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27 Nov - 3 Dec 2011

North America


2011-11-28 Fukushima Triple Temperature Troubles Nuclear update 11/28/11,
"Temperature has gone "over scale" at reactor 2, Fukushima Diary, November 27, 2011 (Emphasis Added):
Unusual Events?
* "Today Tepco started their press conference 20 mins late, which is unusual ... They did not even prepare documents to explain the current situation of the reactors." * "Considering the unusual atmosphere of Tepco at the press conference, Japanese journalists are suspecting they are hiding something crucial again."
TEPCO on Triple Temperature Troubles
1) Reactor No. 2 * The gas pressure controlling room temperature has gone over scale, in the suppression chamber * Because the temperature has gone too high, the heat gauge is inaccurate * They say other 2 heat gauges are indicating normal temperature, but they are about 100 meters away * The area is extremely radioactive, so no one can get close to check, fix, or replace heat gauge
3) Reactor No. 2 * Dry well of container vessel is unusually heated * Nov. 27 at At 11:00 am JST, a heat gauge at the point indicated 85.3 C * However, Tepco state there is no problem because other 5 heat gauges around that point show 65~69C, which is usual, so the heat gauge has gone out of order * Yet this is just at the same time as Trouble No. 2 above? * The heat gauge is also in a highly radioactive area so they are unable to get close enough to check, fix, or replace
3) Reactor No. 3 * The water cooling system is not properly working * Water coming into the system and coming out of the system shows similar temperature * They assume it is because a valve was turned off * Nov. 19 was the last time it was checked * They don't know why the valve got turned off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Link to full 1 hr video (in japanese)
*Note: Single radiation dose of 2,000 millisieverts (200,000 millirems) and above causes serious illness. See also exposure list below.
Half-life of some radioactive elements
[NOTE: Half-life is the time taken for a radioactive substance to decay by half.] * Cesium-134 ~ 2 years * Cesium-137 ~ 30 years * Iodine-131 ~ 8 days * Plutonium-239 ~ 24,200 years * Ruthenium-103 ~ 39 days [Ruthenium is a fission product of uranium-235.] * Ruthenium-106 ~ 374 days * Strontium-90 ~ 28.85 years [Strontium-90 is a product of nuclear fission and is found in large amounts in spent nuclear fuel and in radioactive waste from nuclear reactors.] * Uranium-234 ~ 246,000 years * Uranium-235 ~ 703.8 million years * Uranium-238 ~ 4.468 billion years
2011-11-28 Scary Tepco Webcam Images,
Nuckelchen at Enenews has been posting webcam clips that show something yellow seething from different camera angles at Fukushima near reactor 2
There is considerable distortion in the images surrounding the yellow, seething mass.
Yesterday I saw the glow from the live cam located here
Today at the webcam stamp 11:28 23:44 I can still see the undulating glow of that mass.
What is it?
Johnny Blade at the Enenews link above noted that we saw this yellow glow in pics of reactor #2 early in the disaster. Images of the reactor spanning the last few months can be found here:
Now Tepco is reporting that the temp in reactor 2 has "gone over scale."
I cannot find any coverage of this story at Asahi, NHK, Japan Today or Mainichi.
Mainichi is reporting that Japan's Atomic Energy Insurance pool will not renew insurance for Tepco's Fukushima I plant
here is an excerpt:
"The pool, a group formed by 23 nonlife insurance companies to provide nuclear power plant-related liability insurance, judged that the risks from the plant are still high, even though the nuclear disaster triggered by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami is gradually being brought under control.
If the nuclear plant, which is operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), is left uninsured, then work to bring the crisis under control and decommission the plant's crippled reactors could be adversely affected..."
Majia here: Note that Mainichi writes that the plant is "gradually being brought under control."
The Japanese are committing suicide with their lies.
The Truth:
1. Tepco is releasing contract workers and appears to being abandoning the plant.
2. Radiation levels at the plant appear to be rising and strange phenomena, including gaseous blue clouds and yellow masses, are periodically visible on the webcams
3. Radiation in the surrounding area has become astronomical, as evidenced by this recent headline
Cesium levels hit tens of billions of becquerels at river mouth November 25, 2011
4. People in Japan are now dying from radiation exposure.
5. Radiation levels in the US remain elevated under the jet stream with levels in precipitation still over 30X background in areas
6. I don't know what this all means but I feel like I am witnessing the collapse of our civilization and, perhaps, our species."
