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Nuked Radio Special:
Two Years of Fukushima

An interview by host
Christina Consolo
"The RadChick," with
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Leuren Moret

Geoscientist and
Atmospheric Fallout Expert


11 March 2013



2013-03-11 Christina Consolo (the "RadChick") interviews Leuren Moret on the Nuked Radio Special: Two Years of Fukushima (Video version, Nuked: 2 yrs of Fukushima w/ Leuren Moret part 1. (16:45) This is the soundtrack of the interview. Part 2 (23:49), Part 3 (8:20), Part 4 (29:52 ), Part 5 (21:03), Part 6 (27:58). MP3 download here, 84.4 MB, 1:59:58).

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Christina Consolo: Welcome to Nuked Radio, the special edition of the two year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, which is ongoing. I am your host, Christina Consolo, and with me today is a very special guest, Leuren Moret. Leuren is a geoscientist, atmospheric fallout expert, and outspoken critic of the use of depleted uranium. As an employee of Livermore Lab, she learned of the horrific power of nuclear weapons, which started her on a journey as a full time researcher, and expert witness to numerous litigation issues arising out of nuclear crimes. The focus of our discussion today will be the current status of Fukushima and the health effects that are occurring from the transport of radioactive particles and contamination in our air, precipitation, oceans, and food supply. Leuren, welcome back to the program.
Leuren Moret: Thank you so much. I am very happy to be on your program again. It is wonderful to do interviews with you and thank you so much for asking me today.
Christina: You have been exposing the fact that we have been nuclear guinea pigs since 1945.
L. Moret: That's right.
Christina: I would like to start with the current status of the Fukushima plant two years into the accident.
L. Moret: It is not good for us, that is for sure. At first, when that happened on March 11, 2011, it was a disaster that the world had never imagined would be possible, and what makes it worse, especially for me, was to understand very clearly it was deliberate. I did a series of interviews, which I will send you the links, and you can post them on your site, or do whatever you want with them. I was recording who was involved, the politicians, the politics of vested interests, the international financiers. And of course I had done extensive research and discovered the actual transmitter was at Tromso in Norway. That facility, that HAARP facility is owned by a consortium of countries. That would be England, is number one, Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Japan and Germany. This is part of a network of global transmitters with many, many, many bases in Antarctica. That is very curious because Britain has nine. That has never been revealed until about a week ago when The Daily Mail had photographs in a story on a portable Antarctic base, which they can tow around behind some kind of propulsion vehicle if they want to move it around. It is kind of like a bunch of box cars, a train. Also the U.S. has at least three bases in Antarctica, Russia has seven, the Japanese have at least three, probably Australia has one, so we are beginning to understand now that this is a criminal cabal of countries and vested interests, individuals and corporations involved, the hidden agenda of course, which is so horrible to understand is depopulation. It is also to bring about a very, very major transformation which is now happening, that is to destroy the Western economy. That would include Europe, North America, and Japan. In order to pump China, add India too, so what they are creating in China and India are middle classes who will be, they are huge countries with very large populations, so it is a whole new market for the bankers to make loans, to cause wars, to sell food that they are now growing in Third World countries. 70% of the almond crop from California, which is probably some of the best almonds in the world, is going to the new growing middle class in China and India. So there are many, many interested parties and vested interests. Of course this is all being carried out by the U.S. Navy and navies in other countries that are the top military echelon in terms of power and control. Also control of radioactive and nuclear materials and weapons. So what we know now since those series of interviews, because people can listen to those and get background. But today what we want to do is to update people on the last year in particular when more of the effects on the environment, on plants and animals, on Fukushima Prefecture in northern Japan, the ocean, and North America and Europe and beyond has manifested itself. All I can say is that the book that Dr. Alexey Yablokov from Russia put together with a lot of other Russian scientists from five hundred research papers they produced on the after effects of Chernobyl, which Yablokov translated five hundred articles in Russian into English in order to be able to write this book. It is called Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe For People and the Environment (PDF) and it is free on the Internet. I recommend that everyone listening, if they are interested, download it as a PDF. You can also buy it, published and bound and everything. I believe it is seven or eight dollars, which is very, very, very reasonable. That is just the cost of producing it and mailing it. And professor Yablokov, whose name is Y-a-b-l-o-k-o-v, Prime Minister Yeltsin's science advisor, Dr. Yablokov is also a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He also was scientific advisor for other presidents and prime ministers of Russia. Well on top of that the Russians really are more familiar with nuclear disasters than probably any other country because they had the experience of Chernobyl which was a global nuclear disaster. Because my mother was exposed to that in 1986, she lived in Santa Barbara California, and most of the world was contaminated, most of it eventually, by Chernobyl. She developed Alzheimer Disease when she was about 46 years old. I am not just a scientist, I love all living things. I am a naturalist. I have done the equivalent of a master's degree in wild life studies at UC Berkeley. I am really a very broad environmentalist so I probably notice things or understand things more than most other scientists, although there are some who have specialized in radiation, technologies, and disasters in order to warn the public. Of course Dr. Yablokov would be one of the very fine scientists, who is working very hard to alert the global community. Now the effects of Chernobyl will be dwarfed very soon or already by the effects of Fukushima. The emissions from Fukushima into the atmosphere and into the ocean will not end in our lifetime, Christina. I am overwhelmed every day, when I think about the implications and the long term effects of this disaster. I really do feel very bad about it, and on the other hand I am very pleased that I can help and I can contribute to the global understanding, and also help people learn how to protect themselves and their families and children and babies. This is pretty overwhelming, even for me. Thank you so much for being one of the bright lights that I can contact and work with and communicate with because it is something you just can't deal with it all on your own. You have got to have friends in this business or you would just not make it, I guess. But to compare Chernobyl to Fukushima or Fukushima to Chernobyl, we know from air filters taken from cars in Japan in the months after the disaster that the Fukushima emissions and radioactive pollution, the nuclear pollution of the planet, is at least 300 times that of Chernobyl. I have been in contact with six people. One is a woman who is over 50, the other five are males under 50, healthy, buff, there is no reason for them to be sick, and all six of these people had thyroiditis within nine months of the Fukushima disaster. That would be from the radioactive iodine that was emitted in the emissions from the Fukushima disaster, and when I read Yablokov's book on the endocrine system, the thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system, I was shocked when he reported that thyroiditis, diseases of the thyroid, were not reported or detected until three to four years after Chernobyl.
Christina: Yes.
L. Moret: And these six people had thyroiditis within nine months of the Fukushima disaster. So indeed we have had a major, major global nuclear disaster which is affecting all living things.
Christina: We try to use as much Chernobyl data as possible to try to extrapolate or predict what is coming down the road and what you have said and a number of other researchers and people in the nuclear industry that I have spoken with have said is they are absolutely shocked at some of the numbers of contamination. And actually in disbelieving when I have shared some of this information with some of them. 20,000 becquerels per kilogram found in earthworms that were 200 km away from the Fukushima plant. We know that the Chernobyl reactor was half the size of the smallest reactor at Fukushima, that was reactor one. The three hundred times figure that we are using, how are you extrapolating the data to come to that number in case anyone else wants to duplicate that. Is that just based on the air filter studies?
