Alfred Webre
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Leuren Moret


Mind Control


23 July 2007


2007-07-23 HAARP and Mind Control, Alfred Webre interviews Leuren Moret, (Vancouver Coop Radio 102.7 FM, Download Here, 13.6 MB, 58:10)

Interview Transcript


Editor's Note: This transcript is provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books.
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Alfred Webre: This is Vancouver Coop radio, CFRO 102.7 FM, On the Internet, this is the Monday brown bagger. I am Alfred Webre, and today we have a special guest, Leuren Moret who has been an expert witness at the Tokyo International Tribunal for war crimes in Afghanistan as well as a speaker at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Conference, and is now an expert witness on depleted uranium issues for a member of the Canadian Parliament. And today we will be speaking about some recent research that Leuren has done in the area of mind control and electronic harassment. Welcome Leuren.
Leuren Moret: Thank you very much Alfred. It is always a pleasure to be on your program and to have the privilege of being on coop radio.
Webre: One of the concepts that we were exploring was that the development of the technology of mind control actually goes back in one significant program to the 70's, to a secret arrangement between the United States and the then Soviet Union. I wondered if you could tell us about that.
L. Moret: Yes, following World War II the ruling elite or the shadow government in the United States wanted to pursue a program to develop mind control because they believed that American servicemen who had been prisoners of war in, for instance, in China and other Asian countries, had returned as sort of mind-controlled victims or zombies. So John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles actually set up the CIA in the late 1940s for the purpose of developing mind control programs. They did not exactly know what the Asians had done, but they wanted to have that ability themselves. And in the 1950's several projects were set up. Project ARTICHOKE and I think Project Bluebird. These were the precursors of the MKULTRA Program. And they were brought under the umbrella of MKULTRA when it was started in, I guess, the mid-1950's. I didn't know anything about it. I had sort of heard about MKULTRA but I really didn't know anything about it until a Project ARTICHOKE victim approached me and asked me to help him write a book. And I said, "Well, why don't you bring all your documentation and your diaries and photos and whatever you have over to my house and I will look at it, and if it checks out, then of course I will help you. So I began to learn about MKULTRA. But before that, I am a nuclear weapons lab whistle-blower at the Livermore Lab and I am a geoscientist, so from about the year 2000 I began working 18 hours a day on radiation issues as a result of visiting the Hiroshima and Nagasaki museums and beginning to understand how horrific nuclear weapons are. And I had worked as a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab when it was still conducting nuclear weapons research, although I was studying volcanoes. And then later on in 1989 I was hired at the Lawrence Livermore Lab and worked there two years and just quit in utter disgust over the science fraud and contractor [dishonesty] and all kinds of corruption. And little did I know that actually Livermore had a very important part to play in MKULTRA. That is where the software was developed for the global mind-control project for which George Herbert Walker Bush was the chief architect and CEO beginning when he was in the CIA. He was probably recruited when he was at Yale in Skull and Bones. He was certainly very early taken into the CIA, and a very important operative. A very nasty one too. So the software for mind-control was developed through MKULTRA. There was a monkey colony at UC Davis when I was an undergraduate there in the 60's and I always wondered what it was for. I heard stories from room mates and other people who worked there and they described this very large colony of monkeys that was off the campus and very isolated. Nobody was allowed over there, but people who worked there and took care of these monkeys told these horrific tales of monkeys running around with the tops of their heads cut off. These wires and electrodes coming out of their brains. It was really just some pathological experiment going on there. Then the hardware, the antennae for this global mind-control project came out of actually the Soviet Union. It was discovered in I think in the 1960's when -- maybe it was in the 1950's -- when at least three of our U.S. ambassadors to the Soviet Union died from brain tumors, brain cancer. And it was a result of