2011-11-28 Mack November 29, 2011 at 1:18 pm Log in to Reply,
Points from interview with Yoshi [Shimatsu interview with Jeff Rense on 28 Nov 2011]:
—-> FARMING: Some Japanese farmers are plowing the soil so the cesium is being distributed even deeper.
—-> Some farmers have their blinders on and have adopted Japanese style of living life with blinders on.
—-> Rense says Japan is waging a nuclear war against themselves by burning radioactive waste.
—-> The world is saying nothing about Fukushima. World preoccupied with carbon which might affect London in 100 years. Priorities are wrong.
—-> IODINE-131 FOUND IN EUROPE: the first report came from NORWAY, measured in high altitude 10,000 feet jet stream! So there’s no way the radiation is from small research institute in Hungary.
—-> IAEA should hang their heads in shame. They’re “witch doctors.”
—-> Arctic Ozone Hole opened up in March and April—-caused by Fukushima radiation leakages.
—-> There are record temperatures in Scandanavia that have never happend before – due to ozone hole allowing infra-red getting thru unblocked and heating up Scandinavia.
—-> No one dared talk about all of this at climate change conference. They know it’s not carbon dioxide that’s doing this -it’s happening too fast.
—-> Record year of shark attacks because of lack of fish in polluted ocean.
—-> Coastal northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska are major providers to Japan of seafood. If that seafood is contaminated, you’re going to see a massive economic crisis across the coast of North America.
—-> The CRISIS is still unfolding.
2011-11-28 Personal Comments About Japan's Tragic Willingness to Sacrifice its Children: We in the US and Canada Are No Different,
Kelly Ann Thomas made this remark at Enenews in a forum about the death of a young journalist in Fukushima and I asked her if I could re-post her comment because it so thoughtfully expressed the feelings so many of us are struggling with at Enenews. She provided permission after my comment below.
This is the thread where she made the comment.
Kelly Ann Thomas
November 27, 2011 at 6:21 pm
I am having a hard time focusing on words because all I can think of are bodies of the walking dead. I am so sad for Japan and for humanity. I wonder how many more people have already died from radiation poisoning and we just haven’t been told the truth.
I don’t want to get used to the idea that this is only the beginning of the first wave.
I look at the radiation maps and I just cry. There is a certainty about Japan’s future. Sadness, despair, melancholy, anger, frustration…and there isn’t anything I can do. Sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back to Enenews a dozen times a day (probably more) because the new gets worse and worse and there is all beyond my control.
In the end there isn’t anything we can do, is there? Is that why Edgar Cayce said Japan MUST fall into the ocean?
Is shutting down the other reactors before there is no one else left alive to shut them down our only option?
As it gets worse, the resources will dwindle and the remaining population will be left to fend for themselves in a radioactive wasteland.
More than anything, it is the children that make me lose it. I cannot stand the thought of millions of dying orphans, but that’s what will happen, won’t it? What hope do any of those children have for a beautiful future? It’s just so unfair – and the government and Tepco sit in shamed silence, abandoning the children, abandoning their future.
The first wave is just beginning. What will we see a year from now? I cannot begin to fathom this layer of darkness that will envelope the world.
I hate that there isn’t anything I can do to stop millions of people from dying from this catastrophe. I don’t want to get used to this reality.

Majia: Kelly Ann, may I re-post your comment here on my blog using your name as posted here?
I feel exactly the same way you do.
I have tried to get people I know to pay attention, but few will–and I hang out with academics.
I cannot believe the world would let this happen to the Japanese children without demanding evacuation.
Basically, it seems that if a country wants to slaughter their own, the world’s most powerful nations are content to let that happen without raising a word of concern.
Americans and Canadians better look closely because they are next.

2011-11-29 Fukushima Will Not Go Away by Dr. Mark Sircus
2011-11-29 Analysis of the Japanese Government's Report of Radiation Contamination,
This analysis by the blog Survival Japan addresses many of the inconsistencies and probable falsehoods in the Japanese Government's official assessment of radiation contamination. A must read article.
