Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

22 - 28 April 2012

From Extinction Level Event Well Underway, Published on Apr 25, 2012





"The pool is covered with white sheet"

"Another pool beside SFP."

"Yellow cover of the container vessel."

"Fuel racks."

"Fuel racks" (close up)

From Video of SFP4, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 27th, 2012


[Script in Japanese -- Editor's Note: Let's call this "Video of SFP4"] (YouTube) [h/t Video of SFP4, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 27th, 2012]




Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Debris Map Inside Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant,


2012-04-25 #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Debris Map with NRC Heat Map Overlay,, Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Photographer: X-ray-like image shows how radioactivity has spread throughout bodies of Fukushima wildlife (PHOTOS), by, Published: April 29th, 2012 [Ed. Note: The dark splotches designate Cesium buildup].



What's the Black powder? (YouTube), caption: "This is a sample from Fukushima a 3g of... of "Black powder" is highly cumulated radioactive dirt contains a bunch of Cs134,137 and maybe other fission products like Pu,Am,Ra etc in some amount. I received a report it says just 60g or 100g of this recorded over 600,000 Becquerels/kg in the testing. In Minamisoma city Fukushima prefecture about 25 km from Fukushima Daiichi power plant there are over 1million to 3million Bqs/kg of this stuff has been finding already. This sample isn't from Minamisoma. but it's high enough radiation coming from. gives about 10000cpm on my Ludlum. calibration:14000cpm/usvh."


From Fukushima prefectural government resists moving in over 50µSv/h, Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 22nd, 2012


