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Friday the 13th
July 2012


2012-07-13 Bohemian Grove LIVE Coverage Friday the 13th (Video), also embedded on the web page: BOHEMIAN GROVE LIVE : Deborah Tavares & Leuren Moret live from the grove! (45:10) [Editor's Note: This is a voicetrack video with a "slide show" for visuals. Leuren Moret appears from 7:07 to 12:17 and again from 40:22 to 43:39. Also, this show has a sequel titled Bohemian Grove Part 2 of Coverage! Deborah Tavares, Cindy Sheehan, Rosa Korie, Leuren Moret.]

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Friday July 13, 2012

LIVE from Bohemian Grove

Deborah Tavares &
Leuren Moret

As the trucks, catering vans,
f ancy, expensive cars with
t inted windows arrive,
Deborah Taveres warns
"These are the Bohemian
Elites who are running the
world, and this is a serious
matter. They are in their last
efforts of power and control
over the masses... she calls it

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Narrator: The American Freedom Radio Network proudly presents live from Phoenix Arizona the Truth Denied Talk Radio with host Roxy Lopez. Join us here for topics you won't hear on mainstream news such as chemtrails, GMO's, Morgellon's Disease and much more. Humanity is seven billion strong. We are the majority. And now live from the Valley of the Sun, your host Roxy Lopez.
Roxy Lopez: It is July 13th. I don't know what that means to you. Friday the 13th, I don't know what that means to you but I find it very interesting that a group of individuals who run the world are beginning to enter through the gates of Bohemian Grove. We are covering this live with Deborah Tavares, Leuren Moret, and several other activists who are not going to allow these individuals to party on for the next two weeks without some kind of rebellion. So I would like to just go straight to the microphone here with Deborah Tavares. Deborah?
Deborah Tavares: Yes, Roxy. Yes, we are here. It is a little after 5:00 here in front of the gates at Bohemian Grove. We have been here for many hours. We have been watching the limos and the Mercedes expensive cars entering all day. A stream of cars entering one after another. We just witnessed a large black bus that was escorted by the local Sheriff's Department entering into the Grove as well just moments ago. We have been seeing these people again. We have all day watched the booze being trucked in by big trucks. We have been watching food being brought in. Trucks after trucks after trucks. And there are probably at least 75 protestors today outside these main gates. They have cordoned off much of the area that we were able to park in last year in anticipation of the big event here tomorrow, which they expect Occupy to be here and converging from various locales around California, in fact the rest of the nation. But they definitely have a heightened sense of concern. Here the police have drawn their lines, and we are seeing people gather from all over the country now coming in. Why we are here, is this is a collection of the CEO's and the elites that run the corporations nationally and of course [inter]nationally. We are in a takedown right now of America. We are being controlled by these corporations. We are being run. We are also having our property rights taken under U.N. Agenda 21. This is the game rules in which they are playing under. And we have been advising everybody to go to the source documents. Look at the Iron Mountain Report. Also Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (PDF), as well as The New World Order Exposed 1969. And we have those posted on Not only are those source documents in their words, but we also have Navy and Army reports posted on that site that talk about the weaponized technologies of the microwaving of the planet right now. We are under a massive attack. I am just going to report to you now I see a couple of guys coming up the road. They have some "Anonymous" masks on, Guy Fawkes masks on. We have more people coming in. I think more and more people are arriving today. We just did an interview a short while ago with RT, Russia Today TV, and a representative from Alex Jones is out here as well right now. I am getting back to some of the things I am observing on the ground. We saw earlier, somebody reported that they saw canine units inside the grove. When we arrived here this morning they were appearing from within the grove to the outside where we were parked. We have banners all around the entrance to the grove. We are announcing all of the wrong doings that they are perpetrating upon the American people and globally. We broadcasted live today into Mexico. We are all on the same page. We are all being consumed and subsumed by a global takedown of global governance. And this has been a plan that has been in play for a very, very, long time. And they are doing this by the toxic foods, the toxic waters, the fluoride in our water supply. Leuren Moret is sitting here with me right now. She is an expert in nuclear weapons, and I am going to put her on for a minute Roxy while I quickly look to see something that is appearing very interesting, and I will be right back. Here's Leuren. [6:22].