I agree that people in Japan are probably better off reading the SafeCast analysis, conducted independently by Japanese citizens
Meanwhile, radiation levels continue to be very elevated in the US as evidenced by private readings and by those EPA sites still reporting (some sites censor peaks and other sites are clearly tampering with data as evidenced by strange patterns not consistent with others in region).
It it time for US and Canadian citizens to start creating their own radiation maps in areas believed to be hard hit as a result of jet stream dynamics and precipitation patterns.
Levels hit 500CPM today in Phoenix. I had problems with my asthma again and both my son and I got headaches. Could this level of radiation, after months of low level exposure, be causing these symptoms?
The correlation exists between my asthma and the EPA levels for my area, but is it causal?
I don't know, but I am terrified that the answer might be affirmative.
How long can this go on?"
2011-11-30 Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1: TEPCO and NHK's Obfuscation on Corium in the Concrete [TEPCO Obfuscation Of Reactor 1 Corium Into The Concrete -],
2011-11-30 Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan [Melted Fukushima Fuel May Already Be 40 Feet Underground-] by Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times
2011-11-30 Fukushima Steaming Away This Morning,
"Steam is visible and is erupting from under the tent covering unit 1 and to the right of unit 4 at 11:30 23:19
No wonder radiation levels in Japan and the US are worsening.
2011-12-02 Melted Fuel Near Point of Reaching Bottom Container, Barrier Needed [Call For Building Barrier UNDER Fukushima Reactors],
2011-12-02 Alert: Something Unprecedented on Tepco Webcam,
Tepco webcam stamp
12:03 starting around 1:50
Major distortion on screen. Waves of distortion. Lots of muted colors that are fogging up the screen, including red, yellow, pea-green, and blue. The entire screen was fogged up except for parts of unit 1 and the area immediately next to the webcam.
Massive distortion in wave form within the fog of colors.
Waves emanating outwards.
I've been watching for 25 minutes. It has not stopped.
I hope someone is taping this video.
Called my dad. We looked at it together.
Could it be the hydro-volcanic explosion the architect of unit 3 warned about--an eruption of radioactive steam?
2011-12-02 FUKU FIRE FRIDAY & FORECAST CHANGE 12.2.2011 (video), Uploaded by ichicax4.
"New events at Fukushima may indicate a possible fire, or above ground reaction occurring...with absence of usable data or assessment fromTepco it is difficult to judge. If there is some type of fire or fission event, releases into jet stream will hit Alaska, BC, Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona New Mexico and Texas over next 1-4 days. Pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, sick and those with compromised immunities will be at highest risk from potential fallout. IMO It would be prudent to exercise extreme caution and limit all unnecessary outdoor activity.
Please share this video with anyone you know living in the above mentioned areas.
**I will be co-hosting Wide Awake News with Charlie McGrath tonight 12.02.2011 at 6 pm west coast -- 9 pm east coast and will update this situation. You can find them on the internet and chat in real time, or just listen in
Daytime flashes 12.1/red and green:
Nighttime Jnn camera 12.1-12.2 yellow and green:
Nuclear fuel cycle explained:
Zirconium cladding article from NYT archive:
Jet stream forecast:
Surfstream forecast of entire Pacific (Hawaii got lucky this time):
NOAA 5 day precip map for US:
7 day Alaska/Canadian precip:
Link to facebook page:
Old civil defense fallout video, one of my fav's...learn it now, then teach it to others:
Fukushima fuel rods may have completely melted: One of the plant's nuclear reactors was close to being breached as fuel rods bore through its concrete floor, says Tepco by Justin McCurry,
2011-12-02 Fukushima Diary: Expert States Tokyo is on Path of Kiev,
"Fukushima Diary is translating an interview. Below is a brief excerpt. Read the entire post here
"Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, the chairman of German Society of Radiation Protection had a lecture in Berlin,and talked about Tokyo.
To the question about what we can do to minimize the damage of the accident, he answered:

“Nothing. There is no way to stop the nuclear fuel that has melted-through leaking. All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.
We must avoid internal exposure from contaminated food. Authorities are trying to make Japanese eat polluted food for their twisted patriotism, but on the other hand, citizens are setting up independent labs around Japan. This is very important. However, lab facility costs are huge. Maintenance, recording the data costs too. Now, the best thing Germans can do is to support those independent facilities financially.”

