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"Soft Kill" by David Dees

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March 25, 2013


NUKED IN THE SKIES: Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne (1:00:29), Part 1, published on Mar 30, 2013. YouTube caption:
Nuked Radio Special: Nuked in the skies w/ Leuren Moret part 1
10 celebrities displaying symptoms of possible radiation sickness after excessive flying. Historically, some famous actors and actresses have been nuked before...so it wouldn't be the first time.
Program recorded March 25th, 2013.
Air date March 29th, 2013...

Please also see Part 2 provided further down this web page.

Interview Transcript


by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books

I have created this transcript, to include illustrations and captions, as a free service to the public for educational and research purposes. I have also inserted "Editor's Notes" and brackets to provide additional background or designate any possible remaining transcription problems. I welcome your comments and other feedback.
The following are some sample articles on the impact of Fukushima radiation regarding people on the West Coast as well as air travelers that help set the stage for this interview about increased levels of sickness among jet-setting Hollywood stars:

2013-04-03 Study: 28% Increase In Thyroid Problems In Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington, washingtonsblog.com

2012-05-16 Mysterious illness strikes hundreds of flight attendants, causes rashes and hair loss - are 'toxic uniforms' really to blame or is it Fukushima? by Jonathan Benson, naturalnews.com

2012-01-09 Seasons Readings, by Michael Collins, enviroreporter.com. According to Leuren Moret, who lives in Berkeley, California, the background radiation readings on her Geiger counter have more than doubled from around 8 counts per minute to over 16 since the inception of Fukushima. According to Michael Collins in his 9 March 2012 article "Highest Radiation in L.A. Air Yet," EnviroReporter.com. "The California Highway patrol considers anything over three times background, 300% of background and above, a trigger level to a hazardous material situation." 100 counts per minute is usually automatically considered "HAZMAT." Prior to Fukushima, air travelers typically received about 200 counts per minute at cruising altitude, mostly from cosmic radiation. Collins has recorded post-Fukushima readings in the air of 1,035 and 1,238 CPM. These readings are especially dangerous because they consist mostly of fallout suspended in the air rather than external cosmic radiation. Worse yet, the Fukushima reactors continue to spew out massive amounts of radiation with no end in sight, and suspended Fukushima fallout circles the globe about once every 40 days. It remains a significant threat for air travelers over Europe and Asia as well as for travelers over the Pacific and North America. Breathing in fallout is generally more dangerous than experiencing relatively brief bursts of various forms of external radiation such as X-rays and cosmic rays, since particulate forms of radiation can travel throughout the body in the bloodstream and then embed themselves in tissue where they continually irradiate surrounding cells at close range. I have included an embedded video of Michael Collins on a Southern California television show below as an excellent example of a successful mainstream media effort to alert and educate the public. If only major Hollywood stars could join his activist efforts!

For those readers who are unfamiliar with extremely serious ongoing problems surrounding America's nuclear industry, please note the following two quotes:

"Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you're doing--so it's premeditated. You can't say, "I didn't know." Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I've worked fifteen years on it [as of 1982], and so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses."

-- Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, From Nuclear Witnesses, Insiders Speak Out, Chapter 4.

"All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology"

-- Gregory B. Jaczko, former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, from "Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed," by Matthew L. Wald, New York Times, April 8, 2013

Last, but not least, for other important background please see the Leuren Moret archive, the transcript of the Nuked Radio interview with Leuren Moret on March 11, 2013, and lastly the Nuked Radio interview with myself on 10 Jan 2013. I think that these two interviews, combined with this one, provide a good overview of the extremely serious ongoing radiation-related crises we face today both on the ground as well as in the air. The extremely tragic experience of Chernobyl demonstrates that the impact on human populations from radioactive plumes released worldwide by nuclear melt-downs actually grows worse over ensuing decades as radionuclides bioaccumulate in the food chain and continue to eat away at human DNA, exacerbating every form of illness and debility known to man as well as serving as a direct cause of skyrocketing cancer rates.



