Fukushima Radiation and Fallout Projections

3 June - 9 June 2012



2012.06.04 12:00-13:00 / [Japanese script] (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam) fom Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012 Posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012


From Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar, posted by Mochizuki on June 4th, 2012,

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From 2012.06.04 12:00-13:00 / [Japanese script] (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam) (YouTube) [h/t Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012 posted by Mochizuki, on June 5th, 2012; "Gas / steam/ evaporated water came out from reactor 4 to cover the building around on 6/4/2012..."]


95% of parents care about the origin of food.

84% of parents care about the origin of drink.

From Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012




Reality in Fukushima 3, (3:24) From Reality in Fukushima 3 posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012




Fukushima Update 6-9-2012 "June 9 2012 - as the Fukushima radiation/debris carries east across the Pacific Ocean, radionuclide-intensely-contaminated Fukushima rivers daily rushing into the ocean, the media sleeps on the danger of the radiation. Fish contaminated with cesium are now being caught off of San Diego. Maps re currents help U understand what is going on: Danger California, Oregon, all points east of Fukushima especially!! Check the oceanic 'gyres' or currents. More background info in free e-chapter on nuclear power on website homepage."


TV Fukushima radiation clean-up flawed! (2:07) From ABC : Fukushima radiation clean-up flawed posted by Mochizuki on June 9th, 2012



North America


POTRBLOG's Ingestible Radioactive Cesium Limits Given In Becquerels (VIDEO) (20:47) POTRBLOG's Ingestible Radioactive Cesium Limits Given In Becquerels per Kilogram, by, Sunday, June 3, 2012




!MAXIMUM ALERT! AIRBORNE RADIOACTIVITY 5 TIMES GREATER THAN BACKGROUND RADIATION from Monday, June 4, 2012 !Maximum Alert! Airborne Radioactivity 5 Times Greter Than Background Radiation, Monday, June 4, 2012,



Jet Stream Radioactivity Max Alert! STAY OUT OF THE RAIN ! (8:39) from Maximum Jet Stream Alert, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!, Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From More deformed kitten around in Tokyo posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012



June 7, 2012: From: up date 6/8/2012 Dangerously high radiation levels reported in Indiana, Michigan, 7,000+ Radiation Level At 1:20 AM 6-7-2012! Why? According to RadNet, the United States’ radiation monitoring newtork, Northern Indiana is experiencing extremely high levels of radiation — up to 100 times higher than normal.
"According to RadNet, the United States’ radiation monitoring network, South Bend, Indiana is experiencing extremely high levels of radiation — up to 100 times higher than safe levels.
Live records for a radiation monitoring station near the border of Indiana and Michigan have shown radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM). At 1:55 a.m., Eastern time, the radiation level was at 2,558 CPM. The level has varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours.
Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM should be considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the RadNet website. RadNet has not yet issued an alert regarding this issue."
See also 6/7/2012 — RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems — North Indiana – South Michigan, dutchsinse.


The Watauga Skies Observatory, Watauga, Texas (near Ft. Worth, Texas reported a CPM spike on 6 June. A coincidence?


Editor's Note: I am repeating this chart series which was also depicted on the 20-26 May web page because there was a reported upspike in Longmont, Colorado on 7 June 2012, the same day as the reported upspike in Indiana and Michigan. Just a coincidence? Longmont, Colorado Radiation Monitor





