Dr. James Fetzer
erview with

Paul, and Total,
Oslo Travesty

25 July 2011


Editor's Note: This transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
is reasonably but not totally accurate for
false flag research purposes.

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Dr. Fetzer: [2:39] This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with a very special guest today, a friend of mine who is a Swedish doctor who believes in freedom and democracy. He lives only six hours from Oslo. He has been following closely the events there. And he has sorted out quite a lot about it which I have invited him to share with us today. It is a great pleasure to have him here. Paul, welcome to the Real Deal.
Dr. Paul X:Thank you Jim. Can you hear me well?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes, the connection is good, Paul.
Dr. Paul X: Good, good. I am happy to be here and nice to talk with you again.
Dr. Fetzer: Paul, we are getting a lot of reports in the media which seem to be evolving about the horrific details of an enormous blast in downtown Oslo that has to have been from a very sophisticated bomb as I see it. And then of course the slaughter of all of these youths at a political summer camp for futher labor leaders on an island where dressed as a police officer, this man, assuming there was one man, managed to kill in excess of eighty young people. That is a rather stunning development.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, all of Norway and all of Scandinavia is in shock. For example in the Norwegian paper they have made the point that Norway has not had such a big attack against it since Hitler invaded in World War II, and many Norwegians are trying to understand what has been happening. To those Norwegians I would say, "If you want to understand you need to look at what has been happening in other countries nearby in Europe, and also what has been happening elsewhere in the world in the last ten years if you want to understand what has happened in Norway now. And if it will help you understand.
Dr. Fetzer: Paul, I am inclined to believe that there are several levels to this and it is not at all as it meets the eye. We have a former ambassador to Norway by the name of Tom Loftus who said Friday no one should be surprised Norway was the target of a terrorist attack. In the article, it says "The country long an ally of the United States and a NATO member, has forces in Afghanistan and F16 fighter bombers above Libya," Loftus said. "A car bomb in Oslo and a mass shooting at an island youth camp Friday killed at least 87 people in Norway." He goes on to say Norway's interests have been targeted and be said "The image of Norway as a neutral country is not true at all. But here it seems to me he is trying to imply that it would be anti-Gaddafi forces or Al-Qaeda terrorists who might have perpetrated these atrocities. It seems to me there were other hints that had it not been for the capture of this fellow, Paul, that it very well might have been the impression that would have been conveyed to the world at large.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, it is entirely possible that they were planning to blame this on people from the Middle East like the September 11th attacks were blamed on Mideast terrorists. But they cannot do that now that this one person has been captured. And so what they seem to be doing is retreating to the standard lone gunman who is crazy explanation. But I want to talk for just a minute on what you were talking just now about how this is being portrayed in the media because I believe that there has been a great misunderstanding in the media about these attacks. Many of the Western media like in the USA are calling these terror attacks. And they are comparing the attacks to Oklahoma City and to September 11, 2001, especially the attacks at the World Trade Center. And the reason for them doing this is that if you look at the pictures of the building that was damaged in Oslo it looks a little bit like the damaged buildings in New York and Oklahoma City. Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper The Sun even ran headlines calling the event "Norway's 9/11." The headlines also called this massacre on the island an "Al-Qaeda massacre." So they are attempting to make this sound like it is similar to the other terrorist attacks that have occurred in the past decade. However, and this is very important for all the listeners to understand, these attacks were different. They are verifying they were not terror attacks. They were mass murders and attempted assassinations of some of Norway's most important and popular left wing politicians by one person or several people representing right wing interests. And so this massacre on the island, for example, is not at all comparable to Oklahoma City or to the September 11th attacks. This is something like the Phoenix program during the Vietnam War where the U.S. military selectively assasinated thousands of left wing people in South Vietnam in order to pacify the nation and try to prevent a communist overthrow. Now I have something to report. Yesterday, at the -- first of all the Norwegian government has not yet released the names of all the people killed and the number will probably rise. But right now it is at like about 93. But many of the children, or the young people that were at this camp, and it was namely students age 14 to 23. Many of them are still missing. It is unknown if they were killed and their bodies are perhaps in the bottom of the fjord. Or of course there are other possibilities including kidnapping. I do not know what has happened to them but so far the Norwegian govenrment has not released a list of the people killed. However, we do know that at least 15% the youths at this island were killed. There were six to seven hundred young people and many others were injured. The gunman used dum dum bullets. So as you know these are bullets that expand when they hit a target and they create great damage. And it is possible that some of the young people that were just injured will have it hard the rest of their lives. So we need to think of the total casualties. But I want to say something disturbing that the Prime Minister of Norway said yesterday at the church service. The church memorial service at the great cathedral in Oslo. He mentioned two of the dead people. Two of the people that were slain. And one of these was one of the most talented young leftist leaders in Norway. His name was Tore Eikeland and he was just 21 years old. Very popular, very talented, very articulate. The kind of young man who could get up and give a rousing speech and everyone would applaud. Just very well loved. Probably a future Prime Minister of Norway. And so this is an example of the kind of people that were killed on this island. Apparently the person or the persons who committed this massacre were intending to kill even more of the young people before they were finally stopped by a police unit and arrested. The police found unexploded bombs on the island, and also the gunman that they captured had a large amount of bullets still in his possession and so the police were delayed in getting to the island but it appears that even with the delay they were able to stop the killing and this might have historical consequences. By the way, something very interesting was reported today in the news for the first time. It was reported that when the police got the call they had to organize before they went out to the island to see the young people. And they had to get on their body armor and all their uniforms and check their guns and stuff and then they got in a boat and started going out to the island and, guess what happened Jim? The motor broke down. [Laughter].
