Prof. Chris Busby

Help Save Children
From Radiation

19 September 2011


Editor's Note: This transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
is reasonably but not totally accurate for
false flag research purposes.





Professor Chris Busby: The Fukushima catastrophe is probably the worst nuclear disaster in human history. It is certainly worse than Chernobyl. The contamination from Fukushima has gone as far south as Tokyo. I have measured it personally in air filters from cars. At least twelve different air filters from cars were sent to me, some of them from the south of Tokyo, and many of them from a 100 kilometers away from Fukushima, and they contained very large amounts of radioactivity in them. High levels of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137. So we can conclude, without any doubt, that that area up to 200 kilometers, maybe more, away from the catastrophe site, has been seriously contaminated with radionucleides. Now if the cars are breathing this material, then so are the people. And so are the children. And so the children will be contaminated with radioactivity. We have recently heard that the Japanese government has been doing whole body counting, that is, they have been putting people inside some kind of monitor to see how much Cesium is inside them, and apparently the levels of Cesium are sufficient for them to say that there is no problem. That there are not going to be any increases in ill-health. At the same time I hear reports from Japan from mothers of children who say that they are showing all the signs of contamination with Cesium that were also were also found by my colleague Yury Bandazhevsky after Chernobyl in the areas of Belarus that were contaminated similarly with this substance, Cesium 137. What it did there was it went into the heart muscle and caused conduction difficulties and destroyed destroyed heart muscle. So the children in Belarus were suffering heart attacks and arrythmias. That is when the heart does not beat properly. And of course later on in life they die young from heart disease because the heart cells don't replicate themselves. Your heart cells, you get all your heart cells at once.You get maybe only a 1% increase in heart cells a year, but over the period of time we are talking about there will be no replacement for the cells that were damaged by the Fukushima catastrophe in the children. So we have two different points of view here. We have the point of view of the Japanese government who are ignoring it, who are making these superficial measurements of Cesium in the whole bodies of these people, and saying these concentrations are not suffcient to cause any problems. Well of course this is an argument that is going on and on. It is like a tennis match, it goes backwards and forwards. The independent scientists say there is a problem, and the government and the nuclear scientists say there is no problem. Of course the real problem is that we have to do something about it. I mean, I am a father. I have seven children. I have eleven grandchildren. And I can't sit back and just let this go on like some silly tennis match between us and the pro-nuclear scientists who are trying to save the industry from collapse, and all the time the children are getting more and more sick, and they are building up this level of radioactive damage which will result in them getting sick and dying from cancer, heart disease, and a whole range of illnesses that were all discovered after Chernobyl. And it is not as if this is something new. We know what is going to happen. We absolutely know what is going to happen. We have looked very closely at the health effects of people who were exposed to these same radionucleotides after the Chernobyl accident in the same quantities. Not as many people, I have to say, which is why Fukushima is the worst disaster. So I decided that we have to do something and I was contacted by some people in Japan who said. "What can we do?" So instead of just moaning about it we decided to do something. Now there actually are some things that we can do. The first thing we can do is we can actually measure the radionucleotides ourselves, because frankly we do not believe what the Japanese government is coming out with. We don't think that they are right. I mean I have measured more radioactivity in a car air filter than they are measuring in a child, and the car breathes air in the same way that a child breathes air, so I don't really believe what they are saying. That is the first point. So we need to have independent testing. And secondly, we need to try and do something about these children who have been contaminated. There are two things we can do. The first thing is we can do is take them away from the areas of contamination and put them somewhere where it is reasonably safe. But that leads us to another problem, because what is happening now is I am toldthat the Japanese government is trucking radioactive material from the Fukushima disaster area where it is contaminated all over Japan, and even as far south as the south of Japan. We are now getting reports of radioactive material being taken all the way to the south of Japan to be burned. Now what possible reason could there be for burning it as far away as that? I will tell you the reason. It is really quite sinister and horrifying. The reason is this. Eventually when these children start to die from leukemia and other cancers, from heart disease or whatever, their parents will want to go into court. They will want to sue the Japanese government, and in order to do that, they are going to want to say "These children were contaminated and that is why they have got high levels of cancer." But of course the only way that they can say they have got high levels of cancer is to have a control group in an area that is not contaminated, for example the south of Japan. So I believe that the project to take this material and burn all over Japan is to destroy all of Japan, is to increase the cancer rate in the whole of Japan so that there will be no control group to which you can compare these children in the Fukushima area. So that is that point. So we want to take the children away anyway to some safe area, that is what we want to do. But the second thing we can do, and this is quite important, is we can try to block the material. We can try to block the absorption of the Cesium and the Strontium 90 and the plutonium and the other substances that are not being measured, incidentally. [Noise in the background]. We have to wait a minute, there is a train passing. I am sitting on a children's playground in Sweden. This is Stockholm. And I decided to talk to you from here, from Stockholm, where there is a significant amount of radioactivity as well, I must say in the Baltic Sea, I measured this myself. But that is another question. So the second thing that we can do is we can try to block the ingress of the radioactivity into the child's body. Now we know that we can do this with iodine, because iodine goes to the thyroid gland. We give stable iodine, or we at least we are supposed to. It turns out that the Japanese government didn't. And it stops the bad iodine, the radioactive iodine, from binding to the same sites. We can do the same thing with the other radionucleotides. For uranium and plutonium and Strontium 90, which are the most serious, and all of which they are not measuring, incidentally, and none of which can be measured with a whole body counter, because they are alpha emitters or beta emitters, we can block thier attachment to the DNA by giving large amounts of calcium and magnesium which binds to the DNA and keeps the Strontium and the uranium off the DNA. That is one thing that these children can do. They can take a tablet every day of stable calcium. So we are going to produce tablets which contain stable calcium, which we will supply cheaply at the cost of production to parents of these children so that they can take these tablets and block the ingress of these substances. And we are also working on another tablet which will block the ingress of Cesium 137. Now in order to do this we have set up an organization in Japan called the Christopher Busby foundation for the Children of Fukushima. And it has a web site, and it is all in Japanese, and it is being done by a colleage of mine who contacted me from Japan called James Grant. In addition to this, we are going to purchase a large number of highly sophisticated radiation measuring devices from Europe, from suppliers in Europe and suppliers in the Ukraine, and we are going to make these devices available to the parents of children to measure the concentration of these substances in the food, and also to supermarkets, and we will measure the substances ourselves. We will set up a laboratory in Japan so that people can bring these substances to the laboratory and find out the truth about the concentration of radionucleides in these substances. So these are the things that we want to do, and we want you to help us do this in any way that you can. This is an operation to save the children of Fukushima. Because we do not believe that the Japanese government is doing anything to save the children of Fukushima. They are operating on a principle which is the principle of saving not the children of Fukushima, but the international nuclear industry. And this is disgraceful. Thank you for listening.



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