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Leuren Moret and
Major William B. Fox

Fukushima Plumes,
Norway Update

The Continuing
Fukushima Radiation Danger
and the aftermath of the "show trial" for
the Mossad-CIA-MI6 false flag attack in
Oslo and on Utøya Island on "7/22"

Everything is More Ominous Than Ever

Recorded and broadcast
12 Sept. 2012


Editor's Note: This is still a work-in-progress subject to review and correction by the various key individuals involved. This work may be reasonably but not totally accurate at this stage for research purposes.

"The Real Deal" Radio Show

Host: Dr. James Fetzer Ph.D.
Leuren Moret, B.S., M.A., PhD (ABD)
William B. Fox, MBA, former Major USMCR

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Part I, to be published at Veterans Today here
Part II to be published at Veterans Today here

Editor’s Note: This transcription was prepared with "Editor's Notes" and other amendments enclosed in brackets by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books, who also helped organize this interview.




by Maj. William B. Fox
last revised 1:54 PM 1 Oct 2012
(and one or more possible co-authors)


At the start of this interview, Leuren Moret describes how Americans are currently suffering from an intensifying dirty nuclear warfare attack on a global scale. Indicators include contaminated tuna caught off the coast of California, the disappearance of bird sounds in major portions of the Fukushima Prefecture, a major increase in oversized and unhealthy bloated babies being born in the U.S., England, China, and elsewhere around the Northern Hemisphere, over three times the rate of heart attacks in young athletes from cesium buildup in heart muscles compared to the pre-Fukushima era, and continuing reports of "hot rains" and other forms of substantial contamination across the U.S.
All these things suggest that the Fukushima radiation threat is not only far from over, but is accumulating and getting even more dangerous over time. This is particularly true given the extent to which radionuclides can bioaccumulate and biomagnify as they move up the food chain.
Major Fox introduces for discussion the bombshell
June 7-8 report titled "The real reason for America's Southeast Asian projection" by former U.S. Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, who claims that U.S. and Canadian military authorities are deploying a significant proportion of their forces out of North America to avoid the Fukushima contamination enveloping the Northern Hemisphere. Is this their prime motive? Leuren Moret explains why she thinks this could be camouflage for other policies of globalists.
Speaking of motives, there appears to be something so anomalous, so self-destructive, and so surrealistic about the behavior of power elites today, whether it involves the way in which establishment media ignores the extremely serious ongoing Fukushima radiation threat (please see the 30 March 2012 interview by Dr. Fetzer with Leuren Moret and Dr. Majia Nadesan for additional background on this topic), or the way in which longstanding policies such as deindustrialization has gutted the American economy and police militarization alienates America's most productive and innovative people, one might plausibly attribute much of this to "perverse impulses" or even "criminal insanity." As a matter of fact, Leuren Moret makes the following observation about the Rothschilds and other power elite families: "...They are inbred. They are insane. They are not sane people. They are not rational people. It is a disease."
In his effort to explain seemingly mad behavior by globalists, Maj. Fox invokes the psychoanalytical paradigm of the 1956 science fiction classic The Forbidden Planet, and briefly mentions another classic, namely the 1960 film The Time Machine.
In regard to the plot of The Forbidden Planet, a scientist named Dr. Edward Morbius who has inherited the advanced technology of a prior civilization proves himself incapable of preventing his most primitive "id" forces from bringing ruin upon himself and his entire planet. Although Dr. Morbius exudes the veneer of a highly intelligent and civilized individual to earth visitors to his "Forbidden Planet" Altair IV, underneath it all he has a highly fractured personality in which his dark side seeks destruction of his guests -- and ultimately himself.
What better metaphor for any power elite that would set up and help unleash the Fukushima catastrophe with the HAARP earthquake and Stuxnet virus, and then seek to cover-up the evil consequences as they blow back even upon themselves?
Although he does not specifically delve into the The Time Machine in the interview, Maj. Fox feels it merits some comment in this introduction. In this movie, a time traveler finds himself in the year 802,701 among the Eloi flower children who remain blissfully unaware of the mind-control exerted upon them by a cannibalistic race called the Morlocks. The Morlocks feed the Eloi like zoo animals and then periodically slaughter them for food. Every time the Morlocks need a re-supply, they use a siren that causes Eloi to walk hypnotically towards a Morlock collection point. Inbetween siren calls, Eloi lead a carefree, child-like existence, where they are programmed to live for themselves and not help other Eloi in crisis.
Interestingly enough, the source novel for The Time Machine was written by H. G. Wells who was very much part of the same "Dope Inc" globalist inner circle in the UK as Aldous Huxley who created Brave New World, which also has some eerie resonance with problems we face today. Talk show host Alex Jones believes that both Brave New World and 1984 by George Orwell provide forewarnings about the true long term intentions of a malevolent globalist power elite that is alive and well today, particularly among the Rothschild / City of London / UK Monarchy power nexus described by Leuren Moret.
Americans have been dumbed down to a state of arrested development and brainwashed just like the Eloi. They find it very difficult to effectively organize against the enemies of liberty. They are also being routinely slaughtered by "soft kill" poisons that drive down their fertility rates and take decades off their lives. In addition to Fukushima radiation, these poisons include the consequences of bomb testing, nuclear power plant emissions, and aerosolized depleted uranium released into the atmosphere. Americans are also being assaulted with chemicals and toxins whose evil effects are multiplied by radiation. These include fluoride in drinking water, metallic compounds in chemtrails, GMO in foods, poisons in vaccines, and myriad other strealth genocide vehicles.

Human beings remain very much a part of nature even in man-made, urban environments. In many animal biomes, we see a continuous struggle between productive animals and parasites, and human societies are no different. In the history of human civilizations we have always seen a continuing battle between productive people and criminals (the analog of parasites in the animal world). Unfortunately criminals in high places in the world today are now so completely out of control they are able to create the extreme crises that we face today.
This interview provides another important perspective on the continuing genocidal assault on peoples around the world via Fukushima radiation poisoning, the use of chemical and biological agents, and the unending psychological warfare waged against the common man through establishment media denials and cover-ups.

Dr. Edward Morbius meets his demise as his very own "Id Monster" breaks into his own control room in the culmination of the 1956 science fiction classic The Forbidden Planet. Morbius has a very fractured personality, seemingly very civilized, intelligent, and hospitable to earth visitors to his planet on the surface, but on a more primitive "id" level he seeks their destruction through a galactic-powered force field monster harnessed by advanced telepathic technology left to him by a prior civilization that mysteriously wiped itself out. In the end, this monster destroys Morbius, who also destroys his own planet Altair IV. What better metaphor can one imagine for the Rothschilds / City of London / UK monarchy and their Mossad-CIA-MI6 allies who have unleashed global depopulation radiation monsters capable of destroying all life on this planet through the combination of chemical and biological agents, bomb testing fallout, aerosolized depleted uranium, nuclear power plant emissions, and nuclear power plant sabotage with the Stuxnet virus?


Target Scandinavia? In this projection of radioactive Iodine-137 cloud movement made by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) for 27 March 2011, the plumes have an amazing way of skirting around the City of London and vectoring over Scandinavia. For more plume charts, please see the "`Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction' Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles" series.


In this projection of radioactive Xenon-133 cloud movement made by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) for 24 March 2011, the plumes have an amazing way of skirting around the City of London and vectoring over Scandinavia just like in the case of I-131 above. Merely a coincidence?



LIFE IMITATING CINEMA FICTION, Take 2: Eloi "flower children" in the 1960 science fiction classic The Time Machine walk hypnotically into Morlock slaughter centers whenever sirens blare. When the sirens are off, they live a carefree, childlike existence, except they have been programmed not to help each other in crises. Similarly, American "Eloi" are also being dog-trained by malevolent Rothschild / City of London / Mossad-CIA-MI6 "Morlocks" to passively submit to the growing police state and genocidal chemical, biological, and radiation assaults, while simultaneously being dissuaded from all measures required to effectively organize and defend themselves.


"Demographic index for the Republic of Belarus, 1950-2004" [Bandashevsky 2011]. This plummet well below ZPG rates is very likely a premonition for what is in store for Japan, parts of North America, and even Europe that have been particularly hard hit with fallout and other forms of contamination.





