seibert (2), G. Wotawa (3), D. Arnold (2,4), J. F. Burkhart (1), S. Eckhardt (1), C. Tapia (5), A. Vargas (4), and T. J. Yasunari (6), published 1 March, 2012, page 2336, with the following institutions: (1) NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Kjeller, Norway; (2) Institute of Meteorology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria; (3) Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Vienna, Austria; (4) Institute of Energy Technologies (INTE), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain; (5) Department of Physics and Nucelar Engineering (FEN), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain; (6) Universities Space Research Association, Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology and Research, Columbia, MD 21044, USA



From Wind blew from Fukushima to Tokyo on day Reactor No. 3 exploded — Radiation cloud reached south of Shizuoka on March 14 (MAP),, March 1, 2012

"Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA) estimates the fall out amount of cesium 3/15 09:00 to 3/16 09:00" source: FluTrackers > Japan > Japan Earthquakes 2011 web page.





Neptunium 239 Dispersion, Japan

Neptunium 239 dispersion, Japan DataPoke FLEXPART model data and pFlexpart dispersion plots developed with Tepco(2011)[19] total release evalutation. This data includes dispersion models of Plutonium-239 and Neptunium-239.



Plutonium 239 Dispersion, Japan

Plutonium 239 dispersion, Japan DataPoke FLEXPART model data and pFlexpart dispersion plots developed with Tepco(2011)[19] total release evalutation. This data includes dispersion models of Plutonium-239 and Neptunium-239.



North America



Official UN Forecast: Japan Radioactive Fallout Heading To US West Coast,, 2011-03-16

A beta radiation spike for 16 March 2011 in San Jose, California listed at the Radiation Thread


From Tracking slight radioactivity posted at 11:23 AM on March 28, 2011 by Bob Collins,


From 2RadNet or SadNet? The EPA’s Failed Radiation Detection System "...The graph shows that this monitoring station was one of the units actually running on  3/11 . The readings were significantly higher prior to 3/11 and drop to a much lower level  afterwards. This is an indication that the units were running in an uncalibrated condition and were adjusted only after the events at Fukushima."



Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) forecast

Neptunium 239 Dispersion, North America

Neptunium 239 dispersion, North America, DataPoke FLEXPART model data and pFlexpart dispersion plots developed with Tepco(2011)[19] total release evalutation. This data includes dispersion models of Plutonium-239 and Neptunium-239.


Plutonium 239 Dispersion, North America

Plutonium 239 dispersion, North America, DataPoke FLEXPART model data and pFlexpart dispersion plots developed with Tepco(2011)[19] total release evalutation. This data includes dispersion models of Plutonium-239 and Neptunium-239.

2011-03-18 Fukushima Radiation and Jet Stream UPDATE - USA, Canada, Asia - March 18, 2011 uploaded by dutchsinse

2011-03-16 radiation and jetstream forecast - Canada and USA - March 16, 2011 uploaded by dutchsinse



Japan and Other Asian Countries


2011-03-11 [foreshadowing events] Japan’s Deadly Game of Nuclear Roulette by Leuren Moret, Special to The Japan Times, Sunday, May 23, 2004;
March 28, 2011 note by Leuren Moret:
"This was written in 2004, I personally organized against nuclear power plants 30 yrs ago and nothing has changed. It’s still a very dangerous, extremely expensive form of energy where the risks are too high for the benefits gained. There is no way of disposing with the waste and as we see in Japan there are no back-up contingency’s when something goes wrong, in addition it’s insane to build these plants on major fault lines. The mass media would have us believe this is safe, when they manipulate data and downplay the problems of this deadly nuclear legacy we’re leaving for generations to come."
Of all the places in all the world where no one in their right mind would build scores of nuclear power plants, Japan would be pretty near the top of the list.
The Japanese archipelago is located on the so-called Pacific Rim of Fire, a large active volcanic and tectonic zone ringing North and South America, Asia and island arcs in Southeast Asia. The major earthquakes and active volcanoes occurring there are caused by the westward movement of the Pacific tectonic plate and other plates leading to subduction under Asia.
Japan sits on top of four tectonic plates, at the edge of the subduction zone, and is in one of the most tectonically active regions of the world. It was extreme pressures and temperatures, resulting from the violent plate movements beneath the seafloor, that created the beautiful islands and volcanoes of Japan.
Nonetheless, like many countries around the world -- where General Electric and Westinghouse designs are used in 85 percent of all commercial reactors -- Japan has turned to nuclear power as a major energy source. In fact the three top nuclear-energy countries are the United States, where the existence of 118 reactors was acknowledged by the Department of Energy in 2000, France with 72 and Japan, where 52 active reactors were cited in a December 2003 Cabinet White Paper.
The 52 reactors in Japan -- which generate a little over 30 percent of its electricity -- are located in an area the size of California, many within 150 km of each other and almost all built along the coast where seawater is available to cool them.
However, many of those reactors have been negligently sited on active faults, particularly in the subduction zone along the Pacific coast, where major earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 or more on the Richter scale occur frequently. The periodicity of major earthquakes in Japan is less than 10 years. There is almost no geologic setting in the world more dangerous for nuclear power than Japan -- the third-ranked country in the world for nuclear reactors.
"I think the situation right now is very scary," says Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismologist and professor at Kobe University. "It's like a kamikaze terrorist wrapped in bombs just waiting to explode."
[more here]
2011-03-11 [HAARP events which set the stage for this catastrophic date]
Fukushima Tectonic Nuclear Warfare Monitored by World HAARP partners, Alfred Webre interview with Leuren Moret, dated 21 May 2011

Leuren Moret: ...on May 18th, an article was posted in The Technology Review which is published by M.I.T. in Boston, one of the two big military contractors for weapons for the Pentagon and U.S. Government, and it was titled "Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before the Magnitude 9 Earthquake" which was at Fukushima. What this scientist said is infrared emissions above the epicenter of the -- it is actually called the Tohoku earthquake which damaged Fukushima and northern Japan -- it increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan. He posted a series of very, very interesting maps of Japan, where you could see the plate boundaries, the tectonic plate boundaries, there are four of them around Japan, or under Japan, and on March 5th you could see that there were heating spots in the north of Japan and in Kyushu, the south of Japan, which is on the Asian plate, subducting under Japan. Japan is just kind of floating or teetering above on the edge of that. There was also a spot near Hamaoka, which is south, southeast of Tokyo, I guess southwest of Tokyo, and so on the Philippine side of that plate boundary just offshore they were heating there too. These are fairly round, fairly circular heating spots. That would be characteristic of HAARP. On March 6th and 7th there was no activity, but on March 8th there was heavy, I would call it burning, or major heating, and it actually triggered a 7.2 Richter scale earth quake up in the north end of Honshu, which is the main island of Japan where Fukushima is also located. So on the 9th, there was further heating where that earthquake occurred, and there was much heavier heating on sort of the Tokyo area, the Kanto area of Japan, kind of in the middle of the big Island of Honshu. On the 10th there was very, very intense heating up above northeast of Fukushima, in the area where that earthquake had occurred, the 7.2 earthquake, and there was also more down on the southern end of Tokyo next to the Philippine plate boundary. Now on the 11th, the day that the earthquake occurred, there was very heavy burning offshore from Fukushima, some slightly in the sort of Chiba area offshore. And of course that is the day the earthquake happened. Now what is interesting is there was more heating, more than any other time, on the 12th. This time it was at the junction of the Philippine plate, the Asian plate, and the North American plate, which covers the Pacific. That is very, very interesting because three of those burn spots were in a straight line, which was from northwest to southeast. So this is really, really, interesting. The magnetometer readings at Gakona, Alaska actually correlate with these activities that were measured with the infrared light over the islands of Japan, the archipelago, and those measurements would have been made probably by five geosynchronous Los Alamos satellites that were used to observe the Kashmir earthquake, I believe it was in 2005. These magnetometer readings are very, very interesting, and they certainly correlate with that data. What they show, which was also observed by the Japanese magnetometer readings, is a frequency of 2.5 hertz for a couple of days before that earthquake. That is the frequency actually that triggers earthquakes with this HAARP technology. So I think that we are collecting much more information and understanding how HAARP works, and also finding the forensic evidence on their own sites to prove that what we are saying is correct.
Alfred Webre: Right. Now there have been various accounts, and people have been asking and saying that there were events in the sun which correlate with the various dates of the earthquake, or events in other astronomical entities like the galactic black hole. I just want to go through and test for the fact that it appears as though the data shows that it was HAARP and not these solar events of these other galactic, astronomical events that caused the Fukushima earthquake event.
Moret: Well the tectonic warfare is actually designed to release huge amounts of energy that are part of natural events. So in an earthquake zone, and the major earthquake zones are at the tectonic plate boundaries around the world where the continents, these tectonic plates sort of meet, or they are marginal to each other, those fault lines, and they are actually collision zones, have tremendous amounts of stresses that build up and they build up and build up. That is called the elastic limit. And when they reach a certain point where they have enough energy stored up to suddenly release it, that is called reaching the elastic limit. That would be like pulling a rubber band and pulling a rubber band tighter and tighter until it breaks. So what would trigger these excessive amounts of energy in a fault zone? Well something just as simple as a high tide which adds a tremendous amount of burden or an overload, a load on a fault zone. Actually high tides very frequently trigger earthquakes. This HAARP tectonic warfare technology is designed to be used in fault zones areas where the faults are overdue for an earthquake and where huge stresses have been stored up and accumulated. And that is how they triggered the Sumatra earthquake which threw the whole island of Sumatra 14 feet to a new position. Just the Fukushima earthquake, this is for a 9.0 earthquake, I had Marion Fulk who is one of the last Manhattan Project scientists who solved all the problems on the hydrogen bomb and made it work for the U.S., I asked him to calculate what the nuclear bomb equivalent energy was released from the Fukushima or Tohoku earthquake on March 11th. He calculated it and said it is one million 30 kiloton nuclear bombs the size of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So this is releasing much, much more of a shock wave, a destructive shock wave than a nuclear weapon can release. It is great, because no one thinks, they think it is just a natural event, an unfortunate earthquake and tsunami. They just pick themselves up and go on to clean up the disaster and to rebuild their communities, their lives and their country. But in the case of Fukushima and some of these other earthquakes that we know are triggered by HAARP, it is not a natural event, it is an artificially triggered natural event, which is a natural event that has been weaponized for the benefit of whoever is triggering it. Now the way that they are pumping extra energy into that fault line to destabilize it, as we know from the magnetometer readings, and from the atmospheric irregularities reported for a week over that fault area, and also geologists around the world are noticing that also happened in Haiti before the Haiti earthquake. It has happened in other earthquakes, which is not normal. It was not observed in the past. And so the way that they are doing it, is to pump very intense, very focused energy in radio waves. These are ELF or Extra Low Frequency waves into a fault zone. And that increases the heat and the stress, and finally after about five days of these daily pulsing into the fault zone they can trigger an earthquake. Now when a sun spot event happens, that energy that is released is not just diffused over the planet earth, it is also diffused throughout the solar system and also the universe. It is not focused. It is not pulsed. It is just a random event which has always happened. So it would not really be suitable for triggering earthquakes. Now what also goes along with this, is that it is the Department of Energy and Intelligence assets [Editor's Note: eg. Mossad-CIA-MI6] who are putting the sunspot theory out as the reason for these earthquakes. They are the ones behind the weapons of mass destruction. They are deciding how to use it and how to benefit from it. So I just do not think that is a credible theory. You have to ask scientists, not politicians and intelligence agents and bankers who are really gangsters.
Webre: Right, now there was an international HAARP experiment from March 2nd to 9th at Tromso, Norway. Is that sort of like the drill exercise that they had on 9/11, on the day of September 11, 2001, where they were simulating the hijacking of airliners?
Moret: Well, I think so. They may have even participated in it. It could have been a practice for them, you know, monitoring what the U.S. was doing. Certainly the signal was transmitted from Gakona. But it could have come from other transmitters as well. This was called the International Experiment on the Research of Ionosphere Heating Phenomena initiated initiated by powerful HF radio waves provided by EISCAT at Tromso, Norway. EISCAT is that international organization or coalition of Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Japan, China, Finland, and Russia was there too...

2011-03-11 (foreshadowing for this date) From Japan, U.S., Canadian Governments Complicit in Covering-up Fukushima Radiation, Alfred Webre interviews Leuren Moret, dated 15 August 2011.