Part 1


Christina Consolo: Welcome to Nuked Radio. Today is Monday, March 25th, 2013. I am your host Christina Consolo and this is a special broadcast where we will be discussing if radiation levels in our skies could be making frequent fliers such as pilots, flight crews, business travelers, and celebrities sick from increased radiation that they are receiving from the ongoing emissions from the Fukushima plant in Japan. This would not be the first time that celebrities have suffered the effects of nuclear fallout. We are also going to be discussing historic evidence where nuclear tests were conducted, and some very well known people became sick and died from possible radiation-associated illnesses. We will also discuss several well-known cases surrounding the Santa Susana, Rocketdyne plant in Simi Valley, California. And finally, what can be done to minimize the exposure on flights. With me today is Leuren Moret, an atmospheric fallout expert and former scientist at two nuclear weapons labs. Recently I discussed with her the illnesses and several high profile Hollywood celebrities such Kim Kardashian, Little Wayne, Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elton John, Brooke Burke, and others who within either a few days of transcontinental or transoceanic flights, become ill with symptoms of possible radiation sickness, some which occurred during the actual flight itself including seizures. Several Fukushima researchers who have taken Geiger counters with them on flights have recorded not only five times over what the Geiger counter company manufacturer had indicated would be normal in flight levels, but alpha and beta particle readings off their masks that they wore during their flights. Also an aviation body that monitors radiation levels in the air issued a warning on March 16, 2011. The London Volcanic Ash Advisory Center had issued a nuclear emergency warning covering ten flight regions. Among them were air space zones in China, Korea, Russia and the United States. This warning, which came from the world's focal point for notifying the aviation industry, and the International Atomic Energy Agency warned on the release of radiation from the Fukushima plant, and published it as open-ended. Since this warning has been issued three reactors have gone China Syndrome, and there was at least one fire in a spent fuel pool acknowledged by the NRC, which is even worse than a nuclear melt-down. Nothing at this site to this date has been contained. We are very fortunate to have Leuren Moret back with us today to answer the question, "How bad are we being nuked in our skies and are today's celebrities and airplanes the new canaries in the coal mine?" Leuren, welcome back to the program.
Leuren Moret: Thank you. It is really a pleasure to do this with you, and thank you so much for asking me to be on your program. It is always very, very interesting and very productive to work with you. You are really a marvelous person, Christina, and very courageous.
Christina: Thank you, Leuren.
L. Moret: You are very welcome, Christina.
Christina: I brought up an article today about the surprising dangers of flying through clouds, but this was published a year before the Fukushima disaster. Passengers on planes flying near or through lightning storms could be exposed to harmful levels of radiation from lightning discharges. A study that was conducted to estimate the radiation levels based on satellite and ground observations of x-rays and gamma rays, concluded that the amount of radiation within immediate proximity to lightning events could be high enough to be considered a biologically significant level, which they equated to 400 chest x-rays.
L. Moret: Wow, that is serious.
Christina: In addition to radiation dangers, frequent flying causes regular disruptions of sensitive pituitary access due to shifting time zones, melatonin levels can be clearly affected, and there is also the issue of breathing recycled air. Now that we are also flying through fallout, the concern for our health, and especially people who fly frequently, definitely needs to be addressed. Shortly after the Fukushima disaster I learned that there had been some discussions with the NTSB of suspending all air flights until they got a better handle on what exactly was coming out of Fukushima. However, it was decided not to do this because of the incredible cost and economic impact that decision would have created.
L. Moret: So what they did was, they flew anyway, they contaminated all the planes, all the crews, and all the passengers. Now what kind of economic hit was that? The cost is passed on to citizens rather than corporations.


Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch, Glendale, CA on February 22, 2011 - Photo by Glenn Francis of www.PacificProDigital.com. (Photo from Wikipedia).


