Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

3 - 9 July 2011








Friday, July 8, 2011 at 00:00 hours UTC

Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 00:00 hours UTC

North America


FIG. 18: PEAK DEATHS IN US FROM FUKUSHIMA: This graph, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control, indicates that the peak period of excess deaths in the US was April 23-May 21, 2011, in the West North and South Central regions, with a peak death date (West North Central: from 0% on April 23 to 34% increase on May 7 - see table below on left as of 7/9/11). The CDC excess deaths data for each region (below on right), based on age groups, indicates that the elderly have had significant excess death rates in all 6 regions, which is expected for people in their older years with compromised health histories. However, the significant increases for the 45-64 age group (sometimes higher than for the elderly), is surprising but may be due to bomb testing exposure in childhood (1947-63), or Gulf-era veterans exposure to depleted uranium since 1990. The very high increase in death rates – 18.7% - in the 25-44 age group in the West South Central region (Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana) is hard to explain without pointing to the military, since there are many military bases in those states, and today veterans tend to settle near military bases when they get out of active duty so they can use veterans medical facilities.
Source: Bobby1, “Post-Fukushima Excess Deaths in US Updated for Sept. 3”
Transcript illustration by Leuren Moret in "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update;" Dr. James Fetzer interview with Leuren Moret (1st and 2nd hour) and Dr. Chris Busby (2nd hr), 28 Oct 2011.



North America and Europe Articles

2011-07-03 Potentially Crazy High Radioactive Rainfall in Indianapolis posted 2011-08-16 by potrblog
The samples were taken in Indianapolis Indiana on 7/3 and 7/4 of 2011 as part of our 4000 mile radioactive road trip.
The 7/3 sample was bone dry dust wiped from the hood of my car, it had rained heavily approximately 6 hours earlier. The 7/4 sample was from fresh rainfall and returned a radioactivity of approximately 10 times greater than background radiation.
I decided against publishing a back-calculated radioactivity for the 3am 7/3/11 rainfall because of the known unknowns regarding the sample and the high radioactivity the calculation returned.
[Likely Disinformation] Radiation Levels Worldwide Are Falling (video) [Editor's Note: even if true for airborne fallout, radioactive particle contamination of food and water remains a serious long term issue. Since posting, this video has been made "private" requiring log on. I suspect it is disinfo, because it is contradicted by rising readings in the U.S. and Japan]
Harm from Fukushima Radiation: A Matter Of Perspective by Jeff McMahon, Forbes

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