Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

29 April - 5 May 2012



From Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants posted by Mochizuki,, on May 1st, 2012





From Fukushima being yellow Posted by Mochizuki,, on May 3rd, 2012 "Since 18:30 5/3/2012 (JST), it has been all yellow in Fukushima live camera. The plants are covered with the thick radioactive gas."


"At Shibamiya post office in Koriyama city Fukushima"

"Too crazy."

"Culture park in Koriyama. There are numbers of children."

"It’s highly radioactive even on the pavement"

"It’s relatively low where it’s decontaminated but,"

"It’s a bit lower where the lawn is removed"

"It’s not even on the gutter but it’s over 2µSv/h."

"Boys are playing baseball beside the blue sheet to cover the radioactive soil."

"Sakebuta park. Atmospheric dose is over 2µSv/h."

"In front of Koriyama station."

From Reality in Fukushima, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 29th, 2012



"Sachiko" Japan Radiation Fears (5:45) [h/t 2012-04-30 Anonymous Interview: Medical doctors working in Fukushima say lots of people are dying — “Bleeding, losing hair, and having a bad health condition” (VIDEO),]

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From 90 years old nun joined hunger strike to be against restarting Ooi nuclear plant,, posted by Mochizuki on May 3rd, 2012



From Hydrogen concentration increasing, Posted by Mochizuki,, on May 4th, 2012

North America



ALERT! Radioactive Soot = Recent Radioactive Fire At Fukushima? (10:10) published May 16, 2012 by Portblog from April 30th data








2012-04-29 119 of 132 people positive from sampling survey of radioactive substances in urine in Iwate, Posted by Mochizuki on April 29th, 2012
Iwate prefecture conducted sampling survey of radioactive substances in urine in Ichinoseki city and Oshu city.
The result published on 3/2/2012 shows cesium was measured from 119 of 132 people (90.1%). The highest reading was 6 Bq/L.
On 4/16/2012, the chairman of Iwate association of obstetricians and gynecologists, Kobayashi sent public questions to Tasso, Iwate governo
2012-04-29 Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl,, Posted by Mochizuki on April 29th, 2012
Following up this article..Thyroid pandemic
In March, Fukushima government conducted thyroid test for under 18 in 13 cities and towns such as Minamisoma city, Namiemachi, Iidatemura, Tomiokamachi etc..
The result shows thyroid nodules (less than or equal to 5.0mm) or cyst (less than or equal to 20.0mm) were seen in 13,460 from 38,114 people (35.3%).
Compared to their pre-test result of January, it increased from 29.7% to 35.3%. (increase of 5.6%)... [more here]
2012-04-29 Reality in Fukushima, posted by Mochizuki,, on April 29th, 2012
....At Shibamiya post office in Koriyama city Fukushima [Editor's Note: This article has numerous pictures that show high radiation readings in public places].
2012-04-29 Nationalizing Tepco and Re-Starting Nuclear Reactors,
Japan to Seize Tepco on Same Terms as 2003 Resona Bank Rescue

[Excerpted] "Japan plans to seize control of its biggest utility on the same terms it applied to a bailout of the nation’s fifth-biggest bank nine years ago... The proposal, which outlines restructuring steps including a 1 trillion yen capital infusion, will be released after Edano approves it, Shimokobe said....
The nation is moving closer to restarting two reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Ohi nuclear station in Fukui prefecture after four ministers approved additional safety measures at the plant and cited the need to ease power shortages as Japan’s summer approaches.
The Ohi reactors would be the first to come back online since Japan adopted so-called nuclear stress tests..." [end excerpt]
Majia here: On April 26 I posted a link to a news story that these stress test results have NOT been released.
Restarting reactors is truly insane. Earthquakes continue to rattle Japan. See the headline below, as well as other leading stories in the news today about Japan:
M5.8 quake jolts Kanto; no tsunami warning issued
Fukushima cucumbers relabeled and sold in Tokyo
Some 70 mayors start group seeking society without nuclear power
Account opens for donations to buy Senkaku Islands
Majia here: One wonders why the Tokyo metropolitan government is trying to purchase these islands...?
2012-04-29 Nuclear Expert: All it takes is coolant to stop circulating at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 for extensive fuel damage to occur — Doesn’t have to leak, crack, or fall for fuel to overheat,
2012-04-29 Canadian Nuclear Scientist: Another, even more dangerous possibility than fire at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — Re-initiation of chain reaction can occur if fuel rods move slightly, an “accidental criticality”,
2012-04-29 Strong quakes hit across eastern Japan — M5.8 in Chiba was 5- of 7 on intensity scale — M5.6 in Iwate within last hour (MAPS),
2012-04-29 Very Interesting Potrblog Video,
I think this one is a must watch.
Potrblog has very carefully tried to validate their findings by checking the reliability of their measurements and subtracting background levels from their detections.
They used two geiger counters, checked for reliability (i.e., consistency) of measurements.
They used a sample collected on April 14, which measured 49X background radiation.
They put the radioactive sample material in their lab (a lead cave in a lead-lined box) with a geiger counter. This is the experimental condition.
They put another geiger counter in the same lead-lined box, but in a separate lead-lined cave. This is their control condition.
(Regarding time in cave: I cannot see the chart but the X axis has more than 8000 minutes)
They graphed the data from the time spent in cave for the control and experimental geiger counter conditions.
They subtracted the background measurements detected on the control geiger counter from the measurements of the radioactive rain sample (experimental condition).
The experimental condition (precipitation sample) data were significantly higher than the zero line after subtracting background data measured in the control condition.
Their detections of longer half-life fallout match Cesium-134 and Bismuth 212, but they cannot guarantee the validity of these identifications.
[Note: they also detected high levels of radon daughters. Potrblog thinks that radon daughters are being steamed out of ground in Fukushima (which has high concentrations of radon in ground water naturally) when nuclear criticalities occur at the plant.
I very much appreciate Potrblog's efforts to make their methods transparent for critical discussion and debate.
2012-04-30 Hydrogen levels continue rising at Reactor No. 2 — Now above .50%, highest in months — Explosion risk at 4%,
2012-04-30 In case coolant system stopped in any SFP, Tepco can’t measure temperture, posted by Mochizuki on April 30th, 2012
Related to this article..[Emergency] Coolant system of reactor 4 stopped
In the daily press conference of 4/27/2012, Tepco stated they lose the manner to measure the temperature of each SFP from reactor 1 to 3 when circulative cooling system is troubled.
Only SFP 4 can be reached by human worker so a temporary heating gauge is attached.
According to Tepco, they measure temperature where water comes from skimmer surge tank to primary cooling water pump at each reactor, not inside of the pool. They thus can not measure temperature when circulative cooling system stops. There is no plan to solve this problem.
2012-04-30 Japanese musicians film as children play barefoot in elevated radiation levels -Gawker (PHOTOS & VIDEOS),
2012-04-30 Anonymous Interview: Medical doctors working in Fukushima say lots of people are dying — “Bleeding, losing hair, and having a bad health condition” (VIDEO),
Title: “Sachiko” Japan Radiation Fears, Date: April 29, 2012, uploaded by: cookhealthyfast
‘Sachiko’, 33-year-old Ph.D. student living in Tokyo, At 2:50 in

I have friends who are medical doctors working in Fukushima and they get to see people bleeding, losing hair, and having a bad health condition, and lots of people dying

2012-04-30 Japan Physicians Demand Answers: 90% of urine samples contaminated with cesium in city 200km from Fukushima,
2012-04-30 Fukushima Gov’t: Over 35% of young people tested have thyroid cysts or nodules,
Monday, April 30, 2012
Must see video of Fukushima spewing massive amounts of what looks to be smoke