the Russians, the Soviets microwaving the U.S. embassy in Moscow, and causing not only brain cancer in three ambassadors, or other illnesses, but some of the staff in the embassy also died of neurological diseases and very strange illnesses. And actually Henry Kissinger, who was in the State Department, stepped in, covered it up, gave the embassy workers' hazard pay, and some of them never regained their health. Their health was destroyed. So on July 4th, 1976, the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the United States of America as an independent country, the Woodpecker signal was turned on by the Soviet Union and nobody knew what it was, but the ham radio operators around the world picked it up immediately. It was sort of a knocking sound or a pecking sound on their transmissions, on their radio transmissions, and they nicknamed it the Woodpecker signal because it sounded like woodpeckers sound when they are pecking on trees. And it interfered with airplane and ship traffic on the seas, so the Soviets took out certain band widths or frequencies that were interfering with communications that were necessary for airplanes and ships. And it remained in operational mode for quite a long time. And it turns out that signal was over the horizon radar transmitted from seven of the largest transmitters in the world located on the eastern side of the Soviet Union, and on the western side. And one of them was powered by Chernobyl, the nuclear power plants at Chernobyl. So these consumed huge enormous amounts of electricity. They were transmitting beams of radar, over the horizon radar, which were transmitted all the way to the United States. They could cross these beams over each other because the transmitters were a long distance apart in the Soviet Union. They were conducting experiments with the full cooperation of the U.S. Government. In fact, they became secret partners in 1978 at a United Nations meeting which was held, it was a treaty signing conference where 68 countries signed a treaty agreeing not to use the environment as a weapon, and not to damage the environment with environmental weapons or other kinds of weapons. At that agreement, at that treaty signing agreement the United States and the Soviet Union became secret partners in the Woodpecker Project, and also in the co-development of environmental weapons which we would call exotic weapons today, such as weather modification or weather warfare, tectonic warfare that is triggering earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, and then the mind control is part of that.
Webre: So just to ask you, so that for example with regard to the Woodpecker Project, the U.S. then in effect outsourced its program to the Soviet Union and allowed it to attack a specific city.
Moret: -- And experiment upon American citizens.
Webre: Yes. And then the U.S. went in and evaluated the results.
Moret: Well actually we sent many scientists and a very, very large magnet that weighed many tons. We also transferred other technology and equipment and money to the Soviet Union. So really in a way you could say they were under contract to us. And we also outsourced testing the MKULTRA software and experimented on Canadians. Dr. Cameron, at -- what university was he at?
Webre: McGill University.
Moret: Yes, McGill University. He was actually conducting MKULTRA experiments on Canadian citizens. And they were doing horrific things like erasing their memories and doing just horrible things to their brains and their ability to function as normal human beings. They really destroyed them. And this was allowed secretly by the Canadian Government and the U.S. secretly allowed the Soviets to conduct the hardware experiments with the Woodpecker Project. The transmission of this mind-control technology through very, very large transmitters in the Soviet Union. So it most definitely was a joint project between the U.S., Canada, the Soviet Union, and of course --of course-- England was deeply involved as well.
Webre: So these are really just partners in the permanent war economy.
Moret: These are partners in the permanent war economy and this really involves the Wall Street banking establishment, Skull and Bones, the secret society at Yale, where the sons of the Wall Street banking establishment have been members and rose to very, very high and important positions in the secret government as well as infiltrating the regular government of the United States since even before the 1850's. And it involves this partnership between the Wall Street banking establishment, the British throne, and the London money power, which on the face of it is managed by the Rothschilds.
Webre: So going back to the development of the mind control technology, then how did that relate to Livermore where you were working?
