Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

4 - 10 March 2012




Fukushima residents report various illnesses (2:43) See Minamisoma Teacher article below




North America



2012-03-05 An Explanation for the Blue Glow Seen Frequently on the Fukushima Webcams,
Below find a very helpful and clearly written analysis of the blue glow phenomenon visible here:
Is the AIR Supposed to be Blue? By: Aaron Datesman
2012-03-05 Show host back from Tokyo: We were told a lot of people are sick from Fukushima and the gov’t lies about it (VIDEO),
JRE #190 – Greg Fitzsimmons, Brian Redban
The Joe Rogan Experience, Date: Feb 29, 2012
Joe Rogan commenting on his recent trip to Japan for UFC 144

We had a really cool driver… and one of the things he said was about the deal with radiation — Fukushima — a lot of people are sick, and the government lies about it.

2012-03-08 Strange Japanese press conference calls for jailing of Tepco officials, guilty of criminal error — Says international media damaged ‘Japan Brand’ (1 hr VIDEO),, March 11, 2011.
Title: TEPCO’s Criminal Error and The Media’s Responsibility
Dr. Eiichi Yamaguchi, Chairman of Fukushima Project & Professor, Doshisha University, Morinosuke KAWAGUCHI, Associate Director, Arthur D. Little (Japan), Inc
“TEPCO’s Criminal Error and The Media’s Responsibility”, by The FUKUSHIMA Project
"With the one year anniversary of the March 11 disaster coming up, what did we really find out, and what can we learn? Did TEPCO make a criminal error on their decisions in the first few days dealing with the biggest nuclear power disaster in 25 years?
What about the media? Did the international media damage Japan’s reputation with their overreaction to the unfolding events? And should the Japanese media have done more to counter the factually incorrect coverage?
FUKUSHIMA Project, a grass-roots investigation committee, which is composed of a group of academics and professionals, conducted a private investigation into TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant accident, and concluded that they could prove the cause of the accident was a criminal error on the part of TEPCO’s technology management in the first days of the accident.
The group also looked into the media coverage of the crisis, and believes that some international media’s coverage in the first two weeks of the crisis contributed to the tarnishing reputation of the `Japan Brand'. At the same time, with Japanese media’s `poor coverage', they missed the chance to counter with `defensive coverage'..."

Rash experienced by Minamisoma teacher who lives 25 km from the Fukushima reactors

2012-03-09 WATCH: Sickened Minamisoma teacher with unusual rashes featured on TV segment — Doctor: “No doubt a lot of people are already being affected by internal radiation” (VIDEO),
Title: Fukushima residents report various illnesses
Source: Al Jazeera, Date: March 9, 2012
Emiko Numauchi, high school teacher of 18 years, living 25km from Fukushima plant

* Her hair has started falling out
* Her once healthy teeth have as well, leaving her dentist dumbfounded
* Unusual rashes on her body
* She thinks the radiation is slowly killing her
* I’ve made myself a test subject to expose the govt’s lies

Shuntaro Hida, Atomic Bomb Doctor

* There’s no doubt a lot of people are already being affected by internal radiation
* To say they aren’t is wishful thinking on the govt’s part
* They’re dismissing the dangers and they are wrong

Watch the report here
2012-03-09 NHK: 80% of residents tested have radioactive iodine in thyroid up to 87 millisieverts — “Some residents face potential health risks from the exposure” -Hirosaki Professor (VIDEO),
Title: Thyroid screenings detect relatively high exposure [web page now deleted]
Source: NHK, Date: March 9, 2012

* Experts have detected radioactive iodine in the thyroid glands of 80 percent of the people who used to live near the Fukushima nuclear plant
* Checkups last April of 65 people who were living near the Fukushima plant
* Found radioactive iodine in the thyroid glands of 50 of them
* 5 had dosages of more than 50 millisieverts
* Person with the highest dosage of 87 millisieverts stayed within 30 kilometers of the Fukushima power plant for more than 2 weeks

2012-03-10 WSJ: “An eerie quietness” in Fukushima says top biologist — Bird population dropped twice as much as after Chernobyl — “Disturbing development”,


