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From Fukushima Update–Crowd Sourcing the Apocalypse (Updated) by Matthew Payne on June 18, 2011

North America


Fukushima Radiation Contamination of North America THE TRUTH is BABIES are DYING! (14:54), uploaded 2011-06-17


Japan and Asia Articles

2011-06-13 RT in Fukushima: Radiation 1000 times over normal outside no-go zone (RT Video), "Radioactive material has been detected in seawater around Japan's Fukushima plant, with concentration levels 240 times higher than safety limits. Scientists warn that the element, strontium, is highly dangerous to humans as it can accumulate in bones and possibly cause cancer."
2011-06-14 [for this date]. From Japan, U.S., Canadian Governments Complicit in Covering-up Fukushima Radiation, Alfred Webre interviews Leuren Moret, dated 15 August 2011.

Leuren Moret: People on the West Coast of the United States, and even in Arizona, have been reporting a metallic taste in their mouths. And in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle, they reported salty-tasting rain. These are indications of radioactive particles in the air just as they are in Japan. And the salty rain and probably the main cause of new increases in asthma reported in Japan and in the Northwest is Cesium Chloride, which is a compound that forms from the radioactive cesium released into the atmosphere from nuclear sources. On the night of June 14th a nuclear incident occurred in the reactor 3 building in the spent fuel pool when huge bursts of gamma ray florescence lit up the night sky and turned the reactor building as bright as the sun, indicating the spent fuel rods, and melted uranium and plutonium may have been boiling off. But it may have been something else because most of the radioactive isotopes in the spent fuel rods are oxides, and they have extremely high melting temperatures, so something certainly was happening, but we are not sure, and that is still with the assistance of a lot of top notch nuclear scientists. This is a very complex situation, and since it has never happened before there is a big learning curve. Of course we will learn a lot more about radiation because of this or accidents. The radiation from this unreported but very dangerous event on the night of June 14th was released without protecting the residents of Fukushima Prefecture, especially the children. But the radiation was detected at elevated levels from 2:30 AM to 7:30 AM on a monitor in Ibaraki Prefecture. How many curies of radiation were released? When will this nuclear war against the Japanese people and the Northern Hemisphere ever end? It is months later, and there are really no solutions to the problems at Fukushima. It is an unprecedented nuclear disaster many times worse than Chernobyl. Instead of evacuation, the Japanese Government gives the children who are sick with radiation symptoms now, they have increased asthma, diarrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome, they are very tired all the time. They have nose bleeds, it is just horrible. The government is giving them film badges to measure the external exposure dose. They are just part of the national sacrifice zone, exactly like the study groups in the U.S. who were secretly studied. Just like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims who are still being studied after we were exposed to nuclear bomb tests. The Iraq victims and Gaza victims, Cheney has been sending people over, exports over, to do dose assessments. To take soil samples and to assess the people to see how high the radiation levels are. And obviously so they can add more radiation until they can reach the desired dose to eliminate the target population. And the U.S. Government did the same thing to Americans during 1,300 nuclear bomb tests in the U.S.

2011-06-14 Nuclear Explosion 14 June 2011 (YouTube)
2011-06-16 Fukushima: It's much worse than you think: Scientific experts believe Japan's nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public by Dahr Jamail,
2011-06-18 Precise response needed to quell 'hot spot' concerns, Yomiuri Shimbun

North America and Europe Articles

2011-06-17 FOX: Is Japan Nuclear Radiation Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Infant Death Rate Spikes 48 Percent Since Radiation Detected In Drinking Water,
2011-06-17 Fukushima Radiation Contamination of North America THE TRUTH is BABIES are DYING! (video) [Editor's Note: Opens with a scene of Dr. Magano describing spike in infant deaths].
"FOX: Is Japan Nuclear Radiation Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Infant Death Rate Spikes 48 Percent
35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest US May Be From Fukushima Nuclear Fallout | Alexander Hi.."

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