Roxy Lopez: OK, that's great, thanks Deborah. That was Deborah Tavares from And now we have got Leuren Moret. Welcome to the show Leuren. How are you?
Leuren Moret: Oh Roxy, thank you very much, thank you so much for covering this very important issue, and for having both of us on your wonderful program.
Roxy Lopez: You are totally welcome. And Leuren, so what brought you to Bohemian Grove? What are you observing? How are you feeling today? I did post a couple of the videos that Lou sent. So those are up on Facebook and a lot of the photos. What is the general feeling in Bohemian Grove right now?
Moret: Well I think the protestors are quite excited anticipating tomorrow and Sunday. We expect 5,000 protestors here over the weekend. And there are just people coming in now to settle into their camps and the Grove campground, the Bohemian Club members and their guests. And of course there are no women. They despise women. There are no women anywhere. However, the Sheriff who escorted the big black bus full of all those [laughter] dreambusters, she was a woman, and she just escorted the bus here and then she left. But the reason I am here is because for at least 12 years I have worked on the nuclear and radiation issues as well as electromagnetic frequencies, the RF issues, and the damage to health and the environment. And what we are seeing is a horrific, horrific global impact in terms of mutations and genetic irregularities. Birth defects. This is in the animal population and the human population as well, which means it has to be an environmental cause. And I plotted the uranium levels in the Los Angeles drinking water about a year ago and the uranium levels have been measured in Los Angeles drinking water since 1999 and reported on the Department of Water and Power site in Los Angeles, so anybody can access them and plot them themselves. And I was really shocked when my graph was finished because every battle in Iraq and Afghanistan was in the drinking water in Los Angeles within two weeks. And not only that, I did an interview on the world's water problems and supplies with Jesse Ventura about a year and a half ago, and that was also very shocking because the world's water supply is disappearing. It is being stolen and smuggled and poisoned also by the radiation from the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Also Halliburton is the only corporation, the only entity in the United States with an exemption by the EPA to use horrifically dangerous chemicals that are injected into the ground by Halliburton. It is called "fracking," to supposedly experiment or look for oil and gas, especially natural gas, but what it is doing is poisoning all of our ground water which is over a million years old and very pristine, it is like drinking champagne. They are contaminating the ground water across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the developed nations, the super power nations, really. These chemicals and water companies blend the ground water with the surface water since the surface water is the run off from the melt from the mountains from the winter snows, and that is full of the radiation. So what they are creating is a water-chemical cocktail, chemical-radioactive cocktail, which is highly, highly, highly damaging to biological systems. It is just a global genocide of all living things. Humans, plants, animals, insects, everything. No one can escape from this global genocide and disaster. And who is doing it? It is these guys at the Bohemian Grove who represent the money interests globally and they are the ones who are profiting. They are benefiting from this disaster to the global ecosystem and to global humanity. So what they are doing is deliberately poisoning us, and then they are privatizing all the profits and the benefits and they are socializing the disaster and the disease and just the changes in society. We are paying for the negative stuff, and they are keeping all the positive stuff. Here is Deborah now. Thank you so much Roxy.
Roxy: Thank you Leuren.