North America and Europe


2012-03-04 9x Background Radiation In 7pm Saint Louis Drizzle Fallout; Maybe Some Good News by Potrblog
We had a light amount of cold drizzle this evening; we took a sample swipe from the truck and the reading returned 9x greater than background radiation. Post August 2011, this is a surprisingly low reading from the leading edge of the Northern Jetstream. Currently we have low level warm air and high level cold air, with drizzle that occasional contains a small amount of sleet.
Since the August down turn in Fukushima, we typically receive a MINIMUM of 20x background radiation from the Northerly Jetstream fallout. Hopefully this lower reading is a sign of improving conditions at Fukushima...
2012-03-06 I am SICK...I AM ENRAGED,
The NRC figured that a 1 year old child in California would get a 40 millisievert dose to the thyroid from 1 year of consuming Iodine-131 from Fukshima fallout?
Is this correct? Is this what they thought?
What kind of agency would lie to the public when children are in direct line of harm?
If the evidence substantiates that children on the US and Canadian west coast were dosed with damaging levels of radiation, then human rights have been violated because officials FAILED TO DISTRIBUTE PROTECTION AND ADVISE ON REMEDIATION.
These officials need to be tried in a court of law. ALLEGATIONS: failure to fulfill mission to protect human welfare by deliberately withholding vital information and by LYING about level of risk.
They need to be tried for human rights violations.
Those agencies and parties that have relevant evidence must be compelled to reveal their data.
The NRC did not redact this conversation when their transcripts were released. Why?
Did they not redact it because no evidence was collected (deliberately) so the crime cannot be proven?
Enenews had a headline recently that was derived from de-classified NRC documents:
"US Regulator: We’ve got to stop labs from testing for Fukushima radiation — “Tell them to back off” — Worried about them talking to press about ‘consequences’
So, did the NRC want the private labs to back off so that the labs wouldn't collect evidence on fallout levels?
Is the NRC that criminally corrupt?
Enough is enough.
There must be transparency and there must be accountability.
You can find the full transcript at Enenews. Read the comments as well.
Japan's Fukushima Daiichi ET Audio File [pdf]
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Thursday, March 17, 2011, Emphasis Added

MR. LEWIS [Robert Lewis, Director of NRC's Division of Preparedness and Response]: Okay. Good morning. I will cover four things that occupied most of the protective measures team time last night. First, there was a flight by NARAC last night [...] We also are working -- there was a request coming from last night -- before last evening's shift to develop projections for doses in California. And that is -- has been in process. We will need to -- in order to do that, we will need to engage with -- we already have engaged with the Office of Research. We are looking to engage further with Sandia to make some modifications to the (inaudible) to effectuate those dose estimates in California. In conjunction with that, there was a DITTRA and NARAC dose estimate that was done for California that we obtained as part of the DOE briefing package. And those were estimating what we believe to be very high doses to children, and a thyroid (inaudible) dosage. We think that (inaudible) extremely conservative modeling related to those doses and assumptions. It's a thyroid dose that involves deposition of material and (inaudible) integrated the dose over a year or two, for example, drinking milk from the same cow that's grazing on the same contaminated field the entire time, things like that. But once we get the (inaudible), we will have something to compare (inaudible). Also, when we saw those dose estimates, we looked in the historical record for any kind of information related to Chernobyl actual deposits that were measured. We did find some and (inaudible) dose activity per area of deposits that were estimated -- I think they were provided from DITTRA. We did the same dose calculations with those concentrations, and the doses were approximately 1,000 times lower. So we were in the one to 10 millirem range versus full rem range, which was -- full rem thyroid dose range, which was being (inaudible) by DOE and DOE (inaudible). [...]