2012-06-03 Tepco says ‘no comment’ when asked if they believe nuclear plants are safe (VIDEO), by
2012-06-03 Senator ‘mortified’ about possible disaster at Unit 4 — ‘Still shakes his head in disbelief’ over Fukushima visit two months ago, by
2012-06-03 Japan Representative: Tepco and the gov’t have been telling lies to the people — Officials have hidden the real numbers or given wrong ones (VIDEO), by
2012-06-03 Japan Radiation Expert: My results show contamination has spread all over the country (VIDEO), by
2012-06-03 Yamamoto: If another big earthquake happens it will be the end of this country (VIDEO), by
2012-06-03 Local Official: 5,000,000 Bq/kg and no decontamination — We can’t eat food grown here, but we are forced to live here, by
2012-06-03 Japan Times Blasts Gov’t: Dangerous obsession with restarting reactors — Officials ‘fearful of public opinion opposing restart’, by
2012-06-03 Japanese Magazine: Tepco workers ordered to make Fukushima look less severe than Chernobyl, by
290,000 Bq/Kg at 18km from National Diet Posted by Mochizuki on June 3rd, 2012
They find black substance in many locations of Tokyo.
290,000 Bq/kg of extremely highly concentrated cesium was also found at 18km (11.18 mi) from Japanese National Diet, reported by Mr. Oyama, a Minamisoma city councilor’s radiation map. [more here].
2012-06-03 Safety limit of swimming class is 1µSv/h in Sukagawa city Fukushima posted by Mochizuki on June 3rd, 2012
Following up this article..Fukushima school will have swimming class outside
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology set the safety limit of swimming class.
“Less than 1µSv/h at poolside”
Though the board of education decided to allow students to cancel swimming class, 7 of 27 schools in Sukagawa city Fukushima measured higher than 1µSv/h at poolside. The highest reading was 2.65 µSv/h. The city government is going to decontaminate it, but some of the parents don’t trust the effectiveness of decontamination. [more here].
2012-06-03 290,000 Bq/Kg at 18km from National Diet posted by Mochizuki on June 3rd, 2012,
They find black substance in many locations of Tokyo.
290,000 Bq/kg of extremely highly concentrated cesium was also found at 18km (11.18 mi) from Japanese National Diet, reported by Mr. Oyama, a Minamisoma city councilor’s radiation map.
Mizumoto park [Link]
The black substance (Algae)
Cs-134 74,000Bq/kg ± 10%
Cs-137 120,000Bq/kg ± 10%
Total 190,000Bq/kg ± 10%
Soil around the black substance
Cs-134 2,959 ± 296Bq/kg
Cs-137 4,121 ± 412Bq/kg
Total 7,080 ± 1,001Bq/kg
...According to the study of Pathological anatomist, Yury Bandazhevsky from Belarus, 90% of the children in Homyel to have 37 – 74Bq/kg of cesium measured from their cardiac muscle showed abnormal electrocardiogram.
You breath in the particles of black substance to cause severe internal exposure. This is why black substance is significantly dangerous.
The video below records the radiation level of Mizumoto park, where they found black substance. It was over 4µSv/h on soil. You see children play around without even protective clothing. [Editor's Note: See "Video which records radiation level in Mizumoto Part (YouTube title in Japanese script)" Here]
2012-06-04 A few tens of tones sardines washed up on fishing port in Chiba Posted by Mochizuki on June 4th, 2012
Related to this article..Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar
A few tens of tones sardines found dead in Ohara fishing port in Isumi city Chiba. Citizens are suffering from the rotten smell.
The port was closed from 6/1 ~ 6/5/2012, but from noon of 6/3/2012, tons of sardines were washed up on the port. They can not settle it down at the moment of 14:30 6/4/2012 yet.
Dead sardines are covering the area like a carpet.
[more here]
2012-06-04 Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012 posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Gas / steam/ evaporated water came out from reactor 4 to cover the building around on 6/4/2012.
2012-06-04 “Please send out SOS signals to the world!” — Levels of bio-concentration of radioactivity have not been imagined or have been ignored daringly — Tried to tell officials many times and always denied, by
2012-06-04 Before Fukushima: 100 Bq/kg of cesium is nuclear waste — After: 100 Bq/kg of cesium is safe to eat, by
2012-06-04 Local Official: They found plutonium in every sample — Radiation-absorbing bacterium is everywhere on paved surfaces, by
2012-06-04 Atlantic: Is gov’t trying to contaminate every region of Japan by burning radioactive debris? “If everyone is ‘contaminated,’ then, in a relative sense, no one is”, by
2012-06-04 “I asked the government to kill me — It’s better to be dead than alive these days” (VIDEO), by
2012-06-04 TV Special on Fukushima: “I honestly think for those that can run away from here, it is better to run away” (VIDEO), by
2012-06-04 Kyodo: Japan gov’t agency compares radioactive material to an “angry and agitated wife” fighting with husband, by
2012-06-04 Nuclear Expert on Japan’s MOX: “I think the ship is sinking beneath them” — “It’s crazy” — “There really is a credibility problem here”, by
2012-06-04 Victims of Fukushima to get help with medical care under new gov’t law — “Right to relocation” if radiation above 1 millisievert a year?, by
2012-06-04 Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar, posted by Mochizuki on June 4th, 2012,
....Mr. Homma [Twitter], a Japanese fisher in South Chiba talked on a Ustream radio on 6/2/2012.
He has been fishing offshore of Chiba cape and Tokyo Bay for 4 years and a half.
He talked, he fished deformed fish at least twice a week.
Especially, deformation of fish living in or on seabed can be observed frequently, such as flatfish.
Deformed Japanese sea bass and Japanese amberjack, which are on the top of the food chain can be seen often too.
The common features are loss of caudal fin and spinal cord is twisted. The video below was taken by Mr. Homma.[Editor's Note: See the video "Deformed Fish Tokyo Bay.MP4" Here]
He also states, those deformed fish are highly contaminated. He measured near 700 Bq/Kg from bass last Monday.
Other kinds of fish as much scad are less contaminated but not zero Bq/Kg.
When fish is distributed, the name of fishing port is concealed. He warns his friends about fish from Kanto area, but because a lot of people live on fishing, he can not announce the details of the problem.
From his explanation, deformed fish are sold unusually discounted. Discount Sushi bars called Kaitenzushi buy them to serve.
Mr. Homma is afraid of being fired, but he doesn’t want to conceal the actual situation.
He commented, we must face the truth.
2012-06-04 Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012 Posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Gas / steam/ evaporated water came out from reactor 4 to cover the building around on 6/4/2012.
It was from 12:50. [more here]
2012-06-05 Local Official: ‘They are telling a lot of lies’ — ‘Their children were also sacrificed’ (VIDEOS), by
2012-06-05 M6.3 quake hits off Chiba, M4.2 near Fukushima Daiichi an hour later, by
2012-06-05 Nuclear Expert: The truth is the damage caused by Fukushima is “too great for the government of Japan”, by
2012-06-05 Opposition to nuclear power surges in Japan: Public “far more leery” than it was immediately after 3/11 — Higher education level = Greater worries over contaminated food, by
2012-06-05 Fukushima resident ‘Numayu’ has new website detailing health problems — Previous blog was shut down (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-05 Japan Nuclear Expert: Almost 8,000 square miles now like a ‘Radiation Control Area’ after Fukushima, by
2012-06-05 Tepco ‘could not have done better’ responding to Fukushima crisis, by
2012-06-05 Tepco: ‘Burnt area’ on Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 secondary cooling pump (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-05 Are fluctuating thermometers in Reactor No. 2 broken? Gauges reported ‘not working’ appear to be changing at same times, by
2012-06-05 Coolant system stopped at reactor 4 again, back-up turned on
Posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Tepco reported an alarm sounded for secondary cooling water pump at 20:00 6/4/2012, the pump automatically stopped.
They found burn marks on the terminal of the pump’s cable to the motor. The reason is not verified yet.
Back-up pump was turned on 25 minutes later. They report the temperature of SFP4 did not increase significantly.
2012-06-05 Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4 Posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Following up this article..Coolant system stopped at reactor 4 again, back-up turned on
Tepco published the pictures of burnt motor on their daily press conference of 6/5/2012.
Tepco states the temperature of SFP4 is 34?.
[more here]
2012-06-05 4,800 Bq/Kg of iodine 131 was measured in Tokyo posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
4,800 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 [Link] was measured from fly incineration ash of Ariake waste incineration plant.
The sample was taken 5/17/2012. [more here]
2012-06-05 More deformed kitten around in Tokyo posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Related to this article..Deformed kitten
The picture of a deformed kitten with 2 fingers was posted on Twitter.
The mother is a house cat, father was a stray cat. The brother is fine.
It was born along Seibu Shinjuku rail line.