L. Moret: Yes, that is a good question because people should know how that comparison was made. I have done about 20 speaking tours in Japan between 2000 and 2010. I also worked on educating the lawyers in Japan who were representing the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who have never won a law suit since 1945 against the Japanese government, and all they were asking for was health benefits. Dr. Busby produced a very, very excellent new risk analysis or risk model for the European Union for the Green Party on radiation exposure. It is the first time there has been a new risk model since the phony risk model that has been used since 1945, produced by the U.S. military. When I worked with him, I learned a lot. He is very, very clever. What he did is he got air filters from cars all over northern Japan, especially between Tokyo and Fukushima. People sent him air filters out of their cars, and they also sent the specs on the engines in the cars. So he was able to measure the radiation on the air filter, and then calculate the volume of air going through the car engine, and that was helpful in determining the concentration in the atmosphere. That is where the air was coming from that went through the car engine. And he calculated from those numbers, of course it is an estimate, but nobody has denied it and nobody has done any other estimates that I know of. And he reported the radiation on the air filters indicated it was at least the equivalent of 300 Chernobyls. [16:01]
Christina: One of the other numbers that has come out after the Fukushima disaster was the excess deaths reported by the CDC in the first fourteen weeks after the disaster, and then through December of 2011. But we haven't had any updates from the CDC since. At least I have not been able to get any current information. We know that there were 40,000 excess deaths from April to December of 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. But because there are no post mortem studies done on people who die of sudden heart attacks, and things of that nature to look for, radioactive contamination, where nuclear fallout is the cause, the excess mortality figures are what are used to judge how it has affected populations. I have a difficult time sometimes explaining that to people. Could you explain more about that? [17:07]
L. Moret: Well first of all government, nuclear government agencies, politicians, corporations, the military, all have a very, very large vested interest in hiding all of this information from the public. At the CDC you can actually go on their web site, and vital statistics, in other words births, deaths, diseases and things like that are reported every week by every county in the United States to the Centers for Disease Control. And they compile the data and release some of it to the public. The raw numbers are there, but they are just piles of numbers. So it really takes an epidemiologist with very specialized and very sophisticated computer software to crunch those numbers and make a meaningful estimates and reports. There was an epidemiologist, nobody knows his real name, it would have been very dangerous for him to reveal his identity. But he did crunch those numbers until Sept or Oct of 2011. No actually he issued a lot of data, maps and stuff, and very, very good, very interesting analyses, I will send it to you, it is PDF, he was able to say very reliably, remember he is a professional epidemiologists with the right software and computers and data, and he said that 100,000 Americans had died by Dec 2011 from Fukushima. The way he determined that was to look at the death rates by region and by cities in the United States going back at least four years before, or maybe even ten years, before the Fukushima disaster happened, and then comparing the death rate after that date. When you look at all of the deaths, all of the births, and you are not looking at specific diseases, it is a much better way to analyze what is happening. So what you look for are changes, and changes that have no explanation. So when you look at a long history, like five years or ten years, of death rates, it is very easy to see that there are so many unexplained increases, which there is no other way to explain it. Since it is all over the U.S. and you look at it by region, it is confirmed that he was correct, because the highest increase in death rates up to 9 or 10% was in the mountain region, which is basically the west slope of the Rocky Mountains which extend up into Canada and down into Mexico. But I am only talking about U.S. data. That would have high rates of rainout and snow out of the fresh Fukushima fission products that come across the Pacific Ocean. That was very, very interesting. The West Coast also had high radiation rates measured, and they certainly had increases in deaths, but it was only maybe three and a half or 4 or 5%. The Mountain region was at least double. I just want to make sure that people understand that distance from a nuclear accident does not protect you. It is the weather, how much rain and snowfall you have, and it is the geography, whether it is flat or a mountainous region that determines how much radiation ends up in the environment. So we are talking about a very, very complex issue, and each time there is a new nuclear technology introduced, or a new nuclear disaster, we learn more. Unfortunately a lot of people die, and even more are hurt. So we are going to see increasing death rates. We are going to see a very large increase in chronic illnesses, and guess who is licking their chops with a napkin around their neck sitting at the table to pig out on the public?
Christina: The health care industry.
L. Moret: Yes, and the bankers. I like to travel around a lot in local areas or flying across the U.S. I pick up newspapers at every airport or whatever. I gather data everywhere I can. I went up to Sebastopol which is an apple orchard and grape vineyard area, region in northern California in the wine country. I was completely shocked at a city council meeting that I attended. The topic for the evening before the city council was a petition or an application for permits to build on an empty car lot and Chase Bank bought it. That is J.P. Morgan, one of the big, big, big New York banking firms. I was so shocked when they said "And we want to build a CVS pharmacy right next to the bank." Right away I knew that the bankers owned the pharmaceutical companies, the drug stores now, because I have been watching major changes over the last five or ten years in drug stores. Some of the chains have been bought out. CVS is one of the really big new ones, and when you go into these new drug stores, they have no iodine ointments on the shelves. They have no zinc oxide on the shelves. That's what you put on to prevent a sun burn, or people going outside, like athletes put it under their eyes. I just started wondering why those were taken off the shelves, so I went into a pharmacy and they were happy to order it for me, but these are like $3.50 a tube, and they are essential to family health, and they would be even more essential now since we are going to have an epidemic of chronic illnesses.
Christina: Since we are not getting the oversight that is really needed for people to understand the amount of contamination and where it is occurring, people can be advocates for their own health and take it upon themselves to determine where they are most at risk, and how to avoid it in their daily life because anyone who has studied this disaster knows that there is no way to turn it off. This is something that is continuous until new technology is invented, and in the meantime there are things we could be doing to avoid exposure, especially for children, starting with precipitation. Since you are an atmospheric fallout expert, I was wondering if you could explain a little bit about that process, the difference between rain and snow, how this stuff moves around in our atmosphere, and what is still contributing to fallout from atmospheric testing.
L. Moret: When these metals burn that are produced as fission products, uranium is not a fission product, but it does fission and produce the fission products. These are at extremely high temperatures. When uranium burns, it gets up to over 5,000 degrees centigrade which is hotter than the sun. All that energy that it releases breaks the molecular bond that holds the molecules and atoms together, and makes tinier and tinier particles, so that basically it produces huge amounts of nanoparticles of the most dangerous, poisonous, radioactive dust that exists on this planet. These tiny, tiny, nanoparticles are highly charged. Because they are very highly charged, they float around the ai. In air masses they are transported all around the planet in atmospheric dust. In the air masses these tiny particles collect moisture. There is moisture in the air. So the moisture collects or condenses on these tiny particles until they are a drop of rain, and then they fall out of the atmosphere on to the ground with that nuclear particle in the center of the rain drop. When you have a lot of rain, it is very efficient at removing a large amount of the radiation, these particles from the atmosphere. Because the particles are wetted, the surface is wet, by the moisture collecting on it, when these particles land on the ground, on rocks or soil or plant materials or buildings, cars, whatever they land on, they stick with that film of water on the surface of the particle, and there is absolutely no way to clean it off. You cannot wash it off, you can't scrub it off. It is because the electrical forces, they are called Van der Waals forces of attraction between the particle and the surface it lands on, are so strong other forces that we would use to remove them are not strong enough. So that is good, it removes particles from the atmosphere, but is landing on our skin, landing in our hair, our clothes are contaminated, our umbrellas, our shoes, our raincoats, the outside of our cars, and then we track it into the house. We contaminate our own living environment. So it is very, very important if you go out in the rain, that you leave your rain gear, your rain boots, your hats, gloves, everything outside. Don't bring them into your house and do not wear your shoes inside if you have worn them outside in the rain. In fact in the 1950's, President Eisenhower was in the White House, it was pouring rain that day in Washington, D.C. He announced to his staff or whoever was there that he was going outside to go somewhere. There were military experts there, and they said "No, you are not going outside today." He said, "Why not." They said, "Well, they are doing nuclear weapons tests in Nevada today, and the rain is completely contaminated. You are not going outside today." They know this is happening, but they are not telling us. Now the difference between rain and how it savages nuclear particles, and the snow is quite different. Snow flakes have sharp edges, and very, very sharp tips and pointy areas. Because of that, those edges and tips have very high charges, higher than the nanoparticles floating around in the atmosphere. And so they are the most efficient scavenger of nuclear materials. Snow removes 95% of the radiation in the air. It is very, very efficient. Even avoiding rain is a must, but avoiding snow is absolutely critical. That is why the death rates on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains was almost a 10% increase by Christmas after Fukushima just eight months later, than the coastal [mountain ranges] and the West Coast, those death rates were lower, which is surprising because you would think the opposite, but there was not as much precipitation and no snowfall, at least along the coastline of most of California. California turned out to not be such a bad place to be. But Oregon and northern California and Washington State, British Columbia, they really did have very high doses. It was measured and reported by the EPA until they stopped measuring and reporting. But Dr. Chris Busby, who is a British low level radiation expert for the British government and the European Union, he warned me very early on, he said, "All of these agencies and all of these governments are lying," and what we discovered finally is that the only good data was being reported by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty monitoring stations. These are not government-funded or controlled or anything. They are private monitoring stations that are privately funded all over the world. They produce the best data. They had great maps with the plumes coming across the Pacific, and you could see how the plumes were being guided, cold dense air. Basically it is all fluid dynamics, just like water. So they just steered those plumes into selected regions and cities for their depopulation agenda. I was aghast when I was watching it, and I was asking other scientists, "Did you see what they were doing? They were heating, using a HAARP beam over the executive and the commercial centers of Canada and the U.S., in other words Toronto and Ottawa, Ottawa is the administrative government center of Canada, Toronto is the commercial center, New York City and Washington, D.C. in the U.S. So they just put a big warm bubble over those cities, and that cold dense air from Japan, the plume is loaded with radiation just flowed right around those high pressure areas.
