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10 Jan 2013

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2013-01-10 Nuked Radio No. 84, Christina Consolo (the "RadChick") interviews Maj. William B. Fox, (MP3 download Here, 81.5 MB, 1:55:55; listed on YouTube as "Nuked #84 Military/MSM Insider talks Fukushima Coverup".YouTube caption:
"Major William B. Fox explains from his unique perspective having been a Harvard Business School graduate, Major in US Military, and former employee of CBS...how the cover-up of Fukushima happened and continues today, and what that means from a health perspective for everyone downwind of Japan.
This was only intended to be an hour-long broadcast but Major Fox was so fascinating my producer Jules made an exception and extended it to a second hour.
What the government doesn't want you to know WILL hurt you.
His web site: http://www.amfirstbooks.com/ and
(all Fukushima open-sourced intelligence at the above links)"


Nearly two years after the Fukushima earthquake and meltdowns on 11 March 2011, Bakersfield, California is still getting clobbered with fallout -- and the government and major media still refuse to alert and adequately protect the local citizenry. Any level over 100 counts per minute (CPM) is considered a HAZMAT (hazardous materials) situation by the California Highway Patrol. Here we see three spikes that reach 1,000 CPM in the span of only four months! Below, a chart from "Study: All of Western US and most of East Coast, Midwest, Canada covered in airborne particles on March 20, Fukushima plume model shows — Based solely on Reactor No. 1 explosion (PHOTO)," enenews.com, March 2, 2012, which shows how North America got clobbered within the first few weeks of the crisis -- and most Americans were left in ignorance and danger by their government and controlled major media. For more plume charts, please see the "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles series.

Interview Transcript


Editor's Note: This is a "rush" transcription provided by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books that is reasonably but not totally accurate for research purposes.
He has added illustrations and has also added supplemental information enclosed in brackets in an effort to improve accuracy, fill in sound gaps, or provide important additional background.


Christina "The RadChick" Consolo: Welcome to Nuked Radio. This is Episode 84. Today is Thursday, January 10th, 2013. I am your host, Christina Consolo, and with me today is Jules who will be working in the background. We also have a very special guest who will be joining us momentarily, Major William B. Fox, who I talked about on Tuesday's show.
Since I read the article that he sent I have had numerous emails asking for links to his work and web site, so we are very lucky that he was available to be here today in person.
A few quick stories though to get us started. Machine guns and assault type high capacity weapons are being requested by the NRC to protect citizens from radiological sabotage. I want to thank E. J. Parsons for sending me this article. I sent it to ENENews, who posted it today.
This article that was originally posted on The Hill states: "The proposed action could reduce the risk that public health will be affected by radiological releases because of the increased likelihood of the successful repulsion of a terrorist attack, the agency contends." How nice that the NRC is concerned about our health all of a sudden. The cost of arming all security guards in 65 operating plants in the U.S. will be approximately $42 million.
Now an interesting comment that was posted from a nuke worker under the article states that this measure is redundant. That security guards already have access to this type of firepower since 9/11, although I can't confirm this. The public does have 45 days to respond.
ENENews is also running the U.S. Government film from 1960 that we played on Tuesday where Dr. Frank Baxter is asked: "Are all the effects of radiation bad?" And he answers "Most of them are. Therefore we must be very careful when we use radiation."
I also wanted to let you guys to know that the video that I did entitled "Obama gets Blasted By RADS" in regard to his Hawaiian vacation has been posted on Before Its News. In fact it is not appearing under the alternative news, it is appearing under national news. It was the third post under the politics section. So check it out and share that around if you haven't already.
And last but not least the booms are back. Since January 5th loud booms in multiple states and locations are being reported again. The ones in the U.S. so far have been picked up on seismographs. Utah, Wyoming, Indiana, Salem, Massachusetts and North Hollywood in L.A. are reporting these booms over the last few days. My family actually heard them last night. There were four quick booms around 10:30 and we could actually feel them vibrate the house.
Also I saw some comments that these are also being heard in the UK and France. Now there are numerous news stories reporting this online, and the Extinction Protocol ran a story about this yesterday. I have a few comments that I want to share with you, and I did talk to my daughter who lives in Utah who said that she was under the impression that it was a rocket launch for her area of the country, but I could not find that confirmed in any news source.
This comment appeared on a post from someone named "E": "I have a buddy over in the states who has been telling me he has been hearing these booms and groaning sounds the last couple of days in the southeast Pennsylvania area. He lives near West Chester area in Downingtown. It is freaking him out. He has never heard them before. The earth is groaning and humming."
From "Cindy" on my web page: "Hi, I live in Evansville, Indiana, and there have been reports of loud booms all over our city and in Kentucky and a few other areas in the past two days. No one knows where they are coming from. Some say sonic booms are from jets, but obviously this is not normal, and we do have an airport, so if it was normal, people would not be calling and reporting it. Any way, someone said it reminded them of the 1812 earthquake. I read where he reported a big sinkhole in Ohio and we are on the New Madrid fault line. I am not familiar with the 1812 earthquake and there are boom sounds being reported, so I thought I would send you a message to see what you think. It is all over our news media here, and some have said it is so loud that it woke them up from sleeping, and others have said it has rattled their house. We do have mines, but not here in Evansville. There is not any mining close by for it to be affecting our city."
I wrote back to her: "No one really knows what is causing this. The Utah incident is being blamed on a possible rocket test. My feeling is that it is geological in nature, but all we can do is be prepared and have a plan of where to meet up with your family if a big earthquake happens. I live in Michigan and we have had ground shaking and rumbling here too. The St. Lawrence seaway is a huge fault and points towards you. It may be connected to the New Madrid as well. The thing to remember is earthquakes are hardly ever fatal in themselves. The danger is from building collapse and the nuke plants melting down afterward. Know where the nuke plants are around you just in case, and probably head north if a meltdown occurs."
I sent her a link from Greenpeace of how to locate nuke plants near you.
Forum post from "S.B": "Here in northwest Georgia power went out two times. A few days afterward I heard two loud booms that shook the house, vibrated windows. I walked down the road and saw three local police sitting in a church parking lot. They told me that they were trying to find the source of the booms."
Another forum post from "A.C.": "Warning: these are classic signs of major rift fault activity. If you live within a hundred miles of the New Madrid I strongly suggest you relocate if possible. If not, be prepared for a big one. Many have speculative foreknowledge of a major New Madrid event is what has led to the construction of FEMA camps, the passage of NDAA, the passage of property and asset confiscation bills, and takeover of all communication bills, et cetera. Peace and good luck."
Another forum post from "Canoeforyou": "In my opinion many of these booms are from seismic activity. Google the state and helicorder. We are seeing seismic activity all over now. For over three years I felt the New Madrid, Virginia, and mostly east coast earthquakes, and there is a big up tick ongoing. Another threat he mentions, those in eastern Kentucky and extending into West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, northwest Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, and Minnesota. Many helicorders in these states are now closed or are deleting events. The causes may be planetary alignment, fracking, solar maximum or HAARP. The earth has always moved. What is new is man and his arrogance, never took solar flares, earthquakes, or even severe weather into account as we built bridges, dams, nuke plants, buried gas lines, buildings, power grid into account. It will all fail in time. Again, Google any state, your state, and the word "helicorder." Find the one closest to you, book mark it, and check it daily. The earth is on the move."
Another foreign post from "Resister.": "My wife and I heard several deep booms a couple of nights ago at our house here in middle Tennessee. It was much deeper than gunfire from a hunter, and deer season is over now, or a neighbor out shooting for fun. Because we live in the country, one of them even shook the house a little. It did not sound like the local train, and no engine or railcar sound was heard at all. Just loud deep distant booms. Almost canon like. We are used to the local train and gunfire from farmlands not far away. I also grew up in west Nashville and am used to the typical sound of blasting at the rock quarry or for road construction. This was very different and strange.
In an email from the UK: "Around 10:00 PM Tuesday, the 8th of January, my wife and I were having a smoke in the back garden, and we heard in about five minute intervals loud rumblings from the heavens. It was a heart sickening sound, which vibrated through our heart and body, that is how I will describe it. I have never heard anything like it. It lasted for around 20 seconds and then disappeared for around five minutes, and then came back. And another thing, we have not seen clear skies for about three weeks day or night until last night, and it was really clear. The stars were sparkling and then that weird loud rumbling came from above."
We will post a link and pin it to the top of the RadChick page today. There is an article that kind of sums up all the booms that have been heard in the last week on the Extinction Protocol. I don't have the link handy, but I will post it on the RadChick page. We will pin it to the top, and because this is such a concern for so many people you can post any of your findings or observations on that link.
Our guest today, Major William B. Fox has been intensively researching individual and group radiation protection measures since Fukushima. His web site, americafirstbooks.com contains what he calls extremely urgent info regarding continuing global radiation warfare. His intensive research brought him to Leuren Moret, one of our favorite Fukushima experts, who he now considers a friend and ally. A summary of the Fukushima disaster is stated on his web site as follows:

The ongoing nuclear radiation catastrophe following the 3-11-2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami has many disturbing false flag characteristics in common with the BP-Gulf crisis listed below. Contrary to mainstream media reports, it may wind up being more than a 100 to a 1,000 times worse than Chernobyl -- and will likely cause horrifying health problems for many Americans as well as the Japanese. Please link to our continually updated pages:

The first page is:

Fukushima Catastrophe open source intelligence summary page. This web page provides strong evidence that the nuclear reactor melt-downs were ultimately caused by deliberate sabotage utilizing Mossad-CIA's Stuxnet virus.

Another page:

"Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles. The plume chart above estimates the spread of radioactive Neptunium 239 over North America on March 24, 2011. Other very dangerous isotopes such as Plutonium 239, Cesium 137, and Iodine 131 provided a witches' brew of fallout. The general public was never adequately warned about this danger. This chart is just one example contained in the week-by-week chart series. The tasteless, colorless, "invisible" radiation threat circling the northern hemisphere is extremely real. It threatens to genocide major portions of the Japanese people -- and much of America as well. Each web page in this series also lists articles that provide deep background.

He also has an Individual and Group Radiation Protection page.

What you don't know will hurt you. Fukushima radiation is silently impacting on all Americans. There are protective measures you must know about HERE.

He also has a page for Leuren Moret, a page for Dr. Chris Busby, and

A Nuclear 9/11? An American Fukushima? Why flooded Fort Calhoun, Nebraska in 2011 and other crippled nuclear power plants had experts on edge -- and the nuclear industry danger is not over yet

There is also a very informative page on:

The Chernobyl Catastrophe: The Horrific Dress Rehearsal For the Even More Horrific Fukushima Disaster. The impacts since the 1986 melt-down tell us what we need to know about what Fukushima can do to our future. .

So without further ado, Major Fox, welcome to nuked radio.

Maj. William B. Fox: Well, my pleasure to be on your show. I consider it quite an honor.

Christina: Well, it is an honor to have you. Please share with our listeners who you are what your background is.

Maj. Fox: All right, well, I was born and raised in [Gainesville] Florida, but then wound up living around the country. I did very well in school, ended up graduating Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from the University of Southern California. My father was a college professor at the University of Florida, so I have always sort of reveled in the academic world and the world of research and analysis, which I consider my main focus right now.
However, my real education came when I graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1984 [and took a job within a major nerve center of the New World Order in New York City]. [laughter] I think that year has an appropriately Orwellian ring to it, because I discovered that in many ways America was just as bad as what George Orwell described in his novel, but in more subtle ways, and in some ways more dangerous ways.
My first job out of the business school [was at CBS]. I had, having gone to the University of Southern California, taken a number of courses in cinema and I was interested in the film industry and media.
Actually I have always been an eclectic individual. I have had a wide variety of interests. I took a natural science curriculum. I had also entertained for a while the idea, the possibility of becoming a medical doctor, so I took the full premed curriculum. [I was a psychology major and entertained the possibility of becoming a psychiatrist. I also applied and got accepted to a law school, but decided to go into the Marine Corps instead]. So I have been all over the map.
But I also came from a family with strong military roots. I have a grandfather [Col. Frederick H. Fox] who had served under George Patton in North Africa and became a full colonel. He had a brother in law named Col Creed Bates who lived in a log cabin and was sort of a country gentleman in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so that exposed me to the pioneer heritage in America.
So I have been very diversified. I have lived all over the country, on the West Coast, Los Angeles, Florida, [Tennessee], North Carolina, Washington D.C., Hawaii, [Boston], in Washington [state] and Oregon, [and Texas]. More recently now I have been in western Pennsylvania. And I lived in New York City for ten years.


The CBS Building in Midtown Manhattan, also known as "Black Rock"


But anyway my real education in many ways began with my first job out of the Harvard Business School as a senior financial analyst at the CBS headquarters in Midtown Manhattan at what they call "Black Rock" [51 W. 52nd Street], the CBS Headquarters. Over the next five years I began to split from what you might call the Matrix. I began to understand that we live in a very Orwellian, very thought-controlled society. So that is an important story there, [which] is how I began to break out of the Matrix.
The next part of the story, I had experience as a real estate broker for around nine or ten years in New York. Then later I became a stock broker and did that for approximately ten years in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington state.
Then I got involved in -- you see I have a lot of business experience [that might help me in a start-up venture] -- I got involved in trying to handle ebooks that help educate the public about this horrible Matrix that we are in. So I got involved with Michael Collins Piper who is the author of Final Judgment, which provides strong evidence that the Mossad and Israel were the ringleaders in orchestrating the John F. Kennedy assassination.



I hand-crafted that book -- [incidentally, the author Michael Collins Piper] he works for the American Free Press -- into an ebook, personally. It took me about a week to do it, [but the time was well spent] because I felt it was a real landmark. [I also created the web site michaelcollinspiper.com].
However, before I really was able to ramp up my ebook inventory, I was very concerned that Portland, Oregon might be hit by a false flag attack, because not only was I following the American Free Press very closely and other alternative media, but as a consequence actually of listening to alternative media, I came across a person named Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer, who voiced concern as well as a number of Portland area activist groups that Portland could become the target of a false flag [10 kiloton bomb and/or] dirty nuke attack.
So I called up Eric May, and he really stuck it to me [because of our shared military intelligence and public affairs experience and my ability to write and post articles on the web].


Major William B. Fox while serving a period of reserve active duty as a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Major in the G-2 Intelligence Section of the 4th Marine Division Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana during the Gulf War I era. He later received an honorable discharge and no longer has any official connection with the U.S. Marine Corps or any other U.S. Government entity.