Deborah: Well Roxy, that is absolutely true. And all of this is predicted in the Iron Mountain Report that is posted on and also in the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and the New World Order Exposed 1969 source documents. You can read how they create massive fear so that we will give up our freedoms. That is what they have designed with mass pollution. The creation of mass pollution. And they say in the Iron Mountain Report that they will add toxins to the water supply, the food supply. They will create mass pollution so that we will continue to give up our freedoms and our rights for fear. And they also say that there are too many people. That they have to reduce the global population. So we are here in front of the Grove. We see men that have power, and CEOs in major corporations. We see representatives from a variety of different political groups here. All coming in, and converging upon the Grove. And this is a sub-sister, so to speak, of the Bilderberg [Group]. So this is Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg West. And the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars that was posted on the site was one of the first documents in the 1954 Bilderberg meeting that they accepted and adopted as policy in their words. Everyone can read what the global elite think of you. Think of your education, and they intend to dumb and numb you down. To keep you stupid farm animals. That is what they call us. Stupid farm animals. And they tell us that they are going to create food supplies with toxins, and they are. They tell us they are going to have weather control and manipulation. They have absolutely dominated and weaponized the weather. Most people do not realize the extent of the weaponized weather program. They don't understand the extent of the cross hairs that we are now in with our weapons that we have paid for with our tax dollars. And the good news is that they tell us in these documents what will bring them down. And what will bring them down is us getting these documents out. Once we understand their plan, then we know what we must do to avert their final game. And they are in their final game. They talk about right now in the Quiet Weapons Document, they talk about what they must do is gain complete control of all energy resources. They are doing that right now with the global grid. The smart grid. We cannot let them do that. We must refuse it on our homes. The next thing that is going to occur is the RFID-chipped appliances. That is what is required for the success of this smart grid. That is in fact dependent on the success for the smart grid are all of us have tracking devices in our appliances so they can modulate, turn off, and remotely control everything in our homes. They can modulate and increase the levels of radiation. This is a frequency. They are microwaving us and targeting us with poisons in our home. And they can see how we are doing and how we are living and how sick we are becoming. This is a massive land grab. Older people on older properties in rural areas will have higher levels of radiation from their smart meters because they have to amplify those frequencies in order to send them from house to house because they are not in the close proximity of a city. So those people are getting higher levels of frequencies than others. We also see cell phone towers being connected across our nation everywhere being disguised as every type of tree, on top of church steeples, on top of buildings. We are absolutely being microwaved. They are manipulating our brain.
Roxy: OK, well, we will have to come back. What I would like to do is talk to you more about some of the other aspects of what this means. [Ad break, begins at 17:28, ends at 17:44]
Roxy: We want to thank Deborah Tavares and Leuren Moret in particular for having the guts, the cahones, to be standing at these gates and not having any fear. As you well know, on Facebook which is being shared and shared and shared and shared, we posted some of the short clips of Deborah and Leuren Moret. We also have some photos of the signs that these people have made to protest this event. Deborah I want to ask you a question, because a lot of people are saying right now -- [background sound of people talking via Deborah's cell phone] OK, Deborah --
Deborah: What I am doing right now, I am at the --
Roxy: Deborah, hold on, a lot of people right now are saying "Be safe." So I want to know right now, I want to know are you guys safe, are you all right?
Deborah: I'm sorry, there is a lot of confusion right here at the gates of Bohemian Grove.
Roxy: What is happening?
Deborah: The police just came down from the gates, and I was walking up there to see what was happening. There are a lot of delivery trucks right now. The delivery trucks of alcohol and food have been rolling in all day.
Roxy: Do you have any names of those companies by the way?
Deborah: Yes, we have been photographing the trucks.
Roxy: OK, great.
Deborah: The audience does not realize this but we are going to keep running with this. We are going to run with it for the next two weeks, [item] "a", and "b" our organization, your organization, we are going to be following up with these companies that are pulling in with booze and all the rest of it. Now you guys are also watching for the individuals, like for instance, last year I heard that there was a van full of young boys that came into the Bohemian Grove. Can you verify that?
Deborah: Yes. We have got a police vehicle approaching us right now. So it looks like --.
Roxy: Stay on the air with me, don't go anywhere. Stay on the air with us. OK?
Deborah: I am staying on the air, yes.
Roxy: Stay on the air unless they grab the phone out of your hand. Stay on the air because you have a lot of witnesses right now as to what is happening to you.
Deborah: OK, yes, yes. There is a lot of activity at the gates right now. Lots of people are arriving. They have been arriving all day.