2012-06-05 Reality in Fukushima 3 posted by Mochizuki on June 5th, 2012
Following up this article..[Video] Reality in Fukushima 2
6/2/2012, contamination level of elementary and junior high school was measured in Koriyama Fukushima.
The dosimeter calculates Bq/cm2. It is converted to Bq/m2 by multiplied by 10^4.
It is the total of cesium 134 and 137.
For reference, according to the report of IAEA, it was less than 37,000 Bq/m2 in Kiev. (Cesium 137)
The difference of the measurement in Kiev and Koriyama are like these below,
In Kiev, only cesium 137 was measured.
In Koriyama, it was measured on concrete.
In Koriyama, most of the schools have already been “decontaminated”.
25 years have passed, but in Kiev Hospital, 90% of babies die before they become 1 year old.
2012-06-05 Update on Japan's Plans to ReProcess Nuclear fuel,
Nuclear Experts Alarmed by Japan MOX Fuel PlanBy Associated Press 05 June 12
[Excerpt] "Critics wonder why MOX plan is running when reactors are idle.
Last year's tsunami crisis left Japan's nuclear aspirations in doubt and its reactors idled, rendering its huge stockpile of plutonium useless. So, the nuclear industry's plan to produce even more this year has raised a red flag.
Nuclear industry officials say they hope to start producing half a ton of toxic plutonium within months, in addition to the more than 35 tons Japan already has stored around the world. That is even though all the reactors that might use it are either inoperable or offline while the government rethinks its gung-ho nuclear energy policy after the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 plant...
..."There is no excess plutonium in this country," said Koichi Imafuku, an official at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. "It's not just lying around without purpose."
Majia Here: One has to wonder what the purpose is?
Previously I have posted about the secret meeting stacked with nuclear industry representatives and bribed university professors, which recommended re-starting re-processing. My previous posts are here:
2012-06-05 Japan's Catch-22,
Japan is in a double-bind. If it re-starts a reactor, it faces more nuclear peril because reactors may have sustained undetected damage in last year's quakes or they may be damaged by new quakes given the high seismic activity in Japan currently.
However, the country needs energy to fuel its industry and employ its people. Importing energy is costly and will further hurt the country's economy.
This terrible catch-22 occurs when a nation fails to fully address the risks and externalities of its power infrastructures.
Eventually, inevitably those risks and externalities are disclosed, as they have been in Japan.
[The US is still in denial]
Hopefully Japan will/can extricate itself from this situation by rapidly developing alternative energy infrastructures.
Hosono meets Fukui governor to discuss restarting Oi reactors. Politics Jun. 05, 2012. Japan Today
[Excerpt] "Nuclear disaster minister Goshi Hosono met with Fukui Gov Issei Nishikawa on Monday to seek support for the central government’s provisional decision to restart two reactors at the Oi nuclear power plant.
Hosono explained to Nishikawa that the government will strengthen oversight of safety measures by experts from the nuclear safety commission and that experts from Fukui will also be invited to monitor the plant’s operations, Fuji TV reported.
Nishikawa told a news conference after the meeting that he was still unconvinced.
...Opponents of restarting the reactors have come under intense pressure from the central government and business groups, citing expected power shortages in July, August and September....
Nearly one-third of DPJ lawmakers urge Noda to be cautious about nuclear restarts Japan Today
[Excerpt] Nearly a third of Japan’s ruling party lawmakers are petitioning Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to be cautious about restarting nuclear reactors given safety concerns after last year’s earthquake and tsunami, an organizer said on Tuesday.
Noda, keen to restart two reactors in Fukui Prefecture by early July before electricity demand peaks this summer, could decide as early as this week to reconnect them to the grid - despite the risk of a backlash that would weaken his already sagging voter ratings...
ENENEWS HEADLINE: Tepco says ‘no comment’ when asked if they believe nuclear plants are safe (VIDEO)
Enenews source: Fukushima Fallout
101 East, Al Jazeera English
09 Mar 2012
Upload Date: Jun 2, 2012
2012-06-05 Radiation Crisis is Far From Over,
Fukushima Diary is Reporting 4,800 Bq/Kg of iodine 131 was measured in Tokyo
That means re-criticality at Fukushima or one of the other damaged reactors around Japan.
Crisis is far from over.
2012-06-06 Kyodo: No. 4 fuel pool warms — Backup pump stopped Wednesday — Main pump stopped Tuesday — Tepco expects temperature to start falling, by
2012-06-06 Japanese doctor after woman’s thyroid cancer diagnosis: “I can’t help expecting that we are going to have a catastrophic health hazard caused by the accident” at Fukushima, by
2012-06-06 Chinese official calls Chiba Port an “area with high radiation risk”, by
2012-06-06 Massive fish kill outside Tokyo in Chiba — “The sight is somewhat apocalyptic” — “Almost looks like a carpet of sardines” (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-06 Japan Lawmaker: Coolant system at No. 4 fuel pool may take 3 days to fix — Temperature within a few degrees of safety limit by then, by
2012-06-06 No. 4 fuel pool temperature began spiking June 2 — No daily ‘Plant Status’ reports from Tepco since, by
2012-06-06 Temperature spikes in No. 4 fuel pool after pump burns — Backup also breaks, by
2012-06-06 Reactor4 takes 3 more days to fix-Backup was stopped too posted by Mochizuki on June 6th, 2012
Following up this article..Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4
Tepco found a problem of insulation with the back up pump, they stopped it in the morning of 6/5/2012 as well.
Tepco states they will fix it within 6/6 2012, but Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency commets it will take 3 days to fix.
[more here]
2012-06-06 JAEA has dropped a page from its website which compared radioactive material to an angry wife Posted by Mochizuki on June 6th, 2012
(Japan atomic energy agency : JAEA [Link])
<Quote 1> [Reuter]
Radiation: Shall I compare thee to an angry Japanese wife?
By Miki Kayaoka
TOKYO | Tue Jun 5, 2012 4:42am EDT
(Reuters) – A Japanese research agency has dropped a controversial public relations campaign aimed at educating women about nuclear safety that compared radiation to the screaming voice of an angry wife.
The Japanese Atomic Energy Agency devoted a page on its website to an effort to “make the hard words used in the nuclear power industry” more easy to understand, particularly for women.
The page, which included a cartoon of an angry, fist-waving wife and her cowering husband, compared the wife’s yell to radiation. It continued the metaphor by saying that the women’s increasing agitation could be compared to “radioactivity”, while claiming the wife herself was comparable to “radioactive material”.
The webpage, first published in 2010, was dropped on Monday after the agency received dozens of complaints.
“I have no idea why this page suddenly attracted people’s attention, but we would have deleted it earlier had we known about this page,” said Yusuke Uehara, a spokesman for the government-affiliated agency which conducts nuclear research, including work on safety.
“This discriminates against women, which is inappropriate.”
[more here]
2012-06-06 Tellurium132 reached Chigasaki in March 2011-[OVER SCALE]
posted by Mochizuki on June 6th, 2012
Related to this article..Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012
Kanagawa prefectural institute of public health published the data of radiation contained in air, tap water, fall out in 2011.
The monitoring post is located in Chigasaki, 275 km away from Fukushima.(Further than Tokyo)
According to their report, on 3/22/2011 (Rain), 9500 Bq/m2 of Iodine 131 fell off only within a day.
Also, significant sum of Tellurium 132 fell off from 3/16/2011. (I personally tool a day off this day.) The highest reading was 4000Bq/m2 on 3/22/2011 as well.
Tellurium 132 is produced when fuel clad is damaged by meltdown etc. Half life time is 3.3 days, turns to be Iodine 132. [more here].
2012-06-07 Tepco creates ‘Radioactive Waste Underground Storage Facility’ at Reactor No. 2 (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-07 Sources: Gov’t gives up plan to decide on restarting reactors — Procedures have stalled amid deep-rooted public opposition, by
2012-06-07 Local Official: Japan must be only place in world with several million becquerels of radioactive isotopes in urban areas — Incomparable highly radioactive blue algae on school routes, by
2012-06-07 Soaring number of Fukushima children with headaches/nausea — 6-fold increase blamed on ‘stress’, by
2012-06-07 Sign at Tokyo Hospital: We do not treat radiation exposure — Nurse: We are told to say we don’t do tests for radiation exposure (PHOTO), by
2012-06-07 Ambassador’s News Conference: Fukushima Daiichi “not under control at all” — A security problem for entire world, by
2012-06-07 Tokyo women’s medical university hospital “We are told not to give radiation inspection by the gov.” posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012