[Before I continue with Capt. May, let me digress and describe some important military experiences leading up to my conversation with him]. Actually out of college [I had] gone into the Marine Corps, and although my original background was in supply and logistics -- I had of course gone through Officer Candidates School -- when I was in the reserves, then in the rank of Captain and later Major, I belonged to a public affairs Marine Corps reserve unit, in New York City [Mobilization Training Unit or MTU, NY-17]. That [unit] held a symposium once a year where Marine Corps commanders, often in the rank up to Colonel, even a Brigadier General would come [once in a while], and [they would all] sort of "meet the press" and hear about media issues.

Tom Wolfe

I helped host that [week-long symposium] with this unit and [among other things] we would conduct hot seat [training] interviews [as well as invite leading figures in media to speak to the group]. Once I orchestrated an [original] producer of 60 Minutes [the late Joe Wershba] -- since I worked at CBS for a year -- to come and talk to the group. Tom Wolfe, who is a major author [of bestsellers such as The Right Stuff and The Bonfire of Vanities and who is also a very savvy social critic], was a regular [speaker, and I was very impressed with him]. Also one of the publishers of the New York Times [Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger, Sr.], [also one of the major] owners, had served in the Marine Corps during World War II, so we usually had a luncheon at The New York Times. So that [exposure to many of the "wonderful wizards" behind the "curtain" of the American "Media Oz"] was also part of my stepping out of the Matrix.
I had done a stint of active duty as a Marine Corps public affairs officer at Central Command [headquartered at MacDill AFB in Tampa] Florida. At that time [summer 1985 during the TWA Flight 847 hijacking] -- this was in the pre-Internet era -- I found it kind of shocking to see how [highly edited mainstream media was]. Part of the job was to follow breaking news, and to prepare five news stories, one minute each to brief the Commanding General of Central Command [Gen Robert Kingston] every morning.
What was shocking to me was, in following the New York Times and Washington Post -- and I also had access to something else called FBIS, which is the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, which is actually -- the CIA runs that -- and they translate foreign media, and so I could read what the Arab press and other Middle Eastern and Central Asian media had to say about certain stories and compare and contrast that to what the New York Times and Washington Post said -- it occurred to me, Oh my God, we do live in an Orwellian society. We are getting highly filtered news.
[Ed. Note: I was already aware that Israel had made a deliberate effort to sink the U.S.S. Liberty on the high seas in 1967 and kill all American crewmen on board and blame the attack on Egypt from the book Assault on the Liberty The True Story Of The Israeli Attack On An American Intelligence Ship by James M. Ennes Jr. (1979). This story had been suppressed by mainstream media. Later I would come across books such as They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby (1985 edition) and Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the U.S.-Israeli Relationship (1995) by former Congressman Paul Findley, Stealth PACs: How Israel's American Lobby Seeks to Control U.S. Middle East Policy by Richard H. Curtiss, Parker L. Payson and Andrew I. Killgore (Feb 1990), and sources which discussed Israel's Lavon Affair false flag attack against American personnel in Egypt in 1954, all of which supported my worst fears about major corruption and distortion embedded within American media and our political system].


Although there may be some controversy about the authenticity of the quote above, the fact that it sounds plausible to many people who are familiar with Mossad-CIA-MI6 PSYOPs should in itself be instructive, just like the quote attributed to former CIA director William Colby below:


Then later I decided I wanted to try to get involved in the intelligence world, so I became the officer in charge of an intelligence unit, an interrogation translation team in Garden City, New York [34th Interrogator / Translator Team] and did that for two years. So that was my exposure to the intelligence world [that would prove very valuable in regard to my anti-false flag activism later on].
But anyway, the upshot is that getting involved with Captain May, I became an activist. I traveled down to the National Guard Headquarters. Now we are talking about [August] 2007 during Operation Noble Resolve. Capt. May really stuck it to me. He said that he had Lou Gehrig's disease and he was dying and he had given his all for his country, and "What's your excuse, Major?" [Laughter].


U.S. Army Captain Eric H. May, with a colleague and smoking a pipe as a 1st Cav military intelligence officer. From Chapter 1: Gestation Inside the Propaganda Matrix in the Mission of Conscience series.


He really stuck it to me, and I felt like the only thing I could do if I had even an ounce of manhood, since I had a background as a writer and I understand the power of media, [is say "Yes." I definitely] could not say "No."
He said [words to the effect]: "We need somebody like you to go down to the National Guard Headquarters in Salem, Oregon, and start asking questions, because there is nobody in the media who has the guts to go there and ask the questions that need to be asked about this exercise which we believe could be hijacked and taken live and turned into another 9/11."
So I went to the National Guard headquarters, and [before I get into what happened there, let me provide some more background on myself]. Having lived in New York, and having been exposed [to the back stage of major media I felt uniquely qualified despite any personal limitations to get involved in this kind of investigative journalism] -- I myself, I view myself, I am not an important person. But by belonging to organizations like the Harvard Business School Club and Harvard Club and attending meetings of venture capital [and real estate, media, and other industry-related] groups, I was like the fly on the wall in a John Dos Passos novel -- where I am sort of like the camera eye -- I am not important, but I am one or two degrees of separation from people who really are important, who are movers and shakers. [As one example, as a real estate broker I once attended a talk given by Larry Silverstein sponsored by the Real Estate Board of New York where I had a chance after the talk was over to engage the future 9/11 World Trade Center mogul in about 10 minutes of personal conversation].

The Trilogy by John Dos Passos is one of his most famous works, both for its independent critique of American society as well as its use of experimental literary techniques. According to the Wikipedia article about this work: "The trilogy employs an experimental technique, incorporating four narrative modes: fictional narratives telling the life stories of twelve characters; collages of newspaper clippings and song lyrics labeled `Newsreel'; individually labeled short biographies of public figures of the time such as Woodrow Wilson and Henry Ford and fragments of autobiographical stream of consciousness writing labeled `Camera Eye'. The trilogy covers the historical development of American society during the first three decades of the twentieth century."

Frankly while living in New York City, I started to get an inkling about what is really going on in America, the real history of America, and it really bothered me very, very deeply. It is very different than what I was told about in college or what I learned about in high school. Things that I should have been told about in the privacy of my own home or in locker rooms that I was never told. So that was a big wake up.
So anyway, when I went to the National Guard Headquarters I started hearing talk about how they were trying to model everything [and micro-manage everything] and centralize everything in Washington, D.C. [via "fusion centers"], and I thought, "Wait a second , there is something really wrong here, because normally in crisis response, often the most effective response is decentralized, because people closest to the unfolding action can respond to it better."
I can get into a discussion about [how], for example, even the Germans, the Nazis in the blitzkrieg, believe it or not, they promoted decentralization. It was legitimate to disobey orders within the Nazi high command in the blitzkrieg because they knew that in a fluid, mobile situation, people who are closest to the action [often] know what is best to be done right then and there compared to the people at top headquarters. This is one reason why Erwin Rommel, who was particularly famous for maneuver warfare in North Africa, often rode in a squad car near the front so that he could be close to the unfolding action. [Ed. Note: See my quotation from "On War #12" by William S. Lind on my "centralized vs. decentralized" web page for more on the German concept of "Auftragstaktik" in military operations].


So what I smelled was some kind of megalomaniacal control freak mentality back in Washington D.C. and New York that is trying to take over complete control of this country in ways that contradict what I consider to be rational decentralized practices to handle real crises.
[Ed. Note: Even worse, increased levels of centralized control and micro-management are a two-edged sword that can be used to instigate false flag attacks and control the local reaction to them and replace genuine republic government with jackbooted fascism rather than be used to protect both the public and the republic. In other words, the real terrorists are found among the shadow government that stands behind the official U.S. government. Last but not least, there is extreme hypocrisy and exceedingly cruel irony involved here where a government that could be so intensely focused on micro-managing responses to certain hypothetical terrorist threats or natural events would later act 180 degrees in the opposite direction -- that is, with incredible disinterest, disinformation, and nonchalance -- in regard to handling the gravely serious ongoing Fukushima radiation danger to the U.S. population. We have seen similar patterns of high level criminal behavior before in regard to the government response to such disasters as the British Petroleum pollution of the Gulf of Mexico and the air over southeast America with the highly toxic dispersant Corexit and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina strike on New Orleans and other Gulf Coast areas, not to mention the depleted uranium (DU) problem and the "9/11 Inside Job."]
Having lived in New York City, I kind of could smell in my nostrils a megalomaniacal ethnic flavor -- control freak flavor behind all this -- having been exposed to Wall Street investment bankers. I had actually interviewed with people at the major Wall Street firms, and knew people who worked for them through my connections there. So I said: "This does look scary to me. I don't like the smell of it. It looks like all the worst things that I fear."
So I felt like there was no harm done in writing an article for the Lone Star Iconoclast [Ed. Note: published as: Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash, August 29, 2007. See also Chapter 24: Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash: Portland and Phoenix Join the Terror Target Club in the Mission of Conscience series]. I think Leon Smith was a real hero who ran that. He was one of the first critics of George Bush and all the corruption of his administration. In fact, was kind of a thorn in the Bush administration's side by [working with others in] running the Peace House and having a semi-headquarters in Crawford, Texas near the Bush Western White House in Texas.

The 7 April 2007 Whistleblower's Congress blogspot commented on Smith follows: "W. Leon Smith hails from the family of Erastus Smith, the courageous patriot who guided the survivors of The Alamo to safety. Sam Houston, among others, believed his timely actions made Texas independence possible. `Remember the Alamo,' first came from the lips of Erastus Smith." For more background on Leon Smith, please also see Chapter 14: Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, and the Info War Martyrs in the Mission of Conscience series.


SFC Don Buswell
Dr. James Fetzer
Lt.Col. Guy Razer

Three other important individuals who have worked as part of a team effort to interdict highly criminal and treasonous false false flag attacks are pictured above. These portrait pictures were used in the 18 July 2008 article MID-SUMMER ALERT! Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo by Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, Maj. William B. Fox, Dr. James H. Fetzer, Capt. Eric H. May and SFC Donald S. Buswell. The text of this alert is reproduced in Chapter 32: Neo-Con Bloodying of the Russian Bear and Putin vs. the New World Order of the Mission of Conscience series.


So I wrote an article for the Lone Star Iconoclast about my experiences. Then I just sort of got sucked into it [all, particularly when it turned out that Capt.May was correct that so-called "mainstream media" were completely unwilling to investigate and report many serious false flag threats].

The SE radiation spread from a hypothetical 10-kiloton ground burst extending over downtown Portland, Oregon from the Harvard-Stanford study.


Then when Operation TOPOFF rolled around in October, things really looked scary. [I cover key events of August and September 2007 leading up to this exercise in Chapter 25: The Kennebunkport Warning and the B-52 “Loose Nukes” Push-Back. It should not take a genius to figure out that when the U.S. Air Force loses track of nuclear weapons that may have been headed in the general direction of Iran, that there is something very fishy going on. In fact, leading intelligence analysts such as Wayne Madsen and Webster Tarpley and journalist Seymour M. Hersch with The New Yorker have documented strenuous efforts by Vice President Dick Cheney and other high level Bush Administration officials to start a war with Iran utilizing false flag operations.]
There had been a study done, in which people at Harvard and Stanford had done an [explosive and] dirty nuke scenario. The thing looked a little too realistic to me in terms of the idea of using the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon as the site of a [radioactive bomb blast]-- well actually there is was a place further north [that was the original target of a possible 10-kiloton nuke scenario], and then later the Steel Bridge as a ["Radioactive Dispersal Device"] dirty nuke site.


It turned out that, as an amazing coincidence, the first day of that exercise Vladimir Putin went to Iran. He was the first Russian leader to do that since Joseph Stalin during World War II. That was a very spooky coincidence [along with the fact that police bomb-sniffing dogs alerted near the hotel where DHS Czar Michael Chertoff was staying in the Portland area during the exercise]. I had this feeling that Vladimir Putin used himself as a human shield to prevent the U.S. and Israel from attacking Iran. That was probably the major factor [in preventing a false flag attack to help "justify" war with Iran], in fact, I am not the only person who felt that way. Webster Tarpley has come out and stated that opinion himself.
So then somebody stepped forward and encouraged me to really focus on [all] this, and provided support and so on, to support trying to interdict with Capt. May possible false flag attacks. So I sort of put a lot of other things on the back burner, which, in a way that was a difficult situation, because there are a lot of other people who I think are very, very important in terms of what they are doing to help educate the public to help us break out of this Matrix.
One of them was the late Eustace Mullins. I had met him at a Barnes Review / American Free Press Conference in 2006 [in Washington, D.C.], and in fact drove him back to his home in Staunton, Virginia. I wanted to create a profile page of Eustace Mullins and his works, and there are some other people that I wanted very badly to work with, including doing more work with the American Free Press.
[However, I was able to create a profile page for Kevin Alfred Strom when strong evidence emerged that he was being unjustly railroaded into jail for his political views. I also spent some time campaigning to help keep Finnish activist Henrik Holappa out of jail in Finland when he was being deported from the U.S, and also to get Dr. Fredrick Tobin out of jail in the UK. More recently I was able to do some transcription work of interviews pertaining to Idaho white civil rights activist attorney Edgar Steele when strong evidence emerged that he was getting railroaded into jail as well, as reflected on my Suppressed Nationalists, Historical Revisionists, and Other Dissidents or Unlucky Victims web page.
Unfortunately I have been so stretched thin just trying to cover the Fukushima radiation danger and certain false flag threats that I have not been able to give other activists the full coverage that I feel they deserve, particularly when archiving their works online can serve as a deterrent against increased thought police suppression in America as well as help the general public overcome its "Matrix" brainwashing.
In other words, I am every bit as passionately opposed to the railroading of people like Kevin Strom and Edgar Steele on the American Right as John Dos Passos was about the suspected railroading of Sacco and Vanzetti and other political dissidents on the American Left in the 1920's -- or Malcolm X and his father opposed the railroading of black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey during that same era].