If you have capability, please download this video.
We need it to document the deterioration of conditions at the plant.
2012-04-30 A Plant in Environmental Health Perspectives,, Monday, April 30, 2012
I was reading my favorite health journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, which is published by the National Institutes of Health, and I came across a rather strange article: "Integrated Molecular Analysis Indicates Undetectable DNA Damage in Mice after Continuous Irradiation at ~400-fold Natural Background Radiation"
Online 26 Apr 2012 |
find it here:

The article looked at DNA damage to mice after exposed to 5 weeks of continuous ionizing radiation at 400X background level.
This was a strange study because it showed no effects at all: "These studies suggest that exposure to continuous radiation at a dose-rate that is orders of magnitude higher than background does not significantly impact several key measures of DNA damage and DNA damage responses."
I've researched the effects of ionizing radiation enough that I know that effects are present even after extremely low levels of exposure.
In fact, a few weeks ago I posted information about the bystander effect, which explains how cell damage and repair can occur as a result of exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation. See my relevant posts at the end of this post.
So, I read the article carefully and I also did a background check on the lead author, Werner Olipitz.
What I found may be indicative of a "plant."
I am defining a plant as an article that has been written deliberately to inoculate readers, either for, or against, a position.
An article that is a plant structures the research methodology so that results support a preconceived conclusion. The release of the article is timed to inoculate readers.
An experiment that is set up to prove a point may have internal validity, but not have ecological validity; that is, the experiment results may not be generalizable to the real world environment it purports to represent, even if the internal experimental conditions are valid.
Here is Wikipedia's definition of Ecological Validity: "Ecological validity is a form of validity in a research study. For a research study to possess ecological validity, the methods, materials and setting of the study must approximate the real-life situation that is under investigation.[1] Unlike internal and external validity, ecological validity is not necessary to the overall validity of a study"
Majia here: Drug research paid for by pharmaceutical companies is notoriously problematic in this regard.
Examination of ecological validity for "Integrated Molecular Analysis Indicates Undetectable DNA Damage in Mice after Continuous Irradiation at ~400-fold Natural Background Radiation"
The study on irradiation of mice explicitly claims to have relevance for humans, but does not have ecological validity for our current conditions (i.e., Fukushima fallout) because the exposure pathway was purely external and only examined photons (i.e., gamma radiation).
The mice did not eat or drink radionuclides.
Furthermore, the research did not follow the mice across time beyond the experimental condition.
“the human body absorbs iodine and caesium readily. "Essentially all the iodine or caesium inhaled or swallowed crosses into the blood," says Keith Baverstock, former head of radiation protection for the World Health Organization's European office, who has studied Chernobyl's health effects.” (
The exposed mice were killed immediately after the 5 week exposure period. Consequently, there was no follow-up investigation of long-term effects.
The effects of exposure to ionizing radiation include both acute and long-term effects (Elgazzar & Elsaid 2001).
Past research has documented delayed effects on genomic instability from exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation (see Huang, Nickoloff, & Morgan, 2007; Sahina et al, 2009).
This study did not address long-term effects, only acute effects.
Studies that have examined actual people exposed to low-dose ionizing radiation have documented effects at low-levels of exposure (see Little, Wakeford & Kendall, 2007; Sermage-Faure et al.,)
"This work was supported primarily by the Office of Science (BER), U.S. Department of Energy (DE-FG02-05ER64053). This work was partially supported by R33-CA112151 and 1U19AI68021-06)..."
This is where things get very strange.
The lead author identifies his institutional affiliation as the Dept of Biological Engineering at MIT; HOWEVER, he is not listed as a faculty member or research assistant of this department and his name does not come up when searched at the MIT "people search" function at the university of home page.
I called MIT's Department of Biological Engineering and he is not on staff or faculty. The assistant I spoke to says he may have been a graduate student in the program.
According to this site he was a post-doc at MIT in 2009
His profile here does not give any locations, nor contact info.
According to google scholar he has had only 2 articles plus the one above published since 2009 (which is not very many).
In 2011 he had a study published in final edited form as:
Development and characterization of a novel variable low-dose rate irradiator for in vivo mouse studies. Health Phys. 2010 May; 98(5): 727–734.
doi: 10.1097/HP.0b013e3181d26dc5 PMCID: PMC3020895
NIHMSID: NIHMS198669 Linked here:
He puts MIT's Dept of Biological Engineering as his address and also acknowledges grant funding from the DoE (
He had one other article published in 2010 and it also refers to MIT's Dept of Biological Engineering as his address
Yet, he isn't there! A google search finds no current institutional affiliation. Institutional affiliation is everything in the world of academe.
The correspondence is supposed to be directed to the article's last author, B.P. Engelward, at the Dept. of Biological Engineering at MIT. She was probably the faculty advisor
Even stranger, Engelward's latest research study "Methyltransferases Mediate Cell Memory of a Genotoxic Insult" in Oncogene demonstrates precisely the type of effects that Olipiitz's study is refuting. Here is an excerpt from her study:
"that a single exposure can lead to long-term genome-destabilizing effects that spread from cell to cell, and we provide a specific molecular mechanism for these persistent bystander effects" (p. 751)...
"It is becoming increasingly clear that indirect mechanisms of mutation induction that involve
changes in cellular behaviour, in addition to the directly induced DNA lesions, can lead to an increased risk of disease-causing mutations for months or even years after exposure (Pant and Kamada, 1977; Mothersill and Seymour, 2001; Lorimore et al., 2003; Morgan, 2003; Maxwell et al., 2008). Furthermore, at least one study suggests that the extent of bystander-induced DNA damage can be as great as that of the original exposure (Dickey et al., 2009)...." (p. 754).
I strongly suspect that this article ("Integrated Moleculary Analysis" by Olipitz et al) is a plant that is aimed at debunking concerns about our exposure to Fukushima fallout.
Although the study may have impeccable internal validity, its ecological validity is highly suspect.
However, the article can be cited later by authorities wishing to trivialize Fukushima fallout as non-important.
There is of course considerable research that directly CONTRADICTS the findings of Olipitz's study of irradiated mice (apparently including research by his adviser).
I'll include some in my list of references and link some of my previous posts on the subject.
I am very unhappy because Environmental Health Perspectives is one of the leading, if not the leading, outlet for research on environmental effects.
The idea that this journal may have been hijacked in order to spread dis-information about radiation's effects on human health is TREMENDOUSLY DISTURBING on many levels.
It would indicate that scientific inquiry and publishing are far more compromised than I ever knew.
The external reviewers should have called into question the study's assertions about the generalizability of findings to human exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation.
Let us hope that my analysis and concerns are inaccurate or misdirected.
Averbeck, D, Towards a New Paradigm for Evaluating the Effects of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis Volume 687, Issues 1-2, 1 May 2010 pages 7-12.
Elgazzar, A. H., & M. Elsaid (2001). The pathophysiologic basis of nuclear medicinein Biological effects of ionizing radiation A.H. Elgazzar (Ed.), pp. 369–370
Huang L, Kim PM, Nickoloff JA, Morgan WF. 2007. Targeted and nontargeted effects of low-dose ionizing radiation on delayed genomic instability in human cells. Cancer Research 67:1099–1104
Little, Mark, Richard Wakeford and Gerald M Kendall. Updated estimates of the proportion of childhood leukaemia incidence in Great Britain that may be caused by natural background ionising radiation Journal of Radiological Protection Volume 29 Number 4 467 10.1088/0952-4746/29/4/001
Sahina, A., Abdulgani Tatarb, Sitki Oztasb, Bedri Sevena, Erhan Varoglua, Ahmet Yesilyurtb, Arif Kursad A. (2009) Evaluation of the genotoxic effects of chronic low-dose ionizing radiation exposure on nuclear medicine workers. Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 36(5), 575–578
Sermage-Faure, D. Laurier, S. Goujon-Bellec, M. Chartier, A. Guyot-Goubin, J. Rudant, D. Hemon and J. Clavel. Childhood leukemia around French nuclear power plants – the Geocap study, 2002 – 2007,” International Journal of Cancer study by C document is online in English at:
Research Demonstrating Significant Effects at Low Dose Rates of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation. April 18, 2012
Propaganda Alert April 2012
Estimating Dose and the History of Radiation Research
Is Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation from Fukushima a Risk to Health?
2012-05-01 Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants posted by Mochizuki,, on May 1st, 2012
Massive gas covered Fukushima plants from 2:30 ~ 5:00 AM of 5/2/2012 (JST).
It looks like it came from around reactor 3, 4.
Tepco explained to Japanese comedian / journalist Oshidori that the gas comes up day and night, and it’s radioactive.
Oshidori Mako talked at Osaka Bar Association when she asked Tepco , “We see gas coming out from Fukushima plants at night. It looks like smoke. What is that ? ” Tepco replied it’s water vapor. She asked them again, if it’s radioactive. They answered it is radioactive, and it comes out in day time and night time.
2012-05-01 2,566,720Bq/? in Edogawa ku Tokyo Posted by Mochizuki on May 1st, 2012
Following up this article..Tokyo is contaminated as the worst place in Chernobyl
39,488 Bq/Kg of cesium (134 + 137) was measured in Edogawa ku in Tokyo. It equals to 2,566,720Bq/?.
In the secondary evacuation area in Belarus, it was 555,000 ~ 1,480,000 Bq/m2 of cesium 137.
Even if you consider the data of Tokyo includes cesium 134, still it can be near the maximum limit of the secondary evacuation area in Belarus.
2012-05-01 Tuesday, May 1, 2012 What is Going on at Fukushima?,
What is Going on at Fukushima?
I have seen massive geysers of what look like smoke or steam released from the Fukushima plant on the webcam over the last 2 days.