2012-03-06 Controversy after US gov’t estimate showed 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima — Data not released to public — “Very high doses to children”, [Ed. Note: I am continuing this important transcript near where Dr. Majia Nadeson left off above. I hope class action lawyers and federal and state prosecutors will pay close attention to this as well other strong evidence of high level criminal behavior described elsewhere in this chart series and take appropriate anti-criminal action]

MIKE: Rob, this is (inaudible). I have a question for you. This request for doses in California projected with, I guess, worst-case assumptions, is that correct? (Inaudible.)
MR. LEWIS: I believe the doses that we saw from DITTRA represented a source term of 100 percent of the (inaudible).
MIKE: Okay. And where — is this information being considered for releasing publicly, like we do with the press release?
MR. LEWIS: Which information are you speaking about?
MIKE: I’m talking about these projected dose models, the models that you — the ones that you are doing and coordinating with other agencies, is there some thought about releasing that publicly?
MR. LEWIS: We have not had that discussion at this time.
MIKE: And don’t take that as a suggestion to (inaudible). I’m just curious as to how we came upon doing that with our press release, and then, are we advocating that for any future press releases here for doses in the U.S.?
MR. DORMAN: Mike, this is Dan. No. No, we’re not planning any press release with this information. This was a projection that we were requested to run. Separate from our being requested to run that, we got this DOE briefing package that had this other DITTRA run in it, and we’re not — I don’t know what prompted theirs or all of the assumptions that went into theirs, but it obviously caught our attention and we are looking to get what we think would be more realistic projections. Other questions?
MS. HOWE: Dan, just one comment, and Rob. This is Linda Howe in Region IV. Rob, I can talk with you offline about some background information for California. The DITTRA and DOE runs for California may have been prompted by queries from the state, because the state has been conducting interagency conference calls, and DOE, EPA, HHS, has been part of those calls. Our regional state liaison officer is also monitoring that, but there is some background that is politically sensitive that I can share with you offline.
MR. DORMAN: Okay. Thanks, Linda. That’s good.
MR. HICKSMAN: This is Tom Hicksman. Could you please repeat the DITTRA projection and our calculation for the thyroid dose rates in California, please?
MR. LEWIS: Well, our calculations are not done.
MR. HICKSMAN: But you thought that they might be 1,000 times less, or that they are –
MR. LEWIS: Yeah. The DITTRA result was four rem [40,000 microsieverts] to the thyroid of a one year-old child based on one year integration of uptake. They –
MR. HICKSMAN: I think it –
MR. LEWIS: What we did during the past shift was looked at the actual deposition rates in California from the Chernobyl accident in 1986 and extrapolated that out and came up with a comparable dose rate on the order of one to 10 millirem. So that kind of reinforced our disbelief of the DITTRA number when we saw it. But then, separately, Research is working with Sandia to do a separate run.
MALE PARTICIPANT: Just for clarity, we want to attribute the calculation for NARAC. Okay. It’s not (inaudible), it’s NARAC — the calculation.
MR. DORMAN: Any other questions?
MALE PARTICIPANT: And also, to clarify, we don’t have a run of it. We just have the output –
MALE PARTICIPANT: — that suggests the thyroid doses.

2012-03-07 Another Solar Storm, Another Round of European Radioactive Iodine Detections To Come? by Potrblog
Another series of Solar storms have been underway this week, previously these solar storms have correlated well with indeterminate radioiodine detections in Europe. Our hypothesis predicting these European Iodine "Jod" events has been solar proton spallation of Fukushima generated Cesium 133, and/or Plutonium 239. Given that the geomagnetic impacts of this storm are predicted to potentially be severe, the available spallation zone may be greater than typical. Please keep an eye out for reports of unusual radiation detections over the next week or so, especially in the sunlit side of the impact area (expected to be eastern Europe).
2012-03-08 Trying to Make Sense of Fallout Deposition in the US,
How much fallout has been deposited in the US?
In March the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission had an estimate from the DTRA (the Defense Threat Reduction Agency) that a one year old child in California would assimilate over the course of 1 year a thyroid dose of 40 millisieverts, from Iodine-131 alone.[i]
What are the ANNUAL ASSIMILATION PROJECTIONS for the levels of STRONTIUM, CESIUM, URANIUM, and PLUTONIUM exposure for children and adults in California and other parts of the US?
How much radiation fallout are we really going to be exposed to in our food, water and air?[ii]
We will probably never know how much fallout we are being subjected to because of the extent of censorship over what exactly has happened at the Fukushima plant—e.g., how many spent fuel pools have burned and how many reactors actually exploded into the air.

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