I was caught in a horrible position, because I really did feel threatened. [I felt] that there was a strong chance that some very evil people [affiliated with Mossad-CIA-MI6] were going to try to hit us with another 9/11 and nuke one of our cities. I felt that maybe working with Captain May and the Lone Star Iconoclast, and Dr. James Fetzer who is also a former Marine officer, [founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and columnist at Veterans Today] who does the Real Deal [Internet radio] show, [would enable me to be part of an effective team effort].
Then there is a former intelligence staff NCO named Donald Buswell, he has also been a valuable ally. [Last but not least, LtCol Guy Razer, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, has also participated in the creation of a number of alerts meant to deter more false flag attacks].
I felt maybe that [we were in an "all hands on deck" emergency situation] -- I mean if a nuke goes off and we have martial law and a police state dictatorship, you know, what is the point of doing this more macro-philosophical stuff even though it is extremely important in the long run, if there is no long run if we get nuked in the short run? So that was my thinking.
I started getting very intensively focused on working on the whole false flag threat situation, and ended up writing what I call the Mission of Conscience Trilogy where I go into things like the Madrid bombing, the London 7/7 attack, the Mumbai bombings, and really try to get into the dynamics, trying to understand who is doing these false flag attacks. Why are they doing [these things]?
[Later on] I did a whole profile page on the Oslo-Utoya 22 July attack. I think that has Mossad-CIA-MI6 fingerprints all over that. I think Breivik was a patsy. There is strong evidence that there were other shooters on Utoya Island. I think there is strong evidence that it was beyond Breivik's capabilities to set off a bomb of the magnitude that went off in Oslo.
Incidentally, I have a personal thing in this because my mother comes from Norway, and I am involved with Norwegian American organizations, so this is [in fact very] personal for me. So that was another motivation to get involved in that [part of the seemingly never-ending saga of false flag attacks waged by Mossad-CIA-MI6 against honest and productive people around the world].
So I am sort of back and forth [with different types of projects]. Now I am, of course, still on this whole nuclear thing which remains extremely ominous.
I am almost becoming like a junior medical student, trying to study all these different sources, like Dr. John Apsley, has written a very good book [Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations]. Dr. Marc Sircus [at drsircus.com] has a lot of good stuff [such as Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome: Treatments for Nuclear and Chemical Nightmares and Winning the War on Cancer].
I have all these books in front of me. Radiation Protective Foods by Sarah Shannon, that's good.


Sherry Rogers, M.D.

Sherry Rogers, [M.D.], I have discovered her fairly recently. I have spent a lot of time listening to just about all of her back shows on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. She did a very classic book called Detoxify or Die. She has written many other books, like is Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? and the E.I. Syndrome. It is a long list.
I am trying to get up to running speed, trying to just absorb and integrate this stuff, because I think someone like Sherry Rogers supplies an important part of the overall jigsaw puzzle, the understanding that we need to try to defend ourselves.
I mean, there are so many areas. There is the medical, biological, radiation protection aspect. I think getting your own [detection equipment such as the] Inspector Alert and being able to actually show people things beeping, is a good idea. I have [also] been promoting the whole thing with the respirators. That is a good idea. But then also there is this whole macro-philosophical thing of how we are sort of in this Matrix. There are these people who are trying to brainwash us and steer us, and we need to penetrate that as well to gain control of our own destiny. So it is a lot of stuff happening on many different levels.
I hope that was helpful as at least some introductory background. [29:21].

Christina: When you first heard about the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami and the fact that a number of nuke plants were taken out from it, I think Spiegel had reported, German newspaper, that ten to fourteen nuke plants actually experienced problems. Did you immediately think that this was a false flag? Or what told you, what allowed you to form that opinion as time went on?

Maj. Fox: Yes, actually certainly compared to most people I was way up the [knowledge] curve, because I had my fingers on a continuing basis on [the pulse of] all the major alternative media. For example, I created a very long, what I call an open source intelligence, alternative media summary page on BP Gulf. I had been following Jeff Rense at Rense.com closely because he was interviewing top experts on what was happening in that arena. So when Fukushima took place, I immediately caught what Jeff Rense was saying as well as Alex Jones.



Alex Jones, he is controversial, some say he is [tied in with high level Jewish plutocrats and does] limited hangout [that overly steers and constrains the American Right], other people say he is the best thing since sliced bread for the American Right or conservative movement or whatever, Patriot movement. In many ways I think it is like a multiple choice test where "all the above" is true. [Ed. Note: For more background on Alex Jones, please see the section devoted to him on the "Reconciling Libertarianism and Nationalism" web page. In addition, Leuren Moret has provided logical reasons to me for why she believes a number of "experts" on Fukushima mentioned in this interview are in fact practicing "limited hangout" and are a part of "full spectrum dominance" tactics. They have failed to alert the public to the full seriousness of the radiation threat and hence are really shielding the nuclear industry, certain government agencies, and other malefactors from receiving the public wrath and legal punishment that they so richly deserve]. But it just so happened at that time I was listening to Alex Jones as well.
Also Captain Eric May issued some alerts that were amazingly timely in retrospect if you go to the Captain May archive. He issued an alert dated March 14th called "The New Hiroshima Part 1: The Deadly Discovery" [and also a follow on alert titled "The New Hiroshima, Part 2," dated March 18, 2011]. He caught on, actually Captain Eric May was a former U.S. Army intelligence officer. Of course at the time he was writing this he was already using his eyes to operate a computer. He suffered from ALS. I spent a year near him in Houston to write the [last book of the] Mission of Conscience series, and he was already, when I first met him in late 2008, actually December 2008, he was already a complete [quadriplegic]. I [also] ended up spending mid 2009 to mid 2010 near him [in Houston, Texas].
When I first met him in December 2008 he was already a total quadriplegic. And so he was an amazing individual able to operate everything by [first voice and then later] eye movement. But he had spent part of his tour [of active duty] before he became a full blown intelligence officer as a nuclear-biological-chemical [warfare noncommissioned] officer. He grasped the implications pretty quickly.
My focus was initially in three different areas simultaneously. It was like, was the earthquake due to HAARP? Was this overall thing a false flag? Then the next part is how serious is this in terms of the nuclear reactors going down?
At that time, I was not fully aware of the implications of Chernobyl. What that meant, and how that was like a Rosetta Stone of everything we can expect coming from Fukushima. Just take what happened with Chernobyl and give a multiplier factor of what you think the severity might be. Some people like John Apsley have revised up to 20 or 30 times [Chernobyl], or it could go up to 70 times. Chris Busby put out a video where he thought it could be as much as 300 times worse. [Ed. Note: See for example Fukushima Like the TITANIC (Christopher Busby) p1 of 2 (24:58) at 11:28 in and also Dr Deagle Show 110804 1/3 -- DR CHRIS BUSBY PhD (14:55 ) between 7:39 and 10:12]. In fact when he was talking about how he measured the results of car filters it seemed like it could be about 300 times worse than what was experienced in Britain at the time of Chernobyl. So there are a lot of different indicators and certainly many different ways to try to do a complete analysis.
It reminds me of doing real estate appraisals where there is typically no one way you can evaluate the worth of a building. You have to look at it from different perspectives like the market value approach, the reproduction approach, and the income approach. Similarly to evaluate Fukushima, the Japanese government and the U.S. government and other sources have been spreading so much disinformation or have been censoring so much that we have to take fragments, and using different perspectives, see what kind of picture we can put together.
One approach, like you are alluding to, is it is probably more than like just three reactors that are in melt-down. There are others [where] there is evidence [they] have had melted down or made major emissions.
First we can do an analysis of what is the total amount of nuclear fuel they likely had. But the problem with that is the Japanese government has been lying to us, and there is strong evidence that Fukushima was used as a plutonium production facility for nuclear weapons. So it is possible they really have not given us the full figures.
What we have gotten so far, like 600,000 fuel rods [in spent fuel ponds], that alone is scary enough. But it is possible that there could be even more, and there are emissions elsewhere.
Now another approach is to look at what radiation monitors have been picking up, like what I have in my [Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction Week-by-Week] series from the EPA RadNet [system]. They show these horrible spikes, you know like up to 900 counts per minute, when 100 counts per minute is a RadNet [danger zone], in different places around the country like Phoenix or in places in Idaho or in California. That has been going on and on. [The individual who runs] Potrblog.com, p-o-r-t-r-blog.com, he has been getting consistently high hot rains in St. Louis. These things are very concerning.
So there actually have been some analyses at different nuclear stations like in California where [fallout from Fukushima] first broke. They tested a wide span of radionuclides. In fact, Leuren Moret said that when a nuclear plant melts down, it releases all the radioactive isotopes of a nuclear bomb blast, which according to a TVA study, it is a huge number. It is well over 1,300.
In fact, Dr. Chris Busby gave an amazing interview, probably the most strident interview that he has given was with Alex Jones on March 17th. He said that one problem is that currently using regular Geiger counters to measure gamma radiation, they can only measure less than 50% of what is coming out of Fukushima. [Ed. Note: Most civil defense geiger counters made in the 1950's and 1960's measure gamma but not alpha and beta radiation, although newer versions such as the Inspector Alert can measure all of these things]. Plutonium is a pure alpha emitter, and then you have [non-heavy metals like] Carbon 14, and then you have tritium, which is a very major source of radioactive pollution, and that is normally not even showing up on a lot of the counters. So we are getting a full witches brew.
So anyway, to finish up, you sort of look at what are the various radiation measuring devices around the world that have some degree of reliability. How can we back out and infer from that what the magnitude of this catastrophe is? So that is another approach.
And then look at Chernobyl as a comparable. Look at the degree of disinformation, and look at the rate of illness, effects on plants. Taking all these fragments of information and try to put together a picture of what we are really facing. [37:00]

Christina: Leuren Moret did a wonderful interview on Exopolitics early in the disaster where she had pulled the RadNet data before the machines were taken offline. They were kept offline for three weeks, and possibly re-calibrated at that time at certain intervals when areas around the country have read high. The filters have been pulled to be changed, and a filter change should only take about 20 minutes with one of these machines. Sometimes the machines are kept offline for days. It is very frustrating. I mean I try to use some of the government data and crowd source data to try to put together a picture along with what I have learned about atmospheric fallout and how it behaves, from her. She helped me do fallout forecasts for a few months, talking about how these particles act in the tropopause. It is not as much the jet stream as it is the tropopause where most of our storm systems are generated from, that these particles fall out. But every 45 days Japan has measured this plume that is circling the planet where the most massive quantity of these radionuclides are coming from. But they are constantly being re-released through different mechanisms. Wind is one, even evaporation from the ground in Japan where this stuff has landed and has gone into the soil, when it gets hot enough there, it gets steamed out of the ground and gets released again. And it could be decades, if ever, that we find out the true extent of this problem because every chain of command has something to gain by lying about this. The people who are going to pay the price are the people who are downwind. At what point did you realize that we are in big trouble where you decided to devote so much of your time to researching this problem?

Maj. Fox: You know that was the March 17, 2011 interview with Alex Jones and Chris Busby. Actually it is kind of like a volley ball game where certain sources set up the ball, and then somebody else spikes it. So that spiked the ball.
But what set it up are a number of different sources. It was Captain Eric May issuing an alert about what I mentioned, the "Hiroshima alert." Then on March 14th Jeff Rense interviewed Leuren Moret ["The Fukushima Disaster" Hour Three, 10.7 MB, 45 min, 47 sec. MP3 download link Here] and she talked about what had happened with the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and the extreme folly of building nuclear power plants on all the active faults. It is one of the worst places in the world to build them, in Japan.
Then Mark Glenn, who is an activist with Crescent and Cross interviewed Keith Johnson and Jonathan Azaiah [The Ugly Truth Podcast, Show MP3, 30.6 MB, 1 hr:14 min 32 sec, download link Here] on the strong possibility that Israel's Stuxnet virus was used to bring on the meltdown of the reactors in Japan.
In fact, according to Leuren Moret and other sources the Stuxnet virus was found in September and October in 2010 in computers in Japan. Previously it had been used to sabotage the various devices used to filter radionuclides at the Bushehr plant in Iran. [In addition, an Israeli firm provided security for the Fukushima power plants]. So Leuren Moret, [a former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory insider and understudy to Marion Fulk, the "father of the H-bomb"] claims according to her sources that the Stuxnet sabotage was in fact was the ultimate cause. It was more than just the fact that the backup generators were flooded and the batteries weren't working. But actually the Japanese were able to fix things and get things going up again, and she believes that there was a downlink from a satellite to the computer systems. As soon as they were able to fix the Stuxnet virus problem the virus attacked again and prevented them from cooling the reactors. Within 90 minutes without any cooling the reactors go into meltdown.
So anyway, that set up the ball. Oh, then also Jeff Rense had an interview with Yoichi Shimatsu. He has been a regular with an interview ever since, about once a week [or] once every two weeks, at Rense.com. Yoichi Shimatsu claims to be a Japanese journalist. He has been based in Hong Kong. A very intelligent individual. That interview, which I transcribed myself on March 15th has a lot of important information in bits and pieces.
But those things set up the ball. But what really -- the grand slam that spiked it for me [was the March 17th Alex Jones interview with Dr. Chris Busby] -- and you know, often people say "Can your remember where you were when something happened?" -- I can't remember where I was with the Yoichi Shimatsu interview, [but] when I listened to the Leuren Moret interview, I know where I was. I was out jogging listening to her interview on an MP3 player, and I remember exactly where I was jogging up a hill, roughly the time a day, what things looked like.
I also remember, when I listened on the MP3 that night, after it was given on March 17th, [to] the Alex Jones interview with Dr. Busby. He made points -- that was the most -- I have listened to virtually all of Dr. Busby's interviews, in fact I transcribed the one you did with him [on 4 Sept 2012]. That interview he gave on March 17th was probably the most strident, the most alarming interview that both he and Alex Jones have ever given on Fukushima. In that interview, Alex Jones and Busby talked about 600,000 nuclear fuel rods, a thousand tons of nuclear material in ponds, fuel rods blown 3,000 feet in the air. He was almost certain, Dr. Busby, he said the pressure vessels had been breached. He talked about how half the radiation can't be measured with Geiger counters. Later in the interview he [and Alex Jones] recommended people stay inside ones house, and use duct tape to seal things up, and [Alex Jones discussed] how this is part of a globalist genocide. It could [in fact] be part of a [deliberate] global genocide program.
[Sometimes low cunning outwits itself, and people can become so ingeniously evil that they become stupid. If this is indeed part of a deliberate global depopulation program] it is backfiring on top globalist plutocrats, because even their own kids are becoming more sterile. The sperm count even in Israel is [likely to go] down like 70 or 80%. Someone forecast that if the trend continues, there will be so many sterile males in Israel that Israel will be finished by the year 2020. [Ed. Note: The current percentage decrease is around 40%. 70-80% is where it could be headed by the year 2020, at which point most Israeli men could become effectively sterile. Please see the transcript to "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update," Dr. James Fetzer interview with Leuren Moret (1st and 2nd hour) and Dr. Chris Busby (2nd hr), from the The Real Deal talk show, dated 28 Oct 2011. During this show, Leuren Moret commented: "The sperm count in the last ten years has declined 40 percent in Israeli men. It was already at least 20 percent in decline because of nuclear technology, but at this rate, by 2020, just as Dr. Busby has said, basically Israeli men will be sterilized. At 20 percent sperm count, men are considered to be sterile." (See HAARETZ: “Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade” by Ofri Ilani (11.05.09) http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/study-quality-of-israeli-sperm-down-40-in-past-decade-1.275772)]


"King Bibi" and his Rothschild / City of London / "Bilderberg" handlers pose as "Sampson II," willing to pull the whole world down with them in a "global Masada" version of the nuclear "Sampson Option." See The GOLEM and The New Babylon by Michael Collins Piper for more details. Nuclear power plants around the world, which can be thrown into meltdown through the Stuxnet virus and other forms of Mossad-CIA-MI6 sabotage, effectively serve as "pre-positioned dirty nuclear bombs" very suitable for blackmail and global depopulation schemes perpetrated by an utterly sociopathic, monopolistic, narcissistic, power-hungry, megalomaniacal, and trouble--making globalist power elite.