Dr. Fetzer: Well, this sounds very sophisticated as a form of sabotage. I mean this had to involve more than this one man, Paul.
Dr. Paul X: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: I don't think there is any possible way all of this could have been done by just one person.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, yes. Let me just comment on that in a minute. I want to say some more about -- so what happened -- they reported in the newspaper today the police were dead in the water for ten minutes while they waited for a replacement boat to come. And meanwhile the killer or killers continued to massacre on the island. Now you mentioned that this sounded very sophisticated. Yes, I agree, and I think that you are right about the possibility of sabotage here. Also when this gunman went to the island even though he was not a policeman he was dressed in a police uniform and he told the people that he was a policeman to try to get their trust. And this sounds like special operations. My father, I am a dual citizen of Sweden and USA and my father was in one of the first special operations groups in the U.S. military. He was in the U.S. Marine Corps raiders in World War II. And he told me about their special operations, like for example once on Guadalcanal when the Army came, they would not share -- actually this was another island in the Solomons,not Guadalcanal. The Marines went in first and secured the beach, but they had only food for 48 hours, and so after the 48 hours were up the Marines wanted to withdraw, but the Army commander who outranked the Marine Commander said that the Marines would have to stay because he was afraid of being attacked by the Japanese. So the Marines asked the Army for food, and the Army told the Marines, "Well, you are special operations rangers, you can live off the land. You can go hunting in the jungle for food." And so my father said that what the Marine rangers did was they went over the Army camp and when some Army people were taking showers they stole the uniforms and put them on and then went down to the beach where the RV was unloading the food from the ships and they told the U.S. Army soldiers that they had been sent to replace them on guard duty and that they could take a break for several hours and so my father said they were able to get the food for the Marines [laughter by Dr. Fetzer]. These kinds of operations where the police, where people put on police uniforms and so on, these are the kinds of things that are taught in special operations. And combined with the use of dum-dum bullets and this police boat mysteriously breaking down at the critical moment. It suggests some planning, and some -- also I will tell you something very important that came out today for the first time in the news. They said that the killer had the numbers, the mobile phone numbers of several of the students and after they started running and hiding in the forest of this island he would call their numbers so that he could hear the phone ringing you know and ask them where they were and so forth. So apparently he was targeting specifically individuals and this is quite scary because he may have been targetting the most popular and talented of these young leaders.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I think your parallel with the Phoenix program Paul is quite brilliant. That is the most astute observation I have heard yet about this whole matter. That they were targetting leaders and future leaders of the Labor Movement, so they are eradicating future leaders of the Left Wing. They are also of course by this act of terror instilling fear into the population and making it more amenable to manipulation that would move the country itself to the left, and then of course they are subverting or attempting to subvert any Norwegian support for a Palestinian state.
Dr. Paul X: Exactly.
Dr. Fetzer: Where nornally Norway has been a leading critic of Israel, which is a reason why I believe that it is highly probable that there is a Mossad connection to this.
Dr. Paul X: That is certainly possible. If you go to the web site of these students, these young people, right on their front page they have some articles where their leaders are saying, and these were published before the massacre, they were saying that Norway needs to stand up now and it is not enough just to have dialog with Israel. The time for action and support of Palestinian statehood has come and we must be involved in this. And so it certainly is possible the Mossad was involved. I want to draw attention to something else here that I believe can help us understand what is going on. Eight years ago in the year 2003, the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson announced that he would not be running again, and he chose as his successor a brilliant young woman, very attractive too and popular, perhaps the most popular politician in Sweden and also in Europe. Her name was Anna Lindh. She was a Swedish foreign minister and like Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy and Martin Luther King she was in her mid-40's and very well-respected throughout Europe and the world. She was also George W. Bush and Israel's biggest critic. And just a few days after Göran Persson, the Swedish Prime Minister, announced that Anna Lindh would be his successor, just a few days later she was murdered at a department store in Stockholm. And if she had lived, it is widely beleived that she would have won the election in 2006 and that we would not have a right wing government now in Sweden, but her murder opened the way for a right wing neoconservative victory here in Sweden, and I believe that it is possible that these attacks in Norway are something similar. They are meant to remove the most popular leftist leaders because this is a ruling party now, this worker's party or labor party, as it is sometimes called in English. And they are the ruling party, currently in Norway, and they are to the Left. And if you look at the attacks, they were not an ordinary terror attack, they were first of all an assassination attempt in Oslo. An attempt to murder the Prime Minister, the most popular leftist leader currently in Norway. And there was also this massacre on the island which seemed to be an attempt to wipe out a whole generation of the most popular leftist youths. And so it seemed to be a long term type of strategy to wipe out the future leaders of Norway and to clear the way for a right wing takeover and a neocon, a complete neo-conservative changing of Norway.