Christina: Leuren, I have had a lot of reports from people, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and along the east coast around Washington DC and the Virginias, that there have been a lot of low-flying military helicopters. Sometimes it is reported ahead of time that they are conducting background radiation level research. But if it weren't for Fukushima, shouldn't those levels have been unchanged for decades? It seems they are looking for something specific.
L. Moret: Oh, I know all about that. First of all, I worked in two nuclear weapons labs. The Lawrence Berkeley Lab which is where the Manhattan Project started. I was working there in the 70's as a staff scientist and handling radioactive material and at the Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons lab which is where HAARP was secretly developed under the cover of the Cold War, and the partner, the secret partner developing HAARP was the Soviet Union. So I was trained to handle nuclear materials and so forth and so on at Livermore. There is constant monitoring all over the world. One scientist told me they know where every atom of radioactive material is on this planet. These big black helicopters would come in and land at Livermore, this is at the end of the 80's, and the 90's. They have been taking samples out of the Pacific. Of course they were monitoring for illegal nuclear weapons testing. A couple of months ago, I heard these helicopters overhead here in Berkeley, and I started looking all over the Internet to see why they were flying because it was obvious they were here for a week and they were flying on a grid pattern. That is an awfully expensive project to put helicopters in the air all day for day after day. They were also at a certain altitude about 300 feet I believe. Well it came out in a couple of local newspapers that it was the Department of Energy or the military, probably the Department of Energy, because they came out of Las Vegas, but they were doing a radiation survey from the coastal city of Pacifica, which is south of San Francisco, across San Francisco, across San Francisco Bay, and over the City of Berkeley and the Berkeley Hills. I knew right away they were dong a transect from the coastline to the foothills of the coast ranges, and that it was to measure radiation. Because I also saw vehicles with air monitors on top of the vehicles. I have seen them before. They were driving through all our neighborhoods while the helicopters were overhead. Then it came out later that they admitted that they were doing a radiation survey. So I of course knew it was to measure the radiation from Fukushima. Then just a few months ago, I think it was after Christmas, they were doing the same survey over Washington, D.C. These are military, Department of Energy surveys to get a baseline basically for the radiation levels. This is a horrible thing to say, but we are not any different from the Iraqis, Afghanis, the Lebanese, the poor people in Gaza, they are measuring, they are dropping nuclear materials on these populations. Then they are measuring the levels. The information from Iraq was directly called in every day to Dick Cheney's office when he was Vice President. I realize when I studied all that data for Iraq, that they were determining how much more they had to bomb them to get a certain radiation contamination level, to reap a certain kill rate that they had predetermined. So that is what they are really doing in the U.S. and all over the world. The UN no doubt is involved too. They were doing it during the nuclear bomb tests. They have done it with the nuclear power plants. So basically it is to determine a kill rate, or a contamination level, how much it needs to be increased to achieve their kill rate agenda.
Christina: Well something else that plays into that as well is the Corexit that has been sprayed continuously over the Gulf of Mexico since the BP disaster which seems to have reactivated based on some flyovers that I saw from Wings of Care in the last few days. There are some huge slicks appearing once again in the Gulf of Mexico. The planes, at least what I have heard from local reports, are still spraying Corexit, and radiation and Corexit has a synergistic relationship that I don't fully understand. Could you talk a little bit about that. [39:45]
L. Moret: Radiation exposure of organisms in their developmental stages, has a horrific, very negative biological effect, that is 10 to a 100,000 times [more] damaging and harmful than chemical exposure. Even the strongest chemicals like thalidomide. Now when you put very small amounts of radiation or very small amounts of certain chemicals into the environment or you expose people to them, those very low levels, ultra low levels and low levels are actually [proportionally] more harmful than higher levels, because they produce [more damage] per unit of radiation. Because the very low levels produce free radicals that are separated or they are far apart from each other, because there is not a high density of free radicals released, so they run around and just create havoc in the cells and in the body processes. When you have a higher level of radiation exposure, contamination of the body, you have lots of free radicals, a lot more free radicals running around, and they can actually run into each other and neutralize each other. That is why low level radiation, low levels of chemical exposure, is very, very bad. However, when you put low levels of radiation, and mix it with low levels of chemicals, they have a multiplier effect that is 10 or more times the effect of either one of them. So 1 plus 1 is not 2. It is like 1 plus 1 is like 10 or a 100 or a 1000, no one really knows because the research and the laboratory experiments and so forth would be so expensive to do because there are so many variables that only a government could afford to do that. So they don't really know. I went to the California Department of Health office in the city of Berkeley a number of years ago when I was an environmental commissioner in Berkeley, and I sat down with Dr. Calvin White who was the head of the office there, and I said, "Dr. White, how did the EPA and the health agencies determine the exposure limits for chemicals?" He said, "Well--." I said "Like benzene and whatever." He said "Oh, we just made them up." I said "You made them up?" He said, "Yes, we couldn't afford to do that research, only a government could, and anyway it would be too complex. So we just made them up." And he said, "The benzene limit, I can guarantee you, will give you liver cancer within 10 years." He said, in fact, "You know the woman who invented `white out,' you know, when you make mistakes on typed documents you just paint that white paint on them." He said she used benzene as the solvent for the white out when she first developed it. He said she died of liver cancer. So they are combining Corexit, which is completely illegal in the United States, to use it the way BP used it. They were told by the government, by the EPA, by the President, [by] everybody to stop using it. They ignored everything. They are down there spraying again because they want to reach a kill rate that they have predetermined. What you are saying exactly fits into my observations and the information that I have been able to acquire on what was happening in Iraq and other countries.
Christina: You gave an excellent example as well in a lecture that I heard from April in 2011, about how the effects of radiation are multiplied when chemicals are presented as well. I think it was Native American miners.