Moret: Well, when I was working there, I was working on the Superfund Project to clean up the chemical waste at Livermore from years and years of very sloppy and irresponsible practices of just dumping chemicals all over the property. And I had no idea that there was radioactive contamination everywhere. I mean, I was working as a drilling geologist and sampling three thousand samples a month. I didn't know they were contaminated with radioactivity. So I quit after two years and just thought it was absolutely the weirdest place I had ever been in my life. And there was a very strong social filter there where mostly people who like to be controlled survived that social filter and remained there most of their careers. They sort of thought they were getting free money, but what they were getting was free cancer instead. And so I had no idea what projects they were doing there. It was completely secret. It was --all the information was compartmentalized. You don't know what the application is for whatever research you are doing there. And I remember going to the laser building. I had heard about this huge laser project called Shiva. And when I entered this very large building, they were sort of shooting this laser beam all over this building, upstairs and downstairs, and they had mirrors sitting on chairs at the top of stairs and at the bottom of stairs. You know, it was just kids playing with really big toys. And in the lobby of this building was a huge statue of Shiva. It is an Indian god with many arms and legs. To the physicists working on the laser project it represented the dance of the universe. Later on, I discovered in a film about the HAARP project, the HAARP project is around the Arctic Circle, and that is where they put the hardware of the Woodpecker signal for the Woodpecker project together with the MKULTRA software. That is three very large antennae arrays over a square mile each. And they are located in Alaska, one is in Newfoundland, and one is in Norway. And the purpose is to entrain and manipulate the earth's magnetic field with these very, very large antennas. Now the way they developed them was: Livermore developed the hardware, the HAARP antennae, the Stanford Research Institute was involved in the MKULTRA mind control, and UC Davis is where they had the monkey colony where they did experiments and produced research which was then applied to human beings. The nexus of the Livermore-Standford- UC Davis activity was actually in Sunol which is a very, very tiny little ranch town with just a few hundred people there, where the Hearst family, William Randolph Hearst and his family had a cattle ranch. And this is sort of the hub of the wheel that Stanford, Livermore, and UC Davis are on, or they are some distance from this central point. There were CIA people living there, there were Skull and Bones people involved in Sunol, there were Stanford research physicists, and it was very convenient to have them all living and socializing in this little town. It is also where Anton LaVey came and had Satanic meetings there, and even the chief of police for San Francisco, I believe his name was Campbell, was seen in Sunol at one of these Anton LaVey events. At that time, and probably still today Stanford, Livermore and UC Berkeley are the two big CIA centers where a lot of operations are going on, and of course there is a lot of collaboration. So there were two safe houses, one was in San Francisco, and that was run by Captain George Hunter White, and it is where he would, he was running this house of prostitution where businessmen and elected officials would come and use the services, and they would be videotaped and then blackmailed and compromised. That is really how they controlled them and controlled the politics of the Bay area in San Francisco. Now that was one safe house that Captain George Hunter White was in charge of. The other one, Dave Silvey who had been in Project artichoke, he was kidnapped when he was eight, on his birthday, and taken to the safe house. He showed me a photograph of it. It was just this old farm house out in the country. I finally said to him, where is this safe house? He said "It is in Livermore." And that is when I knew the Livermore Lab had to have been involved in MKULTRA and in the HAARP project and in the Woodpecker Project. And I finally found an awards newsletter, where the Livermore Lab scientists love to show off and talk about all the prizes and awards they got that year for their unique research projects, and in 1993 in that newsletter it said that sixteen Livermore scientists had traveled to NSA and CIA headquarters to receive the highest civilian awards that they give, and it was for their Woodpecker Project which they couldn't say what it was really about, because it was Top Secret. But it was for getting information in a way where there was no other way to get information, and of course this was the mind control and mind-reading technology, we know now after further research. So Captain George Hunter White would bring the young victims in a car. They always had Lincoln Continentals or big black cadillacs. Very, very nice cars. Dave Silvey described the day he was kidnapped. A priest came up to him as he was going home, and the priest said "Oh, your mother wants me to take you to her work today, she can't come and fetch you, and she sent me to come and fetch you for her. Here, just get into the back of the car." And so Dave got into the back of the car and there were no handles on the door at all. He couldn't get out. And so the priest actually took him to the safe house in Livermore that day and Captain George Hunter White was there, and the priest said, they negotiated on how much money Capt. White would pay him. It was like $3,000.00. He didn't get as much as he would have gotten if Dave Silvey had gone through his catechism in the Catholic Church. He hadn't completed that. If they were Christians, they got more money for them. So there were horrible tortures that went on with children in that house. They were raped. Some of them were murdered. They did horrible experiments on them. I asked Davie what kind of experiments they did. He said "Well they fed us these horrible chemicals and they were experimenting on us with chemicals. It made you really sick." He would focus on the chemicals, and I said "Well, did they ever -- because I knew the mind control was electromagnetic, and I said, "Well, did they ever put a helmet on your head or electrodes on your head?" He said "Oh yes, sometimes they would take us upstairs and put us in this big chair like a dentist chair and put a helmet on our head and they had all these wires coming out of it." Well, when Dave and I and Marion Fulk who is a Manhattan Project scientist retired from Livermore Lab, when we went out to look at the safe house, there was this huge transformer on a pole right next to the window upstairs which was the room where these experiments were done. And why in the world would a farm house have a huge transformer on a pole next to it when there was no way that they would need that kind of electricity or that much. And the windows are still completely boarded over on all the upstairs windows. And Dave described one time he escaped. He was locked in the barn and he and this little girl, she helped him push the boards open, way from the barn, so that he could crawl out, and he ran away and ended up in this huge antennae field. Well when he told me about the antennae field I knew that had to also be part of the safe house and what Livermore was actually doing there. The Federal Communications [Commission], the FCC actually owned that very large antennae field. Those antennas are gone now, but after I had gone out to the safe house, I took him back to his house and sat him down in front of the computer. I went to the HAARP web site in Alaska, and I showed him that facility. He almost had a heart attack. He said "Oh my God, the safe house, we were the prototype for that HAARP facility in Alaska."
