Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

14 - 20 August 2011

Editor's Note: I have listed radiation plume forecast charts on the web pages from 03-11 / 03-19 to 07-31 / 08-06. Unfortunately I have none to show on this web page because they have been discontinued by major weather services. In what may be interpreted as an act of major social irresponsibility, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) discontinued its updates on May 11th, and the German Weather Service (DWD) discontinued its plume forecasts as well in early August 2011. But the biggest and most notorious cowards and criminals of all are at the highest levels of the Obama Administration and the City of London. First, we must consider Mossad-CIA and their highest level handlers (Rothschilds-City of London, Queen of England, British MI6) who in all likelihood sabotaged the Fukushima reactors with the Stuxnet virus. In addition, their "yes-man" Barack Hussein Obama II (or Barry Soetoro, or whatever) has refused to alert the public to this grave continuing danger, to include advising citizens to take the most basic protective measures necessary such as staying out of the rain. According to Leuren Moret (please see the transcript of Dr. James Fetzer's 18 July 2011 interview with her titled "Fukushima and the Global Danger"), the U.S. Department of Energy has completely misdirected the Japanese response. It has been so horribly inadequate and perverse that it may very well result in the total ruin and even genocide of most of the Japanese nation -- and much of our own as well. Given that many experts believe that the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 caused the early deaths of over a million people in Europe in the twenty five years that followed -- and that the Fukushima catastrophe could be on the order of magnitude of more than a 100 to a 1,000 worse -- it is very possible that every month that this crisis continues over a million additional Americans get tagged with early deaths from cancer and other radiation-induced diseases. Worse yet, there is currently no end in sight. Please help us alert responsible individuals around the world regarding the urgent need to mobilize whatever resources are necessary to contain and mitigate this catastrophe as soon as possible.


Dial -M- for Mass Murder.... What Killed You Where You Sit... Deal With it! uploaded 15 August 2011, (5:03)


From: Breaking News: Black Rain posted by Mochizuki on August 19th, 2011. See additional commentary in entry below.

Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone (RT video) 17 Aug 2011

Fukushima - Japan TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!! (RT Video) (10:01) 18 Aug 2011

North America

Japan and Other Asia-Related Articles

2011-08-14 Tweets from Japan: “When we wash their hair, it comes off in a clump — It is really scary,”
2011-08-15 Fukushima: Pacific Ocean Radiation Over 3,000 Times Normal — Doctors Refusing To Treat Radiation Poisoning (RT-Video). Chris Busby says that robots did not work at Chernobyl because high radiation impaired functioning of electronic circuits.
2011-08-15 (for this day) Fukushima radioactive seawater plume spreading across Pacific Ocean, by DutchSinse,, 22 Aug 2011"
“The Chinese newspaper, Science and Technology announced on August 15 the detection of an area 100,000 square miles in size in the Pacific Ocean containing Cesium radiation levels of up to 300 times normal and Strontium radiation levels up to 100 times normal – much larger than the Japanese government has acknowledged.
“Presumably, the fisheries and the entire food chain in this expanding area are contaminated, from the microscopic plankton to the 800-lbs. tuna fish to the whales,” summarizes Forbidden Knowledge TV.
FKTV adds, “Tuna can swim up to 400 miles per day, spreading the contamination faster than the ocean currents.
“Seafood caught in the Pacific should be tested for safety before being eaten.”
Here is the link to see the plume dispersion.
Read more at dutchsinse.
2011-08-15 (for this day to 25 August) Breaking News: Fukushima in recriticality posted by Mochizuki on September 9th, 2011
At four different places in Japan, Iodine 131 was detected between 15th-25th August.
The half life time of Iodine 131 is about 8 days.
It’s natural to think Fukushima got into the recriticality state...
2011-08-17 Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone (RT video)
"Workers at Japan's Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the cracks. The cooling system at the plant failed after the devastating tsunami hit Japan in March, sparking a nuclear crisis. But new evidence suggests that Fukushima reactors were doomed to cripple even before the massive wave reached them. RT's Anissa Naouai talks to Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute."
2011-08-17 Radiation Expert: Huge Quantities of Radiation Are Still Being Released from Fukushima ... And Radiation Levels In Some Parts of Tokyo Are Higher than In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone,
"Huge Quantities of Radiation Are Still Being Released By Fukushima
Radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby says that huge quantities of radiation - 1013 or 10 trillion becquerels per hour - are still being released from Fukushima.
This is down slightly from some of the radiation levels observed in March, which - as I noted in April - exceeded levels pumped out at Chernobyl during the week-long fire.
But given that the Fukushima crisis has continued for months, Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl in terms of radiation released. See this and this.
Very High Radiation Levels Found in Tokyo
Busby brought sophisticated radiation testing equipment to Japan, and says that the radiation from one sample from Tokyo was higher than existed inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone."
2011-08-18 Fukushima - Japan TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!! (RT Video)
2011-08-19 Breaking News: Black Rain by Mochizuki
Storm brought fallout to the Kanto area on 8/19/2011.
Since it started to rain,around 11:30AM, radiation level spiked up around in Tokyo.
Like in Kanagawa, it was 0.055 uSv/h before the rain but it jumped up to 0.095 uSv/h.
This is almost the highest level since April.
This rain is highly likely to contain cesium,which caused the spike up.
0.095 uSv/h isn’t the problem.Hot particles coming out of the rain water when it’s dry matters when we breathe it to our lung.
In Kanto area,nobody should touch the rain either. Especially cesium is absorbed from hair too.
The night before the day,8/18/2011 22:00~23:00,massive steam splashed from Fukushima plants too.
and the wind blew from north on 8/19. It is rational to think the steam came to Tokyo.
On the internet,our grass rooted community had a consensus that the account called “Happy”is a whistle-blower of Tepco.
but we are starting to suspect it recently since he has been commenting the “steam” is a harmful rumor.
Now the steam and smoke is observed even on the Fukuichi camera.
Probably, adioactive steam is splashing out of the cracks in the ground actually.
Fallout will affect our tap water in 2~3 days from now.
Can’t we escape from the endless hell.."
2011-08-20 Fukushima Radiation Plume Mirrored from Dutchsinse (video) uploaded by dutchsinse. Discussion of simulation of radiation dispersion in Pacific off Japan.
Another link to see the plume dispersion:



North America

2011-08-14 Rainout of hot particles from radioactive clouds to continue for another year — Not just in Pacific Northwest, says Gundersen (AUDIO), [Editor's Note: In the audio clip, Gundersen also said the Obama administration made a decision to downplay the Fukushima radiation in America, and imports Japanese goods without checking their radiation levels]
2011-08-16 Highest Yet: Rain near Toronto, Canada measures 20,000 CPM per square meter — “Crazy hot” (VIDEO),
2011-08-16 Radioactivity in rain 20 000cpm / sq. meter Toronto Canada!!!, by Chad McNamera.
Hi all!
This is part 3 of my measurements of the radioactivity falling on the north of GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada on August 14th 2011 at 17h55.
Aprox. 1 square meter of smooth surface wiped (glass, solar panels).
Measured with a Eberline HP-260 Pancake Probe and with a Eberline E-140 counter. (Sorry for the crappy video quality, I was using my cell phone camera, I guess it's alright for a first upload...)
I measured 20 000 cpm per square meter of wipe today!!! This is the all time record since I have been taking measurements since March 14th 2011 . Previous record was 10 000cpm (counts per minute).
One panel I always keep clean, but the other panels collected quite a bit of dirt which seems to increase the radioactivity collection ability. The panels were not radioactive before it rained.
The decay rate is typically 33min - 45minutes. This matches Radon decay daughter products being selectively washed out of the atmosphere, (hence the variable decay rate.)
Where is it from? Is it normal? Is it from Fukushima? Is the NWO spiking the clouds with radioactive isotopes for weather modification? Dunno. I all know, is we get cooked virtually every time it rains or snows. The levels are increasing. In the beginning the levels were roughly doubling every 2 weeks. Since the start of the summer the levels stabilized to 3500-5000 cpm per sq. meter every time it rained. But today, yikes! 20 000cpm!
Luckily the decay rate is short and I never detect any residual radiation in the wipes after a day or so. That's what is saving us from being cooked well done..."
2011-08-17 4000 mile Radioactive Road Trip: Cool Rain in the Florida Keys! video From: potrblog
Part of our 4000 mile radioactive road trip; Marathon Florida in the FL Keys.
The rain was remarkably cool from a radioactive perspective, give the SIXTY TWO times greater than background radiation Fallout storms we have had in Saint Louis. The further the one gets from the Jet-Stream the lower the radioactive Fukushima fallout.
Notice in the video that the storm is moving from West to East; storms traveling in that direction showed radioactivity. Storms coming from the Hurricane corridor, moving East to West, tended to have ZERO radiation. [Editor's Note: A Radioactive Glass Bottom Boat Tour of John Pennekamp Coral Reef (video) by Potrblog has the following caption:
"This video is part of our 4000 mile Radioactive Roadtrip field investigation. A two hour timed total count was taken lasting the entirety of a Glass Bottom boat tour off of Key Largo at John Pennekamp state park.
The result was a two hour total of 2322 counts, which averages to 0.0055 mR/hr (standardized to Cs137); this is the lowest average background reading we have encountered."
2011-08-17 Researcher: Tokyo sample had radioactivity levels higher than in Chernobyl exclusion zone — “There’s a very, very high level of contamination even as far south as Tokyo” (VIDEO)
2011-08-18 Oahu Radiation Monitor Results by Michael Rivero.
2011-08-18 "The Whole World Will Be Exposed From The Radiation From Fukushima",
...radiation experts say that huge quantities of radiation are currently being released by Fukushima.
In addition to direct releases, the Japanese are burning radioactive material, putting much more radioactivity into the air.
Japanese doctors are warning about the dangers of radiation for the Japanese people ... especially kids.
Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that radioactive rain-outs were documented recently in British Columbia and Oklahoma with geiger counters.
And former Nasa photo analyst Michael Rivero - who has been measuring radiation levels in Oahu, Hawaii, every day since the Japanese earthquake - reports the highest radiation readings yet are occurring right now.
Postscript: No, the levels of radiation we're being exposed to are not safe. And see this.
2011-08-18 Japan now admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's/Day and West coast Radiation forecast - Part1 (video) by connectingthedots1
"Click on "Show more" for links to stories,please read and share the info! "Radiation is cumulative & much more dangerous when it is ingested than when it is outside of you"
"Japan admits daily radioactive release from Fukushima at 154 trillion Becquerels, many times higher than previously announced — Nuclear commission blames calculation error"
"FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs: Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide"
"Two different stories told on safety of local radioactivity "
2011-08-19 EPA Radnet Data,
"Reminder: "normal" is 30-60 CPM for beta and 3X background is concerning. At 300CPM the EPA advises emergency response workers to take protective action.
With that said, Pittsburgh is at 400 CPM beta
Harrisonburg Virgina is at 675 CPM
The people monitoring in Amarillo Texas have decided not to report the very high spikes anymore, as evident by the jagged straight lines on the graph but did decide to report today's level of just under 350 CPM, probably because this level is so low compared to recent highs
It looks like Rapid City SD just decided to stop reporting altogether around the 11 of August. Too many extremely high spikes I guess (up to 600 CPM)
MANY cities are reporting levels around 200 CPM while others are coming down from highs to run around 100-150. Check out the city in your area here
Please note how few cities are reporting data at all.
2011-08-19 8/19/2011 -- THEORY OF FUKUSHIMA -- Finnish Scientist (HAARP quake, methane, and radiation) (12:37), From: dutchsinse [Editor's Note: I believe that Leuren Moret and her contacts within the scientific community in the U.S. and Japan are closer to the truth -- to include their description of the key role of Mossad-CIA's Stuxnet virus -- nevertheless this interview has many valuable facts and insights].
2011-08-20 (for this date) Post-Fukushima Excess Deaths in U.S. Updated for August 20 (pdf), 26 Aug 2011. "The latest week 33 mortality statistics (through August 20) issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now indicate that the number of excess deaths in the U.S. since the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster now stands at 32,090."
2011-08-20 !!!ALERT!!! 178 X Background Radiation in Saint Louis Rain 8/20/11 uploaded by Potrblog
UPDATE 8/29: I have been able to identify the primary Radioactive elements in this rainfall. See the following video for the update:
UPDATE 8/23: I have been able to analyze the decay data. Much like the radioactive Sulfur detection in California, based on the amplitude, I suspect this fallout to be TENORM. A follow up video will be forth coming. For more information on TENORM follow this link:
ALERT!!! 178 X Background Radiation in Saint Louis Rain
This data may be indicative of a RECENT SIGNIFICANT radiological event in Fukushima.
The reading was taken at approximately 10:20am on 8/20/11 in Saint Louis Missouri from a vehicle that had driven approximately 4 miles through the trailing edges of a thunderstorm.
The sample returned a reading of 1.786 mR/hr, which equates to ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT times greater than normal background radiation. This reading is almost 3 times greater than the previous high reading of 62x background radiation.

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