Christina: Leuren, I would like to read some of these sick celebrity stories and get your take on them. I am going to read a couple of excerpts. Case number one is Kim Kardashian. She is 32. She recently became ill following two weeks of air travel. She is an American socialite and television personality. The article appeared in the Daily Mail, and said Kim Kardashian was rushed to the doctors in tears on Tuesday night fearing she had suffered from a miscarriage, and has been reported the 32 year old star who is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Kanye West, is said to have felt ill shortly before arriving back in Los Angeles from Paris, made an emergency trip to the doctor. The source told the New York Post that Kim had started feeling ill on the plane from Paris and called friends as soon as she landed. Doctors attributed her condition to too much exercising. The week prior she had flown from L.A. to Nigeria for a publicity appearance. [Ed. Note: The articles pictured in the interview video are "Pregnancy scare was a 'wake-up call' for Kim Kardashian," March 8, 2013, thesun.co.uk and "Feeling grim Kim? Slap-free star Kardashian shows strain after busy week" by Alison Maloney, Dec 3, 2012, thesun.co.uk]. First of all, at least when I was pregnant, I was told to significantly reduce the amount of flying that I was doing for work because of gamma radiation that would expose the fetus to harmful levels.
L. Moret: That's right. So she did a lot of flying. She is I think in her second trimester?
Christina: Yes.
L. Moret: That would have been a very, very stressful trip. This is her first pregnancy. She was probably overbooked on her schedule with events and meeting people and changing food and things like that, but she also was exposed to ionizing radiation from Fukushima, and also from flying at high altitudes. So she lives in Los Angeles, and she would have been heavily exposed to the Fukushima fallout since 3-11, since those reactors blew up. I would think that probably she is more susceptible. She has weakened from that exposure. And so even small exposures to additional radiation have a very big impact on a person who is already in a weakened state. All of these celebrities we are going to talk about, all of these high profile celebrities, that everyone knows who they are, they are all in a weakened state. She is not any different from the symptoms that they have had, except that she is in a more delicate state because she is carrying a baby.
Christina: Right. [The following TV clip is inserted into the video:]

TV interviewer: I am here with the woman of the hour, Kim Kardashian, at the premiere of her first and new movie, Temptation.
Kim Kardashian: I hope you guys like it.
Interviewer: You know you look fantastic.
Kardashian: Thank you.
Interviewer: You really do.
Kardashian: Thank you.
Interviewer: How far along now?
Kardashian: I tell everyone six months, because it makes me feel better for being heavy, but I am like 5 and a half.
Interviewer: You are carrying it well.
Kardashian: Thank you.
Interviewer: You really, really are. You had a little bit of a scare there.
Kardashian: Yes, a little bit. I got sick, and, you know, it is hard when a lot is changing in your body and you get sick and you are traveling and so much is going on. It is tough.
Interviewer: Do you have to slow down a little bit now?
Kardashian: A little bit. You know, I am trying to wear flats a little bit more, not now. But try to wear flats. I am going to just take it easy on the traveling a little bit. But, it is was just, you know, it is tough. It is not easy being pregnant.
Interviewer: [Laughter]. Are you and Kanye reading the baby books? Getting prepared?
Kardashian: You know what? I get a little nervous about the baby books, because they freak me out.
Interviewer: [Laughter]
Kardashian: I am not going to lie.
Interviewer: Everything you read freaks you out.
Kardashian: All these things that happen to your body, I read about ahead of time and some of them are coming true, and like OK, I am not ready for this.