Tokyo women’s medical university hospital put this notice at its entrance.
To patients
Currently, we don’t serve radiation inspection or medical treatment.
This hospital is famous for hyperthyroidism.
Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist asked about the reason why they don’t serve radiation inspection.
The nurse at the reception of Tokyo women’s medical university hospital. “We are told to say, we don’t serve radiation inspection. We can only say, please consult near public health center. We can not do radiation inspection for a sudden outpatient. Radiation issue is connected to the government…”
2012-06-07 Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012
Related to this article..Fukushima students having their brain atrophied
Fukushima university conducted “stress” research for 2743 people this January 2012. Valid responses were 2103 (77%).
The result revealed that the increase of depression, impatience, and concentration difficulty of elementary school students from their last research of June / July 2011.
Especially the ratio of frequent/occasional headache and nausea increased from 6% to 38%.
? Obvious increase of headache and nausea among elementary school students.
Other ratio is not reported.
Prof. Tsutsui from the researching team states, this persistant and continuous stress is physically affecting the children.
However, the ratio of fear, anxiety, regression, dependence decreased.
Parents are showing their mental change as well.
? The ratio of feeling impatient increased from 18% to 25%.
[more here]
2012-06-07 News reporter reported her own huge bruise posted by Mochizuki on June 7th, 2012
Following up this article..More Japanese people are having bruise
Ms. Haramoto, the reporter of the news TV show “Morning bird (TV asahi)” tweeted her major bruise on her foot.
This TV show reported mutated dandelion before. [Link] [more here]
2012-06-08 7.22 million signatures against nuclear power Posted by Mochizuki on June 8th, 2012
<Quote> [Asahi]
Oe speaks at anti-nuclear rally to gather 10 million signatures
More than a year after the reactors first melted down, the cost of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, ensuing evacuations and an envisioned massive cleanup, is still impossible to comprehend in numbers.
For marchers who gathered in central Tokyo on June 6, the salient number is 10 million.
That’s how many signatures the organizers behind the “Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” rally at Hibiya Park hope to gather in an effort to halt the planned restart of two reactors at the Oi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture. [more here]
2012-06-07 Xenon 133 Detected in Pacific Northwest 450,000 Times Background in March and April of 2011,
US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington, USA
The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, USA
Justin McIntyre, Steve Biegalski, Ted Bowyer, Matt Copper, Paul
Eslinger, Jim Hayes, Derek Haas, Harry Miley, J.P. Rishel, Vincent Woods
MAJIA HERE: In case you are wondering:
Xenon 133 emits gamma and beta as it decays.
Here is a graph for the decay chain of Xenon isotopes
Here is information about "Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility" [the drug in question is Xenon133 used for medical imaging]
"No long-term animal studies have been performed to evaluate carcinogenic potential, mutagenic potential or whether this drug affects fertility in males or females."
Majia Here: Previously radioxenon levels had been found to be 40,000 background
Radioxenon levels were 40,000X Average Concentration In Pacific Northwest in Week Following Accident. Bowyer, T. W. et al. (2011). Elevated Radioxenon Detected Remotely Following the Fukushima Nuclear Accident. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 102, 681-687.
Now it is reported to have been 450,000X Background in Pacific Northwest. Is it safe?
•Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gunderson report in November 2011 that the Xenon cloud bombards people with gamma rays as the Xenon decays. They also report that noble gasses including Xenon are a absorbed by the lungs and can cause genetic diseases over time.
•November 14, 2011 Xenon Gas and Lethal Doses by Inhalation The AIPR or International Association for the Protection Against Ionizing Radiation posted this on Nov 4 (please note it is translated from the French) "The program "semi formalized" in Fukushima of 1.67 E19 Bq 133 Xe gas have meant the spread of 2.411 kg. This emission is equivalent in terms of internal radiation lung 400.8 million in potentially lethal doses by inhalation. As shown, 2.4 kg of material having the power to kill only transient 400 million people, the Xenon 133 is classified as very low radiotoxic. It's not beautiful science! "The Xe 133 has a half-life of 5.244 days. It decreases in beta mode with a decay constant of 1.52985 s-1 E-6. (Ln (2) / T1 / 2 ie 0.693147 / 5.244 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 1.52985 E-6. ) The specific activity of E15 6.9271 Bq / g E05 Ci/gr.- -1.872 (6.0221415 E 23 / ??133 * 1.5299 = 6.9271 E-06 E15 Bq / gr.) The inhalation dose factor is of 1.20 E-10 Sv / Bq.
•A lethal dose by inhalation of 5 Sievert E-06 weighs 6.02 gr. (6, o2 micrograms), E10 is 4.17 Bq. One gram of 133 Xe has provided 166,249 potentially lethal doses. Fukushima has released about 2411 grams of the radioactive element has so far scattered in the environment the innocent and very low radiotoxic equivalent of 400.8 million lethal doses."
2012-06-07 Fukushima Reactor 2 in the News,
NHK Workers sent to check reactor suppression chambers
brief excerpt:
"Tokyo Electric says contaminated water had accumulated to a level of 5.33 meters in the No.2 unit and to 5.43 meters in the No.3 unit.
The utility firm says the water was up to more than half the height of the donut-shaped suppression chambers, which each measure about 9 meters in diameter."
[end excerpt]
The article states that Tepco was unable to locate the source for the leaking contaminated water.
No surprise there.
Unit 2 has been visibly steaming recently, as evident on the Tepco webcam.
Unit 2 is the least damaged of the reactors 1 through 3 (according to Arnie Gunderson) and it is not typical to see it producing steam (at least, I've not seen much steam from 2 until recently).
Tepco has been injecting nitrogen into unit 2 to stop the build up of hydrogen to prevent an explosion since last summer.
2012-06-08 Murata: "Lack of Ethics" True Cause for Fukushima Crisis,
Mitsuhei Murata: Fukushima Plant "Not Under Control at All" By PanOrient News
08 June 12
[excerpted] "The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Number 4 reactor presents a security problem for the entire world, Mitsuhei Murata, Japan's former ambassador to Switzerland said.
Fukushima Daiichi plants are "not under control at all... and the situation with nuclear reactors in Japan is like vehicles being driven without a license," . . .
He concluded that "the lessons of Fukushima have reminded the whole world of the great principle for humanity. The possibility for unbearable consequences must be zero" and stressed the need for “the shift from priority of economy to priority toward life. The true cause for the present crisis is lack of ethics."
2012-06-08 The Elephant in the Room,
The footage from the Tepco webcam trained on Fukushima has not looked good for a couple of months now.
Events at the plant seemed to escalate after Tepco stated they were going on vacation.
I know that Tepco returned to conduct the photo-op tour of unit 4, but I bet they didn't stay very long.
The emissions at the plant have became very obvious and protracted.
Some days the emissions are brownish gray, other days yellow, and some days pink.
Early today they were yellowish; now they are pinkish.
No one (who is talking) knows exactly what that means.
Many people have suggested that the pink is from cesium and the yellow is from strontium.
How strange, but if true it affords the benefit of being able to see the traces of the poisons that are contaminating our world.
I wonder whether people in power ever watch the Tepco webcams?
I know they have satellite pictures and analysts' updates. They don't have to scan websites and headlines and news stories and twitter feeds trying to discern data on the plant's status.
But do they ever watch those webcams? Do they see the endless emissions that vary in quantity and color, but never fully cease?
I am betting that people with decision making power with respect to this disaster NEVER watch the cams because that would convey the reality and becoming of the nuclear inferno.
Satellite pictures and analysts' reports are frozen representations that have been instrumentalized to emphasize aspects relevant to decision-making.
In contrast, the webcam is dynamic and grainy. It offers no precise images and interpretations. Yet, it does show the intermittent, but also endless, eruptions of steam and smoke from the plant.
Fukushima can be a barely visible elephant in the room for those decision makers so long as they don't see it as ONGOING AND ESCALATING.
It is so strange because the plant is like the elephant in the room that everyone pretends not to see.
Every now and then I update people around me. I tell them they need to know some bit of information about fallout, like "don't eat the honey anymore because cesium was detected in LA cedar trees."
They pause, become silent and then rapidly change the subject. It is totally strange.