2011-12-02 IF FUKU GOES HYDROVOLCANIC part 1 12.02.2011 Wide Awake News (video) (15:01), Uploaded by ichicax4 on Dec 4, 2011
Or should I say when? PART 1 of my recent radio interview with Charlie McGrath on Wide Awake News, with Karen Tostada, regarding a possible (some experts say inevitable) Fukushima hydrovolcanic explosion, civil defense protocol from 1963, sheltering in, possible recent fire at reactor #3, Agenda 21 and depopulation, OWS. Please check out following articles for more info on China Syndrome at Fukushima.
If there is some type of explosive event, releases into jet stream will hit Alaska and Hawaii in 2 days or possibly sooner, BC, Alberta, Pacific Northwest and approximately 3 days, depending on jet stream. Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona New Mexico and Texas 4 days. Latitude of ND 4.5-5 days...then east coast. Europe approximately 7 days out from event. We would have to shelter indoors work or school...x14-30 days after all fires extinguished. Pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, sick and those with compromised immunities will be at highest risk from potential fallout.
This is based on fallout scenario published by civil defense department in 1963.
German expert weighs in on hydrovolcanic possibility, posted on Enenews today 12.04.2011:
If architect of reactor #3 is worried, you should be worried:
2011-12-02 fourTy= Tbs Tepco Trick Timelapse (video),
" 00:32 when the camera from tbs switch from day into night modus you can see the red light on the crane left sided changes into yellow and the light beneath the reactorium 3 has in the moment of changing a yellow shine too, but switched fast back to green light, but much brighter then before.
that comes from the night modus.
as a little bit daylight is also there the night modus will powereing lights to strong.
you can see that the brightness of both lights goes down when the bim-bam-reactorium x-mas lightshow is dimmed downer."
2011-12-02 (for this day) Reactor 4 is falling apart, posted by Mochizuki on December 12th, 2011
"The wall of the south side is falling apart at reactor 4.
Reactor 4 is in the most serious situation. It is assumed that if another aftershock hits it to drop the spent fuel pool hung in the building, the entire area in eastern Japan would be too contaminated to be inhabitable.
On 12/2/2011 (JST), something like “fire” was observed beside reactor 4.
Since then, a strong light has been set toward Fukuichi camera as if it was hiding something by white out..."
2011-12-02 FUKU FIRE FRIDAY & FORECAST CHANGE 12.2.2011 (video), Uploaded by ichicax4 on Dec 2, 2011
"New events at Fukushima may indicate a possible fire, or above ground reaction occurring...with absence of usable data or assessment fromTepco it is difficult to judge. If there is some type of fire or fission event, releases into jet stream will hit Alaska, BC, Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona New Mexico and Texas over next 1-4 days. Pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, sick and those with compromised immunities will be at highest risk from potential fallout. IMO It would be prudent to exercise extreme caution and limit all unnecessary outdoor activity.
Please share this video with anyone you know living in the above mentioned areas.
**I will be co-hosting Wide Awake News with Charlie McGrath tonight 12.02.2011 at 6 pm west coast -- 9 pm east coast and will update this situation. You can find them on the internet and chat in real time, or just listen in
Daytime flashes 12.1/red and green:
Nighttime Jnn camera 12.1-12.2 yellow and green:
Nuclear fuel cycle explained:
Zirconium cladding article from NYT archive:
Jet stream forecast:
Surfstream forecast of entire Pacific (Hawaii got lucky this time):
NOAA 5 day precip map for US:
7 day Alaska/Canadian precip:
Link to facebook page:

North America

2011-11-27 55 Times Greater Than Background Radiation In 11:30pm 11/26/11 Saint Louis Fallout by POTRBLOG Team, "...The increased reading from this sample MAY represent the leading edge of what was released from Fukushima as a result of the recent back to back magnitude 6 earthquakes. If that is the case, we suspect higher levels will follow in a few days."
2011-11-27 Light Mist With 33X Background Radiation in Saint Louis, POTRBLOG Team, "There is light mist in Saint Louis's air today containing radioactive fallout measuring thirty three times greater than background radiation (0.333 mR/hr); the mist is the perfect consistency to lightly coat one's car and lungs with a dose of Fukushima's Finest."