Dr. Fetzer: I think what you are saying has got to be exactly right, and that this is so Machiavellian and diabolical to manipulate the public in these different nations which have been so progressive and so liberal and have made such important contributions to the world that it is staggering to me to think that that is exactly what is going on. And all these deliberate killings, all these terrorist acts, all to promote a political agenda and to subvert freedom and democracy around the world. It is nauseating Paul, nauseating.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, absolutely, and I might add that during the past ten years there have also been other assassinations in Europe, espcially Eastern Europe, that appear to be tied with NATO's expansion into eastern Europe. There have been many assassinations in Eastern Europe, and of course Anna Lindh's assassination here in Sweden was part of this.
Dr. Fetzer: And that of course Paul was blamed on some kind of homeless demented man who just happened to rush up to her and slash her to death with a knife.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, they blamed it on a man. He was an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia. And it was later shown that he had connections to the Albanian mafia, which as you know Albania has ties with the U.S. and the CIA and so forth. They said that he was mentally disturbed and that he acted alone. During the trial his defense tried to say that he never planned the murder. That he was shopping at this department store and just happened to see Anna Lindh. However, the prosecutors proved that he had waited around for quite some time in the department store, and that he left home that day wearing a bullet proof vest.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, what a coincidence, Paul. What a spontaneous action on his part.
Dr. Paul X: So the judge did not believe this story and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. But I want to mention one other critical assassination in eastern Europe. Slobodan Miloševic of Serbia, he was also demonized a lot in the media during the 1990's and accused of genocide. I have recently found from reading Wikipedia and other encyclopedia articles about him that he never really participated in the genocide. He can be criticized for not stopping, trying to use his influence to stop the genocide in like Croatia and Bosnia, but the same criticism can be leveled against most people in the world. Like we have allowed genocide to go on in many places in the world without trying to stop it. And the reason why Slobodan Miloševic was eliminated was that he was a socialist. During the past ten years the U.S. government and the Israeli government has shown a great intolerance for any government in the world that is to the left politically. And this is totally against the principles of democracy and freedom. I think that if Norwegians are trying to understand what has happened now with these attacks they need to look at these other assassinations like Anna Lindh's which has taken place and that the takeover of Sweden by neo-conservatives that are changing the country and changing the culture from a country that cares about the environment and cares about other people to a culture similar to the U.S.A. This is what the right wing government in Sweden is attempting to do, and it looks like these are the plans now for Norway with these attacks.
Dr. Fetzer: Paul, I think that you are offering a completely brilliant analysis. We have to take a break. This is Jim Fetzer your host, talking with a Swedish doctor who believes in freedom and democracy and has very penetrating observations about what has just happened. [27:20 start of break. End of break at 33:19]
Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host, continuing my conversation with a Swedish doctor who believes in freedom and democracy and who is shedding great light on the events in Norway, including comparing what has occurred not with Oklahoma City, not with 9/11, but with the Phoenix Program to assassinate leaders of the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese during the War in Vietnam. Paul, I think that is quite a brilliant observation, I complement you for that.
Dr. Paul X: Thank you Jim. On the island during this massacre, as I stated, when the police finally arrived and caught the lone gunman or one of the gunman, we don't know how many were involved, but when they made their arrests they found that this man had a lot more bullets, a great amount that he had not yet fired, even though he had already killed over eighty people. They also found that he had unexploded bombs and so they were able to frustrate the intentions of these murderers. Something went wrong for the murderers. They were not able to kill all the young people that they planned to. One interesting thing that was mentioned today in the newspaper, the second person killed on the island was the sole guard there. He was a policeman that was volunteering his time there. And he was the second person killed on the island, obviously trying to defend the young people. And for many days now it has been impossible to get any information about this policeman, but today we understand why it was announced in the Norwegian media today that this man who died defending the young people is the step brother of the Norwegian crown princess, Mette-Marit. And she, if you will remember, those of you who read the tabloids, undoubtedly know her. She looks like a fashion model, and about ten years ago she married the crown prince of Norway, and it is her step brother who was guarding on the island. He, according to the report today, he was unarmed but he was very good at unarmed self-defense because he was a former boxing master of Norway. It was very sad he was killed. He was a very fine man. As for the other people who were killed, one of the most disturbing elements about this whole thing is that as soon as it was announced that a man was arrested, that he was a Norwegian, that he was not a Muslim terrorist, it appears that the normal propaganda factory went into operation. This propaganda factory that we often see when an assassination takes place which could mean that the CIA or the Mossad or some foreign agency is behind these murders, as soon as it was announced that they had arrested this Norwegian man for the massacre on the island, articles started appearing with the headlines, "It C
ould Have Been a Crazy Single Person," and to me this was one of the most disheartening things about the reporting about these murders. Because it suggests that possibly that foreigners, foreign intelligence agencies like the CIA or the Mossad or even some of NATO's secret armies were behind these murders. And today it was reported, interestingly enough, the Polish media reported that in Poland a man has been arrested for involvement in the bomb blasts in Oslo. Have you heard this?
