Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

12 - 18 February 2012


From Magnitude 5.5 quake near Fukushima (MAP), enenews.comn, February 14, 2012





North America





2012-02-12 Tepco: 91.2°C at Reactor No. 2 — Reporter suspicious of instrument failure claim since it’s steadily rising in small increments,
2012-02-12 NHK: Highest temperature since claim of ‘cold shutdown’ — Asahi: Could force gov’t to revoke declaration,
2012-02-12 82°C at Reactor No. 2 — Keeps rising even after injection of more water — Tepco “set to dump in boric acid”,
2012-02-12 (for this day Japan time) Hospital doctor says patients suffering high-level radiation exposure from Fukushima — Complains media are not reporting his findings,, Feb 13, 2012
2012-02-13 Fukushima cities, hospitals say they can't wait any longer for gov't to help them -- Still only a "small number" of Minami-Soma citizens have been checked for internal exposure,
2012-02-13 (for this day) Tepco Handout: Xenon detected in Reactor No. 2 containment vessel — 9 hour half-life,, February 14, 2012
Title: Primary Containment Vessel of Unit 2 of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Sampling Result by the Gas Control System, Date: February 14, 2012, By: Tokyo Electric Power Company
Sampling time: February 13, 2012, 16:24-16:54 (charcoal filter)

* Xe-133 @ 0.016 Bq/cm3 (5 day half-life) or 16,000 Bq/m3
* Xe-135 @ 0.023 Bq/cm3 (9 hour half-life) or 23,000 Bq/m3

2012-02-13 Reactor 2 Temp. Rising -- Tepco says "No Immediate Danger,"
Based on my analysis of past Tepco pronouncements immediately prior to and after disasters, I recommend people in Japan expect the worst from unit 2 and take all necessary precautions.
2012-02-13 Reuters: Contamination concerns growing… High radiation levels 270+ km from meltdowns — Gundersen: Over half of Japanese living in contaminated areas… Includes places 400 km away from Fukushima (VIDEO),
2012-02-13 Gundersen: They are creating 100 to 1,000 times more radioactive material by burning debris than keeping it in concentrated form (AUDIO),
2012-02-13 Bloomberg: Reactor No. 2 temperature breaches safety limit — Now almost double Feb. 1 level — Validity of safety declaration questioned — Nearly 200°F,
2012-02-14 Summary of Japanese and American Mis-Representations of the Fukushima Disaster,
This is my outlined summary of ways whereby the Japanese and US media misrepresented the Fukushima disaster. I will be providing evidence to support each of the claims made below:
• During the early days of the disaster the Japanese press reported

–That no explosions had occurred
–That no more explosions would occur within hours of more explosions
–That no meltdowns had occurred
–That no radiation had been released
–that the effects of radiation released was too small to affect health
–That contamination was limited to people’s clothes
–That no danger was posed by radioactive iodine in tap water

• US news media were even less critical than the Japanese press in reporting Tepco and Japanese government assertions and were unable to acknowledge in print

–that meltdowns had occurred
–that melt-throughs were reported
–that cold shutdown is a fantasy

• Japanese, American and other nations’ media all systematically under-represented the scale of radiation releases, their ongoing dynamics, and their probable health effects
–In particular, emphasis on “no immediate effects” and “no acute effects” functioned to mislead the public about severity of releases
2012-02-14 Mainichi: Malfunction casts doubt on ‘cold shutdown’ and condition of reactor cores — Japan Nuclear Expert: Will be much more serious if last two sensors fail; Unable to install new ones,
Somehow missed this report from yesterday, though still relevant 24 hours later
Title: Possible sensor failure throws Fukushima reactor temp. data into doubt
Source: The Mainichi Daily News, Date: February 13, 2012

[...] the very fact that the sensor may have malfunctioned casts doubt on the cold shutdowns of reactors No. 1-3, declared by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda in December last year. The declaration was based on readings showing pressure vessel temperatures had come below 100 degrees. Since then, TEPCO has assumed a maximum margin of error of 20 degrees Celsius. Even so, the admission of a possible sensor failure calls all the temperature data collected thus far into question, and with it the condition of the reactor cores.
“Because we haven’t been able to grasp how the nuclear fuel in the cores has been distributed, it’s impossible to rule out localized high temperature spots,” says Kazuhiko Kudo, a special professor of nuclear engineering at Kyushu University. “As the high radiation rules out installing new temperature sensors, if the last two sensors (in the No. 2 reactor) fail, the situation will be much more serious indeed.”

2012-02-14 Expert: M7.0 quake can cause Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 to collapse — New study warns fault nearby Daiichi plant ripped open on 3/11; 70% chance of big quake this year by
...Title: Nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen with the first 2012 Fukushima update
Source: If You Love This Planet Radio with Dr. Helen Caldicott, Date: Feb. 11, 2012
At 4:55 in

My big concern still remains that if there’s a significant earthquake, significant means like M7.0 or M7.5, that that building [Spent Fuel Pool No. 4] can still collapse.
Now a prominent scientist just came out and said there is a 70% chance of an earthquake of that magnitude this year. and there’s a 98% chance of an earthquake of that magnitude in the next 3 years.