L. Moret: Ionizing radiation is ten to a hundred million times more damaging to organisms in their developmental stages, this is before birth, than the strongest chemicals like thalidomide. So when people bring in chemicals, they think it is as strong or has as much an effect as radiation. But radiation is a million times worse. Millions of times worse.
Christina: I found an article from Duke University and Duke Medicine, Radiation Safety Division, that related risk to gestational age. And they said early gestation or first trimester, at this point the rate of fetal growth is very rapid in the fetus, as an organism it is at its most radiation sensitive stage, if fetal demise is taken as an end point. The incidence of fetal wastage consequential to radiation exposure at this stage is not known since many women were never aware that they were pregnant at the time of the exposure or miscarriage. The background rate of miscarriage is believed to be high: 25 to 50% of conceptions. It is believed that radiation injury during early gestation is an all or nothing effect. Second trimester during this period the overall growth rate of the fetus has slowed, however, major organ systems are beginning to differentiate. From a standpoint of future development, the fetus is in its most sensitive state. The incidence of gross congenital malformations and mental retardation are dose-related and appear to have thresholds, ie. doses below which the incidence above background is not elevated. The third trimester they indicated was not as risky. Irradiation during this period may deplete cell populations at very high doses over 50 REM, but will not result in gross organ malformations.
L. Moret: Well, I am gong to put it another way. That is all true, but there are more subtle details with radiation effects on the embryo in the first 30 days, in the first three to four weeks after conception. In studies on mice, they discovered that pregnant female mice exposed to radiation, even low levels, caused either spontaneous abortion or resorption of the embryo by the body in 80% of these embryos. If it is female embryos, more of those survived. Fewer of the male embryos survived. That is because the XX chromosome of the female is stronger because they are both, the two XX's are the same. They are similar. In the male, the XY chromosome is a weaker bond or it is a weaker confirmation, so more of the male embryos die. That results in an expanding female population and a shrinking male population. Now that has been studied and observed, quite a bit of research on it published. In fish populations in the Columbia River, contaminated by the Hanford Nuclear Engineering Lab, the Columbia River is in Washington and Oregon, and also in the freshwater otters living in the Columbia River, the males have smaller baculums. The baculums are becoming reduced in size, that is the penis bone. Otters and walruses have a penis bone that allows them to mate. They seem to be confused and don't know how to mate. That is some of the subtle differences that happen just from low level exposure in the first 30 days. Now if the embryo survives, and the exposure is in first 30 days, the eyes, the brain, and the neural tube, which forms the spine, and then the limbs develop from that, I mentioned that before, that can be damaged, so children will be born with deformed eyes or no eyes, or just one eye. It is very complicated. But they can survive. Now if the embryo survives, and there is exposure in the first trimester, this is when the limbs form, and the digits, the fingers and the toes develop. It causes malformation of those. If the embryo or the developing fetus survives the first trimester, in the second trimester is when organogenesis occurs. That is the formation of the organs. That is also a very delicate time. But you can have malformation internally of the organs and so forth. And then in the third trimester, the damage from radiation exposure mostly affects the brain and reduces the ability of the brain to function properly. Now basically if the embryo survives and the fetus makes it through the first trimester, and it has been exposed, but it survives, it is going to be a monster. Those are the horrific babies born in Iraq that people have seen so many pictures of. That is the result of internal exposure, or fetal and embryo exposure to ionizing radiation. So it is irrefutable. This has been known since the 20's. These governments and phony experts are declaring that there is no immediate danger, and everything is fine. Well it is not fine.
Christina: In looking back through Kim Kardashian's recent flight history, and the illness reports that she had recently. I went back a little bit further and found that she had also flown recently to Miami to accept a key to the city. Then she flew to New York to go to a TV premiere. She has had different engagements around the country. If this was a relative of yours, and you knew that they were pregnant and flying this much on top of all the fallout that is in our atmosphere, how concerned would you be about this baby that she is carrying?
L. Moret: I probably would never talk to her again. It is a question of accumulation, the cumulative effects of whatever her parents were exposed to during bomb testing. They have genetic damage and they carry radiation in their bodies. This is passed on. The genetic defects or mutations, if they are in the sperm or the eggs of the mother and father that is passed on to the children, which would Kim. So she is carrying the history of her parents' radiation exposure in her body and in her genes. Now she has been exposed as a young child and into the adult stage to a lot of nuclear pollution from the nuclear power plants in America to the Chernobyl [meltdown] in 1986 which contaminated the entire world, to the depleted uranium and battlefield nukes that they have been using since 1990, the first Iraq War. She lives in Los Angeles. I have the graph of the depleted uranium levels in the L.A. drinking water. So she has got that exposure that she is carrying. These are all cumulative effects. She is flying back and forth to different countries all over the U.S. through a contaminated air column. Not only that, flight crews and airline passengers are exposed to higher levels of radiation because the atmosphere is thinner where they are flying. Now we have had Fukushima, and it is still coming over. Radiation is still coming over to the United States and going on to Europe. It just keeps going around the world, which she is being further exposed to. It is crazy because the drinking water that she is consuming, and dairy products, I see her all the time eating frozen yogurt that is full of radiation. It is double, triple, quadruple jeopardy. She should not be doing this. She is not taking care of herself properly to insure a healthy baby. [21:33]
Christina: I wanted to read something briefly about bioaccumulation.
L. Moret: Yes.
Christina: To help people understand why people who study radiation are so concerned about this. Bioaccumulation increases the concentration of many contaminants as one moves up the food chain. Beef is much higher in dioxins than cattle feed, and tuna fish have much higher mercury than their marine environment. Radioactive iodine, cesium,. and strontium, all beta emitters, become concentrated in the food chain because of bioaccumulation. At the top of the food chain of course are humans, including fetuses and human breast milk. In 1963 one week after an atmospheric nuclear bomb test in Russia, our scientists observed the magnifying power of bioaccumulation when they detected radioactive iodine in the thyroids of mammals in North America, even though they could not detect smaller amounts in the air or on vegetation. There was a ready uptake in their thyroid.
L. Moret: That's right, because the iodine is in a gaseous phase. It is invisible, you can't taste it, can't see it. It is completely everywhere in the atmosphere. I just, it is hard to even believe this disaster has happened, but it is not just one disaster, it is the cumulative effects of many. It's depopulation with nuclear pollution. Dr. John Gofman said that himself.
Christina: This article goes on to say bioaccumulation is one reason why it is dishonest to equate the danger to humans living 5,000 miles away from Japan with minute concentrations measured in our air. If we tried, we would now likely be able to measure radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium bioaccumulating in human embryos in this country. Pregnant women, are you OK with that? Hermann Muller, another Nobel Prize winner, is one of many scientists who would not have been OK with that. [Christina reads from the article "There is no 'safe' exposure to radiation" by Brian Moench, April 10, 2011, The Salt Lake Tribune, sltrib.com]:

In a 1964 study, Radiation and Heredity, Muller spelled out the genetic damage of ionizing radiation on humans. [Ed. Note: See the bibliography for Muller in Wikipedia , which includes Studies in Genetics: The Selected Papers of H. J. Muller (Indiana University Press, 1962)]. He predicted the gradual reduction of the survival of the human species as exposure to radioactivity steadily increased. Indeed, sperm count viability and fertility rates worldwide have been dropping for decades.

This article was published in the Salt Lake Tribune by Brian Moench April 10, 2011. [24:18]
L. Moret: Well, he is absolutely correct. Poor Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, they are both carrying babies. They got pregnant about the same time. All of the food they are eating, the fish they are eating, the oysters they are eating, the milk they are drinking, the ice cream and dairy products they are consuming, it is all very contaminated. Just to give you an example of bioaccumulation, for instance in oysters, they can bioaccumulate up to 150,000 times higher than the concentration of the radiation in the water they are living in. We also, a small group of scientists that I work with, we collected over 6,000 baby teeth in children living in the U.S., and I went to Japan and collected them and they went to England and collected them. The radiation levels in the '90s, I am sorry, we were collecting in the 2000's, they are higher in children's baby teeth than during atmospheric testing. So that was coming out of the nuclear power plants. Now we have Fukushima and the battlefield nukes, and the depleted uranium used on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lebanon and Israel. Israeli men have the highest drop in sperm count in the world. In less than 10 years, most men in Israel will be sterile. Also during, I wanted to make sure people understand, radiation respects no borders, it respects no socioeconomic class, and it respects no religion. When they were doing horrific amounts of radioactive weapons, especially between 2002 and about 2007 in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the British and U.S. were using them, two Prime Ministers, well I should say, Gordon Brown who was the Prime Minister then, his first baby at the age of 50 was born in about 2004, and she died when she was ten days old. His wife had another pregnancy a couple of years later, and that one was born with a terminal illness. David Cameron's wife got pregnant at about the same time that Gordon Brown's wife had the first baby. That baby that Cameron and his wife had was a boy. He was never able to, he was so deformed, he could never do anything but move his eyes. He died when he was about seven or eight years old, maybe he was ten. So out of four pregnancies, because Cameron's wife had another one who was normal, but out of four pregnancies at that time period, three of the babies had terminal illnesses. You see these women are at risk. They should not be traveling and flying. They should not be eating food products out of the ocean. They should minimize dairy food intake, and they should be drinking filtered water through the reverse osmosis method. Otherwise they are putting their babies at tremendous risk. And I am sure they have no idea.

