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10 - 16 July 2011

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2011-07-10 Japan says plant clean-up will take decades: Japan's prime minister says the decommissioning of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant would take decades, in the first government announcement of a long-term timeframe for the clean-up, AFP
2011-07-12 Radioactive Beef Distributed Nationwide in Japan
Radiation Causing Unusual Changes: What's Happening to Children Now? (Japanese video with English subtitles, 25:11)
2011-07-14 High Cesium Found In Soil In Kashiwa Near Tokyo,
"Member Asuperdry, took matters to hand and had local soil from Kashiwa tested.
23,663 bq/kg cesium 134 was found and 28,884 bq/kg cesium 137 were found in the sample.
Asuperdry has also been taking radiation readings with a detector around Kashiwa.
A recent finding at a local playground was 6.46µSv/h. Children were still being allowed to play there. These readings are put up at YouTube videos to document the findings.
As more citizens start taking readings themselves it is becoming apparent that the problem is not just in Fukushima prefecture but is far more widespread."
2011-07-15 (for this date) New International Report Shreds Japan’s Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario
, by John Daly,, 2 Nov 2011, "According to IRSN, the amount of the radioactive isotope cesium-137 that flowed into the ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant between March 21 and mid-July reached an estimated 27.1 quadrillion becquerels..."
Radiation Showing Up In Urine Of Children Outside Tokyo,