I could go on with other details -- I remember where I was when I heard that on MP3. I was out jogging. I remember I was out in the western Pennsylvania countryside, and it was at night. I can remember the silhouettes of the hills, and the houses, and the fact that I was several blocks from a British Petroleum fuel station down the road. There was a pot hole in the road [near me]. I remember exactly where I was when I heard that.
At that moment I got into total gear, and I spent all my time putting together what I call my open source intelligence, alternative media summary page on Fukushima. I put it together to the extent that I felt that I could post it about a week later, which I did, I posted it then [on March 25th].
Then later on I started listening to everybody [who seemed to offer some kind of expert insight into the real nature of the Fukushima danger]. Within that following week I listened to Dr. Helen Caldicott, who delivered a very scary interview [Dangers of Nuclear War Press Conference in Montreal, probably dated around 18 March 2011, currently re-posted on YouTube as "Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada - Thanks, Fukushima Japan."]. Then on March 21st Dr. Fetzer interviewed Leuren Moret ["Nuclear Power Disaster in Japan." The Real Deal, download overview page Here, 41.2 MB, 1:59:52, MP3 download link Here].
Actually Leuren Moret was very early on this. Leuren Moret was interviewed by a radio [talk show] in Sydney, Australia, where almost like the first or second day -- that was March 13th. [Ed. Note: See Rumor Mill News Reading Room, 13.9 MB, 14 min 53 sec, download Here]. On Sydney radio she just said that she [felt] the whole thing was terrible, for everyone she knew, her close associates, they were just terrified. They understood immediately the implications, and how things [like nuclear reactors and spent fuel ponds can quickly] go into melt-down.
Then later on she really started hitting [on major] things [like] home [runs]. On March 20th Alfred Webre interviewed her. That is on YouTube on the Japan earthquake. She started talking about the DOE, bankers -- in fact I started transcribing some of her interviews. That March 20th interview is titled "Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Accident and Tectonic Nuclear Warfare." I mean, that was hardcore. That was just like listening to the Busby, on March 17th, the Busby - Alex Jones - Busby interview. When I heard that, I [even] said "That is hardcore. These people are barring their souls, I can tell. They are really worried, and they are letting it all hang out."
Somewhat paradoxically a little bit later Busby gave an interview with Joyce Riley on the Power Hour, [29 March, hour 2, overview page here, MP3 download here], and interestingly enough Busby wasn't as strident. He wasn't as hardcore as he was with Alex Jones. I think that was a unique event [with Jones]. There was something in their mood where they were just letting it all hang out on March 17th. [46:24]

Christina: I think I need to go back and watch that interview again. I remember it, but not in as much detail as you have shared with us.

Maj. Fox: The title to the interview is "British Scientist Christopher Busby," you can just Google -- [Making an aside] Hello, are you still there?

Christina: Yes, yes.

Maj Fox: (Somebody just tried to reach me on Skype. I got a pop up screen, but obviously it has nothing to do with this show, fortunately). It [the YouTube video] said, "British Scientist Christopher Busby: The Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Alex Jones 1/3 (YouTube)." So you get the first of three segments that reach about 15 minutes apiece. On March 17th. That should Google right up on what I just said.

Christina: Major Fox, I need to ask you this because you really, you know so much about this, and you really get it. How important it is. Something that has always puzzled me is that I don't, knowing how bad Fukushima is, I don't understand how our government thinks that it is going to get away with keeping this from the people with this massive cover-up that is going on. Which makes me concerned that maybe the government knows something else is coming that will make Fukushima not matter. And with what you know about false flags and the banking system, and state of our economy, does that concern you as well?

Maj. Fox: Oh, absolutely. I think that the globalist bankers, the Rothschilds / City of London, the UK monarchy [and "Dope, Inc."]-- this is an area incidentally where Leuren Moret gets into [background discussions] quite a lot -- they have painted themselves into a corner.
Actually we need to rewind the tape a little bit. Maybe my background in New York has given me an important perspective.
I remember back in the mid-1980's there was a major push in the business press about the [strong need for the] reindustrialization of America. America was basically put on notice. In fact, I remember there were some professors with the Harvard Business School and another one, I believe [with] the University of Chicago, [who were all a part of] the Scott Report, who actually did a road tour. [Ed. Note: The book version was published as U.S. Competitiveness in the World Economy by HBS professor Bruce R. Scott, Paul Whiton Cherington Professor of Business Administration, and his coeditor George C. Lodge (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1985)]. They pointed out that America has been in competitiveness decline since the 1960's, and that America needed to revitalize its industrial base. In fact, there is an excellent book that talks about the need to maintain hard industry.[Ed. Note: In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the key to Future Prosperity, by Eamonn Fingleton, 1999] that talks about how a healthy economy needs to have about a third of its economy in hard industry. What happened since the 1960's is America in those [ensuing] decades lost about 75% of its hard industry [and along with this the ability to produce an adequate supply of world-class tradeable goods that would prevent America from suffering chronic balance of trade-deficits and ever-rising international indebtedness]..
In fact, hard industry is the real prop of a real economy. And so if you lose your [hard industry you will likely find yourself on the hell-bound train to economic impoverishment] -- and this segues into a good discussion about why I think Henry Ford is such a terrific hero because he was a champion of the old WASP America, which had the old Protestant work ethic, which promoted craftsmanship, [which valued] under-promising and over-delivering, and taking a long term perspective, and focusing on making better products rather than [engaging in] financial manipulation. That was the America of the 19th century. America actually had an industrial base that got to a point [where] it was nearly larger than that of England, Germany, and France combined. The standard of living in the United States for the average American worker was nearly twice that of European workers.
America had totally different trade practices. Rather than shipping factories and other assets overseas [to places] with lower cost labor, [and getting locked in an ever spiraling downward process of being forever] in search of lower cost labor like in China and elsewhere, Mexico, the philosophy was the opposite. They had protective tariffs, to protect American industry, and the focus was on reinvesting in American workers and building more American factories
In fact, Henry Ford voluntarily paid his workers twice the average industry scale compared to other auto manufacturers because he felt that American workers in the car industry should be able to afford their own products. He also believed [in basic "America First" pro-nationalist policies across the board] -- there are so many neat things I can say, that I like about Henry Ford. In fact, I personally crafted an ebook of his work My Life and Work, where he talks about how he tinkered [with] and developed [a working automobile prototype in his own garage, and] was a pioneer in developing a mass production car which was [later called] the Model T. [In addition Ford discusses] his general social philosophy.


Unfortunately the people who grabbed control of America in the 20th century have a very different social and political philosophy, [which is "internationalist" as opposed "nationalist" to the point of being completely disloyal to America]. They are geared more towards financial speculation, making quick gains, and going for lowest cost labor rather than developing industry, which actually [is destructive to America over the long run by exploiting de facto slave labor around the world as opposed to focusing on forever improving the skills, innovativeness, and overall quality and well-being of the domestic work force].
There is nothing that can scale [up] productivity [and real wealth creation] like manufacturing. You reach a dead end when you try to go for the lowest cost labor [and replace domestic industry with a service economy. A healthy society maintains a strong focus upon continually upgrading machinery and other elements of a domestic industrial base].
So, basically by allowing and promoting the outsourcing of American industry, and the loss of American industry, the so-called globalists, the Rothschilds / City of London and other allies, the Goldman Sachs folks and these other people [like Mossad-CIA-MI6 and their "Dope, Inc." Siamese twins], have basically cut America's throat economically. Our real economy [has been severely sabotaged].

So they were served notice in the mid-1980's. In fact there is even a picture on the cover of Business Week magazine [dated June 1980, with a picture of Uncle Sam holding a monkey wrench] titled "The Reindustrialization of America" and [it is worth re-emphasizing that] they were served notice.
Rather than rebuild the American middle class and rebuild American industry, [instead] they decided to go for broke with high level intrigue, with wars of conquest in the Middle East to grab for oil resources, and other things.
[All of these activities since 9/11 have utterly failed to solve any of America's underlying economic problems, which have in fact only grown much worse]. So they painted themselves in a corner and they are very desperate. Now they are using other desperate strategies because they realize they have really fouled up big time, they have really damaged this country, and they are really afraid of what can happen to them if people really catch on to what is going on.
[Ed. Note: Chapter 33 Wall Street Coup de Etat and Banker False Flags Against America of the Mission of Conscience series provides important background on the thoroughly sinister character of these "globalist" bankers.
In October 2008 they dictated a massive cash infusion of $700 billion from Congress and then spent it on themselves without any real accountability. As noted in the article accompanying True Cost Of The Wall Street Bailout - PBS VIDEO, dated 4 March 2011, a few years later the bailout number jumped to $12.8 trillion (according to Bloomberg). This is nearly the size of the entire U.S. economy at $15.2 trillion, as reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in October 2011. (However, it is worth noting that so much of America's real economy has been hollowed out, and total government debt and "off balance sheet" liabilities are so huge relative to GDP that it is now very difficult to come up with any kind of meaningful GDP figure. The Oct 2011 figure I have just reported is probably no less "valid" than whatever GDP figure government statisticians are reporting today).
. In their reckless pursuit of short term profits, these bankers have also been forever running up risky global derivatives to ever more stratospheric levels. In Chapter 33 I reference Don Wassall, publisher of The Nationalist Times, who observed in his 28 Oct 2009 letter to readers: "Worldwide, the fraudulent derivatives and hedge funds are estimated to involve anywhere from $600 trillion to $1 quadrillion " Multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffet once called these derivatives "Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction" because of their ability to help precipitate major banking crises and economic meltdowns.
The damage that these international bankers have done to America since the inception of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system in 1913 is incalculable, not to mention the tens of trillions of dollars in wealth that their favorite country Israel has sucked out of America both in terms of direct support costs and indirect costs, to include the impact of the Arab oil embargo "oil shocks" of the 1970's which were stimulated by America's blank check support for Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.
The economic seed corn that America desperately needs now to rebuild its domestic industry and infrastructure in order to create real wealth and real jobs has been completely bled out of this country by these parasites. Despite all this, they have the nerve to victimize the American people even further by trying to muzzle them with a police state while simultaneously refusing to warn them about how they are being slowly poisoned to death by Fukushima radiation and myriad other harmful things. In fact, as Leuren Moret has pointed out in her interviews, once one factors in how various technologies such as HAARP, chemtrails, EMF towers, smart meters, GMO foods, and Trojan Horse vaccines are deliberately being used to control, harass, subjugate, and damage the general population, one is left with the general impression that Americans are being subjected to an all-out stealth war by various ostensible "leaders." What these malefactors are doing is so destructively evil that that it is entirely plausible to consider that their ultimate aim may be to depopulate much of this country and enslave whatever remains.
In an embedded video at the beginning of Chapter 33, financial commentator Max Keiser calls the Goldman Sachs bankers who dominate Wall Street "scum." The rest of the chapter provides supporting evidence for why this label might if anything be too nice, too kind, and too forgiving for these insatiably greedy, treasonous, and malevolent people].



A "blue pill" taste of what America has been getting on top of Fukushima radiation instead of real reindustrialization and real job growth


Christina: I wanted to bring up with you also because of your military background, what do you think about the Department of Defense's assertion that DU is harmless.

Maj. Fox: [Laughter] Well --

Christina: It says on your web site.

Maj. Fox: Yes, I actually met Dr. Doug Rokke at the 2006 Barnes Review / American Free Press conference in Washington, DC. From the first time I heard his talk I was sold on the problem of DU. I met with him and said "I would like to build a web page to present your point of view." Then, of course later I discovered Leuren Moret. I became a big fan of hers.
So the long and short is that, you know, I carry an ebook by Michael Collins Piper called the High Priests of War, about the Zionist neocons who hijacked the Pentagon. This is just part of the Rothschild / City of London / Zionist neocon hijacking of America. I think there are a lot of good people in the U.S. military, particularly in the lower and mid-levels. That is probably generally true of a lot of areas of the U.S. Government. But unfortunately our political situation is such that some very evil people like the Zionist neocons in the Pentagon, the Richard Perles, the Paul Wolfowitzes, these [kinds of] people have been chess-moved in these high level positions and they basically tell people in lower levels in the U.S. military, you know, where to go and what to do. And there really is not a lot that people in lower levels can do about it because they are in a hierarchical situation.
So my strategy has been to try to work with people who I think are honorable people who reflect traditional American values maybe to see if there is some way we can become stronger and we can expose what a lot of the malefactors who have been chess-moved in higher levels, what they are doing, and maybe turn things around a little bit.


But obviously I think the way DU has been played down is just a total departure from reality at a minimum and at a maximum it is criminal. I think Doug Rokke puts a figure of now over a million [U.S. military veterans who are permanently incapacitated from DU poisoning]. It used to be like 500,000-600,000 permanently disabled veterans probably due to DU. I mean the way so many of these poor people are [being ignored and neglected] -- and also they are not getting proper medical care. The Army is not following its own directives for decontamination, cleanup. It is horrible. So I defer to, I support everything that Doug Rokke, Leuren Moret, and many other people say about DU. I say, go to them, they have got the story, and I support their activist efforts 100%.



Christina: There is a pattern of denial by the American people that you talked about with me yesterday through cognitive dissonance. In multiple aspects. Could you tell the listeners again your philosophy on that?