Christina: The second case is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., known by his stage name as Lil Wayne who is 30. He is an American hip-hop recording artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. In Oct 2012, it was reported on TMZ that he was doing better after an in flight medical scare, on Thursday afternoon that had forced the rapper to make an emergency landing in Texas after he had suffered seizure-like symptoms on a private jet, the craft landed in an undisclosed location in Texas. From there he was taken to a local hospital and treated for several hours before being released around six PM local time. His rep had no comment about the incident, and as of press time further information was not released. Within 24 hours he had another seizure on another flight. TMZ said he was on another flight from Texas when he was diverted after suffering another seizure on board to Los Angeles. He was then taken to the hospital. At mid-afternoon he was still being treated in a Louisiana hospital but was expected to be released Friday afternoon. They attributed it to dehydration and migraines. In November it was reported that he had been banned from flying for the foreseeable future by his physicians, but just recently, within the last few weeks, he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after collapsing while filming a music video for Nicki Minaj called High School. He was released on Wednesday, but according to TMZ just hours later, one of his bodyguards found him in his room on the floor and unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital again. This time he did not stabilize. He was taken to ICU where he was placed in restraints because he was shaking uncontrollably. He was then put in an induced comma and intensive care, where his condition continued to be unstable. The cause of the seizures was unclear. MTV actually interviewed a neurologist who was not treating him, but commented on the cause of seizures. This neurologist stated, some people have unrecognized structural abnormalities in their brain, or prior history of trauma, that is enough to create an electrical disturbances. But I would probably say if you were his age and you were coming into my office with your first seizure, and half those people you won't find a reason. Barring a family history, the neurologist said there are also some non-specific irritants that can produce seizures. One of those nonspecific irritants according to the atomic archive, is radiation exposure. Is that correct? [31:20]
L. Moret: That is correct. He fits into what I have been able to discover through very extensive research since the Fukushima disaster in March of 2011. That is that there has been a large increase in death rates in the United States as a result of Fukushima exposure. In other words, the Centers for Disease Control, they collect as a government agency, and they collect vital statistics, health data from every county in the United States every week. That is compiled in their archives and data files. It is also posted on the Internet. But it is just piles of numbers, and most people would not be able to make sense out of it. But what those numbers say, and this is our own government collecting this information and not releasing it to the public, is that 100,000 Americans had died by Christmas of 2011, less than 9 months after Fukushima, [for] an unexplained reason or cause. When I looked at the large increase in death rates, the highest increase was in the mountain region, which is the west slope of the Rocky Mountains, and it was a 10% increase in death rate. But when I looked at the state of Texas, this is what gave me the clue, and I looked at the age group that had the highest increase in death rates, it was not the elderly people, it was the youngest people. It was teenagers, like the 18 to 30 age group. Teenagers and young adults. I went "Oh my God, there are so many military bases in Texas. The soldiers who came back from Iraq and Afghanistan loaded with fission products from the mini-nukes that the US has been using since 1990 in Iraq and later in Afghanistan, these are launched from howitzers, which is a very large, it is like a canon that shoots big caliber projectiles, and the mini-nukes are in those projectiles. When I looked at the largest increase in deaths, an 18% increase for that age group in Texas, I said it has got to be the soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and end up staying. They have to get out of the military because they are dying, but they stay near the bases they came back to so that they can get medical care. And so what happened is we are seeing all these young people, celebrities with these radiation-related illnesses, damage to the endocrine system. It is because they were exposed in utero to nuclear bomb tests, which ended in 1963. But there was still radiation in the environment, and also their parents had altered DNA, because the parents' bodies were contaminated with radiation, and the DNA in the sperm and the eggs were very often altered. Then they turned on the nuclear power program, and that further exposed unborn children, the reproductive tissues of young adults. So that was the second big assault on the bodies of Americans. Every single person in United States was exposed internally to ionizing radiation from the nuclear bomb tests. With the nuclear power plants the highest rates of breast cancer in the United States were 2/3 of all the breast cancer deaths in the U.S. occurred in certain counties, and I have given you a map of that, we crunched the numbers, the Radiation and Public Health Project, a small group of scientists independently did this, and made this map of breast cancer rates, mortality rates in the United States. It correlates exactly and precisely with the locations within a 100 miles of reactors, and that is the nuclear bomb factories, like Los Alamos, Nuclear Weapons Lab in New Mexico, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab in the U.S., and the Idaho Nuclear Engineering Lab in Idaho. That is by the way where the Stuxnet virus was written that triggered Fukushima. That was written by the CIA and a team from Germany from the Siemens electronic corporation. They make the controllers in nuclear power plants and other power plants. In the 1990s, even before that, depleted uranium was introduced to military arsenals, and all of our military bases, bombing ranges and gunnery ranges, are all contaminated. Now Little, what's his name? William?
Christina: Little Wayne.
L. Moret: Little Wayne is from New Orleans. All that depleted uranium and the fission products from Iraq and Afghanistan, all come across the Atlantic in these hurricanes that originate in the Sahara Desert in North Africa. They are loaded with depleted uranium and fission products, and the heaviest rainout of that radioactive material is along the Gulf Coast states. So Little Wayne, his parents would have been exposed to nuclear bomb tests. He would have been exposed after he was born to nuclear power plants, fission products, that contaminate food and water and dairy products in Louisiana. They have big ones there, big nuclear power plants, and then he would have been exposed to all the DU and fission products coming across in hurricanes and being rained out along the Louisiana Gulf Coast. So this poor guy, and people living on the West Coast too, we have nuclear power plants here, like Kim Kardashian was absolutely exposed to those. Diablo Canyon and San Onofre. So these poor young people, who should be healthy, are the first to go down because just an additional, very small exposure wipes them out. [30:41]
Christina: I want to run through a quick list of what radiation exposure can do to the body. In terms of [Christina reads from "Radiation Effects on Humans" at atomicarchive.com].

