Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

29 Jan - 4 Feb 2012


From Earthquake Map of Japan in the 1st Month of 2012,, January 29, 2012, "Last Thirty Days"


From Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012 . Data from January 2012 study.




Australia and New Zealand

North America



Japan, Other East Asia, and Australia-NZ

2012-01-29 Tepco: Frozen water ruptures pipes at Fukushima plant — Cooling system stops at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4,
2012-01-29 Earthquake Map of Japan in the 1st Month of 2012,
(You can't even see Japan in the first map.)
From the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention website, "Hypocenter map".
A lot of Magnitude 4 quakes, and a good number of Magnitude 5 quakes. M5 is moving to the central Japan, right near Mt. Fuji. Numerous small, shallow quakes in western Japan.
2012-01-29 Asahi: Sources say about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials released from Fukushima reactors,
2012-01-30 [For a study conducted in January 2012] Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress” posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012 . Data from January 2012 study.
Related to this article..Fukushima students having their brain atrophied
Fukushima university conducted “stress” research for 2743 people this January 2012. Valid responses were 2103 (77%).
The result revealed that the increase of depression, impatience, and concentration difficulty of elementary school students from their last research of June / July 2011.
Especially the ratio of frequent/occasional headache and nausea increased from 6% to 38%...[more here]
2012-01-30 New Zealand: 18X AIRBORNE Radiation Detection in Dunedin by Potrblog
...It is important to note that Fukushima is not the only possible contamination source for these detections. The Dunedin reading also correlates with a Coronal Mass Ejection which was impacting the Earth. It is also certainly possible that the detection was from a completely local/regional...
2012-01-30 Japan Paper: Professor now reveals “a high level of radioactive materials” detected over 1,000km from Fukushima last April,
2012-01-31 Fukushima hit by Magnitude 4.8 quake,
2012-02-01 Reuters: Major new leak at Japan’s nuclear plant — Frozen pipe burst in Reactor No. 4 — Tepco checking other reactors for similar problems,
2012-02-03 Tepco: New leak releasing enough beta rays to cause radiation sickness — Leakage in at least 30 locations found recently,
Title: More leaks found at crippled Japan nuclear plant
Source: AP, Author: MARI YAMAGUCHI, Date: February 3rd, 2012 at 10:20a ET
Leaks of radioactive water have become more frequent at Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant less than two months after it was declared basically stable.
The problem underlines the continuing challenges facing Tokyo Electric Power Co. as it attempts to keep the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant under control [...]
Workers spotted a leak Friday at a water reprocessing unit which released enough beta rays to cause radiation sickness, TEPCO spokesman Junichi Matsumoto said. He said no one was injured and the leak stopped after bolts were tightened on a tank. [...]
Cold winter weather has also caused water inside pipes to freeze elsewhere at the plant, resulting in leaks in at least 30 locations since late January, Matsumoto said. [...]
2012-02-03 AP: Integrity of Reactor No. 4 building a major concern among experts — Collapse of spent fuel pool could be even worse than 3 reactor meltdowns,
2012-02-03 Breeder: Two-headed salmon born out of 50 eggs — Usually around 1 in 10,000 says Kyoto professor (PHOTO),
2012-02-04 Press watches as gov’t dumps radioactive waste into Tokyo Bay by
Related Posts

1. Fukushima Part II? Tokyo to begin burning massive amounts of radioactive waste from disaster area — Burns will continue for at least 2.5 years, until March 2014 (VIDEO), September 30, 2011
2. Mainichi: Massive radioactive waste buildup in Tokyo suburbs like Kashiwa, Abiko, Inzai — First time center over capacity since September, January 5, 2012
3. Mainichi: Massive dead creature floating in Tokyo Bay — Near where radioactive ash is dumped (PHOTO), January 10, 2012
4. Asahi: Baby humpback whale found dead near Tokyo Bay (VIDEO), January 5, 2012
5. Iodine-131 reported in Tokyo — 10 of 12 sewage plants test positive in December, December 27, 2011

2012-02-04 Kyodo: High levels of radioactive cesium detected in Yokohama south of Tokyo — 6.85 microSv/h close to elementary school,
2012-02-04 Japan Times: “There could be hot spots under the sea” says Tokyo prof. — “No telling when contamination levels will peak” — 1/3 of fish caught in Gunma lake over max. cesium limit,
Title: Scientists say contamination of ocean fish minimal so far
Source: Japan Times Online, Author: IZUHO AOKI, Date: Feb. 4, 2012
...Takashi Ishimaru, professor of ocean science at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Contaminated plankton and waste from fish naturally sink to the seabed and are then eaten by miniscule benthos organisms, which bottom fish feed on.
As a result, radioactive materials are passed up the food chain.
“Radioactive materials circulate at the bottom of the ocean. . . . It won’t be reduced easily”
Researchers have yet to obtain data on how contamination from the Fukushima No. 1 plant has spread along the sea floor, so consumers should keep a watchful eye on bottom fish
“There could be hot spots under the sea”
“If hot spots exist on the ocean floor, contamination levels of fish that inhabit such areas may spike”
Satoshi Katayama, professor of fisheries biology and ecology at Tohoku University
“(Contamination) levels of freshwater fish and seabed fish such as flounder haven’t declined”
“It’s hard to say the contamination peak among such fish has passed”
. ..Gunma Prefecture
Meanwhile, samples of freshwater fish caught in Fukushima and Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, have revealed high levels of contamination exceeding the government limit. Tests conducted between April 19 and Jan. 10 in Gunma on 34 freshwater fish showed that 11 caught in Lake Onuma exceeded the maximum level.
Tochigi Prefecture
In Tochigi Prefecture, meanwhile, “ayu” (sweet fish) caught in May in the Kinugawa River near the city of Utsunomiya and the Nakagawa River near the town of Motegi contained radioactive cesium above 400 becquerels per kilogram — less than the current provisional limit but four times higher than the new limit the government will introduce in April.

Australia and New Zealand

2012-01-31 Report: “High level radiation cloud” detected passing over New Zealand city — Peaks reached an “incredible” 1.89 microSv/h,
Title: Radiation Cloud Detection Dunedin New Zealand, Source: Peter Daley
Date: 29th January 2012
I have been in contact with a person In New Zealand who just sent me information of a detection of a high level radiation cloud passing over Dunedin New Zealand. You will find a copy of his email correspondence below. This chart is the recorded background radiation level during this event. Visual observation saw peaks reach an incredible 1.89 uS/Hr ! [...]

North America and Europe

2012-01-27 7X Background Radiation In Leading Edge Rainfall, 15X In Trailing Edge Snow by Potrblog [St. Louis area]
2012-01-31 AS PREDICTED: European RADIOACTIVE IODINE Detected After Solar CORONAL MASS EJECTION by Portblog
...Additional news reports are filtering out with further Jod-131 Iodine 131 detections in additional Nordic countries
Further news reports: Radioactive Iodine In The Air
News from the BarentsObserver
Measures radioactive iodine in Barents Region
The Barents news report indicates that iodine detections where in the NORTHERN Norway and NORTHERN Sweden. Under typical geomagnetic conditions Protons from Coronal Mass Ejections are directed towards the Earth's Poles, hence these might be expected to produce the first reports of radioactive iodines created by the spallation of Cesium 133 by Solar Protons.
2012-02-03 5:50pm 2/3/12 Saint Louis Fallout Rain At 10X Background Radiation by Potrblog
2012-02-04 17X Background Radiation in 5:30pm 2/4/12 Saint Louis Misting Rain by Potrblog

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