North America







Radioactive Rain / Pollen Mix at 40 Times Background Levels,, 27 April 2012





2012-04-22 Mutated dandelion in Saitama, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 22nd, 2012
Following up this article..Mutated dandelion in Tokyo A mutated dandelion was found in Kawaguchi city Saitama. Several flowers are growing from the same stem, which is called fasciation. The stem is about 2cm width. Associate director of the environment devision of Saitama prefecture, Mr. Okuma states, fasciation is often observed among a golden-rayed lily or [...]
2012-04-22 Kyodo Gets Suspicious? Mitsui “claimed” radioactive agent is harmless to people — Radiation mentioned 4 times — Explosions began while shutting down plant,
2012-04-22 Closing Scene: Family fleeing Fukushima radiation watches through rear window as their dog runs behind car trying to catch up (VIDEO, 50 min.),
2012-04-22 HuffPo: Large amounts of radioactive materials could be deposited across 1,000s of miles if water lost at Fukushima fuel pool — Media just beginning to grasp that danger to world is far from over -Nuclear Expert,
2012-04-22 Radioactive material stored 500 meters from where incident began at chemical plant — “The containers are intact” (PHOTO),
2012-04-22 AFP: Officials “waiting for combustible materials to burn out” after Japan explosions — Fire not extinguished — May take days to determine cause,
2012-04-22 NHK: Another Mitsui chemical plant had trouble BEFORE multiple explosions — All plants were halted at time of blasts (VIDEO),
2012-04-22 Second explosion at Mitsui plant — FNN confirms depleted uranium — Kyodo: 3,400 drums with radioactive materials — “Did not appear to have any effect on radiation levels” (VIDEOS),
2012-04-22 Kyodo: Fukushima plant device with inadequate quake resistance left for 30 yrs,
[Excerpted] "An electric device whose quake resistance was deemed insufficient in 1978 remained in place at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for more than 30 years, contributing to the loss of external power at the facility hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March last year, sources familiar with the matter said Sunday..."
2012-04-22 Something Wicked This Way Comes. . .,
Something Wicked This Way Comes. . .
2012-04-23 Book by Fukushima Worker: Bottom of Daini reactor may be ‘broken through’ — Rumors of possible explosion,
2012-04-23 White sheets covering surface of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 seen during top official’s tour of Fukushima Daiichi (PHOTO),
2012-04-23 Nuclear consultant examines No. 4 spent fuel pool scenarios: Loss of Water vs. Scattering of Fuel Rods,
2012-04-23 Nuclear expert raises doubts about support columns under Spent Fuel Pool No.4 at Fukushima Daiichi (PHOTOS),
2012-04-23 Tens of thousands still living today in highly contaminated areas around Fukushima plant — Effectively abandoned by gov’t -Nuclear Expert,
2012-04-23 WSJ: Police raid Mitsui office after explosions — Inspection of site delayed due to flammable gas — Confiscation of documents expected,
2012-04-23 Prime Minister Kan: Radiation disaster ‘would hit the world’ if Fukushima Daiichi was evacuated — ‘No longer a question of only Japan’ — Worry over current state of plant,
2012-04-23 TV: Nuclear scientists concerned about structural safety of Fukushima fuel pools — 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than Chernobyl (VIDEO),
2012-04-23 Too Late? Let us Demand FULL DISCLOSURE and RIP THIS VEIL OF CENSORSHIP,
I am becoming truly emotionally exhausted by all the recent headlines describing Fukushima, particularly spent fuel pool #4, as an imminent threat to civilization.
I am not just emotionally exhausted because I fear for the people of Japan and the entire northern hemisphere.
The real reason I am so emotionally exhausted is because I believe that Fukushima's spent fuel pools have burned many times over during the course of the last year.
There may be still some fuel in pools #4 and #3, but I am convinced that these pools have burned over and over again. I SAW FLAMES at Unit 3 in June of 2011 on the Tepco webcam. The common spent fuel pool probably has burned as well. Perhaps units 5 and 6 burned also.
I recommend watching these short videos showing Fukushima Steam/Smoke Releases.
For 2012:
For 2012:
Majia here: Again, I feel very frustrated by all the recent headlines warning of the possibility for a spent fuel pool fire when I believe fires have occurred time and time again over the last 14 months.
Here are some examples of recent headlines, with some brief excerpts, of officials and other important types warning of the risk of a fire at spent fuel pool #4:
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Is Far From Over by Robert Alvarez, Reader Supported News
23 April 12
[Excerpted] "Spent reactor fuel, containing roughly 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than released at Chernobyl, still sits in pools vulnerable to earthquakes.
More than a year after the Fukushima nuclear power disaster began, the news media is just beginning to grasp that the dangers to Japan and the rest of the world are far from over. After repeated warnings by former senior Japanese officials, nuclear experts, and now a U.S. Senator, it's sinking in that the irradiated nuclear fuel stored in spent fuel pools amidst the reactor ruins pose far greater dangers than the molten cores. This is why:
Nearly all of the 10,893 spent fuel assemblies sit in pools vulnerable to future earthquakes, with roughly 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than released at Chernobyl
Several pools are 100 feet above the ground and are completely open to the atmosphere because the reactor buildings were demolished by explosions. The pools could possibly topple or collapse from structural damage coupled with another powerful earthquake.
The loss of water exposing the spent fuel will result in overheating and can cause melting and ignite its zirconium metal cladding resulting in a fire that could deposit large amounts of radioactive materials over hundreds, if not thousands of miles...."
[end quote]
Ennews: New Interview: Fukushima poses lethal risk to US West Coast, says Senator — Another bomb waiting to go off — Extreme nuclear vulnerability, especially in Reactor No. 4
original article here:
Former Japanese diplomats are describing Fukushima as threatening civilization.
Majia Here: I wonder whether these people read the NRC transcripts and have watched the Tepco video webcam at all?
As I've already explained, the NRC transcripts report fires in both spent fuel pools 3 and 4 in March of 2011. NRC's Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips March 16 2011
Maybe the people speaking out above -- Alvarez, Senator Ron Wyden, and Japanese diplomats Masumura and Murata -- are simply trying to tell us in code that any MORE fires at Fukushima will spell the doom of civilization?