The losing of hair quickly and in clumps occurs with radiation exposure of 200 REMS or higher.
The Brain:
Since brain cells do not reproduce, they will not be damaged directly unless the exposure is 5,000 REMS or greater. Like the heart radiation kills nerve cells and small blood vessels and can cause seizures and immediate death.
Certain body parts are more specifically affected by exposure to different types of radiation sources. The thyroid gland is susceptible to radioactive iodine, in sufficient amounts radioactive iodine can destroy all or part of the thyroid. By taking potassium iodide one can reduce the effects...
The Blood System:
When a person is exposed to around a 100 REMS, the blood's lymphocyte cell count will be reduced, leaving the victim more susceptible to infection. This is often referred to as a mild radiation sickness. Early symptoms of radiation sickness mimic those of the flu, and may go unnoticed unless the blood count is done. According to data from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, shows that symptoms may persist for up to ten years. It may also have an increased long term risk for leukemia and lymphoma...
The Heart:
Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000 to 5,000 REMs will do immediate damage to small blood vessels, and probably cause heart failure and death directly.
The Gastrointestinal Tract:

Radiation damage to the intestinal tract lining will cause nausea, bloody vomiting, and diarrhea. This occurs when the victim's exposure is 200 REMS or more. The radiation will begin to destroy the cells in the body that multiply rapidly. These include blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harms their DNA and RNA of surviving cells... [Christina makes an aside] Then of course...
The Reproductive Tract.
Because reproductive tract cells divide rapidly, these areas of the body can be damaged at REM levels as low as 200. Long term some radiation sickness victims will become sterile.