Maj. Fox: Well, it is an old story. In fact I wanted to write a series, I have not gotten around to it yet, just one of many projects on the back burner, but one -- I did a series on my web site about reconciling opposing ideological viewpoints, to try to help people understand a little about how different philosophical viewpoints influence the way they filter information and understand history. I also wanted to do a series on American history, because our problems go back a long time. But I could probably say one of the first major Orwellian shifts took place, or one of the big Orwellian shifts in American society was during the great unpleasantry between 1861 and 1865.
To give you an example, you could claim the name "Civil War" is Orwellian. It was not a civil war, because a civil war means two sides fighting for control over the whole area. The South basically wanted just to secede and be independent [and leave the North alone in its own territory]. So the "Civil War" is a misnomer. Many scholars say a more accurate term is the "War Against Southern Independence."
Also, let's take the Gettysburg Address. H. L. Mencken demolished that in two sentences, saying -- he was the great American conservative writer -- saying it is great poetry, but actually the Southern cause was closer to what the Founding Fathers wanted four score and seven years ago, when they wanted independence from Great Britain. It is the South that wanted independence [or self-government] from an imperial entity, that is closer to the Founding Fathers than the cause of the North, which wanted to maintain an internal empire at all costs [to include brutally crushing Southern self-government; for more insights into Orwellian twists of that era, please see the King Lincoln archive at lewrockwell.com].


So I think there has been a long trend of disinformation. We can talk about the Robber Barons, then the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system, and then the way America got suckered into World War I. There was a lot of fraud involved in that. The incident was actually made up that got America into the war.
So, I mean there is a huge history there, and then of course with the advent of TV [things went from bad to worse in terms of centralized media]. So there has been a massive amount of ideological hijacking and brainwashing that has been going on for a very, very long time. So that is how I would begin to approach that topic. [58:18]

Christina: Too many people trust the news to tell them the truth. Did you trust the news when you worked for CBS?

Maj. Fox: Well, initially, yes. Initially, I thought it was fairly close to reality with maybe a little bit of liberal bias, but nothing really serious. Then, after I worked at Central Command and saw the difference between the mainstream media in the U.S. and the Arab media, then I took some other steps. I was alerted to some sources in "alternative media" [which existed] at that time. You had to go through mail order [during this pre-Internet era]. I started through a P.O. Box looking at stuff on all ends of the political spectrum, from the radical left to the radical right. That is when I really started understanding the extent to which what we have got in media was heavily concentrated, and homogenized, and very hijacked.
In fact, speaking of being at CBS, when I first got there, you know, sometimes being there, at a certain place, tells you something that you don't really feel from just getting it in books. When I was at the CBS headquarters, I would look south. I looked down 6th Avenue, and it looks like a human [made] Grand Canyon with all the tall skyscrapers. Within two blocks south is Rockefeller Center which had the NBC headquarters. So then I walked on the other side of the building, facing north, and at that time in 1984, the ABC headquarters was about two blocks north looking towards Central Park. I was aware that according to studies, most Americans at that time got their information from television network news, and those three networks had a 75% rating, which means that most Americans got most of their news from three networks whose headquarters were located within a two block radius of CBS. Just three entities. The executives there in the CBS headquarters, if they would make a job move, they would just go two blocks to NBC or ABC. Quite a few of them would all go through Grand Central Station commuting to and from work. I thought, that right there tells me that there is a tremendous concentration of media in this country. [1:00:34]


I could actually go on. You had the Lichter and Rothman studies [published in 1981] which then showed me -- they were actually two Jewish scholars -- who talked about extreme bias in the media based upon their quantitative media assessments. That appeared in The American Enterprise. [Ed. Note: The original article "Media and Business Elites" appeared in the October/November 1981 issue of Public Opinion Magazine, run by the American Enterprise Institute. Public Opinion and the AEI Economist were later merged into The American Enterprise Magazine. Dr. S. Robert Lichter, Dr. Stanley Rothman, and Linda Lichter later published their research in book form as The Media Elite: America's New Power Brokers.]. But then you can go more hardcore with the hard right, for example you have got the National Alliance which has their famous article "Who Rules America?" at natvan.com, and they talk about the degree of Jewish ownership, and their slant. And then David Duke does the same thing [in his chapter "Who Runs the Media" in his book Jewish Supremacism. Last, but not least, don't miss Zionist Influence on the America Media: Its Impact on Media Coverage of the Middle East; The Untold Story Behind The JFK Assassination, Watergate and the Lewinsky Scandal, A presentation before the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates by Michael Collins Piper, March 10, 2003]. So you can do racial nationalist analysis. You can [also] do libertarian analysis. Professor [Ben. H.] Bagdikian, [author of The Media Monopoly], talks about corporate concentration of the media, and you can go in a lot of different directions, but what you wind up [with] is tremendous concentration and slant in relatively few hands of American media. And that starts to help explain a lot about who has been molding the minds of Americans [and running brazen cover-ups]. [1:01:35].
[In her book The Cholesterol Hoax (2008), Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., provides on page 362 her own list of books that explain media bias which I also find quite interesting. She states: "Progressively more books are coming out showing how professional journalists no longer report the facts and events objectively , but slant their reporting according to agendas. Lifelong CBS news reporter Bernard Goldberg has written Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How Media Distort the News. And he is not alone, as William McGowan, former reporter for Newsweek, the BBC, and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal wrote Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism. Meanwhile, Tammy Bruce wrote: The New [Thought] Police: Inside the Left's Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds. And William Procter wrote, The Gospel According to the New York Times. How the World's Most Powerful News Organization Changes Your Mind and Values."]

Christina: You have some work experience that gives you a very unique perspective on all of this, and this is heavy stuff to deal with day in and day out. Just dealing with Fukushima, I could say that. How do you stay so positive?

Maj. Fox: Well [laughter] when I was in real estate, there are a number of different approaches [that I had to use]. When I was a real estate broker doing deals, you have to kind of learn how to take a deep breath, hang loose, and keep cool, and just roll with the punches. So that was helpful. Also, I have come to appreciate how history goes in cycles. When I was a stockbroker I saw how you have these manias, like the great bubble. I was there at Dean Witter which became Morgan Stanley from 1995 to 2000, during the greatest bull market bubble in history. I saw all these highly educated people following dot.com stocks which had no fundamental value whatsoever. So I have seen the manias and madness of crowds over and over again. Industry groups where the so-called best and brightest pile on to things and they look like complete idiots later on [after the bubbles collapse]. So that helped me appreciate how things go in cycles, and how history goes in cycles. So I have this feeling that there is only so much that I can do as a human being, that we are in the midst of these vast historical cycles, and [even if I personally am unable to do a whole lot to save the world I can at least] just to try to survive and ride through it [all].
But I have to admit that the idea that there is mass genocide and poisoning going on in the Northern Hemisphere, to include the United States [can be hard to deal with on an emotional level] -- this will [be] very likely if it follows the same trend as what happened around Chernobyl -- for example in Belarus, in many major areas of northern Ukraine and Belarus only 20% of kids are healthy -- that's pretty heavy -- I suspect that there are going to be major parts of the U.S. where that is going to happen [as well.]


This chart illustrates the interview of Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby by Dr. James Fetzer titled "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update (transcript)" dated 28 Oct 2011. It has the following caption: "FIG. 2: SIGNIFICANT INCREASES IN EXCESS DEATHS SINCE 3/13/11: Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported March 13- Sept. 3, 2011, shows increasing excess deaths for nearly all regions of the US. This very high increase in acute deaths throughout the US, that increases every week, can only be explained by regional environmental contamination from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Increases in infant mortality range from 35-45% or higher, and is not included in the map data."


[Ed. Note: Leuren Moret has described to me how she has noticed a significantly higher rate of deformed and crippled toddlers in the San Francisco Bay area due to Fukushima fallout compared to the pre-3-11 meltdown era. In her interviews, both she and other experts such as Janette Sherman, M.D. and Joseph Mangano have commented on significant spikes in infant mortality that have been taking place across America since March 2011. The chart provided above is one example of important data referenced by Ms. Moret in her interviews.
Also, please check out the RT clip on YouTube Alert- Study Shows 14.000 U.S. Deaths from Fukushima... Food for thought!!!????, (6:08) published on May 13, 2012, in which Jannette Sherman, M.D. discusses the research conducted by both herself and her colleague Joseph Mangano regarding the "excess deaths" (compared to the pre-Fukushima era) that took place during a shorter study period than the aforementioned time frame discussed by Leuren Moret.
Dr. Sherman was consulting editor for Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko, New York Academy of Sciences, 2009 (PDF download here). This is probably the most comprehensive, honest, and scientific study of Chernobyl that has ever been conducted. I reproduce major portions of this study on my Chernobyl web page. Dr. Sherman notes in the aforementioned RT interview that fetuses and young children are vastly more vulnerable to radiation compared to adults. The same applies to the elderly, where often it is difficult to prove that radiation pushed them over the edge into death by exacerbating some pre-existing disease condition. .
Tasteless, colorless, and undetectable to human senses, radiation is the perfect stealth weapon to destroy civilian populations over time -- and we are being gradually destroyed right now. Dr. Helen Caldicott notes that the incubation periods for cancer can range from five to twenty years, or even some longer time periods, and when someone eventually dies of cancer, there is not a sign that suddenly flashes somewhere that says "This was ultimately caused by Fukushima radiation."
Furthermore, Leuren Moret notes that for every visible mutation manifested by a person, there are at least ten deleterious mutations that are not immediately visible to observers. Radiation can also create "genome instability" in human populations that causes them to produce defective offspring for over twenty two generations into the future. (Please see the discussion of this phenomenon by Ms. Moret and Dr. Busby in the 3 Feb 2012 interview conducted by Dr. James Fetzer titled "Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe"). Lastly, since radiation exacerbates every known form of disease to man, it is common for victims to die from heart disease and other ailments before they can become "cancer statistics" in scientific studies that link cancer to radiological events.
Clearly, we are in very serious trouble. Tragically, most of the catastrophic consequences of Fukushima radiation on human populations around the world are currently being ignored by most government "leaders" and so-called "mainstream media," which will only make the future consequences that much worse.]
I wrote the Preface to the 2007 edition of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum, which is sort of a right wing classic in America, and I said I don't want to see it coming [civil war in America], and we want to stave this off or prevent it if we can, but to me the Fukushima radiation helped bring down the -- excuse me I meant the Chernobyl radiation was the punch in the solar plexus that played a major part in bringing down the former Soviet Union [according to Mikhail Gorbachev], and to me right now it looks like, in view of all the other social problems of possible coming economic collapse, the loss of our industrial base, various forms of demographic conflict, problems with some globalist elite groups who I think are criminally insane -- like the Rothschilds / City of London, and their confederates here at the highest levels of Wall Street in the U.S. -- all of that, combined with a real blow to the solar plexus [from] Fukushima radiation, you know, I think we have got some really rough sledding [ahead].

But then again, you know, humanity has been through some rough sledding before. There was the Bubonic Plague that wiped out half of Europe in the [late] Middle Ages. You had the collapse of the [Western] Roman Empire where Rome got burned down. There have been some pretty horrendous, wrenching times before in history. One way to approach it, as horrible as it is, if you can sort of brace yourself and see what is coming, that really helps a lot.
It sort of reminds me of the story of Harry Houdini who used to challenge people to come up on stage and punch him in the stomach as hard as they could. And then one day, as I recall, the way he met his demise, according to one source, is he was entertaining some college students in his home [actually dressing room according to Wikipedia], and suddenly a college student punched him in the gut as hard as he could, and that ruptured Houdini's spleen [actually appendix]. The student said [words to the effect], "But you said that anyone could come up to you and hit you in the chest and stomach as hard as they could and that wouldn't be a problem" and he said, "Yes, but that is only if I am prepared."
So no matter what is coming, I think first off if we are prepared for it mentally, that goes a long way for us figuring out how we are going to survive and get through it. So that is one way to approach your question.

Christina: Something that was discussed during the early days of Fukushima was nuking the site, believe it or not, and, you know, the United States loves its nukes. We don't want anyone else to have them, but we just learned last week about the tsunami bomb that was tested in New Zealand during World War II. We have nuked Japan twice before. Do you think that would ever be used to control what the release is going on at Fukushima. I know it sounds crazy at first, but if something ever happened to reactor four, and the spent fuel pool fell and created such a large radiological release that no one could work on the site, it would only be a very short matter of time before reactor one, two, three, five and six and the common spent fuel pool could go down as well. And you can almost entertain the thought of nuking the site at that time to pulverize it, aerosolize it, send it all up into the air at once. People would have to shelter in that are downwind of this for a month, if not longer. Do you think that the U.S. would do that, or would China or Russia have done that had they been the ones downwind of Japan? [1:07:16]

Maj. Fox: Actually, first off it was Leuren Moret who talked about how the Russians and certain American experts advised blowing everything into the ocean once it became clear that the meltdown had breached containment and was getting into the ground, or was threatening to do that. Also Dr. Bill Deagle has made that same point, [namely that drastic action utilizing explosives became warranted once it became clear that the molten nuclear fuel could no longer be contained through such measures as pouring boron on it or smothering it with liquid nitrogen]. And the reason for that is you don't want the corium to stay in a ball so it keeps fissioning and fissioning and fissioning, because first all of the water that goes by, that becomes radioactive, it becomes tritium.
You don't have to use a mini-nuke. You can use high powered conventional explosives. But the idea was that if you blow that into the ocean, then the corium, rather than representing this giant blob of molten nuclear material, it will splatter and spread apart so you will stop the fissioning. [The ocean water can also keep the no-longer fissioning fragments cooled down and subs can pick them up off the ocean floor]. So that was the concept, and that [corium] could still be a threat [for a long time to come because of the failure to take the drastic steps necessary to stop the fissioning].
One of the problems [now], as Leuren Moret has explained to me, the corium is now so deep underground, that it is much harder to dig something deep enough down under there to break it apart to cause it to splatter, to stop the fissioning, although once again part of what many people would call the criminal negligence or cover-up is there are such things as ground penetrating radars I am sure could be used [to alert the global scientific community on the actual disposition of the corium to facilitate the problem-solving process], which are not being used [to update the public]. A lot of things could be done that are simply not being done. So that is certainly one consideration.