Leuren Moret: ...On March 9th, there was a foreshadowing event of this Fukushima disaster, and that was that the Center for Disease Control in the United States suddenly posted a lot of documents on radiation and continued to for the next 30 days. Hundreds of documents.
Webre: And this is just to remind people, this is suddenly out of nowhere two days prior to the March 11, 2011 Fukushima event.
Moret: Yes
Webre: And that foreshadowing is part of the technology of a false flag operation so that it shows that it was a command and control element within the false flag operation that triggered the CDC to do this, and that coordinated the Stuxnet virus and the HAARP, possibly the Tromso, Norway HAARP facility on March 11, 2011. This is just so that people get an idea of the integrated, genocidal, planetary genocidal aspects of this program.
Moret: It has never happened before. I think we have been very lucky because of the Internet to be able to get so much information and to connect it. And I do not think that there are many people putting this information out. So the audience should not be alarmed by it. It is meant to empower you, not to frighten you. We are doing it because it is happening to everyone and everyone needs to know. So the radiation syndicated pages that the Centers for Disease Control posted have titles like Radiation Emergencies; Radiation Emergencies: Protecting Yourself and Your Family. Hold on just a minute. [Pause]. Radiation, Ask Questions, FAQs about a radiation emergency. Radiation emergencies information for clinicians. Radiation Institute. And so it goes on with many, many, many of these documents that were suddenly posted two days before the disaster. Now on March 17th, which is the day before the radiation from the first Fukushima explosion reached the West Coast of the United States, public health officials in counties around California, and it must have been for every state, issued letters to doctors, ordering them not to give iodine tablets or iodine supplements to their patients who were concerned about radiation poisoning. How could a doctor in his right mind prevent his patients from protecting themselves and their families from damage to their thyroid glands. That is a central messenger system in the body that controls and sends messenger molecules to all parts of the body to control functioning. And damage to the thyroid is a main causes of this huge epidemic of obesity that we have in the United States. And I just keep saying over and over again they want to blame it on us, our lifestyles, our genetics, blah, blah blah, but if it is an epidemic, it is not genetic. It is impossible. So these public health officials in every county issued these letters. I have copies of two from different counties in California. On March 17th and 18th there were very, very heavy chemtrails being sprayed all over the San Francisco Bay area, and it has been reported that they were widely sprayed over the West Coast as well. Even parts of Arizona. On March 18th they were still spraying chemtrails. This was a Friday morning in San Francisco. And this huge vortex appeared in the sky over San Francisco. At 11:00 AM there was suddenly lightening and thunder and the electricity flickered. And at 11:05 AM suddenly tornado alerts came out on the television, and a two week downpour started. We should not have been having two weeks of rain at this time of year. We have no rain from April or May until November, because we have a Mediterranean climate in California. That downpour started. We get fourteen inches of rain on average every year in California. We were getting an inch an hour for hour after hour on many days. It caused flooding of 19 counties in California. The governor announced a state emergency because of all the flooding, but he never mentioned all the radiation. This is more weather engineering to carry out a more efficient nuclear war. And there is no more efficient nuclear war than that delivered by bombs or radiation that are exploded in rain clouds, and then that is rained out. We got a huge dose on the West Coast, and that is why the car floor mats and the building where that volunteer radiation monitoring station is, has been reporting such high levels, and they are increasing every day.

2011-03-11 (foreshadowing this event, and carrying through the month of March) New World Order Watch Interviews with Leuren Moret: Interview I Global Depopulation Agenda and Interview II Fukushima, No Accident (PDF), July 2012. The following is an extract from this fascinating interview conducted in May 2011:

Leuren Moret: Now one characteristic of a HAARP event is foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is either a creation of the act itself, which happens later on, some time later, or aspects of it are introduced or used as drills, or whatever. There were three very outstanding foreshadowing events which I believe are part of the Fukushima disaster being set up. And one was the impact of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant on India, on the death of 25 million Indian babies during the period that very large amounts of radiation were being dumped into the Irish Sea. And as a scientist on that project stated to the environmental committee in the Parliament, he said that Sellafield is the biggest nuclear polluter in the world. And so I began to wonder why the British would be dumping such huge amounts of radiation into the Irish Sea which has now migrated throughout Scandinavia and contaminated their fisheries, and has gone into the Arctic. But what was more shocking than anything was the discovery through an Indian scientist that that Sellafield radiation had migrated south into the Great Conveyor Belt which is the huge circulation system that loops around the Atlantic up into the Pacific and then back up into the Atlantic and it is what controls climate, and is a tremendous heat sink on the planet. It is a terribly important circulation system that affects everyone, every living thing, and every aspect of physical processes on this earth. And in my article Global Implications of Sellafield, Irish Sea Coast Effect and Beyond, I described the science and the explanation and the physical aspects of how this occurred, and then I was able to document through this Indian scientist the actual number of deaths of Indian infants who were killed by the radiation from Sellafield carried halfway around the world, and then I began to think about that when as the Fukushima disaster rolled out and I realized they are doing exactly the same thing in the Pacific from Fukushima. And that radiation is being leaked into the sea. It is being picked up by coastal currents and getting into the Great Conveyor Belt. It is being carried around the North Pacific, down the coast of North America, and then it sort of circulates out around the Pacific in a great gyre, but it also becomes incorporated in the great conveyor belt and will end up in the Atlantic. Now the danger of that is this radiation washes up on the shoreline and causes increases in chronic illnesses that we know from the after effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the after effects of the nuclear bomb tests which occurred between 1952 to 1963, when the Partial Test Ban Treaty ended atmospheric testing by Russia, the U.S., and the UK, and then we know the effects from nuclear power plants, and now Fukushima which is a new form of actually nuclear war against civilian populations, as well as the biosphere. So they have weaponized the biosphere. Now, the second foreshadowing event was the earthquake that occurred and damaged the Niigata nuclear power plant which is on the west coast of Japan facing the China Sea, and exactly opposite from where Fukushima is located. That happened a few years ago, and I believe that was a foreshadowing event for Fukushima. The third very strong indicator is the presence of a U.S. Naval ship offshore when the Fukushima earthquake happened, and that was the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan which seemed to be standing by as the earthquake happened. And of course this is a similar naval standby that was observed off of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, off of Haiti during the Haiti earthquake, and off of Sumatra during the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami. So there seems to be a U.S. Naval presence standing by each of these HAARP events when they occur. So that is consistent, those three things are consistent with a HAARP event. The government complicity seems to also be consistent. We have seen it with the Haiti, Sumatra and the Katrina disasters. And also with the BP disaster, which occurred not very long ago in the Caribbean. Now in Japan the government complicity was just absolutely horrendous. TEPCO was appearing to be incompetent in its response, its very slow and ineffective response to damages to six nuclear power plants at Fukushima. Chernobyl was just one, and it was a much smaller one, yet they had it under control very rapidly within just a couple of weeks. But we have been nearly two months now and Fukushima is not under control. Far from it. Now it seems that TEPCO was not actually running the response. The government and the regulatory agencies and the international agencies such as the IAEA, the UN, and the WHO said very little, but someone was running that response, and we now know that it was the Department of Energy. I thought it was General Electric, but I knew it was an American -- a U.S. Government involvement because we have 14 military bases in Japan and the Rockefellers bought up a lot of the disaster landscape after World War II in Japan, including radioactive Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And they have made huge fortunes in rebuilding Japan and if you want to know who owns SONY, we thought it was a Japanese company, but actually it stands for Standard Oil of New York. So it is the Rockefellers who own SONY as well. Now there were very low- level people left in the plant and this is right after the explosions occurred which made it impossible for cooling systems to work. But actually all the reactors were in melt-down 90 minutes after the earthquake because 90 minutes after the cooling system stops, a reactor goes into melt-down, and there was no way to get the cooling system started. The main cooling system that operates normally has the pump down on the beach. Why in the world you put a pump for a nuclear power plant where a magnitude 8 or greater earthquake happens every five years, and the history of Japan and tsunamis, I mean that is a Japanese word for these huge tidal waves that are caused by large magnitude earthquakes, so that would seem a very, very poor design. Also, the backup first system, which was a diesel backup cooling system, was in the basement under the reactor. Why in the world would you put a power plant right on the ocean and then put the back up cooling system under the reactor in a room, a basement room, that would immediately be flooded? So it seems like it wasn't just poor design. It seems like there was planning, very careful planning, that would sabotage the safety of these nuclear power plants in the event of earthquakes and tsunamis. Of course the diesel system flooded. The workers tried to get the pump on the beach to start up, they couldn't do that. There was no electricity coming into the plant, so they resorted to their last backup system, which is battery driven, and even that couldn't work because a Stuxnet virus created by the CIA with the help of Siemens and the Mossad was also involved. It sabotaged the operating system in the power plant, and no matter what they did to correct whatever they could correct, including probably the software and the operating system, it was immediately changed back to the sabotage code, and this was done remotely through satellites, probably NSA. So those nuclear power plants, all six of them, have absolutely been in melt-down since 90 minutes after the earthquake. Also, no expert engineers have been allowed in the plant. They would know how to deal with this issue. This really requires the aid of an international consortium of experts and governments and military to resolve this issue. But it is too late now. The molten fuel has burned through the bottom of the reactors. Melted through the bottom of the reactors. It is in the ground now. It has even melted through the bottom of the operating plant. So the secrecy in the past week has intensified during this first week of May, 2011. So it is not getting better, it is getting worse. And the United States Government has been complicit in this. They confiscated iodine supplies that U.S. citizens should have been taking. Actually they should have evacuated the West Coast of North America. We are all terribly contaminated now. And they used weather modification to cause two weeks of rain beginning March 18th to the 30th when the highly radioactive dust and nanoparticles were arriving in huge plumes that went all over North America, the Arctic, Mexico, and then part of what was carried out to Hawaii in that Pacific gyre that I mentioned, circulation system. And when you look at iodine levels in the northern hemisphere, Japan has the highest, this is radioactive iodine, Hawaii has the second highest, which is nearly tied with the West Coast of North America, but with slightly less, and that radiation went across the Atlantic straight into the Mediterranean. And North Africa, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and the Middle East are all now contaminated. And it went over the Northwest Territories and the Arctic into the North Atlantic and contaminated all of Scandinavia and into Russia. So we truly have a global radiation disaster that is not getting better, it is getting worse every day, and this is two months later. And, I mean just to really make it really clear that the U.S. is complicit in it, the public health departments in two counties that I have letters from, and I am sure it was in all counties and probably all states, went out on March 17th, the day before the radiation arrived from the unit one explosion, and all doctors, medical doctors were instructed not to provide iodine tablets or any iodine protection to patients who were concerned about exposure. There were also people in full body suits in Santa Clara County which is where Stanford University and Silicon Valley are, and they were taking water samples in full high level contamination gear, and they chased citizens and people away where they were taking the samples. People were asking why they were doing it. And the EPA did exactly the same thing as the World Trade Center site. They were taking air samples with oxygen tanks on their backs on the highest level of protective gear. Now we had from March 18th to the 30th very, very heavy rains along the Pacific Coastline, at least in California and I had reports from Arizona, and these correspond to --these started on March 18th, the day the radiation arrives, and the military has said since 1947, even in public newspapers, that the most efficient form of nuclear war is to explode bombs in rain clouds. Well, what they have done is substitute a nuclear power plant on fire and releasing the same thing that comes out of nuclear bombs into the global atmosphere, the northern hemisphere. But what is here today is somewhere else tomorrow, and it only takes about a week for radiation to arrive from Japan in California. So what is going to happen is that, well, President Obama took his family to the southern hemisphere. He was not even in the northern hemisphere for two weeks after the earthquake, and Governor Jerry Brown, whose sister works for Goldman Sachs, in other words the Rothschilds and the City of London bankers, he declared an emergency because of the heavy rains and flooding. We were having an inch an hour for two weeks in some places, and California has an average of 14 inches a year, and this is also the end of the rainy season, so why in the world would we have more rain in two weeks than we have had probably in ten years? However, Jerry Brown never mentioned radiation at all. And the EPA is not reporting radiation levels from their 124 radiation monitorsall over the United States. And what is really alarming, Alfred, and I want the audience to be sure to not go out in the rain, and if they have to, to cover themselves completely, including gloves, because this radiation will go right through their skin into their tissues and blood. And globally, the highest increase in autism and diabetes, new cases, diagnosed, always occur when the rain begins in countries and cities and regions around the world. So clearly, something is washing out of the sky, out of the atmosphere in the rain drops and in snow that is causing autism and diabetes. And I when I went to Japan, and I got the vital statistics of Japan, the government data on health and disease, I was able to go back to 1898 before there was any manmade radiation in the environment. That is the real baseline. And that data, when I put it on a graph proved that the large rise in chronic illnesses since 1945 and the introduction of the nuclear age have occurred with the introduction of nuclear technology.