2011-11-27 On EPA Censoring and Failure of Transparency in Government,
2011-11-27 Storing Radioactive Water at Fukushima,
2011-11-30 New Highs and New Lows,
Phoenix hit a radiation high today according to the EPA's radnet data [Boldface added by America First Institute Editor].
This tops 8 plus months of on-and off-exposure to fallout, dependent upon the whims of the jet stream.
Our radiological burden has grown very significantly and very rapidly.
Is it now starting to cause visible symptoms?
Many people I have spoken to recently have low-level symptoms that could be viral or could be radiation, including my family and my students.
They report no typical constellation of signs associated with viral and bacterial illnesses.
People's throats feel scratchy, people feel run down, and many people have problems with headaches.
Yet, with all these symptoms people are not having excess mucus or sinus congestion.
They also report no fever.
Bacterial infections cause fevers. Viral infections don't always cause fevers. However, viral infections do cause excess mucus if respiratory and it is unusual, in my experience, to have a scratchy throat with a viral infection in the g.i. system (e.g., stomach flu).
Again: Are we now at visible symptoms of radiation exposure in Phoenix?
Are new highs testing bodies now carrying heavy radiological burdens?
Will our health be brought to new lows?
2011-11-30 Radioactive Downtown L.A. Air, by Michael Collins,
"We tested the filter of a Honeywell HEPA filter air cleaner (Model #50101) in a downtown Los Angeles office close to Pershing Square. The Honeywell, purchased for about $90 from Home Depot, went into service September 1 making our test of the debris on the filter a three-month aggregate survey.
The filter registered a whopping 364% of normal or 3.64 times normal. As the machine was not running before its filter was tested, there should have been no additional radiation over background due to “natural” radon and radon progeny.
The historic building we tested in was built around the turn of the last of the last century. It was surprising that the 10-minute interior background average was 45.0 CPM because in our 1,470+ radiation tests since March 15, 2011, this level was usually found outside where some radiation is not blocked by structural walls and windows.
The office had central air which led us to think that perhaps the readings on the HEPA filter would be lower than what we found testing the radioactive air in the west Los Angeles Basin November 11, 2011.
We were wrong. Even with the filtered central air and a smaller HEPA filter on the Honeywell 50101 (compared to the Honeywell HEPA filter air cleaner we have in Radiation Station), the spot readings were significantly higher.
Numerous people have asked how we keep ourselves from getting radioactive contamination on us and in us conducting these radiation tests. As the video shows, I do sometimes handle HEPA filters with bare hands but I assiduously wash my hands while doing these tests so I’m not too worried about that. More important is keeping the Inspector Alert free of radioactive ‘goo’ because I go to great lengths to keep radioactive contamination from affecting Denise Anne or me.
Breathing hot dust is entirely different matter. For vacuuming the HEPA filters and cleaning them (as well as the vacuum), I wear an N-95 face mask which is very effective against air particulate matter.
We now recommend that people wear these inexpensive masks when flying in airplanes or jets to combat breathing in airborne fallout high in the atmosphere. This concern was driven home when we got tested one of these masks worn by a woman from Los Angeles International Airport to Japan June 23, 2011. That mask measured 45.6% above the immediate prior interior average here at Radiation Station where the mask was tested.
[Note: I mistakenly say at the end of the video that the triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi began March 1, 2011. They actually began March 10, 2011. We regret the error.]
11:50 SPOT CHECK of Honeywell HEPA filter in DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 164 CPM sustained or ~364% of background higher or 3.64 times background higher.
11:30 am – 10-minute INTERIOR average DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 45.0 CPM
2011-12-01 Converting CPM to MicroSieverts,
"There is no direct equation because beta CPM (counts per minute) is an electron count and (micro and milli) sieverts is an account of bodily damage.
Still, in the post below I site an EPA guideline dictating an intervention level at 300 CPM or 10 microsieverts an hour
So, let us for a moment presume that the two are roughly equivalent in a hypothetical scenario that allows us to speculate on the health implications of our current levels of exposure.
If that were the case, exposure to 700 CPM would be roughly 23 microsieverts an hour. That would mean that we in Phoenix yesterday would have hypothetically received 552 microsieverts in a 24 hour period [Boldface added by Editor].