Weber: Right, so that actually then HAARP was developed at Livermore nuclear laboratories.
Moret: That's right,and I have actually talked to a scientist who worked at Livermore and told me he worked on the HAARP Project, developing that antennae. He said "I always wondered why the HAARP project was so well-funded every year, year after year. He was there like in the 70's, and he said there was no obvious benefit to the public from this project.
Webre: Right, and so that was the hardware of this vast mind control weapon.
Moret: That's right.
Webre: The software, where was that developed again?
Moret: That was the MKULTRA projects that involved almost every person in the American Psychiatry Association and also many, many, many electrical engineers. There is a very big organization for electrical engineers. They actually published a book of research papers that pertained to the MKULTRA / HAARP project. So academia has been a key player in the development of the MKULTRA software and the HAARP antennae or the electronic hardware. And it is very interesting that in the 1850's, Dwight [Ed. Note: She probably means Henry Durant, a Yale graduate who was the first UC President from 1868-1869, for whom she probably inadvertently substituted the name "Dwight" from Theodore Dwight Woolsey, President of Yale from 1846 through 1871] and [Daniel Coit] Gilman who were two bonesmen from Skull and Bones at Yale came out to California. Dwight [ie. Durant] was appointed as the first president of the University of California, and Dwight [ie. Durant] and Gilman [who served in the fourth presidential term at the University of California system from 1872-1875] were very busy at UC Berkeley. And they actually set up the land grant college system in the United States which is where the bureaucrats and the flunkies for the ruling elite and the shadow government are trained. And the sons of the wealthy ruling elite and the Wall Street banking establishment go to Yale and to Harvard -- but the Harvard men serve the Yale men -- and to Princeton and other Ivy League colleges. So there is even, and especially through academia, academic institutions, is where the real framework of this apparatus has been set up.
Webre: Right. Now, for example, what would be the application of the HAARP Project to the population of Canada? How is HAARP applied here in Canada?
Moret: Well, Canada and the United States are really economic colonies of Britain. The British Empire is certainly not dead. It is very much alive. So, I think that you and I have observed on our recent speaking tour of Southeast Asia that the U.S. military presence is just everywhere in almost every country we went to. But I think that we agreed at the end of our trip that the U.S. military is just the military bully or proxy for the Zionist Anglo American economic empire. And so whatever is developed in the U.S. and in Canada is really developed to benefit the British throne and the London money power or banking establishment. They are the ones who are really running the world. And so what they desired to do was to develop these technologies to be able to dominate and subdue their own citizens and the global population as well in order to carry out their goals and implement their goals, which is basic communism. It is a one class system all over the planet with one central government running everything. Depopulation is a very, very key part of this because they want to depopulate by a third to two thirds the world population, in other words two to four billion people. As crazy and outrageous as that statement sounds, it is actually in the National Security Council Memos from their meetings and it became national security policy in a paper called Global 2000 which Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, General Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie wrote for President Carter in 1979. And in the National Security Council Meetings, in the minutes or the memos leading up to the creation of this document or this policy paper, Kissinger stated that depopulation in Third World countries in order to control valuable mineral resources was of a greater priority even than the nuclear weapons program to U.S. national security.
Webre: Right. So bring this back around to Canada in terms of the HAARP hardware and the MKULTRA software. HAARP is the delivery system for mind control software, and there are other applications of HAARP as well. How would you imagine that this weapon is now being used in Canada and against Canada?