Part I


Dr. James Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal with two of my favorite guests on today. William Fox, who has a background in military intelligence, with whom I co-authored a series of articles, some of which were warnings about possible false flag attacks with Captain Eric May, who I admire beyond words as one of the most brilliant intelligence analysts I have ever encountered. The other, the independent geoscientist Leuren Moret, widely known internationally for her expert studies about contamination, pollution, and other forms of radioactive involvement in the atmosphere where we are talking today to begin with about Fukushima. Welcome both of you to the program. Leuren, I would like to begin with you. What are some of the latest effects that are being discerned on the Pacific Coast in relation to the fallout from Fukushima?
Leuren Moret: Well, on the Pacific Coast, you mean the United States?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
L. Moret: Oh, well what we have reported, and I was interviewed for Russia Today about a month ago, and they are now reporting that the tuna caught off of the coast of Southern California are radioactive. They have high levels of radiation contamination. Of course these tuna, they spawn off the east coast of Japan. So then as they migrate across the Pacific Ocean, which is all contaminated, they are eating contaminated food themselves. They are prey animals. So by the time they reach the coast of California, not only were they exposed to high levels of radiation in the spawning stage and hatching, but they fed on contaminated forage all the way across the Pacific Ocean. So it is impossible for the Pacific fishery not to be contaminated. It is unsafe to eat anything out of the North Pacific Ocean now.
Dr, Fetzer: Of course no doubt it is being converted into canned tuna and being distributed worldwide.
L. Moret: That is correct, and there is also --
Dr. Fetzer: So if I had a tuna sandwich yesterday, which I did, I should have subjected it to a Geiger counter before I consumed it.
L. Moret: Well you can't detect it with a Geiger counter because the levels are below the detection limit of the Geiger counter for food and liquids. You need to have a probe that you can put into the liquid or into food, but if the radiation level is below the Geiger counter detection limit even that won't pick it up.
Dr. Fetzer: And of course what is going on, Leuren, I mean most of Fukushima has been dumped into the Pacific Ocean. This amount of contamination in the ocean is absolutely stunning.
L. Moret: It is all deliberate. This is a genocide of the Northern Hemisphere. It is targeting the super nations. The super power nations. If you look at a map of --
Dr. Fetzer: Do you have a suspicion as to who is behind it, then? Is it related to a small country in the Middle East?
L. Moret: It is related to a small country in Europe called England. It is the British who are behind this genocide plan. It has been carried out in the last century, especially by Prince Philip in partnership with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. So it is the Anglo-Dutch monarchies. I call them "gangsters in tiaras." It is Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Added to that it is the bankers, the international financiers and the Rothschilds. There is a Scandinavian branch intermarried with the monarchies in Scandinavia. The Tromso, Norway HAARP facility was used to heat up the fault zone offshore from Fukushima. Then the Gakona, Alaska magnetometer, it is called the Tokyo magnetometer because it is owned by Japan. That is the magnetometer that transmitted the 2.5 hertz signal which causes the triggering of earthquakes, the release of energy that is built up in natural settings. So actually the Japanese were involved in carrying it out as well.
Dr. Fetzer: This is just horrifying. I mean, is it still a risk that the whole of the Japanese islands may have to be abandoned? I mean 40 million people may have to be moved out of Tokyo. Is that still a risk, or has that subsided?
L. Moret: Oh, they are not going to move anybody. They want them to be exposed. And right now, what has been reported in Japan by scientists monitoring Fukushima Prefecture is that there are no birds. There is no bird sound or bird song in the forests of Fukushima. So this is what is happening to the people too.
Dr. Fetzer: And of course all kinds of other forms of life, flora, fauna who are being destroyed here so that the food chain is being disrupted. They are going to have a local wasteland almost immediately.
L. Moret: It is a cascade. What I wanted to mention is there is a report from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It is titled "Release of Fission Products From Irradiated Aluminide Fuel at High Temperature." And scientists from Kyoto University and American scientists at the Argonne National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab coauthored this. They reported that there are over 1,300 fission products that are released in an episode like Fukushima. So when they are reporting in the news or from government reports the levels of cesium or radioactive iodine or uranium or plutonium in the atmosphere released from Fukushima or any nuclear event, that is only one of 1,300 other radioactive isotopes that are released at the same time. So you have to multiply by many times the reported 40 [milli] sieverts of radioactive iodine that children in California have received since Fukushima happened. That is 20 times the allowed limit.
Dr. Fetzer: It sounds like California is not a very desirable place to live anymore.
L. Moret: Well nowhere in North America, because the evidence is emerging now. What we are reporting is babies that are very, very large. 20 and 22 pound babies being born. This is --
Dr. Fetzer: Where are they being born that large?
L. Moret: All over China, in the U.S., in England --
Dr. Fetzer: Really!
L. Moret: All over the Northern Hemisphere. And that --
Dr. Fetzer: These babies are going to be too large for normal vaginal birth. This is going to require a whole host of Caesarian sections.
L. Moret: Oh, it is a whole episode of Caesarians. Not only that, when these babies are born, they are bloated. They are not healthy babies because the size of the babies is caused by radiation dysfunction of the hormones and glands in these babies in the uterus.
Dr. Fetzer: This sounds to me as though it is a non-recoverable genetic problem. You could spend a vast amount of money on it and not be able to correct these problems.
L. Moret: Oh no, it is every cell. If the egg or the sperm is contaminated with radiation, and causes mutations, in the organism that is born from that cell, every cell in the body of that organism has mutations. And that is passed on to all future generations. Even if they intermarry or they breed with a healthy partner, those mutations are proliferated through the offspring. So it just a cascade of death and chronic illnesses and mutations and unhealthy new organisms. It is a horrific thing. They are reporting pigs in China with no hind legs. So there are photos in the news, especially British newspapers of farmers in China who have taught pigs with only two front legs to walk on the two front legs. There are photos of piglets born with two snouts on one head.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh Lord. Oh, this is so awful. This so awful, you know you have got these people who don't understand anything about ecology and evolution who are at work and who are trying to perform feats that they think are beneficial, but you are suggesting actually that they are diabolical and they actually want these kinds of effects to come about.
L. Moret: Oh, absolutely. They have stated it. In fact Bertrand Russell in the 1930's --
Dr. Fetzer: Spare me Bertrand Russell [laughter!] I thought we got over that. Really, please, please. In the 1930's they would not have had any idea about any of this. Nuclear energy had not been discovered, et cetera. Tell me about the effects going on in California. Now you are telling me healthy athletes and so forth are dropping dead because of the effects of exposure to Fukushima?
L. Moret: Well this is happening all over the Northern Hemisphere, but especially in North America and Europe. Here is the problem: cesium is being released from Fukushima, radioactive cesium. And cesium binds to muscle. So it is disproportionately attaching to muscle and the heart and other parts of the body, but especially the heart. It is causing cardiac arrests and sudden death from heart attacks all over the Northern Hemisphere, especially in athletes.
Dr. Fetzer: And especially in athletes because they are out there physically processing more oxygen into their lungs and body system than others?
L. Moret: There is more oxygen going into their bodies which means that this is air pathway. It is the atmospheric pathway into the body is what is carrying the most cesium into the body.
Dr. Fetzer: So you are saying there may be an evolutionary benefit to my spending so much time at my computer, not being out there jogging and getting physically fit.
L. Moret: And staying indoors is the healthiest thing you do. So an average male inhales eight cubic meters of air a day. If you double that with these athletes, because they are training all the time, that is sixteen cubic meters a day, let's just say for example. So that would double the amount of cesium they are getting in their hearts. So here is a Swedish football player [Victor Brannstrom] who was very healthy, 29 years old, and he dropped dead in front of fans on the pitch in the middle of the game from a suspected heart attack.
Dr. Fetzer: Can they determine whether or not it was cesium-induced?
L. Moret: Oh, I am sure they are determining that, but they will never release that. They say "We don't know what caused it."
Dr. Fetzer: We don't know what caused it.
L. Moret:
We don't know what caused it. And then actor Michael Clark Duncan just died at 54.
Dr. Fetzer: The actor from the Green Mile? The very large --
L. Moret: That is correct, and he had changed his diet --
Dr. Fetzer: The black actor.
L. Moret: Yes. He became a vegan. He said "I had to throw away $5,000 worth of meat to clear my kitchen of food products that I didn't want to ingest as a vegan." So he dropped dead of a heart attack. The lead guitarist [Mark Abrahamian] from Starship. This is September 4th [3rd]. I am talking about the last couple of weeks. Suddenly dropped dead of heart problems in Nebraska. He was healthy. Here is a toddler [Aditya Kumar], [reported in a dailymail.co.uk story dated] September 1st, in India. Born, Oh my God, with a moustache. Not born with a moustache, but by the time he was one year old, he had something called Cushings Disease. As soon as he became one year old, all these strange syndromes started occurring. He is huge. He is very, very, very heavy. He has a moustache on his upper lip. These are now children in Britain, this is the third of September, children with large tumors. One girl [Lylah Brabner] in her stomach. The hospitals in Britain are triaging these children. They know they are sick, they have tumors. They are just saying "Oh, they have flu" sending them home with medicine hoping they will die. Some of the more persistent mothers have put a lot pressure on the hospitals. So because of this the government is changing their health policies and saying they are going to give better care to these children, but they know these toddlers are dying from Fukushima radiation.
Dr. Fetzer: Bill, what is your take on all of this? I mean, I find it all staggering, every time I interview Leuren I become more and more dismayed at the state of the world and our lack of physical well-being.
Maj. Fox: Right, a number of notes on the things she mentioned. When she mentioned Bertrand Russell, even though radiation wasn't around at that time, except in laboratories, he and others were talking at that time about global depopulation.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, but Russell would be talking about birth control and that sort of thing. Look, Bill, I really don't want to go there. Look, I grew up on Bertrand Russell. He was one of my philosophical heroes. I know a lot about him, he was a very controversial guy, and I am really -- this is so ancient, he was so long ago, that I don't regard it as having anything to do with this today.
Maj. Fox: Well other people in the British higher circles connected to the Rothschilds and others were heavily into talking about depopulation. It goes back a long ways. I think that is the point she was trying to make. Let me get on to radiation. Two very important factors for why these athletes are dropping dead is athletes tend to be out in the rain a lot and most of the radiation fallout comes down in the rain.
Dr. Fetzer: That is a good point Bill, yes, that they are out in the rain, because Leuren has warned about the rain in the past.
Maj. Fox: Another aspect too is this stuff accumulates on the ground like snow, and whenever you get wind blowing, it tends to remobilize it. So that is one reason why I also watch not only avoiding the rain but also I avoid windy days or places where it is windy when I go outside. Another issue is bioaccumulation. According to the classic work about Chernobyl and its Consequences (PDF) by Yablokov, et al, the definitive study on the effects of Chernobyl, over the very long term, ten to twenty years, about 85% of the ill effects of radiation come from bioaccumulation. The effects tend to get worse over time as the radionuclides move up the food chain. Incidentally, I know this is old news, but back [on] April 15, 2011 Deborah Dupre wrote an article "Hillary Clinton Imports Japan's Nuked Food to America" where [nuclear expert] Arnie Gundersen said that there are high level people in the State Department who said that Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the U.S. to continue buying food from Japan despite the fact that the food is not being properly tested for radioactive materials.
Dr. Fetzer: What kind of food is that, do you know? What food stuffs are on that list?
Maj. Fox: Well according to this, it just says --
L. Moret: Everything! It is tea, tuna, it is fish, it is canned food, it is everything.
Dr. Fetzer: Do they raise any beef in Japan?
L. Moret: Yes, they do. The Kobe beef.
Dr. Fetzer: That is very high quality, isn't it? That is sold in very exclusive restaurants?
L. Moret: Yes, they feed the cattle beer. They are hand-raised. I have never actually had it. It is like $150 a meal!
Dr. Fetzer: So of course the idea that our government is taking any steps to protect us from contamination of our food is just a wishful thought.
L. Moret: Oh, HIllary Clinton went over to Japan in the end of April and the beginning of May and she signed an agreement or a treaty with the Japanese Prime Minister that we would continue to import food products, cars --everything, just like usual from Japan without measuring any of the radiation in any of the products. So the cars that are being shipped over here and around the world are radioactive. Their plants are --
Dr. Fetzer: The cars, the Japanese vehicles. You mean the Hondas and the Mazdas and Toyotas --
L. Moret: Yes, and the plants that produce the parts or assemble the cars are very close to Fukushima.
Dr. Fetzer: How strong is the radiation? How much damage can those irradiated cars do?
L. Moret: Well, it is just out into all the other -- the radiation and the food and the drinking water --
Dr. Fetzer: If you take a Geiger counter to a Toyota could you measure discernable radiation if it is --
L. Moret: Possibly. Possibly. I don't know, I haven't done it.
Dr. Fetzer: That is all very creepy. I mean we spend a lot of time in our cars. You know, Americans are obsessive about driving.
L. Moret: That's right.
Dr. Fetzer: The idea they could be inside a radioactive metallic coffin is a bit shocking.
L. Moret: Well they are not obsessive about it. It is a necessity.
Dr. Fetzer: True.
L. Moret: People have to commute long distances.
Dr. Fetzer: Take L.A. for example, you can't get anywhere around L.A. if you are not driving usually for extensive periods of time.
L. Moret: That is because there is a very poor infrastructure of public transportation in L.A. Nowhere in the U.S. except maybe on the East Coast do we really have good public transportation. It is because the population densities in the West are fairly low and L.A. is a very, very large concentration of cities but the population density is low so a really dense public transportation network would be horrifically expensive. Of course they can afford $300 billion for a bullet train that only goes from L.A. to Sacramento but they can't afford a --
Dr. Fetzer: That of course is a benefit to the politicians who allocate the money and approve the budgets.
L. Moret: And the Rothschilds who are behind building all these bullet trains all over the world.
Dr. Fetzer: How does it benefit the Rothschilds? Is it just one more development? One more way to make money?
L. Moret: Well, they like transportation, energy, utilities, wine. They have like eight industries that they really like to control.
Maj. Fox: An interesting factoid about Japanese government policies is apparently they are trying to relocate families and children back into the Fukushima area claiming that they are going to help decontaminate structures even though --
Dr. Fetzer: Bill, they are going to absorb all the radiation like human sponges! [laughter]
Maj. Fox: Energy News had a September 11th factoid that 43% of kids have thyroid abnormalities in the new Fukushima City test results.
Dr. Fetzer: Already, I am hardly surprised.
Maj. Fox: Yes. Moving to America, I follow a lot of alternative media. Here is another interesting observation by Christina [Consolo]. Let me just report these people, and I will let Leuren Moret comment on their credibility, but Christina Consolo, who is known as "RadChick" who runs Nuked Radio, pointed out in her Rick Wilet [Rick Wiles of TruNews Radio] interview on 23 May 2012, she said:

[Christina Consolo]…what my friends in the nuclear industry are saying is that the levels of contamination over here --

Maj. Fox: She means the United States

-- are so high that the entire United States needs to be decontaminated at this point, and it will bankrupt every state and local government.
Rick Wiles: Christine. you have sources in the nuclear industry in the United States who are privately telling you that America is already so contaminated that the nation needs to be, I mean, they are telling you that radiation levels are so high, that this country needs to be decontaminated? Did I hear you right?
Christina: That is what they have been telling me since December, however, since then the U.S.G.S. posted those soil samples that they took back in April of last year and they already showed high levels of contamination, especially in L.A., Portland, and Boulder. And that was from April of last year.

Dr. Fetzer: L.A., Portland, and Boulder. Why would L.A., Portland, and Boulder be of any special significance geographically, geologically, Leuren?
L. Moret: I am not sure. The distance from the source of radiation is not what determines how much ends up in the environment.
Dr. Fetzer: Could be atmospheric --
L. Moret: It is weather and geography
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes, yes.
L. Moret: And not only that, they are also engineering, they are actually guiding plumes of cold dense air from Japan that is loaded with radiation. They are actually guiding them and steering them, steering these plumes into targeted populations. I have seen that since the beginning of the Fukushima disaster.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, we are going to come back to this. Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal. We are taking a break. I have William Fox and Leuren More here. You are not going to like what they have to say, but you had better face up to it. We will be right back. [24:16]


Dr. Fetzer: This is JIm Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal continuing my conversation with Bill Fox and Leuren Moret. Leuren, you are saying they are guiding these cold streams to targeted populations. Which populations are being targeted?
L. Moret: What I noticed during the reporting by NILU, the Norwegian radiation monitoring laboratory [Norwegian Institute for Air Research], they did very, very good reporting and then suddenly they were cut off in the summer of 2011. Also the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty verification stations which are not government-funded, so they were able to report the longest, and they were the most accurate. And there was one in Germany [Deutscher Wetterdienst or DWD]. So watching the Norwegian reporting and the German reporting, which they agreed with each other, I saw a big circle over the eastern cities in Canada and Washington, D.C. and New York of a high pressure area. It was HAARP heating. It was a big round phenomenon around those cities. So what they did was they heated the air over these cities, around these cities, which are the government and the commerce centers of Canada and the U.S. I watched these plumes flowing around Washington, D.C. and New York City, and then two of the eastern cities in Canada, Toronto, and what is the government city?
Maj. Fox: Ottawa.
L. Moret: Ottawa, yes. And I said, oh my God, they are actually steering these plumes around protected areas. They are just heating up the air in the cities they want to protect. And then the plumes went also through the Arctic Ocean and came down and nuked Iceland and then turned east very quickly and went through Scandinavia and the Baltic states.
Dr. Fetzer: What you are telling me is that there is radioactive contamination that can be controlled and directed at specific targeted populations, and that it is being done in relation to some of the major cities of the world and even Iceland, which of course has set a stellar example by renouncing its debt to all of these entities that don't deserve it, and exercised brilliant political judgment, which no doubt they [the controllers of HAARP] want to punish for having done so.
L. Moret: That's correct. That is absolutely correct. It is a horrible thing to say. It is a horrible thing to find out, but it is nuclear genocide. And they have total control over where that radiation goes.
Dr. Fetzer: Now many of our listeners are going to want to know the meaning of the word "they." When "they" do this, to whom are we referring? Who is "they?" And how can you establish a causal link between what is happening and those who are doing it?
L. Moret: Well it is well established. There has been a lot written about it. It is not in the mainstream news, but you can investigate and follow the threads to the perpetrators. As I mentioned before, it is the British, the Anglo-Dutch monarchies, and the husbands especially. The World Wildlife Fund is actually a genocide land grab operation of these same people. The bankers, especially Sir Jimmy Goldsmith and his brother Teddy Goldsmith, they started The Ecologist magazine. They are intimately involved, and of course they are intermarried with the Rothschilds. They came from Germany together in the 1700's are they are very intermarried. Sir Jimmy Goldsmith is the biological father of Princess Diana. So she is actually a British -- she has the bloodline of a British Rothschild banking family, and Prince William her son, who is actually a Goldsmith, through her has married Kate Middleton, whose mother's maiden name was Goldsmith. So the London financial interests have hijacked the British throne.
Dr. Fetzer: But aren't their progeny vulnerable to the same kinds of contamination? I mean, they can't wear a tin foil hat and then make themselves immune.
L. Moret: Well, everybody is exposed. There is no way to escape it. But they don't care. As long as they get to keep the money, they think it is worth it.
Dr. Fetzer: Even if they are dead?
L. Moret: Well, Jim, you are trying to project what normal people think is normal thinking on them, but they have intermarried with their first cousins and second cousins to keep the wealth in the family since the mid 1700's. And so they are inbred. They are insane. They are not sane people. They are not rational people. It is a disease.
Dr. Fetzer: So even though it is predictable that their own progeny, their own children, their own sisters, their own daughters, their own mothers and fathers are going to be contaminated too and probably die early deaths because of all this they pursue it anyway.
L. Moret: They think it is worth it.
Dr. Fetzer: Insanity is a mild term, here.
L. Moret: It is insanity. How can you interbreed? I mean I bred puppies and animals, and if you inbreed for two generations to their father or whatever, sometimes they do that if you are not careful, they start having eye problems. One eye is not developed or it is much smaller than the other eye. That is just in one or two generations. But it also causes insanity. It causes mental problems too.
Maj. Fox: Yes, but I might interject that a consciousness of breeding was actually an initial key success factor to the extent that Michael Collins Piper, who actually was on Dr. Fetzer's show a couple of times, once about his book The New Babylon, in that book he talks about how when Cromwell needed financing, Jewish financiers from the Netherlands and elsewhere helped finance him, and then they were brought back into England. They commenced a systematic process of intermarrying with the British nobility so that by the mid 19th century, over half the British aristocracy had recognizable Jewish characteristics. And of course that is when Benjamin Disraeli, who was Jewish, became Prime Minister. So that part of it actually aided their rise to power. However, breeding within their inner circle obviously has had deleterious effects. By the way, while I am at it, Wayne Madsen wrote a report dated June 7-8, called "The real reason for America's Southeast Asian projection" [subscription web page] describes another area where the American establishment is not leveling with the public about --
Dr. Fetzer: June 7th and 8th. OK, go ahead.
Maj. Fox: OK, let me go ahead and read this off to you. He says:

     WMR's [Wayne Madsen Report's] Asian intelligence sources report another, more ominous, aspect to the decision of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to move 60 percent of U.S. naval forces to the Pacific region. Panetta announced in a speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue defense conference in Singapore that most of the Navy's littoral combat ships, submarines, cruisers, and destroyers will be deployed in the Pacific. In addition, new U.S. Marine bases are being established in Australia. Panetta, according to our sources, has also been negotiating with leaders of Singapore, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand the establishment of new U.S. military bases or the re-opening of former bases from the Cold War era...

Maj. Fox: And then he goes on -- I am skipping a paragraph -- he says:

    ...WMR has learned that with the continued high radiation affecting the northern hemisphere as a result of life-threatening radiation continuing to be dispersed into the atmosphere from the meltdown of reactor 4 at the Fukushima Dai'ichi nuclear plant in Japan, the Pentagon wants to preserve most of its military forces and to ensure the protection for American elites who have plans to move to the southern hemisphere, particularly the Southeast Asian region, to escape the effects of the radiation circulating around the northern climes...

Maj. Fox: He says -- I am skipping down a few paragraphs:

. . . No less affected by the radiation from Fukushima, Canada has also announced plans to shift a large portion of its naval, air, and ground forces to the Southeast Asia region with Singapore being the "hub" for the Canadian military. Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay toured a potential site for the Canadian military during his visit to Singapore to attend the Shangri-La meeting.
     Although there is tension between the United States and China, our sources have indicated that confronting China's growing military presence in the region is merely a cover story designed to mask the abandonment of the northern hemisphere by the Pentagon. In fact, Chinese defense officials participated in the Shangri-La Dialogue . . .

Dr. Fetzer: And this is all because of the contamination from Fukushima?
Maj. Fox: Well, that is what Madsen is saying. Now let me just read the last few paragraphs here:

     . . . In what amounts to an "On the Beach" scenario -- a reference to the 1960s movie that saw Australia as a temporary safe haven as a result of a nuclear war that killed off all life in the northern hemisphere -- the United States, Canada, and other countries are making preparations to re-locate their political and military elites and ample military forces to protect them to the safest zone from the Fukushima radiation -- Southeast Asia.
     Israel is reportedly buying up property in India and Uganda to shelter millions of Jews from Israel, North America, and Europe to escape the effects of the life-threatening radiation in the northern hemisphere.

Maj Fox: In the last paragraph he says --
Dr. Fetzer: My God!
Maj. Fox: In the last paragraph he says:

     At the Atomic Age II Symposium at the University of Chicago, Professor Hiroake Koide of the Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University, displayed a world map showing the "hot zones" for cesium-127 resulting from the Fukushima meltdown. Unsafe zones extend throughout the northern hemisphere from "ground zero" in Fukushima province to deep within the United States' and Canada's prairie state and province food-producing "bread baskets." Koide showed one PowerPoint slide that pointed to a "collapse of life through evacuation."