Maybe they cannot speak the truth of what has truly unfolded because of the enveloping veil of censorship that surely must be coming from the top.
The Japanese, Canadian, and American governments have lied through their teeth about the events at Fukushima. I've documented this in my Lessons of Fukushima powerpoint.
Given that the lies have spewed as thick as the radioactive steam and smoke that have been evident of the Tepco and TBS webcams, I truly wonder whether the tipping point has already passed and we are simply awaiting the unfolding of the biggest extinction event to happen on planet earth since the last major asteroid hit.
I imagine it will take decades to unfold so I see no point in panicking or losing hope for one's own continued existence.
But I do see that we need to plan and prepare beyond stockpiling weapons and seizing resources abroad, which seems to be all our governments are capable of these days.
The U.S. is currently "modernizing" its nuclear weapons arsenal.
(Succeeding Where Bush Failed: The Obama Administration's Nuclear Weapon Surge. Counterpunch. By Darwin Bond-Graham)
Someone I know who works in the weapons' industry told me that western governments are currently stockpiling missiles at an unprecedented rate.
Why are we preparing for a war that no one country can win without destroying us all, especially in the context of the largest nuclear disaster in all of human history?
I recommend reading my post here:
I am so disgusted, frustrated, and exhausted I do not know what else to say about the utter madness that seems to have seized the world.
2012-04-23 Latest Fukushima Event,
Latest Fukushima Event
Thank you Wotcha!
2012-04-24 Re-Starting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture is Genocidal,
Re-Starting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture is Genocidal
Japan Today: Group files injunction to stop restart of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactors
[Excerpted] "A group filed an injunction on Monday to stop the restart of Tokyo Electric Power Co’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture.
The 130 plaintiffs, including former residents of Fukushima Prefecture, said that it would be dangerous to restart the plant’s seven reactors when the the cause of the Fukushima nuclear crisis was still under investigation, Sankei Shimbun reported."
Majia here: I am going to post one of the comments found at Japan Today concerning this article:
Nandakandamanda Apr. 24, 2012 - 10:51AM JST
General discussion on nuclear plants is fine, but this article is about Kashiwasaki Kariwa which is the world's biggest I believe.
It was struck and trashed by a huge earthquake about five years years ago but the damage was quite successfully covered up, with the complicity of the IAEA. A kind of mini prelude to Fukushima. (See Wiki)
Subsequently they have repeatedly tried to fire up some, but not all, of the damaged reactors, with mixed results.
The earthquake shocked the plant, but more so the operators and local citizens when they discovered that it had been sitting on a previously 'undiscovered' (underestimated?) fault line.
I can understand why the authorities might push to restart some of the vital reactors there, but I can better understand the citizens' very real and legitimate concerns over serious problems that have not yet been addressed in public.
[end comment by Nandakandamanda]
Majia here: I looked up the plant and sure enough Kashiwazaki-Kariwa is the world's largest in terms of "net electrical rating"
The Wiki article also notes that the plant was shutdown in 2007 after an earthquake that exceeded plant design. 3 units were eventually re-started, beginning in 2009.
In April 2011, Tepco claimed that the plant was not impacted at all by the 3/11 earthquake
However, an excellent article on nuclear disaster cover-ups found here details the absolute corruption within Japan's nuclear regulatory agency and Tepco specificallly. This article addresses this plant directly:
Japan’s TEPCO: a history of nuclear disaster cover-ups. By Michael Head World Socialist Website. March 17, 2011
[Excerpted] " July 2007, the 6.8 quake that shut down TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant demonstrated the real nature of the company’s assurances. The earthquake, 10 kilometres offshore from the Honshu west coast plant, caused subsidence of the main structure, ruptured water pipes, started a fire that took five hours to extinguish, and triggered radioactive discharges into the atmosphere and sea. The company initially said there was no release of radiation, but admitted later that the quake had released radiation and had spilled radioactive water into the Sea of Japan. Seismologist Katsuhiko Ishibashi warned that had the epicentre been 10 kilometres to the southwest and at magnitude 7, Kashiwazaki City would have experienced a major emergency.
Amid a public outcry, the government again put on a display of anger. According to media reports, a senior Japanese government official hauled TEPCO’s president into his office “for a rare and humiliating verbal caning”. The official was “furious” because TEPCO management had “initially misled his officials—and not for the first time, either—about the extent of breakdowns at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa”.
The 2007 closure of TEPCO’s largest nuclear plant contributed to the company posting its first ever losses over the past two years. It is now the world’s most indebted utility, with current net borrowings of $88 billion. This financial crisis has driven management to slash costs and boost output from its other plants, no doubt also at the expense of safety. TEPCO’s “2020 Vision” document pledges to “accelerate cost reduction efforts” and raise the non-fossil fuel (mainly nuclear) proportion of its generation from 33 to 50 percent....
Majia here: Re-starting this plant is genocidal, particularly in the context of all the recent earthquake activity in Japan.
2012-04-24 Fukushima Video,
Enenews: "Intense M5.5 hits Chiba, outside Tokyo — Followed by M4 aftershocks at same location"
Nuckelchen posted this video linked below. The video is dated 4/24 3:53. I don't know if that is PM or AM.
I don't know if the event recorded on the video was prior to or after the earthquake.
Watch the video carefully around 5:38 and see the blue flash/glow and the purple one as well
2012-04-24 Debris Map Inside Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant,
The map was apparently made by Hitachi GE Nuclear Energy. The map is in the report by the Working Council for "Mid-and-long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Units 1-4". The Council met for the 5th time on April 23, apparently. Hitachi is a member of the Council.
The report is available only in Japanese, and I don't think the detailed debris map (below) was disclosed in the regular press conference (there is no mention of it in the "Handout for the Press" section of their website, either in English or in Japanese.