Moret: Well, some of the key times that it would be used, what I have observed in the United States is there is very heavy use of it during elections. And so it is turned on at night and transmitted through police towers and cell phone towers. But also they can transmit it from HAARP around the Arctic Circle. The chemtrails that people have observed are actually being used as electromagnetic frequency mirrors. The transmissions from HAARP are bounced off of these chemtrail mirrors down on to populations that they wish to target. And the police antennas are hooked up intimately with satellites with HAARP, and they all are integrated and overlapping and operate wherever they want to target someone. They can use them on individuals, or they can target large populations. For instance, they were used in Afghanistan and Iraq during those wars. When they targeted soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, they could make their heads feel like they were exploding and they would just run off the battlefields and give up. The Soviets transmitted this mind control from Kazakhstan, and they used it on their own soldiers in Afghanistan towards the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when the Russian soldiers were so demoralized and depressed. They actually transmitted mood control to lift their spirits and to empower them and put them in a more positive psychological state. Now the way they are using them on Canadians and Americans is they can target individuals who are protestors, whistleblowers, change agents, people like you and me and a lot of people that we know. But they have also targeted especially single women, because they are more vulnerable. I know they practiced on prisoners. Now there are actual formal contracts between universities, colleges, and private institutions under new legislation that has been passed since 1993 in the United States, including the Patriot Act. There is a standing contract between these educational institutions and Homeland Security, the military, and law enforcement. And this software and hardware and technologies combined with sociological behavior like gang stalking is being tested under contract in universities, colleges, and private institutions. I believe the very worst institution carrying out this kind of research is the University of California. They have 14 campuses in California, and I have observed at UC Davis and UCLA and at UC Berkeley, the UC campuses I have been on, and UC Santa Cruz, that the students are actively participating with faculty members. They are experimenting on other unwitting or naive faculty members and other students. They are tracking them, targeting them, gang-stalking them. It is really, really disgusting. And what's very funny is that this activity was being observed at one college campus and the police antennas suddenly failed from a power failure. All of a sudden the students and the faculty members were very confused. They just stopped. They had been gang stalking the target and they just sort of scurried off like cockroaches. They did not know what to do. They also did not know what they had been doing. So these patterns of behavior are obviously being transmitted from the police antennas.
Webre: Now when you say gang stalking for members of our coop radio audience who may not be familiar with that, could you describe that?
Moret: Well I observed gang stalking on the UC Davis campus and I was also targeted at UC Davis and at UC Berkeley. But it was very, very bad there [at UC Davis], and Chancellor [Larry Neil] Vanderhoef [Ed. Note: Chancellor from 1994-2009] who has raised a lot of money for the campus and is a particularly disgusting individual, even his own grown adult son was involved in the gang stalking. They have hundreds of people who are involved in it and these are at all levels of the university. From the top, the chancellor's family, all the way down to the mechanics or the gardeners or the janitors. Whatever, it is happening. It is a pathological institution when this kind of behavior sets in and is condoned and encouraged. It is used for social and political control. It came out of the Catholic Church. The Masons use it, the Ku Klux Klan got this gangstalking behavior and technology from the Masons. It has been used for millennia to control people. It is just more high tech now with the HAARP and MKULTRA new technology that has been developed. It is the same old stuff, it is just more electronic now.
Webre: Right, so --
Moret: But it is all based on malice. It is based on destroying individuals and destroying happiness and mutilating innocent people and victims who cannot defend and protect themselves. And Captain George Hunter White, who was in charge of the two safe houses where this horrific experimentation was done on children, wrote in his diary, which is now, his diaries are now at Stanford in the library, you can go and read them, and he said about MKULTRA and the safe houses and what occurred there, he said "Where else could a red-blooded American boy get away with rape and murder and torture in the vineyards." And Livermore is covered with vineyards. Can you imagine what happened there? These were not sane people. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who was one of the leaders of the MKULTRA research, [one of] the architects, George Herbert Walker Bush himself who is a pedophile, Dr. [Donald Ewen] Cameron in Canada, these are sadistic, psychopathic, crazy, insane people doing this. Now it is being implemented on campuses in the United States and I am sure it is being conducted in Canada too -- and in England. In fact, it is in all of the NATO countries, Alfred.
Webre: Well, there was an incidence of gang stalking, I think, reported to us. Dennis Kyne who is a anti-depleted uranium researcher along with --
Moret: -- And he is a veteran of the first Gulf War. He has been contaminated with depleted uranium. I know him very well.
Webre: Yes, and yourself were speakers at the recent Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference.
Moret: That's right.