North America and Europe


"On July 1st, we at Pissin on the Roses took aim the EPA's RadNet roses to see if their radiation monitoring had roots in reality; turns out we found lots of data censoring. By July 10th the EPA shut down their RadNet Data page for Saint Louis. As of today, July 12, the EPA has put a NATIONWIDE BLACKOUT ON REAL TIME RADIOACTIVE MONITORING of Beta radiation. The EPA's statement on this fact may be found here
The EPA states:
"Near real-time beta monitoring results frequently do not pass quality control criteria due to local radiofrequency interference. For this reason, near real-time beta monitoring graphs are not displayed on this site."
Of course it would take a Freedom Of Information Act request to see if this action was a result of the Pissin On The Roses detailed expose of EPA's RadNet data censoring, but in the mean time it will suffice to examine EPA's "local radiofrequency interference" claims. One doesn't have to be a Benoit Mandelbrot to look at the chart below tracking EPA's data censoring of Saint Louis Radnet detections to realize that something just ain't right.
The EPA data censoring in Saint Louis coincides with early heavy fallout periods from Fukushima; it also strongly coincides with our very own detections of significant radioactive contamination of the local rainfall. In that light, one can only conclude that the term "RADIOfrequency interference" is pseudo ethical legalistic technical jargon for RADIOactive materials the EPA doesn't want to report. Of course the EPA has a term for that too; they call it "Reviewed and Approved" data. I guess that's a lot like this non-war we're not fighting in Libya.
Maybe we can all at least be thankful that the EPA is not in charge of issuing tornado warnings and censoring radar data, otherwise the people in Joplin might never gotten any tornado warning. Up until 1950 it used to be illegal to give tornado warnings, someone in the government figured more lives would be saved by not panicking people with tornado warnings. Maybe some day in the future after the thyroids have been burned out and the last kid has died of Fukushima Leukemia we won't have to rely on government "Reviewed and Approved" data to safeguard our families.
2011-07-14 Tuna Fish from Pacific Ocean is Radioactive (Contaminated by Fukushima Nuclear Fallout) (video)
2011-07-15 Eat Me by Michael Collins,
"When Denise Anne and I started Radiation Station exactly four months ago today, we had no idea how much the ongoing meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex were going to change our lives.
Within days, we began live-streaming ambient interior and exterior radiation readings 24-7 in the western Los Angeles Basin where millions of people live. We equipped ourselves with High Efficiency Air Particle (HEPA) filters and a countertop reverse osmosis water purification system* which we use along with a previously purchased Berkey water filter...
...While the ambient air readings have been generally benign, our tests of rain water, so-called June Gloom mist, HEPA filter dust, some powdered milk, chocolate and fruit have shown preliminary indications of elevated radiation levels that point to a culprit upwind of us, Fukushima. Astronomical amounts of highly fissile radioactive material have been spewing out of Fukushima unceasingly since three reactors melted down March 15.
Generally, Los Angeles has been the beneficiary of being south of where the jet stream across the Pacific has flowed since March. Fukushima is upwind of the United States, however, and other regions like the Bay Area, Northern California, the Northwest and Midwest have been hammered by high radiation. Potrblog in St. Louis has repeatedly tested rainwater coming in at 62 times background radiation, a level that is dozens of times more than what the Environmental Protection Agency considers harmful.
So where is the EPA in testing your food for Fukushima fallout contamination? They tested for it from March 11 through June 30 and then said sayonara to enhanced monitoring even though many of their readings were abnormally high.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repeatedly discounted any possibility that Fukushima fallout could impact America. This week, the NRC released its Near-Term Task Force report on Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century.
Scanning this report we discovered that it includes a dedication to individuals who responded to the Fukushima disaster for their efforts that have resulted in “no fatalities and the expectation of no significant radiological health effects” from the disaster.
The amount of radiation that has oozed into the ocean and steamed into the air at Fukushima is huge and will most certainly have significant radiological health effects. To dare to print such dangerous nonsense belies either incomprehension of science or another agenda driven by money and power. Neither is acceptable.
The government’s take on this is that it’s over even though just one of the destroyed reactors contains enough Plutonium-239 to kill every person on the planet six times over. The deliberately misleading head-in-the-sand policy adopted by the government has put the citizenry at risk without their consent.
The EPA decision to halt testing came over a week before the Japanese owner of the stricken reactors, TEPCO, admitted that three of the six reactors melted down on the first day. The EPA didn’t reconsider resumed fallout testing upon learning this nor did it when it was subsequently informed through the media that these reactors have undergone something much more terrifying and uncontrollable which is called a melt-through.
A melt-through is when the molten goo of a reactor in full meltdown burns its way through its containment vessel of steel and concrete. Now TEPCO says it won’t even be able to fix the destroyed fuel rods for at least ten years as if these “rods” even were intact.
And the EPA has not even made a peep about resumed and more robust radiological testing across the nation that has already seen environmental contamination of air, water and food. Finds in foodstuffs and rainwater by the University of Berkeley have shown extensive impacts from radionuclides associated with meltdowns. Fukushima’s fingerprints are all over the place.
The American people are on their own, ‘reassured’ by people claiming authority to posit what on the face of it is a complete falsehood: that this out of control situation, which is getting worse by the day, could in no way affect the health and well being of the creatures that inhabit this land. It already has. It could take years or decades to see the tragic results.
Geiger counters are virtually impossible to obtain. Most Americans haven’t a clue about the threat that this silent and growing menace poses to our water supply, crops, animals, land, environment, health and gene pool. Even now, with two reactor complexes threatened with flooding from the Missouri River and another back east spewing water from its reactor, most folks carry on as if there aren’t three meltdowns upwind of us, three melt-throughs that threaten an ecological calamity the likes of which humanity has never seen.
They won’t see it either because radiation is invisible. It’s also tasteless and doesn’t smell. That makes foraging for fallout-free food so challenging.*
Even though Denise Anne and I have radically adapted our diet to the new realities of radiation contamination, searching out pre-March 11 produced items, finding food grown south of the Equator, growing our own and knowing which foods currently on the grocery shelves were made with last summer’s harvest, most corn being an important example.
We still consume items that aren’t guaranteed to be fallout free. These items have to be tested.
Lucky for us we have an Inspector nuclear radiation monitor which I have used for nearly a dozen years in my role as an environmental investigative reporter. While it may not catch everything due to limitations beyond my control, it sure does catch a lot.
When we go shopping, we first aim to shop rad-smart and then test the items upon returning home. Sometimes, however, I will test items in stores to save me the problem of buying something I know could be impacted by Fukushima. Other times, I’ll test the groceries out in the car before driving off.
The EPA is not testing our food adequately. Our answer to that is Eat Me. We want to share with you our purchases in an effort to let you see what we have found to be rad-free. It’s no guarantee that these items are totally rad free – to better elucidate that we would need this Ludlum Isotopic Identifier which only costs a mere $15,678.57. (Of course, if you’d like to help us move towards our goal of purchasing this radionuclide identifier, please see the PayPal button on the sidebar of this site.)
But you can damn well bet the farm that I’m not serving up anything contaminated to my bride. And I will work to the best of my ability to find food that’s not hot and test the stuff that may be.
The receipts we’re sharing are from post-Fukushima purchases and do not include everything we eat (we are fortunate to be stocked up on plenty of pre-Fukushima food). You may notice we aren’t exactly gourmet diners and it’s possible you’ll not share our preferences.
We simply want to put our money where our mouth is and our mouth where our money is so to speak. You can too – please feel free to share your discoveries and tips in our Comments section below.
One last thing – if you use these receipts to better judge food options open to you, you agree to abide by our Disclaimer.
We will update Eat Me with receipts every time we shop.
Bon Appétit!
*We bought our reverse-osmosis machine from Southern California-based Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. and were so impressed that we became an affiliate. If you buy through us the company will pay us a commission which will be used to run’s Radiation Station and our multiple investigations.
2011-05-22 5/22/2011 -- Scalar Square out of Springfield / Rolla, MO -- new forecast for next 24-48 hrs uploaded by "Dutchsinse" [Editor's Note: I currently have not done enough research to verify the validity the "HAARP ring" approach or related interpretations by "Dutchsins" [aka Michael Jannick out of St. Louis]. I list it here simply because I currently view it as an interesting phenomenon worthy of additional investigation. However, I am unhappy that beginning in mid to late May and continuing into August "Dutchsinse" diverted most of his focus to the exclusion of the continuing Fukushima radiation threat and towards HAARP rings and earthquakes. Also, his low radiation findings in St. Louis were contradicted both the day before and day after by "potrblog." Nevertheless, I have embedded a lot of Dutchsinse's videos covering Fukushima from March to May because he captured a lot of good animations by major meteorological services around the world, to include the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), before they all suspiciously shut down in mid-May. In any event, I am very eclectic, and will link to anything if I think it provides important facts and insights, to include material by Communists, Nazis, Zionists, queers, and even certain "Zionazi" people who help conduct gratuitous TSA-airport genitalia groping and other nefarious DHS activities, so I recognize that Dutchsinse posted some valuable videos covering the first two months of Fukushima.]

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