Now that the cockroaches are greatly diminished in quantity in my area, I think the elephant is starting to stomp its feet. Can people ignore that kind of effect?
Maybe people won't even notice when insects or birds are gone. Could that happen?
How sick would people have to get before they linked it to an environmental cause?
How long can people deny such a large and dangerous elephant?
2012-06-08 Tepco rejected covering reactor 4 with stone coffin for financial matter Posted by Mochizuki on June 8th, 2012
Mabuchi, former minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stated he suggested building sarcophagus for reactor 4 to have Tepco refuse it. Nuclear accident investigation committee interviewed Mabuchi on 5/31/2012, which was not open to the public.
Mabuchi proposed to cover the 4 aspects of reactor 4 with concrete, which is called sarcophagus in Chernobyl just after 311. However, Tepco rejected it for the financial reason. Also, their pride as engineer stopped them from accepting the fact that they have to do the same thing as Chernobyl.
2012-06-08 1 Sv/y at the border of Fukushima plant area Posted by Mochizuki on June 8th, 2012
From 4/1/2011 to 3/31/2012, the yearly dosage at the boarder of Fukushima plant area is 956 mSv.
The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency answered to the question of Mr. Yoshii, Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives.
It is excluding the initial dosage of March 2011, when the radiation level was the highest.
2012-06-08 JP PM “Must restart”.- [Live]Massive demonstration in front of PM official residence Posted by Mochizuki on June 8th, 2012
About the restarting problem of Ooi nuclear plant. [Link]
<Quote> [BBC]
Japan PM Noda says two nuclear reactors ‘must restart’
Japan must restart two nuclear reactors to protect the country’s economy and livelihoods, Prime Minister Yasuhiko Noda has said in a televised broadcast.
Measures to ensure the safety of two reactors at western Japan’s Ohi nuclear plant have been undertaken, he said.
Since last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s 50 reactors have been shut down for routine maintenance.
The crisis fuelled immense public opposition to nuclear power, but Japan is facing a summer of power shortages.
Japan’s last nuclear shut down for routine maintenance in May. When the third reactor at the Tomari plant, in Hokkaido prefecture, was switched off, Japan was left without energy from atomic power for the first time for more than 40 years.
Public confidence in nuclear safety was shaken by the meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant, triggered by last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.
“Cheap and stable electricity is vital. If all the reactors that previously provided 30% of Japan’s electricity supply are halted, or kept idle, Japanese society cannot survive,” Mr Noda said.
He added that some companies could possibly move production out of Japan, losing vital jobs as a result.
“It is my decision that Ohi reactors No.3 and No.4 should be restarted to protect the people’s livelihoods,” he said.
Last month, the government urged businesses and households in parts of the country to cut electricity usage by up to 15% to avoid possible blackouts.
To be against this policy, 4000~5000 people joined the demonstation in front of Prime minister’s official residence.
[more here]
2012-06-08 Analyst: Fukushima will have devastating long term health effects — It is up to us not to accept lies minimizing radiation’s impact (VIDEO), by
2012-06-08 Report: Sparrow with albino head in Chiba near Tokyo — Albinism in birds common after Chernobyl — “Extremely rare in nature” says expert (PHOTO), by
2012-06-08 Tepco adds 60-ton cover on No. 4 fuel pool (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-08 Gov’t minister suggested building sarcophagus over No. 4 fuel pool just after 3/11, by
2012-06-08 M5 quake hits off Fukushima coast, by
2012-06-08 Ultimate Irony? Prime Minister: Japan must restart nuclear reactors for “survival of society”, by
2012-06-08 Daini Reactor Inspected: Paint coming off inside containment vessel — Blamed on temperature and humidity increase after 3/11 quake (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-08 NBC: Ocean stained with blood at Japanese port city — Gizmodo: “The scariest thing is that no one is sure why this is happening”; 200 tons of dead sardines (PHOTOS), by
2012-06-09 Rotten Japanese press -Tepco conference ended within 3 minutes
Posted by Mochizuki on June 9th, 2012
Tepco’s daily press conference is becoming a mere shell because of the reluctant Japanese major press.
The daily press conference of 6/9/2012 ended within only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which is faster than cup noodle.
After Tepco read their daily report about the temperature of each reactor and the radiation concentration at outlets on the south end, Tepco asked for questions but none of the press gave queries.
They usually come to the Tepco spokesman for detailed questions after the conference, which is called “Burasagari” (Hang and question), but they did not even do that today.
2012-06-09 Hotspot found in an elementary school at 254km from Fukushima
Posted by Mochizuki on June 9th, 2012
Related to this article..Water contamination reached west Kanagawa
Hotspot found in mid Kanagawa prefecture as well. It was in Elementary school, where is 254km away from Fukushima.
National diet is 226km from Fukushima, the school is 28km further. [more here]
2012-06-09 Foreigners leaving Japan, Posted by Mochizuki on June 9th, 2012
The number of foreigner’s registration (so-called “Alien registration”) decreased by 56,000 people from 2010 to 2011, Ministry of justice announced on 6/8/2012. It was 2,079,000 people in total.
It has been decreasing in these 3 years but especially in the 3 prefectures of disaster area, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, it decreased by 14.3%, which is the biggest decreasing range.
Immigration Bureau of Japan under ministry of justice assumes it is because of the earthquake and nuclear accident. The decrease from September to December was relatively small, they think probably it’s bottomed. [more here].
2012-06-09 Paul Langley on the Normalization of Radiation [Poisoning],
Paul Langley wrote an excellent response to my implied question, why does Tepco have the webcam trained on Fukushima? His answer is that the images have the effect of normalizing the radiological pollution.
Here is an excerpt from his essay: "The Elephant in the Room that’s as big as a Whale: Normalising Radiological Pollution"
"A normalization program for radionuclide emissions which has remained in place from World War 2, through the 1950s to the 1990s, encompassing the period of Clinton’s disclosures, Chernobyl and, in an unbroken line to Fukushima’s disaster and TEPCO’s webcam.
The gravest sorrow is felt when the fact hits home that the current government and public administration in Japan agrees with the famous lie of General Groves: “There is no radiation sickness in Japan”. That is as a big a lie today, uttered by Noda and his nuclear bosses and hence by all the underlings as well.
When one brave Japanese doctor has to go on national tour to raise awareness of the illnesses, when the most recent press report of medically diagnosed radiation related symptoms is dated August 2011 (standing alone as the sole mass media report, when Japanese nurses tell a freelance journo “we don’t treat radiation diseases because the government is involved”, when a Professor of internal medicine has to cut crook at the Diet, only to be given an impossible decontamination task (the fallout is still landing and the people are living amid the cleanup- shame), people around the world watch the colours change in the radionuclide smog as it vents and rises up at Fukushima.
It has been a long row for nuclear authorities to hoe, this normalizing of radionuclide pollution. It has been going on, as I mentioned, since 1945.
Paul points out that the normalization of radiation problematizes efforts to show cause and effect relations, blurring the role artificially produced radiation has had on human health.
I agree with his excellent analysis. The normalization of atmospheric testing has truly blinded us to the long term health effects - including rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autism - of the fallout from this period.
And medical science has for the most part blindly ignored ionizing radiation when studying diseases that are known to have an environmental causal component, such as autism, ADHD, and Parkinsons.
All that fallout from atmospheric testing disappeared from the public imagination. How did that happen given the concerns that were stated by the health authorities of the 1950s about the effects of this fallout?
We are so easily led down the yellow brick road, and misled by charlatan wizards with PhDs.
2012-06-09 ABC : Fukushima radiation clean-up flawed Posted by Mochizuki on June 9th, 2012
ABC reported about Japanese decontamination.
2012-06-09 NHK broadcast filmed last spring: “Over 250 microSv/hour, severer than the Red Forest — Over 300 microSv/hour, we going ahead?” (VIDEO), by
2012-06-09 Former Tokyo Police Chief: Tepco wanted to withdraw from Fukushima Daini, not only Daiichi, by
2012-06-09 Gundersen: We almost had 15 meltdowns after 3/11 quake — A “species threatening” event (VIDEO), by