Webre: As I understand it, Dennis reported an instance of gang stalking that was carried out against him, and I was wondering if you could describe that for our listening audience.
Moret: Yes. Dennis --during the whole conference which lasted for three days, Dennis periodically would come and update me. He was being targeted by some of the volunteers who were participating in the conference. These are Canadians who volunteers at the conference. He complained to me about how they were treating him and targeting him and being rude to him and so forth. Harassing him. They were much more subtle with me and with you, but there certainly the perpetrators were present there, and there was a lot of surveillance and other things going on. As is normal and usual for 9/11 conferences, I have never been to any events that are more infiltrated and controlled than these 9/11 conferences. And on the very last evening, on Sunday night when the conference had ended a lot of the people went over to the hotel where the speakers had stayed just to kind of hangout and drink beer and talk. Dennis walked in, and one of the volunteers, tall, kind of a Persian guy, who had harassed him the whole three days, came over to him and punched him in the chest for no reason. Dennis was sort of stunned, and he kind of looked around and he saw a video camera rolling, pointed straight at him. And so this had all been set up. It was provocation and harassment. It was all set up ahead of time. And it was simply a hit on him. He was also very harassed by Canadian customs when his plane landed in Vancouver and he was held by the Canadian customs for over two hours. They took everything out of his suit case. Sliced open all the DVDs and CDs that he had brought to sell. They just grilled him for two hours about the conference and why he was there and what he was doing and what was on his CD's and so forth. And finally he said "I have five people waiting upstairs for me. The organizers from the conference and they are really going to start wondering about what has happened to me." Dennis said "They never would have let me go that night if I hadn't told them that five people were waiting for me." So finally they let him go, but he was harassed the whole time he was at the conference, and not surprisingly it was by some of the organizers, the volunteers.
Webre: Now did Dennis mention who was behind that video camera?
Moret: He did not, he did not. But he did say that Drew, who was one of the volunteers, was with him. Drew, actually I worked with him a lot before flying up to Canada. He was very courteous and helpful and everything. I had nothing to complain about. And he did not bother Dennis either. But I think there was another person, another volunteer named Patrick who was not so friendly to Dennis.
Webre: So you think there may have been a -- the purpose of that videotape would have been if he would have reacted to being punched in the chest?
Moret: That is right.
Webre: They would have done something with that video?
Moret: Yes, that is right.
Webre: Right, so do you think in your expert opinion, because you have been called to testify, do you think that there is something of a coordination of the harassment that Dennis Kyne, who is a recognized anti-depleted uranium activist, received at Canadian Customs, that there is a connection between that and the COINTELPRO-type harassment that he received at the 9/11 Conference?
Moret: Yes, the COINTELPRO, or Counter Intelligence Program, came out of the 50's or 60's. And it was used widely, for instance, on the Black Movement, on the anti-Vietnam Movement, on the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley. It continues to be used. It was actually investigated in I believe it was the Church Hearings in Congress and the Congress passed laws that forbade the FBI from ever spying on American citizens again. All they did was simply outsource it to police departments. I discovered this at the Earth First! Judi Bari trial in Oakland in about 2002 when a woman who was saving the Redwoods in Northern California with an organization called Earth First!, they did it by "tree sitting" and working together. They were very, very effective. When she began to organize the loggers to teach them that they could continue logging if they would also replace and care for due caretaking of the forests, that is when the Oakland police, in collusion with the FBI, car-bombed her in Oakland. And the trial brought the FBI and the Oakland police to one table as defendants in the court room, and the Earth First! plaintiff and their lawyers to the other table in the court room. The reason I went to that trial is because when I became a whistleblower at Livermore in 1991, I noticed that I was just being harassed everywhere I went in the Bay area by Oakland police, and I couldn't understand why. Well I went to that trial and that is where I learned that the Oakland Police Department is the COINTELPRO headquarters for Northern California. The LA police department is the COINTELPRO headquarters for Southern California, and they go all over the United States. In fact they go all over the world conducting surveillance and targeting and tracking people and harassing them. It is sort of a very well-integrated, seamless operation because the Oakland police department has a permanent office in the FBI office in San Francisco, and the FBI office in San Francisco has a permanent office in the Oakland Police Department. And they all work together. They also go into other countries. The FBI identifies individuals who are nationals for the countries they are in where the FBI wants to carry out COINTELPRO and their other programs. They bring these foreign nationals to the U.S., train them in the COINTELPRO methodology, and then send them back to their own countries. And they are citizens of those countries, but they are really working for the FBI in their own countries, and that is what I observed in Canada.