Roxy: Who are these people that are arriving? Any ideas? Any ideas at all? Do they have license plates on these cars or anything?
Deborah: They are coming in from all over the country. They are flying into our airport. I know that there is a helipad here where some of them are even flow in via helicopter. But we are at the only access of Bohemian Grove. We are able to get a bird's eye view of everybody that is coming through, it is just like a funnel. And I can say that we are seeing expensive, very expensive cars. All day, a stream of vehicles all day long. Lots of [unintelligible]-like cars, Maseratis, Porsches, Lincolns, BMWs, everything like that --
Roxy: Can you see in the cars, Deborah?
Deborah: No, we can't. They are dark, and the police are telling us to stay out of the road at the entrance while we try to get close, we aren't able to see clearly. We have been trying to photograph and on occasion one or two will stop, and we have taken a few pictures. So we will have some of those things sent over to you.
Roxy: Well absolutely. We have got all the stuff so far. Let Lou know that we have everything. We have downloaded everything. We have got it all on Facebook, and of course we are going to continue to broadcast for you. You and I will talk later after the show Deborh how we are going to do that. But we are setting something up to continue the coverage with you. Now again a lot of people are commenting right now and they are saying, you know, take care, these are the big boys you are dealing with, be careful. And so what I want to know is these people you are with, do you feel safe, are you OK? Are the police on your side, or are they on their side? Tell me a little bit about that environment. Are the police protective of you at all?
Deborah: Well I can say that we spoke to a couple of local sheriffs this morning when we arrived and they were very congenial. And in fact we were talking about the various issues that we had. And I can't say that they were in complete alliance with what we have to say, but it seems as though they understood. And I am hearing some interruption on my phone, so I am hoping that you are still here.
Roxy: We are still here. We are still here, no problem. And if we lose you, we will call you back on that cell, so don't worry about it.
Deborah: OK. We are not getting any resistance from the police per se. We have our RF analyzer here. It is a radio frequency detector. Because as you know Raytheon devised a crowd control strategy where they can focus and direct frequencies on crowds for crowd dispersal. And because of the heightened atmosphere here at the Grove this year with the Occupy, which will be a huge event tomorrow, we have concerns that they could direct and target frequencies at us. Those frequencies can cause short term memory loss, cause headaches, heart palpitations. It can even cause people to collapse and have heart attacks. So we are concerned about what techniques they will implement here at the Grove against us and our rights.
Roxy: Are your meters showing anything right at the moment?
Deborah: Well, we have had lots of cars pass by today when the meter went off the chart. We have every reason to suspect that there were frequencies being directed at us. We just had an Occupy movement. There was a Guy Fawkes mask come and knock on our door. He is telling us he loves all the signs. We have brought in many, many signs representing all of the concerns that we have. One of course which everyone is immediately concerned with is the massive land grab across the United States that we are experiencing. And if you go to you will see the map that we have up there. It is the Wildlands Project Map. Download that. It is called Human Access Denied, and it is a map of the United States. And we are certainly hopeful and will be bringing this up tomorrow when Russia Today TV comes back. We certainly want [people to know that] the Bohemian Grove is wrapped up in this massive land grab, and we want to have the U.S. Forestry and the Fish and Game [Department] to limit their use in this Bohemian Grove, because they are taking properties away as we know across the country from the farmers and from the ranchers under this massive land grab. Of course the concerns this year, if you read some of their documents again, the ones I said earlier on in the show, it is very very important to understand they are in their final hour of implementing their plans. And what they say will constitute victory if we don't get in their way. You must read these documents to know how you get in their way, pretty simply. But what we can do is know that the energy is one of the big components of the end game for them. Gaining control of all the energy, gas, electricity, water and food, and they are doing that through the grid.
Roxy: And land.
Deborah: I'm sorry.
Roxy: And land. The land grad, water grab, energy grid, the whole nine yards. Everything that we have, live and breath and survive with.