North America

2012-06-02 Stuxnet Work of US and Israel,, Saturday, June 2, 2012
I don't think this is any surprise.
Stuxnet was work of U.S. and Israeli experts, officials say
By Ellen Nakashima and Joby Warrick, Published: June 1The Washington Post A damaging
[Excerpt] the "cyberattack against Iran’s nuclear program was the work of U.S. and Israeli experts and proceeded under the secret orders of President Obama, who was eager to slow that nation’s apparent progress toward building an atomic bomb without launching a traditional military attack, say current and former U.S. officials.
"The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe the classified effort code-named Olympic Games, said it was first developed during the George W. Bush administration and was geared toward damaging Iran’s nuclear capability gradually while sowing confusion among Iranian scientists about the cause of mishaps at a nuclear plant.
"The use of the cyberweapon — malware designed to infiltrate and damage systems run by computers — was supposed to make the Iranians think that their engineers were incapable of running an enrichment facility"
[end excerpt] Read article at link above
Apparently the Obama officials ordered the program to continue after some US official expressed concern about the virus' spread on the Internet
Stuxnet reportedly destroyed 1000 of Iran's 6000 centrifuges, which enrich uranium.
Majia here: The article is very interesting and illustrates an important way war is being waged without congressional approval in the 21st century.
My fear is that this type of cyber-war could lead to nuclear meltdowns.
Not only that, but the proliferation of war by other means -- cyberwar, drones, weather warfare -- is combined with a culture of secrecy that is fundamentally anti-democratic.
There is now a new virus that is believed to be made by the same organization that made Stuxnet
See the New York Times' long article on Stuxnet Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran By DAVID E. SANGER
2012-06-03 Senator ‘mortified’ about possible disaster at Unit 4 — ‘Still shakes his head in disbelief’ over Fukushima visit two months ago, by
2012-06-03 Largest US Newspaper Publisher: ‘Enough radioactivity to poison millions’ in Fukushima Unit 4 — Radiation to hit West Coast of US would be ‘far more’ than trace amounts if fuel rods exposed, says Senator, by
2012-06-03 Senator ‘mortified’ about possible disaster at Unit 4 — ‘Still shakes his head in disbelief’ over Fukushima visit two months ago, by
2012-06-03 Largest US Newspaper Publisher: ‘Enough radioactivity to poison millions’ in Fukushima Unit 4 — Radiation to hit West Coast of US would be ‘far more’ than trace amounts if fuel rods exposed, says Senator, by
2012-06-03 POTRBLOG's Ingestible Radioactive Cesium Limits Given In Becquerels per Kilogram, by
As a default position, the POTRBLOG team will avoid eating /drinking any staple food or beverage that contains more than 3 Becquerels per kilogram of radioactive Cesium.
If you would like to understand how we calculated our personal intake limit, and its basis in the EPA's published data, please watch the video...
Update: We are experiencing difficulty uploading the video to YouTube, hopefully this will rectify shortly.
UPDATE: There is also a 3X AIRBORNE detection in San Francisco, see blog comment section below
2012-06-04 San Francisco ALERT! 3X AIRBORNE Radioactivity Detected, by potrblog
Our "Maximum Alert" detection of 5x Airborne Radioactivity detected in Saint Louis, resulted in a report of a 3x AIRBORNE detection of radioactivity 1 hour north of San Francisco, California. We can not verify the report as it came in the comment section of the previous blogpost, however given that the Fukushima Jet Stream was directly overhead in both San Francisco and Saint Louis at the time of detection it deserves an Alert of its own.
2012-06-05 Authorities: Masked senior nuclear reactor operator carjacks woman with loaded gun — Says he was just ‘thrill seeking’, by
2012-06-05 Maximum Jet Stream Alert, STAY OUT OF THE RAIN!
We are extending our Maximum Alert to stay out of the Jet Stream and rain for the following reasons.
(1) Recent large Iodine 131 detections in Japan
(2) Multiple individual reports of high AIRBORNE radiation along the Jet Stream
(3) EPA Radnet data showing high, multi hour, AIRBORNE radiation
Given our own readings on 6/4/12 of airborne radiation 5 times greater than normal levels, we consider this a prudent risk mitigation move.
We consider it imperative to STAY OUT OF THE RAIN, and to use home HEPA air filters.
2012-06-06 Giant piece of tsunami debris washes up in Oregon — Biologists shocked by what they found — “This makes us rethink everything” (VIDEO), by
2012-06-06 Gov’t paying MIT to figure out how to get public to accept nuclear projects (VIDEO), by
2012-06-06 Concerned about Cockroaches ,
I know this headline seems absurd.
Few people are concerned about cockroaches.
What is even more strange is I am concerned about missing cockroaches.
I should be simply happy they are gone. But, I'm not.
We live in the desert and our backyard is a green oasis.
We have created planters with enriched soil that are watered daily. Tomatoes and peppers thrive there and sometimes watermellon do also.
Usually, the planter is full of cockroaches. We do not spray pesticides.
At night the cockroaches congregate on our back patio and try to sneak into the house through the tiny hole at the base of the sliding patio door because they can feel the cool breeze from our air conditioner.
They also love to eat the left-over cat food from our cat food bowl under our cherry tree next to one of the planters (the birds eat all the cherries and none ever make it to the ground).
I've noticed that there very few cockroaches this year.
The cockroaches started disappearing last August.
They were almost all gone by late August. At the time, I thought their disappearance was very, very strange because they usually do not hibernate (or become less active) here until late fall since our days are still quite hot all the way through September (in the 100s through September).
Now it is June and there are still almost no cockroaches.
I went out last night looking for them with a flash light. I found 3 cockroaches. 2 were around the cat food bowl.
Usually, I would find more than I can count, especially around the cat food bowl.
Indeed, I usually don't like going out by the garden at night because I'm afraid they will run over my feet. Very little problem of that happening this year.
I see the disappearance of cockroaches as an ominous sign.
I have also seen very few bats this summer.
My dad and I discussed this phenomenon and he notes that he has seen almost no baby quail. I've only seen 2 family groups of quail with babies.
Quail may be impacted by the drought and the bats may be also (who knows).
However, the cockroaches' disappearance defies any explanation that I can think of other than Fukushima fallout.
They have water. They have food. They have not been sprayed. Their habitat has not been disrupted by any of our activities.
It is a myth that cockroaches are immune to radiation.
Furthermore, while cockroaches simpler DNA and biological systems may make them more resilient to gamma radiation than we are, I suspect that ingesting alpha and beta particles will be just as damaging to their cells as it is for ours.
My hypothesis is that fallout deposited in the planter is contaminating their food source (rotten tomatoes and other detritus).
I could be wrong but we have lived in this house for 12 years and this is the first incident (starting last summer) where cockroaches have disappeared.
2012-06-07 Florida had highest single day Iodine-131 concentration of any US monitoring station after Fukushima, by
2012-06-07 US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection levels after Fukushima — “Persisted for weeks” (CHART), by
2012-06-07 Airborne 300X Radiation Alert In Indiana, and How To Spot False Alerts, UPDATE 6/11/12: WE BELIEVE THIS TO BE AN ACTUAL DETECTION
SEE: Data Shows Highly Radioactive Field Saturated Geiger Counter In South Bend Indiana Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Karl Grossman: Inviting Atomic Catastrophe,
Karl Grossman
Inviting Atomic Catastrophe
Posted: 06/05/2012 4:57 pm
[Excerpted] "The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be holding a meeting this week to consider having nuclear power plants run 80 years -- although they were never seen as running for more than 40 years because of radioactivity embrittling metal parts and otherwise causing safety problems.
"The idea of keeping these reactors going for 80 years is crazy!" declares Robert Alvarez, senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and former senior policy advisor at the U.S, Department of Energy and a U.S. Senate senior investigator. He is also an author of the book Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation. "To double the design life of these plants -- which operate under high-pressure, high heat conditions and are subject to radiation fatigue -- is an example of out-of-control hubris, of believing your own lies."