L. Moret: Yes, that is a very well known from the medical studies on the Navajo uranium miners in the, probably 50's and 60's. The Navajos, well, uranium was discovered all over Western areas, especially New Mexico, a lot of it was on the Navajo and other Indian reservations because they were given the worst land. Unfortunate for the Indians, 70% of the energy resources and minerals around their tribal lands, so they are being depopulated even faster than us. The Navajo miners had horrible increases in lung cancer and other diseases, but especially lung cancer. Studies were done, very careful studies, not just by the government, but by other individuals too, it was discovered that the lung cancer rate was much lower in Navajos who did not smoke. However, the Navajos who did smoke, were combining the chemicals that are in tobacco, who knows what they put in tobacco, they put chemicals in to make the tobacco even more addictive, and those chemicals were combining with the uranium in the air, in the mines, that the miners were inhaling. So there is a really good example of synergistic effects where the chemicals mixed with radiation increased the biological effect and do a lot of damage.
Christina: We want to switch gears a little bit here and talk about mutations for a moment. In the summer of 2011, I started noticing mutations in my area of the country, the Midwest, and I began to photograph them and then put out a call to our listeners to start sending in images to us that we could share with Leuren and other researchers, make them publicly accessible, and we were just inundated with hundreds and hundreds of very strange, very unusual, genetic defects that were being expressed, especially in things that grow fast and uptake a lot of water like weeds, young trees, and produce. I am actually comprising a CD for Leuren for all the images through 2012, now that the growing season is over. [47:46]
L. Moret: It is beginning. [Laughter] For me I have been out in my garden all day today.
Christina: This is something we will continue to contribute to as time goes on. Leuren have you had a chance to review any of those images, and what did you think when you saw them?
L. Moret: Well first of all, I would like to really thank you and the listeners, particularly, for providing this critical information because basically it is the only information we are getting. It is very, very telling. We have images of those radiation impacts now, and we will continue to collect them. But basically it is kind of a family affair, and I feel like you and I and some of the other researchers that we know and work with are part of a family. It is wonderful to have other people join the family, providing us with this information, and interest, and resources, all kinds of things. All kinds of surprises. In fact, this is a really, really, wonderful process for a very tragic thing. And that is what has to happen. We have to all come together and share information and be vigilant about reporting what our government, governments all over the world are not reporting. Of course that is what happened after Chernobyl, also. So it is no surprise. But we are the ones who are going to find the solutions. We are going to do what our governments won't do to change it, to learn more. It is exactly what happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombs were dropped in World War II. The U.S. government completely covered it up. They would not let Americans know about it because they wanted a nuclear weapons program. It was the ingenuity of the Japanese medical professionals and other unsung heroes who helped to save the lives and to discover new ways to treat these poor victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The doctors had no blood, they could not give transfusions, they had no medical supplies after a while they ran out very quickly. They had no support from their government and from the U.S. government. So what these doctors did was they took seaweed and they extracted the juice, which is basically like sea water, very similar to sea water. Our blood is basically a replacement for the sea water that we lived in before we evolved into human beings. Or when life left the oceans and went up on to the continents. So they gave transfusions to the bombing victims with seaweed juice. That is what they injected into their veins, and they kept them alive. There are many other things, good things that came out of it. Medical things that they learned. So a lot of really good things are going to come out of this. New understandings about medicine and health and trace elements and all kinds of stuff. People shouldn't be dismayed or hopeless or anything. We have to keep our spiritual energy at a high level because this is spiritual warfare. Our spirits are much mightier than any military or army. It is spirituality that always counters the dark energy, and this is one of the darkest times in the history of humanity. So please, please, please, please join this family. Please bring your good spirit. Please bring what you have, resources, whatever you have, and I don't mean money. Money of course is necessary, but there are a lot of things that money simply can't buy. Those things a lot of times have much greater value than money. So I just really want to thank you, Christina, and your listeners and people who have provided you with so much out of their own concerns. Now, none of this is new. The harmful effects in terms of causing mutations, the mutagenic effects of effects of ionizing radiation were known before 1920, and a very, very wonderful, very, very dedicated, very honest man, Dr. [Hermann] Muller in the United States, began studying the effects of x-rays on fruit flies. And fruit flies, the Latin name is Drosophila melanogaster. They have a very short life cycle. So you can expose a fruit fly or a group of fruit flies and watch them over many, many generations that would be impossible to do with human beings or other animals. What he discovered before 1920, is that when you expose a male fruit fly to x-rays and damage the sperm, the DNA, the genetic material in the sperm, he bred them with undamaged, unexposed female fruit flies, and the damage in the sperm in the DNA of the male was actually passed on to all future generations. This is for thousands of generations that he studied from before 1920 all the way into the 50's and 60's. Almost probably 60 or 70 years he did those studies. He said that, he reported that the effects are permanent, they are unpredictable in how they are expressed, they are expressed in all future generations but in different ways, and expression might skip generations. But the damage is still there. In 1946, he won the Nobel Prize in medicine and/or biology for his discoveries before 1920. So that indicates that the people behind these technologies, proliferating all this radiation all over the world and mixing it with chemicals and everything, are very aware of those studies because they used his data and information to actually turn it around and weaponized it to use on humanity. There are many, many indications of that, including the talks that Bertrand Russell, the most dangerous man in the 20th century, gave at Oxford in the 1930's, and he said we were going to do this. We are going to sterilize 95% of the males, and 60% of the females, and the 40% of females and 5% of males that are left who are fertile will be bred to produce cannon fodder for our wars. Bertrand Russell was part of the New World Order. They were planning this a century ago. They just did not have the technology. And so what we are seeing today as a result of Fukushima, and you started collecting data right away, is that it is affecting fertility, it is affecting embryos, and fetuses. This is in plants and animals and in human beings. When it is in animals and plants and human beings it has got to be an environmental influence or toxin or whatever way you want to call it. You had pictures of kittens that were born deformed. We will go on and you can tell people about what you have collected. I want to just say a couple of things about what was discovered in Japan. There were Japanese scientists, wandering around Fukushima Prefecture not long after the Fukushima disaster. There were field samples collected in September 2011 and before that by scientists. One of them was Joji Otaki, who collected the pale grass blue butterflies, the size of a silver dollar. He reported that there were many abnormal patterns in the dark dots on their wings. He also noticed dents in their eyes. They have compound eyes. Very strangely shaped wings and legs. He is a professor at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa. I have spoken there, and he was in the Abukuma mountains west of the disaster area. He also found in the first generation, that the abnormalities, the defects were within normal boundaries. But when he kept breeding these butterflies like Muller did in his laboratory, mutations in the offspring of that first generation increased to 18%. These were then inherited genetic damage. Then he collected more in September 2011 which represented the fourth or fifth generations of those butterflies, just as Muller did. They had even higher abnormality rates. They had other deformities in the antennas, legs, and other body parts that are extremely unusual. This was a comment by the Hokkaido University entomologist Shin-ichi Sakimoto who was studying the impact of Fukushima fallout on aphids. These are insects he said that are commonly assumed to be more resistant to radiation than humans, but we know from Fukushima that they are not even changing just individual species. Dr. [Satoshi] Mori [of Tokyo University] reported defects in plant material, so he went out and