The steam/smoke is thick and is tinged brown.
It is coming from the ground, mostly from the area around units 3 and 4.
It is most definitely NOT fog.
Fukushima Diary is reporting: "Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants."
Fukushima Diary explains that Tepco told a Japanese journalist that the releases are radioactive gasses
Here is another recent video that shows an emergency light going off at the plant around the 2:00 minute point, after a steam/smoke eruption
What really has me worried is that there is a rumor that Tepco plans on "taking a vacation" from the Fukushima plant. This rumor has not been confirmed. Hopefully, it is false.
Enenews is reporting that "Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima — Endorsed by nuclear experts"

It is clear that this coalition does not trust Tepco as capable of containing Fukushima.
I want readers to recall the warnings provided by Japanese diplomats, Robert Alvarez, and Arnie Gunderson concerning the amount of radiation in the fuel rods at the plant:
Japanese Diplomats and Alvarez:
Main point from these experts: An out of control Fukushima plant is civilization threatening.
I'm not taking any chances. I went to buy potassium iodide today (which was on clearance) and the woman at the counter who sold it to me said she has never seen so many people come in, as has been the case over the last two months, complaining of various stomach ailments, including significant and inexplicable weight loss.
I realize this may be simply coincidental. However, I am not so sure it is....
I am worried that the plant is being, or has been, abandoned and that our government officials will censor any news of fallout for fear of public panic. That has been government strategy all through this mega-disaster.
If Tepco is truly pulling workers out of the plant, then we might be advised to engage in extra mitigation measures because it will only be a matter of time, under that scenario, before the remaining fuel in the spent fuel pools ignites.
Watch the jet stream.
Stay inside if it is over your area, particularly if it is raining.
I feel exhausted from this battle against censorship, public apathy, and rampant corruption.
2012-05-01 Caldicott: Plants in Tokyo died from Fukushima fallout — “See these spots? That’s from radiation falling on the ginkos” (VIDEO),
2012-05-01 Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima — Endorsed by nuclear experts,
2012-05-01 Report: Tepco taking vacation from Fukushima for week-long holiday?,
2012-05-01 Asahi: Fukushima chief Yoshida felt “explosion occurred in the containment vessel” at Reactor No. 2 — Yet none of 4 special investigations have explained why it will only hold 2 feet of water,
2012-05-02 Steaming Links,, Wednesday, May 2, 2012
excerpt from my chapter on Fukushima:
By May 2012 public alarm about the condition of nuclear plants in Japan was rising. A report titled “Lessons From Fukushima Dai-ichi ” issued October 28, 2011 by BBT University President asserted that fourteen nuclear reactors in Japan were extensively damaged by the earthquake. Reports of fires and radiological water spills at the reactors in Tokai lent support to concerns about widespread damage to nuclear reactors in Japan. However, the greatest concern remains the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant.
Conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi plant appeared to be deteriorating, based on webcam-documented massive steam and smoke emissions around reactors 3 and 4. Massive steam and smoke releases occurred at the plant on May 1 and May 2.
Two former Japanese diplomats had become so alarmed by conditions at the plant that they issued a public plea to the U.N. for intervention. Former Japanese U.N. diplomat Akio Matsumura posted the letter to the UN authored by Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, Japan’s former ambassador to Switzerland, on his (Matsumura’s) webpage with this explanation:
[Matsumura] Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, was invited to speak at the Public Hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 22, 2012, on the Fukushima nuclear power plants accident. Before the Committee, Ambassador Murata strongly stated that if the crippled building of reactor unit 4—with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground—collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but will also affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4. In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air.
This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. He stressed that the responsibility of Japan to the rest of the world is immeasurable. Such a catastrophe would affect us all for centuries. Ambassador Murata informed us that the total numbers of the spent fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi site excluding the rods in the pressure vessel is 11,421 (396+615+566+1,535+994+940+6375).
Mitsuhei Murata’s letter dated March 25, 2012 to Secretary-General, Honorable Ban Ki-moon specifically addresses the threat to Japan and “the whole world” posed by NO. 4 reactor”:
[Murata] I was asked to make a statement at the public hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 23. I raised the crucial problem. of N0.4 reactor of Fukushima containing1535 fuel rods. It could be fatally damaged by continuing aftershocks. Moreover, 50 meters away from it exists a common cooling pool for 6 reactors containing 6375 fuel rods!
It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on NO.4 reactor. This is confirmed by most reliable experts like Dr. Arnie Gundersen or Dr. Fumiaki Koide…
Any response to the letter was not made publicly available. On May 1, 2012 a coalition of Japanese civil organizations sent a second letter to the U.N. Secretary General pleading for assistance:
We Japanese civil organizations express our deepest concern that our government does not inform its citizens about the extent of risk of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool. Given the fact that collapse of this pool could potentially lead to catastrophic consequences with worldwide implications, what the Japanese government should be doing as a responsible member of the international community is to avoid any further disaster by mobilizing all the wisdom and the means available in order to stabilize this spent nuclear fuel. It is clearly evident that Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool is no longer a Japanese issue but an international issue with potentially serious consequences. Therefore, it is imperative for the Japanese government and the international community to work together on this crisis before it becomes too late. We are appealing to the United Nations to help Japan and the planet in order to prevent the irreversible consequences of a catastrophe that could affect generations to come. We herewith make our urgent request to you as follows:
1. The United Nations should organize a Nuclear Security Summit to take up the crucial problem of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool.
2. The United Nations should establish an independent assessment team on Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 and coordinate international assistance in order to stabilize the unit’s spent nuclear fuel and prevent radiological consequences with potentially catastrophic consequences.
What conditions at the plant warranted such desperate pleas for assistance? Akio Matsumura included on his webposting comments made by Robert Alvarez regarding the amount of fuel stored at Fukuhima Daiichi:
[Alvarez] Based on U.S. Energy Department data, assuming a total of 11,138 spent fuel assemblies are being stored at the Dai-Ichi site, nearly all, which is in pools. They contain roughly 336 million curies (~1.2 E+19 Bq) of long-lived radioactivity. About 134 million curies is Cesium-137 — roughly 85 times the amount of Cs-137 released at the Chernobyl accident as estimated by the U.S. National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP). The total spent reactor fuel inventory at the Fukushima-Daichi site contains nearly half of the total amount of Cs-137 estimated by the NCRP to have been released by all atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, and world-wide reprocessing plants (~270 million curies or ~9.9 E+18 Becquerel). . . .
Nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson’s comments made in an April 17 interview about the amount of radiation in Daiichi’s spent fuel pools are instructive:
[Gunderson] There’s enough fuel in that pool [4], that it’s almost as much cesium as in all of the atom bombs that were ever dropped into the atmosphere, 800 bombs were dropped into the atmosphere, well there’s as much cesium in that one pool as in those bombs.
The quantity of radiation stored at the Daiichi plant could conceivably kill most of the inhabitants of planet earth were it to be distributed evenly. Certainly, Japan faces a radiological apocalypse in areas subject to Fukushima fallout. Given these conditions, there is little wonder that Japanese citizens are using their political capital to appeal directly to the U.N. for assistance.
Rumors that Tepco has abandoned or plans on abandoning the Fukushima plant lend urgency to Japanese citizen concerns.
MAJIA HERE: That is the end of the excerpt for today.
However, here is an update from Enenews: Happening Now: Radiation triples at Tokyo monitoring station — Levels spike at multiple locations in last two hours