From the Japanese report of the Working Council, 4/23/2012, page 98 (I inserted the English labels):
2012-04-24 (for photos taken on this date) Photographer: X-ray-like image shows how radioactivity has spread throughout bodies of Fukushima wildlife (PHOTOS), by, Published: April 29th, 2012 at 3:12 pm ET
This image was published on the photo blog of Takashi Morizumi. It appears Dr. Satoshi Mori was responsible for the x-ray-like view showing black dots spread throughout the body of a small bird from Iitate Village. The dots are said to be radioactive particles of Cs-137 internalized by eating contaminated insects.
“Takashi Morizumi is a photojournalist who covers topics in Japan and overseas such as the effects of US military bases and environmental problems. In particular, since the later half of the 90s, he has covered the damages caused by nuclear mining, testing, power plants, and the use of depleteted uranium and other nuclear weapons.” -Source
h/t Fukushima Diary
2012-05-24 “Impossibly High”: WHO’s initial report estimated Tokyo AND Osaka infant thyroid dose at 10 to 100 millisieverts — Up to 1 full sievert in Namie, Published: May 25th, 2012, Subscription Only: Tokyo says WHO overestimated Fukushima disaster radiation doses
Asahi AJW, by YURI OIWA, May 24, 2012
In its report, the WHO [World Health Organization] said residents living near the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant northeast of Tokyo were exposed to whole-body doses of between 10 and 50 millisieverts
“The WHO estimates deviate considerably from reality,” said one anxious Japanese government source. “If those figures are taken at face value, that may spread disquiet and confusion among the Japanese public.”
“Overall, (the latest WHO figures) are overestimates,” said Yoshio Hosoi, a professor of radiology at Hiroshima University’s Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine. “In particular, they have sharply overestimated the doses of external exposure and food-derived exposure,” he said.
But the Japanese government’s System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI), which is designed to forecast the spread of radioactive substances, did produce larger thyroid gland dose estimates for 1-year-old infants in some districts of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture.
In that case, the WHO estimates “probably mostly reflect reality,” Hosoi said.
Initial Estimate
The WHO began compiling the dose estimation report last summer. Its first draft, which appeared last November, startled one Japanese government official.
The draft report estimated the whole-body doses for 1-year-old infants at 10-100 millisieverts in Namie and 1-10 millisieverts in Tokyo and Osaka.
The thyroid gland dose estimates for 1-year-old infants were 300-1,000 millisieverts in Namie and elsewhere and 10-100 millisieverts in Tokyo and Osaka.
Tokyo sent health ministry officials to the WHO headquarters and went through diplomatic channels to call for revisions.
“The figures are just impossibly high,” a government official said at the time. “If they are released, that will not only arouse unnecessary anxiety among the Japanese public but also serve as negative publicity.”
2012-05-24 Press Conference: “Japanese gov’t kills our children, still now” — “I am very worried and afraid” (VIDEO), published: May 24th, 2012 at 6:15 pm ET, by ENENews
Hibakusha Press Conference, Foreign Correspondent’s Club Japan (FCCJ) in Tokyo on
22 May 2012
At ~19:40 in
Japanese gov’t kills our children, still now.
I am very worried and afraid.
So I would make to, um, less kill children — Japanese children…, not only Japan, but Hawaii and America area too.
2012-04-24 Intense M5.5 hits Chiba, outside Tokyo — Followed by M4 aftershocks at same location (MAPS),
2012-04-24 Professor: Japan newborns were treated like guinea pigs for study of nuclear weapons and radiation — Stillborn babies secretly shipped to US for research,
2012-04-24 Wall nearly 100 feet tall to be built underground at Fukushima Daiichi to prevent further spread of radioactive contamination — Construction begins tomorrow, ends June 2014 (PHOTOS),
2012-04-24 Kyodo: Fukushima Daiichi reactors are “riddled with meltdown holes”,
2012-04-24 Pressure doubles inside Reactor No. 2 containment vessel since start of April — Tepco making effort to reduce pressure,
2012-04-24 Tepco to dump groundwater from under reactor buildings into ocean — Kyodo: 1,000 tons a day; “Tepco would check contamination level before releasing it”,
2012-04-24 The Economist: ‘Astounding’ that health of people near Fukushima Daiichi not being tracked,
2012-04-24 Basist of Dragon Ash died of acute cardiac insufficiency Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 24th, 2012
Mr. Baba Ikuzo (IKUZONE), the basist of a Japanese rock band Dragon Ash, found down in his home studio because of acute cardiac insufficiency in the night of 4/21/2012. He died in the hospital of Tokyo on 4/21/2012. He was 46 years old. Source Dragon Ash
2012-04-24 2 high school students got heat stroke in 22.9 ºC, posted by Mochizuki on April 24th, 2012 [Editor's Note: 22.9 ºC = 73.22 ºF]
Following up this article..Students hospitalized for heat stroke in Osaka, 22.1 ºC?
2 high school students were hospitalized for heat stroke in Kasaoka city Okayama.
They are 15~16 and 16~17 years old male students. They became sick while they were running for the succor club activity at 17:00 of 4/24/2012.
The highest temperature of the day was 22.9?.
2012-04-24 Fukushima citizen seppuku-ed to protest against Tepco, Posted by Mochizuki on April 24th, 2012
Related to this article..JP Gov VS Japanese citizens, by November of 2011, 2 citizens in Namie machi Fukushima commit suicide.
The name of the first person is Matsumoto Hideyuki. The name of the second person is not known. He was 58 years old. The second person came home from evacuation site and stabbed his own stomachache. There was no written will. The radiation level was 200mSv/y in his town.
His family talks, without nuclear plants, he wouldn’t have commit suicide.
Elder of his local community states, his suicide was the biggest protest. We must share and cherish his feeling to have killed himself.
Ward mayor says, his death was the protest against nuclear.
Town mayor, there is a limit where a human can bear. Governments should respect it.
2012-04-25 Farm gets full of mutated dandelions in Saitama Posted by Mochizuki on April 25th, 2012
Following up this article..Mutated dandelion in Saitama [Japanese characters]… — Hiroshi N (@hiroshi0414) April 25, 2012 <Translate> Mutated dandelions are everywhere in the farm. Fat stem and flowers are too close to each other (fasciation), looking messed up. It’s in Saitama.
2012-04-25 More and more mutated dandelions in Tokyo, Posted by Mochizuki on April 25th, 2012
More and more mutated dandelions are found in Tokyo. The reporter of a NEWS TV show “Morning bird” on TV Asahi asked audience for information of mutated dandelions in Tokyo, but he found some by himself on a walk in Chuoku Tokyo. He comments he found fasciated dandelions very often.