2011-03-11 (for this date) In her 18 July 2011 interview titled Fukushima and the Global Danger, hosted by Dr. James Fetzer, Leuren Moret explained sabotage programs aimed at both Iran and Japan. The following are two transcript excerpts:

Leuren Moret: ...The U.S. and the Department of Energy and Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Koonan are controlling the emergency response and they are controlling what TEPCO does. And the documents that are being released jointly in Japan by the Japanese government and the U.S. government -- actually a friend of mine hacked one of the maps of contamination in northern Japan and underneath the top layer was the map, was the same map, but it said "The Department of Energy." So it is the Department of Energy that is coming up with the maps, the numbers, measuring --
Dr. James Fetzer: That is the U.S. Department of Energy?
L. Moret: The U.S. Department of Energy is running the whole thing.
Dr. Fetzer: And it appears to me a cover-up, right? A massive suffocation of real information about what is going on.
L. Moret: Oh it is the biggest cover-up about the most serious nuclear issue that has ever happened in the history of the world. And it will certainly contribute to a major extinction. A genocide of, oh, many, many people in the northern hemisphere...

L. Moret: ...The Stuxnet, virus, as I have mentioned, before the break, was developed by a U.S team aided by a Siemens team from Germany. The reason Siemens had to be involved was because of all of the firewalls and the privacy and everything of their computer language, and it would have taken much longer for the U.S. team to unravel it or to get around the protective software. Or they might not have even been able to do it. So it had to be co-developed, and what we know is that the U.S. gave the Stuxnet virus to Israel and Israel delivered it to the Natanz facility where the centrifuges, about 800 of them, were just destroyed by the virus. And that virus appeared in Japan in October. It was discovered that something like 62 computers were infected with it. However, what is very strange is that in September of 2010, even though the governor of Fukushima Province had prohibited MOX fuel in any reactors in that prefecture, the MOX fuel, which is a mixture of plutonium oxide and uranium oxide fuel was covertly put into reactor number three at the Fukushima plant. And in November or December an Israeli security team from Dimona, which is the nuclear weapons facility in Israel, put a new security system in that particular Fukushima I Daiichi 1 plant, and they left shortly before the earthquake and tsunami caused all the problems, and they must have been the ones who introduced the Stuxnet virus while they were installing a new security system.
Dr. Fetzer: So who was responsible for this again, Leuren?
L. Moret: Well, the Israelis delivered it, but --.
Dr. Fetzer: So there was an Israeli aspect to this.
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: And the MOX fuel was a bad thing to introduce here too.
L. Moret: Well it was already prohibited by the governor of the Prefecture in 2002. So obviously they were sneaking it in, and the Stuxnet virus was already in Japan in October, and the Israelis were there in November or December or about that time. And so the whole thing was a big set up. I mean all the forensic evidence is there. It is irrefutable. The earthquake was a magnitude 9.0. They never had a magnitude 9.0 earthquake reported in 1,200 years in Japan...

2011-03-11 [for this date] Fukushima Sabotaged by Stuxnet Virus? The TrutherGirls, April 13, 2011 [Editor's Note: This web page has the following links to articles about the Stuxnet virus]
Leuren Moret says tectonic weapon and Stuxnet virus used to attack plant
Ralph Langner says us/Israel made stuxnet
Israel says Israel made stuxnet
who is Ralph langner|
stuxnet spreads into china
stuxnet targets siemans controller:
yellow rain in Tokyo
japan says it’s pollen!
those with nothing are coping best
2011-03-11 Ware [Were] American[s] working at Fukushima plants in 311 ? Posted by Mochizuki,, on May 29th, 2012 [Editor's Note: Video of tsunami hitting the plant Here]
(I don’t mean American should not be in Fukushima plants never.)
The video below was taken by a nuclear worker with “a cell phone” on 3/11/2011 supposedly.
It captures Tsunami hitting the plants from a near hill. It was used by TV Asahi too.
However, it sounds like they were speaking English. It sounds like American accent to me.
2011-03-11 (for this date) Japan Nuke Agency: 14 reactors at 4 sites were affected on 3/11 — Fukushima Daiichi had most serious damage — Daini, Onagawa, and Tokai also,, March 7, 2012
2011-03-11 (for this date) On 3/11; 15 Nuclear Reactors In Japan Were Damaged, Not 3 or 4, March 7, 2012
"According to Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), the (3/11) earthquake and subsequent tsunami affected fourteen nuclear reactors at four sites along the eastern coast – the Fukushima Daiichi site (six reactors), Fukushima Daini site (four reactors), the Ongawa [sic] site (three reactors) and the Tokai site (one reactor)."
Fukushima Report Introduced by Top Official Hosono: “Other reactors are all in considerably severe condition” — 14 total; Dai-ni, Onagawa, Tokai — “Extreme situations, though not much has been broadcast” (VIDEO) [See Lessons Learned From Fukushima Dai-ichi (1. Press Conference. 2011. 10. 28) (26:32)
It took the nuclear industry OVER ONE YEAR to come out with this news. Normally, any small disaster affecting a couple of hundred people would be in the news nonstop all the way through from beginning to end, and autopsy afterwards. But in this case, potentially millions of people will die and/or get cancer, but this news is not even mentioned. Does this have anything to do with GE owning most mass media, along with a few other large corporations that do not want to rock the 1% monopolistic energy industry boat?
The news agency The Deutsche Welle, reported that 15 of Japan's nuclear reactors were shut down after the 3/11 tsunami and earthquake due to damage.
What does this tell us about the safety of the nuclear industry? What does this tell us about the transparency, truthfulness and honesty of the mass media, nuclear regulators and utility company involved in this cover up?
What is REALLY going on over in Japan at all of these nuclear power plants?
Why does there seem to be a complete suppression of all news coverage about this?
2011-03-11 to 3-16 [pertaining to these dates] TEPCO admits new reactor meltdowns by Mark Willacy,, dated 26 May 2011.
"The operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan says there might have been partial meltdowns in its No. 2 and 3 reactors from damage after the earthquake and tsunami in March.
The latest announcement means all three reactors with active fuel inside the Fukushima plant, north-east of Tokyo, are believed to have suffered meltdowns after the March disaster.
The operator of the facility, TEPCO, announced earlier this month that the No. 1 reactor most likely had a fuel meltdown shortly after the disaster.
The company says the pressure vessels in the reactors may also be damaged.
TEPCO officials say damage to the No. 2 reactor fuel rods began three days after the quake, with much of the fuel rods eventually melting and collecting at the bottom of the pressure vessel containing them.
They say the fuel rods in the No. 3 reactor were damaged by the afternoon of March 13.
TEPCO officials say that the tsunami that followed soon after the earthquake disabled power to the reactors, knocking out their cooling capabilities.
2011-03-11 [for this date] New NILU, ZAMG study: Release of radioactive xenon from Fukushima more than double Chernobyl — Largest in history — Started “immediately” after quake by ENENEWS Staff, Oct 24, 2011
Excerpts from the Oct. 21 joint press release by ZAMG and BOKU [Emphasis Added]:
“A new study by an international team of researchers estimates the emissions of the radioactive noble gas Xenon-133 and the aerosol-bound nuclide Caesium-137 from the Japanese NPP Fukushima Daiichi.”
“The main result of the investigation is that the emissions from the power plant started earlier, lasted longer and are therefore higher than assumed in most studies conducted before.”
“Regarding the radioactive noble gas Xenon-133, the results indicate an emission of 16700 Peta-Becquerel (1 Becquerel is one radioactive decay per second, 1 Peta-Becquerel equals 1015 Bq). This is the largest civilian noble gas release in history, exceeding the Chernobyl noble gas release by a factor of 2.5. There is strong evidence that emissions started already on 11 March 2011 at 6:00 UTC, which is immediately after the big earthquake. Xenon-133 is neither ingested nor retained in the inhalation process and therefore of less health concern, but it is important for understanding the accident events.”
“Regarding Cesium-137, which is of high relevance for human health due to its physical properties and the long half-life time of 30 years, the new estimate shows that emissions started earlier and ended later than assumed in most studies so far. The total release amounts to 36 PBq, which equals 40% of the Chernobyl emissions. About 20% of the caesium was deposited on Japanese territory, while about 80% was deposited in the water.”
“The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in Kjeller, Norway, the Institute for Meteorology of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU-Met) in Vienna, the Austrian Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Vienna, the Institute of Energy Technologies from the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona (INTE), Spain, and by the Universities Space Research Association, Columbia, MD, USA.”
SOURCE: 20111021_fukushima_review.pdf
Is anyone else curious why the Xenon-133 release from Fukushima is 250% higher than Chernobyl, yet the Cesium-137 release from Chernobyl is 250% higher than Fukushima?
2011-03-11 (for this day) Fairewinds: Nuclear expert believes top lifted off Reactor No. 1 containment BEFORE explosion (VIDEO),, Feb 9, 2012
2011-03-11 (for this day) The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: What Happened on "Day One"? by Yoichi Shimatsu,, published April 16, 2011
2011-03-12 H.A.A.R.P. clouds! JAPAN QUAKE! (video)
2011-03-12 (for this day) Strange: “Vertical earthquake” caused explosion at Reactor No. 1, says NRC report on Fukushima — Did not impact other units — Occurred March 12 at 1:36a ET,, March 7, 2012
Title: USNRC Emergency Operations Center Status Update, Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Date: March 12, 2011
As seen on: Enformable

Earthquake / Tsunami Status Update Compiled by Executive Briefing Team
Status of Japanese Facilities
(This information is compiled from available sources, including press releases by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)).
At 0136 EST on March 12, 2011, a “vertical earthquake” resulted in an explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1.
Other units at Fukushima Daiichi and units at other sites were not impacted by this earthquake.
Explosion occurred at Unit 1 following 0136 EST (March 12, 2011) earthquake.
This explosion was due to hydrogen.

2011-03-12 (for this day and following days) BLOCKBUSTER! FOIA Documents Reveal NRC Cover-Up, Deception Over Fukushima Nuclear Disaster by Tony Muga, The Intel Hub, February 27, 2012
According to several stunning editorials by authors Lucas W. Hixon and Joy Thompson on the website, evidence obtained through an FOIA request reveals a ‘cover-up’ by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in an effort to conceal the severity of the meltdowns in Fukushima, Japan...
...In a January 18th and February 19th article analysis of NRC emails and transcripts of phone conversations, dated just days after the accident, reveals the nature of the cover-up:
1. Containment: “By Sunday March 13th, Elliot Brenner, sent out an e-mail to upper NRC counterparts clearly narrating the sequence of events. ‘While we know more than what these (press releases) say, we’re sticking to this story for now.’ writes Breener, during the weekend he labled [labeled] ‘very hectic’.”
In regards to not fully utilizing twitter: “The NRC was using their blog and the updates provided by the American Nuclear Society as the main modes of communication with the public.
2. Selective distribution of information: “David McIntyre also works in the NRC on public affairs, and spent much of his time creating carefully crafted e-mails that constantly downplayed the disaster, and any relationship that might be made to the safety status of US nuclear stations.
On March 14th, McIntyre received an email [from] Molly McCrea, a reporter for CBS inquired about the status of a law that Senator Markey had authored that would distribute KI (potassium iodide) to those living within a certain distance from a nuclear power plant, and whether or not it was being followed. She asked whether or not the pills had been distributed, and why the NRC had been reported to be discouraging the distribution.
McIntyre replied vaguely alluding to the fact that the NRC was not solely responsible, but that it was a ‘US Government decision, not just the NRC but HHS [Health and Human services] and others.’ It is true that the NRC has worked hard against the burden of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a fresh supply of KI for those populations closest to nuclear reactors.
In 2009, the NRC actually canceled it’s policy on KI distribution, stating that it was unnecessary, as it did not protect against all radionuclides that could be potentially released, would cause undue stress on the community, and would delay critical response time by adding more duties to local, state and federal staff.”
3. Deception: “It appears that McIntyre used his own personal discretion on which information to release to specific reporters or news services. On March 14th, he received an e-mail from Molly McCrea again, this time asking if the United States was possibly sending KI to Japan, or had sent KI to Japan to help out, if he could confirm, and if not who should she contact.
McIntyre replied ‘We have not been asked to provide KI’. He further explained, ‘We understand the Japanese authorities have included KI as part of their protective action guidelines, which would indicate they have some stockpiles.’
The reply email was sent on Tuesday March 15th, 2011 at 4:07:00 PM. At 4:10:00 PM, only 3 minutes later, McIntyre rushed a quick note to Matthew Wald, a long-time reporter for the New York Times who has written on nuclear energy for years, with the subject line-’KI Info’ stating, ‘Matt-I’m told we distributed approximately 11 million pills. Dave.’”
4. Hiding knowledge of a radioactive plume bound for the West Coast, USA: Referring to a series of e-mails from David Lew as ‘documents 3,4 and 5' : Thompson writes:
“Yet another caution to limit information given to the public and a heads-up to ‘Expect the public/media focus to turn toward domestic in the next day or so.’ IOW, by the afternoon of March 12 the NRC was in full ass-covering mode for the U.S. nuclear industry”...
2011-03-12 Explosion at Fukushima could only have been caused by a meltdown of reactor core: Government Agency, by ENENEWS
Meltdown Caused Nuke Plant Explosion: Safety Body, Nikkei, March 13, 2011:

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Saturday afternoon the explosion at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core.
The same day, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501), which runs the plant, began to flood the damaged reactor with seawater to cool it down, resorting to measures that could rust the reactor and force the utility to scrap it. …
At a news conference Saturday night, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano discounted the possibility of a significant leak of radioactive material from the accident. “The walls of the building containing the reactor were destroyed, meaning that the metal container encasing the reactor did not explode,” Edano said. …
NISA is affiliated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

2011-03-12 WATCH: Shock wave visible during explosion at Japan nuclear plant (VIDEO), by ENENEWS
2011-03-12 (for this date) Japan’s worst-case scenario assumed “significant public exposure” to occur by end of March 12 because of pressure buildup that would damage No. 1 reactor container — Explosion at No. 1 happened March 12,, May 3, 2012
2011-03-12 (for this date) Wind direction forecast was concealed after the explosion of reactor 1 posted by Mochizuki on November 17th, 2011,
2011-03-12 (for this day and the next few days) Analysis: Melted fuel completely penetrated concrete in under 15 hours at GE Mark I — Shows little decline in speed (CHART),, 17 March 2012
2011-03-13 Military Crew Said to Be Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in U.S. Slight by William J. Broad
"The Pentagon was expected to announce that the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which is sailing in the Pacific, passed through a radioactive cloud from stricken nuclear reactors in Japan, causing crew members on deck to receive a month’s worth of radiation in about an hour, government officials said Sunday."
[Editor's Note: I'll bet the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan got a whole lot more than just a month's worth of radioactive contamination. The ship immediately got out of the area at full speed, and according to subsequent news reports it was used as a ferry for cars on its trip back to the U.S. around Jan 2012. It has been scheduled for a full year of refurbishment and repairs at its home port in Washington state before rejoining fleet service. Sounds like a full blown all-surfaces-scrub-down decontamination operation to me. Also, certain high level doses of radiation can destroy the electronics in combat aircraft, which makes me wonder about the portion of its aircraft that have been sent to hazardous materials dumps, making room to convert a pride-of-the-line $4.5 billion dollar warship into a tramp ferry service for trans-Pacific car hauling in Jan.]
2011-03-13 [For this day] The moment when Edano lied to the people, posted by Mochizuki on June 3rd, 2012
Following up this article..Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011
One of the times when he lied to the people about meltdown / melt-out remained in Youtube. [Editor's Note: See "The moment when Edano lied to the people.mp4" (YouTube)]
He clearly stated meltdown does not happen on 4/19/2011.
2011-03-13 [for this date] Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 – Believers posted by Mochizuki on June 12th, 2012 [Editor's Note: this is part of a series which describes Iori Mochizuki's personal experiences and perceptions in the initial phase of the crisis. Three prior segments are: Settlement report 6/10/2012 -Hydrogen Explosion, posted by Mochizuki on June 11th, 2012; Settlement report 6/8~6/9/2012 -information, posted June 9th, 2012; and Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 – beginning, (first installment) posted June 6th, more background at 2012 Settlement report 6/4/2012, posted June 4th, 2012, Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012 posted by Mochizuki on June 3rd, 2012
"...1 hour later, news paper companies finally reported the explosion of reactor 1.
At first they didn’t even report it exploded, instead “Explosive sound was heard, white smoke is coming up.”
If someone really wants to deny the truth, he would think, it was just a sound, not an actual explosion.
Another one hour passed. Chief Cabinet Secretary held a press conference. He announced, explosive sound was heard. Some kind of an explosive phenomena might have happened.
Because they repeat “explosive sound was heard”, I even thought reactor 1 had explosion multiple times. and it wasn’t the explosive sound. It was an explosion.
At 19:16 evacuation area was enlarged to 20km. It made me feel like it was safe outside of 20km area, but the plume was already coming down to Tokyo area.
I couldn’t believe the explosion because until that moment, all the media announced no radiation was not leaking from reactor 1. It sounded as if everything was almost under control.
At 20:20, Self Defense Force or Tepco staff started injecting sea water to the pressure vessel but they had to stop it at 22:15. Aftershock was still strong in North Japan. Any of those reactors may explode because of the shock.
They injected sea water into reactor1. That was obvious that Pacific Ocean would be severely contaminated. but I wasn’t confident in my own sense of judgement about nuclear accident, I asked my friend by email.
He is a researcher of genetic engineering in Tokyo University. We were classmates from junior high school to high school. He said,
“Once they put sea water into the reactors, that would be ok. and politicians are still in Tokyo. That means it’s safe here.”
I honestly was surprised at his immature sense of judgement. I even thought it was me to be crazy.
but after all, he was proven to be wrong. He went to Tokyo University not for his sense of judgement, just because he studied longer than average.
By 3/13/2011, the current situation was already set up. People to think Fukushima was nothing vs people to think Fukushima is crucial.
At this time, I was almost the only one to worry about Fukushima. It was only reactor1 to explode, but I was already starting to think about evacuating abroad. When Chernobyl happened, I was still 2 years old. I just saw some documentaries about Chernobyl when I turned to be 7 or 8 years old but I clearly remembered it was utterly scary. People were sent to the hospital, but the hospital was contaminated too. Tens of thousand people were killed because of the government’s lie. The image of people vomiting hard in the hospital has been sticking in my head since I watched those documentary.
I didn’t know how closely Japan get to Chernobyl, but there was no evidence to prove Japan won’t be like Chernobyl at the same time.
I was even labelled as “selfish paranoid” on variety of discussions on the internet. Still the main issue was / must be Tsunami disaster. People living outside of North Japan were sticking to the repetitive movie of Tsunami. Tsunami is visible. It was more powerful than nuclear.
However, from my experience of Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995), it was only the matter of time for them to stand up again. I am truly sorry for the victims. but it was only the matter of power, food, and concrete. Only enough amount of input reconstructs most of the things because it was already over.
Having gone through the disaster, which is beyond our imagination, human mind wanted the “reason”. Why did they have to be killed ? What did cause the disaster ? They started needing the logic to explain the mechanism.
This is like the starting process of religion. To remember and make the pain easier, they want to “understand” what’s behind the disaster. Some went to the theory that “America attacked North Japan”, which I don’t want to touch, and some went to the theory that it was nemesis.
Majority is the later one, they wanted to associate it with environmental destruction and their personal decadent life style. They wanted the simple logic “because we did something bad, we were punished by god or earthquake.” (I mean the earthquake and Tsunami, nuclear accident was obviously a boomerang of our civilization.)
Obviously, this mentality doesn’t last long. Probably it lasts for one month at the longest. but it had the harmful aspect from the beginning – Underestimate Fukushima. They overrated Tsunami and earthquake, they criticized people to concern about Fukushima for not devoting to “atonement” -Sympathize with Tsunami victims.
What’s more, it was manipulated by the government.
The slogan of “Support north Japan” was born at this moment and it got the disguise as atonement by taking the risk of radiation exposure willingly, and grew to be the group mind which is killing the whole society right now. At the beginning, it was only volunteer. Now it’s to accept debris, consume contaminated food, and staying in the contaminated area.
Even on Facebook, I was criticized to spread the “harmful rumor” about Fukushima. They say it interrupts the support for North Japan. They said we must go to the disaster area for volunteer support.
Tones of food, blankets and donation were sent from all around in Japan and the world. but what the people in disaster area needed was information, which was the most difficult to obtain. A lot of the people were staying where the plume went in Fukushima and they believed their shelter was safe. Also, even volunteer people got exposed to go to the disaster area without knowing anything.
However, I wasn’t allowed to talk about this.
People started tones of pointless things in the name of “support”.
On TV, they said let’s save power for north Japan. ..You can’t stock electricity. Your saved electricity doesn’t go to save north Japan.
They also said, let’s eat less to support North Japan. ..Your saved food doesn’t go to North Japan to be eaten. This slogan was changed to “Eat and Support North Japan” a few weeks later.
On Twitter again, I heard the system called SPEEDI under Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology exists. They say, government has been investing billions of yen in it and it is to simulate the motion of plume in case of nuclear accident. However, the site was down. Now it is known to be the biggest crime against human right for Japanese government to conceal the SPEEDI data. but at this time, I was told,
“Japanese government is not that cruel to conceal SPEEDI. You are paranoid. Face “the truth”. People in North Japan are in such a pain.”
This wrong view over Japanese government origins from the lack of historical knowledge.
From the Russo-Japanese War in the beginning of 20th century, it has always been the Japanese custom for people to be killed by the suicidal strategy. Through the past century, people were always deceived and killed by its own government. It is famous that the government tried to make Tokyo citizen fight against american bombers during WWW2 with bamboo spears.
Even after WWW2, there have been historical public pollution such as Minamita disease or Midori juji problem. Victims of all of these crimes are still suffering and even though they were lucky, they took years to get proper compensation.
Now the worst public pollution has started. People were blinding themselves. Some were even thinking it looks brave and heroic to act like they don’t care about radiation. Some of them even thought supporting nuclear power looks more intelligent because they look like they were not emotionally affected by the minor accident in Fukushima and don’t miss the importance of nuclear technology.
but the more I researched, the more confident I became. I quit discussing. Though it takes months, I had no other choice to post correct (may not look correct at that time but will be proven to be right as time passes) information and gain trust of people step by step.
Anyway, I understood the world has changed.
I sealed up the windows. Monday was coming.
I was interested to see how stock market would behave.
2011-03-14 [for this date] Japan Fails to Disclose 10-T.-Becquerel Radioactive Fallout Estimate, Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 3rd, 2012
Tokyo, April 3 (Jiji Press)–The Japanese government has failed to disclose a SPEEDI estimate that some 10 trillion becquerels per hour of radioactive iodine was released into the environment from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant on March 14 last year, it was learned Tuesday.
Using the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information and based on iodine levels monitored in Chiba, east of Tokyo, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency came up with the figure on March 15 the same year, four days after Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s <9501> nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan was ravaged by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami.
The independent government agency also calculated discharged cesium-134 and 137, both also radioactive, amounted to one trillion becquerels per hour each on that day.
But those SPEEDI estimates have never been disclosed to the public, due to poor communications between the JAEA and the Nuclear Safety Commission, informed sources said.
SPEEDI provides projections on the dispersal of radioactive substances based on meteorological, geographical and other data.
Source (English)
Source (Japanese)
2011-03-14 [for this date] (Japan) Read This And Cry : The Message of Fukushima Unit Three (YouTube) (19:47) Published on May 12, 2012 by Marygreeley1954. See The Message of Fukushima Unit Three, TerraHertz 20120501, for the script. An extract is as follows:
...The Lesson
At Fukushima, a natural disaster broke all the 'failsafe backup systems' in four nuclear reactors. Causing a chain of nuclear disasters. But more significantly, during this cascade of expected awful consequenses of wrecking a nuclear power plant's control systems, something entirely unexpected happened. The spent fuel pool of reactor number three experienced a 'firecracker string' series of nuclear criticalities.
If there's any one detail of this whole tragic saga that should prove finally and forever that humans are not capable of 'safe design' of fission power stations and their fuel chains, it is this. No one seems to have ever predicted that 'spent fuel pools' are capable of firecracker-string rapid fire sequential prompt criticalities.
But they are. In that video we hear and see it happening.
Bang... Bang... Bang... Nuclear fission power is dead.
Every single spent fuel pool, in every nuclear plant and storage facility on Earth, has this incredibly stupid and dangerous design flaw. Lose the water cooling system, and this can happen. Fukushima Unit Three demonstrates it...
2011-03-14/15 [Pertaining to these dates] Radioactive substances rose 5 km in air on March 14-15 — Carried by jet stream to US and Europe by ENENEWS Staff
Wind carried radiation to Europe from Japan, researchers say, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 22, 2011:

Radioactive substances spewed from a damaged Japanese nuclear plant were carried to Europe through the United States by a jet stream, Japanese researchers said, Jiji news agency reported Wednesday.
A Japanese research group led by Toshihiko Takemura, associate professor at Kyushu University, tracked the flow of leaked radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant through a computer simulation. [...]
Radioactive substances rose to about 5 kilometres when a low pressure system passed over eastern Japan on March 14-15, the researchers said.
The substances were blown eastward by a jet stream traveling at a speed of some 3,000 kilometres a day, arriving on the US West Coast on March 18, in Iceland on March 20, and many other European countries on March 22, the researchers said. [...]