Dr. Fetzer: Well I had heard that there was a second suspect who had been arrested. We even have a photograph of him.
Dr. Paul X: Oh really, I had not seen the photo, but it was reported that he was arrested in Poland. I don't know what evidence is for this, but I want to tell you about something else that is interesting that was in the newspaper today.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Dr. Paul X: It was an interview with a professor, a Swedish professor of criminology. In other words, this is a professor who teaches at the police academy. We have two of them here in Sweden. Now this is a guy who trains investigators and it is his opinion that there was a great probability that there was more than one gunman on the island and more than one person involved in these murders. And so I found his comments quite interesting. Let me see if I can locate this article right now. I mean this is quite impressive because he is a full professor with years of experience in criminal investigation.
Dr. Fetzer: His inference was there had to be more than one person involved here.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, yes. For example he said in the time frame so much was accomplished, and that was one of his arguments. It seems highly unlikely that one person could have accomplished all of these things.
Dr. Fetzer: I gather as a police officer he called all the students to come together to get them in a group before he opened fire, and of course because he was dressed as a police officer, they assumed he was there to provide additional security.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, you are talking about the gunman. Now the --
Dr. Fetzer: On the island, yes.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, I repeat for your listeners that the gunman who was arrested on the island, he arrived at the island dressed as a policeman but he was no police. But that raises the interesting question, where did he get the police uniform? That is a very interesting question if he wasn't a policeman.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes. And presumably it would be a police uniform that would fit him fairly well.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, exactly. It said in the newspaper today that the first person murdered on the island, she was 45 years old and she had run this student camp for many years for the worker party. She was suspicious of him right from the start. She was the first one that he killed.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh really? She was suspicious right from the start?
Dr. Paul X: Yes, yes. She did not believe his story at all. But he was dressed as a policeman. Again as I said earlier this sounds so much like the kinds of things that people in Delta Force and special operations are trained to deceive people and stuff. The newspapers say that this man had no military training, but they also reported, I cannot find this article now, but another reason why this professor thinks that this man did not act alone, this gunman, was that in the past several years this person, the gunman that they arrested, has had no job but he has somehow gotten three million crowns in his bank account. And you know he seems to be well-connected. And by the way, Wayne Madsen claims that this man has connections with the Mossad, and that he is a Freemason. Well, it was also reported in the Norwegian media that he is a rabid anti-Muslim. He is very much against Muslims and so one possibility is that they were planning to blame these attacks on Muslims.
Dr. Fetzer: Look at how beautifully that works, for all of the interests involved here. I mean the Mossad and Israel. And of course the CIA and the American government, which has a vested interest in promoting the false story that 19 Islamic terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11 and that Osama bin Laden was behind it. A myth that has been perpetuated by the faked second death of Osama in this compound in Pakistan where we have a dozen reasons to disbelieve what we have been told. It all appears to be phony and staged, just as phony and staged as 9/11, Paul.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, yes, good point, Jim. Very good points. Yes, and Norway has shortly since after World War II it has been a member of NATO. It was one of the first members of NATO, and unlike Sweden it joined. Both Denmark and Norway joined NATO right away because they had had this experience in World War II of being invaded by the Nazis, by Hitler's armies. But it appears that Norway's membership in NATO, there are these foreign connections to the massacres, like the CIA or the Mossad. It appears that this NATO membership is not protecting Norway very much. It appears to be like what you called it, a betrayal. If the CIA is involved or the Mossad, it of course is not a member of NATO but it is an ally of the United States. It is not supposed to be attacking Norway and interfering with its democratic traditions and so if these outside forces are involved then we have a real betrayal of the whole concept of NATO, that an attack on one is an attack on all. Of course the September 11th attacks in the U.S.A. now appear to have been a great betrayal to American democracy and the Constitutution. It appears that people connected with the Bush administration had some involvement in them and at least in the coverup. And so this is a betrayal of the whole U.S. Constitution and the democratic traditions of America. So it is very frightening and very -- it is far more serious than the Oklahoma bomb blast or some of these other terrorist blasts that you hear from time to time. And we have had a lot of these that seem to be false flag attacks here in Europe during the month of May of this year several Ikea stores in Europe had either bombs go off or bombs were found there. These were stores like in Germany, in Belgium. And it looked kind of suspicioius like they were false flag, planting some bombs in order to strike fear into the hearts of the people. Of course this is speculation on my part. We don't know who planted these bombs but it is really suspicious.