Deborah: Absolutely, and they say in their documents that as we continue to allow their assaults, [their] laws; of course they create the courts, we have no standing in courts, unfortunately. They say that they put in place the laws that will further their end game. They say that they create and falsify the sciences, that they have created mass pollution. They say that they have done all of this to create massive fear. Now what our concern is of course is that there will be an in-house attempt to distract us with some type of bombing, something internally could potentially happen. I know that many people last week were cancelled by State Farm from their earthquake coverage. Suddenly, interesting, State Farm is now out of the earthquake coverage business. So you have to ask yourself: why? If you watch What In the World Are They Spraying, you will find out that the insurance companies are in on the game of the weaponized weather program.
Roxy: Well it is the same reason why several years ago they got out of the flood insurance as well from anything that is under the force majeure clause, which means Act of God, which mains rain, flooding, oceans, anything like that, tsunami. They got out of the flood insurance business, and then FEMA took that over for a couple of years, and all your money went over to FEMA, and then FEMA dropped it, let it expire. So you are absolutely right, and now with State Farm insurance -- now with the State Farm earthquake insurance, just to be clear, is that just in the state of California, or is that nationwide?
Deborah: Well, he said it was nationwide. He said that they have suffered tremendous losses in recent fires in other states and so they have dropped earthquake coverage. He said that there were other companies that we could get earthquake coverage with if we chose to. But State Farm is no longer in the earthquake coverage business.
Roxy: So let me get this right, Deborah. So they cancel the State Farm earthquake insurance because of fire?
Deborah: Well, I was talking to the agent directly. Because of course I I see the writing on the wall. Of course we know that they can see the earthquakes, and so when I see coverage being dropped on properties in California, in Southern California specifically, I am concerned that we are going to see some earthquake activity. They don't get out of the business of coverage because they want to lose money.
Roxy: Correct, correct. Well, that is good for us all to pay attention to, absolutely, and that is an interesting development, so thanks for that report on that as well, Deborah. Now go ahead, finish what your statement was. I am sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Go ahead.
Deborah: That's OK. I also wanted to say that what I also heard about last week again from Southern California, there is an infestation of the bed bugs. And they are just taking over apartment buildings to the extent where some of the tenants are actually hospitalized. And they are having trouble getting rid of the bed bugs. They are calling in various fumigating companies and now they are actually turning the heat up in these units and trying to cook these bed bugs. But I know people who have had to vacate their apartment buildings, take out all their clothes, put them in bags, move out everything, strip their apartments to the bare walls. And they move back in when they think that they have eliminated the bed bugs, and suddenly they find that the bed bugs are back. And of course we know that we are being told that bugs are going to proliferate our planet. And they are starting to unleash bugs in massive amounts. In fact in our climate action plan, that was adopted here in Sonoma County, they spoke of course with the idea that we are in a global warming and that we are in a climate crisis. They say in this climate action plan, which is amazing to read, it is like reading a script for a movie, they say that when the temperatures increase by 2 degrees here in Sonoma County we are going to have a major problem with mosquitoes. We are going to become very sickened by mosquitoes. And that much of our wildlife is going to migrate up north towards the mountains because they are not going to have the food supply that they need because all of the plant life will die as a result of the two degree temperature increase that they are saying is inevitable. So we are seeing here in Bohemian Grove right now people that are fashioning these plans. For greed, for power, for money and under a genocidal program. In these documents you will read that one of the best ways to get rid of someone you have just stolen money from is to kill them, and it says that. It talks about the collapse of the currency. Again, these are documents that came out of the 40's and 60's. It said whence the collapse of the currency, we will lose trust amongst ourselves and amongst each other. And they plan to have us in massive continual chaos and they are creating that right now. Look at the fires, Roxy, that are blazing everywhere and that are hotter than ever before because of the large increased amounts of aluminum that is being sprayed --
Roxy: The aluminum oxide, yes, that burns fires hotter. The flash point goes up as well so the fires spread faster. And I feel really sorry, by the way, for the fire fighters in this because they are doing everything they can with all of these major fires last year in Arizona. As you well know we had the largest acreage burning that ever occurred in the history of Arizona. And of course now that has also happened to Colorado. There is no blame at this point other than in both cases I find this very mysterious. In the Arizona case last year, and in the Colorado case this year, I mean someone is saying arson, and if it is arson, where is the arsonist and how did the fires get so out of control? So you are absolutely correct. This is all back into the geoengineering game, and then like you said the chaos and the land grabs are coming from burning all of these forests and taking them over. When we come back from the break, I would like to speak more about the map that you are talking about and some web sites to find some of these documents from, Deborah. We are listening to The Truth Tonight. It is July 13th live from Bohemian Grove. The Bilderbergs have arrived, and we have great coverage with Deborah Tavares. We will be right back. [33:33]
Roxy: We are live with Deborah Tavares at the Bohemian Grove awaiting the massive party that will be held at the 2,700 acre grove where many elites, Bilderbergs, will be meeting to discuss the next plan that they have for you and I, citizens of the world. Deborah, are you still with us?