2011-03-14 Map of fallout after Japan earthquake,
2011-03-14 (For this date) Fukushima Unit 3 Plume (video) uploaded by GoddardsJournal on Jun 21, 2011
2011-03-14 (for this date) “Really troubling” wind shift said NRC: 1,000 microSv thyroid dose south of Tokyo over ten hour period on Mar. 14 reported US Navy — 300km from Fukushima — “This reminds me of the drill”,, March 1, 2012
2011-03-14 (For this date) Fukushima Unit 3: Steam-Explosion Theory by Ian Goddard
2011-03-14 (for this date) Just Published: Worst radiation plume from Fukushima was blown over Tokyo on March 14-15 — “This was the main deposition event over Japan for the entire disaster” — Large fractions of cesium fell on land,, March 1, 2012
2011-03-14 (from this day until the end of March) Gov’t kept child radiation survey secret — Thyroid glands of Iwaki kids exposed to doses up to 35 millisieverts in March alone — Headquarters didn’t want to alarm families,, February 22, 2012
Title: Government sat on survey of radiation in Fukushima children’s thyroid glands
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun, Date: February 22, 2012

The thyroid glands of children in Fukushima Prefecture were exposed to radiation doses of up to 35 millisieverts following the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan said Feb. 21.
The estimate is based on results collected in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture [over 40 km SOUTH of meltdowns], late last March, but not released by the government at the time.
The government’s local response headquarters tested the thyroid glands of 1,080 children in Fukushima Prefecture on the advice of the commission. According to materials released by the commission, 11 of 137 under the age of 15 checked in Iwaki had relatively high radiation doses in their thyroid glands of 5 to 35 millisieverts [...]
The commission said that it advised the government’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters late last March to conduct additional surveys on children with high doses, but that the recommendation was rejected on the grounds that such measures could cause alarm among the children and their families.

2011-03-14 TEPCO: Fuel rods at Fukushima No. 2 reactor were FULLY exposed — Third explosion feared by ENENEWS
Fukushima No. 2 reactor’s fuel rods fully exposed, melting feared, Kyodo, March 14, 2011:

Fuel rods at the quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant’s No. 2 reactor were fully exposed at one point after its cooling functions failed, the plant operator said Monday, indicating the critical situation of the reactor’s core beginning to melt due to overheating.
The rods were exposed as a fire pump to pour seawater into the reactor to cool it down ran out of fuel, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. The firm had reported the loss of cooling functions as an emergency to the government.
TEPCO said water levels later recovered to cover 30 centimeters in the lower parts of the fuel rods.
The seawater injection operation started at 4:34 p.m., but water levels in the No. 2 reactor have since fallen sharply with only one out of five fire pumps working. The other four were feared to have been damaged by a blast that occurred in the morning at the nearby No. 3 reactor. …
It is feared that the No. 2 reactor will follow the same path. To prevent a possible hydrogen explosion at the No. 2 reactor, TEPCO said it will look into opening a hole in the wall of the building that houses the reactor to release hydrogen. …
[S]ome reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 plant have lost their cooling functions, leading to brief rises in radiation levels. As a result, the cores of the No. 1 and No. 3 reactors have partially melted.
Read the report here.

2011-03-14 [for this date] “Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear the sound of China syndrome 3.2011? Secretary of Ex-JP PM, posted by Mochizuki on June 21st, 2012 · 12 Comments
Following up this article..US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane
Mr. Matsuda admitted “China syndrome” is happening in Fukushima in his interview. (cf.Corium may have been penetrated completely 15 hours after meltdown)
He commented like this below
In the night of 3/14/2011, underground rumblings were heard in Fukushima plant area, which was caused by melted fuel underground. (He described the sound as “doon doon”.)
This is when Yoshida, the former chief of Fukushima stated “I might die here.”, reported to Tepco’s head office that they were going to evacuate all the nuclear workers except for selected members. Reported head office of Tepco proposed former Prime minister, Kan to evacuate nuclear workers from Fukushima plants on 3/15/2011.
This was after the explosion of reactor3 (11:01 3/14/2011)
[more here]
2011-03-14 US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane,
Posted by Mochizuki on June 21st, 2012
The former NHK news caster Hori Jun [LINK] moved to US and started his news site called 8bit news [LINK] .
He had an interview with Mr. Matsuda, the policy secretary of Kan, the former Japanese prime minister.
In this interview, Mr. Matsuda talked about 2 things below,
1. There is elephant’s foot coming from reactor4, which is produced from nuclear explosion.
2. In the night of 3/14/2011, Japanese government and US army were planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane and cover the plants with sarcophagus.
At 10:00AM of 3/15/2011, when Kan, former Japanese prime minister was in the headquarters of Tepco, Kitazawa, Minister of Defense gave US army the permission to use Yamagata airport. (At this time, other airports of Fukushima airport and Sendai airport were not available.)
By using one of those 2 airports of Hyakuri air base [LINK], Yamagata airport, and USS Carl Vinson [LINK] in Pacific ocean, where was upwind, US army was planning to fly to Fukushima plants. To complete this mission, Japanese government needed to evacuate all the Tepco workers from Fukushima plants but they ended up not removing Tepco from the plant area, the plan was not realized after all. [more here]
2011-03-14 [for this date] Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011, Posted by Mochizuki on June 20th, 2012
Tepco published the in-house Fukushima accident investigation report on 6/20/2012.
In this report, which is assumed to downplay the accident, Tepco reported that there were 2 fires in reactor4 after the explosion, and those fires were naturally extinguished fortunately.
Also, it is stated that they could not approach SFP4 because the radiation level was too high.
Tepco is emphasizing the safety of SFP4 to say they can inject cooling water even when another aftershock hits Fukushima, but it suggests they won’t be able to reach SFP4 in case of another accident. (cf, Tepco has no clue for the worst senario of SFP4)
10:30AM Tepco tried to go to SFP4 to investigate the state but the radiation level inside of the reactor building was too high, they couldn’t enter. (The temperature of SFP4 was 84? at 4:08)
6:14 AM Major impulsive sound and vibration were observed, and they confirmed the roof of the reactor building was damaged.
9:38 AM Fire was observed at North West corder of the 3rd floor of the building, but they confirmed the fire was naturally extinguished at 11:00AM.
5:45AM Another fire was reported at the North West corner of the 4th floor of the building, but it was missing at 6:15AM.
2011-03-15 (for this day or thereabouts) Busby: Fukushima 'criminal event' calls for investigation (RT Video), (4:47) "A newly released report on the Fukushima nuclear crisis says it was down to the plant's operators being ill-prepared and not responding properly to the earthquake and tsunami disaster. A major government inquiry said some engineers abandoned the plant as the trouble started and other staff delayed reporting significant radiation leaks. Professor Christopher Busby, scientific secretary to the European Committee on Radiation Risks, says health damage after contamination will be more serious than Japan announced." uploaded by RT 27 Dec 2011
2011-03-15 (for this day) Kyodo: Radiation forecast can “by no means” be released to public decided gov’t on Mar. 15 — Showed radioactive cloud could spread over Tokyo area,, March 3, 2012
Title: Ministry leaders decided to hold nuclear data after Fukushima crisis, Source: Kyodo, Date: March 3, 2012

The science minister and other top ministry officials decided to withhold radiation forecast data from the public four days after the March 11 [quake ...] an internal document made available Friday showed.
Then Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Yoshiaki Takaki, lawmakers serving as top ministry officials and top bureaucrats made the decision on March 15 to withhold data about the predicted spread of radioactivity, which included an assumption that all radioactive material would be discharged from the crippled plant.
Prediction of the spread of radioactive substances, compiled from the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information, “could be by no means released to the public,” the document dated March 19 showed. [...]
The document stated that radioactive clouds could spread from the crippled nuclear power plant to the Kanto and Tohoku regions, indicating that the ministry had made various estimates about the spread of released radioactive substances, including the worst-case scenario. [...]

2011-03-15 (for this day or thereabouts) Book: US gov’t was considering plan to evacuate all 90,000 citizens living in Tokyo — US knew fuel had melted early on via Global Hawk data,, August 18, 2011
2011-03-15 (for this day) Japan Professor: ‘Fractionation’ probably caused much higher plutonium ratio in Iwaki — Busby 11 months ago: “Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation”,, March 23, 2012
2011-03-15 (for this date) L.A. Times: Speculation that “supercritical fission event” occurred at Fukushima reactor irradiating plutonium, says nuclear expert — Explosion so massive investigators found fuel rod fragments a mile away,, March 9, 2012
2011-03-15 (for this day) UN Agency: Reactor 3 exploded a second time 24 hours later — Then wind and rain brought high levels of radiation over Tokyo, Sendai, Nagano, by ENENEWS Staff, 28 Dec 2011
Summary Report of RSMC Beijing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emergency Response, WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION (United Nations), Oct. 27, 2011:

[...] On 15 March, an explosion was heard in Unit 2 and damaged the pressure-suppression system, causing the leaks of radioactive cooling water. Shortly afterward, Unit 4 was damaged by an explosion and a large amount of radioactive materials was released into the atmosphere. At 11:00 (Japan Standard Time) JST on 15 March, Unit 3 explored [sic] again. At that time, due to the easterly winds and precipitation in and around Fukushima, the surrounding areas including Tokyo, Nagano, Sendai and other places detected high radiation, which matched well with the simulation results. [...]

2011-03-15 (for this day, and extending through the end of the month) Fukushima Tectonic Nuclear Warfare Monitored by World HAARP partners (YouTube Video), Alfred Webre interview with Leuren Moret, 21 May 2011, transcribed by William B. Fox

Leuren Moret: ...The only really good data that we have been able to get is from the International Nonproliferation Treaty Monitoring Facilities that have very sophisticated equipment. They can do air monitoring as well as make other measurements. They are nongovernmental, so we are able to get more information from them. And the Takasaki station in Gunma, Japan, in the north of Japan, their reports were released by the Ministry of Education. The data tables of their air monitoring are extremely alarming. They expose that TEPCO, and the Japanese Government, the U.S. Government, the Canadian Government, are all lying, the international agencies. And what the data table indicates that the largest radiation releases from Fukushima were in the first week after the March 11th earthquake. That is when the explosions occurred in Building One, Building Three, where the MOX fuel was, Building Two, and then Building Four. There were extremely high levels, March 15th and 16th, reported in the data, but the data for March 14th to 15th is missing, and that was when the explosion occurred in Reactor 3, the MOX fuel pool. The first increased radiation levels were detected after March 14th. So there was some kind of very, very large event in Reactor 3 that did not occur in the other reactor explosions. Now there were some releases of radioactive iodine and radioactive cesium on March 19th. There were more releases of radiation on March 21st, 30th, April 18th, and those were probably related to activities that they were doing to try to respond. TEPCO was trying to respond to an absolutely impossible disaster. Not only is every reactor much larger than Chernobyl, but there are six of them, and there were 600[000] spent fuel rods in cooling pools. So this is the greatest radiation disaster in the world and people don't even know about it. Now, on March 16th, that is the only time that huge amounts of Iodine 135 were released. The half life is less than 10 hours. So there had to be a nuclear event, and that coincided with the explosion at Reactor 3. Mr. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University mentioned this mysterious Iodine 135. The levels were so high the Takasaki station could not even measure it. It went off scale. The result is that he said the huge amount of Iodine 135 supports the speculation of a nuclear explosion at the Number Reactor 3 Reactor on March 14th. We know now that it was in the spent fuel pool. The land surface contamination now from this data table indicates Cesium 137 as high as 80 curies or three million becquerels per square kilometer in Iitate Village which is 37 miles or about 25 miles from Fukuoka, and levels as high as 1.4 curies per square kilometer in Chiba, which is 220 kilometers from Fukushima. So that is about 130 or 140 miles. This is horrendous. And the proof that this is getting into all of the plant material, and contaminating the whole environment and it is supporting the fact that all of northern Japan should be evacuated, because a professor Bin Mori of Tokyo University graduate school of agricultural and life sciences, provided autoradiographs on his blog of dandelion leaves. This actually shows the particles of radioactive materials that landed on the leaves. This is supporting the evidence and the reality that it is landing on all our food here in the United States too.