Dr. Fetzer: Paul, and you know the fact that NATO is involved in attacking Libya, I mean this is just stunning stuff. I mean Libya hasn't been attacking the capitals of Europe or London or the United States. In fact everything I can tell is that Moamar Gadaffi has actually been using Libyan resources to benefit the Libyan people and I find it completely bizarre that this alleged rebel force would as its first act declare the existence of a central bank. To me that suggests that this is capitalist -- the banksters -- the internationalist consortium who are allied against Libya in seeking to bring down a man who has been doing good things for his people.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, I agree with your analysis. I think it is a good possibility, and I will add another thing. Here is another example of the kind of leader that America just will not tolerate. A leader to the left politically. There is a lot of things in Libya that are like Scandinavia, in fact he has copied Scandinavia. The people there in Libya, the students have free education at the universities. All of the universities are free there. In fact students from Libya can go to school like at University of California and get their tuition and all their expenses paid for by the Libyan government. They have health care, free health care like we have in Sweden, and dental care, and all of of these things like we have in Sweden and Norway. But this is something that the neoconservatives just will not tolerate. They want all the world to be like the United States. And this intolerance is again completely against the traditions of democracy. Each nation and each state should have the right to choose its own system.
Dr. Fetzer: I tell you Paul, I would not wish what we have here in the United States now on any other nation. We have done massive deficit spending to promote these wars of aggression in violation of international law, the UN Charter and even the U.S. Constitution. We have given tax breaks to the rich that are making this very tiny group increasingly powerful and influential. The Supreme Court offered a disastrous decision that corporations are entitled to spend money freely on political elections. The whole business is being warped, and that is without taking into account the skullduggery involved in the use of electronic voting machines to steal elections and where Karl Rove now appears to be advising state governments and how they can subvert progressive movements, including labor unions, in Midwestern States where they have been most strong and vital. And where Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan have made major differences in past elections they are trying to guarantee that what happens in the future is going to favor only the conservative candidates. The republican candidates who are going about subverting all the programs and benefits that have been actually helping to sustain a high quality of life for the middle class, the middel class in the United States, Paul, is being wiped out.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, yes. I agree with your analysis, and I am afraid that the same thing is going to happen here where most of the people, 90% or more of the people in Scandinavian are middle class. And you mentioned the name Karl Rove, and I will tell you something I have found out about him. He has a reputation of course as America's propaganda minister and genius behind this evil. This, what America could be called a monster of wickedness in the world. Karl Rove it turns out, from what I have heard, has Swedish ancestors, and he comes at times to Sweden to give advice to the government here. And I suppose it is even possible that he might be involved in this trying to change Scandinavia into a system like the USA. One of the things that I don't know if you mentioned just a few minutes ago, but one of the bad things that has been happening in America is that these bad people have been just plundering the country of its wealth. As you know, America is almost bankrupt. And you can see why they would want to get in control of Norway because Norway is one of the richest countries in the world. It has no national debt. It uses all of its money, its oil money for welfare and for education and for preserving the environment. They actually use the oil money to reduce taxes. I mean Norway is rated by the United Nations almost every year as the best country to live in. And so these greedy people, you can imagine they want to overthrow the left wing government of Norway and replace it with something similar to American neoconservatism that they are trying to do that in Sweden and it is very sad. Every year Sweden becomes more and more like the USA. We still have a lot here, but unless we can vote out these neoconservatives in the next election I think that we have a dim future, even here in Sweden. I hope things are not as bad as I have portrayed, Jim.
Dr. Fetzer: I am sorry to say, Paul, that in all probability they are as bad as you portray them. Possibly, however inconceivable, even worse.
Dr. Paul X: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: And I think your observation about the step brother, a member of the royal family is stunning and is all the more reason why this appears to have been a very diabolical, very carefully thought out, very methodical plan in order to severely damage Norway's past political attitudes and domestic policies. I am really stunned by everything you have been telling us.
Dr. Paul X: Yes,and I am certain that there will be more stunning revelations as the investigation proceeds. I just hope they can keep it honest and keep the people from the CIA from going in, and from the Murdoch-controlled media and stuff from mentioning -- I mentioned what Wayne Madsen reported how the British newspaper The Sun originally reported these attacks as an Al Qaeda massacre. I mean, its --
Dr. Fetzer: How absurd! How grotesque! How distorted! How perverse! Well you know this is just classic disinformation.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, exactly.