Deborah: Yes I am, Roxy, and I wanted to talk a little bit more about the wildlands project and --
Roxy: Yes, please do, and Deborah real quick, where is the web site that they can go to? We are going to put that map on our web site as well. We have it on our web site, but we are going to throw it on the home page this weekend as well, but why don't we give them your web site that this map is located on so people can take a look at it.
Deborah: Yes, it is, and the map you can print it off. This was presented to the Senate by Dr. Michael Kaufmann back in the late 90's. We reverse the colors on it so people can clearly see the human settlement zones. These are the areas that we will be allowed to live on. They are essentially vacating 50% of the United States as their first step of conditioning us and herding us into human settlement zones. This is what we hear when we hear the words "smart towns," "smart growth," "smart trains" and "easy access" to commute in business. It is a five minute lifestyle that is being created not because we are perpetrating harm on the earth, but because this is a way in which they are herding us into more surveillance and into being conditioned. And they talk about the chaos. We talked about that a bit ago. The chaos and the fact that they have got to keep us in fear. Keeping us in an environment of which we are unfamiliar. We get so disorientated and so disrupted and then they will be able to of course have a greater degree of control over us with forced vaccinations, and will be in closer proximity to all the frequencies through all of the variety of weapons. I mean cell phones, cell phone towers, cell antennas, the smart meters, the smart grid, people will literally be dumbed down from the frequencies and be more controllable. But another thing I wanted to mention is that the smart grid infrastructure is only intended to last for twenty years. They have built in obsolescence. By 2030 the smart grid is done. If it is to continue, it will require such a massive amount of maintenance that it will be very difficult if [not] impossible to maintain it at that point. In the documents that I researched which is the IEEE, the Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers, they talk about that. They talk about the data collection, the data mining, the control, the reduction of resources each house will have. They talk about putting displays on the outside of apartment buildings that will show the amount of the greenhouse gas emissions from that building so that those people can be informed that they are using too much and be cut off. They have got a massive plan and for those that might be interested in seeing the Hunger Games, that is an illustration of what the human settlement zones are like. They are already shutting us off from our parks. We are seeing that our parks are failing because of finances. This is all planned. We are living in a massive plan that is being carried out right now. The fact that cities and towns are short of money and seemingly can't continue to run their parks is all part of the massive land grab.
Roxy: Yes, and if people don't believe that, you know in 2008, actually 2009, in Arizona alone we closed a majority of the parks, and we also closed truck stops. No one believed me when I did the stories on them. No one believed that these were all closed until they actually scheduled a hike and went and found the parks were closed and that the signs that were up all up and down I-10 which covers the entire state with everything closed around it. Now listen, the Bohemians are a 2,400 member all-male club. I don't know if the audience knows that, but it is a 2,400 member all-male club. How many of these members, these Bilderbergs do you think are going to be here in the next few days? How many do you think will be coming? Do you have any idea?
Deborah: Well usually I am understanding it is attended by about 1,500 to 2,000.
Roxy: That is a lot of people. Do we have any names? Do we have any names of these Bilderbergs? Give us some names here?