2011-03-16 (for this day when helicopters poured water on reactors) US ex-diplomat pulls no punches on Japan by Shaun Tandon (AFP), Jan 25, 2012
...The State Department sacked Maher as its Japan desk chief just a day before the historic 9.0-magnitude earthquake but he stayed on for another month to coordinate the US disaster response.
Maher said that the US government was privately terrified over the unfolding crisis. He accused Japan's then prime minister, Naoto Kan, of evading responsibility and trying to pass the problem over to the plant's operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Co.
"I remember sitting on a task force many a time thinking, 'Who the hell is in control in Japan?' The government's not doing anything. Kan made one trip and flew up and got in the way and came back," Maher said.
Maher said that he watched in horror as he saw television footage of a sole helicopter dropping water on the stricken plant.
"Is that the best Japan can do?" Maher said. "Frankly what happened is the US government called in the Japanese ambassador and said, look, you have to take this stuff seriously. We don't know what's going to happen"...
2011-03-16 (for this day) NRC’s Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips March 16 2011, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 20th, 2012
This is a very important initial evidence about what happend in Fukushima.
Day 6.
More on here.
2011-03-16 (for this day), NRC Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips, March 4, 2012
NRC's Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips March 16 2011
Paraphrasing: With Mark 1, with station blackout you are going to lose containment.
Units 1 and 2 are "boiling down."
No walls on unit 4. "Lost geometry" on spent fuel pool #4. The "side of the reactor building" (4) are gone. No water in there at all.
Paraphrasing one person's articulation of worst case scenario: 3 reactors in meltdown with primary containment lost and up to 6 spent fuel pools in degraded condition possibly with spent fuel pool fires.
Another speaker (paraphrasing): It has progressed to 2 multiple reactors and multiple spent fuel pools and maybe 4 reactors and 4 spent fuel pools.
"We haven't seen any mitigation of any events."
"you got to assume it is going to go to the final event..."
Hat Tip: Heart of the Rose
2011-03-16 (for this day) Kyodo: “Potentially up to six spent-fuel pools in a degraded condition” -NRC transcript,, February 22, 2012.
Title: U.S. worried about Fukushima meltdown early on: commission transcript, Source: Kyodo, Date: Feb 22, 2012

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission released Tuesday some 3,000 pages of transcripts [...]
The documents showed that as early as March 16 [...] Jaczko projected “a worst scenario” that all three operating reactors at the crippled plant might be experiencing meltdowns.
“The reactors would likely eventually…breach primary containment and have some type of (radioactive) release,” he said during a conference call [...]
The prediction turned out to be accurate [...]
The transcripts also showed that Jaczko mentioned “potentially up to six spent-fuel pools in a degraded condition, possibly with spent fuel pool fires.” [...]

2011-03-16 (for this day) Unit 4 SFP walls have collapsed – Fuel may no longer be intact, email, Enformable,, posted Jan. 11, 2012,

From: Boska, John
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:31 AM
To: Guzman, Richard
Cc: Pickett, Douglas
Subject: Developments in Japan
Importance: High

Rich, please review and comment, for distribution to our branch.
In a briefing with Joe Giitter that just ended, we were informed that the situation is now much worse in Japan. The walls of the Unit 4 spent fuel pool have collapsed, and there is no water in there. There were a large number of fuel assemblies in the pool, and the fuel may no longer be intact. The radiation levels are increasing so much that it may prove difficult to work on the other 5 reactors at the site, which could lead to more fuel damage and releases. [...]

2011-03-17 Toyko passengers set off radiation detectors at O’Hare, WLS-AM's Bill Cameron and The Sun Times contributed to this report. "The New York Post has reported that the same thing happened in Dallas."
2011-03-17 Tokyo Passengers Trigger U.S. Airport Detectors, Alan Purkiss, bloomberg.
2011-03-18 (for this date) New Asahi doc: NISA team knew of triple meltdowns by March 18 — Kept secret until Tepco’s admission two months later — Says melted fuel only ‘largely’ submerged in water,, March 4, 2012
2011-03-18 Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan: Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and cover-up by Keith Harmon Snow,
As the sun set over quake-stricken Japan on Thursday 17 March 2011, we learned that four of six Fukushima nuclear reactor sites are irradiating the earth, that the fire is burning out of control at Reactor No. 4's pool of spent nuclear fuel, that there are six spent fuel pools at risk all told, and that the sites are too hot to deal with. On March 16 Plumes of White Vapor began pouring from crippled Reactor No. 3 where the spent fuel pool may already be lost. Over the previous days we were told: nothing to worry about. Earthquakes and after shocks, tidal wave, explosions, chemical pollution, the pox of plutonium, contradicting information too obvious to ignore, racism, greed -- add these to the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death. The situation is apocalyptic and getting worse. This is one of the most serious challenges humanity has ever faced.
The U.S. nuke industry is blaming Japanese experts, distancing itself from the monster it created. Instead of sending nuclear or health experts to assist the Japanese people in their time of desperate need, US President Barack Obama first sent teams of intelligence agents and FEMA trained military grunts with special security clearances. The Pentagon floated a naval strike force led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan off the coast of Japan: advertised as a 'humanitarian' operation, the strike force was repositioned after it was partially irradiated. Can we trust officials and the corporate news media to tell us what is happening in an honest, timely, transparent manner? Are there precedents to the nuclear crisis in Japan? What is the U.S. defense establishment really concerned with here?
Humanity now faces a deadly serious challenge coming out of Japan -- the epicenter of radiation. Intentional efforts to downplay or dismiss this catastrophe reveal the immaturity of western civilization and some of our most acute human pathologies, including our worship of technology and our psychopathology of denial. The widespread distortion and cover-ups to protect private profits, national and corporate interests, to fool and betray the people, are unacceptable. Here are some of the deeper whats and whys and hows -- some technical issues and the kinds of questions people need to ask -- about the nuclear apocalypse unfolding on planet earth. Prayers are not enough. It's time to question everything, to put politics aside, to take personal action to halt nuclear expansion and defend ourselves from this industrial juggernaut...
2011-03-18 The Amount of Radioactive Fuel at Fukushima DWARFS Chernobyl,
Science Insider noted yesterday:

The Daiichi complex in Fukushima, Japan ... had a total of 1760 metric tons of fresh and used nuclear fuel on site last year, according to a presentation by its owners, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco). The most damaged Daiichi reactor, number 3, contains about 90 tons of fuel, and the storage pool above reactor 4, which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) Gregory Jaczko reported yesterday had lost its cooling water, contains 135 tons of spent fuel. The amount of fuel lost in the core melt at Three Mile Island in 1979 was about 30 tons; the Chernobyl reactors had about 180 tons when the accident occurred in 1986.
And see this.
That means that Fukushima has nearly 10 times more nuclear fuel than Chernobyl.
It also means that a single spent fuel pool - at reactor 4, which has lost all of its water and thus faces a release of its radioactive material - has 75% as much nuclear fuel as at all of Chernobyl.
However, the real numbers are even worse.
Specifically, Tepco very recently transferred many more radioactive spent fuel rods into the storage pools. According to Associated Press, there were - at the time of the earthquake and tsunami - 3,400 tons of fuel in seven spent fuel pools plus 877 tons of active fuel in the cores of the reactors.
That totals 4,277 tons of nuclear fuel at Fukushima.
Which means that there is almost 24 times more nuclear fuel at Fukushima than Chernobyl.

2011-03-19 (for this date or thereabouts) Fukushima investigation reveals failings: Japanese government delayed giving information to the public, according to interim report into the disaster, AP in Tokyo,, Dec 26, 2011
2011-03-19 (for this date and period since 3-11) Japan gov’t now admits 40% of total Chernobyl radiation was released in just one week at Fukushima — Still a “wide margin of error, by ENENEWS Admin, published: June 7th, 2011
Radiation Understated After Quake, Japan Says, New York Times by HIROKO TABUCHI, June 6, 2011:

Japan said Monday that radioactive emissions from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the early days of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster might have been more than twice as large as a previous estimate, suggesting the accident was more grave than the government had publicly acknowledged. [...]
The agency also said it now estimated that the radioactive release from the plant totaled 770,000 terabecquerels in the first week after March 11. [...]
The agency suggested that the higher emissions estimate was equivalent to only about 10 percent of the radioactive materials released in 1986 by the explosion and fire at Chernobyl [...] But the 770,000 terabecquerels figure in fact comes to about 40 percent of the official Soviet estimate of emissions from Chernobyl. [...]
Officials cautioned that there was a wide margin of error involved [...]

2011-03-19 Thousands Of U.S. Personnel Evacuated From Japan To Western Wash. The News Tribune contributed to this report. "The USO said about 200,000 U.S. personnel are being evacuated from Japan to U.S. West Coast cities including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle/JBLM. "
2011-03-19 27 Signs That the Nuclear Crisis in Japan Is Much Worse Than Either the Mainstream Media or the Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us by Economic Collapse Blog,



North America and Europe Articles

2011-03-11 (for this date) RadNet or SadNet? The EPA’s Failed Radiation Detection System



RadNet – the EPA’s front-line, radiological detection network is severely flawed and suffers from maintenance and reliability issues.
The lack of consistent data and the number of units offline (a techie term for broken) at the time they were most needed shows that the EPA was not prepared for this emergency.
Besides that fact the broken system left us all unprotected; the confusion, apprehension and fear witnessed as people try to wade through the incomplete and inaccurate data online is evidenced by an exchange on the UC Berkely website over this RadNet graph:
The graph shows that this monitoring station was one of the units actually running on  3/11 . The readings were significantly higher prior to 3/11 and drop to a much lower level  afterwards. This is an indication that the units were running in an uncalibrated condition and were adjusted only after the events at Fukushima.
Who is responsible for assuring that the system is up and running?  The EPA contracted this responsibility to a private company, Environmental Dimensions, Inc.
nEnvironmental Dimensions, Inc (EDI) has provided maintenance for EPA’s RadNet monitoring systems under a sole source contract which can be viewed at the end of this article. The base amount of the contract is $238,000.00. This does not include materials and travel, which is billed back to the government as needed.
The contract was awarded to what is stated as a “Woman-owned 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business“.  The disadvantaged woman in this case is EDI company president Patricia S. Bradshaw, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense appointed by George Bush.
Could it possibly be that the corporate management at EDI formed the company not out of an altruistic sense of patriotic duty but to cash in on inside information and connections? Did Mrs. Bradshaw’s former DOD employment open the door? Did the fact that she heads a woman-owned business give her company a competitive edge?
EDI’s revenues have doubled in each of the past three years and they currently have 90 employees spread across offices in Albuquerque, Denver and Oak Ridge. [more here]