Dr. Fetzer: Let me mention some other sources about this. Stephen Lendman has a new blog out, "Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks." There was an Israeli National News report "Norwegian Shooter Loves Israel" in the Israeli national news. There is a new study from Robert Reich that we can no longer ignore the far right threat. "Norway attacks: We can no longer ignore the right wing attacks." [Editor's Note: The closest thing I have found to what Dr. Fetzer is probably referring to is: Norway Attacks: We Can No Longer Ignore the Far-Right Threat by Matthew Goodwin, Guardian UK, 24 July 2011] On Infowars from Wayne Madsen, "Link Between Breivik, Israel, Mossad" on Alex Jones Infowars. There is an awful lot going on here. I think the more enlightened opinions are converging on the conclusion that this appears to have been not only a right wing attack, but one to punish Norway for its forthcoming support for an independent Palestinian state, which of course is the last thing that Zionist forces are willing to tolerate because they want Israel to gain control of all the lands of Palestine and indeed very much of the Middle East. It is shocking that this little country should have such an unsavory, ruthless and self-serving role in the world including murder, massacre, and assassination. But all the roads lead to Tel Aviv.
Dr. Paul X: Yes, and I want to say something about that. You know every government can be corrupt, and I have always been a lover of Israel and the Jewish people. And it has really broken my heart to see some of the things that Israel has been doing in the world, and it is very important that if we love Israel that we criticize it and stand up. That is what the students on the island are trying to do. And that is what Norway and Sweden have been trying to do is to criticize Israel. We are not against the existence of Israel. We love the Jewish people. And we love Israel. But you know in the Bible back in the Old Testament many of us here in Sweden and Norway are Christians of the Lutheran Tradition. We read our Bibles in the Old Testatment it is said that God has a special blessing for Israel but this blessing is conditional on Israel following God's laws. And in the Bible in the Old Testament it tells a lot about whenever Israel failed to follow God's laws that God returned the blessing and allowed bad things to happen to Israel. And if this is true, I know some people believe in God and don't believe these things but like I am a member fo the Swedish church, the Church of Sweden and we are quite concerned about the way that Israel has been acting and violating, just for example, one of the Ten Commandments "Thou Shalt Not Kill." And it appears that Israel is doing a lot of bad things in the world, and if we really love Israel we will criticize it now so that it can change, otherwise if Israel keeps doing these things it could usher in a whole new era of anti-Semitism like what happened during the Hitler era.
Dr. Fetzer: Paul, I think you have made impeccable points here. I can't thank you enough. I look forward to having you back, on behalf of my audience, I just want to thank you for coming on to the show today and sharing your insights, which in my opinion are quite brilliant.
Dr. Paul X: Thank you for the complement, Jim. It has been a delight for me to be on your show, and it is always a delight for me to talk with you and meet with you. I believe that you are one of the great patriots of America, and I value very much our friendship and I wish you the best of luck in all of the work that you are involved with.
Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, thanking my very special friend Paul from Sweden for his insights [59:32 start of music entering a break]. ]


Dr. Fetzer [after discussing 9/11, returns to the topic of Breivik and the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings, starts at 1:42:43] I am hoping that Total is here now. Are you there?
Total: Hello!
Dr. Fetzer: Oh, wonderful!
Total: Sorry, that worked out great. I did eat some eggs, and now I feel like I can speak.
Dr. Fetzer: OK. Yes, tell us about, you found this freelance journal with lots of information about Norway, would you like present, explain to us what you are learning from it?
Total: Well, a freelance journalist, actually.
Dr. Fetzer: OK.
Total: One man with a Twitter feed and other things. I have decided to open up a twitter feed at twitter.com/Total411info. Eventually I hope to get the Total411info to the point right over there, let me see if I can get it opened up there, anyway while I have been going around Twitter I did find a number of reports from the journal, his name is Simsread over there who has been putting out tweets in English and I have retweeted the ones I have found the most interesting.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I want to go through those. Paul, from Sweden, whom I interviewed the first hour, has sent me a followup note, namely that while we were recording the Norwegian police had a news conference, said they had evidence of 68 people killed on the island, so the official number is now reduced, and I dare say that is reduced by nearly 20. Are you surprised by that total?
Total: I am not too surprised. In fact, my first Tweet up at my site you will see "The Utoya death toll revised downward by 20? - question mark -- Were some fake identities of Breivik co-perpetrators now lost in the wind?" So obviously there are going to be trumped up views where some of these kids swam off and got in the boats and were listed as missing. But now I am also wondering if some of the alleged campers or other staffers on site there were there under fake ID's, and these people just disappeared. That is why they had a list of names longer than a list of bodies.
Dr. Fetzer: Well that is rather fascinating Total. You are suggesting that the degree of conspiracy involved here may have been more extensive than we have any reason to imagine. They have already identified and arrested, I guess a second person who appears to be complicit here. Have you picked up anything about that here?
Total: Well there are a couple of things. They did arrest someone with a knife later in the same day, but I think that was just, from what I have heard, actually was one of the kids there at the Labor Party camp and he happened to have a knife on him, and they arrested him on a weapons charge.
Dr. Fetzer: What about this fellow arrested in Wroclaw, Poland?
Total: I have heard about that. But I don't really have any more details than what your guest said earlier. I think they arrested [unintelligible] actually, I heard, maybe there was just one.
Dr. Fetzer: OK, why don't you go down these Tweets and tell us about each one so we get kind of an update. I don't know if you want to begin with the most recent.