Another consideration, and this is an area where Leuren Moret has revealed a lot to the public, one of the biggest problems [she has addressed] is she has strong evidence that the Department of Energy has been deliberately running, controlling the Japanese reaction. [Ed. Note: Please see 1/3 the way through the transcript for "Japan, U.S., Canadian Governments Complicit in Covering-up Fukushima Radiation," 15 Aug 2011, an interview of Leuren Moret by Alfred Webre]. Department of Energy [Undersecretary for Science] Steven Koonin and I think a Steven Chu [Secretary of Energy], she has mentioned, and other people, were chess-moved in there and they presided over the very bad American response to BP Gulf. Ultimately she believes they were chess-moved by the Rothschilds / City of London, and Obama is [also] controlled by the Rothschilds / City of London. So there is something more nefarious going on as well [at the presidential level].
In any of these responses, unfortunately there appears to be strong evidence that you have some people who are quite possibly criminally insane, like with the Rothschilds / City of London / UK Monarchy who are ultimately guiding the reaction to this, who are controlling the Department of Energy, which in turn is controlling the Japanese. So you have to deal with that political problem before you can even do anything really effective.


I hear a lot of people in alternative media, leading experts, voice astonishment, including Helen Caldicott and John Apsley, and others, saying it is incredible, given the seriousness of the situation, we haven't had these high level meetings of the best and the brightest and the smartest physicists, the best talent around the world, mobilize massive resources. I mean, let us throw everything we have got at this thing, given the stakes.
If this is 300 times worse than Chernobyl, Chernobyl by many estimates caused within 25 years after the 1986 meltdown a million people to die, and eight million to be permanently crippled. Actually when you count [the casualties], those are living people, mainly adults. When you calculate aborted fetuses [and miscarriages and deaths attributed to other diseases that were really exacerbated by radiation] and other things, it would [probably] be three or four million [dead]. But if you multiply just a million times 300, that is 300 million people. Eight million casualties times 300, that is 2.4 billion [people who could become permanently crippled by Fukushima radiation over the next several decades].
I mean if we are talking about 300 million people dead, between Japan, the U.S., the Northern Hemisphere, and 2.4 billion crippled for life, at 300 times Chernobyl, and I mean this thing [the Fukushima radioactive emissions] keeps circling around the Northern Hemisphere, [then we are talking about an extinction-level event].
We also [see the extreme seriousness in other ways]. When you add on Fukushima radiation with radiation from prior events like Chernobyl, bomb test radiation, depleted uranium releases, and nuclear power plant emissions [we see a dangerous increase in background radiation]. Leuren Moret and others claim that first there was -- she was up to about 12 counts per minute, with background radiation -- it used to be a hundred years ago close to zero. [Ed. Note: In Oct 2012 she reported that her Geiger counter read .23 becquerels per second, or 13.8 counts per minute. Before Fukushima, it read .13 becquerels or 7.8 counts per minute. However, her Geiger counter only reads gamma radiation, not alpha and beta. According to Dr. Chris Busby, Geiger counters only measure about half the total radiation. Therefore the count per minute figures provided in the interview are an estimate of total radiation that include alpha and beta as well as gamma radiation]. She is in Berkeley, and now it is up to over 20 or 24 counts per minute. It has more than doubled since Fukushima. 100 counts per minute, according to California Highway Patrol, is a HAZMAT [hazardous materials] situation. So we know that low level radiation is very dangerous, chronic low level radiation. In the long run it can be more dangerous than a sudden burst of high level radiation. This is called the Petkau effect.
So we are playing a very dangerous game of [nuclear] roulette here. How high does background radiation go across the Northern Hemisphere before things just get too hostile for ordinary life to function? Or, we get so many mutations, what evolutionists call genetic load, so many nonproductive people in our society compared to people who are productive we just can't function anymore. [Most mutations caused by radiation are maladaptive]. This is a very dangerous situation.
So getting back to your point, what is to be done? We have a political issue of, apparently, powers at the highest levels who are trying to paralyze a rational, immediate, total response, which is appropriate for this kind of situation. So that is another thing we have to deal with.



Christina: Unfortunately radiation isn't the only problem in our environment. In fact, one of the people that you talk about so much in your research about mitigation for these things you have brought to us is Sherry Rogers, who even before Fukushima was talking about how we already live in a permanently poisoned environment full of mercury, lead, cadmium, and various derivatives of plastic.

Maj. Fox: Right.

Christina: She also talks about the full body burden and multiplier effect, and multiplier effect is something that they usually talk about in accounting, but it can be applied to your health too when you have exposure to all these different things. How is the radiation affecting maybe Corexit exposure [from the toxic dispersant used by BP in the Gulf] that is raining out over the Southern states and still being sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico. It becomes a very, very complex issue from a public health standpoint and when the public health departments are not even talking about it.

Maj. Fox: Right.

Christina: You are faced with large populations that are being exposed to all these hazardous things are probably paying for it in terms of their health and don't even know. It is very frustrating to know that this is happening and not be really able to do anything about it. When you put this web site together, one of the things you have been doing is sharing some of the mitigation that you have learned about, and you brought up yesterday with me this infrared therapy.

Maj. Fox: Right.

Christina: Could you talk a little bit more about that, your skin being a major excretory system. Not only absorbing radiation, but excreting some of the toxins that we are exposed to.

Maj. Fox: Right, that is something I am beginning to experiment [with]. I view myself as like, as a junior unofficial medical student because I am just trying to absorb this stuff as quickly as possible. One thing I like about Sherry Rogers is she has written all these books, and I think now she is like 67 or 68 years old or something close to that. She has been a medical doctor [M.D.] for over 30 years. She has a lot of experience, and that gives a lot of credibility for people who question other people who might be chiropractors or in naturopathic medicine because she has been part of the mainstream [medical establishment], yet she gives good medical background on all these different [nutrition and detox-related] areas.
Now one thing she really extols is sauna therapy. Also there is a Dr. Larry [or Lawrence] Wilson, I believe his name is, who wrote a book called Sauna Therapy, and he has also been interviewed by Joyce Riley on the Power Hour. [Ed. Note: His web site is drlwilson.com, 3 May 2012 Power Hour overview page here, MP3 download here]. And they claim, both Dr. Rogers and Dr. Wilson that infrared sauna therapy is one of the most effective ways to detox. The point of infrared is, they claim -- of course people have been using saunas like the Finns and American Indians in sweat lodges for tens of thousands of years, but that takes a lot of heat and humidity and can create complications, whereas infrared, it avoids the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, which gives the sun burns, but heats the skin down to about one inch to one and a half inches beneath the surface, and helps produce a kind of sweat that apparently helps the body to excrete many types of toxins, including heavy metals and plastics that the kidney and the liver, which are two of the major excretory organs, have trouble with. It takes the burden off the kidney and the liver. So they advocate getting infrared lamps.
If you Google on infrared saunas you can see everything from infrared [lamps] built in hardwood cabinets with benches that cost $2,000 to the version that Lawrence Wilson has in Sauna Therapy. He will sell you a kit that costs $570 or something close to that. In the $500-$600 range. [Ed. Note: See his product listing page here].
Or [as an alternative to buying a kit], I went out to Home Depot and I got a [250 Watt] Philips red infrared lamp for just a little under ten bucks and then I got a holder [rated for up to 300 Watts] for $12.50 to $13.00. So that is about $23.00 per lamp [unit]. If I can set up about three or four of them around me in a chair [that might do the trick]. Lawrence Wilson talks about having a swivel chair inside a little tent you can build. I think that if I just turn my body [in an armchair while I am trying to do something productive with my time like work on my computer, that can be set up to be just as good as rotating my body on a swivel chair inside a sauna tent]. It is basically just a heat lamp [that is heating ones skin].
They say if you are heavily toxed up it takes a while to sweat. The more you do it, the easier it is to sweat. You should towel yourself off so you don't reabsorb the [toxins in the] sweat inside your body. But you start off with maybe five to ten minutes and you build up over time. As you "learn" how to sweat, [you can make] this is a good part of your daily routine, [that] is, at some point in the day [you can] turn on your lamps and develop a good sweat routine. Make sure you turn your body and do other things. You have your lamps [shining on you from three or] four ways, so [make sure you rotate every so often so you] don't burn yourself. Get a good sweat pattern going. Towel yourself off. They claim this is one of the most effective ways to detox possible.
But another point it is important to make is there is no detox method that has all the answers. A quick point that certainly Leuren Moret and many others make is with 1,300 radionuclides, you have different types going in different parts of the body. Cesium going to muscles like heart muscles. You have plutonium which gets into the gonads. Strontium which gets into the bone. Sometimes it gets into the bones or the brain and lodges there and you can't get it out. So don't get the idea that there is a magic bullet, that one mode of detox is going to get rid of all your chemicals and all your radionuclides.
I have talked to Doug Rokke, who has had a heck of a time detoxing himself from depleted uranium. So the first thing we have to emphasize is try to avoid exposure any way possible, which is why I have been promoting the respirator thing, and staying indoors, or having a controlled environment. Be careful about tracking stuff into your house, but, by the same token, because this stuff is so bad, I mean radionuclides, internal contamination, is bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD! Any incremental decrease you can make in this stuff is nothing but good. OK? So even if it is incremental [detoxification], that is good, even if you can't get it all out.
So a lot of these sources, and I agree with them, promote multiple approaches because you have so many different types of radionuclides, [and they] react differently to different chelating agents for different therapies. You have to try sauna therapy. Some people advocate clay. I am investigating that, which is really interesting. Calcium bentonite clay. Then you have people who say suppositories, for example EDTA packed inside ones rectum when one goes to bed at night helps to stimulate the liver to secrete. My orientation now is, "Hey, lets look at all this stuff and even try it all and experiment with it all and go full full monte with detox."
Also there is another concept, incidentally, Dr. Sherry Rogers, and people like Dr. Marc Sircus who I also like a lot, is promoting what is called nutrient loading. The idea is that most Americans are deficient in nutrients so you have to rebuild your magnesium [and other important minerals, vitamins, and other healthy nutrients].
Dr. Busby talks about magnesium and calcium supplements [to help preempt radioactive cesium and strontium from attaching itself to DNA]. [Ed. Note: Please see Prof. Chris Busby update on Supplements to block Fukushima radioactivity effects (YouTube) (3:45), 15 Oct 2011].
Most Americans -- like Dr. [David] Brownstein, [author of Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It] says over 90-95% Americans are deficient in iodine. So you need [to get aggressive about rebuilding your levels of] iodine.
Most Americans, Dr. Sherry Rogers says, are deficient in Vitamin D. The best source she claims is cod liver oil. [The North and South Atlantic are now better sources compared to the contaminated Pacific, where even tuna that are getting caught off southern California are showing disturbing signs of radioactive exposure].



So we need to rebuild our nutrition, particularly since so many Americans eat packaged food with all the crummy toxins in it. [Ed. Note: See for example "Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed Part 1/2 (YouTube) (9:59), by Alex Jones at Infowars.com].
Because of factory farming our farmlands are stripped of nutrients, so [it is worth re-emphasizing that] we have to rebuild our nutrition, and detoxify [in every way possible way on a continuing basis]. Those two things right there go a long way towards staving off diseases or helping us manage our body burden, which we need to minimize in every way possible.
[So in summary], I am exploring sauna therapy and I want to get more into it right now. It does sound very promising to me. [1:21:10:67]

Christina: One of the guests we have had a number of times on the show is Kevin Blanch who was a very popular YouTuber and he has cancer. What he has said and what we have also mentioned on this show numerous times is to treat your health like you already have cancer. Take very good care of yourself. Be an advocate for your own health and don't leave it up to the doctors to fix you. That is one interesting thing about Dr. Rogers is she is very critical of the current medical establishment, as I am, having worked in it for almost 25 years.

Maj. Fox: Right.

Christina: It is all about making money and pushing pills and not getting to the root cause of why people are sick to begin with.

