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15 - 21 May 2011




"Map showing the 11 March 2011 magnitude 9.0 off Tohoku mainshock and 166 aftershocks of magnitude 5.5 and greater until May 20. (Source: Planetsave)" from News Updates for May 21-27


Friday, May 20, 2011 00:00 UTC


From the Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne Fukushima simulation web page.

North America

Japan and Other Asian Countries

2011-05-16 China Syndrome “might just have happened at Fukushima” — Molten fuel may have “melted through everything into the earth”, by ENENEWS.
2011-05-17 Molten fuel made it outside of Containment Vessel at Reactor No. 1– Pressure Vessel is “completely broken” says Kyoto U. nuclear professor, by ENENEWS
"East earthquake: experts 10 hours a water burning No. 1 nuclear power plant accident Hukuzima “published too late”, Mainichi, May 17, 2011:
EX-SKF Translation

[...] According to TEPCO, the data analysis shows that damage to the RPV is not extensive. However, [Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute] thinks “The RPV has been completely damaged, the melted core bore a hole at the bottom of the Containment Vessel, causing the large amount of contaminated water to leak into the ground beneath the reactor building.” [...]

2011-05-20 Nuclear accident at Fukushima-Daiichi: the IRSN is publishing an updated information note on the impact on the marine environment of the radioactive releases resulting from the accident (pdf), Directorat of Radiological Protection and Human Health, IRSN [France].

North America and Europe

2011-05-18 Radiation Map Analysis (Europe/Australasia),, []
"This article provides further analysis of the private forecast images from Norway that show significantly higher levels of radioactive fallout than the public images ever showed. Specifically, we will look at a number of forecast images covering both Europe and Australasia, which images provide further evidence that the public forecasts from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research are completely inaccurate. Based on all the data that is currently available, the conclusion at this stage is that the obscured private images do in fact show the accurate and real forecast levels for radioactive fallout.
Incredible deception is constantly taking place relative to the terrible and ongoing nuclear catastrophe that the whole world is currently witnessing. Based on this fact alone it is very important that we all stay highly alert and attentive to the situation. With three reactors in an uncontrolled state of meltdown, this crisis could become much, much worse at any moment. Thus, it is certainly in all of our best interests to take as many precautions now as we are able, such that we are as prepared as possible for whatever might happen next..."
2011-05-19 STAY OUT OF THE RAIN! 37 Times Background Radiation in Saint Louis 5/19/11 (video) uploaded by potrblog
5/19/11 Saint Louis Missouri. Approximately 5pm. The truck was driven roughly 17 miles through a light on and off drizzle. A sample taken from the hood produced 0.375 mR/hr, or roughly 37 times background radiation.
2011-05-19 As we predicted, evidence of hot particles from Fukushima: Autoradiographs from Japan, from
2011-05-19 Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Plutonium MOX Fuel Nuclear Fallout Likely To Drop On The U.S As US Plutonium Levels At 20 Year Highs,
2011-05-19 Leuren Moret Interview - Deadly Rain I - Radioactive Plume Over the continental U.S and Hawaii, hosted by Michael Ihara, Healthy Options Part 1, (14:42), Part 2 (13:46)
2011-05-20 Crazy hot radioactive rain drops in Saint Louis Mo: 0.223 mR/hr uploaded by potrblog
For the size, this is the hottest radioactive rain fallout sample I have ever taken from my truck; 0.023 mR/hr or 22x background radiation. Sample taken 5/20/11 in Saint Louis Missouri.
2011-05-20 Reactors in Meltdown As Private Forecasts Show 100x Higher Radiation (PDF), "North America has been suffering wave after wave of deadly unreported Fukushima radiation for two long months, while TEPCO hid three horrible nuclear meltdowns from the world. They were aided and abetted by Japan and North American government health departments, GE, the nuclear power industry and the Pentagon who
covered up the true levels of fallout from an unsuspecting radiated public.
2011-05-20 5/20/2011 -- Dutchsinse on NBC Newschannel 5 w/ Leisa Zigman -- Fukushima Radiation = LOW.
I was featured on tonights Friday night, 10 o'clock news!
NBC Newschannel 5 KSDK w/ Leisa Zigman--- decided to run a series of tests on ground water / precipitation here in Missouri. All tests came back "low". This is the portion that aired on TV... the rest should be available soon via an online view capability.
"St. Louis County, MO (KSDK) - This month the EPA quietly announced it was scaling back its radiation monitoring because the threat of fallout from Japan's nuclear crisis had decreased.
Since the Fukushima disaster, some of you have questioned the accuracy of the government's tests.
In response, NewsChannel 5 contracted with Test America, a nationally recognized environmental lab to run independent tests. Test America is accredited by the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. In April and early May, we collected rainwater in St. Louis County and Fairview Heights, Illinois.
In March, St. Louisan Michael Janitch, better known by his YouTube followers as DutchSinse, had begun his own radiation testing. After the disaster in Japan, he purchased a Geiger counter and conducted tests and posted results online.
"Trust but verify. That is my philosophy and so, I like to just get secondary measurements," he said.
Janitch has become a YouTube sensation of sorts. More than eight million people have watched his videos.
"We are in Missouri, right? This is the Show Me State? Show me," he said. "We know the government fails at a lot of things. That's why I don't trust it. That is why I am verifying for myself."
Our independent test looked at a number of factors that would indicate radiation, including gross alpha beta, cesium-137 and, most important, iodine-131.
Experts say iodine-131 is the best test to determine whether radiation has made its way over from Japan to St. Louis. It turns out iodine-131 was never tested in rainwater in Missouri. In fact, the closest testing site was in Kansas.
An EPA official told the I-Team that as far as he knows, we are the only organization to test iodine-131 in Missouri rainwater since the disaster in Japan.
Health physicist Steve Passig reviewed our findings. He specializes in radiation safety for SAIC, an environmental consulting firm.
"All of those (levels) would be considered safe levels. Not of a concern," Passig said.
He explained how our findings mirrored the EPA's results.
"The background levels of radioactivity are not a health concern," Passig said, adding that the levels of iodine-131 were not detectable.
Even skeptic Janitch found normal levels of radiation from North Carolina to Missouri.
The EPA has more than 100 monitoring stations throughout the country and officials say they can detect even the slightest fluctuation in radiation levels.
Since the 1950s, the EPA has overseen a network of monitoring stations checking radiation levels in air, precipitation, drinking water, and milk."
cheers to all involved... and thanks to Leisa Zigman, investigatvie reporter @ NBC Newschannel 5 here in Saint Louis, Missouri.
ALSO --- since there is a VERY good cause that Leisa Zigman supports wholeheartedly, here is a link for the Race for the cure... if you can affored to drop them a donation... please do!!!
[Editor's Note: These findings are contradicted by the potrblog entries provided above and below. According to Leuren Moret, SAIC is a major defense establishment contractor heavily tied in with Mossad-CIA and British MI-6, and hence may have a motive to cover up for the Mossad-CIA Stuxnet virus sabotage of the Fukushima reactors and extent of death being rained on America. In addition, she charges DOE with misdirecting the Japanese response to Fukushima and maintaining a coverup. Please see the 7 May 2011 interview transcript "Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks," Alfred Webre interview with Leuren Moret.]

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