Deborah: Well what we are going to do here is we have been talking to many of the employees who come in and out. That is how we will actually hope to get a guest list tomorrow. In fact when Occupy is here and we have got this massive protest occurring we seem to then be able to get more information out of the Grove. Some of the names in the past have been well-known legislators, senators, movie actors, even the presidents, all the presidents have been here, and so this is attended by the rich and famous. The most wealthy people that live in the United States, and they bring them in abroad. It predominately is within the United States. I understand, there are international participants as well. And the top nuclear scientist, in fact you know, Leuren just added to that, I am going to let her speak to that.
Roxy: OK sure, thanks. And we are going to hear the voice of Leuren Moret for those of you who do not know her. Leuren, welcome back. Go ahead, so some of the Bilderberg members are -- [40:25]
Leuren Moret: Well, some of the members of the Bohemian Club are the top nuclear scientists in the United States. For instance Ernest Lawrence when he was hired from Princeton right after he got his PhD., he got in his car and drove out to UC Berkeley. They hired him and they immediately took him to the Bohemian Club. This is in the 1930's. They immediately took him to the Bohemian Club and made him a member. Now in the 1940's when he wasn't able to make a nuclear weapon plan successful, he took Robert Oppenheimer from the UC Berkeley physics department, he took him one night to the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, and they sat down together, this is in public, and they laid out the whole Manhattan Project in one evening. Robert Oppenheimer did that. And that was the Manhattan Project to build nuclear weapons in WWII to drop on Japan. And they dropped Little Boy [originally designed long with the code name "Thin Man"] which was named for President Roosevelt who was tall [Editor's Note: actually a "thin man"], they dropped that, that was with the uranium core, and that was dropped on Hiroshima. A few days later they dropped Fat Man which was named for Churchill, the two partners in the WWII crime. That was dropped on Nagasaki. Why did they pick Hiroshima and Nagasaki? They were minimal military sites. Well, it wasn't General Leslie Groves who was head of the Manhattan Project for the military who selected the targets. They were yanked out of his hand by Col. Henry Stimson who was a Wall Street Banker with ties to the London Bankers. He was Secretary of War [prior to] WWI and [during] WWII. He ripped that list of targets out of General Groves' hand. He said, "I'm making the decision. I am going to decide where we drop those bombs." He selected Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they have the largest Christian-Japanese populations in Japan. Christianity prohibits usury in money-lending and banking, until 1750 the Pope wouldn't allow Christians to do that. The international financiers did not want a Christianized Asia, and they dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and then in Nagasaki on the Jesuit cathedral, the biggest one in southeast Asia and that ended the spread of Christianity. Then the Rockefellers bought Hiroshima and Nagasaki completely destroyed and radioactive and made huge profits on it. It is called disaster capitalism. And here is Deborah back [43:38].
Roxy: OK, thank you. Thank you so much Leuren.
Deborah: I want to add to that. In the Iron Mountain Report it talks about eliminating and taking down the Christian religion and replacing it with the love of the earth.
Roxy: Absolutely, listen, we are running out of time. You know we have got Jeff Saxon coming on next. You know him. He has got the huge hit.Murdering Us From the Sky. Chemtrails activist. He is going to come in right behind you guys. And I really thank you for the information. Let's do the web site for everyone who is listening, and we will be in touch with you after this show again. I want to thank you both for at least giving us some of the information that is happening right now, and we will continue to run with the report with you and work with you on this. So we just thank you for being there and having the courage to be there to cover every aspect of this. Really appreciate it.
Deborah: Thank you so much Roxy.
Moret: Than you very much.
Roxy: You're welcome. You guys take care. And Leuren, you take care. Thanks so much, we will be back with you. Again, everybody stayed tuned for Jeff Saxon, Murdering Us From the Sky. He is up next. Please, give him our attention. He is a wonderful man. We will be right back. [45:00]



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The Cowpens Flag, one of many circular star patterns used by "American Whigs" (or "Patriots")