L. Moret: That's disinformation. I'll tell you why. In 2007 I was in Hawaii getting depleted uranium bills into the legislature. There was a Pacific Command changeover by the Navy at that time. This is 2007, before Fukushima. Admiral Mullen, who was Chief of Staff of the U.S. Navy traveled to Hawaii for the changeover ceremonies. Admiral Gary Roughead, the outgoing Pacific Commander, stated, and it was printed in the Honolulu newspaper, that they were planning to bring 95% of Navy personnel and ships to the Pacific region. The Atlantic region was no longer of interest to the Navy, that the commerce and the things that the Navy do and the reason they are in regions was being changed to the Pacific region. Probably a lot of it had to do with transporting energy resources from the Middle East to the Asian countries. So what is really happening is that for a long time, a very long time, the collapse of the Western economies, that is Europe, North America, and Japan, has been planned, and the pumping of China is the reason they want to pump the Chinese economy. And the international financiers who are very heavily involved in mining projects want to sell the minerals to developing economies. China is a huge economy so now they are pumping the Chinese economy and a part of that is also the U.S. military getting kicked out of Puerto Rico because of bombing of Vieques Island for fifty years with depleted uranium with the British. The Viequens, the Puerto Ricans were finally able to get enough political juice to kick them out. So they relocated to Australia. Well that was all planned anyway, because Australia now, the government has turned over all of their military bases to be shared with the U.S. military. So we have been doing exercises every two years, mammoth exercises that are bigger every two years, in Australia. And they are going to use Australia as the lilly pad base to jump off into Southeast Asian countries that are going to be mined. Indonesia in particular is targeted, and those are island arcs that are very, very, very metalliferous. And so they can mine those islands and then just transport the resources to China, not very far away. So the military is not just of Australia, Britain and the U.S., but other foreign troops will be housed in Australia. Because these are shared bases, any weapons they want to transport to Australia will be inter-base transfers with no Congressional or Presidential sign off or oversight. And that includes nuclear weapons, exotic nuclear weapons, and DIME which is a metal alloy that was used in all kinds of weapons in Gaza, Lebanon, Fallujah, Iraq, Afghanistan. That is an alloy of four metals that are essential to cell function in humans. They put that alloy into the nuclear weapons or the depleted uranium weapons and it makes those four biological essential metals radioactive. They cause, that alloy causes tumor genesis 100% within three months, and 100% death within nine months.
Dr. Fetzer: Good God!
Maj. Fox: I would like to just comment on the redeployment to China in terms of the motivations. I have a different interpretation.
Dr. Fetzer: To Australia.
Maj. Fox: Well in terms of the idea of dumping the United States and pumping China and going after the resources. In one sense maybe it was planned, but I think what we are dealing with an elite on Wall Street that is psychologically incapable of functioning like a Henry Ford, of taking pride --
L. Moret: It is not Wall Street, Bill, it is London, European bankers --
Maj. Fox: I know that. I know they are connected, tied in with the Rothschilds / City of London and all their affiliates. The UK monarchy and all that. I am not excluding that. But basically, in the 1980's I attended a lot of conferences where leading academics in this country where putting out reports on how America has suffered competitiveness decline since the late 1960's. [Editor's Note: A prime example was U.S. Competitiveness in the World Economy by professors Bruce R. Scott and George C. Lodge, eds., Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1985.] Actually industry -- a healthy economy has about 33% heavy industry and America's industry -- we have lost over 75% of that since then [the 1960's]. These trends indicated that America really needed to rehabilitate its productive white middle class and reinvest in industry. The ruling elite, so to speak, basically ignored all that and went full speed ahead with [what became] their Project for a New American Century and their plans to engage in resource wars in the Middle East to conquer resources, which really reflects the mentality of the Rothschilds / City of London who have always been preoccupied with grabbing control of [natural] resources, and they really do not have the temperamental traits of a Henry Ford who knew how to industrialize. And of course the number one industry that is capable of raising wages is heavy industry. In fact, Henry Ford voluntarily paid his workers twice the average auto industry average wage because he felt his workers should be able to afford to buy the product that they were making. And that was an attitude of people back in the 19th century when America was mostly run by WASPs, they took pride in building industry and creating jobs in America. That kind of mentality is [now] gone with the wind. We now have people who are addicted to financial speculation. so these people --
Dr. Fetzer: Or vampire or vulture capitalism like Mitt Romney.
Maj. Fox: Yes, and George Soros and all that, exactly.
L. Moret: Disaster capitalism.
Dr. Fetzer: Well these are people who buy companies in order to dismember them to fire their workers and to loot their pension funds, I mean, it is disgusting.
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: That one of these guys should be a serious candidate for President of the United States is a manifest absurdity.
Maj. Fox: Right. So the other thing I would say is that what Madsen [sound drop off and pause]
Dr. Fetzer: Are you there, Bill?
L. Moret: They cut him off.
Maj. Fox: Can you hear me, was I cut off?
Dr. Fetzer: Continue, you got bleeped for a second.
L. Moret: You were cut off. Madsen said, Madsen said --
Maj. Fox: The point that I want to make is that in addition to these longstanding plans to redeploy towards Asia, it is quite possible that now an additional reason that has some validity is they are concerned about accumulating radiation effects. Another point I will make is that I think a lot of people in the ruling elite in London and their confederates on Wall Street have fractured personalities. I often like to draw attention to the example of Dr. Morbius out of The Forbidden Planet who on a conscious level, his super ego, seems to be very civilized and hospitable, but on an id level is very destructive, and wants to kill off the people that he is being a host to, who have visited him from another planet. This is the science fiction movie of the 1950's, the old time classic Forbidden Planet. In fact he not only wants to kill them, but in the final analysis he wants to kill himself and blow up his [own] planet. So we are dealing with very fractured personalities.
Dr. Fetzer: You know, Bill, I do not think I have ever seen it, but I certainly have reason to watch it now. I gather it has been the inspiration for a whole generation of science fiction movies in that it has actually deeper significance of the kind that you are suggesting now.
Maj. Fox: Oh, absolutely, in fact George Lucas and many other top science fiction producers [Ed. Note: to include Steven Spielberg, and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry] have said that it was a major inspiration. It is one of the very few science fiction movies, along with I think The Time Machine, made in the 1950's that still is very watchable and poignant today. But I think one reason why it is poignant is America, being a land of contrasts as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, encourages people to have fractured personalities. But I also think especially among Jewish people -- I lived in New York among them, got to know them very well. They have a higher rate of these kinds of problems. In fact, Israel has more psychiatrists per capita than any country in the world, and there is a joke in New York that once every summer the whole city goes into panic because that is when the psychiatrists go on vacation.
Dr. Fetzer: [Laughter].
Maj. Fox: [Laughter]. Actually, there is another topic I think we should really cover --
Dr. Fetzer: We are almost to the end of this segment, Bill. Let me add a few comments here. Leuren, what you are talking about is using Southeast Asia to exploit for the natural resources, and then of course taking those resources to the cheap labor of China, which is all of course a very elaborate way to maximize profits on products. Who are the key players as you see it in this operation?
L. Moret: Well, the Queen of England owns the mineral rights to the entire Commonwealth, because she is a sovereign ruler. So she is the number one person to profit the most. So in all of the Commonwealth countries when people buy property, they only are buying the first twelve inches of dirt. Everything below twelve inches belongs to her. All of the mineral rights, all the offshore mineral rights. So British Petroleum and the Gulf disaster, that was her disaster. The drilling for oil now, BP was the first company up in the Arctic to start exploring for oil. That's her. She personally owns British Petroleum.
Dr. Fetzer: Now would I be wrong to presume that the Queen herself is more or less a figurehead but nevertheless, although the nominal owner of all this, that she has a vast force that go about implementing the policies you are describing.
L. Moret: She handles much of it herself. And I met a miner who is, he is a CIA scientist actually, he lives up in Washington state. He said, I worked in her platinum factory for five years. He said "I met with her personally about four times."
Dr. Fetzer: You're kidding me!
L. Moret: He said, "She's a pretty sharp lady." And he and everyone in the platinum factory were also invited to a wedding in Westminster Hall. And he said she runs it herself.
Dr. Fetzer: Westminster Abbey or the Hall?
L. Moret: I am sorry, Westminster Abbey. Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: That's astounding! I'm just blown away. He worked in a platinum factory and actually met the Queen on four different occasions?
L. Moret: Well, yes. He was working in her platinum factory, and he said "She is really sharp." And he said, "She is so rich, she could bulldoze the British Isles into the Atlantic Ocean and she would never notice the loss of money."
Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, we are taking our second break. I am here with Leuren Moret and Bill Fox. We'll be right back. [24:00]






by Maj. William B. Fox
last revised 1:54 PM 1 Oct 2012
(and one or more possible co-authors)

In this last half of the two hour interview, Leuren Moret and Major William Fox describe more symptoms of the ever unfolding Fukushima radiation horror, such as mass wildlife kills, growing hermaphroditism and other signs of mutation among plants and animals alike, and even splotches of Chernobyl-style "red forest syndrome" detected in Michigan. Naval oranges, almonds, dried prunes and pistachios grown in California are now showing signs of serious contamination. Alaska wildlife such as seals and polar bears have been showing symptoms of radiation poisoning. Even members of Alaska Airlines flight crews are reporting hair loss and other signs of radiation sickness.
Again, troubling questions arise about what kind of ruling elite would allow these problems to fester without sounding alarms and enacting basic civil defense measures to protect the general public. The recent conclusion of the Anders Breivik "show trial" in Oslo, Norway in regard to the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings on 7 / 22 / 2011 provides with an important new international dimension to our understanding of the "criminally insane" leadership of the New World Order described in the first half of this interview.
Not only is there strong evidence that Oslo 7/22 was staged as a Mossad-CIA-MI6 "inside job" with collusion by high level Norwegian government officials, but worse than this, Norway has been "Finlandized" to the point that its "Bilderberg" leaders support Fukushima-scale genocidal plans. They not only support the Svalbard Island "doomsday" seed vault to serve as a backup in the event that mercilessly greedy GMO companies like Monsanto succeed in wiping out most natural "heritage" seeds, but in addition, a "high level inside source" quoted by Frank Aune, in "Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway" at nyhetsspeilet claims that Norway's corrupted leadership plans to support only 2,000,000 Norwegians in underground facilities in the event of a major catastrophe while sacrificing the remaining 2,600,000 of the Norwegian population. Even worse, we learn that Norway confines a vastly higher percentage of its population to mental institutions compared to other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark in a neo-Soviet-style effort to curb dissent.
Another Norwegian writer, Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, describes in his book Sleep My Little Norway (2008) how Norway is being subverted in other ways by globalists, such as through chemtrails from foreign aircraft, radiation from NATO systems that impair health and judgment, and vaccination programs that make Norwegian children sick.
Historically, Scandinavians have earned a reputation for being a relatively rational, far-sighted, honest, and productive people. Traditional Norwegians have been a proud people inspired by the bravery of Viking ancestors. They should be at the forefront of activists around the world blowing the whistle on global corruption, just like the Norse Gods who confront the evil trickster Loki and his perverse allies on the day of Ragnarök.
Instead of bravery, we behold a sad spectacle where a large number of Norwegians have apparently been brainwashed down to the level of the "Eloi" portrayed in the movie The Time Machine (described in the introduction to the first hour of this interview). They allow themselves to be intimidated by contemporary "Morlocks," such as the Rothschilds / City of London / Dope Inc. power nexus. The fact that the tentacles of this evil nexus can reach so far around the world into places like Norway and the U.S.A. helps to explain the conspicuous absence of adequate "counter predators" on the global stage who can keep high level criminal "predators" in check.
The globalist elite has gained control of high tech weaponry which support their "disaster capitalist," global depopulation genocide, "global tectonic nuclear warfare," and "Sampson Option" agendas. They seek to maintain their evil empire at all costs, even if it means exterminating all real or perceived competition, and even risking major radioactive blowback on themselves and their progeny.
There is strong evidence that Fukushima was precipitated not only through use of HAARP to precipitate the 3-11, 2011 tsunami, but also through the use of the Stuxnet virus which crippled the disaster response capabilities of Japanese nuclear reactors. (Please see my open source intelligence documentation here). There is also considerable evidence that back in 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was also sabotaged in an effort to bring down the former Soviet Union, as I document here.
As background radiation levels continue to rise around the Northern Hemisphere, and other poisons continually spread across the planet, we must strive ever harder to stop high level malefactors and aid in the civil defense of our fellow man or else major portions of mankind will become extinct.