2011-03-11 (for this date) New NILU, ZAMG study: Release of radioactive xenon from Fukushima more than double Chernobyl — Largest in history — Started “immediately” after quake, published Oct 24, 2011
"Excerpts from the Oct. 21 joint press release by ZAMG and BOKU [Emphasis Added]:
`A new study by an international team of researchers estimates the emissions of the radioactive noble gas Xenon-133 and the aerosol-bound nuclide Caesium-137 from the Japanese NPP Fukushima Daiichi.'
`The main result of the investigation is that the emissions from the power plant started earlier, lasted longer and are therefore higher than assumed in most studies conducted before.'
`Regarding the radioactive noble gas Xenon-133, the results indicate an emission of 16700 Peta-Becquerel (1 Becquerel is one radioactive decay per second, 1 Peta-Becquerel equals 1015 Bq). This is the largest civilian noble gas release in history, exceeding the Chernobyl noble gas release by a factor of 2.5. There is strong evidence that emissions started already on 11 March 2011 at 6:00 UTC, which is immediately after the big earthquake. Xenon-133 is neither ingested nor retained in the inhalation process and therefore of less health concern, but it is important for understanding the accident events'..."
2011-03-12 (for this day) US Regulator: We’ve got to stop labs from testing for Fukushima radiation — “Tell them to back off” — Worried about them talking to press about ‘consequences’, March 2, 2011
Title: NRC worried about US National Labs “chomping at the bit” to help with Fukushima Radiation analysis – Call lab directors and say “Knock it off”, Source: Enformable, Date: Feb 28, 2012, Emphasis Added

JAPAN’S FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI ET AUDIO FILE, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Saturday, March 12, 2011
MR. SHARON: This is Brian Sharon. Quick question, well, not question, but I’ve gotten a couple of emails here today, from some of the National Labs, and they’re all — there are a couple of them chomping at the bit, you know, saying, “Ghee, can we help? Ghee, can we go calculate this,” with the codes and all that stuff.
I keep telling them, “No, you don’t know the scenario,” but you know, somebody might want to call DOE and tell them to tell their labs to cool it, because the last thing we want is the labs going off, talking to the press, talking about consequences and all sorts of other stuff, because you know, they’re chomping at the bit, to do something, and I’m not sure, Eliot, maybe you’ve got a point of contact up there at DOE?
MR. BRENNER: I’ll send a note to their Press Secretary, asking him, through his chain, to reach out, down to the labs and tell them to back off. If we’ve got other chains, we might as well –
MALE PARTICIPANT: If I could chime in on that? On the Deputy’s call yesterday, I was on with the Chairman, and Pete Lyons was one of the principals at DOE. Lyons may be a good source to contact at DOE.
MR. JOHNSON: This is Mike Johnson. My other thought was, it may be just to cut to the chase, just to pass the same, to call the lab directors and say, “Knock it off,” or whatever messages we want to get to them.
There are a number of ways we can do this.
So, I agree, Brian, we’ve got to do it soon.
MR. McDERMOTT: Okay, we’ll take that action from headquarters.

2011-03-12 Japan Nuclear Fallout Map Prediction March 12-18 (video). Shows jet stream animation. Suggested link:
2011-03-13 PSA,RADIOACTIVE Iodine Lands In USA/Canada FOOD (video)
2011-03-14 to 03-24 (commentary mostly for this period)Fukushima Narrative in the US & UK: Suppression of Information is the Norm,, dated October 30, 2011
I would like to remind readers of the Zardov story. This story involved a hacker who discovered that the Norwegian Institute providing air dispersion maps of the radiation fallout from Japan had 2 SETS OF MAPS, one was public and one was not.
The Zardov files are the private files that were hacked. They showed radiation exposure levels much, much higher than the public files did.
Japanese simulations estimated that radioactive dust was lifted high in the atmosphere over Japan on March 14 and 15 by updrafts and reached the U.S. via the jet stream by March 17th or 18th (“Radioactive dust”, 2011).
President Obama went on record on March 17 declaring to U.S. citizens that they faced no risk of significant radiation fallout in the U.S. (Landau,
Despite assurances, radioactive fallout occurred in the US beginning in mid-March. On March 29,“Traces of radiation from the crippled nuclear plant in japan” were reported as being detected in states from California to Massachusetts but “state officials say there is no public-health risk” (3/29 Hotz & Levitz, 2011, p. A12).
The assertion of no public health risk echoed in media accounts across the U.S. and Canada, despite levels of Iodine-131 three hundred times background reported in March in British Columbia (Landau, 2011; Smith
Air filter analyses conducted by independent scientists were made public in June by nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson. Gunderson reported that scientists found high amounts of “hot” particles of cesium, strontium, plutonium, uranium, cobalt-60, and revealed that U.S. citizens breathed in on average 5 hot particles a day in Seattle (citizens in Tokyo inhaled approximately 10 a day and those in Fukushima prefecture over 30 times that amount Gunderson CNN and Fairewinds).
Hot particles lodge in bodily tissues and emit radiation as they decay. In the right circumstances, one hot particle can cause cancer.
Furthermore, the EPA’s own data documented high levels of radioactive fallout in the U.S. The EPA’s data were eventually published online, but were not publicized at the time of detection.
Consequently, public activist groups criticized the EPA for failing to notify the public of its findings. For instance, the Seattle nuclear watchdog group complained in July of 2011 that the EPA had failed to warn the public of high levels of Iodine-131 detected in rainwater. The level on March 24, according to EPA data exceeded federal drinking water standards by 130 times (Chittim
The mantra of no health effects from Fukushima fallout was in fact orchestrated carefully: "No health effects are expected among the Japanese people as a result of the events at Fukushima,” read a statement issued by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the nuclear industry trade group, at a June Washington Press conference (cited in Grossman, 2011 June 16). The mantra was in fact a propaganda campaign, as documents released by The Guardian prove.
Two days after the earthquake British government authorities contacted nuclear companies including Westinghouse, Areva, EDF Energy, and the Nuclear Industry Association to coordinate a public relations campaign aimed at assuring the public nuclear is safe in order to avoid resistance to a new generation of nuclear plants planned for the UK (Edwards, 2011).
In April the UK office for nuclear development met with nuclear companies in London to "to discuss a joint communications and engagement strategy aimed at ensuring we maintain confidence among the British public on the safety of nuclear power stations and nuclear new-build policy in light of recent events at the Fukushima nuclear power plant" (cited in Edwards
The collusion between government and industry coupled with the apparent willingness to deceive the public about the scope of the disaster produced public outrage in the U.K. but was little remarked upon in the U.S. press, despite the fact that Americans received far more fallout than persons in the U.K.
Public assurances by the nuclear industry and western governments that fallout from the disaster poses no public health risk were from March onward contested by international scientific and medical authorities. On March 30, Dr. Chris Busby published a report on the internet warning of Fukushima’s health dangers (BusbyThe health outcome). The Australian anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott also warned early on of the dangers of fallout in Japan and across the northern hemisphere in a video that was published on youtube.
These warnings were largely ignored by the mainstream press, despite the official documents by the international IEA, the U.S. NRC, and the US EPA stating that there exists no “safe” level of exposure to radionuclides.
The deliberate suppression of information about the dangers of ionzing radiation from nuclear plants is not a new phenomenon. For instance, Dr. Janette Sherman, a toxicologist and contributing editor to the book Chernobyl: The Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment claims was quoted by Carl Grossman in an essay on the disaster and the nuclear industry as stating:
“We’ve known about radioactive isotopes for decades,” says Dr. Sherman. “I worked for the Atomic Energy Commission in the 1950s and we knew about the effects then. To ignore the biology is to our peril. This is not new science. Cesium-137 goes to soft tissue. Strontium-90 goes to the bones and teeth. Iodine-131 goes to the thyroid gland” (cited in Grossman
Nuclear industry officials and captured politicians rely on the public’s poor understanding of ionizing radiation Grossman interviews Dr. Steven Wing, an epidemiologist specializing in the health effects of radioactivity,
"The generally accepted thinking about the safe dose is that, no, there is no safe dose in terms of the cancer or genetic effects of radiation. The assumption of most people is that there’s a linear, no-threshold dose response relationship and that just means that as the dose goes down the risk goes down, but it never disappears…As the radiation clouds move away from Fukushima and move far away to other continents and around the world, the doses are spread out…
"But it’s important for people to know that spreading out a given amount of radiation dose among more people, although it reduces each person’s individual risk, it doesn’t reduce the number of cancers that result from that amount of radiation. So having millions and millions of people exposed to a very small dose could produce just as much cancer as a thousand or a few thousand people exposed to that same dose.”
Finally, Grossman quotes Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project, who claims the denial of harm is part of a larger cover up, “The absurd belief that no one will be harmed by Fukushima is perhaps the strongest evidence of the pattern of deception and denial by nuclear officials in industry and government.”
Mangano’s belief that Tepco deliberately withheld and distorted information was seconded by Dr. Robert Jacobs, Professor of Nuclear History at the Hiroshima Peace Institute who in an interview with RT described how Tepco "managed" the media and public opinion by slowly releasing as "news" over 3 months information that they had since the first days of the disaster
MAJIA HERE: The point of posting this narrative is to remind readers that we should be wary of any official pronouncements today about the dangers of Fukushima. Lies have predominated and truths have been buried in misinformation and outright propaganda.
2011-03-14 Nuclear Expert: Radiation Could Spread To US West Coast: Fukushima crisis escalates after second explosion, officials admit reactor rods have been fully exposed, by Paul Joseph Watson, "Nuclear expert Joe Cirincione warns that radiation from Japan’s multiple potential nuclear meltdowns could spread to the US west coast and that the threat represents an “unprecedented crisis,” as another explosion rocked the Fukushima complex and officials admitted that nuclear fuel rods at reactor number two have been fully exposed...
... The Pentagon has also confirmed that radiation particles were detected by helicopters flying 160km (100 miles) away from the nuclear plant, suggesting widespread environmental contamination. The discovery of the two radioactive isotopes, cesium-137 and iodine-121, can only mean one thing, according to the Seattle Times: “One or more of the reactor cores is badly damaged and at least partially melted down."
2011-03-15 to 18 (for this date range) Live in San Francisco? You Inhaled 75 MILLION Plutonium Atoms In Just 4 days (Video), posted May 10, 2012
In order to make the EPA's Plutonium 239 detection from March 15- March 18, 2011 understandable in terms people could visualize, we calculated the distributed average number of Pu-239 atoms inhaled by EVERY single person in the Bay area during that time period. We also discuss the other radioactive elements detected, and how the EPA's detection of Iodine-133 is especially troubling.
We hope the video will give people additional insight into the topic of "Hot Particles". For links to the charts shown and the associated assumptions and ground rules please follow the link below to the original blog post on this subject from April 2011:
Four Hundred & Eighty Two Lung Cancers from FOUR days in San Francisco !?!
Here is an additional link to the EPA database so you may search and verify the data for yourself. EPA RadNet DATABASE QUERY
2011-03-15 Radiation Map - Jet Stream Map - Japanese Earthquake (video), FOX News interview of nuclear expert Joe Cirincione.
2011-03-15 to 2011-03-18 Four Hundred & Eighty Two Lung Cancers from FOUR days in San Francisco !?!
by potrblog, posted 2011-04-24 [Editor's Note: Calculated for the period 3-15 to 3-18].
2011-03-16 Forecast for Plume's Path Is a Function of Wind and Weather, New York Times Science.
Official UN Forecast: Japan Radioactive Fallout Heading To US West Coast,
We aren't immune just because we live in America (video)
2011-03-16 radiation and jetstream forecast - Canada and USA - March 16, 2011
uploaded by dutchsinse
now have TWO sites to monitor radiation for the UNITED STATES here: and for the ONLY station that can be found for CANADA
this canada radiation station .. the ONLY ONE I COULD FIND is located -- northwest of British Columbia -- perfect to see the prevailing winds curling back up your way..
DO NOT REFRESH THE HECK OUT OF THIS SITE, and guard it closely.. don't give it out via mass message.. don't want to overload the servers like the USA site did yesterday.
2011-03-17 ALERT: US Surgeon General Warns “Be prepared for harmful radiation from Japan,”
2011-03-18 (for this date) U.S. Knew Within Days that Fukushima Had Melted Down,,
I noted in May that that International Atomic Energy Agency knew within weeks of the Japanese earthquake that the reactors had melted down … but the public was not told for a month and a half.
I pointed out in June:

As the prestigious scientific journal Nature notes:

Shortly after a massive tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on 11 March, an unmanned monitoring station on the outskirts of Takasaki, Japan, logged a rise in radiation levels. Within 72 hours, scientists had analysed samples taken from the air and transmitted their analysis to Vienna, Austria — the headquarters of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), an international body set up to monitor nuclear weapons tests.
It was just the start of a flood of data collected about the accident by the CTBTO’s global network of 63 radiation monitoring stations. In the following weeks, the data were shared with governments around the world, but not with academics or the public.