collected ferns, and he collected the cypress trees, and the reproductive bodies or organs on the branches. He also collected, what else did he collect? Oh, he even collected birds, and he laid these on pieces of radiation-sensitive paper. He probably refrigerated them because it took a month to get a radiograph of some of them. In the ferns you could see, in the stomata, the things they breathe through on the the leaves that had the highest radiation contamination, in the birds it was in the material they had eaten, like insects and leaves, plant material that was in their stomachs, the dust on their wings, the food in their stomachs, had the highest contamination levels in the birds. The strangest thing of al was on the cypress trees. This is exactly what is happening in the human population. Normally in the cypress trees, all of the female organs are on one branch, and the male reproductive organs are on a different branch. They are not found on the same branches. When he went out and collected these cypress trees after Fukushima, he discovered the males and the females were mixed up now on the same branches. So there were female reproductive structures that were growing out of the male reproductive structures, it was all mixed up. This is called inter-sex. It is when both sexes are found in one organism, when there should only be one, it should be male or female. Now it is happening in human beings. We are seeing, there is a very large increase in hermaphrodites. These are humans with male and female reproductive cells in their tissues. Now I am reading all the time about babies. In Japan they just kill all the abnormal babies. They abort them, or they are born and they just tell the mother that the baby died, and they are not allowed to see them, because they are hiding the birth defects. In the U.S. they are doing the same thing. When you have inter-sex, expressed in the human population, and in animals, the birds, and in fish, and in plants, then it has to be an environmental cause. So those were some of the early studies the Japanese scientists reported, and I have been to the Japanese Scientific Association in Tokyo to one of their meetings. There were two women and five hundred men, and they are very, very excellent scientists. They have been extremely courageous, just as the Japanese medical people were after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It has always been a great pleasure to work with them. It is pretty hard to find scientists to work with here in the U.S. because they are afraid of losing their jobs. The effects from the radiation exposure in Japan are very similar to the effects here that are being reported, and very similar, same effects that Yablokov reported after Chernobyl in Russia. [1:03:39]
Christina: Leuren, when we are talking about all these things that breed at this increased rate like the butterflies, the fruit flies, and so forth, is it safe to assume at this point because it will be decades if not centuries where the human generations would catch up to this or be able to analyze this, that if it happening to the plants and butterflies, and the fish, and all these things, that it is happening in humans too, especially when Dr. Mueller's research had indicated all the way back in 1920 that for every birth defect that is expressed externally, there are ten more internally, that don't show up until subsequent generations,
L. Moret: That's correct. So at Christmas time, now I was really shocked at Christmas time. I was walking up and down the sidewalks, and you know families and mothers and children and babies were out shopping for Christmas. So people you don't normally see were out on the streets and on the buses, and Christina I was really horrified because I saw children, babies, these are all babies born after Fukushima with birth defects of the eyes, that indicates exposure in the first 30 days after conception, because the eyes and the brain and the neural tube, which the limbs and the spine form from, they all develop in the first 30 days after conception in humans. The saddest thing that I saw, was a little blond, blue-eyed, beautiful toddler girl at Christmas time. I was on a bus. I saw her over my feet. I turned around and saw her and was looking at how pretty she was, so I started talking to her baby sitter, who was kind of a middle-aged African American woman, a very nice woman. So we were talking, and I said, "Oh, she is so beautiful." And she was telling me about taking care of her and everything. She said, "She is just my angel." I didn't want to talk back to back, so I moved in front of her and I was facing her, and I kept looking at the toddler, and there was something wrong. Her legs looked kind of like elephant feet, and her arms were very short and they weren't coming out of her sleeves, and I thought well, maybe she just needed to have them rolled up. The woman was observing me. She was very intelligent and she said to me, "Well this little girl," she sort of, it just came out of her mouth, she said "This beautiful little girl, she will never be taller than she is now because she is a dwarf." The endocrine system is the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland, which is down in your abdomen above the pancreas. Those three glands control with messenger molecules that they send all over the body, all the functions of the body. Growth is one of the functions that they control. So obviously damage had been done to her thyroid or pituitary or adrenal gland, and it was permanent damage, because she will never be any taller than she is. Now when I see dwarfs, I see them on television or I think of them during bomb testing, now I understand what happened to them. They were internally exposed and damaged by ionizing radiation. The sad thing is we are going to see more and more of this occurring. It is going to expand and multiply through the entire biosphere and all living things in it, because now people with radiation damage are breeding with other people with radiation damage, and it is multiplying the effects. A good example of this cumulative effect is in cows in England. Cattle in England, when they are finished, they don't send them to the glue factory, they grind them up and they make cattle feed out of dead cows and they feed them back to the cattle population. Now what is interesting is anything contaminating those dead cows is going to increase the levels in the living cows, and sure enough, the cattle, mad cow disease, or porphyria, started being reported in cattle in England and it kept increasing. No one was supposed to know what the cause was, but the British certainly did know, because they were also secretly analyzing the bones of the living cattle with porphyria, and taking brain sample tissues from the dead cattle, and Dr. Chris Busby was one of them. He said, "We took brain tissue from the dead cows, dead from mad cow disease, and we incinerated it and then we analyzed it for heavy metals, and the brains were loaded with plutonium. They discovered that the plutonium levels were getting higher and higher every year. Some of it could have been coming out of the nuclear power plants, but not that much. It was because they were feeding dead contaminated cows to living cows, and just the levels were accumulating in each new generation, and that is exactly what is going to happen here. Because the whole entire air column, all of our food, our drinking water, the oceans where the fish come from, fish are very high in nutritional value, fish have essential oils too that we need, and dairy products -- everything is contaminated now. The levels are just going to increase in our bodies, in the bodies of our children and all future generations and plants and animals that we eat, the drinking water, and the surface drinking water is contaminated from rain water and snow and run off. But now they are fracking, which is the same thing as BP spraying Corexit all over the Gulf and the East Coast. The fracking also uses extremely toxic chemicals. We have a surplus of natural gas everywhere, so there is no reason for them to continue prospecting for gas. We do not have enough storage facilities in the United States to store what they are producing. But the producers, the gas industry, has to keep producing or they lose the leases on the mineral rights to drill and develop gas wells, so they are sort of caught in a hard place. They have to keep producing or they lose their leases, mineral rights, or their production rights, exploration rights. So now they are poisoning all the ground water, which in many cases is millions of years old. It is extremely pristine, and it is deliberately being poisoned with horrible chemicals. Guess who is doing all the fracking? It is Halliburton, which is owned by Rothschild. That is who is poisoning the world. It is the international financiers. They are fracking all over the world, especially all over the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is [comprised of] the most targeted countries, along with the United States, while we should be in the Commonwealth, but we are the colony that was not. The Queen is simply taking back her colony, the United States, and destroying the whole population while she does it. [1:12:48]
Christina: Some of the previous interviews that you have given, you have talked about the decline in high school seniors' SAT tests, particularly during the peak of atmospheric testing in 1963. I believe the scores dropped overall 12%.
L. Moret: Yes, and never recovered.
Christina: I came across some information from, this was actually published in The Atlantic in September 2011, that the class of 2011's SAT scores also dropped significantly, in fact they had fallen to their lowest levels in nearly 40 years.