From How contaminated a bird is in Fukushima, posted by Mochizuki on April 29th, 2012. Iori Mochizuki notes: "Prof. Mori of Tokyo university took a picture of a bush warbler in Fukushima by autoradiography. It took one month to capture the radiation from cesium 137. The bush warbler was found dead in Iidate mura last December. This photo was taken from the stomach of the bird. Black spots in the wing parts show radioactive particles stuck to the wings. The ones in the body parts show the radioactive particles taken into the body. Biological concentration is assumed to have happened through contaminated worms.


Above, from the web site "Red Forest in Chernobyl Zone." American activist Christina Consolo has documented splotches of "red forest syndrome" in her own back yard in her video: Red Forest Syndrome in Michigan 5.27.2012 (YouTube) Her caption: "Taking a drive around Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. This ginger-red color was widely observed around Chernobyl in pines, as they are notorious for cesium uptake. Fallout tends to occur in a leopard-spot pattern. The color change in pines has been observed all over Michigan since May of last year. We stopped at 3 of the worst trees, and there was no pine beetle damage on this particular day, as well as all the other trees we have checked in the past year."


From Red forest appeared in Fukushima, Posted by Mochizuki, fukushima-diary.com, on April 18th, 2012




From the article "Mutated Baby Bird With 2 Heads, 3 Beaks Follows Mutated Plants In Fukushima & US" Alexander Higgins - May 30, 2012. Higgins notes: "As mutated flowers and vegetables are being [found] in Fukushima and the US a mutated baby bird with 2 heads and 3 beaks has been found in Massachusetts."


From Hillary Clinton Imports Japan's Nuked Food To America, by Deborah Dupre, 15 April 2011



Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde has shared important information about the probable use of mind control in the Breveik case, and collusion by Norwegian government officials with Mossad-CIA-MI6



text and photos from
aangirfan.blogspot.com, April 19, 2012



In court, the fake looking Breivik, whose job is to promote the Israeli-inspired clash of civilisations.
Note that the nose and ears are different from the Breiviks pictured below.


Convex nose

Wide nose





Has Norway become overly "Finlandized" by the London-New York-Tel Aviv Axis of the Zionist New World Order? Left, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg with arch-Zionist troublemaker and Rothschild lieutenant George Soros, June 2011, in New York City. Soros aided and abetted the collapse of the Icelandic economy in 2008, conducted a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic Party in 2004, is suspected of supporting disinformational media and operating Mossad front companies in the U.S. that engage in espionage and the cover ups of assassinations, and has sponsored "color revolutions" that have subverted eastern European countries and inflamed U.S.-Russian relations ... his life story reads like a villain in a James Bond novel, which in fact may be a reason why Soros put the kibosh on another Bond film starring Daniel Craig.

"AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday [the day before the shooting]. Her blir Støre geleidet rundt i leiren av AUF-leder Eskil Pedersen. [translate.google.com: Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pederse" (Reuters)]."



Top: Artist concept of the entrance of the seed vault on Svaldbard island. Below: caption from Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway by Frank Aune, nyhetsspeilet.no, "Officially, the project is called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Behind the sponsors are Bill Gates, who has invested all 180 million of his own wallet along with the Rockefeller Foundation (related to the New World Order), Monsanto Corporation (genetically modified food), Syngenta Foundation (pantenterer seeds) - and the Government of Norway."



LIFE IMITATING CINEMA FICTION, Take 3: Time traveler George Wells dining among Eloi "flower children" in the 1960 version of The Time Machine. The perpetually child-like Eloi, who are used by the Morlocks for cannibalistic consumption, all have blond Nordic features. Norwegians who allow themselves to be fooled by high level officials who cooperated with the Oslo-Utoya 7/22 inside job, and who are ultimately controlled by Rothschild / City of London / Mossad-CIA-MI6 / Dope, Inc. "Morlock" rulers, have become as pathetically brainwashed as the children depicted above.



Hour Two


Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer your host on the Real Deal, continuing my conversation with Bill Fox and Leuren Moret. Leuren, I know there is more going on with Fukushima. It seems to me the gift that keeps on giving. It is just so evil, so diabolical, and the effects are just so horrendous. Please do tell us more.
L. Moret: Well, there was a butterfly study reported in May in Japan, and one in 10,000 of the `Ladyboy' butterflies are born half male and half female. So the male and the female are dimorphic, in other words they are different colors. So they are finding this butterfly with one side is male, and the other side is female.
Dr. Fetzer: That is bizarre.
L. Moret: The wing on the right side is male, and the wing on the left side is female. Now another thing that they have found is the mutations with each generation are increasing. They looked at 121 adult pale grass butterflies in May 2011 and they found that 12% had unusually small rings, defective antennas, whatever. Some kind of obvious external mutation. And for every visible mutation, Dr. Muller who won the Nobel Prize in 1946 for his early, early, very, very ground-breaking studies on the biological effects of radiation, he said that there are 10 internal effects that aren't visible. So in the second generation --
Dr. Fetzer: So for every external defect, there are ten internal ones not visible to the eye.
L. Moret: Yes, that is right. So 12% of the population of the butterflies they collected had visible abnormalities such as unusually small wings. But in the second generation, that rate rose to 18%. In the third generation the rate of abnormalities was 34%. So the team collected 238 butterflies last September, and the abnormality rate was 28%.
Dr. Fetzer: Wow.
L. Moret: So this is proliferating through the human population of Japan. It is also in the animals [as well as] these insects. Dr. Mori was studying, collecting the tree samples, leaves and branches, and he found, he actually put them, the cedar tree is what he was looking at, and he picked leaf branches and put them on radioactive-sensitive paper, and left them for a month. And he provided these images. You can see the outline of the leaf and the whole shape of the leaf cluster and how radioactive the whole branch is. And then he looked at the reproductive parts of the cedar tree. In normal cedars, the female parts are on one branch and the male parts are on another branch. But in these contaminated trees the mutations were causing intersex which is like the butterfly where the male reproductive organ had female reproductive appendages growing out of the top and the bottom of the male. So there is intersex now in trees and it has been reported in the U.S. now with babies. There are a lot of hermaphroditic babies born, and --
Dr. Fetzer: Really! Really!
L. Moret: Yes, and there is a big dispute now whether to make the baby surgically a male or a female or to wait until that baby is a young adult and they can decide themselves. It's an epidemic.
Dr. Fetzer: Are these butterflies, for example, able to reproduce?
L. Moret: No.
Dr. Fetzer: OK, so actually we are talking about a sterile -- this is not actually a species. This is a dead end. This is a biological dead end we are talking about here.
L. Moret: Now some of them may be able to reproduce because polar bears in Spitsbergen, the females also have penises. This is from radiation contamination probably from the Russian hydrogen bomb tests in the Arctic. But they have cubs with them, so they also have intersex from earlier sources of radiation exposure. Even the Olympic Committee, which used to do gender tests on all Olympic athletes has discontinued that since about 1990 because the females were coming up as hermaphrodites and they did not want to get into counting chromosomes on every athlete.
Dr. Fetzer: How bizarre.
L. Moret: They just stopped testing them. Also, I think his name is Dr. Mori, he also collected a bush warbler from Fukushima and he laid that on photographic paper, radiation-sensitive paper, for a month. The most radioactive parts of the whole bird is there. It is the radioactive shadow of that bird on the paper. You can see the stomach, so the food it was eating was very contaminated whether it was insects and worms or --
Dr. Fetzer: The most heavily irradiated is going to make the biggest image. Go ahead.
L. Moret: And the wings, the wing feathers and the wings were very contaminated.
Dr. Fetzer: Because they are exposed to so much radiation in the atmosphere where they fly.
L. Moret: Yes, yes. So, and it is just going everywhere. There is a story in August 27th, just a week or two ago where a woman [Pamela Weisfeld] who was born in New Jersey emigrated to Israel six years ago, married and had two children, and she is only 40 years old, and she found out five weeks ago that she had liver and brain cancer that had spread from her ovaries [breasts]. And she died five weeks after she was notified of this cancer. So that's Fukushima.
Dr. Fetzer: You are telling me this happens very fast. This is a very rapid, developing, growing, it is a galloping cancer.
L. Moret: Yes. And the real tragedy is that the West Coast of North America, just the United States part, is now receiving its, is being bombarded with Japanese tsunami debris that is radioactive washing up on our shores. And I know that an artist who lives up the California coast from somewhere in the Mendocino area, I met him at Bohemian Grove protest there about a month ago, and he said that thousands and thousands and thousands of abalone, dead abalone, had washed up on the shores.
Dr. Fetzer: All killed by the radiation.
L. Moret: Probably, yes.
Dr. Fetzer: Scary, very scary stuff. Bill, I take it you have got another dimension to this problem you want to contribute.
Maj. Fox: Yes, well, radiation affects all life forms, to include plant life. Interestingly enough has very similar effects to plants as animals. For example, not only do you see conjoining twins with animals, but with plants you see conjoined [examples] like at a place on Facebook run by Christina Consolo, the "RadChick" of Nuked Radio. There is a picture of two conjoined mushrooms. You get excessive branching, a phenomenon called fasciation in plants. People have been sending in photos, gardeners from all over the country saying "We have never seen this happen to our plants before." Just like you have two-headed animals, you have flowers that have like two blossoms linked together. Fukushima Diary has shown evidence of gigantism or giantism where you have unusually large peppers and other types of vegetables being grown by farmers, not only in Japan, but we now are seeing it here in America. And of course Leuren Moret talked about hermaphroditism in plants as well as animals. In fact one of the well-documented effects of Chernobyl was called red forest syndrome. And Christina Consolo says that she is seeing that now in Michigan. When she drove the width of Michigan -- of course you have a phenomenon where radiation tends to come down in splotches or clusters -- it is well documented from Chernobyl --
L. Moret: Hot spots.
Maj. Fox: Hot spots, right. And you can have an area several hundred meters wide that is five times more radioactive than an area adjoining it. And so she has seen splotches of pine trees -- now pine trees are like a canary in the coal mine because they tend to uptake cesium out of the ground more readily than other types of trees. So she claims that there are areas where they are turning red just like they did --
Dr. Fetzer: The pine trees in Michigan are turning red because they are absorbing cesium from the soil.
Maj. Fox: Certain splotches of them. Not all of them, but just certain splotches..
Dr. Fetzer: And this was a phenomenon also observed in Chernobyl.
Maj. Fox: Right, where you actually have massive forest areas that have turned red.
Dr. Fetzer: It doesn't kill the trees, but it changes their color.
Maj. Fox: I don't know how much of a dosage it takes to kill the tree. She does note that one of the tell-tale signs is that there is an insect called pine tree beetles that create little tubules, and she notices that those have all been killed off on these trees. So that is certainly one bell-weather. Interestingly enough --
Dr. Fetzer: What was that again, Bill? What was killed off on the trees?
Maj. Fox: There is an insect called the pine tree beetle that will crawl up and leave little tubules along the surfaces of the trees.
Dr. Fetzer: So the beetles are being killed.
Maj. Fox: Yes, they are being killed. So that is a tell-tale sign.
Dr. Fetzer: Of the contamination in the tree and in the sap and so on.
Maj. Fox: Exactly, and in fact Michael Collins of EnviroReporter.com who is regularly featured on Jeff Rense is reporting that California naval oranges are being detected with extremely high levels of cesium 134 and cesium 137.
Dr. Fetzer: California oranges?
Maj. Fox: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: They are turned into orange juice that is marketed all over the country!
Maj. Fox: As a matter of fact, the Japanese are even beginning to ban California oranges. Kind of an irony. A reverse irony.
Dr. Fetzer: Japan is banning California oranges which are contaminated with radiation that originated in Japan. Stunning.
Maj. Fox: Yes, and he said that radiation is showing up in California almonds, dried prunes and pistachios. They test high for cesium 134 and cesium 137.