2012-04-25 14,210 Bq/Kg of cesium beside school in Chiba, Posted by Mochizuki on April 25th, 2012
Noda city Chiba measured 14,210 Bq/Kg and 8,650 Bq/Kg of cesium from soil taken in street gutters beside schools, announced on 4/24/2012. On 4/17/2012, Noda city took samples from street gutters beside 6 elementary schools and 2 junior high schools. They measured 14,210 Bq/Kg and 8,650 Bq/Kg of cesium at 2 of 8 locations.
Noda city government built temporary storage facility to stock contaminated soil, which contains more than 8,000 Bq/Kg of cesium in the area of city hall. One storage facility can contain 20m3 of soil, they are going to prepare a few of them and accept contaminated soil from next month.
Noda city did not decontaminate street gutters because they don’t have final disposal site.
Cesium emission from reactor 2 increased 700%, posted by Mochizuki on April 25th, 2012
Cesium emission from reactor 2 became 7 times much as March.
It was 7 million Bq/h, which is almost the same level as October of 2011 (10 million Bq/h).
Tepco comments it was measured in the situation where dust is not blown up, major delivery entrance was closed.
No explanation is given by Tepco.
2012-04-25 JP gov is shifting from decontamination to evacuation, posted by Mochizuki on April 25th, 2012
Related to this article..88 km of the great wall is planned to barricade Fukushima contaminated zone
Japanese government published their prediction that some areas will remain more radioactive than 20mSv/y even in 10 years, where will still be uninhabitable on 4/22/2012.
They are planning to complete decontamination in places where the radiation level is lower than 50mSv/y by March of 2014. However, they still have not made a plan for the areas where the radiation level is higher than 50mSv/y.
Though it is assumed that some of the evacuated people want to go home even if it takes time, Japanese government is inclined to the idea that spending money on supporting evacuating people is more efficient. It costs significant sum of money to decontaminate and the reliable technology is not established. It would be more efficient to spend the money on evacuating people.
2012-04-25 More Nuclear Extortion,
Japan Today: OECD chief says Japan needs nuclear power
[excerpted] "The head of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development urged Japan on Wednesday to resume nuclear electricity generation despite public opposition....
Supporters say without nuclear power, energy-hungry and resource-poor Japan cannot continue to function normally, but critics point to continuing efficiencies that have allowed it to shrug off previous warnings of shortages."
Majia here: I've reported previously on the efforts to re-start reactors. I believe that the financial welfare of Tepco shareholders and others who benefit from nuclear power are driving this effort.
Japan would be foolish to re-start reactors that may have been damaged in the disaster. The country has a terrible history of very poor nuclear safety and the earthquakes that have shook the nation over the last 14 months are significant and unusual in frequency and magnitude.
The people of Japan favor energy conservation over re-starting reactors.
Nuclear Extortion: Prospective Teco Lenders (and Shareholders?) Demand Re-Start of Nuclear Reactors
Re-Starting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture is Genocidal
Kyodo: Fukushima plant device with inadequate quake resistance left for 30 yrs
2012-04-25 Japan Atomic Power Denies Nuclear Plant Could be on a Fault,
My headline would be almost comical, if it was not so very tragic.
Japan Today: Tsuruga nuclear plant may be sitting atop active geological fault
[Excerpted] "A nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture may be sitting right on top of an active geological fault, the country’s nuclear watchdog said Wednesday...
The fault fracture zone under the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors of the 1,517-megawatt Tsuruga plant could be an active fault that could move jointly with a confirmed nearby active fault, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) found in a site survey, a spokesman for the plant’s operator said.
The operator, Japan Atomic Power Co, denies the existence of an active fault right under the plant, citing its geological assessment, but the NISA has ordered an additional investigation following its findings, the spokesman said...."
2012-04-25 #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Debris Map with NRC Heat Map Overlay,, Wednesday, April 25, 2012
The original debris map of Reactor 4's Spent Fuel Pool (created by Hitachi) was released by TEPCO on April 23, 2012 in the document for the Working Council for "Mid-and-long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Units 1-4". The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has the decay heat map of the same pool created by the US Department of Energy ("Official Transcript of Proceedings", released on May 26, 2011 (link is PDF), page 188). You overlay these two maps, and you'll get this: [Editor's Note: See chart above].
The Reactor 4 SFP contains 204 new fuel assemblies and 1331 spent fuel assemblies.
(H/T anon supporter of this blog for the map. H/T reader Atomfritz for the NRC link. Thank you.)
2012-04-25 UPI: Active geological fault lies directly beneath Japan reactor — Yomiuri: “Extremely uncertain” if it can be reactivated,
2012-04-25 M4.5, M4.2 hit Fukushima since 5p ET,
2012-04-25 NHK: “Unclear” whether any of Japan’s stopped reactors can be restarted,
2012-04-25 Fukushima fallout lingered just above ground to be inhaled — While Chernobyl particles appeared to be at higher elevations, or were rained onto surface without floating at low elevation (DIAGRAM),
2012-04-25 150km from Fukushima Daiichi: Radioactive plumes continued during summer — Fallout was re-suspended during daytime by daily convection due to sunshine,
2012-04-25 Study: Radioactive ‘black rain’ HELPED Japan after meltdowns — Substantial amount of fallout was floating near ground, and rainfall “ceased its re-suspension” — Area was at “High Risk” beforehand,
2012-04-25 Worse than radioactive rain? After Fukushima, fallout was suspended near Earth’s surface without settling down, says new study — “Potentially a health risk, especially for children as they breathe closer to ground”,
2012-04-25 Epidemiology Scientist: The slower you spread radiation dose, the more effectively it produces cancer and inherited defects — “Japan is going the very best way in the world for destroying the human race” (1993 VIDEO),
2012-04-25 Mainichi: Decontamination failed and abandoned after Chernobyl — Residents allowed back, then forced to leave again — Now no return for centuries says Zone official,
2012-04-25 Japan nuclear plant may be permanently shut down because of quake risk — Fault line found 500 feet from reactor on Tuesday (VIDEO),