2012-02-14 Magnitude 5.5 quake near Fukushima (MAP),
2012-02-14 Gundersen: 1/3 of Fukushima kids tested positive for lumps on thyroid — Forebodes some real issues in future — We’re only 10 months into the accident here (AUDIO),
2012-02-15 Over 1 Million Bq/kg of Radioactive Cesium from the Mysterious Black Dust in Minami Soma City,
2012-02-15 Governor: Why no arrests over crisis? By Minoru Matsutani, Staff writer,
Saitama Gov. Kiyoshi Ueda wants to see Tokyo Electric Power Co. held criminally responsible for the Fukushima nuclear crisis.
At a regular news conference, he sharply criticized the utility and questioned why nobody in Tepco has been arrested.
"Tepco has caused this big trouble to everyone under the sun and nobody has been arrested. I want to ask, 'Doesn't anyone (in Tepco) want to turn themselves in?' " Ueda said Monday.
He was asked for comments about Tepco raising electricity bills for big users like corporations by 10 to 20 percent in April.
"Some people would be arrested if gas tanks explode or a fire breaks out in a department store," he said angrily, blaming Tepco for not taking full responsibility for the harm caused by the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 plant. "The procedure of raising power bills without fully explaining it is unacceptable. It is extremely cruel treatment of (big users) who have been forced up to now to cooperate in saving electricity."
2012-02-16 READERS IN COUNCIL: Health threat from cesium-137 by Steven Starr, Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility, University of Missouri,; h/t Senior Scientist: Irreversible heart damage for children with 50 Bq/kg of Cs-137, enenews, 15 April 2012
"Regarding the Feb. 14 article reprinted from Sentaku magazine, "Put children before politics": Thank you for endorsing this idea. I would like to comment on one aspect of the article regarding cesium-137, which makes up 40 percent of the long-lived radionuclides created by nuclear power plants.
Because cesium-137 has a 30-year half-life, the land seriously contaminated by the Fukushima disaster will remain dangerously radioactive for up to 300 years. There is a great deal of experience with cesium-137 in the seriously contaminated regions of Belarus and Ukraine. Once radioactive cesium makes its way into the soils, it will bioconcentrate and biomagnify in foodstuffs, particularly mushrooms, berries and wild game.
Food grown in these regions is contaminated with cesium-137, and sadly most of the children living there who eat this food have become unhealthy. The Belrad Institute, after nine years of research and hundreds of autopsies, found that cesium-137 concentrates in the vital organs, particularly the heart and endocrine system. Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky discovered that children contaminated with cesium-137 that produced 50 atomic disintegrations per second (becquerels) per kilogram of body weight caused irreversible heart damage in a child.
Because the Belarusian government did not want his work accepted or known, he was put into prison.
2012-02-16 3 Quakes in Fukushima over 4 hours — Latest occured 30 minutes ago centered 15km from plant at depth of 10km,
2012-02-16 New docs show iodine-131 contamination was 350% of highest amount reported: 54,100 Bq/kg in spinach 100 km from Fukushima (FOIA),
2012-02-16 Areas with 10,000 Bq/m² of radioactivity considered “highly contaminated” by study — Over 30,000 square kilometers in Japan exceed level, 8% of nation,
2012-02-17 Proof of Something Burning/Fissioning at the Fukushima Plant,
Watch the video, focusing on the smaller frame

2012-02-18 Cesium fallout spiked to 349 Million Bq/km2 in one day at Fukushima City 60km from meltdowns — Near 40-fold increase from previous 24-hour period,

North America


012-02-13 Radioactive Snowfall At 7x Background On 2/13/12 4:20pm by Potrblog
2012-02-13 (for this day) 0.92 microSv/h from St.Louis by Mochizuki on February 14th, 2012
They are concerned that plume flies from Japan to America.
Though it is not sure that it’s from Japan, they measured 3.7 times higher level of radiation from snow in St. Louis than usual on 2/13/2012.
The person who posted this video commented like this below.. "Count returning between 74cpm and 110cpm.. normal levels are 20-30cpm (as indicated by past tests done at the same location)."
(If the conversion is not correct, please leave me a comment)
74CPM = 0.62 microSv/h
110CPM = 0.92 microSv/h
It’s sure that they measured about 3.7 times higher level of radiation than usual.
It seems better not to let children play in the snow.
I expect someone to analyze the nuclide of this snow.
2012-02-15 Saint Louis Fallout Rain at 13x Greater Than Background Radiation by Potrblog
We took a paper towel swipe from the hood of our truck at approximately 4:15pm on 2/15/12; that sample returned a reading of approximately 13 times greater than background radiation. The jet-stream was once again coming out of the Southwest.
2012-02-17 NOAA: No radiation levels that would “directly” cause seal deaths, Fukushima not a “primary factor” — AP misreports this as “scientists find no radiation” — Cesium levels not released, [Ed. Note: I agree with Dr. Majia Nadesan who used the caption Seals and Radiation; Bees and Pesticide: SAME PLOT TO OBSCURE CAUSE to point to this story at The seals have been showing all the classic symptoms of radiation sickness, to include losing hair and nose bleed. Radiation is many multiples more dangerous on average than chemical counterparts, in fact it is the most toxic environmental hazard known to man].
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2011 Northern Pinnipeds
Unusual Mortality Event (UME), Preliminary Assessment of Radionuclide Exposure, Date: February 17, 2012
Emphasis Added
Summary of findings: Scientists have conducted preliminary qualitative screening of a few tissue samples from both healthy and sick pinnipeds (ice seals and walruses) involved in this UME for possible radionuclide exposure. No radiation levels were found in these samples that would directly cause the symptoms seen in the pinnipeds. Test results show radiation levels are within the typical background range for Alaska.
An international team of scientists continues to investigate the cause of the 2011 Northern Pinnipeds UME. This investigation includes a broad assessment of a number of potential contributing factors to the disease outbreak.
Because of the timing and scope of the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in Japan, radiation exposure is one of many factors being assessed.
At this point, scientists do not believe that radiation is a primary factor in this UME or that radiation is causing the symptoms and deaths in pinnipeds...

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