[Post-interview correction by Maj. Fox: Michael Collins reported "In an April 4, 2012 test in Tokyo the levels in a California navel orange including its juice exceeded U.S. EPA limits for beta emitters like cesium-134 (Cs-134) and cesium-137 (Cs-137) in drinking water of 3 picocuries per liter (pCi/l) by over 8 times." Another nuclear industry critic, namely Andrew Kishner at NuclearCrimes.org, in Japan Finds Radioactivity in More Foods From California: The California Radiation Report (PDF), dated August 23, 2012, observed the following:

...In August 2012, it was learned that a Japanese supermarket chain tested U.S.-exported pistachio nuts for radioactivity and found 9.54 becquerels per kilogram of cesium-137 but no detectable cesium-134. (98% of all pistachio nuts are grown in California.) The pistachios contained about 95 times more cesium-137 than California almonds from 2011 and surpassed dozens of other food items in the supermarket's lab report for cesium content. The level of cesium-137 - a beta and gamma emitter produced in fission - in the pistachio nuts is equivalent to 257 picocuries per kilogram, which makes it more contaminated than most food items tested by the U.S. Public Health Service during the peak of nuclear weapons testing fallout (in 1963)!
It is downright frightening to know that in one instance an orange grown in 2011 in California was 'hotter' than oranges grown there in the 1960s when hydrogen nuclear bombs were exploding in open-air at testing sites closer to the U.S. than Fukushima! It is even scarier that pistachios grown in the U.S. were the 'hottest' item in an 'isotopic test' selection of supermarket items in newly contaminated Japan in 2012!...

However, my use of the word "ban" was too strong. It would be more accurate to say "certain Japanese people may begin to shun." The word "ban" implies an official government action. Something I read or heard gave me the impression of some kind of ban, but my subsequent research has not verified this. The pattern of Japanese government behavior has remained in the exact opposite direction from that of protecting the public. The Japanese government re-set its own limits way above U.S. EPA standards and has engaged in a longstanding pattern of denial and deception regarding the severity of the radiation threat, even going so far as to allow feeding contaminated food to Japanese school children and allowing remobilization of radiation through a policy of incinerating radioactive waste around the country.]

Dr. Fetzer: Oh my God.
Maj. Fox: He [Michael Collins] said that in Santa Barbara there are sunflower mutations that are showing up within two miles of the Pacific. Incidentally, speaking of the jet stream, he said that radiation levels in cross country flights have increased 33% since December 2011. High readings at five times normal at high altitude. He actually took a trip from L.A. to Michigan last fall, and tested five times above normal levels at high altitudes. We are hearing stories of employees of Alaska Airlines, their hair is falling out and showing other signs of radiation sickness. Of course polar bears are showing bleeding and lesions and other symptoms as well. One other thing that Michael Collins reports is that in very dry desert areas the chemtrails are, he claims, helping to precipitate radiation out of the atmosphere. So now it is falling out in desert areas that normally don't get much rainfall.
Dr. Fetzer: Let me ask you this. The Homeland Security has requisitioned one and a half billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition which is so devastating it is not even permissible in the conduct of war under the Geneva Conventions. Could it be that they are stockpiling all this ammunition because there are going to be the contaminated hordes that is going to be like a country of zombies. They are going to have to kill all these people contaminated with radiation who are wanting to come after the government for not protecting them from it.
Maj. Fox: Right, as a matter of fact it was demonstrated in Chernobyl that after radiation accumulates to a certain level, well, first off one of the first areas it tends to affect according to Dr. Chris Busby are the frontal lobes or the higher cognitive processes. There is an article in Fukushima Diary [and also at http://ex-skf.blogspot.com] about how a lot of students in Japan are becoming more lethargic. Their mental capabilities are getting knocked down. So there are cases in Chernobyl where certain animals like wild boar will just suddenly out of nowhere attack people who are visiting in cars. Forms of aggressive behavior not seen before. So we can imagine with a certain level of accumulation of radiation we may see more insane behavior.
Dr. Fetzer: With the loss of higher brain function, they are reverting to more primitive states given their evolutionary history. So they are actually represented in an earlier stage in the evolution of the species.
L. Moret: Well what the damage has actually, this increase in violence in young men occurred in cities around the world after the nuclear bomb testing. And it happened right when --.
Dr. Fetzer: You mean U.S. nuclear bomb testing, as in Nevada?
L. Moret: And Russian, and British, and right after each of the bomb tests --
Dr. Fetzer: Where scientists aware of this at the time, Leuren? Did they realize that there was a potential causal connection there?
L. Moret: No, it is a study that was published some years afterward because then the statistics and the data is there.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes. it has got to be a longitudinal study because there will be a long term effect.
L. Moret: Right. What they found was there were peaks in violence that coincided with these bomb tests in cities around the world in young men. And its damage to the impulse control mechanism in the brain ---
Dr. Fetzer: Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.
L. Moret: That is exactly what our soldiers have with PTSD. And so if you talk to a widow --
Dr. Fetzer: You mean that also affects their impulse control. The widows will say they were more violent and abusive and all this?
L. Moret: What they do is they come back and they were buff and fit and healthy when they went off to war --.
Dr. Fetzer: Right.
L. Moret: They came back and one widow in Canada said "It took my husband three years to die. First he had blue-green eyes, they turned, no, he had brown eyes, they turned bright blue. Then they turned a cloudy white. He sat in a room for two or three years and he swung from suicide to homicide, to suicide from homicide. He ate baby food out of jars and it terrified the children. She said the only thing we had left was sex, and she said his semen was burning from the chemicals produced from the uranium in his semen.
Dr. Fetzer: She would have to douche after every intercourse.
L. Moret: No, she had to fill condoms with frozen peas and keep them in the freezer and as soon as they were through having sex, she would insert a frozen condom full of peas into her vagina.
Dr. Fetzer: To try to offset the stinging sensation. the burning sensation.
L. Moret: If the semen landed on his skin it did the same thing.
Dr. Fetzer: It must have done considerable damage to her vagina.
L. Moret: I'm sure, and also that story [Weapons of Self-Destruction by David Rose] is actually in Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair did a fantastic series of interviews and produced a very, very good article and Leon DiCaprio is on the cover. I think it is December, I don't know what year it was, but that was a really a break through article that busted down the depleted uranium office in the Pentagon and really shut them up with all their just blatant, egregious lies. We have two million medically disabled soldiers in the U.S. now.
Dr. Fetzer: Two million.
L. Moret: Two million.
Dr. Fetzer: And they are trying to avoid giving them V.A. treatment because it is so bloody expensive.
L. Moret: They just want them to die.
Dr. Fetzer: They just want them to die.
L. Moret: Yes, so they just --
Dr. Fetzer: It is like putting off the first responders in New York [on 0/11]. They wouldn't acknowledge there were any serious hazards even in breathing the dust, which of course is as blatant a lie as it gets. And they have been wanting for them to die too. So that it has only been after ten years they are deciding that they are entitled to medical benefits.
L. Moret: We are just all disposable. By the way, the Vanity Fair magazine and article is from December 2004.
Dr. Fetzer: December 2004. That is worth tracking down.
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: 2004, but has it made any difference? Has medical practice changed? Are they doing anything to cope with it?
L. Moret: Well, when [former] Secretary of Defense Gates made some statements in the last year he just said "Of course we are thankful and grateful to the soldiers, but the medical costs are killing us. We would rather spend the money on weapons."
Dr. Fetzer: Rather spend the money on weapons! How about peace? How about getting out of these wars of aggression? How about closing our bases? How about ending our foreign aid? How about coming home and taking care of Americans right here in the U.S.A.?
L. Moret: How about Dope, Incorporated? That is who is behind this. That is the British. And Secretary of Defense Robert Gates owns a home on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands on the border of Canada and the United States. That is a big drug-funneling pathway from Vancouver into the U.S. He is part of the whole global drug network. He doesn't care about our soldiers. All they care about is money.
Dr. Fetzer: It is disgusting, it is disgraceful. I can't believe it.
L. Moret: The Queen of England owns $35 trillion worth of land. That is her land holdings. And that is in a book called Who Owns the World written by a former Sandhurst military officer in England. He personally sent it to me and autographed it and mailed it express from England. It must have cost him a hundred dollars to send it to me. He detailed who owns all the land around the world. And there is the chart, the Queen of England owns $35 trillion in land. Trillion! And yet she had to try to get money to heat the Buckingham Palace in the winter time. She tried to get it from a fund for poor people.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, Bill, we are going to take our final break. This is Jim Fetzer, you host on the Real Deal, we will be right back. [21:49]


Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal concluding my conversation with Leuren Moret and Bill Fox. Unless the two of you have a few loose ends you would like to add about Fukushima and all this other disaster, I thought we might turn our attention to events in Norway, which are all too frightening in a completely different way.
Maj. Fox: Yes, well actually there is some connections to the extent that based on my research, the Norwegian government and establishment has been heavily compromised by the same New World Order folks that we have been discussing so far in regard to Fukushima, and that has been one of my great discoveries.
Dr. Fetzer: Why don't you elaborate on that Bill? That would be useful to know.
Maj. Fox: Yes, well I think it is especially timely since Breivik, his court case was concluded on the occultic date of June 22nd. As we know, dates that are divisible by 11 have occult significance [for 9/11-type "inside job" false flag operators]. News media claimed that he killed 77 people, actually a lot of accounts claim it was more, but 77 is an occultic number. And then of course the actual date of the bombing [in Oslo] and the shootings on Utoya Island on 7-22 [in 2011] is occultic. This was purely a show trial. There are photos of Breivik at different points of his life which show different shape of ear lobes and other facial features, so we don't even know that this is the same Breivik that has been referred to in various biographies, or whether he is just a patsy. There is an interesting propaganda spin change. Originally Breivik, an older Breivik, claimed in 2009, he said "We have to influence cultural conservatives to take up our anti-racist, pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli direction." He was pro-Vatican, pro-Zionist, anti-Muslim. Then at the time of the trial, he was quoted as saying that we have to preserve pure Norwegian bloodlines, in other words, making him sound more like a racist in the old style. So he was basically reinvented. There is a Finnish medical doctor who has been living in Norway who gave interviews on Red Ice Radio, Dr. Leena -- [Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde], her name will come to me in just a minute, she said that there was a Norwegian minister of justice who allowed the Mossad to come and visit with Breivik in prison. So there is one strong bit evidence that Breivik was being coached and that his persona was being reshaped. Now there are some other things that were very telling in terms of the motivations. It looked like Breivik, in talking about wanting to preserve indigenous values and being defined as some kind of hard core reactionary Norwegian nationalist, of course his philosophy really was not nationalist in the style of what I consider authentic Norwegian nationalism, I think most real nationalists look to the 19th century, the period of romantic nationalism, when romantic nationalist movements swept Europe, as a good touchstone, and instead Breivik focused on the Knights Templars, who were a Norman-French phenomenon of the medieval era, as his inspiration. Of course Norway, being a Protestant, Lutheran country is not exactly pro-Vatican. And Breivik earlier was pro-Vatican. But anyway this was actually a big black eye that they were trying to create in the later Breivik for the Progress Party which opposes Third World immigration into Norway. And I came across an article that I think provides some unusual insight. Of course there are a lot of, after studying all of this, I think there are a lot of motivations on a lot of different levels. I am sure the globalists were not happy about Norway wanting to pull out of Libya. Also, Norway has been supporting Palestinians. There is a photo on Utoya Island shortly before the shooting [with demonstrators holding a banner] saying "Boycott Israel," even among the Norwegian Labor Party members. So the Norwegians have been doing a lot of things that I think have piqued the New World Order. But there was an article called DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Who Are The Bankers That Benefit From The Norway Terror Attacks? dated 26 July 2011. And it says:

, , , Why the Norway terror attacks have more to do with international banks and a failed carbon tax scam than with a crazed racist man…by Mario Andrade . . .

Maj. Fox: And it turns out:

. . . the media is reporting that Breivik was an anti-immigration islamophobe and a supporter of the ...People’s Progress Party ...

Maj. Fox: ...Which has been the major resurgent competition against the Labor Party. The Labor Party is the main party, the prevailing party, of the current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. And it says that Stoltenberg actually attended a Cancun Global Climate Change Summit, and he:

. . . agreed to participate in a carbon tax pilot program, endorsed by the UN and George Soros....

Maj. Fox: And in this carbon tax program, Norway would send between 250-500 million [U.S. Dollars] from Norwegian tax payers to the government of Guyana and South America. The article later goes on to claim that this really blew up in their face, and that the Norwegian Progress Party which was against this project from the beginning began to mobilize to stop all funding. They wrote an open letter criticizing the project and the Labor Party, and in fact they are denouncing this carbon tax scam for what it really is has helped them gain political power. So you can see how the spin-doctoring, in fact they went even further, this article says that:

...The People’s Progress Party became the number one obstacle for the carbon tax promoters. The EU Police began to label them as terrorists. Their Facebook page was hacked earlier this month.

Maj. Fox: That was when this article was written, back last year [July 2011]. Then it said:

...Then suddenly, last Friday, a terrorist (who happens to be a Progress Party supporter) by the name of Anders Behring Breivik bombs the government building and kills a bunch of socialist kids in an island. The news media outlets worldwide have been unleashed and they are accusing those who support the Progress Party of being extremists, racists, islamophobes and even terrorists. Using the media propaganda as a tool, these terror attacks have effectively neutralized the Progress Party and their supporters, those who ‘deny’ climate change, those who oppose illegal immigration, higher taxes and the outsourcing of jobs...

Maj. Fox: So you can see there a motivation for top level insiders in the Norwegian government with the Labor Party to possibly participate in a false flag inside job. Stoltenberg of the Labor Party has been seen hobnobbing with George Soros, Bill Gates, and other top globalists. So in addition to all this, there are some other very interesting stories. Of course, there is one writer [Frank Aune] who talked about how most of the major Norwegian leaders attend the Bilderberg conferences, including Jens Stoltenberg, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and even the head of the Progress Party [Siv Jensen], so she is kind of a controlled opposition or limited hangout. But actually another very interesting source wrote a book called Sleep My Little Norway by Per-Aslak Ertresvåg published in 2008. He said [words to the effect, as redacted by his publisher]:

The country Norway was a beautiful illusion that is still held up by hypocrisy, lies and hidden actions. Powerful outside forces are trying to conquer us from within, with the help of Norwegian collaborators. We are exposed to chemical warfare: chemtrails from foreign aircraft, radiation from NATO systems that impair the health and our leaders' judgment, and vaccination programs that make our children sick.

Maj. Fox: Now there is something even more shocking. I am getting to the punchline -- oh, he also points out that Norway annually coercively sends five times as many people to psychiatric institutions compared to neighboring countries like Denmark and Sweden, and implies that much of this may be for political purposes to quell dissent. But there is something even more shocking I have been leading up to in this background discussion. In January 11, 2009, there is an article by Frank Aune, in nyhetsspeilet.no titled "Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway." And now he claims that:

. . . [a confidential] Norwegian politician reveals the existence of extensive high-tech underground bases in Norway as a secret kept by means of lies and cynicism. These are intended only for the elite, leading politicians and specially selected people in a global catastrophe. The rest of the Norwegian population is left to die...
. . . [This] Norwegian politician said that massive underground bases being kept secret for the people by the ...politicians.

Maj. Fox: ..They were under construction since 1983 and the last will be completed no later than 2011. And then he said:

. . . People who will be left on the surface to die will not get any help at all. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are to be safe and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish without knowing what's going on.
. . . All governments in the world are aware of this and they just say that it's going to happen. If they reveal anything to anyone it is the guaranteed death . . .

