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18 - 24 December 2011



From Alpinist Noguchi Ken’s suffering from fatigue – a sense of choking by Iori Mochizuki,, Dec 29, 2011

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2011-12-19 Mutated vegetables
, by Mochizuki,; see also Hidden fact about nuclear Posted by Mochizuki on December 27th, 2011
2011-12-19 Alpinist Noguchi Ken’s suffering from fatigue – a sense of choking by Iori Mochizuki,
Japanese alpinist Noguchi ken, who visited the 20km area and took pictures of cows abandoned in the area, is tweeting to tell he is suffering from the constant fatigue and the sense of choking.

What happened to my body..? Endless fatigue, choking, dizziness and breath shortness. Had my thyroid tested because of the shortage of neutral fat from the blood test. However, the reason is not cleared yet. I’m going to have to have the re-re-test.
I’m ready to know the possibile severe result because this fatigue is really bad. I just want to figure out what causes it.
Because I’m an alpinist, I quickly prepare myself for possible hard situation but it’s really irritating not being able to know what is causing this. I feel dizzy even while I’m giving a lecture and it’s becoming worse and worse. If you have a similar symptom and know something, please let me know. Please.

2011-12-20 Breaking News: Iodine measured in Kanagawa again
by Mochizuki, (h/t
Following up this article
Hatano shi Kanagawa, where is even further from Fukushima than Tokyo, they measured Iodine 131 in November as well.
They measure I-131 from September occasionally.
It marked the highest reading (205.5 Bq/Kg) on 10/25/2011, the latest data (13.2 Bq/Kg) is on 11/15/2011.
It’s a water purification plant. They use all the sewage sludge for concrete or fertilizer.
2011-12-21 Nuke Expert/MD: Japan gov’t was lying through its teeth about Fukushima… and probably still is, by Enenews Admin, December 21, 2011
[Includes excerpt from CMAJ Report "Public Health Fallout From Japanese Quake"]
CMAJ: Public health fallout from Japanese quake, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dec. 21, 2011:
Ira Hefland, MD, Expert on nuclear power nuclear waste and radiation exposure; Member of the board of directors for Physicians for Social Responsibility

* “We still don’t know exactly what radiation doses people were exposed to (in the immediate aftermath of the disaster)”
* “Or what ongoing doses people are being exposed to”
* “Most of the information we’re getting at this point is a series of contradictory statements”
* “Gov’t assures the people that everything’s okay”
* “Private citizens doing their own radiation monitoring come up with higher readings than the government says they should be finding”
* Japanese gov’t is essentially contending that the higher dose is “not dangerous”
* “However, since the accident, it’s become clear the Japanese government was lying through its teeth, doing everything it possible [sic] could to minimize public concern, even when that meant denying the public information needed to make informed decisions, and probably still is”
* “It’s now clear they knew within a day or so there had been a meltdown at the plant, yet they didn’t disclose that for weeks, and only with great prodding from the outside”
* “And at the same moment he was assuring people there was no public health disaster, the Prime Minister now concedes that he thought Tokyo would have to be evacuated but was doing nothing to bring that about”

2011-12-21 Fallout,
This post discusses fallout in Japan and the US. It primarily draws upon Arnie Gunderson's latest interview but also provides other references.
Arnie Gunderson interview with Warren Pollock on the cost and effects of Fukushima 12/21/2011 uploaded
Gunderson reports that in Japan, more than 1000 disintegrations per second (becquerels) per square meter have been detected, indicating significant contamination.
Gunderson's claim is supported by other evidence. For example, Enenews reports "Yokohama radiation testing facility: Resident personally detects 1,850 disintegrations per second in a liter of soil — 250 km from Fukushima meltdowns (VIDEO)"
Early on a very brave scientist in Japan, Shinzo Kimura (a specialist in radiation hygiene) undertook an effort to create a comprehensive radiation map. NHK journalists accompanied him as he traveled in Fukushima prefecture and recorded his efforts. The video documentary was posted at youtube. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available at the link.
Kimura found a high of 166 million becquerels of Iodine-131 a square meter. 21.2 million becquerels of cesium per square meter were found with radiation air levels in excess of 300 microsieverts an hour.

In November, Fukushima Diary published evidence that the fallout contamination in Japan is 33 times worse than Chernobyl:
"Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology published the soil contamination data of 60 km area from Fukushima plants. The data was taken from 6/1/2011 ~ 11/22/2011.
Though it’s only about I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137 mainly,the result shows the worst contaminated area in Fukushima is 33 times worse than Chernobyl. It proves Fukushima is something nobody has ever gone through.In Chernobyl, area contaminated worse than 1,480,000 bq/m2 was defined as the worst red zone, “immediate mandatory evacuating area.”In Fukushima, Namiemachi, 22km north west to Fukushima plants is contaminated, which they measured 760,000 bq/kg (Cs-134 + Cs-137). It equals to 49,400,000 bq/m2."
2011-12-23 NHK: Radiation so high at Reactor No. 3 that still no gas detector in place — “Building must be decontaminated” just to install device (VIDEO),
2011-12-23 Mainichi: Gov’t claim of cold shutdown conditions is “meaningless” — Like when Japan Army’s retreat in WWII was called a ‘shift in position’ by ENENEWS Admin


North America

Radioactive Rain,
See the video here:
Radon daughters are detected at very high levels.
A friend who has been conducting systematic sampling in Oregon has also detected higher than expected radon daughters
Potrblog suggests that the high radon content of the water in Fukushima now infused with fissioning corium are together producing radioactive steam emissions with high radon levels
Maybe we are experiencing the hydrovolcanic phenomenon predicted by the architect of unit 3, minus the implied explosion
h/t Anne posted this at Enenews
2011-12-19 17X Background Radiation in 12/19/11 Saint Louis Rainfall, Potrblog,
Today we took two sample swipes from the truck. The first at approxmiately 4:30 pm and the next at approximately 8:30 pm. The 4:30pm swipe read 16.9 times greater than background radiation, and the 8:30pm swipe read 17.5 times greater than background radiation.
The current rain seems to be derived mostly from the Northern Jet Stream, which post August 2011 has been dropping radioactive rainfall usually reading a minimum of 20 times background radiation. The max reading observed during that same time span was 276 times greater than background radiation.
Additional rain is forecast for the area tomorrow, 12/20/11; the current Jet Stream maps seem to indicate that rain will be mostly from the Southern Jet Stream. If that turns out to be the case, we would expect the radiation levels in the rain to drop (based on previous history). However, that Southern Jet Stream was also strongly influenced by a low pressure area which had been cycling over the ocean between southern California and Baja Mexico. That circulation had been strong enough to pull the Northern Jet Stream down into the Southern Jet Stream; the low may also aided in the volatilization of any ocean born radioactive contamination in the area. Tomorrow's readings, if it rains, may prove interesting.
The Jet Stream maps may be found at
2011-12-22 Expert on US, Canada: We'll see a statistically meaningful increase in cancer from Fukushima on west coast -- After Japan, the most radioactive area is Cascade Mountains -- Portland had cesium at 100 Bq/m² (VIDEO),, Dec 22, 2011

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