L. Moret: That is the end of bomb-testing. One of the scientists I worked with throughout this, I started working with him in 2000, is Dr. Ernest Sternglass who is one of the finest human beings that I know. A wonderful, wonderful man who stood up to the nuclear industry. He was working for General Electric, and he supported nuclear power when they were developing it. But he is not only a physicist, but he is an engineer. He finally realized what a scam nuclear power was. While he was working at GE, he started going to Washington, D.C. because his wife made him, or she went with him, and she said "You have to do this for the children of America." He started testifying in Congress against nuclear power. Then he was also very, very strongly opposed to nuclear bomb testing and wrote many, many articles that were published all over the United States and actually all over the world, opposing nuclear bomb tests, because he said the radioactive fallout is killing our children and causing cancer. Well, President John F. Kennedy, is the only President who has been concerned about the children of America and the dangers of radiation exposure. One of his advisors gave him a paper that Sternglass had written and Sternglass convinced Kennedy, or helped to convince him, to get the Partial Test Ban Treaty passed in 1963. And Sternglass actually testified in the Senate for President Kennedy who was desperate to get the Partial Test Ban Treaty ratified by the Senate and then he could sign it into law. And it worked. It worked. Also surrounding the White House with baby buggies, pushed by little old ladies, grandmothers in tennis shoes, also was a very, very strong demonstration, very high profile, that also helped to convince the public and also the government agencies promoting bomb testing and nuclear power, to end the bomb tests. The nuclear industry was extremely upset. They would have assassinated Sternglass if they could have, but he was too high profile. I really believe that I would have been assassinated by now if I hadn't been so [high] profile. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea who I was bucking or who I was challenging, but I was just desperate to stop all this nuclear nightmare and the nuclear power plants in Japan. So it is very dangerous if you are doing it all by yourself. There is a tremendous risk of retaliation. But when we all come together, there is many more of us, and that is more frightening for this dark energy to face a nation of people opposing their policies. There are very few of them, actually. We can actually stop this. I have absolutely no doubt at all if more and more people come together in their communities, in their states and counties, and in countries eventually. So if we just keep working and putting this information out and educating each other, sooner or a later it becomes obvious to them that they just simply have to stop. Followed by Kennedy stopping the bomb testing by open air testing, by the U.S., the Soviet Union, and Britain, that helped to reduce the kill off of the fish in the ocean. Sternglass studied and published a paper. No, he didn't publish it. I want to publish it as a historic paper, because he was able to show that the fishing catch in the Pacific dropped 65% in the North Pacific during the bomb tests there, and it never did recover because the nuclear power plants and the further tests by Asian countries, they kept testing, the French did too, and so the fishing catch in the Pacific never recovered. The official story is that it was over fishing, but when he checked the data on the number of fishermen and the fishing catch, it was not over fishing by the fishermen, it was the fishermen catching fewer and fewer fish because they were dying from the fallout falling into the oceans. That is certainly happening to the Pacific multiplied by many times because the radiation released from Fukushima is much greater than probably during the bomb tests. In the Atlantic, the fishing catch declined 50% in five years. As soon as the bomb tests stopped, it over-recovered. It was twice as much as their peak fishing catch before the bomb testing within just three or four years. So the adult fish that were the breeders were not too damaged, and as soon as you turned the radiation off, the normal reproduction not only happened, but the fish overproduced which is a mechanism in nature that exposed populations or damaged populations overproduce in order for their population to recover. So if we turn all this stuff off right now, or in a very short time or gradually, populations will recover, but there is also going to be a lot of genetic damage.
Christina: Many people that have followed this show, and have paid attention, and learned everything they can not only about Fukushima, but the history of the nuke industry, the lies, the cover up, and how incredibly damaging nuclear radiation is to humans, I think have realized that we have nothing to lose by going public with this information. That we need to try to recruit everybody we possibly can, to pay attention to this because the type of illnesses and sicknesses and cancers that come from this are so much more aggressive. As a child it is difficult enough to be alive today and have a quality of life with all the stress of school and employment, and things like that, but if you are sick, on top of it, you have no quality of life.
L. Moret: Well I would just like to compare and predict the consequences of Fukushima on the Japanese population, to the consequences of Fukushima on the U.S. population. First of all, the Japanese have probably the highest food standards in the world. They have an extremely nutritious diet. They rely very heavily on the ocean for their food. They eat seaweed, fish, crustaceans, all kinds of sea life that we wouldn't even think of eating here. They also have a wonderful diet of vegetables, fruit, that is not processed like our food is. So what started happening is Japan at the time Admiral Perry went to Japan, Japan was completely isolationist,. They needed nothing from any other country. They did not trade very much with other countries. They produced everything at home, and they had a very healthy population. We also had a very healthy population in the United States until World War II. Following World War II, mainly through the influence of the Rockefellers, and the bankers, J.P. Morgan and so forth, our diet and our food started being more and more processed. Now in Japan, because they are so aware of food quality and everything, and because their customs has been so vigilant about monitoring all food quality of food imported into Japan, the Japanese have had a lower radiation exposure despite Hiroshima and Nagasaki, than the American public, so they had a baseline of better health when Fukushima happened than we have in the United States. So we are gong to be very, very severely impacted because after World War II the U.S. Government turned the entire country into a nuclear bomb factory. That was to produce the nuclear weapons program. Then they wanted to test the nuclear weapons. So they tested them on Bikini Atoll and in the Marshall Islands, and nuked all of those poor indigenous populations. I mean, they bombed paradise. That was the end of paradise. They deliberately used the Pacific Islanders as guinea pigs. If you read the notes of some of the scientists involved who were responsible for health effects and everything, they just said, "Oh well, the Pacific Islanders are not really like us. You know, advanced human beings. They are more like the mice, but they are kind of like human beings too." But this is the whole racist thing that comes in now, which the eugenics that has been around a long time, it came from England, all this crap comes from England. After the bomb testing program, they introduced nuclear power plants in the U.S. We have 110 nuclear power plants. It is more than any other country in the world. Japan was saddled with or coerced, it was racketeering and extortion, to get them to put nuclear power in Japan. How can you have 55 nuclear power plants in a country the size of California?
Christina: And with what is going on there tectonically too, where the four faults meet, they are all moving, the plates all move in all different directions.
L. Moret: That's right. It is the most dangerous place in the world to build nuclear power. Then by the 1970's, after many law suits and American citizens fighting every way they could, the nuclear power industry, they weren't able to stop nuclear power, they couldn't turn off the ones that were operating, but they were able to cancel all the contracts in the 70's for new nuclear power plants. They wanted to put like 25 or 30 nuke plants in California! They wanted to put one in Silicon Valley. It is so crazy. So the U.S. ended up with nuclear power, 110 plants, and I collected with Dr. Sternglass and a few other scientists, including Dr. Janette Sherman who was the editor for Dr. Yablokov on the Chernobyl book, we collected over 6,000 baby teeth in the United States, and I went to Japan and made the first collection there, and some of us, some of the other scientists collected them in England. We discovered that the strontium 90 in baby teeth, which was one of the reasons that the scientists were able to convince the president and American citizens to stop bomb testing in the U.S., the levels now and when we collected them after 1990, the levels in baby teeth were higher in the United States and Japan and England than during nuclear bomb tests. That is from nuclear power plants.
Christina: I think we need a new baby tooth study. [1:27:28]
L. Moret: We need a new baby teeth study, and also the highest rates of breast cancer were in the United States. We crunched all the CDC numbers by county. The highest rates of breast cancer, 2/3 of all breast cancer cases in the U.S. in the 1980's, were in the counties within a 100 miles of nuclear power plants. So that is where the baby teeth have the highest Strontium 90 also. After 1300, one thousand three hundred nuclear bomb tests in Nevada, at the Nevada Test Site, then they put 110 nuclear power plants in the U.S., and if you look at a power plant map in the U.S., there along the East Coast they are obviously nuking the East Coast population, the densest ones. They wanted to put a nuclear power plant in Harlem, in New York City, which is where the black community lives. So here is where the racism comes in again. There are nuclear power plants all over Southwest that are upwind from the Native American populations, and also around the Great Lakes and in Canada upwind especially the Mohawk native Canadian population. So here we have very, very, very obvious targeted populations that are minorities, native Americans and blacks in the U.S., and the poor. It is very, very obvious that this is eugenics, for the purpose of eugenics. I want to recommend a book by Edwin Black, called The War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race. That is the beginning of the nuclear nightmare. Eugenics was brought from England by a Rockefeller mother in the 20's. They funded eugenics in Germany by the Nazis. They actually supported Nazi scientists. The Rockefellers funded their research on eugenics in the 30's and 40's. The eugenics just goes right on, because now they are using nuclear materials, nuclear pollution, to target populations all over the world and food supplies.
Christina: Like milk in inner city stores?