Webre: Right. Very interesting. So that what you can say is that these COINTELPRO and gang stalking networks use HAARP and use this technology. That is part of this medium for control. For example, it is probably the glue that holds together the security and prosperity partnership.
Moret: Yes.
Webre: Which is the North American Union. The networks that hold together the North American Union are really a form of elite gang stalking.
Moret: That's right, and it is really an antennae keeping it all together [laughter].
Webre: Exactly, well you know Leuren we have come to the end of this very interesting segment [of our] program on electronic harassment and mind-control. We can call it a parallel social structure that the New World Order is basing itself on.
Moret: Well it is really what they have made all these movies are about. It is a matrix. But it is not real.
Webre: Yes.
Moret: It is just electronic signals that are controlling people and creating another reality that is not a reality. Its not what life is really all about. It is not who and what we are. It is not really how we behave or have social interactions. It is a virtual world that is not real.
Webre: Exactly, we have come to the end of our time, and I really want to thank you, and perhaps we can continue this subject in future programs. This is Vancouver Coop Radio. We have been with Leuren Moret, an expert witness at the Tokyo International Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan and now an expert witness on depleted uranium for a Member of the Canadian Parliament. This is CFRO 102.7 FM,


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[Undated] BLUEBIRD Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists by Colin A. Ross MD A 10-Page Summary [Ed. Note: This is a good overview of CIA mind control programs]. "In this summary of Bluebird, Dr. Ross describes unethical experiments conducted by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and new memories in the minds of experimental subjects. His research is based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Dr. Ross is a past president of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation..."
2001-04-19 How the US Government Created the "Drug Problem" in the USA by Michael E. Kreca,
...George Hunter White, of THCA-laced "Lucky Strikes" fame, had returned to the FBN (now the DEA) at war’s end and continued to research behavior modifying drugs. In 1955, when MK-ULTRA was running full throttle, he was a high ranking FBN administrator who helped the Agency develop and implement a similar operation called Midnight Climax. In this infamous scheme, "safehouses" staffed with prostitutes were established in San Francisco. The hookers lured men from local taverns back to these safehouses after their drinks had been previously spiked with LSD. White’s team secretly filmed the subsequent events in each house. The purpose of these so-called "national security brothels" was to enable the CIA to experiment with the use of sex and mind altering drugs to extract information from test subjects, and it was planned, from spies, POWs, defectors and saboteurs.
Midnight Climax was terminated after eight years when CIA Inspector General John Earman charged that "the concepts involved in manipulating human behavior are found by many people within and outside the Agency to be distasteful and unethical." He stated that "the rights and interest of U.S. citizens were placed in jeopardy." Earman further noted LSD "had been tested on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native American and foreign." Richard Helms, MK-ULTRA’s bureaucratic godfather, summarily rebuffed Earman’s charges, claiming that "positive operational capacity to use drugs is diminishing owing to a lack of realistic testing. Tests," Helms continued, "were necessary to keep up with the Soviets." However, Helms reversed himself a year later when testifying before the Warren Commission investigating the JFK assassination, claiming that "Soviet research has consistently lagged five years behind Western research."
Upon retirement from civil service in 1966, White wrote a startling farewell letter to Dr. Gottlieb. He reminisced about his Midnight Climax work. His comments were frightening:
"I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?"
Where else indeed, but as a member of what would later become the hypocritical War on (Some) Drugs?
By the end of the 1950s the CIA was funding just about every qualified LSD researcher and psychologist it could find, through such contractors as the Society for the Study of Human Ecology, the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, and the Geschichter Fund for Medical Research... "
1995 Deep Black Magic: Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control by Thomas Porter
Project Woodpecker by Cal,
Project HAARP, Provides many valuable HAARP-related links.
Project Artichoke by David M. Silvey. The online Google books version of this book has an extract of another transcript prepared of this interview.
The Russian Woodpecker: experiments in global mind control? by Phillip Coppins
Stalking, (includes gang stalking)
Results of the 1973 Church Committee Hearings, on CIA misdeeds, and the 1984 Iran/Contra Hearings....
Church Committee,



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