Kenichi Ohmae (BBT University President) “Lessons of Fukushima Dai-ichi” (2011, October 28): Full report index available here: Full report here In Japanese available here: Appendix of conditions at various plants around Japan
“Low-level radioactive water leaks at Tokai nuclear plant” Kyodo News (2012, March 19): and “Research Reactor Ceiling Catches Fire,” Japan Times (2011, December 21):
These releases were visible on the Tepco webcam and were taped and posted at youtube. I witnessed the releases in real time on the webcam and saved screen shots documenting releases.
Akio Matsumura “Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident,” Akio Matsumura: Finding the Missing Link (2012, April 3):
The letter “Urgent Request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon May 1, 2012” was released publicly and was made available at Reader Supported News (2012, May 1):
“Arnie Gundersen Interview.” WBAI’s Five O’Clock Shadow Date: Tuesday April 17, 2012 5:00pm (At 25:45 in the interview): (
2012-05-02 Links,
Watch at 1 minute on this one

Notice the pink tinge to the steam emissions in this one. May be cesium

Other clips show brown smoke/steam.
hat tip Sickputer
2012-05-02 Coalition requests Japan gov’t immediately ask UN for help with Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 before it becomes too late,
2012-05-02 NYTimes: Radiation in “small doses could actually be disproportionately worse” says report — “Doses spread out over time might be more dangerous than doses given all at once” — Renewed importance after Fukushima,
2012-05-02 Radiation triples at Tokyo monitoring station — Levels spike at multiple locations in last two hours,
2012-05-02 World Leader in Decommissioning Reactors: “There is no technology which may be directly applied” at Fukushima,
2012-05-02 Japan will no longer be a developed country in less than 40 years: Most Powerful Japanese Business Organization,
2012-05-02 Cleaning up radiation hopeless, says writer: “There is no end” — “We adults have to bear a responsibility for the future” — “Impossible to decontaminate vast forested areas, and Japan is a country of forests and mountains”,
2012-05-02 A Radioactive Blue Siamese Feline Flees From Fukushima Fallout Fog,
At 7 seconds into the Fukushima video below you will see a blue point Siamese cat run for cover as Fukushima's deadly radioactive steam approaches. Had TEPCO not installed radiation absorbing Nagalene Beta shields on the camera, the video would have also featured psychedelic flashes across the screen.
One of the most interesting aspects of this video is that Fukushima Diary is reporting that TEPCO admits that source of the radioactive steam is heated radioactive water. The POTRBLOG team has been pointing out for a long time that the source of high short half life radiation raining down on the USA is from the natural Radon steamed out of the Japanese ground water from events like the one shown below. Of course all the nasty artificially created Fukushima Fallout products tag along with that Radon, making it much like a canary in a coal mine. STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!
Hat tip to Majia's blog for first alerting us to the recent radioactive steam emission.
2012-05-03 Yellow Fog?,
This morning the Fukushima plant is enveloped in a grainy, yellow fog.
I've never seen the screen yellow before.
People posting at Enenews this morning stated that they saw units 3 and 4 completely "blackened" when the fog cleared. Someone mentioned that 4 looked as if it had no floors left and another person said they saw fire at 4. I just don't know but the yellow fog is a completely new phenomenon at Dai-ichi and is bound to be bad.
I have a guest post this morning.
Dear Friends:
Important notes on Wednesday May 2, 2012. Please circulate wide and far.
Obama scurries on a secret trip to Kabul to deliver a speech in an election year as a not-so-subtle reminder he was in charge when Osama Bin Laden was killed last year.
He spoke of reaching out to the Taliban as allies. These new “American friends” are the same Islamic nutcase guys who blew up ancient statues in 2001 that were the world's two largest standing Buddhas - one of them 165 feet high. With friends like these who needs enemies!
Yet he has no comments about Japan's crippled and leaking nuclear plants other than to say the ocean is vast and we do not expect radiation to reach America? He left with his family for the safety of Brazil along with 51-carloads of his buddies and family members shortly after that speech in March 2011.
* As they relaxed in the southern Hemisphere we experienced the largest toxic nuclear plume in the atmosphere since the 1966 Chinese atomic bomb test blast at Christmas. Must be nice to have jet planes to flee toxic clouds. But they did have to return to America.
* Unfortunately the fallout blowing to America from Fukushima Daiichi is not a one-time event. It has continued spewing into the Jetstream every day since March 11, 2011 when the nuclear megaplex in Japan experienced a massive earthquake. Mark it down in your memories since the American censored mass media press will not tell you of its significance. The event is 311 (March 11, 2011).
* BTW…the tsunami did not destroy the nuclear reactors..that is an American and Japanese lie. The earthquake had already destroyed the integrity of the buildings. If they didn’t stress the tsunami as the cause they would have to retrofit virtually all other nuclear reactors in the world as all of them are accidents waiting to happen during an earthquake.
* The nuclear industry blames Japan’s disaster on the tsunami because they are rare and we surely don’t have a big tsunami threat in most inland nuclear power plant location. But we now know secret information that the plants internal and external features were ruptured by the earthquake…things moved laterally 6 feet and critical pipes and equipment were destroyed beyond repair. The nuclear reactors were in a death spiral long before the wave hit an hour later.
311 is a date in time that will make 911 look like a tiny footnote in history. 3,000 victims died at the Twin Towers. The death toll from Fukushima Daiichi will be much greater and victims will be dying for centuries. Many Japanese workers and civilians have already died from radiation, but the cause of their deaths have been suppressed by the government-run media in Japan and America. Bodies of plant workers have been secretly buried in lead coffins. The cover-up is beginning to fall apart as the crisis has worsened and is soon approaching the 14-month anniversary
Fact: The December 2011 announcement of a “cold shutdown” of the reactors is a huge lie by the Japanese authorities.
Truth: They are pouring billions of gallons of water onto the crippled buildings in an attempt to forestall more nuclear explosions. This water method is nicknamed “feed and bleed”. As the water bleeds out of the buildings and cracks in the earth this cooling water becomes highly contaminated with radiation. That toxic water then flows into the Pacific Ocean 100 yards from the reactor cores.
This poisonous water is affecting migratory salmon, tuna, and other fish that live off Japan’s coast and swim during the summer to the North American west coast. American and Canadian fisheries are NOT checking fish for radiation contamination. Your tuna fish sandwich may be a death trap for you and your family members. Eating a highly toxic fish probably won’t kill you immediately, but a slow cancerous death 1 to up to 40 years later is quite possible. Contrary to your government scientists….there is no safe level of manmade radiation. Small amounts of radiation bioaccumulate in your body and become a danger so over time things will get worse.
The Japanese authorities have virtually no control of the toxic radioactive emissions coming out of Japan’s crippled nuclear megaplex, and with six huge working reactors before the crisis began it is quite possibly the largest nuclear plant in the world. Top ten for sure out of 450 worldwide nuclear power plants.
Unlike the Russian who devoted 800,000 workers to stop Chernobyl…the Japanese have hired less than 5,000 workers and on any given day fewer than 150 workers are actually onsite at the plant trying to stop the runaway nuclear cores. It is an affront to mankind that such a feeble effort has been mounted by the Japanese who seem quite content to spend as little money as possible to halt this danger to mankind.
Take for example this China Syndrome event from six hours ago:

That is the plant webcam on time lapse photography…the 3 minute clip covers 1 hour of observation.
Folks…that is NOT FOG! That is the emissions from burning nuclear fuel rods and it is burning into the Jetstream highly dangerous cesium, plutonium, strontium, uranium, and 1,600 other toxic byproducts of three huge nuclear cores that are smoldering down in the ground.
These cores of nuclear lava are called corium and they are the size of school buses. Can such a small island drastically affect America and the world with these emissions? The answer is yes. The Jetstream carries the toxins easily around the world and continues to circle the earth over time again and again, never descending until rain or snow brings some down. The bleedover fallout effect is now beginning to affect Australia and the southern hemisphere much faster than scientists originally believe would happen. Some areas of Australia have recorded high radiation levels despite no nuclear reactors on their island continent. This is truly an On the Beach scenario unfolding on the entire planet. Europe and Asia is as much as risk. Southern Chile may be one of the last safe places on earth…for awhile. There is no escaping bioaccumulation.
When these huge plumes in the atmosphere encounter rain or snow then some of these emissions are carried down to the earth and contaminate land, water sources, and of course humans.
You better use an umbrella in the rain for the rest of your life! Install and replace HEPA filters in your air conditioners at home. The cheap fiberglass filters will not save you. We are facing a new age…The Fallout Age.
This Japanese fallout is far worse than the atmospheric testing of ALL the atomic bombs that were ever exploded on earth from 1945 to 1997 by America and all the other nuclear powers. The nuclear cabal has promoted the idea that Fukushima is 10% of what happened at Chernobyl in 1986. They are damn liars trying to avert economic panic!
Chernobyl pales in comparison to Fukushima. Chernobyl burned for 11 days and one reactor was involved. It was not on an ocean shoreline.
Fukushima Daiichi has 6 huge reactors compared to the tiny one at Chernobyl and also has massive amounts of used fuel rods in storage. These rods are highly radioactive for the next 10,000 years! They cannot remove them as most have melted into masses of metal that are so radioactive there does not exist a technology to defuse their threat.
Reactors 2 and 3 are especially hot and practically unapproachable by human workers except for just a few seconds at a time. Reactor 4 is the one that represents the Sword of Damocles for the human race as its spent fuel pond is massive, sits precariously in a building that is one more earthquake away from total collapse.
The collapse of Building 4 will be disastrous as the fuel rods spill on the ground, catch fire and become too hot to cool by humans using water cannons. The workers will be forced to flee the entire island if this happens and the other reactors 5 and 6 will experience a meltdown, as well as the huge building containing the massive Common Spent Fuel Rod pond. Add them all up and they have 85 times the radiation released by Chernobyl.
If they all blow at Daiichi then the sister nuclear plant Fukushima Daiini which is 10 miles away will also be lost because of the massive radiation fallout making work there also impossible. Two huge plants unleashing all of their radiation in a massive Fallout Age could well mean a crisis for the world with human destruction that has never been seen since the Ice Age. It is also possible with two plants lost Japan may lose all their power grid and some of the other 50 reactors will lose cooling and catch fire. A nuclear domino theory that becomes more possible every day as Daiichi continues to burn.
G.E's handpicked president Barack Obama may have the dubious distinction to go down in history as the US president who not only lost another foreign war, but also as the American president who sat on the sidelines while the Northern Hemisphere countries descended into the grim miasma of The Fallout Age.
Nobel Peace prize winner…nuclear cabal lackey. I have little doubt which description will follow him into history after Japan and America disintegrates into chaos. He will toe the GE line as long as possible and we will all suffer the results.
Yes, the radioactive gas at Fukushima Daiichi as the Japanese call this “gas” (also known to observers as a China Syndrome of three runaway and out of control nuclear cores in the ground) is ramping up again tonight in Japan.
Get ready for a wave of bad stuff in America the next 4-10 days per the Jetstream and slower lower air currents.
I felt and smelled the Mitsui fire chemicals swirl through here yesterday… on April 21 there was a very large industrial fire in southern Japan:

That plume of toxic smoke blew through west Texas yesterday. It is a bad twist of fate we are getting “bombed” by the same folks we defeated in 1945.
As we say in our survivalist circles…have you bought your water yet? Emergency supplies will get scarce if the Unit 4 nuclear building collapses at Fukushima Daiichi and the plant is abandoned by Japanese workers. If that happens the Northern Hemisphere will be in dire trouble with a huge fallout cloud encircling the earth on the prevailing winds of the Jetstream. We are on the same parallel of latitude as Japan and 5,000 miles to California takes about 30 hours in the Jetstream to bring toxic fallout.
We have already received great amounts of radioactive poisons from the 13-month old crisis, mainly on the west coast, but the Obama administration has issued a censorship order on any news of radiation in American soil. General Electric owns 95% of all the media outlets in America and they hand-picked Illinois native Barack Hussein Obama to be their nuclear cheerleader.
But if you think Mitt Romney is any better…he also has financial support from GE.
The military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about is more dangerous than ever. The monster companies have their hooks in virtually every politician in the United States. Trust no one…only your family and friends.
You will be best served to look for news of the Japanese nuclear crisis here:
Take care,
A Friend
2012-05-03 Video of Yellow Fog Emerging,

Yellow tinge starts at about 1:30
Tepco real-time webcam date and time right now as I type this is 5-4 1:08 and the yellow fog is gone.
The fog is gray again
Fukushima Diary is reporting detections of Iodine in Tokyo
2012-05-03 90 years old nun joined hunger strike to be against restarting Ooi nuclear plant,, posted by Mochizuki on May 3rd, 2012
Following up this article..JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant
89 years old Buddhist nun / writer Setouchi Jakucho joined hunger strike to protest against restarting Ooi nuclear plant on 5/2/2012. Anti-nuclear organization has been holding hunger strike since 4/17, in front of Ministry of economy, trade and industry.
She becomes 90 years old on 5/15/2012. Her doctor warned her it could be fatal, but she joined without informing her doctor of it. She says, she can not die with leaving the country killing people with nuclear.
Her comments are like these below [line-by-line translation of Japanese script],

[Japanse script]
Through these 90 years, Japan has not been this evil like now. I can not pass this country for young generation.
I expected mass media to pick up that a 90 years old granny sat here so young people may be inspired and act.
(To mass media) You journalists, Report it for dear life.
It’s such a shame for Japan to reply on nuclear as it’s told even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must abandon nuclear.
How could you count on others to expect someone to fight against nuclear. You must fight yourself. Don’t count on anyone, do it yourself.
(About restarting Ooi nuclear plant) I couldn’t understand it. Japan has become the most evil ever.
In my life, nothing more scary than Fukushima has happened apart from WWW2. I wonder why Japanese government is in such a hurry to restart Ooi nuclear plant.
Nuclear disaster is man-made disaster. I’m so sorry for children and young people to repeat the same thing.