L. Moret: Absolutely. What I discovered, I found this New York Times article, God it was pages, it was a very, very long article, three or four pages in the New York Times a few years ago, on diabetes. They had a global map of diabetes. Well, the global map of diabetes death showed that they were in the same latitude in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere as the bomb tests by Russia, the U.S., England, France, and China. I just said, "My God, the nuclear bombs are mostly depleted uranium, thousands of pounds of depleted uranium, packed as a reflector or a mirror around a tiny plutonium core that is about the size of an orange, which weighs less than 20 lbs." So I said, "Well then uranium has to be the main polluter from the nuclear bomb test era, and the diabetes is in the same latitudes as the nuclear bomb tests. So uranium has to be the main cause of diabetes since World War II." Now Ernest Sternglass calculated the decline in fishing catch in the Pacific, and then he correlated it with the total kiloton equivalent of nuclear testing in the Nevada Test Site each year. He was able to calculate the exact number of becquerels of radiation that produced a decline in the fishing catch. It always correlated perfectly. Also, the decline in the SAT scores in U.S. children exactly correlated with the total kilotonnage each year of nuclear bomb-testing at Nevada. So there you have it. The brain damage, the damage to the biopshere, the fishing catch in the Atlantic and Pacific. It is always a much more severe effect on the youngest members of our population, whether they are animals or people.
Christina: I have a list of chronic diseases in Americans that have risen significantly since 1945. It is a pretty extensive list: arterial sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, ischemic conditions such as stroke, chronic inflammatory disease, rhematioid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, oxidative stress and cancer, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, Down's Syndrome, MS, Prion Disease, and then immune system damage. Can these all be related to the atmospheric fallout and nuke plants?
L. Moret: It is all nuclear pollution. I am so happy to hear you presenting that on your program. That is what I have been putting out, hoping that people would use the information and they do. They are very respectful of using it accurately and correctly. It is really wonderful. It is from a book by the Oxford University Press, Oxford Science publication. It is by Barry Halliwell and John Gutteridge. You don't need to remember any of that. The book title is Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine. The first time I looked at this, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine, and there is a fourth edition now, I was looking through the front of the book at the contents, and any book like that which is revised four times has to be really solid science. In this book, in the contents at the beginning of the book, it has that list. I also went through the entire index at the end. I looked at all the illnesses that are caused by free radicals. Nothing produces more free radicals, higher concentrations of free radicals, higher numbers of free radicals, than ionizing radiation because it is energy. In nuclear materials that huge amount of energy comes out of the nucleus. Well that energy that is in the nucleus of plutonium, uranium, fission products, whatever, that is actually coming from the star process that these elements were formed in. Uranium and plutonium, for instance, formed in super novas. So in the nucleus of a uranium or plutonium atom, is a piece of a super nova. Our bodies are basically bags of water. We are 95% or more water. So when you drop a piece of a supernova in a bag of water, you kind of boil off what is supposed to be there and really screw it up. So that is the plight that we are facing now. But I have a friend who is a lawyer, and also a ham radio operator and also a polymath. That is kind of a renaissance person. A very broad thinker. She told me that you can counteract HAARP with short wave radio. So we can counteract all these free radicals and the damage they are doing with electromagnetic frequencies. And actually the Russians and Eastern Europeans have been doing that for almost a century, for a very long time. But the U.S. would not touch it. They did not want it in this country. They ran all the doctors out who were doing it and probably outlawed their technology. Our bodies are electrical systems, our DNA is a double helix. It is actually an antennae. It transmits and receives frequencies, and other parts of our body do too. They are using Tesla Technology and these frequencies, the bad guys, to make us sick, but we can actually, with very, very simple technologies, like short wave radio technologies, we can counteract it. I have something called a biomat, b-i-o-m-a-t, that produces infrared frequencies. That is the way that information flows through our bodies and between living things without speaking. It is through infrared light. I sleep on that every night. It also folds like a cushion in a chair. I can sit with it on my back and sit on the cushion. That restores and counteracts the EMF transmissions that the police and law enforcement and Homeland Security are targeting us with and making us sick, because they are altering the frequencies that are very specific in each cell of our bodies, and making them dysfunctional, which is what causes disease. When you transmit the correct frequency to parts of your body that are diseased, you can immediately restore your health. You can counteract cancer. You can stop many, many chronic illnesses just by correcting the frequency that the cells are functioning at. [1:39:10]
Christina: Yes, I would like to invite to the listeners to check out a documentary that you can find on YouTube called Resonance, Beings of Frequency. It talks about WIFI signals and what it does to our health on a cellular level. Speaking of energy and free radicals, we talk about mitigation on our show. We have done shows just on that. On detox. But there are two things that I think are really important for people to know about. One is T'ai Chi, which you have talked about in previous lectures, and how that has helped people that you know, practicing T'ai Chi, and also cannabis for radiation mitigation.
L. Moret: Yes, and also it is known, also Lee Harvey Oswald was working on this at Tulane University before he got caught in the JFK [assassination], he was the patsy really, it was a set up, but he was working on LSD experiments at Tulane University in New Orleans, where they were restoring DNA damage and breakage with LSD. LSD can repair genetic damage. I also discovered that the nebicannebles [spelling?] and other chemical attributes of marijuana [1:40:48] also have a health benefit. Now I went to a lot of native tribes, indigenous people, and I asked them what is your cure for diabetes, because I read in Dr. Price's book, he was a dentist in the 30's who went all over the world and studied the health of indigenous people living on their natural diets compared to indigenous people who had contact with Western food, and especially white flour and sugar. He reported that a native person got sick and went into a hospital in British Columbia, and the doctors came in after a few days and said, "You have diabetes. How did you stay alive? What in the world were you taking?" He said, "Oh, I just drink this tea every morning." They said, "What do you make it from?" He said "It is from the bark on the root of a plant that grows in the woods all over British Columbia called Devil's Club. You can actually buy that over the Internet. That Devil's Club, that root, has some chemical in it that restores the damaged part of the body that causes diabetes to become normal again. The pancreas produces insulin, and the diabetes goes away. And so I met a medicine woman from Vancouver Island at an indigenous people's gathering in Nevada, and I asked her about it. She said "Oh yes, I use that all the time." But she said, "Actually I can completely cure diabetes. I have done it to lots of people." So all these chronic illnesses that have been caused by bankers trying to increase their profits, and feed off of these, I guess you could call us aphids, living in the global ant farm that the bankers have created, they are producing all these schemes to steal our lives, steal our children, steal our land, steal our spirituality so that they can profit from it. As unbelievable as that is, that is exactly what they are doing. So by going back to the indigenous people, studying their diets, using the cures and the herbal treatments that they used, we can actually counteract the illnesses the bankers are causing in the global population. Something people should do is to eat a lot of root vegetables. Beets actually counteract cancer. Highly colored fruit and vegetables have molecules that counteract free radicals, and free radicals are what cause cancer and a lot of illnesses. Turnips, carrots, purple potatoes, there are a lot of purple potatoes originally from Peru high in the mountains. Those have a lot of antioxidants just like blueberries. The food is all around us. We have to be much more selective about what we eat. I have planted a garden because I don't want to eat food that I don't know where it came from or how it was grown. I have noticed since Obama was re-elected in January, I mean sworn in January of 2013, I have noticed that the chicken and pork, the cheaper-priced chicken and pork, absolutely has a horrible smell when you cook it now. I have asked people why, and they say "Oh, that is the factory farmed animals." I don't know what is in it, but I know they are putting arsenic in chicken feed to make the chickens eat more. It increases their appetite, so they put on more weight gain, and then the farmers and the middlemen make more money off them. I know our food in America is poisoned. They are pasteurizing the milk. That kills the nutritional quality of the milk. They are exposing to Cobalt 60, gamma rays, spices and other food products. Spices are extremely nutritious, and you should never buy spices that have been x-rayed or exposed to radiation, because it kills the nutritional value. Nobody should be using microwaves. That is killing the nutrition in food. People should be preparing their own food. You can also, whatever food you can buy from other countries, buy