2012-04-26 Watch: Local Fukushima official films radioactive whirlwind — “All black dust has been also blown away” (VIDEO),
enenews_ 2012-04-26 16.02t
2012-04-26 Japan TV news program films plant life mutations in Tokyo — Fasciated dandelions reported “very often” (VIDEO),
2012-04-26 Gov’t: “Almost impossible” to restart Japan nuclear plant — Tsuruga reactor will ’tilt’ if fault moves — Chances “virtually nil” -Kyodo,
2012-04-26 7-fold increase in radioactive cesium being released from Reactor No. 2 during April (CHART),
2012-04-26 4.2 million Bq/Kg of cesium from Black substance and microscope pics, posted by Mochizuki on April 26th, 2012
Following up this article..Plutonium 238 measured in Minamisoma Mr. Oyama, Minamisoma city councilor measured 500CPM from a sample of black substance. The analysis results are like these below.. Date 4/9/2012 (Cs-134(Bq/kg)Cs-137(Bq/kg)) 1) Oscillatoriales from Minamisoma 1740000 2450000 2) Soil from the place on the map below 8070 11500 ???????? 3) Soil from the place on [...]
2012-04-26 Plutonium 238 measured in Minamisoma, Posted by Mochizuki on April 26th, 2012
Following up this article..0.27 µSv/h alpha ray on the roof of Minamisoma city hall 0.038 Bq/Kg (2.47Bq/m2) of Plutonium 238 was measured in Minamisoma. They also measured 0.047 Bq/Kg ofPlutonium 239 and 240, and 0.73 Bq/Kg of Plutonium 241. 8.5 Bq/Kg of Strontium 89, and 50 Bq/Kg of Strontium 90 was also [...]
2012-04-26 Decrease of population accelerates in Chiba, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 26th, 2012
Following up this article..Population of Chiba decreased for the first time since 1920
Population of Chiba decreased by 10,691 from 1/1 to 4/1/2012, which is almost the same entire decreasing amount of 2011. On 4/1/2012, Chiba’s population is 6,195,643.
The population is decreasing faster and faster since January, Chiba prefectural government announced on 4/26/2012.
The biggest decrease was 1,175 in Chiba city, the second biggest decrease was 946 in Matsudo city, the third biggest decrease was 847 in Kashiwa city.
Matsudo city and Kashiwa city are known to be hot spot, Chiba city is suffering from soil liquefaction.
2012-04-26 Student’s physical strength is decreasing in Miyagi, Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 26th, 2012
? Time of male students of endurance running ? Time of female students of endurance running Following up this article..20% of the children in disaster area decreased weight The score of physical strength test turned out to be worse than the prefectural average and the whole Japanese average of 2010. The test was conducted [...]
2012-04-26 Essay by Prof. Rao: "Lessons of Fukushima: Nuclear Safety is an Oxymoron",, Thursday, April 26, 2012, Essay by Prof. Rao: "Lessons of Fukushima: Nuclear Safety is an Oxymoron" Excellent Essay:
Lessons of Chernobyl and Fukushima: Nuclear Safety is an Oxymoron.
by Prof.T.Shivaji Rao, Director of Center for Environmental Studies,GITAM University, Visakhapatnam (India)
hat tip: Whoopie
2012-04-26 Cesium in Sea 100X Pre-3/11 Levels 600 km From Fukushima,, Thursday, April 26, 2012
Asahi: Radioactive cesium spread 600 km in waters off Fukushima
"...scientists said, in amounts that reached 100 times pre-accident levels."
Fukushima nuclear pollution in sea was world's worst: French institute. Japan Today Oct. 28, 2011 -
Ken Buesseler, a scientist at Massachusetts’s Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, told the paper that Fukushima was by far the largest accidental release of radioactive material into ocean waters—exceeding, by a magnitude of 100, the Chernobyl contamination of the Black Sea. (cited in Alex Roslin
Some background on Cesium Reporting in Japan
Fukushima Diary Reported 4/15/2012 that the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) admitted that their monitoring data of sea water and ground near Fukushima were inaccurate, reporting 20% lower than actual
2012-04-26 NHK: "EU to defer releasing nuclear stress test results, ",
NHK: "EU to defer releasing nuclear stress test results"
Majia here: The article states that the EU started conducting stress tests on Japan's nuclear reactors over a year ago.The stress test results are not going to be released as planned. They have officially been delayed until fall.
[excerpts] "The tests examine the ability of reactors to survive emergencies, including plane crashes and natural disasters such as major earthquakes and tsunami.
"The EU had aimed to release the final results of the stress tests by June and make concrete recommendations at a summit. But on Thursday it announced that the final report will be published in the autumn because it will take more time to complete the tests...."
Majia here: Let us consider why the stress results are not being released. Perhaps this headline sheds some light on the situation:
Fukushima Report Introduced by Top Official Hosono: “Other reactors are all in considerably severe condition” — 14 total; Dai-ni, Onagawa, Tokai — “Extreme situations, though not much has been broadcast” (VIDEO)
Majia here: Perhaps Tokai is one of the reactors that the EU does not want to release stress test results for.
Tokai had reported radiation leaks in March of 2011
Radioactive water leaked at Tokai in March 2012
In December 2011, a fire broke out at this reactor:
Research reactor ceiling catches fire
Kyodo: Ceiling at Japan reactor catches fire — Burns 110 m² area in two hours — Just 100km from Fukushima
Might it be that the Tokai reactor is in dire condition also?
Radiation dose spikes in Ibaraki northeast of Tokyo near time of last night’s 5 intensity quake — Highest level measured since April — Double average
2012-04-27 Footage of gov’t official at Fukushima inspecting support posts under Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 (VIDEOS),
2012-04-27 Japan medical doctors coming to America to tell of Fukushima’s under-reported health consequences,
2012-04-27 Spectrum measurement of black substance, posted by Mochizuki on April 27th, 2012
Related to this article..4.2 million Bq/Kg of cesium from Black substance and microscope pics
Gamma spectrum of black substance was recorded.
This is a sample from Fukushima a 3g of… of “Black powder” is highly cumulated radioactive dirt contains a bunch of Cs134,137 and maybe other fission products like Pu,Am,Ra etc in some amount. I received a report it says just 60g or 100g of this recorded over 600,000 Becquerels/kg in the testing. In Minamisoma city Fukushima prefecture about 25 km from Fukushima Daiichi power plant there are over 1million to 3million Bqs/kg of this stuff has been finding already. This sample isn’t from Minamisoma. but it’s high enough radiation coming from. gives about 10000cpm on my Ludlum. calibration:14000cpm/usvh.
2012-04-27 Prof. Takeda “3/31/2015 is the last day of Japan”; Posted by Mochizuki on April 27th, 2012
Prof. Takeda Kunihiko from Chubu university roughly estimated anyone can no longer live in Japan after 3/31/2015.
According to his explanation, the yearly dose will reach 5mSv/y (External dose and the slight internal dose) in 3 years and 4 months from January of 2012.
He states, he receives radiation data from one of his readers. The person measures radiation three times a day, at work, doorway of house, and the living room in Mie prefecture (500km from Fukushima). Prof. Takeda admits the data is scientific enough.
From the radiation level has been in the increasing trend since last September. In linear equations (y=ax+b), the average from January to March (=b) is 0.10 µSv/h, a is +0.004 µSv/h. y reaches 5mSv/y in 3 years and 3 months, so yearly dose will be over 5mSv/y in 3 years and 4 months from January of 2012, when is 3/31/2015.
Prof. Takeda admits the data was collected by an individual and a and b are calculated by least squares but it’s rational enough.
The reason why radiation level is increasing is not explained.
2012-04-27 Video of SFP4, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 27th, 2012
Tepco published the video of SFP in reactor 4.
2012-04-27 Highest hydrogen levels of year inside Reactor No. 2 containment vessel,
2012-04-27 Mainichi publishes report on thyroid cancer: 30% in Fukushima now with tumors of 2cm or less, thyroid gland only 5cm by 3cm total — Claims cancer increases after 10 sievert radiation dose, so Japan ok (10,000 millisieverts),
2012-04-27 Source: Over 500 microSv/h detected from black substance (PHOTO),
2012-04-27 Kyodo: Gov’t says 1,000s in Fukushima need “immediate psychological care” after filling out survey — Trouble sleeping and concentrating,
2012-04-27 Official: Plutonium detected in black substance from Minamisoma (PHOTOS),
2012-04-28 Tokyo Suburb: Children playing on dirt with “huge amounts of radioactivity” — Includes alpha particles — Cesium levels so high it prevented identification of other isotopes (VIDEO),
2012-04-28 Local official purged for being against spreading radiation, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 28th, 2012
Mr. Murata Tomoaki, a town councilor of Manazuru town in Kanagawa received resignation advisory resolution from town council.
He is blamed for commenting they should not spread radioactive incineration ash from Kanto to western Japan on twitter.
In January, groundwater of disposal site turned out to be contaminated because of incineration ash from Yugawara town and Manazuru town, incineration ash became unable to be process in Kanagawa prefecture. Yugawara town is known to be Onsen resort place, Manazuru town is known for fishery products.
Health unions of both towns were asking a private disposal site in Nara to take the incineration ash. Having this situation, on 3/3/2012, Mr. Murata tweeted, incineration ash from Kanto is more contaminated than western Japan. It spreads radiation to all over Japan so he is against it. The ash should be process in Kanagawa prefecture.
Similar comments followed his tweet, the private disposal site decided not to accept the contaminated incineration ash on 3/7/2012.
The unions are seeking for other disposal site, the ash is kept out of the town at the moment.
The radiation level was 144 ~ 490 Bq/Kg.
Manazuru town council blames him for mentioning radioactive contamination on twitter, want him to take “moral responsibility“.
On 4/27/2012, Manazuru town councilor passed resignation resolution recommendations of him.