In 18 days at 700 CPM we would be at approximately 10 millisieverts of exposure (there are 1000 microsieverts in 1 millisievert) just from exposure to air alone.
We also are exposed to radiation from the machines in our environment, radon gas, food, etc.
These numbers are not looking good.
The EPA recommends that our exposure to background radiation should not exceed 100 millirem a year, which is 1 millisievert, although we ordinarily are exposed to about 300 millirem in the US from background (3 millisieverts). Considerable background radiation derives from nuclear power plants, past nuclear weapons testing and radon gas.
There is no "immediate" health risk from 18 days of exposure of 700 CPM in the sense that people not will develop radiation sickness at this level. However, cancer rates and other diseases have been proven to increase at every 3 millisievert increment over 10 millisieverts. See my previous post."
2011-12-01 Radiation: What We Know,
What we know:
Yesterday, Phoenix’s Beta Counts per Minute was 700 CPM according to radnet
Now let us look at EPA responder guidelines
I. EPA’s Emergency Response Air Monitoring Guidance Tables 2009 edition
This manual instructs emergency responders to consult with a health physicist when radiation levels are at 3 times background
The occupational action level is 300 CPM beta or 10 microsieverts an hour
II. Turnbacks Guidance Final MOU November 2007 Memorandum of Understanding on Radiation Turnback Levels for EPA Personnel Responding to Radiological Emergencies
[paraphrasing] This documents stipulates that exposure must not exceed 500 millirem during 1 year.
500millirem is 5 millisieverts of exposure.
In certain emergency conditions, the document states that workers can be exposed to higher amounts if they sign waivers. Waivers are deemed necessary because they are assuming risk.
Workers are supposed to turn back at 10 rem per hour of gamma exposure during the early stages of an emergency and 1.5 rem an hour during the intermediate phase of an emergency [end paraphrasing]
Majia here: One hour of 10 rem is 100 millisieverts! That means emergency responders in these types of emergencies would be sacrificing their health to assume control of the emergency.
What do we know about cancer risks at various levels of exposure?
Here is 1 important study I posted about a couple of weeks ago.
Here is the study and the relevant finding: For every 10 millisieverts of low-dose ionizing radiation, there was a 3% increase in the risk of age-and-sex adjusted cancer over a mean follow-up period of 5 year
Cancer risk related to low-dose ionizing radiation from cardiac imaging in patients after acute myocardial infarction. By Mark J. Eisenberg MD MPH, Jonathan Afilalo MD MSc, Patrick R. Lawler MD, Michal Abrahamowicz PhD, Hugues Richard MSc, Louise Pilote MD MPH PhD
[Excerpted] The cumulative exposure to radiation from cardiac procedures was 5.3 milli Sieverts (mSv) per patient year, of which 84% occurred during the first year after acute myocardial infarction. A total of 12 020 incident cancers were diagnosed during the follow-up period. There was a dose dependent relation between exposure to radiation from cardiac procedures and subsequent risk of cancer. For every 10 mSv of low-dose ionizing radiation, there was a 3% increase in the risk of age- and sex-adjusted cancer over a mean follow-up period of five years (hazard ratio 1.003 per milliSievert, 95% confidence interval 1.002–1.004).
2011-12-02 Fallout: How Bad Is It Going To Be?,
"It is time to talk about more serious fallout.
The headlines have been fast and thick the last couple of days about the melted fuel at Fukushima.
The experts are starting to speak up and they are saying that Tepco is lying and the situation is much worse than what Tepco is disclosing.
But the experts who are talking lack the accurate plant data that would allow them to make specific estimates about continuing emissions and the scale of a possible explosion.
Although we lack accurate data, we can surmise the following:
1. Tepco would not be talking about melted fuel if they did not expect emissions to worsen.
2. Tepco's strategy is to make data invisible or release it incrementally and in a contradictory fashion. Thus, the situation at Fukushima must be very bad and they know they cannot hide it.
So, now we the people need to be told what to expect so we the people in Japan, China, Korea, Russian, Canada, the United States and every other place in the northern hemisphere can prepare appropriately.
There is no need to scare the population. The population simply needs to be instructed in an honest manner about the degree of risk and the proper response.
I believe that the vast majority of the people are reasonable when they see honesty and a genuine desire to help..."

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