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Also reproduced as "Missile Fifty-Eight" (Chapter 58)
in The Caiaphas Complex by Michael Collins Piper


"There'll Be A Hot Time
in the Old Town Tonight"
A Response to Quentin Tarantino's
Inglorious Basterds


Hollywood's Quentin Tarantino flabbergasted many people with the release of his film, Inglorious Basterds, which, in effect, glorified Jewish revenge against the Nazis, presenting the most horrible images of brutality and inhumanity in what could only be described as a positive fashion. Responding to that vile film I jumped into action and on a broadcast on my radio forum (now heard at michaelcollinspiper.podbean.com) I presented a "review" of a film -- purely fictitious of course -- that I said might be considered a sequel to Inglorious Basterds, reflecting what might be described as the counterpoint. Here's a transcript of that broadcast.

Tonight's broadcast is a summary of a forthcoming new movie that some say is a sequel to the film, Inglorious Basterds. The movie starts out with the scene of a roaring, angry, fanatical crowd, somewhere in ancient times.
The crowd is screaming "crucify him! Crucify him." We never see who He is but we hear a voice saying, "Ye are of your father, the Devil."
In the next instant we are amidst an explosion, a bomb exploding at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the horrible chaos that erupts. There are visions of bloodied British soldiers crawling out of the ruins, sirens screaming, an old Arab woman with her arm blown off -- a small baby being pulled from under a pile of rubble.
Cut to a scene of Count Folke Bernadotte being gunned down by Jewish terrorists.
Next we see dozens of Arab women and children being machine-gunned as their homes are set afire. Ariel Sharon's image appears as a giant figure overlooking the scene with a bright smile upon his face.
The word NAKBHA -- Arabic for "catastrophe" -- the memory of the illicit seizure of the Holy Land by Zionism -- explodes upon the screen.
Fast forward to a bomb exploding at the Voice of America office in Cairo in 1954 as the voice of an Israeli intelligence officer says, "We must make this appear as though it were the work of Muslim terrorists. No Israeli connection must be found."
We see John F. Kennedy being sworn into office.
We see him meeting Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. We see the image of Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and hear his voice: "Mr. President: Israel's existence is in danger."
Cut to an image of James Angleton, the CIA's devoted liaison to the Mossad. We hear his voice: "JFK must cease and desist in his efforts to undermine Israel's nuclear endeavors. If he will not cease and desist, we must make him do so."
Suddenly we see Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. A triumphant John F. Kennedy is blazing through the city in his motorcade. Shots ring out. The famous Zapruder film -- real or not -- comes into view at frame 313 and John F. Kennedy's head explodes in a shower of blood and brains.
And then the image comes: Israel explodes its first nuclear weapon.
Suddenly we are sailing in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Egypt. American sailors are aboard a ship as the Stars and Stripes flaps in the breeze. We see an image of James Angleton, the number three man in the CIA. We hear his voice: "The ship will be in place on June 8, 1967."
Planes begin approaching and a fusillade of fire rips across the ship. Torpedo boats begin approaching. "It must be the Arabs!" shouts one sailor to another. The scene shifts abruptly. We are aboard one of the torpedo boats. We're on the bridge with the Captain and he's looking through his binoculars. The camera zooms in to the name of the ship that's under attack: it is the USS Liberty.
And then a torpedo lets loose. We watch as it strikes amidship in a giant roar.
We see the Liberty in drydock. Ron Kukel and other Liberty survivors are shown trying to identify their 34 dead shipmates. It's a gruesome image to be sure.
The scene fades to one of the rescue ships. We see young Phil Tourney sitting down with Admiral Isaac Kidd. We hear Kidd's voice saying, "Never speak about this to anyone. If you do, you may face court martial -- or worse."
We see the turmoil of the 1960s. Race riots, the anti-war protests. We see the office of the ADL in New York City and a voice says, "He's getting out of control. He's a loose cannon."
And then we hear a new report about the assassination of Martin Luther King. Bobby Kennedy claims victory in the California primary. We hear a voice with an Israeli accent proclaiming, "He's been talking about re-opening the investigation of his brother's murder. We need not concern ourselves about that any longer."
Richard Nixon is sworn into office. And then we hear Nixon's voice saying, "Get me the files on Israel's nuclear weapons program." We see images of Nixon, Yasser Arafat and the King of Saudi Arabia.
We hear Nixon's voice, "If the Jewish lobby continues to undermine my efforts for peace, I'm going to rip up my 1975 state of the Union address and tell the American people just what the Hell is going on.
We again see James Angleton. We hear his voice. "Some people just don't learn from history."
We see the headlines of Watergate. We see Richard Nixon's farewell.
Jimmy Carter becomes president. We see the Camp David accords. We see a headline in The New York Times: "Jewish voters disillusioned with Jimmy Carter." And we hear Jimmy Carter saying, "After I get in for my second term, I am going to fuck the Jews."
We see the 1980 election map. It's a Reagan landslide. We hear one broadcaster saying, "Ronald Reagan has won a greater percentage of the Jewish vote than any Republican in a century."
George Bush Sr. becomes president and we hear his famous speech. "I'm just one little guy fighting against this big powerful lobby." And we see former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky. We see his book, The Other Side of Deception. On the screen we seen an excerpt from the book describing a Mossad plot to kill President Bush.
Next, it's the first attack on the World Trade Center. We see the headline from Robert I. Friedman's little-noticed article in The Village Voice. "MOSSAD LINKED TO WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK."
AND THEN we're in Oklahoma city. We see Timothy McVeigh and the Murrah Building. We see the media proclaiming that "this has all the earmarks of a Middle East conspiracy." Over and over again we see Saddam Hussein's face. We see Saddam firing a gun into the air. We see screaming crowds of angry Arabs.
And then we see Bill and Hillary Clinton. We hear Clinton's voice, "It's pretty clear that they want us to go to war against Saddam. They want us to think he did it."
Clinton adds: "Well, I'm not going to go to war against Iraq. Tell Janet Reno that this was one lone nut. That's our official line on this."
And then we see Monica Lewinsky's pretty face. We see the headline from The New York Post: "Israel Blackmailed Bill with Monica Sex Tapes." We hear Hillary Clinton's voice: "I think it's time for a Palestinian state."
George Bush is sworn in as president. We see him surrounded by such faces as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol. And we hear voices saying, "Attack Iraq. Destroy Saddam."
And then its September 11 -- the Trade Towers come down. One after the other. And we see George W. Bush saying, "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists." We see Osama bin Laden's face and he turns into Saddam Hussein. And then we see Saddam and his face morphs into Bin Laden. Over and over and over again.
And America goes to war against Iraq and Afghanistan and the images of bloodied civilians are intercut with pictures of Americans waving flags and George W. Bush smiling brightly.
And then we see Benjamin Netanyahu. We see the image of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. And we see Adolf Hitler. We hear a loud patriot broadcaster, Alex Jones, braying, "The Nazis actually won World War II. They funneled their assets into the Bilderberg group. And now they are trying to take over the world once again."
We see Ahmadinejad morphing into Hitler and Hitler turning into Ahmadinejad.
We hear Benjamin Netanyahu saying, "If America won't fight for us, we'll take the whole damned world down with us."
And the movie begins...
A group of American diplomats are shown at the U.S. State Department. "They bombed our installations in Cairo in 1954. It's time for payback." We see a distinguished-looking diplomat in conference with a group of commandos. Next, bombs go off all over Tel Aviv.
A group of American sailors are sitting inside their submarine. It's in chaos. "Remember the Liberty," one of them says.
And we see a group of renegade sailors talking with their Captain, saying, "Sir, it's in your hands." And we see the Captain nodding his head quietly. There's an Israeli vessel sailing nearby and the Captain says: "Prepare to fire." The next scene we see is an American torpedo (with the words remember the Liberty painted upon it, with an American flag) cruising through the water. The Israeli ship explodes.
We see the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport. We see a rear view of a grey-haired Ted Kennedy and see the Kennedy clan gather around him. We hear his inimitable accent. "It's time for payback." There are a number of American military officers -- all red-headed Irishmen -- standing nearby.
Suddenly, we're at a giant "Rally for Israel" in downtown New York and we hear a voice saying, "Welcome the Prime Minister of Israel" and his motorcade roars into view.
We see three sniper teams -- those red-headed Irishmen -- preparing their weapons. And the shots ring out. The Israeli prime minister's head explodes in a halo all too reminiscent of what happened in Dallas.
The halo of red suddenly morphs into the red and orange clay of rural Oklahoma. And we're on a ranch. We see a sign saying, "Oklahoma City: 20 miles." A group of ranchers are having a cookout, but there's an interesting mix of all-American types of all races. A sign says: "OK Bombing Survivors and Families Reunion."
We see an elderly black woman saying, "They killed my grandbabies." And we see one rancher say, "Well, what goes around, grandma, comes around." A black fireman says, "We'll see to that."
Cut to the explosion that tears apart the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles. We hear a newsman say, "We haven't seen anything like this since the Murrah Building."
The flames of the Israeli consulate suddenly turn into flames of a pile of burning brush and as the camera pulls back, we see an older man, tall and distinguished, with his arms on the shoulder of a cowboy. We hear the older man saying, "Son, they gave me a screwing and they did the same to you. You did what they wanted and they still blamed it all on you." The younger voice says, "Yeah, they ruined our family name." There's a pause, and the older man says, "I was CIA director forty years ago, but I've still got friends in a lot of places."
And suddenly we see a worldwide map. We see flashes of explosions at all points worldwide. Headlines scream: "Worldwide attacks on Israeli diplomatic installations. Hundreds dead."