2012-05-03 The Economist: Japan is without nuclear power for first time in 50 years — “A silent majority speaks” — Analysts say anti-nuclear party could soon vault to national prominence,
2012-05-03 Telegraph: Japan public “has turned fiercely against nuclear power” — 89-year-old author and nun joined hunger strike outside METI,
2012-05-03 Nuclear Expert: Everybody is now paying attention to Unit 4 because we have four years to go before fuel removed — If water lost, a beacon of radiation will bathe site in ‘sky shine’ from gamma rays (AUDIO),
2012-05-03 Gundersen: “The water is steaming and boiling” still at Fukushima; “Yes, there’s some radiation being given off ” (AUDIO) — Visible in recent Tepco webcam footage? (VIDEO),

2012-05-03 Paper: Physicist warns even if No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool survives another major quake, “failure of jury-rigged inadequate piping installed after disaster could put cooling system out of commission”,
2012-05-03 Yellow Fog,
Yellow Fog
I've been gone all day at work so I've not had time to follow up on this yellow fog.
I saw it on the Tepco webcam this morning. It must have been around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. Arizona time 5/3.
The yellow fog was unprecedented and very scary. It looked toxic.
I did not see it actually go away.
I had to make the kids' breakfast, and when I came back to check the video cam, the yellow fog was gone.
Luckily Fukushima Diary has some good captures ( I took a few screen shots ).
Fukushima Diary is also noting municipal readings of Iodine-131.
Has all hell broken lose at Fukushima?
2012-05-04 Hydrogen concentration increasing, Posted by Mochizuki,, on May 4th, 2012
Following up this article..Air pressure is increasing in container vessel of reactor 2
Since Tepco increased air exhausting amount from 17 m3/h to 38 m3/h on 4/24/2012, hydrogen concentration of reactor2 has been increasing.
2012-05-04 6 hours until Japan’s final nuclear plant shuts down — NHK: “No prospect of a restart of any of the country’s 50 commercial reactors” (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 “Ability for Unit 4 to withstand another seismic event is rated at zero” -Nuclear Watchdog,
2012-05-04 Kyoto Nuclear Professor: “There is no longer any such thing as clean and safe food” after radiation from Fukushima spread around planet — People who advanced nuclear power should be made to eat the extremely contaminated items (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 Japan Reactor Specialist at US Press Conference: I’m worried very much about reinforcements at No. 4 fuel pool — Praying there won’t be large aftershocks (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 6 days straight with M4 quake and above in Fukushima,
2012-05-04 Nuclear Expert on No. 4 Fuel Pool: “They’re pumping water in and it’s draining out into basement, they suck it out of basement and put it back in at top” (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 Gundersen: Move south of equator if Unit 4 fuel pool goes dry, that’s probably the lesson there — Like cesium from all 800 nuclear bombs ever dropped on Earth, except all at once (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 Mystery reddish radioactive substance detected 180km from Fukushima Daiichi — Alpha particles at 200cpm (VIDEO),
2012-05-04 At a Loss: We've Lost the Capacity for Self Preservation,
I really do not know what to write today. That is pretty unusual for me.
I'll just include some headlines today until I regain my ability to write:
Fukushima Diary is Reporting Hydrogen is Concentrating at unit 2:

I think I read that the concentration has to be 4% before an explosion can occur and so far it is below that.
Potrblog describes the radioactive fog at the Fukushima plant. Tragically, a cat is involved.

No news of nuclear issues in Kyodo, NHK, or Japan Today. Mainichi has a bizarre and disturbing article titled:
As Japan shuts down nuclear power, emissions rise
The article discusses a projected 15% rise of carbon emissions due to the shutdown of nuclear plants.
No mention of radiological emissions.
I'm wordless.
No Japanese media seem capable of discussing the desperate pleas to the UN by Japanese diplomats and civic organizations for help stabilizing Fukushima.
I don't feel up to writing the latest news on fracking or Occupy or autism or anything else.
I just cannot believe that the biggest disaster in over 100 years of mega disasters is essentially being ignored by the media and the global population.
At least the cat in the video shown by Potrblog had the courage to run when s/he saw the radioactive gas encroaching.
Have we lost the capacity for self-preservation?
2012-05-05 Gundersen: Unit 4 reactor building has not been reinforced — Floor of fuel pool was, but not strong as original,
2012-05-05 Experts: NRC letting threat fester at Unit 4 because acknowledging it would call into question safety at dozens of identically designed nuclear plants in US,
2012-05-05 Report: Concern that a subsidence in the earth under unit 4 could cause its collapse,
2012-05-05 ‘Doomsday-like’ radiation release if fire in pool at unit 4 — “It would be a global catastrophe… it already has been, but it would dwarf what’s already happened” -Nuclear Waste Expert,
2012-05-05 Japan Nuclear Expert: “We don’t even know at this point where the melted down core is” under Reactors No. 1, 2 or 3 (VIDEO),
2012-05-05 Evidence of Criticalities?,
Watch the flashes in these videos. In the first video they start at 1:40
In the second video there are many in the first 3 minutes

The flashes appear to be coming from behind 1 and from the area of units 3 and 4.
When I looked at the Tepco webcam this morning (9:00 am Arizona time) there was massive steam everywhere. The steam disappeared within 2 minutes.
Now at 10:30 am the steam is building back up again; it is coming from the area of units 3 and 4.
2012-05-05 Futaba town mayor “Fukushima medical university stops us from having exposure test”, Posted by Mochizuki on May 5th, 2012 [Editor's Note: I have added the red boldface. This statement is consistent with the claims made by nuclear whisteblower activist Leuren Moret that the U.S. Department of Energy has been managing the Japanese government reaction. Please see the Leuren Moret author archive for more background on her work].
On 4/25, town mayor of Idogawa testified the actual situation in Fukushima at Constitutional Committee of the House of Councillors.
“Our town citizens reported they tried to have exposure test at several hospitals but they are all stopped by Fukushima medical university.”
Ms. Yamatani from The Liberal Democratic Party reads interview with Idogawa, Futaba town mayor.
“I asked Japanese prime minister Noda, if he thinks Futaba citizens are Japanese people, but Japanese government submit SPEEDI data to US and concealed it from Japanese people. Even now, SPEEDI data is not given to Futaba town.
If we have had that information, we would have escaped to Sendai. We were not even informed of venting. Tepco also explained they would stop, cool down, and close the reactor in case of an accident, so it’s absolutely safe, but Fukushima accident happened. We don’t even have a place to live.
Radiation took schools, hospitals, jobs, and everything from us and everything is collapsed.
I’m losing my hair and have nosebleed everyday. The other day, I asked for blood test at a hospital in Tokyo because I’m exposed but they refused it. We were even exposed and there is even no treatment, or proper inspection. Medical check up for Fukushima citizens are not detailed enough either.”
2012-05-05 Pink Cesium?,
2012-05-05 Must See Video Interview with Kan,
Must See Video Interview with Kan
Excellent post of a German journalist's interview with ex prime minister Kan on nuclear industry in Japan (with English subtitles)

2012-05-05 Protest against restarting nuclear plants-woman “My friend has just died of “myocardial infarction”, posted by Mochizuki on May 5th, 2012
Following up this article..Has anyone died from lack of nuclear power?
On 5/5/2012, people demonstrated to protest against restarting nuclear plants in Tokyo.
A Kimono woman, “My friend in Iwaki died of myocardial infarction. More and more people living in highly contaminated place are dying of heart disease because of cesium.”