The attempted cover up of the severity of the Fukushima disaster is nothing new. Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years, and the basic design for nuclear reactors was not chosen for safety, but because it worked on Navy submarines … and produced plutonium for the military.
(Indeed, the government’s response to every crisis appears to be to try to cover it up; and see this.)
Today, Yomiuri Shinbun reports (Google translation) that the U.S. knew within days that Fukushima had melted down:

The subject of evacuating the US citizens was raised in the early hours on March 16 (local time). The US … already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that “the fuel has already melted”.
The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens [Tokyo] but the local officials including Maher objected, as “it would severely undermine the US-Japan alliance”

(The Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial aircraft).
U.S. Knew Within Days that Fukushima Had Melted Down

2011-03-18 Feds admit radioactive xenon-133 from Fukushima detected TWO days ago in Washington State,
2011-03-18 (for this day) Iodine-131 in eastern US may have exceeded EPA limit,, Dec 29, 2011 "As the study notes, the 4.2 mBq/m3 figure `accounts for only about 50% of the total 131I in the air' as only particulate species were collected. Therefore, around 8.4 mBq/m3 was likely in the air, which exceeds the EPA limit of 7.8 mBq/m3."
2011-03-18 Fukushima Radiation and Jet Stream UPDATE - USA, Canada, Asia - March 18, 2011 uploaded by dutchsinse
2011-03-18 (starting around this date and continuing to the end of March) Paper: “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on” — Radioactive coverup?, by, Oct 11, 2011
VANCOUVER, Oct. 20 — “Now evidence has emerged that the radiation in Canada was worse than Canadian officials ever let on,” Canada’s largest urban weekly, The Georgia Straight out of Vancouver, reported today.
“Public officials in Japan and Canada alike jumped straight into Chernobyl-style damage-control mode, dismissing any worries about impacts,” writes The Straight’s Alex Roslin.
The paper has obtained Canadian government data showing a monitoring station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 Becquerels per liter of radioactive iodine-131 in rainwater last March. This “exceeded Canadian guidelines” according to the paper.
Health Canada’s data on rainwater is “puzzling” because the test results it reported are much lower than the data of Simon Frazer University professor Krzysztof Starosta. “He found iodine-131 levels in rainwater in Burnaby [near Vancouver] spiked to 13 becquerels per litre in the days after Fukushima. That’s many times higher than the levels detected in Vancouver by Health Canada.”
Read More: What are officials hiding about Fukushima?
2011-03-18 To the reality deniers: its already far worse than Chernobyl - Michio kaku (video) (9:36)
2011-03-18 (starting around this date and continuing to the end of March) Radioactive iodine in rainwater: Public was in the dark by Alex Roslin,, January 14, 2012
After the Fukushima nuclear accident, Canadian health officials assured a nervous public that virtually no radioactive fallout had drifted to Canada.
But last March, a Health Canada monitoring station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 becquerels per litre of radioactive iodine (an isotope released by the nuclear accident) in rainwater, the data shows.
The level easily exceeded the Canadian guideline of six becquerels of iodine per litre for drinking water, acknowledged Eric Pellerin, chief of Health Canada's radiation-surveillance division.
"It's above the recommended level (for drinking water)," he said in an interview. "At any time you sample it, it should not exceed the guideline."
Canadian authorities didn't disclose the high radiation reading at the time.
In contrast, the state of Virginia issued a don't-drink-rainwater advisory in late March after iodine levels in rain in a nearby city spiked to 3.4 becquerels per litre on a single day. That was less than half of the level seen in Calgary during the entire month of March.
Radioactive iodine also appeared in smaller amounts in March in Vancouver (which saw an average of 0.69 becquerels per litre in rainwater, up from zero before Fukushima), Winnipeg (which got 0.64 becquerels per litre) and Ottawa (which had 1.67 becquerels per litre), the data shows.
These other levels didn't exceed the Canadian limit for drinking water. But the level in Ottawa did surpass the more stringent ceiling for drinking water used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The data still isn't posted on Health Canada's web page devoted to the impacts of Fukushima.
Pellerin said he doesn't know why Health Canada didn't make the data public. "I can't answer that. The communication aspect could be improved",,,
2011-03-19 First West Coast radiation detection "RICHLAND, Wash. - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland detected trace amounts of the radioisotope Xenon-133 from the nuclear incident at Fukushima..."
[Undated] Questions about Nuclear Energy that often go unanswered; Q Can a nuclear reactor melt down, or can't it?,
[Undated] Japan Nuclear Information,
"Also keep in mind that steel melts around 2500 deg F, Corium fissions at around 5000 deg F "Blob temperature". The cute little "blob" that TEPCO showed in their recent drawing of a Corium out of the box was deceptive in size, the real mass of the Corium will be !!!! 200 TONS !!!! of fissioning, poisonous, super hot hell on earth. Y'all TEPCO boyz got a 200 ton blob of stuff and you can't tell me where it is?" [Editor's Note: Fact source cited: Questions about Nuclear Energy that often go unanswered,].


Other Animations and Simulations

CEREA Fukushima Cs-137 Plume Spread Animation from eastern Asia/Japan to central North America from 3-12 to 4-04.
Radioactive Materials Dispersion Model by Kyushu Researchers, from 11-24 March. Description at "Using the supercomputer program called SPRINTARS, researchers at Kyushu University and Tokyo University created the simulation of how radioactive materials from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant may have dispersed throughout the northern hemisphere. The researcher say their simulation fit the actual measurements."
Sirocco Fukushima Forecast Bulletin. Web page has simulations of spread of radiation via ocean currents
Admission of more types of fission products emitted by Fukushima, published 2011-04-13
"To date, the consistent claim from authorities is that 2 fission products have been emitted into the biosphere by the Fukushma Event.
This is most odd, given that the fission product inventory consists of over 250 radio-nuclides."
USA / Europe - Radiation and Jetstream FORECAST UPDATE - posted 27 March 2011. The comments section is as follows [Editor's Note: On May 11th the Fukushima forecasts made by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU, were suspended. Most other services listed below became suspiciously inactive as well, since emissions did not subside, but in fact during many ensuing time periods intensified.]
"Plumes of Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133, have reached the United States as of March 23, 2011.
Higher plumes, reaching 5000 meters (15,000 feet) are forecast to reach Portugal, Spain, and central europe.
All animations are from professional forecasting services. Links are below.
The radiation flow, forecast and shown by these several models... tells the tale of the isotopes coming our way... .. it will be up to you to decide if you should go outside during the time these clouds are over the USA, Canada, and Mexico...
Radiation forecasting links:
thanks to youtube user androdameia for the below EUROPE radiation monitoring link:
Spain radiation link: (click on radiation update)
Dutch radiation monitoring:
Swiss radiation monitoring:
Finland radiation monitoring:
French radiation monitoring: (thanks to youtube user: RehKurts ! )
Jet stream forecasting:
Austrian Meteorological Plume Maps
UC Berkeley Depart. of Nuclear Engineering air and rain samples []
Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after a nuclear accident in Fukushima by the Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne. An animated global map.
IAEA Japan Nuclear Radiation Fallout Plume Simulation & Wind Forecast Map,
Japan Map of Japan Radiation Maximum by Prefecture
Real Time Japan Nuclear Fallout Radiation Graphs For US West Coast Cities,
2011-03-16 Forecast for Plume's Path Is a Function of Wind and Weather, New York Times, March 12-18 "A forecast by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization" [CSM L.N.]
Online Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Map
EPA: Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring
Trace analysis of German monitoring stations and other trace monitoring stations worldwide
Real Time Earthquake Monitoring []
Modeling the dispersion of radioactive releases into the atmosphere on a global scale. March 12-26, 2011 (YouTube video)
Comments "Modeling the dispersion of radioactive releases into the atmosphere on a global scale.
According to this simulation, the cloud would now reached the north-eastern Siberia, the United States and western Atlantic. It should reach France from 23 or 24 March.
Merger expected to run from this model could be of the order of 0,001 Bq / m 3 in France and the overseas departments of the northern hemisphere. As expected, the southern hemisphere is not significantly affected by this large-scale dispersal.
Fallout sources on the web:

2011-03-19 [Asahi]Government ignored U.S. radiation monitoring data in days after 3/11 posted by Mochizuki on June 18th, 2012
As usual, Japanese news paper has split personality. Japanese version conceals every important fact but English version is very critical about Japanese government’s policy.
<Quote> [Asahi]
June 18, 2012
Even as thousands of residents pondered the implications of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture last year, Japanese government officials took little notice of up-to-the-minute high radiation measurements provided by the U.S. Energy Department.
The Energy Department used its Aerial Measuring System (AMS) between March 17 and 19, 2011, and compiled a detailed map of radiation levels on the basis of 40 hours of flight time over Fukushima Prefecture.
The data was provided to Japanese government officials, but not released to the public.
The map clearly shows an area of high radiation levels extending in a northwesterly direction from the crippled Fukushima plant.
Thousands of Fukushima residents living near the plant, unaware of the danger they faced, evacuated in the direction of those high radiation areas.
This is not the first time the Japanese government has been shown to be slow to respond to the unfolding disaster at the Fukushima facility following last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.
The central government also failed to quickly release forecasts of radiation spreading in Fukushima and beyond made by its System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI).
A major difference between the SPEEDI forecast and the Energy Department observations is that the U.S. data concerns actual radiation measurements taken over an area with a radius of about 45 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 plant.
The monitoring showed that communities in a northwestern direction from the plant, including Namie and Iitate, had radiation levels exceeding 125 microsieverts per hour over an area as wide as 30 kilometers.
Exposure to that level of radiation for eight hours would exceed what is deemed by the government to be safe over the course of a year.
According to Foreign Ministry officials, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo twice provided data through e-mail messages. The radiation maps based on the results of the AMS were provided on March 18 and 20.
The Foreign Ministry immediately forwarded the data to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) and the science ministry, which is in charge of carrying out radiation measurements.
According to several science ministry officials, including Itaru Watanabe, the deputy director-general of the Science and Technology Policy Bureau, the science ministry and NISA not only failed to publicize the data, but neglected to pass it on to the prime minister’s office or the Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC).
The U.S. Energy Department released the monitoring data on March 23.
A department official noted that the information had been shared with the Japanese government.
When asked by The Asahi Shimbun why the information was not used to implement evacuation plans, Watanabe said: “While I now feel that the information should have been released immediately, at that time there was no thought given to using the provided data for the benefit of evacuating residents. We should have also passed on the information to the NSC.”
Even though 15 months have passed since the data was passed on by the U.S. government, officials of NISA’s Nuclear Safety Public Relations and Training Division said they were still looking into whether they obtained the information in response to repeated requests for interviews from The Asahi Shimbun.
The central government designated five municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture for evacuation on April 22. That decision was made after science ministry officials measured radiation levels on the ground and carried out joint airborne monitoring with the Energy Department.
In this way, they confirmed that areas of high radiation existed to the northwest of the plant.
Tokushi Shibata, professor emeritus of radiation management at the University of Tokyo, said: “It was a fatal error in judgment. If the data had been released immediately, the situation of residents evacuating in the wrong direction and becoming exposed to radiation could have been avoided.”
The first hint that the science ministry and NISA had obtained the radiation maps from the Energy Department came in late October. However, uncovering what actually transpired ran into months of bureaucratic stonewalling.
In explaining why existence of the radiation map was not passed on to not only the prime minister’s office and NSC but even the top officials of the science ministry, Watanabe said, “At that time, we did not even know how accurate the measurement data was.”
Uncertainty about the accuracy of the SPEEDI forecast was also a key reason its existence was not made known to Naoto Kan, prime minister at the time, and his Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano.
When Watanabe was further pressed on why the actual measurement data was not released, he said, “At that time, the biggest issue we faced was to conduct radiation monitoring ourselves.”
Although NISA officials will not publicly admit it, several government sources said the radiation map information was passed on to NISA.
One former high-ranking NISA official recalled that a large map of radiation levels was posted on a whiteboard in a NISA office used at the time as the central government’s emergency response center.
While admitting to being impressed by the high technological level of the radiation map, the former official said, “At that time, we were doing everything we could to control the reactor cores at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. There was the thinking that monitoring was the responsibility of the science ministry.”
(This article was written by Hiroo Sunaoshi and Kazuyuki Kanai.)

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