Maj Fox: Right. In fact, so is Joyce Riley of the Power Hour [in agreement with you on this issue], who was an organ transplant nurse, so is Dr. John Apsley who I like a lot, so is Dr. Marc Sircus. I mean there are a lot of people out there who echo what Dr. Sherry Rogers says, that the medical establishment is oriented towards the allopathic medical model which is based on the idea that to cure something you have to poison it or you have to block the symptoms or the pathways, the receptors rather than curing the underlying disease. Allopathic medicine is good at trauma, like fixing a broken leg and surgery, but very poor [at nutrition] -- most doctors do not get much education, anything that has to do with nutrition, or very little these days. Dr. Helen Caldicott talks about how the medical schools have fallen off on talking about anything to do with radiation protection.
They claim a major reason [why the allopathic approach dominates today], it used to be in 1900 the medical profession was divided between allopathic and naturopathic [therapeutic approaches]; naturopathic [approach] looks at building the immune system, nutrient loading, etc., but you had nefarious forces like the Rockefellers, who were confederates of the Rothschilds, and they were looking to make money off the pharmaceutical industry. You can't make money off things like iodine, which is a great nutrient, or magnesium, which are not patentable by the pharmaceutical industry.
So there is a little bit of a scam, where you have all these incredible [natural compounds] through hundreds of millions if not billions of years of evolution you have an incredible variety of plants that have these amazing compounds through Mother Nature, and things like clay that have amazing properties and nutrients which do amazing things. But doctors have been trained [from a limited perspective], and have partly have been guided by some very evil people.
In fact the Corbett Report did some very good reports [Ed. Note: for example see Episode 9: Big Pharma Loves You to Death and Episode 26: Meet the Rockefellers] on how the Rockefellers really hijacked the American medical establishment because it is about monopoly, and control, and put them on a path where most doctors, according to these critics, claim that they are really working for the drug companies. The drug companies avoid natural remedies because they can't patent them to make money off of them. So instead they create these synthetic things which poison you.
One of the concepts that Dr. Marc Sircus, Dr. John Apsley, and Dr. Sherry Rogers advocate is nutrient loading. With allopathic medicine, where you want the smallest dose possible that still suppresses the symptoms but not so large it [seriously] poisons you, with the nutrient loading concept it is actually pretty hard to poison yourself.
I don't want to get people to go hog wild with some of these things. [However, this is not a big problem] particularly if you use transdermal magnesium or iodine. I put enormous amounts of iodine on, and an irony is that if you put enormous amounts of iodine on your skin --I have gotten a skin rash, but they say that is good because it is a halogen [that is good for you], and it is driving out other [halogens that are not good for you].
Iodine is good for you, the prostrate and other sexual organs, as well as the thyroid. Organs throughout the body need it [to include] the gastrointestinal tract. It is a healthy thing throughout your body. But interestingly enough, you have other halogens which are bad for you, like chlorine, and fluoride in the water, and bromine which is put in white bread, and what will happen is if you initially use iodine, it will chase the bad stuff out, and you will begin to get rashes, where that stuff is being excreted out of the body. Some people might freak out and say, "Uh oh, I am getting a toxic reaction from iodine," but no, actually you are doing something good for your body.
[In regard to concerns about overdosing on nutrients], I am sure you can drink too much water. So there are levels of iodine intake that are toxic [since just about anything can be toxic if taken in a high enough dose. However, given that the risks of overdosing on iodine are relatively small compared to the benefits of taking massive amounts of iodine to safeguard ones own health -- not to mention protecting ones thyroid from radioactive iodine in the midst of Fukushima fallout -- all of this makes the decision by the EPA and other federal agencies to withhold iodine stocks from the American people as Fukushima radiation started hitting the West Coast in March 2011 appear just that much more criminal. As an interesting factoid, in the decades leading up to Fukushima the average Japanese diet consumed about a hundred times more iodine than the average American diet, and the Japanese did not show any ill effects. To the contrary, many experts believe that their lower rates of certain types of cancer could be attributed to this. Among other things, the Japanese consumed a lot of kelp and other sea products that are very rich in natural iodine, although unfortunately today they are extremely contaminated with radiation].
I can't prescribe anything myself, I am not a doctor. I would be very careful about giving what appears to be medical advice. I encourage people as a disclaimer to get with a physician and naturopath and study these things before they jump in.
But getting back to the basic point, a lot of these sources like Dr. Rogers [and Dr. Marc Sircus] point out in nutrient loading you really don't have to worry so much about doing OD (overdose). Your body likes this stuff and can handle high doses.
She recommends, her detox cocktail, [where] incidentally, she recommends Vitamin C. It is hard to overdose on Vitamin C. That helps with radiation protection, cellular function.
She also recommends Lipoic Acid. Incidentally, that is one of the main things that people use to cure mushroom poisoning. It helps cell functioning.
And then [there is] glutathione, which she claims is a basic molecule. Every time your body wants to detox something, it usually attaches a glutathione molecule. Your body can manufacture glutathione, but you need to help the production of that.
As people get older, they don't produce as much of these things as they did when they were younger, so you have to help your body by taking these supplements and doing nutrient loading. So her basic detox cocktail, Vitamin C, Lipoic Acid, and glutathione [becomes particularly relevant for older people].
She loves cod liver oil. In fact people with heart attacks, when they take cod liver oil, compared to control groups, it cuts their heart attack rate by 50%. She accuses the allopathic medical establishment of not even doing that [using cod liver oil and other natural supplements with demonstrated anti-heart attack capabilities].
In fact they [the conventional medical establishment] even do some things which are not recommended or approved by the FDA such as [using] certain types of stents and things like that [which are not cost-effective in terms of keeping patients alive for more than 5-10 years, but do quite a lot for the banks accounts of the medical establishment]. . They are so focused on this profit model and things that are patented, and the idea that disease has a genetic basis and you can cure it with drugs seems to be their mentality. Whereas she [talks about how] there is a whole wide world of the naturopathic approaches.
I mean, it has been proven, for example there is a whole stretch in Louisiana between petrochemical plants where the cancer rates have skyrocketed. All right, so it is a no-brainer that certain chemicals cause cancer, or exacerbate it, all things being equal.
It has been shown, studies in Germany, kids who live close to nuclear power plants have more than twice the leukemia and other [diseases like] autism, [higher overall] disease rates, so it is a no-brainer that radionuclides contribute not only to cancer, but exacerbate every form of disease. [1:28:87]
If that's true, then if we are toxed up with chemicals and radionuclides, it is a no-brainer that before you go to drugs, I mean the allopathic things that poison you, why not fill your body with the right nutrients and detox yourself as a first step, and see if that cures you. Do that first, before you go to drugs which poison you in some way.
So that is one thing that I think is so beautiful about Sherry Rogers is she does have this extensive conventional medical background, so if you understand that, and then how she sees the world from that perspective, combine that with the naturopathic perspective, a little more on the naturopathic side like Dr. Marc Sircus, Dr. John Apsley -- I have this book by Sara Shannon, I like that too, Radiation Protective Foods -- then also Dr. Cass Ingram is on the Power Hour, he has written a book about radiation protective foods [Natural Cures for Radiation], he sounds like he is on to some really good stuff too -- and [if one can] understand [all] that, I think that really helps give a person a good wide perspective to help approach and educate the public as an activist. [1:29:32]

Christina: Dr. Rogers has written a number of books. The one I am most interested in is Detoxify or Die. You can find those books on prestigepublishing.com. She also had mentioned too about how many of the diseases that are affecting humans because of the toxicity of our environment are affecting animals. Even polar bears that live north of the Arctic Circle were showing signs, and this is before Fukushima even happened, of hypothyroidism and arthritis, which are largely due to a build-up of toxins.

Maj. Fox: Yes, right, right, right. Actually there is a tricky issue there. In fact, I spoke with Leuren Moret about my enthusiasm for Dr. Sherry Rogers.
One comment I would like to make. First off [as some background regarding my relationship with Ms. Moret], I don't want to claim [that we necessarily share each other's political views]. I think Leuren Moret is a really cool person. She is out in the [San Francisco-Berkeley] Bay area. She is really into that scene. She is coming from [a leftist perspective] -- I just want to say as a little bit of a caveat, I did my analysis of propaganda and ideology and I talk about how the political left is more the environmental view, and the political right is more the genetic viewpoint. When you study psychology, you discover that human behavior is a combination of the two, and if you do your analysis correctly, the environmental analysis should dovetail and fit hand in glove with the genetic analysis. I feel the same thing about politics. She is more to the left. That is cool. That is valid. Environmental analysis is fine. I am more to the right. [Ed. Note: I other words, she is from Venus, I am from Mars]. I don't want to give the impression that because I really like her stuff that she necessarily shares all my views. I do that as a caveat with everybody I deal with. I am kind of my own person.


Leuren Moret during one of several interviews in the 2005 documentary Beyond Treason (YouTube) (1:28:53), about the mass poisonings of U.S. military personnel and innocent civilians with depleted uranium and other highly toxic substances. This photo was also used in the article U.S. Deaths Increasing Due To Japanese Radiation by W. Leon Smith, Lone Star Iconoclast, 6 Nov 2011


But one of the points she made is that there may be constraints on Sherry Rogers to discuss the [Fukushima] radiation issue because she is an M.D. [Ed. Note: Leuren Moret believes that the umbrella organization for M.D.'s, namely the American Medical Association, has been compromised in various ways by the nuclear industry and its siamese twin, namely the military-industrial complex that manufactures nuclear weapons -- which needs nuclear power plants to provide a steady supply of weapons-grade plutonium. In addition, M.D.s have been directly strong-armed by the government into dodging the Fukushima radiation issue, for example, the EPA ordered doctors in California to withhold iodine supplements prior to the arrival of Fukushima radiation. The pharmaceutical industry, which is ultimately controlled by the Rothschilds / City of London and their Rockefeller / Wall Street associates, who in turn control the very same Mossad-CIA-MI6 apparatus which probably started the Fukushima catastrophe with HAARP and the Stuxnet virus -- this very same "Big Pharma" complex very definitely breathes down the neck of the conventional M.D. establishment as well].
People like Chris Busby and Leuren Moret have said that in a way you are comparing apples and oranges, because radionuclides have chemical as well as radiation [-related] properties, for example the way uranium [chemically] binds with the DNA [in addition to emitting radioactive particles], a point that Dr. Busby keeps making. It is a little bit hard to compare one quantity of a radionuclide to a quantity of a chemical, but generally as a rule of thumb radioactive elements are ten to a hundred times worse than some kind of comparison with chemical components.
So Sherry Rogers talks about heavy metals [mainly from a chemical as opposed to a radioactive perspective]. She has been on Joyce Riley's Power Hour where people talk about depleted uranium. She has not contradicted that. But her focus is mainly on the chemical side. She has not directly addressed the radionuclides, she has been more focused on the chemical side. But the point is, you have a multiplier effect between the two.
For example, there are a number of Indian reservations like the Navajo Reservation out West where the Indians are involved in uranium mining. This is a very good example where you will have a control group of Indians who do not smoke, they do not work in uranium mines. So they have a certain rate of cancer. Then you have another group of Indians -- of course they are genetically pretty much the same as a group, so we control for genetics that way, and ethnicity and racial factors, et cetera. OK, so then we have another group of Indians that work in uranium mines -- but they don't smoke, all right? Then you have another group of Indians that smoke, but they don't work in uranium mines. Then you have a fourth group that smoke and work in uranium mines.
Now a person might think, well, what is the rate of cancer among the Indians who smoke and work in uranium mines? The answer is, well first off, the Indians who smoke, but don't work in uranium mines, their rate of cancer is higher than the control group of Indians that don't smoke and don't work in uranium mines. Similarly, the Indians who work in uranium mines and don't smoke is higher than the Indians who do not smoke and do not work in uranium mines. But, when you compare the Indians who do smoke and do work in uranium mines, their rate is just like a multiple, it is not like you add the rate of the Indians who smoke but do not work in uranium mines and Indians who work in uranium mines and don't smoke. It is not like you add those two group [rates] together. It is like you multiply to get the rate of cancer for Indians who smoke and work in uranium mines.
So there is a multiplier effect. That is why when you want to detox, you have to get rid of the chemical side, the plastics, and all the gunk and junk foods because that is multiplying times the radionuclides [a person suffers from internal contamination], even though the radionuclides may be ultimately a more potent form of poisoning than the chemicals, still, since they multiply each other, you have to get rid of both of them. So I think that is a very critical point. [1:34:47]

Christina: Have you personally tried to speak to any MD's, maybe your family doctor about the Fukushima radiation, and if you did, what kind of reaction did you get?

Maj. Fox: Interestingly enough, being a veteran I have spoken with people at the Veterans Administration, and I have talked about, for example, iodine treatment for ways to treat potential skin cancer, and other naturopathic sources. Actually I showed my article on respirators and Fukushima radiation [co-developed with W. Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast] to a nurse practitioner at the VA, that is here in western Pennsylvania, and she said that the VA really does not address Fukushima radiation. I said, "Do you offer like various forms of infrared or sauna therapy" and she said "No." And then I talked about depleted uranium "Are you addressing depleted uranium?" and the answer is "No."
As a matter of fact, Dr. Doug Rokke has given some interviews that were on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley where he talks about how the VA has refused to provide adequate treatment and recognition to many members of his team who have died of depleted uranium poisoning. [Ed. Note: For example, see 10 Sept 2010 show, hour 1, on "VA denial of treatment," overview page here, MP3 download here]. He himself has been given the runaround. And he was in charge of the U.S. [decon team] -- he was the "go to" man. He was the duty expert in the U.S. Army for decontamination related to depleted uranium. In fact, he was the commanding officer of the team that was given the task by General Norman Schwarzkopf after Persian Gulf War I in 1990 and 1991 to go in and try to decontaminate [battlefields in Kuwait and Iraq]. He was [also] out at the Nevada Test Site, and actually he [and his research team] determined that you really can't [very effectively] decontaminate sites contaminated with depleted uranium.
But he has complained about getting the run-around. So, interestingly enough, I was listening to some interviews very recently, individuals speaking with Joyce Riley about their experience with oncologists. There is an Italian documentary filmmaker who has done interviews about forms of cancer therapy that seem to work, like there is a doctor in Italy [Doctor Tullio Simoncini in Rome] who recommends baking soda, which actually Dr. Marc Sircus is also a big advocate of. It has been effective in eliminating various forms of active cancer. Also various forms of iodine therapy [have demonstrated effectiveness, which include] repeatedly treating the skin to get rid of various forms of basal-cell or squamous-cell carcinoma. This Italian filmmaker talked about how people over and over again had the experience of going to their oncologist to handle cancer, and they talked about how things like shark extract, from their, actually it is not bone, it is [pausing, searching for the right term]

Christina: Cartilage.

Maj. Fox: Cartilage, that is what I meant to say, yes. That has been shown to be effective against cancer [as well as shark liver oil]. So people go to oncologists, and they refuse to hear them. They suppress any form of alternative stuff. It is just not in their [mental] space.
The name of the documentary filmmaker, incidentally, is Masimo Mazzucco. (I am just looking here from a list, if I have not got that exactly right, I think that's it. Yes, that is exactly right). His documentary is called "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures." He was interviewed on Joyce Riley"s Power Hour, that was hour 3 on 21 June 2011 [Overview page here, MP3 download here].
So she is on GCN, the same network as Alex Jones, Gcnlive.com. You can get her past shows on the Power Hour. She has also interviewed -- Joyce Riley has also interviewed Dr. Sherry Rogers as a regular for about once a month going back for about the last two years. So you can go to some archives on the Power Hour, just Google that, and get some of the past archives of some of these shows if you want.

Christina: Give us your web site information again and if you could maybe tell our listeners what else you have on your web site besides the Fukushima stuff, because there is a lot of good information on there.