Suddenly we are in the Oval Office. We see military figures, diplomats, politicians facing us. The rear of the president's chair is visible. A black-skinned hand is resting on the arm of the chair. One politicians says, "We've had it up to here with the Jews." An admiral says, "Yeah, no more wars for Israel." A one-armed man says: "I was just working as a clerk in the World Trade Center and this is what our grand ally Israel gave me." He waves the stump of his arm. A military figure says: "They have the bomb and they will use it. They've got to to be stopped."
The voice from behind the chair says firmly, with resolution. "The time has come. Something has to be done." The black hand picks up a red phone and speaks: "Mr. Putin please. This is the president." There is a quiet pause. "We're moving. We must."
In Moscow we see the Kremlin and inside we see a muscular shadow over a group of military officers. A voice says: "The Americans are prepared to take on Zionism, the force that destroyed our nation and held us in bondage for so long."
Flash back to the White House. A military figure says: "What about the Chinese?" A gruff general says; "They have no truck with these people." The president's voice says: "They've already given their assent."
In Moscow we see the Kremlin and a closeup of the Russian leader speaking into the phone. "It is a go." (In Russian). We see Russian missiles creeping up through the ground.
In Washington, at the Pentagon, a general says: "The President says it's a go." And American submarines are being alerted.
The missiles are launched.
We see a map of Israel. We see Tel Aviv incinerated.
And the music begins to play -- the old song: "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight."



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