North America


2012-04-22 Fukushima prefectural government resists moving in over 50µSv/h, Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 22nd, 2012
Fukushima citizen measured 52.21µSv/h in Watari Fukushima city, where is near Fukushima prefectural government.
Ms. Yamaguchi Taka, Sapporo city councilor in Hokkaido points out why they don’t categorize the hot area as evacuation zone.
Fukushima is cold! It’s only 0? but the wind is cold ! Anyway, today I’m going to pass Watari area of Fukushima city. If this area is categorized to be evacuation zone, even Fukushima prefectural government will be included.
2012-04-23 More Confirmation of GOVERNMENT COVER-UP on Fukushima,
Audit Confirms EPA Radiation Monitors Broken During Fukushima Crisis
April 23, 2012 By Douglas P. Guarino Global Security Newswire
[excerpted] – "An internal audit has confirmed observers’ concerns that many of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s radiation monitors were out of service at the height of the 2011 Fukushima power plant meltdown in Japan, a finding one critic said raises “serious questions” about the federal government’s ability to respond to nuclear emergencies and to alert the public of their consequences (see GSN, Dec. 21, 2011).
The April 19 report by the EPA Inspector General’s Office also casts further doubt on the agency’s already controversial claims that radiation from Fukushima did not pose any public health threat on U.S. soil, said Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California (Santa Cruz) and president of Committee to Bridge the Gap...."
read this very important article here:
HAT TIP: Whoopie at Enenews. Thank you very much for all of your hard work Whoopie!
2012-04-23 3rd Plant Species With Radiation Mutations Found In 3rd Michigan Location by Alexander Higgins, []
It’s not just in dandelions but in other flowers, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation – 3rd plant species found mutated in 3rd location in Michigan.
I just finished reporting on the discovery of mutated strawberries in Michigan which are speculated to be a result of Fukushima nuclear fallout despite certain pro nuclear who have argued that such mutations would not happen this soon after the disaster.
Michigan Plants Mutated Due to Radioactive Fukushima Nuclear Fallout?..
2012-04-23 Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 23rd, 2012
Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4. Tepco is planning to cover the reactor building with RC structure by autumn of 2013. Tepco is also tearing down the outward walls and posts. For soil improvement work, Tepco is going to dig the ground beside the reactor building. Source [...]
2012-04-23 Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini, Posted by Mochizuki,, on April 23rd, 2012
Following up this article..Drug abuse of Fukushima workers
Mr. Suzuki suggests the possibility of melt-out in Fukushima Daini in his book.
[Japanese script -- the English translation follows]
Fukushima Daini, 2F as they call, is very mysterious. Something must have happened there.
2F is that contaminated.
There are 4 reactors in 2F and all of them stopped. Coolant system is properly working and the temperature is stable, but it’s only reactor 4 to have been recovered. Collecting comments of subcontract companies, I asked about the contamination situation to Tepco workers. They turned to be helpless.
“Yes, true.. I wonder why it’s so contaminated. The operation floor on the top and concrete shielding plug are unbelievably contaminated. Water is even in pedestal (=The room under pressure vissel).”
A retired employee of an electric company said, “If water is in pedestal, it means pressure vessel had excessive pressure. Control rod or pipes are severely damaged. The bottom of the reactor is broken through. Like Fukushima Dai ichi, it is rational to think there was a hydrogen explosion.”
Toshiba planned to enter reactor 3 it the end of December, but they didn’t.
After Hitachi went into reactor 4 in the end of August, the rumor spread that reactor may have exploded.
Media tried to report but they couldn’t confirm.
Only few plant workers know the current situation. 2F looks normal but
Subcontract companies to work around the vessel all say it’s suspicious.
2012-04-23 New Interview: Fukushima poses lethal risk to US West Coast, says Senator — Another bomb waiting to go off — Extreme nuclear vulnerability, especially in Reactor No. 4,
2012-04-23 Actual Fukushima worker suspects USA is pressuring Japan to restart nuclear plants, posted by Mochizuki on April 23rd, 2012
Following up this article..JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant
Actual Fukushima worker suspects the influence of USA.
I feel like America has something to do with restarting the nuclear plants in Japan.
2012-04-23 Yamashita banned recording findings suggestive of thyroid nodule, Posted by Mochizuki on April 23rd, 2012
Following up this article..7290 Bq/Kg from carnation in Fukushima
In the symposium, a pulmonologist, Dr. Okayama gave a comment about the current situation of Japanese medical industry
He is from Sendai Miyagi. He attended the symposium about radiation therapy held on 4/21/2012, where the chairman was Yamashita Shunichi.
When he sees carotid by ultrasonic echo for the treatment of arterial sclerosis on this ordinary work, he can see thyroid as well.
He often finds thyroid tumor.
Ultrasonic echo can be used by a doctor and engineer, but both of them are supposed to record findings suggestive of thyroid tumor or cyst even if it was originally to see carotid.
However, Yamashita Shunichi requested doctors in the symposium not to record the findings because it causes unnecessary concern of patients.
2012-04-23 OSU sorority girl likely died over the weekend, [Editor's Note: This may reflect a rise in heart attack deaths due to Cesium build-up that has been reflected in an increased rate of young athlete deaths].
A 20-year-old woman died over the weekend at an Oregon State University sorority.
Just before 1:30 p.m. Monday officers were called to the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, said Lt. Tim Brewer with the Corvallis Police Department. The sorority is at 310 N.W. 26th St. in Corvallis.
"Investigators [so far have] found no signs of criminality or foul play involved in this death," the Corvallis Police Department reports. "It is likely the death occurred sometime over the weekend."
The identity of the deceased was withheld until after notification of the family could be confirmed. They are now identifying her as Lauren C. Snow, a 20-year-old at the sorority house...
2012-04-24 ALERT- Persistent Long Half Life Radioactive Fallout,
The fallout sample from the April 14th radioactive fallout rain event remains radioactive 5 days after the initial collection. The sample was still radioactive at approximately 1.3 counts per minute over background, (Beta + Gamma). Data analysis is on going, and more information should be available in a few days.
The continued presence of persistent long life radioactive fallout in these storms does not bode well for long term radioactive environmental build up and migration into food products.
2012-04-24 Gov’t Report: EPA’s ability to protect human health with RadNet was “potentially impaired” for Fukushima — Officials questioned why they were using “dramatically less strict” standards for radiation contamination,
2012-04-24 Washington Post: Closing reactors causing a “mess” after “non-catastrophic” Fukushima crisis — Argues for building more nuke plants in US,
2012-04-24 Months after surviving first sports collapse, Oregon 12-year-old dies after similar incident by Cameron Smith | Prep Rally – 6 hours ago
In a twist that is almost too painful to believe, just three months removed from miraculously surviving a dangerous, heart attack-related collapse during a basketball game, an Oregon 12-year-old collapsed and died while playing baseball.
As reported by the Associated Press and a variety of other sources, 12-year-old Isaac Arzate died hours after collapsing during an unofficial baseball game at Scott Elementary School in Salem on Friday night. The incident occurred some three months after Arzate collapsed with a heart attack during another sporting event at the same school, in an incident when he was resuscitated by paramedics....
2012-04-25 Extinction Level Event Well Underway (YouTube)
US senator went to Japan
Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready ... For A Mass Extinction Event?