Total: Sure. We'll just start at the top and go down. Jon Snow, an anchor on Channel 4 in Britain retweeted two of his tweets. The one is "...to live to tell his story. He surrendered the moment the police three minutes after they arrived," And of course he then goes on to say, "What we don't know is how the police knew the terrorist's name before they arrested him."
Dr. Fetzer: Total, that is rather stunning. How could that be the case? How can they show up and they are calling out his name three minutes after they arrive? How is that possible?
Total: That is the question, and how did the guy have a police uniform? I have been trying to catch up on the question of the Masonic connection in seeing some parallels with what I have seen in Great Britain over the years where you have, for instance, all of Scotland Yard appears to be in Freemason lodges. And I am wondering if that is the case here in Oslo in Norway. We know that this guy was a member of the lodge, the St. John's Lodge. Look at the Wikipedia page for the Norwegian Freemasons. They have a picture of him at the main headquarters downtown I have not been able to plot it out on the map yet but the caption on Wikipedia says it is right across the street from the Parliament building. So again that would have been right next to where they had those drills a couple of days beforehand downtown and where the big bomb went off on Friday. And we will get more down to that later. Going down I have a tweet from another guy Ketil B. Stensrud, "Police in Wroclaw, Poland arrested a man in connection with Norway twin attacks according to TV2." More on the response time. "The cameramen from NRK, the Norwegian Television News Network, they had a helicopter camera on the island. They were there before the police were." That is fairly interesting. [1:48:24].
Dr. Fetzer: That is fairly stunning too, isn't it? Although I heard the police got stalled. That the police were in a motor boat. I think Paul reported this.
Total: I heard they did have a helicopter, it was a long drive, and then when they got there the first boat's motor did not work.
Dr. Fetzer: The motor conked out. That makes you wonder whether sabotage could have been involved there too. It caused the delay of at least ten minutes. I mean, how many could he shoot in ten minutes time? I would say probably quite a few.
Total: Yes. And looking again, breaking TV 2 confirmed that the court meeting will be behind closed doors. It is a security issue. So we keep hearing the guy wanted to have a big trial.
Dr. Fetzer: And lots of publicity.
Total: Now apparently we don't get that. Not even the reporters will be there, so you know, there is a manifesto online that they say is his, but from what we know at least one third of it is cut and pasted from the unibomber, another one third is cut and pasted from a handful of right wing Scandinavian blogs, like circa 2006 to 2008, complete with a little sniping going back and forth between different bloggers. [Laughter]. You know so it doesn't again feel like it is a real manifesto. It reminds me of the British report on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which of course Bush cited to Congress, and that was just a cut and paste job from a ten year old master's thesis. So it is kind of a similar thing. You know it sounds like it is cut and paste by an intelligence agency, not like a real manifesto.
Dr. Fetzer: Well that is really something, go ahead.
Total: All right. Here is an original [unintelligible]. looked around and you know if anyone has contrary information, I want to hear it. But King Harald is the grand poo-bah of the Freemasonic Lodge there, and from what I can tell, unlike the Labor Party, he seems to be pro-Israel. At least I found a web site of him pinning a medal on some kind of Israeli citizen for founding the Norway-Israel Chamber of Commerce. From what I can tell, he is pro-NATO [unintelligible], again I may be wrong, but like Britain, the royalty does appear to command the Armed Forces. He has not done anything to stop the bombing raids, and of course we heard that Norway wants to pull out of the bombing raids, so it is between the --.
Dr. Fetzer: Norway, I take it, is not only not going to continue to support the Libyan intervention, but also is going to announce its support for a Palestinian state this week, and that it looks at though that --.
Total: I think that was due in September, and the end of the Libyan bombing will be next week. They are pulling out of the Libyan bombings, so yes.
Dr. Fetzer: There are quite a few sources that are suggesting this may be a Mossad operation in order to retaliate for Norway taking a critical stance toward Israel. Evidently Norway has for some time been highly critical of Israel, especially in relation to its treatment of the Palestinians.
Total: You know it is definitely possible there is a Mossad involvement there. I think they would have been let in the door, or working probably with NATO. There is a program SIMAS [Surveillance Detection Units] that Webster Tarpley has been highlighting with U.S. NATO intelligence training the Norwegian police, so that is pretty interesting. Of course Norway, I don't know how much you covered in the first hour, I heard Norway is in NATO but not the EU. They don't want to share all their oil wealth with the rest of the EU.
Dr. Fetzer: I understand that Norway is a completely solvent country, that it has no outstanding debts. And that unlike most other countries, there are a lot of capitalistic predators who want to try to exploit Norway's situation and turn it around, make it something more like a neocon country than an independent liberal and progressive state, where the citizens among other features enjoy free health care, for example.