Maj. Fox: Yes, well, my author archive at [americafirstbooks.com lists my own articles] -- I have two web sites, they are pretty much the same [in terms of their home page content]. It is www - the short version is amfirstbooks.com. Or you can spell it out americafirstbooks.com. Or I also have www.americafirstinstitute.com or the short for that is www.amfir.com.
But, one of my goals was to try to counter what I consider just generalized brainwashing. The matrix. That is why I created my series on the toolbar at the top "Resolving Ideologies." [I also created the "Have You Been Brainwashed? quiz, which has been well-received]. I try to show these different parameters of environmental vs. genetic from psychology, behavioral sciences, then in management science, centralized vs. decentralized [debate -- how they relate to each other].
I try to help people see how ideologically America has gone from what I call genetic bottom up, which was sort of your paleoconservative viewpoint, in the early 19th century, it has moved diagonally [upwards and to the left on the propaganda matrix chart] -- and also there was some anarcho-libertarian [influence too in early America]. Tom Paine was more on the anarcho-libertarian side, Jefferson in certain ways was too -- but today we have what we call "Neo-Jacobin" government. That is a term I got from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. That means environmental top down.
One of the first pioneers of ["modern"] neo-Jacobin government [and "modern liberal" fascism], according to my 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica was Napoleon Bonaparte, where basically you have a centralized government that tells people that they are free, that it is preserving "Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality," but Napoleon had a secret police spy on every square block of Paris and he controlled all the French media. So it is the idea that you have benign despotism or a benevolent [dictatorial] ruler who enforces liberal morality [top-down]. And of course there is a little bit of a contradiction there because the early American definition of the word "liberty" means "absence of government" [and very definitely implied "bottom-up" decentralized political systems].
So for example, I am currently living in Pennsylvania. Dr. Murray Rothbard in his series on Liberty [Ed. Note: see his book Conceived In Liberty] talked about how in the colonial period Pennsylvania had almost no [central] government by European standards. In fact, up until what I like to call the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence -- I am avoiding the Orwellian term "Civil War" -- total government was no more than 5-10% of GDP. Today it is just incredible. It is 50-70%, depending on where you are. [Early] Americans rarely had [any contact with some form of central government].
[Incidentally] Mises.org is a great libertarian site, [with] a lot of lecturers there like Dr. Ralph Raico, [who] in his series on "Liberty," talks about how most Americans never had any contact with government unless they went to the post office. Everything was decentralized on a local level. You had a volunteer fire departments, volunteer local militia, [and private charities -- just about everything was localized and privately held].
Americans made an interesting discovery, [but first let me give you some background before I give you the punch line]. Compared to Europe, they grew almost to the size of a small European country. Pennsylvania acted almost like a completely sovereign independent country, at times issuing its own currency as a colony. It was sort of out of sight, out of mind in the British imperial system. They decided when to wage war. Sometimes they operated independently. They resisted an overture by New England states to join them and certain Indian fighters in war projects.
So they acted pretty much like a sovereign country, and they made an interesting discovery. That was that they had almost no government by European standards, and they weren't missing anything. In fact, they were a lot happier and a lot better off without the tax collectors and all the regulation and all this and that.
[Ed. Note: Central government interference tends to be much more dangerous today than it was in the 18th century, because certain power elites have become vastly more sophisticated about telling lies to justify their tax-eating existence, to include fabricating problems to justify their "services." For example, the U.S. and British governments have created false flag attacks that essentially put them in a mafia-style "protection racket" business on a national scale. Certain power elites have also become vastly more sophisticated about infiltrating, steering, hijacking, smearing, or otherwise neutering potential opposition.
For more background, please see my article Government and Major Media Denial and Cover-ups Regarding Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation: How Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Thinking They Still Live in a Free Society and How `Deep' or `Mobile Defense' Tactical Concepts Have Been Used to Control Them, dated 31 May 2012.
In addition, my article How Racial Realities in Europe and Theories of Entrepreneurial Business Competition Provide Important Perspectives to Help Diagnose "What Is Ailing America" dated 23 June 2012, helps to explain important analogies between the dynamics of healthy business competition that provide real economic growth and innovation and the dynamics of healthy political systems and international relations that can accomplish similar objecties on a national political level.
While I certainly do not think that political decentralization has all the answers and will ultimately lead to some kind of utopian world -- nothing will provide that in my opinion -- when I survey human history and look at the least bad alternatives regarding political systems that have had any kind of track record for long term sustainability and effectiveness, relatively decentralized political systems tend to be the least bad way to go, provided that countries do not become so small and weak that they invite invasion and takeover by militarily stronger powers or some other form of takeover, for example via the covert actions of powerful intelligence agencies, corporations, plutocrats, predatory or parasitic racial/ethnic groups, and/or criminal mafias -- the political analog to hostile "mergers and acquisitions" on Wall Street].


So the reason why I am bringing all this up is we have been hijacked now, where we had the Robber Barons of the late 1900's [Ed. Note: I meant to say 1800's, although we certainly experienced quite a lot of Robber Baron activity in the late 1900's as well, ranging from convicted stock swindlers like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milkin to the Zionist neocon architects of “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” and the "Project For A New American Century" covered by Mike Piper in High Priests of War who were setting in motion plans to hijack America on a whole new social and economic level], we had the pro-Lincolnite Unionists [of the 1860's] who established the totalitarian principle that the U. S. must be kept united at all costs [no matter how corrupt or tyrannical the central government might become], that secession is like a thought crime, despite the fact that there have been countries in history that have been able to [peacefully] secede and both countries have been better off for it.
[For example], like when Norway seceded from Sweden in 1905, or Iceland got its independence from Denmark in [around] 1945 [Ed.Note: actually 1944]. It was [all] done in a gentlemanly fashion, and now they are [all] good friends, so secession does not have to be bitter. It does not have to be horrible. In many ways it is comparable to -- sometimes a large company, when it gets to be inefficient, finds that by spinning off different divisions, that is a good thing because they become refocused on product lines. That is a great way to restore accountability and productivity.
So you can see the same analogy on a political level [as on a business level, where decentralization helps to reduce corruption and increase responsiveness to constituents. After all, if "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," in the famous words of Lord Acton, then decentralization is likely to have the opposite effect]..


So the reason I am going off on this political tangent here, is Americans have really been brainwashed to think that you have to have a strong central government that gets its fingers into everything, and a centralized media that tells us how to think. That is a big part of the problems we face today. So I wanted to try to deal with that by looking at ideologies and trying to look at [ideological tradeoffs].
Then I have got stuff [on my web site] that explores the false flag [scene], the Mission of Conscience series.
Then I did a country analysis of Iceland where it looked like Iceland was basically infiltrated and corrupted by the Rothschilds / City of London [and their confederates, to include the Russian Jewish mafia, Israeli mafia, and Jewish Wall Street investment banking chieftains].
[Speaking of high level skullduggery], you had the international gamesmanship that was described in the book The Blood Bankers [by James S. Henry], and some other books that describe -- Oh, [I should not leave out the classic work] by John Perkins, The Confessions of an Economic Hitman -- about how the globalist bankers really act like usurious lenders and do more harm than good to Third World countries and use their lending activities in a way to try to rape the countries of their resources.
Then you [can] get into "disaster capitalism" [as well, for example, in Chapter 8 of my Mission of Conscience series I describe how certain high level insiders were able to use their advance knowledge to profit off the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and other mayhem on 9/11].


So I am trying to get into a lot of these issues that sort of relate to each other, because all knowledge is really interrelated, and it gets back to the cognitive dissonance issue that you raised earlier. Most people are incredulous. I mean, how can we have an establishment where these horrible things are happening, where we are being slowly poisoned with Fukushima radiation and other forms of radiation, and they are not even telling us about it? How can they be that criminally negligent or reckless or whatever? Why are they this way?
Once you start going down some of these rabbit holes you connect to other rabbit holes. You find out that actually if you look at history, and you look at other various interpretations of ideology from new perspectives you find out that all this stuff interrelates and you begin to see validation that helps explain why we are experiencing what we are experiencing. Explanations that I think are logically satisfying but are not explanations you ordinarily get in the mainstream media.

Christina: Definitely check out his web site americafirstbooks.com. I wanted to ask you too we are getting towards the end here. I don't know if you realize Jules let us go over, because we were on such a roll that we actually extended the show an hour. [Laughter]

Maj. Fox: I appreciate that. Yes, I did notice we are going beyond the hour, but I think that is great. I think what you are doing is really wonderful. It think we need a lot of different approaches. America is a polyglot country with many different kinds of people with different values. We all need to be awakened, and we need a lot of different approaches by a lot of different people. I think you offer a fresh new, very important approach to reach people. So I just salute what you have done so far.
I mean, different strokes for different folks. I have got an approach that is sort of unique to my background, but I can't really reach everybody. Leuren Moret has got an approach that reaches a lot of people that I can't reach. You have got an approach [that is also able to reach a unique audience].

Dr. Majia Nadesan


In fact, I think of both Leuren Moret, yourself, and then there is another lady I like, Dr. Majia -- her named is spelled M-a-j-i-a -- Nadesan. She is a professor at Arizona State University. She gave a great lecture at Willamette State. [Ed. Note: Please see Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public and Withhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal Information Sharing Networks" PowerPoint presentation used by Dr. Majia Nadesan in her lecture at the Willamette University Lessons of Fukushima Symposium held February 24-25, 2012]. She specializes in [major media] communications and talks about the propaganda that is being used against Americans. She is a really neat lady. I helped organize an interview with her and Leuren Moret on Dr. Fetzer's show.
I think of you ladies as like Joan of Arcs, that are rising in this time of crisis. You and Leuren Moret and Majia Nadesan and other ladies, the Joan of Arcs who are rising to the occasion to try to help save us in this time of frankly a very, very, very, very, very bad situation. I just can't commend you enough for what you are doing.

Christina: Well thank you very much, and you have a lot to say, and you are so articulate. You need a radio show. [Laughter]

Maj. Fox: [Laughter].

Christina: Maybe, you should talk to Jules about that when we get done here.

Maj. Fox: [Laughter] You know, I actually have a number of different issues. I am trying to find some kind of model in terms of sustaining myself in terms of donations and / or selling things. Unfortunately I do not have a very large ebook inventory. I got sidetracked on doing the research and analysis in the Mission of Conscience series and the false flag attack interdiction project. Right now a project I am trying to work on involves putting together a work [on Fukushima radiation] where I am trying to put together a lot of these different sources and address a lot of these different issues. Like what is the radiation threat? How is Chernobyl a good Rosetta Stone? What is really happening in Japan? What is really happening in America? Where do we go in the future? So that is a current project to focus on.


Cover illustration for "Fukushima Radiation Present In America," by W. Leon Smith, owner, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Oct 14, 2012.


Christina: Well one other question I wanted to ask you before we run out of time, is, are you still wearing your [respirator] mask?

Maj. Fox: [Laughter]. I carry it with me. And generally speaking, yes, I am still wearing my mask. But I need to acquire more things. I need financial support to get an Inspector Alert, to have something to show people that is beeping away. Like Dr. Busby said, the Japanese, when he was visiting Japan, they are getting bitten by, [words to the effect] "Everything looks normal, the birds are singing, you hear the car noise, but people are getting bit by the invisible snakes of radiation that ultimately will kill them." And so I think that is important.
But yes, I think one of the points that was made in that article on the respirator is it is true that a lot of radionuclides are below the level of a micron. They can go through any filter. But it is also true that they [tend to] attach themselves to dust and moisture, and that anything you can do to reduce contamination, even if it is only a marginal reduction, like 30% or 40%, by absorbing dust in your filter, that is better than nothing. Everything helps.
So yes, I think that is something we should not back away from. I mention it is probably not a good idea to wear a mask when you are walking inside a bank. People might think you are going to try to stick 'em up.

Christina: [Laughter].

Maj. Fox: Yes, a lot of merchants [may react negatively] -- I walked inside one store wearing my mask with my Fukushima activist sign and this lady who was the owner got really agitated. She thought I might be a terrorist [or upset her customers] or something, so I figure, I probably [need to make a special effort to adapt and improvise my activist approach] -- I thought I would [also explore other approaches] -- another form of activism, and I have not done it yet, I am just a one man band in many areas, but going to a local city council, approaching the local county sheriff, and just saying to people or local police, "Hey, you know what? I have discovered sauna therapy, you guys are outdoors [a lot and really need it]." There are local community meetings where people discuss issues. Town hall meetings. Talking to people in civic organizations. Rotary clubs. Networking.
I used to be a stockbroker and a real estate broker where a big part of success, like Woody Allen said, is just showing up. A lot of people need a personal touch. They need somebody to talk to. People absorb information differently. Some people are very visual. They respond well to books. Other people are more auditory. Some people are more personal. They need somebody to talk to them.
We need activism on a lot of different levels. And yes, I think the face mask activism is a way of making a presence in public that can be effective. I am trying to figure out a way, for example, if you put up a sign in your car, you may have state laws that say if you put it in your back windshield they don't like that because they have laws against putting anything other than state decals [on your window] that obstruct visibility. You may need to get a magnetic sign that you put over your back trunk rather than obscuring a window. So maybe little tips and tricks like that [are needed].
But yes, this ain't going away. Cesium has a half life of 30 years. You have got forms of plutonium, over 24,000 years. Depleted uranium, U-238 is what, 4.5 billion years? I mean, a lot of this stuff is going to be around for a long time. One of the rules of thumb is ten half lives, so for cesium, which is a major component of the contamination [that computes to 300 years], tritium is somewhere out to eight to ten years [in its half life] -- I have forgotten what that is [Ed. Note: It is 11.5 years], but that, it does not have to even be a heavy metal [to be radioactive, although the most dangerous radionuclides tend to be heavy metals]. But I mean this stuff is going to be around for a long, long time. It is going to continue to be remobilized with the wind. It is the gift that keeps on giving.
[The phrase "The gift that keeps on giving" is] an important point. I will credit Michael Collins [with first using it in alternative media interviews in regard to Fukushima radiation], who interviews a lot [with Jeff Rense]. He has EnviroReporter.com.

Christina: Yes

Maj. Fox: Yes, he has a very good web site. I encourage people to look his stuff over. He has been a very good activist. In fact, he got on local TV [in Los Angeles in a show titled] Attack of the Show! and he got one of the "Toxie" awards ["for Bad Chemical Actors'] with his wife going to a theater in L.A. and she dressed up like being a toxic agent [as a satirical theatrical character].

Michael Collins reached a vast audience in southern California on April 16, 2012 with his message about the dangers of Fukushima radiation by getting on NBC G4- TV's Attack of the Show!

You see, that is cool. I like people who have fresh, creative, innovative approaches to reach the public. In fact, he has been detecting levels of contamination in California oranges where if you treat the orange using EPA standards for liquids like water, it is way above the EPA standards. Relatively high levels of radiation. [Ed. Note: See "No Place To Hide -- Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread," by Michael Collins, Aug 20, 2012].:
You know cesium with a 30 year half life, that is 300 years [as a rough rule of thumb for its worst contamination period, although not counting problems with spin-off isotopes called "radioactive daughters"]. It is going to be around for a while. People on the West Coast are going to be getting hit with more radiation in the ocean that can carry many miles inland just like you can smell sea spray, that is going to be hitting in the next year or two.
So we have some very, very serious problems that are [still] coming at us. And in a way they get worse. That is the lesson of Chernobyl. From bioaccumulation, often these problems get worse, and that is a point Michael Collins keeps making in his interviews. Unlike other disasters where they hit, and then they sort of get damage-controlled, and then they are sort of over with within a few months, this is a unique form [of catastrophe where it keeps getting worse and worse and worse over time]. [Music commences marking the end of the interview]

Christina: Thank you so much for being here today and sharing your extensive knowledge and experience with us. Please check out his web site. We will be back next Tuesday. Share love, caring and concern for your fellow man, and stay safe everyone.




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