2012-04-25 Stomach Problems? Virus, Bacteria, Radiation?,
Stomach Problems? Virus, Bacteria, Radiation?
link to very short video explaining radiation exposure symptoms
The video is very conservative overall, as demonstrated by its gross understatement of Chernobyl fatalities.
However, I found its explanation of the gastrointestinal problems caused by radiation to be instructive.
2012-04-26 Gundersen featured on PBS — Host: “Growing movement” to keep California’s San Onofre nuclear plant shut down permanently (VIDEO),
2012-04-26 Anonymous Video,
Anonymous Video
I recommend it highly
Please see my post here for discussion:
My extended powerpoint on the censorship of this event can be found at these links
2012-04-27 Potrblog: Rain 40X Background,, Friday, April 27, 2012
April 27, 2012 Potrblog finds rain 40X background in St. Louis. The Potrblog team plans on monitoring the decay pattern and subsequently reporting their findings
What could be so "hot" in the rain?
Might it be from Fukushima?
Fukushima Diary reports that Mr. Oyama, Minamisoma city councilor, measured 500CPM from a sample of black substance. The analysis results were: "4.2 million Bq/Kg of cesium from Black substance and microscope pics"
Perhaps it is from unit 2 at Fukushima Diachi?
Enenews reports: "7-fold increase in radioactive cesium being released from Reactor No. 2 during April" (CHART)
Fukushima has been very active lately, awing its webcam audience with regular massive steam releases that come from the ground, among other worrying places. I'm keeping records for the purposes of documentation :)
Wait! Maybe its from the chemical complex fires in Iwakuni; the burning plant there stores depleted uranium and who knows what else
Fukushima Diary lends support to the hypothesis of the Iwakuni chemical complex as a potential source. He reports 0.44~9.31 µSv/h measured after explosion of chemical complex. Was it from there?
I know! It could be the reactor at Tokai that has leaked radioactive water and suffered a fire
Well, I guess the source could be any of the 14 damaged nuclear reactors in Japan:
Enenews: Fukushima Report Introduced by Top Official Hosono: “Other reactors are all in considerably severe condition” — 14 total; Dai-ni, Onagawa, Tokai — “Extreme situations, though not much has been broadcast” (VIDEO)
I suppose there are plenty of potential sources in the US as well.
Oh dear; it is so hard to know where things come from in this ongoing environmental holocaust....
Wake UP! We are running out of time to contain the disaster at Fukushima, as well as imminent (San Onofre) and ongoing (e.g., Hanford) disasters at nuclear plants around the country:
In the US, our EPA is too broken to protect us:
The FDA is far too corrupt to protect us:
And the White House is being held hostage by the nuclear-oil-financial-military complex.
We need to write our congressional representatives and government agencies, demanding transparency and accountability.
2012-04-27 Links for Today,, Friday, April 27, 2012
MARKET DISTORTIONS AND PROFIT DRIVEN FINANCIAL INSTABILITY: 84% of All Stock Trades are by High-Frequency Computer Algorithms, by Washington's Blog
Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest and Poverty, April 22, 2012 By Michael Hudson
Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation
ONLINE READER by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
DNA damage to nuclear test vets prompts call for study of children
ANZAC DAY 2012. Lest we forget. April 25, 2012. Paul Langley's Blog
2012-04-27 Radioactive Rain / Pollen Mix at 40 Times Background Levels,
Another unusually heavy day for fallout today, a sample of rain and pollen off our truck returned a radioactivity reading of forty times background radiation. We have place the sample into our lab area and will take measurements over the next several days.
2012-04-27 One year later Forbes resumes Fukushima coverage — Jeff McMahon continues reporting on EPA and Fukushima radiation,
2012-04-27 Run of the Mill Nuke Spill, [Editor's Note: This has relevance to Fukushima radiation to the extent that it documents routine radiation-related cover-ups in America]
Very good article
April 26, 2012: The Limerick Incident Wasn't an "EPPI": Relax, It’s Just a Run-of-the-Mill Nuke Spill, by DAVE LINDORFF
[Excerpted] "A little over a month ago, back on March 19, at 3:00 in the morning, the Limerick Nuclear Power Station, which runs two aging GE nuclear reactors along the Schuylkill River west of Philadelphia, had an accident. As much as 15,000 gallons of reactor water contaminated with five times the official safe limit of radioactive Tritium as well as an unknown amount of other dangerous isotopes from the reactor’s fission process blew off a manhole cover and ran out of a large pipe, flowing into a streambed and on into the river from which Philadelphia and a number of smaller towns draw their municipal water supplies.
No public announcement of this spill was made at the time, so the public in those communities had no idea that it had occurred, and water system operators had no opportunity to shut down their intakes from the river. There was no report about the spill in Philadelphia’s two daily newspapers or on local news programs...."
Majia Here: Just wait until I tell you about tritium from nuke plants in swimming pools....
2012-04-28 Radioactive Rain At 11 Times Background,
We took a sample from our truck at approximately 4:30pm on 4/28/12 and it returned a reading of 11 times greater than background radiation. The reading is inline with the lower readings we would expect from the Southern Jetstream POST-Fukushima, Pre-Fukushima we would not expect more than a 3x reading.
One interesting thing we were able to show in this video is that sampling/collection of fallout via a swipe is self limiting; we doubled the surface area wiped and only slightly increase the radioactivity of the sample.
2012-04-28 “Revelations on nuclear plants sound warning” — Harvard study reveals large-scale radiation releases just outside major US city that lasted for decades — “Surely this could not have happened, but apparently it did” (VIDEO),
2012-04-28 Video: Corium from Fukushima causing increase in radon-222?,

Europe and the Rest of the World


2012-04-25 CNN: No clear answers why so many kids born outside exclusion zone are sick years after meltdown — Fukushima only 7% as bad as Chernobyl (VIDEO),
2012-04-26 *Warning – Graphic* Photographer: “My first reaction was I was looking at a different race of people” — Brain outside of skull, kidneys outside of torso, legs resembling elephant — Some doctors feel strongly there will be no more Belarus people in future (VIDEO),
2012-04-26 Russian Gov’t Radio: “The number of victims has reached one million people today” — Consequences of Chernobyl meltdown are endless and uncontrollable,
2012-04-28 TV: No chance of removing melted nuclear fuel from reactor at Chernobyl — 100s of times above airborne radiation limit while digging nearby (VIDEO),

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