Total: Yes, well they have a lot of money because we are still on an oil economy and they have a lot of oil. They are producing a lot of oil. They are not tampering their own production of wealth, so they have a big fund that is built up with oil. I think that the infrastructure, obviously it helps with things like the royal estate and free health care. Of course homogeneous societies usually have a more efficient welfare states because there is less geological tension between the different groups donating and taking from the welfare state and things like that. Anyway, the Oslo bomb, the [unintelligible], so I think we are going to have to look at what happens with the Labor Party, it has 60 something seats. Are they going to keep it? I mean they lost a bunch of their leadership, it seems like there is a threat against them. I think that what I am looking at is a change. I think that a lot of the immigration issues that are in this alleged manifesto, I think a lot of that is kind of just chum for the waters. Kind of a smoke screen. I think the real issue is going to be the NATO bombing and also some of the Israel-Palestinian stuff. The test is going to be what the Labor Party government does on those issues. Will they stand strong and still try to pull out of this bombing coalition next week or are they still going to recognize Palestine in September? If they are planning to, I don't see them backing off from, you know, the pro-immigration thing that the alleged one shooter said he was concerned about, so --.
Dr. Fetzer: You have some other interesting blogs here or posts, you want to mention some of those?
Total: You can read one for me.
Dr. Fetzer: The Oslo bomb was triggered by remote? That we can't rule out there was a second shooter although Breivik claims he was alone, and I suspect there may be many more than two. You can --
Total: Lots of witnesses added that there were at least two shooters.
Dr. Fetzer: I even heard a report from a student who said he heard a helicopter at a time when the police couldn't have been available, and therefore suggesting the possibility of an airborne assault, but you would think many of the others who survived would report that if it were true.
Total: That might have been the news helicopter. [Laughter].
Dr. Fetzer: It might have been the news helicopter. Isn't that fascinating?
Total: I think that I believe that some witnesses thought that he had an earpiece and was talking to somebody.
Dr. Fetzer: Really?
Total: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: Well that is extremely interesting.
Total: We tweeted on there. So anyway, of course this is just going to perpetuate the clash of civilizations and the police state, it just happens to come from the opposite --.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes [continuing to read from the Tweet blog], we are not sure if it is just one person. Based on statements from witnesses we think there may be more. This is pretty bizarre.
Total: [Reading from the Twitter blog]. Here is: Utoya eyewitnesses: I am sure I heard shooting from two different directions. Then I saw another man about 180 centimeters tall who was firing at us. He was not wearing a policeman's uniform.
Dr. Fetzer: He was not wearing a police uniform. And we know our primary suspect was of course wearing a police uniform. That is pretty stunning stuff.
Total: [Unintelligible] the death toll continues to rise. Eyewitnesses are describing two shooters and one eyewitness said they are shooting every ten seconds for an entire hour.
Dr. Fetzer: Every ten seconds for an entire hour. There are a lot of ten second intervals in entire hour. 6 every minute times 60. Jesus, 360 intervals during which he was shooting. That is staggering. And he is a Mason and all that. What do you make of that, Total, just off the top of your head?
Total: Well, you know, like I said, these are Masonic lodges, they work a lot like intelligence organizations.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Total: This one happened to be run by the King, the local King. As I said, if you look at it parallel to the structure in Britain, the monarch went to the Masonic Lodges and the Masonic Lodges are intimately connected with the police. You know how did this guy get a police uniform, that is an important question. And as I said from what I can tell instead of saying that the monarchy is ultimately behind, I think that the tell will be what happens with the NATO campaign.
Dr. Fetzer: Well you know this stepbrother of the crown princess was killed. He was providing local security there. He was not in a police uniform, but he was unarmed.
Total: Yes, I saw that headline, and I was trying to figure out what exactly that means. How did the crown princess have step brothers? The crown prince's' wife? Is it the king's daughter and there is another -- who is the "step" --
Dr. Fetzer: OK. Total, we will have to pursue that in the days to come. I want to thank you for coming on. This Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, thanking my special guests here for an update, Totalinfo, and all of you for listening. [1:58:51]



2011-07-25 Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks by Stephen Lendman

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"Former Wisconsin legislator, UW Board of Regents member and American ambassador to Norway Tom Loftus said Friday no one should be surprised Norway was a target of a terrorist attack.
The country, long an ally of the United States and NATO member, has forces in Afghanistan and F-16 fighter-bombers above Libya, Loftus said. A car bomb in Oslo and a mass shooting at an island youth camp Friday killed more than a dozen people in Norway.
Norway's interests have been targeted before, Loftus said, and `the image of Norway as a neutral country is not true at all.'
Security forces and police are on constant alert for attacks, he said, a topic that was a regular part of his briefings in the 1990s because of Norway's participation in Mideast politics and support for the United States.
`The (idea) of Oslo being safe from terrorist attack has always been false, and Norwegian officials knew that and there have been incidents earlier,' he said. Norwegian diplomats were targeted in a fatal terrorist attack in Kabul in 2008, he noted.
Though police in Norway report the man arrested for the shootings on the island is Norwegian, Loftus said "it would be hard to fathom" if a local extremist group was involved in the actions Friday because "Norway really doesn't have the kind of groups that do that; they're just not there..."


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