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Professor Chris Busby: I am in Aberystwyth by the sea. This is the castle. I want to talk to you about the latest developments at Fukushima. The evidence that is coming out of Fukushima now is that there is an enormous amount of radioactivity spread over a very large area, and my advice has always been that you should evacuate these areas. You should get out. Because although the dose rates, the actual microsieverts per hour are not very high, and it is not very much of a dose over a year, the problem is that the higher dose rates signal higher contamination, and this is contamination by a large number of materials that get inside the body and cause really quite serious health effects, particularly in children. And I am talking about Cesium 137 that gets into heart muscle. I am talking about Strontium 90 -- which isn't measured, incidentally, hardly any measurements of Strontium 90 have been made -- and we are talking about plutonium and uranium. Substances which binds DNA. Now if you can't get out, if it is not possible to get out, and there is no evacuation, then there is still something that you can do, and I think I mentioned this before. And it has to do with the chemistry of the substances and how they have particular affinity for the target for radiation-inducing effects, which is the DNA. Inside every cell you have chromosomes, and they control what the cell does, and the material that they are made up of is DNA. And DNA has a certain amount of affinity to certain radionucleotides, particularly strontium 90, uranium, and plutonium. Now just as you can take Iodine in order to block the access of radioactive iodine to the thyroid gland, in fact it is quite reasonable in terms of physical chemistry, standard physical chemistry, nothing peculiar, to give high doses of calcium and magnesium which would effectively block the access of plutonium and strontium and uranium to the DNA. Now these substances are really quite harmless, so you can take significant quantities of calcium and magnesium without any effect at all. You can take a tablet containing about 800 milligrams of calcium, 350 milligrams of magnesium every day to an adult, and a proportionate amount for a child. So for a child of ten, by weight, about half of that, so you want about 400 milligrams of calcium and about 175 milligrams of magnesium. And these tablets are being made now following my suggestion by a number of companies in Japan and in the United States, and they are being sold on the Internet, and this is a good thing generally, but actually you can buy these tablets quite cheaply, calcium and magnesium tablets, in any one of the health food shops that they have nowadays. I mean in any country of the world you can buy calcium and magnesium supplement tablets. And so my advice is that if you can go out there and buy these tablets and take one a day, this will effectively reduce the concentration on the DNA of these dangerous radionucleotides. It's worth the effort [Editor's Note: I think this is what Dr. Busby said, there was wind noise and the last sentence was largely unintelligible to me]. So that's my message for today. I am very glad to see that some companies are selling these tablets. And if you want to buy from these companies, well that is fine. I mean they are available on the Internet. But you can also buy them from the health food shops very cheaply and they are in fact the same substances. So that is my advice to you. Thank you very much.



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