North America

2012-04-29 Dying In The Rain, One Non Detect At a Time: The Radioactive Proof,
"Long half life radioactive fallout is raining down on the USA; we provide the proof from our April 14th radioactive rainstorm sample and detail how academia and industry misrepresent "non-detects / non-identifications" as if they meant no radioactive contamination was present.
2012-04-30 Polonium in Drinking Water,
Polonium in Drinking Water
Wikipedia: [excerpted] "Polonium has 33 known isotopes, all of which are radioactive. They have atomic masses that range from 188 to 220 u. 210Po (half-life 138.4 days) is the most widely available. 209Po (half-life 103 years) and 208Po (half-life 2.9 years) can be made through the alpha, proton, or deuteron bombardment of lead or bismuth in a cyclotron.
210Po is an alpha emitter that has a half-life of 138.4 days; it decays directly to its stable daughter isotope, 206Pb. A milligram of 210Po emits about as many alpha particles per second as 4.5 grams of 226Ra. A few curies (1 curie equals 37 gigabecquerels, 1 Ci = 37 GBq) of 210Po emit a blue glow which is caused by excitation of surrounding air. A single gram of 210Po generates 140 watts of power.[4] Because it emits many alpha particles, which are stopped within a very short distance in dense media and release their energy..." [end excerpt]
Citation: Seiler RL, Wiemels JL 2012. Occurrence of 210Po and Biological Effects of Low-Level Exposure: The Need for Research. Environ Health Perspect.
Received: 10 October 2011; Accepted: 26 April 2012; Online: 26 April 2012
Background: 210Po concentrations exceeding 1 Bq/L in drinking-water supplies have been reported from four widely-separated States where exposure to it went unnoticed for decades. The radionuclide grandparents of 210Po are common in sediments and segments of the public may be chronically exposed to low levels of 210Po in drinking water or in food products from animals raised in contaminated areas.
Objectives: To summarize information on the environmental behavior, biokinetics and toxicology of 210Po and identify the need for future research.
Methods: Potential linkages between environmental exposure to 210Po and human-health effects were identified in a literature review.
Discussion: 210Po accumulates in the ovaries where it kills primary oocytes at low doses. The ovary may be the critical organ in determining the lowest injurious dose for 210Po because of its radiosensitivity and tendency to concentrate 210Po. 210Po also accumulates in the yolk sac of the embryo and in fetal/placental tissue. Low-level exposure to 210Po may have subtle, long-term biological effects because of its tropism towards reproductive and embryonic/fetal tissues where exposure to a single a particle may kill or damage critical cells. 210Po is present in cigarettes and maternal smoking has several effects that appear consistent with the toxicology of 210Po.
Conclusions: Much of the important biological and toxicological research on 210Po is more than 4 decades old. New research is needed to evaluate environmental exposure to 210Po and the biological effects of low-dose exposure to it so public-health officials can develop appropriate mitigation measures where necessary.
2012-04-29 Nuclear Engineer: Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant “likely would have melted down” if operators were not forced by NRC to make enhancements before major flooding (VIDEO),
2012-04-29 L.A. Daily News Column: Radioactive kelp is California’s “most under-reported story of the spring” — “It’s been somewhat radioactive off-and-on for months”,

2012-04-30 Emergency declared at New Jersey nuclear plant — Multiple fire alarms sound after reactor shuts down — Tests were occurring on emergency cooling system — Cause remains under investigation,
2012-04-30 Gundersen reveals how to shut down nuclear industry (VIDEO),

2012-04-30 [for this day] ALERT! Recent Radioactive Soot = Recent Radioactive Fire At Fukushima?, posed May 16, 2012
UPDATE: The professional lab gamma spectrometry results from this radioactive soot may be seen at the following link- ALERT! Radioactive Fallout Identified In and On US Ground Beef
We are still analyzing the data, and more details will follow; here is what we know so far.
Between April 29th 2012 and May 8th 2012 the following short half life fallout was indicated in a sample (a partial list):

    1. Ba-140 was identified at nearly the 95% confidence level.
    2. La-140 was detected in a sample below the 95% confidence level.
    3. Ce-141 was detected in a sample below the 95% confidence level.
    4. Ru-103 was detected in a sample below the 95% confidence level.
    5. Zr-95 was detected in a sample below the 95% confidence level.
    6. Nb-95 was detected in a sample below the 95% confidence level

The above contaminants are typically encountered and dispersed as soot particles resulting from a recent nuclear fission and fire. Along with those contaminants, Iodine 131 was also detected in the sample at below the 95% confidence level.
We suspect the sample was contaminated on April 30th 2012 during a 20-30 minute exposure window to fresh air where frost developed on a frozen 100 square inch area sample surface area.
Given the multiple detections, some of which are parent/daughter pairs, and the short contamination exposure window, we strongly suspect a recent recriticality and fire at Fukushima.
Hyper-Reality and Death: Can Mortality Puncture the Veil of Simulation?,
Hyper-Reality and Death: Can Mortality Puncture the Veil of Simulation?
French philosopher Jean Baudrillard argues that today reality is no longer real in terms of public understandings of contemporary events and phenomena
Public perceptions of the real are shaped by mainstream media spin, which often deviates significantly from empirically verifiable conditions.
(E.G., see
Thus, Baudrillard believes that mainstream media provide us with simulated images of reality. He refers to media simulations as hyper-realities.
Simulated hyper-real images are produced by oligarchic corporations that control multiple media: print (newspapers and periodicals), television, and radio.
[The oligarchic media corporations have a lot less control over the anarchic Internet; although, they do monopolize the production of Internet news. Bloggers and other non-oligarchic affiliated individuals and groups produce some news but mostly parse what is produced by the oligarchs (myself included).]
Hyper-reality is fundamentally political and typically reflects the interests of oligarchs.
Edward Bernays, the father of 20th century propaganda, argued that it is the function of the media to narrow people's choices and interpretations in order that the natural born rulers can operate with the consent of the masses.
The oligarchic media corporations are only to happy to pursue this function.
Fact is obliterated by the mainstream media when oligarchic interests are at stake.
We have seen how the media propagate lies and distortions in the following situations:
A. The run up to the first and second Persian Gulf Wars (e.g., weapons of mass destruction)
B. The coverage of the BP Gulf Oil Spill (e.g., oil gone)
C. The Fukushima crisis (Washington Post editorial that Fukushima was not a significant crisis)
I acknowledge that there are reporters and editors who seek to report truth, even when these reports threaten established power hierarchies.
However, too often the oligarchic media representations of events bear little resemblance to empirically verifiable conditions.
Please see my Lessons of Fukushima powerpoint for factual support of my claims:

As I write this post I am simultaneously observing Fukushima on the Tepco webcam. The plant has been erupting steam or smoke with increasing vigor over the last 24 hours. Indeed, yesterday's eruption was so massive that I experienced FEAR while watching it.
The eruptions of steam or smoke and the release of radiation continue NOW as I write.
Yet the Washington Post claims the disaster was "non-catastrophic."
I am pasting below an excerpt of a summary I'm working on concerning the sheer denial and criminal duplicity of western governments and media in the coverup of the horrors of Fukushima.
Before I paste the excerpt, I pose this question: Will people penetrate the hyper-real veil of deception when those around them succumb to radiation-related illnesses or even deaths?
Anecdotal evidence suggests that people in Japan are already dying from their exposure to high levels of radiation.
Will the hyper-real veil resist the ruptures produced by death itself?
By June 2011, radioactive contamination could be detected in the urine of residents still living within the Fukushima prefecture and residents were still living in Fukushima City despite soil contamination readings far exceeding levels used by the Soviets to mandate compulsory resettlements after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.
A June 26 survey found of soil in Fukushima City found all samples contaminated with cesium levels exceeding legal limit of 10,000 becquerels per. Former senior policy advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Robert Alvarez, argued that fully 600 square kilometers were “technically uninhabitable” because of cesium-137 contamination. Yet, despite high levels of radioactive contamination within populated areas, Japanese officials refused to expand evacuations.
In early June, Japan’s nuclear safety agency acknowledged suspicion that the official statement of the radiation releases for March of 370,000 terabecquerels (publicized in April) had been grossly under-estimated. Japan's nuclear safety agency doubled the amount of radiation previously reported by TEPCO to have “leaked” from the Fukushima Daiichi plan in the first week of the accident. This new figure reported in June of 2011 by the Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency of 770,000 terabequerels of radiation released failed to calculated radiation losses after the first week into the air or sea. That figure would be subject to continuous official revisions and scientific challenges over the course of the year.
Over a year after the initial meltdown, Fukushima’s reactors and spent fuel pools continue to emit radiation daily and Tepco struggles to prevent re-criticalities and hydrogen explosions. Tepco is attempting to inject nitrogen into reactors 2 and 3 in order to prevent another hydrogen explosion.
A media blackout persisted on the exact condition and status of reactor units 3’s and 4’s spent fuel pools, although large amounts of steam and possibly smoke could be seen released from the general vicinities of the spent fuel pools for units 3 and 4 on Tepco’s live video cam trained on the Fukushima plants.
Japanese American physicist Dr. Kaku described Fukushima as a “ticking time bomb” capable of more massive releases.
Widespread contamination in Japan from the initial and ongoing radiation releases in Japan was met with denial, censorship, and finally increases in the official standards for safe exposure. Japan Today reported in August of 2011 that Japan’s radiation detection systems were working from the first moment of the disaster when the plant decided to vent radiation but that the data on radiation levels were ignored by authorities, despite the fact that projections indicated that Karino Elementary School would be immediately in the path of the plume, leading to the irradiation of about 400 students, teachers, and parents gathered in the playground....
“Fukushima Residents' Urine Now Radioactive,” Japan Times (2011, June 27):
“Japan Groups Alarmed By Radioactive Soil,” AFP (2011, June 5):
“45% of Kids in Fukushima Survey Had Thyroid Exposure to Radiation,” Mainichi (2011, July 5):
“Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks,” Democracy Now (2010, June 3):
Justin McCurry “Japan Doubles Fukushima Radiation Leak Estimate. Inquiry Launched Into Nuclear Disaster as Studies Reveal Contamination More Widely Spread Than First Thought,” The Guardian (2011, June 7):
McCurry “Japan Doubles Fukushima Radiation,”
See Michio Kaku “Fukushima Still a Ticking Time Bomb,” CNN in The Arena Blogs (2011, June 21):
"Nitrogen Injection Could Be Delayed at Fukushima," NHK (2011, July 6):
Based on my personal daily observations April 1 through August 7 2011 found here
Kaku “Fukushima Still a Ticking Time Bomb,”
Eric Talmadge “Japan Ignored Own Radiation Forecasts From Very Beginning,” Japan Today (2011, August 10):
2012-05-01 Alexander Dale Oen, gold medal swimming favorite, found dead in Arizona by Chris Chase [Editor's Note: Unusual frequency of athletes dying of heart attacks?]
Norway's Alexander Dale Oen, the defending world champion in the 100 breaststroke and a top contender for a gold medal at the London Olympics, was found dead in his bathroom late Monday night.
The 26-year-old, who was training with the Norwegian national team in Arizona, died of cardiac arrest...
2012-05-01 Growing outrage over Washington Post editorial: Thousands are suffering and countless more will die as a result of exposure to Fukushima radiation — Contamination is widespread and growing,
2012-05-01 NBC: “Jay Leno on nuclear leak” at San Onofre (VIDEO),
2012-05-02 Obama: Just a handful of nuclear material could kill hundreds of thousands — That’s the reality that we face (VIDEO),
2012-05-02 Local CBS News: ‘Slight’ leak was found after post-quake inspection of North Anna nuclear plant — Officials say not actually caused by quake (VIDEO),
2012-05-03 Cover Story: Study on Fukushima Fallout in US — Elevated levels of radioactive cadmium and technetium,
2012-05-03 Rain brings radiation back, posted by Mochizuki,, on May 3rd, 2012
From 3:00 to 9:00 and 11:00 on 5/3/2012 (JST), radiation level picked up in eastern part of Kanagawa prefecture.
Rain clouds passed above Kanagawa prefecture. Rain is assumed to raise the radiation level.
2012-05-03 Homeland Security-funded Study: Playing down public’s concern over radioactive fallout has huge economic benefits — “We’re not trying to bamboozle the public”,
2012-05-03 Joe Rogan on Fukushima and Nuclear Power: If these reactors keep messing up, we’re going to have giant areas of our world contaminated and dead for 100,000s of years — That’s the reality we’re operating under (VIDEO),
2012-05-03 U.S. Seafood Provider Testing for Fukushima Contamination: “Growing concern for potential radiation affecting the nation’s seafood” — ‘Trace’ amounts may have been present in ‘rare’ cases,
2012-05-04 Radio: Cesium all the way down US West Coast; Pine needles from So. California; Ground samples from Vancouver and Oregon — Not a lot, my biggest concern is bioaccumulation as it works up food chain (AUDIO),
2012-05-05 More from Sen. Wyden: Fukushima spent fuel absolutely a national security issue — Radiation caused by pool failure “could reach the West Coast within days”,

Europe and the Rest of the World

2012-04-29 33% of prized bird species disappears after summer near Fukushima — Those making it back “were in a poor condition” says New Zealand gov’t researcher,
Living the Apocalypse,
Pacific reef sharks have declined by more than 90 percent, new study says
[Excerpt of quote from scientist who wrote study]: "'Our results suggest humans now exert a stronger influence on the abundance of reef sharks than either habitat quality or oceanographic factors,' the authors wrote..."
BBC: World's oceans in 'shocking' decline20 June 2011
Nature: Has the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Arrived?Table 1: The ‘Big Five’ mass extinction events From Barnowsky et al., Nature 471, 51–57 (03 March 2011) doi:10.1038/nature09678
A “Most Unusual Event”: Birds returning from Fukushima-area with troubling symptoms — Appear to not have been able to find food in North Pacific — “I’ve never seen birds in that poor of a condition come back to New Zealand”,
2012-05-01 “Eye-Opener”: Under 3% of children exposed to Chernobyl radiation while in womb were diagnosed as healthy at age 7 -Asahi
Pediatrician: “Homes full of the most grossly deformed children we have ever seen in the history of pediatrics — all around Chernobyl” (VIDEO),

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