Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

22 - 28 May 2011



Tuesday May 24, 2011


Wednesday May 25, 2011


North America


2011-05-25 Fukushima: a health disaster in the making. 4956 workers have been internally contaminated by nuclear radiation. (pdf) by
2011-05-27 Fukushima Day 78, "worse than Chernobyl"..."will release Radioactive steam for more than a year" (video) by connectingdots1
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"CNN: Reactors may be "riddled with holes" — Experts suspect full meltdown at No. 1, 2 and 3"
"Nuclear Super Typhoon? Massive storm may approach Fukushima this weekend — Current gusts of 195 mph"
"US Navy forecast shows super typhoon may hit Fukushima plant — TEPCO "still considering typhoon measures"
"Nuclear expert: Fukushima "has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl" — "Appears to have fit into the worst predicted scenario"
"Academics warn that TEPCO has failed to disclose scale of radiation leaks — Gov't to release details at "appropriate time"
"Highest radiation dose yet at Reactor No. 1 at 204 Sieverts per hour in drywell"
"Radiation Death chart"
"Fukushima reactors will be releasing radioactive steam for a year or more: US nuclear official"
"Grave Danger: Concern over more massive failure of containment systems at Fukushima"
"Academics warn that TEPCO has failed to disclose scale of radiation leaks — Gov't to release details at "appropriate time"
"Long-lived fission product"
2011-05-27 Assessment on the 66th day of projected external doses for populations living in the north-west fallout zone of the Fukushima nuclear accident pdf, Directorat of Radiological Protection and Human Health, IRSN [France].
2011-05-28 Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It? by Bob Nichols,, "Fukushima Daiichi Equals 50 Plus Chernobyls"

Pacific, North America and Europe Articles

2011-05-22 Excess water affects Geiger Counter readings of the 5/22/11 Storm (video) uploaded by potrblog
These readings come from a piece of sheet metal sampled with a paper towel during the 5/22/11 10pm radioactive thunderstorms passing over Saint Louis Missouri. The reading was approximately 6 times background radiation. Note how excess water in the paper towel sample attenuated the radioactivity reaching the Geiger counter.
2011-05-23 5/23/11 1pm Squall line rain radioactivity at 5 times background radiation (video) uploaded by potrblog
The rain from the backside of the 1pm squall line measured 5 times background radiation, from a sample wiped from a piece of sheet metal
2011-05-25 Part 2: ALERT- 0.62 mR/hr SHORT 1/2 LIFE Radiation from Tornadic Saint Louis Storms on 5/25/11 (video) uploaded by potrblog
2011-05-25 ALERT- 0.62 mR/hr SHORT 1/2 LIFE Radiation from Tornadic Saint Louis Storms on 5/25/11 by potrblog
Part 1 of 2 videos . Copyright 2011 by, all rights reserved
5/29/11 UPDATE
Updated confirming the detection was short half life
for a better understanding see
This was an INCREDIBLE set of Tornadoes which blasted through Saint Louis. These tornadic storms contained the strongest radiation I have detected to date. At over 2 feet of distance from the fallout rain exposed truck, the Geiger counter read 4 times background radiation (0.038 mR/hr).
Several samples were taken from the truck, the max reading was 0.62 mR/hr or 62 TIMES background radiation. The radiation appeared to be a roughly 50/50 split of Alpha and Beta radiation. When this sample was taken, it had already been STORMING for over 1.5 hours, obviously precluding any chance of this fallout being from naturally generated washout. Part 2 of the video to follow.
2011-05-26 Hawaii Farmers Treating Milk With Boron After Finding Radiation 2400 Times Above Safe Levels,
2011-05-27 ALERT!!! Fukushima Radiation Spreading Across The World (video)

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