read the entire article linked above
2012-06-07 Letter to Incoming MIT President, Written by Cisco,
Cisco published a copy of the letter s/he sent to the MIT Univ President about biased MIT research. I asked if I could re-post the letter. Permission was granted:
Cisco wrote at Enenews:
June 7, 2012
Susan Hockfield, PhD, President
Massachessets Institute of Technology
Dear Dr. Hockfield:
Good Day! I was very disappointed and shocked to read and hear about a recently published study, funded by DOE, announced May 21 in a MIT press release, "MIT awarded more than $2 million in NEUP grants, fellowships. ". . .[]
There’s considerable chatter gaining readership and comments on a number of green blogs and a few small newspapers. The discussion that’s taking place is about how flawed and bias the MIT research is, the remarkable compromised biological studies and conclusions; and, the very fact that MIT would participate in such an unscientifically produced piece of “research (?)”. I think the ongoing discussion will shortly become a national story. MIT's reputation is at stake...[more here]
2012-06-07 to 06-08 Longmont, Colorado Radiation Monitor, [usual radiation spike. See also daily radiation data on Twitter here.]
2012-06-7/8 The real reason for America's Southeast Asian projection
WMR's Asian intelligence sources report another, more ominous, aspect to the decision of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to move 60 percent of U.S. naval forces to the Pacific region. Panetta announced in a speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue defense conference in Singapore that most of the Navy's littoral combat ships, submarines, cruisers, and destroyers will be deployed in the Pacific. In addition, new U.S. Marine bases are being established in Australia. Panetta, according to our sources, has also been negotiating with leaders of Singapore, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand the establishment of new U.S. military bases or the re-opening of former bases from the Cold War era. The latter include Subic Bay in the Philippines, U-Tapao airbase in Thailand, and Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam.
The United States has plans to build new bases in Darwin, Perth, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The United States' "Compact of Free Association" with the Republic of Palau gives Washington the right to establish military bases in that southern Pacific nation, an option that the Pentagon appears to be close to invoking.
WMR has learned that with the continued high radiation affecting the northern hemisphere as a result of life-threatening radiation continuing to be dispersed into the atmosphere from the meltdown of reactor 4 at the Fukushima Dai'ichi nuclear plant in Japan, the Pentagon wants to preserve most of its military forces and to ensure the protection for American elites who have plans to move to the southern hemisphere, particularly the Southeast Asian region, to escape the effects of the radiation circulating around the northern climes.
Currently under wraps are plans to shift a bulk of the U.S. Air Force to the southern portion of the Asia-Pacific region.
Now that Myanmar is opening to the West, the United States is also eyeing new bases in that country, particularly in Naypyidaw, the new capital city that is said to be relatively safe from the northern hemisphere radiation.
On January 2, 2006, WMR reported: "Southeast Asian intelligence sources report that Burma's (Myanmar's) recent abrupt decision to move its capital from Rangoon (Yangon) to remote Pyinmana, 200 miles to the north, is a result of Chinese intelligence warnings to its Burmese allies about the effects of radiation resulting from a U.S. conventional or tactical nuclear attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. There is concern that a series of attacks on Iranian nuclear installations will create a Chernobyl-like radioactive cloud that would be caught up in monsoon weather in the Indian Ocean.
Low-lying Rangoon lies in the path of monsoon rains that would continue to carry radioactive fallout from Iran over South and Southeast Asia between May and October. Coastal Indian Ocean cities like Rangoon, Dhaka, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, and Colombo would be affected by the radioactive fallout more than higher elevation cities since humidity intensifies the effects of the fallout. Thousands of government workers were given only two days' notice to pack up and leave Rangoon for the higher (and dryer) mountainous Pyinmana.
New housing planned for some of the new U.S. military bases, said to be for rotating military personnel, will be sufficient to accommodate America's political, financial, and military leadership.
No less affected by the radiation from Fukushima, Canada has also announced plans to shift a large portion of its naval, air, and ground forces to the Southeast Asia region with Singapore being the "hub" for the Canadian military. Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay toured a potential site for the Canadian military during his visit to Singapore to attend the Shangri-La meeting.
Although there is tension between the United States and China, our sources have indicated that confronting China's growing military presence in the region is merely a cover story designed to mask the abandonment of the northern hemisphere by the Pentagon. In fact, Chinese defense officials participated in the Shangri-La Dialogue.
WMR has learned that the recent agreement between the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Thailand to establish an atmospheric testing facility at U-Tapao Airport in Rayong is part of the Pentagon's evacuation plans. NASA is being used as a civilian "cover" by the Pentagon.
NASA's SEAC4RS program or Southeast Asia Composition, Cloud, Climate Coupling Regional Study will use aircraft to sample air samples over Southeast Asia for radiation levels from weather patterns that could bring radioactive particles from the northern to southern hemisphere. Aircraft are due to be deployed from U-Tapao beginning in August. A senior Pentagon official met with Thai military Supreme Commander General Thanasak Patimapakorn on June 4 to hammer out final details on the atmospheric testing to be carried out from U-Tapao. Responding to concerns by some Thai members of Parliament that the U-Tapao base has a military aspect, Thai Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaiku may have revealed the actual reason for the base when he stated that it's major purpose was to deal with "natural disasters."
In what amounts to an "On the Beach" scenario -- a reference to the 1960s movie that saw Australia as a temporary safe haven as a result of a nuclear war that killed off all life in the northerrn hemisphere -- the United States, Canada, and other countries are making preparations to re-locate their political and military elites and ample military forces to protect them to the safest zone from the Fukushima radiation -- Southeast Asia.
Israel is reportedly buying up property in India and Uganda to shelter millions of Jews from Israel, North America, and Europe to escape the effects of the life-threatening radiation in the northern hemisphere.
At the Atomic Age II Symposium at the University of Chicago, Professor Hiroake Koide of the Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University, displayed a world map showing the "hot zones" for cesium-127 resulting from the Fukushima meltdown. Unsafe zones extend throughout the northern hemisphere from "ground zero" in Fukushima province to deep within the United States' and Canada's prairie state and province food-producing "bread baskets." Koide showed one PowerPoint slide that pointed to a "collapse of life through evacuation."
2012-06-08 Details sketchy on radioactive leak at Ohio nuclear plant: Officials unsure how much leaked or for how long — “I can tell you that it had not been an overly long time” (AUDIO), by
2012-06-08 Leading Pro-Nuclear Senator: “Even if Yucca Mountain were open today, we’d still need a second repository very quickly” — Nuclear waste would fill it up very fast -NYTimes, by
2012-06-08 Oregon Tsunami Debris: We’ve cleaned entire surface of dock — After scraping down, they hit it with a short burst of fire to sterilize, by
2012-06-08 Rumors of Explosions and Radiation Spikes in Indiana,
I know the radiation network was picking up very high radiation levels in Indiana. I don't know if the levels were authenticated as accurate or were an error function.,000_Radiation_Level_At_1:20_AM_6-7-2012_Why.html
Here is the rumor.
The information in these links has not been confirmed. It is speculation. I don't have the time to investigate today but please post any authenticated information or reliable links.
2012-06-09 “Truly Frightening”: Higher and higher radioactivity levels expected to continue for years in bluefin tuna (VIDEO), by