Dr. Fetzer: Bill, repeat this, repeat this, the statement. Who is the source?
Maj. Fox: The source, his name is Frank Aune, A-u-n-e. He wrote in a newspaper called nyhetsspeilet.no. I have the Google translation.
Dr. Fetzer: And who is he?. What is his background? How does he have this information?
Maj. Fox: Well, I would have to research him. I know the other person I mentioned was a journalist. Actually I would have to research that. He apparently wrote this column for nyhetsspeilet.no which has been a source of other good information. Incidentally, I have a web page I call my "open source intelligence, Internet reconnaissance web page," at my web site AmericaFirstBooks.com and also AmericaFirstInstitute.com. Just look for, I have a picture of some ladies who suffered from the bombing, about Oslo-Utoya, and I have a very long web page where I put together all kinds of sources and deep background. I have this individual listed for somebody who wants to get the links directly to this article. And I link it in a way so that it pulls up the translate.google.com version from Norwegian to English, so it automatically translates for people from nyhetsspeilet.no -
Dr. Fetzer: OK, I want you to go back over everything he is saying again. This column he published. I want you to go back over that whole column.
Maj Fox: OK, well he just said: "A Norwegian politician revealed the existence of extensive high-tech underground bases in Norway, which is a secret kept by means of lies --"
Dr. Fetzer: High tech, underground bases in Norway.
Maj Fox: Right.
Dr. Fetzer: Just as we have the report that there is a huge base under the Denver Airport. I mean, just a mammoth city beneath the ground.
Maj. Fox: Right, well actually see this is validated by some other intel. Like Norway was selected on the island of Svalbard to carry the global seed bank. So if Monsanto and other [monopolistic] genetic engineers succeed in wiping out most heritage seeds, there will still be some heritage seeds left inside this seed bank. So that's pretty creepy, in addition to the fact that Norway has the major HAARP facility at Tromso. When I was a Marine Corps Reserve officer I was doing some duty in logistics and I actually went to [U.S. Fleet Forces Command] Norfolk where I had a chance to interact with a Norwegian liaison officer, and I am well aware that Norwegians do a lot of mining and they have a lot of NATO defense facilities bored in the mountains. They have cooperated with the Swedes to create petroleum reserves inside hollowed out mountains. So it certainly is very credible to me that they would have a lot of underground bases.
Dr. Fetzer: And then continue with his prophecy or prediction about what is going to come to pass:
Maj. Fox: Well he just said that they were preparing special underground facilities. They began construction in 1983 to be completed no later than 2011.
Dr. Fetzer: They began in 1983?
Maj. Fox: Right. To be completed by 2011.
Dr. Fetzer: So they are completed now.
Maj. Fox: Right.
Dr. Fetzer: Assuming they were operating on schedule, which is very rare.
Maj. Fox: Right. But he actually claimed that an individual went on tour where there were a lot of Norwegian soldiers, and they have these high speed underground tube trains that he observed. Now another interesting thing --
Dr. Fetzer: Well I want this thing about all the millions who are going to be left dead while the small number survives underground.
Maj Fox: .Right. Well he said that the plan is two million Norwegians --
Dr. Fetzer: The plan. The plan!
Maj Fox: The plan, that's right. Two million will be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2.6 million Norwegians will perish. Well, you see, actually this links into another thing. You would think, why would Norwegians host [HAARP] in Tromso -- or not all Norwegians -- but this co-opted, this compromised globalist elite that attends Bilderberg conferences. I mean, the implication is that you have an elite that has been turned against, is at war with its own people, just like in Japan. You have the Japanese government which acts like it is at war with its own people. Or even here in the United States, like Hillary Clinton, letting in the imported radioactive food. I mean, it is like there are these elites in charge of all these Western countries --
Dr. Fetzer: If the construction began in 1983, obviously it was completely independent of Fukushima and the Japanese development of their nuclear reactors and the disaster.
L. Moret: Jim, I have a comment.
Dr. Fetzer: I am going to bring you in, Leuren, absolutely, I just want to get over what Bill is reporting about this story.
Maj. Fox: I think I recall from my research on the Project for a New American Century in the early 1980's Benjamin Netanyahu and others started drawing up plans for the U.S. to get aggressive about invading Middle Eastern countries.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh yes, absolutely. In 1986, Terrorism: How the West Can Win, edited by Benjamin Netanyahu.
Maj. Fox: Yes, right, and on top of that you have the evil gnome of the nuclear industry, the so-called Dr. Strangelove, [the arch-Zionist] Dr. Edward Teller, who was advocating that we build nuclear reactors over earthquake faults and in flood plains and using the Mark I GE design in which they would stack [spent] fuel rods over the reactors which makes as much sense as storing gasoline cans full of gasoline over your stove in your house.
Dr. Fetzer: This is idiotic.
Maj. Fox: I know, but that was in the 1950's.
Dr. Fetzer: What is supposed to be the plan, where does the plan come from?
Maj. Fox: I will give my own interpretation, that is, back in 1913 you had the Rothschilds / City of London who had [set up and] taken over the [U.S. Federal Reserve] bank, actually their forebears had set up the Bank of England as a privately owned central bank in the late 1600's, and actually going through the medieval ages Jewish goldsmiths were very adept at playing games at issuing more certificates for gold kept in storage with them than they had gold. So that is called fractional reserve banking, which is very unusual [as a trait] of the banking system, because in any other industry --
Dr. Fetzer: It is called a fraud.
Maj. Fox: It is called a fraud. In any other industry, like if you run a grain warehouse, if you issue more receipts for stored grain than there is grain in the warehouse, that is fraud, but this has been made legal in the banking industry.
Dr. Fetzer: Incredible. The banking industry is the one where it should be the most illegal. Most forbidden. Most taboo.
Maj. Fox: That's right. In fact, Dr. Murray Rothbard points out that actually, if anything, a central bank under normal peacetime conditions does more to distort the economy and hurt the economy than help it by manipulating interest rates and fractional reserve lending [and also by generating inflation by increasing the supply of fiat money]. It is actually like a big Ponzi scheme. It is unsustainable.
Dr. Fetzer: I want to get Leuren in here right away, but I want to hear what is your take on who originated the plan?
Maj. Fox: OK, the point I am leading up to is the people who run the central banks, like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, know that they are running an unsustainable system. [Editor's Note: They also run Dope, Inc., which uses the banking system to launder their dirty money and bail out their speculative activity]. I mean, they have debauched our currency by about 97% since 1913. So they have known that sooner or a later the jig is going to be up. OK? So they have always had kind of like a Masada or doomsday scenario. "What if these stupid goyim begin to catch on and come for our throats, what are we going to do?" Mike Piper in his book The GOLEM talks about how there is a game plan in Israel, regardless of whether Israel is at fault or not, to take the whole world down with them. It is a Masada plan.
Dr. Fetzer: It is called the Sampson Option, isn't it?.
Maj. Fox: Yes, that's right. That's another name for it. So I interpret this as being part of a long term Masada plan where they deliberately created prepositioned dirty nukes [in the form of nuclear power plants that quickly become dirty nukes when sabotaged ] all over the U.S. so that they could have a knife to the throat of the public if the public began to catch on to their unsustainable Ponzi scheme. And that the global depopulation plan is another long term plan, and that is, see, I mean the Jews have had a very bitter history. They got thrown out of [Western] Europe in the Middle Ages, there are cases like in England where there is a spontaneous revolt in a European city where all the Jews got herded into a tower and it was set on fire. So the Jews are very, very, paranoid. Their thoughts are, "What if all the gentiles turn on us, what are we going to do?" And part of their response involves thinking of setting up Sampson Options or Masada Plans. So I interpret this as part of a long term, ultra paranoid, Sampson-Masada scheme, and so I think that this is part of it all. Part of their little game is that they like to do mind control. They like to manipulate people. They are tricksters. And for them to trick -- to chess move -- people into the Norwegian elite, to brainwash them and turn them against their own people this way, to them they think that is funny. That is their craft.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, I want to bring you in. Yes, go right ahead.
L. Moret: How much time do we have left?
Dr. Fetzer: Well, about ten minutes.
L. Moret: OK, great. First of all I had to try to understand why I saw those plumes, the radioactive plumes from Japan being guided over Scandinavia and into the Baltic Sea and states region. A chance meeting with a woman who had been born in Latvia or Estonia, she was on the bus and I started talking to her. I told her she looked nice, and this is in Berkeley, California a few weeks ago. She started talking to me and she said "Russia has moved a million Russians into the Baltic states." And I said "Aha! This is a land grab. This is what is happening now. This is a land grab in Scandinavia and in the Baltic region." So that was one comment I had. Another comment is that it is Britain that is engineering this. It is the international financiers with their headquarters in London, the City of London. And even the Queen of England or the King of England cannot enter the City of London with any armed personnel. They can be uniformed personnel, but they cannot enter the City of London with anyone with guns, and they also cannot enter the City of London without permission first. So this is the anonymity, this is the unaccountability that these people have. It is Britain that started MI6. That is their top intelligence agency. MI6 created the CIA, the FBI, the Mossad. So it is Israel and the U.S. are working for British intelligence.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, what I want to know is, given all this disaster of Fukushima, was there ever a point at which anything could be done about it? Was there ever a point in which if certain actions had been taken that these catastrophic effects could have been thwarted or at least minimized? What do you foresee as the future, because you are painting a very gloomy, dismal picture of what we all have to look forward to, which is a miserable death by radiation poisoning.
L. Moret: OK, well let me just answer that. A study was done in Japan on the cesium levels in soil and in earth worms. This is in Fukushima Prefecture. This was reported in February. And the forestry and forest products research institute, a government institution, reported levels in earth worms from three locations in Fukushima. They reported the levels ranged from 20,000 becquerels, that is disintegrations per second, per kilo of, I am not sure if it was in soil, or the earth worms, to a low level of 290 becquerels per kilo. Now remember all our food is being grown in this soil. However, I mean, 20,000 becquerels per kilo is very, very high. Professor Bin Mori, who is a professor in Japan, he actually went and collected earthworms and the excrement in the Watari district of Fukushima City.
Dr. Fetzer: Human excrement or worm excrement?
L. Moret: No, no. This is earth worms. And he reported that what he measured was 1.37 million becquerels per kilo.
Dr. Fetzer: Good God!
L. Moret: And the earth worms, the excrement is soil. That is how plant material --
Dr. Fetzer: Of course, it is a fertilizer. Normally you value it. It enriches the soil in which your roses, for example, might grow.
L. Moret: Right, so this is impacting all of the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere now too, because it is globally mixed in the atmosphere in one year. And so who could be behind this demonic plan? They did nuclear weapons testing. They deliberately exposed the Pacific Islanders and studied them. They did 1,300 nuclear bomb tests in the U.S. They really destroyed America with the nuclear bomb tests. Then they put the nuclear power plants in. That is like living next to a slow nuclear bomb going off. And it is in your children. It is in house dust. You are inhaling it. And it is all fresh fission products produced just a few miles from your house, not all the way across the Pacific Ocean in Fukushima. And then they did the depleted uranium wars and also nuclear battlefield tactical nuclear weapons were used in Iraq, Afghanistan, probably Yugoslavia, Lebanon, and so we have this accumulated nuclear pollution in all of our bodies, in our genes, in our children, and all these children in the future, and look what it did to the butterflies. It is going to do the same to us. And pretty soon there are going to be very few healthy people left. But very recently Chase Bank and CVS Pharmacy wanted to buy a piece of property, an old car lot, in Sonoma County, and there was a huge fight because the local people did not want it. But when I realized that CVS and Chase Bank had bought it together, and wanted to build a pharmacy and a Chase Bank there, I said, "Oh my God, its the banks, the financiers, who own the pharmaceutical companies now. Many of the old American drug stores and pharmaceutical stores were bought out about five years ago. And I said "Who owns CVS, this is a whole new game." And in protesting the development of that car lot, I realized it is the financiers who own the pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, that is all well and good. I want to know what can be done about this. Can any of us do anything to preserve the health and welfare of our families, our children and our loved ones.
L. Moret: The most important thing is to get away from the radiation and that means going to the Southern Hemisphere.
Dr. Fetzer: Jesus Christ.
L. Moret: It is nuclear tectonic warfare. Almost all of the nuclear power plants are located in super power countries, the very ones that they are taking down now, collapsing the Western economies. Almost all of them are built on active faults just as --
Dr. Fetzer: Was there any point in time during which the Fukushima disaster could have been curtailed?
L. Moret: Ah yes, that is the question I was trying to answer. Yes, the U.S. Government, the French Government, the Russian Government all sent experts to Japan. Expert teams, military teams, they are all very experienced with radioactive disasters. And they advised the Japanese government and TEPCO, the energy company, what to do. And TEPCO absolutely refused to do anything. They hid everything that they were doing. They lied about the disaster. The government lied about it.
Dr. Fetzer: So what the "F" was going on with TEPCO?
L. Moret: TEPCO was taking their orders from Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Steven Koonin at the head of the Department of Energy, and they were taking their orders from British Petroleum. It was all ordered from England.
Dr. Fetzer: Good God!
L. Moret: The whole disaster was engineered and all of the actions taken were ordered from England.
Dr. Fetzer: The overwhelming majority of Americans obviously do not have the resources to move to the Southern Hemisphere. That is restricted to a very tiny percentage of the population. So I think what you are telling me Leuren is that for most Americans the end is not that far off. It is going to be miserable deaths from radiation contamination. Tell me I am wrong, because that is how I see.
L. Moret: It is what the military calls a "soft kill." And it is just going to be softer than the extermination of the Japanese.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, I am just sick, I am actually physically ill overhearing this. I want to thank you and Bill Fox for coming on. I have often observed that knowledge is not going to guarantee happiness. I cannot think of a more appalling example than what this conversation we have had today [has entailed].
Maj. Fox: Can I quickly interject a point? That is, initially they could have put in nitrogen and boron and [done] hydrogen venting, and they did not do any of that. That is a point Leuren Moret made in the past. And they could use ground penetrating radar to find out where the corium is underground. They are not doing that. They could have tried to blow everything into the ocean. That was recommended after the corium had gone thought the containment chambers, the Japanese rejected that. They felt it was actually safer to blow it all into the ocean and pick it up off the ocean floor than to go into the ground and have it steam away.
Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, thanking my special guest Bill Fox and Leuren Moret for being here, and all of you for listening. [29:23]



Dr. James Fetzer, PhD. is the McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, is a former Marine Corps officer and the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Leuren Moret is an independent geoscientist who has done expert studies on the Fukushima disaster, radiation problems around the world including depleted uranium.

Major William B. Fox is a former USMCR officer who runs the America First Institute and America First Books. His Mission of Conscience series addresses Mossad-CIA-MI6 false flag terror during the Bush and Obama administration, and his background as a "51%" Norwegian-American has given him an additional interest in the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 affair. He invokes his former rank of Major within the context of the citizen-soldier concepts of early 19th century WASP America, and opposes today's neo-Jacobin, pro- Zionist New World Order. He also opposes the federalized police state, out-of-control military-industrial complex, and all other perverse manifestations of today's totally corrupt "New Babylon" society.

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