rice from Pakistan and India, because it is not genetically modified. Everything in America potentially is genetically modified and that is poisoned food. So we need to do more shows to discuss these issues more fully and in more detail. But I did tell a man in Canada, in Nova Scotia when he called me in a panic after Fukushima happened and he said, "I am a vegetarian." He said, "I don't want to eat any of this poisoned food that comes from gardens or from agricultural production. What should I eat?" I said eat the root vegetables like they did after Chernobyl in Russia. You just boil them in water for five minutes, pour that water off with the radiation that comes off of the root hairs, and the exterior of the root vegetable. Then you can peel them if you want to and prepare them the way you normally do, bake or fry or make soup or whatever. He was ecstatic. Three months later he said, "My God, I have so much energy now. I am a new man. I can't believe how great I feel eating root vegetables." And I said, "Well, you were very undernourished just eating what vegans eat, without being selective about eating more nutritious vegetables. So I started going into Mexican and Chinese markets in the Bay area. There are a lot of them in the East Bay where I live around Berkeley. You can buy purple corn from Peru. My sister made a film there, and she was high in the mountains 10,000 feet in Peru for months making this film, hiking between villages, and she said, "Oh, I used to buy that purple corn from the villagers. They boil it, and then you take it with you as you track to the next village. You just pull the colonels off and eat it. She told me about the purple potatoes in Peru. She was never hungry and she wasn't stressed in any way from the food there. Actually she felt better. So these are things we can do. Go to the ethnic grocery stores and shop there. I am buying the Mexican raw sugar that is just the way it comes out of the sugar cane. It is not processed at all. It is much more delicious. It comes in these kinds of cone shapes. It is called piloncillo. from Mexico, and you can buy it in any Mexican grocery store. I just shave it off with a knife. I use it to make cakes in my coffee every morning. I sweeten everything with it and I don't use any sugar. And so there are many, many more things that we can talk about. All of the wheat in the United States is genetically modified. That is why Americans are bloated. They are not overweight, they are bloated. Because as soon as they go off of white flour, and the poisoned food in our diet, they lose weight very quickly. That is not fat, it is water because they are bloated. So there are many things that we can change and do if we are aware of them, and the only way we can become aware of them is by sharing this information with each other and acting on it. So yes, this is a disaster. But I want to remind everyone that the Chinese character for disaster is the same character they use for opportunity. So let's turn this lemon that has happened to us into lemonade for everyone, and we can with the generosity of the people like you, the generosity of heart of the people who have provided the monitoring of defects and damage at Fukushima in our environment and in our own bodies and living things around us. Let's keep this up, lets make more noise, let's inform other countries, other people. We have the Internet to do that with. Really after the disaster, the nuclear weapons program, nuclear testing, nuclear power plants, I am talking about America, and the depleted uranium and mini-nukes that they have been using since 1990 in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Gaza, and many other countries. Mindanao in the Philippines and Japan, Okinawa. They have contaminated the whole world, the U.S. has, with uranium. Who did it? Well, just look straight across the Atlantic to the Anglo-Dutch Monarchies. The Queen of England and the Queen of Holland have been very, very involved in producing the technologies, the raw materials like uranium, and all of the drugs that have flooded this world, that actually compose the real world economy, which is a drug economy, and it is five times more money than the legitimate economy that most people believe is running the world. It is not, it is drugs. And it is those two gangsters in tiaras, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix, who are poisoning and destroying the whole planet and all the bankers behind them. [1:52:11]
Christina: Leuren, would you like to advise anyone who has taken it upon themselves to learn everything they can about Fukushima and radiation, some of them have gone out and actually bought Geiger counters, they are posting graphs online, that are discussing in different forums how the weather could be contributing, they are trying very hard to help us figure this out, and yet they are continually attacked by people saying "It is radon, it is radon, it is radon."
L. Moret: Oh, that is the Department of Energy mantra. That is their meme. That is their excuse. But it is not radon. What I would like to say is that we are the university. We are the new university of humankind. We are the new university to save the biosphere and to protect all living things. We cannot be any healthier than the health of the environment. We should not wait for governments. All governments are terrorist organizations. They really are. And the Manhattan Project scientist, the dear man, Dr. Marion Fulk who taught me all of this, he said, one of the first things he told me, he spent ten years educating me in his home on all of this. He said, "Just remember something: All governments are terrorist organizations." So if we start out on that premise, we are going to be much healthier and happier and less confused than if we think the government is going to protect us or help us or save us or take care of us. That is ridiculous. Why would you want to be taken care of, anyway. Once you give up control to someone else or some other entity, you lose control. So we need to take back our world. We need to take back our communities. We need to take back our health and our happiness and our lives. We do not need universities. Universities were created by the financiers, by the bankers, to make profits for them. Universities are where GMO was discovered and developed. Universities are where nuclear bombs were developed. The University of California especially. I call it the university that poisoned the world, because the University of California has had the management contract for the nuclear weapons labs since 1943 or 1942. Why is a university making weapons of mass destruction if they are not in bed or created or have very close ties to the bankers, the international financiers, the City of London jerks. Also the Manhattan Project scientists said to me, I took my daughter to meet him when she had just graduated from high school, she was on her way to UC Davis. He said "Just remember something." to her, 18 years old. "The university is not the classroom and it is not the professors. The university is the library." So all we need is the library and the Internet and each other. We don't need anything from anybody else. We just need each other. You have done a great, great service to humanity, to give ordinary people, citizens, sane people, a forum, a place to collect information. What you are doing is wonderful. We just need to keep doing it. And to spread this around the world so other people can do it. By September of 2011, no one would even interview me any more. I had done those interviews and exposed so much about the politicians, the governments, the bankers, the queens who were behind HAARP and the Fukushima disaster that I was completely blackballed. Well, my friend Alfred said, he is the one who interviewed me, "Leuren, don't worry, I will just put them all on YouTube." My God, I had much greater penetration of that information all over the planet than if I tried to do a bunch of radio interviews or talks where you know, you have to fly across the country and go into an auditorium. Maybe there are 20 people there. Maybe there are 50 people. But you just put it on YouTube and it really, really goes everywhere. And the most important thing, Christina, is not to get in anybody's way. I put the information out. I know it is correct, and I let go of it. What people do with it is none of my business. I don't want to get in their way. They get much more creative than if I try to tell them what to do with the information. It is our adventure, Christina, and you are a very big part of it. I would really like to thank you for doing that.
Christina: Well we would love to have you on to go into much more detail about many of the topics that we talked about today. One thing that I have learned from you is that we can't limit ourselves by the science that know or think we know, especially when we are faced with a situation that has never happened before. I would like to read something. This was a statement that you made after a wonderful lecture that you gave in Portland in April 2011 that said, "We really need to read more. All I am doing is giving you a framework for a puzzle. There are many pieces that you have already that you have no way to tie it all together. I have put a velcro patch on your brain to collect info. Put it in a framework. Share it with others. You create your own database of information that you collect and trust. This empowers us to speak out and act in a positive way and help each other. All these small lights going on that will help us and save us.
L. Moret: Wow, I just feel like crying. Thank you so much.
Christina: Thank you for your time today.
L. Moret: I have been so desperate to get this information out. Thank you so much. This is the real reward of doing work like this. It is really the only reward that has value. It is loving people. It is getting love back. It is empowering people. It is being empowered in the same process. Do you know what Gandhi said?
Christina: What?
L. Moret: I won't ever forget this. Gandhi said, "The miracle of the nuclear age is not how it changed the world, it is how it changes us." And we will all be better for this, because it will present us with chances, with challenges, with opportunities, and with no other choice but to begin to act because nobody is going to bail us out of this."
Christina: Thanks again, Leuren.
L. Moret: Thank you Christina, very very much.


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