Europe and Rest of World

2012-06-05 Nuclear Human Subjects Experiments,, Tuesday, June 5, 2012
A couple of weeks ago I reported on a dismissive New York Times account of the irradiation of people in the Marshall Islands. I'll include the majority of that post at the bottom of this one.
Today, I found a very interesting and disturbing account of the experiences of those irradiated Marshallese published at Counter Punch:
Human Rights, Environment and Nuclear Disaster
Nuclear Savages
[Excerpted] "Between 1946 and 1958 the United States tested 66 nuclear weapons on or near Bikini and Enewetok atolls, atomizing entire islands and, according to records declassified in 1994, blanketing the entire Marshallese nation with measurable levels of radioactive fallout from 20 of these tests. To consider the gravity of this history: the total explosive yield of nuclear militarism in the Marshall Islands was 93 times that of all US atmospheric tests in Nevada, and more than 7,000 Hiroshima bombs. Hydrogen bomb tests were especially destructive, generating intense fallout containing an array of isotopes, including radioactive iodine, which concentrates in the thyroid and can cause both cancer and other medical conditions.
All told, by US estimates, some 6.3 BILLION curies of radioactive Iodine-131 were released to the atmosphere as a result of the nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands: 42 times greater than the 150 million curies released as a result of the testing in Nevada, 150 times greater than the 40 million curies released as a result of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster...
...What was not reported to an interested world public, is the news that the heavily exposed people of Rongelap, once evacuated, were immediately enrolled as human subjects in a top-secret study, Project 4.1, which documented the array of health outcomes from their acute exposures, but did not treat the pain or discomfort of radiation burns, nor utilize antibiotics to offset any potential infection..."
[end excerpt]
Majia here: I highly recommend reading the entire article at the link above.
Below find an excerpt from the NYT account of this nuclear holocaust published in 1954.
(from my previous blog post
By ROBERT K. PLUMB Special to The New York Times.. New York Times (1923-Current file) [New York, N.Y] 09 June 1954
The lead paragraph reads as follows:
[excerpt] "Persons accidently showered with radioactive fallout in the nuclear detonation in the Pacific on March 1, 1954 recovered in six months from their major ailment—skin damage." [end excerpt]
The article addressed the “accidental” fallout contamination of people in the Marshall Islands. The article explained that
[excerpt] “heavy fall-out eight after the detonation showered sixty-four Marshallese with particles having, according to later calculations, a radioactive level of 175 roentgen units. Exposure for a short time to doses about 400 roetengens is believed to be lethal for man.” [end excerpt]
Other Marshallese were also exposed to high levels.
However, as heralded in the title to the article, Navy doctors reported at the American Medical Association meeting that those impacted recovered. Full recovery seems somewhat amazing given the fallout reportedly “whitened the hair of victims,” caused nausea, diarrhea, itching and burning skin, watery eyes, hair loss, widespread skin lesions, and blood changes that lasted as long as six months.
At the close, the article did acknowledge that “Children appeared to be slightly more sensitive to radiation than adults, it was suggested.”
Despite this “mishap,” the United Nations upheld the U.S. “right” to conduct hydrogen bomb testing in the Pacific. The petition brought forward by the Marshallese that testing be stopped was disregarded.
Although the Marshallese were considered fully recovered from exposures of up to 400 roentgens after six months, the U.S. National Radiation Protection Agency recommended that nuclear plant workers’ exposure limit be set at a maximum of three-tenths of a roentgen.
2012-06-07 Journalist: Gov’t said to have practiced “a kind of genocide” by not protecting citizens from radioactivity after Chernobyl (VIDEO), by
Friday, June 8, 2012 ECO-HOLOCAUST,
Scientists: Environmental Collapse Now a Serious Threat By Agence France-Presse
08 June 12
[Excerpted] "Climate change, population growth and environmental destruction could cause a collapse of the ecosystem just a few generations from now, scientists warned on Wednesday in the journal Nature.
The paper by 22 top researchers said a "tipping point" by which the biosphere goes into swift and irreversible change, with potentially cataclysmic impacts for humans, could occur as early as this century.
The warning contrasts with a mainstream view among scientists that environmental collapse would be gradual and take centuries...."
Majia Here: The abstract and citation for the article mentioned by Agence France-Presse
Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere:
Anthony D. Barnosky, Elizabeth A. Hadly, Jordi Bascompte, Eric L. Berlow, James H. Brown, Mikael Fortelius, Wayne M. Getz, John Harte, Alan Hastings, Pablo A. Marquet, Neo D. Martinez, Arne Mooers, Peter Roopnarine, Geerat Vermeij, John W. Williams, Rosemary Gillespie, Justin Kitzes, Charles Marshall, Nicholas Matzke, David P. Mindell, Eloy Revilla & Adam B. Smith
Nature Volume: 486, Pages: 52–58
Date published: (07 June 2012)
Published online06 June 2012
[ABSTRACT] "Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence that the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence. The plausibility of a planetary-scale ‘tipping point’ highlights the need to improve biological forecasting by detecting early warning signs of critical transitions on global as well as local scales, and by detecting feedbacks that promote such transitions. It is also necessary to address root causes of how humans are forcing biological changes."
The tipping point was achieved with the recent holocausts, including the massive oil spill in the Gulf, and now Fukushima is destroying the Pacific ocean and poisoning the northern hemisphere's land mass.

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