Fukushima researchers have been bringing Geiger counters on planes and finding five times over what would be considered normal.
L. Moret: Right.
Christina: So how many REMS are they being exposed to? [31:24]
L. Moret: I have no idea. It is very difficult to convert from REMs to Sieverts to, you know, back and forth. They made all these different units to confuse people, and each person is very different in how they respond to radiation, and it also depends on the timing. It also depends on the particular radionuclides. What they are not mentioning is that there are over 1,900 fission products that are produced in a fission event. Fukushima is different. There was a total melt down in at least one of the reactors, but what the real problem was the burning of these spent fuel rods, which are pure fission products. Well, there is some uranium in them too. This is an unprecedented event. We need to look at the results to figure out what the exposure was or what really happened. This is unprecedented, the Fukushima disaster and the global exposure of the entire biosphere has never happened before to this extent, and Fukushima was 300 Chernobyls at least. So it is a very, very, very critical, very high exposure to the whole global population. And of course weather and geography determine where the highest rainout and snow out of these fission products occurs. But it is pretty hard to get away from it because they have poisoned all the oceans too. All the food supply, the water, everything. Now what I did want to say, let's go back to the airport and flying, and I didn't think of mentioning this. But all of those entertainers, celebrities you have been talking about, you mentioned, also fly a lot. They travel in an intensely heavy schedule. They have a hard time keeping their marriages together because they move around so much. Now the airports have these backscatter x-ray machines. Those are called soft x-rays. What Marion Fulk taught me -- he is one of the last living Manhattan Project scientists. He is the one who made the hydrogen bomb work for the US. government. He is very, very high level in weapons development, but he won't ever even talk about it any more since Fukushima. He is more of a microbiologist now. He said those backscatter x-rays are about the most damaging x-rays you can be exposed to. All of these people, Kim Kardashian going through those things, going through those x-ray machines multiple times carrying a baby is a very crazy thing to do. I don't think they have any idea what they are being exposed to. I know they don't, because most people don't realize that. And I was on the phone one day with Marion Fulk.He said, "Who in the hell is making those backscatter x-ray machines, in the airports?" And I said, "Well, I think Michael Chertoff, who was the Secretary of Homeland Security, I think he owns one of the companies that manufactures them." He said, "Absolutely not, absolutely not. It has to be an old company that has been in this business for many, many, many decades." So I did a search, and boom! the first thing that popped up was Philips Electronics in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I did further research, and discovered of course most of the royal families in countries in Europe own the electronics companies, so Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands owns Phillips Electronics. It would be secret, it would be hidden, but that is very likely. Then I discovered that the original design and concept for airport x-ray machines came from England. So there we have the two, the Anglo-Dutch monarchies in a conspiracy to further degrade the health of the public through more exposure to ionizing radiation. I call the Anglo-Dutch monarchies, these two queens, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Queen Elizabeth of England, the "gangsters in tiaras" because those two women and their husbands are behind the whole eugenics depopulation efforts. A scheme to depopulate the world, the global depopulation indiscriminately. I am just going to keep bringing it up, because people have to realize that depopulation and using ionizing radiation is absolutely a conspiracy that is being carried out worldwide.



Christina: Leuren, you appeared on several episodes of Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory about some of these topics we are discussing.
L. Moret: Yes
Christina: Including the x-ray scanners in the air port.
L. Moret: Yes, I did an interview with him on the world's water supply. Then I was invited to do another interview. It was Jan 2012, any way, yes it was 2012, that's right. It didn't come on, and it did not come on, and it did not come on TV, and the Jesse Ventura Show, and I finally found out, because I called the producers, they said, "Oh, the network would not let us show it." What Jesse talked about, he wanted me to discuss the danger of these x-ray machines, because he refuses to go through them. He has a titanium hip replacement, and every time he goes into an airport or through a scanner, it sets off the alarm. They were so rude to him and so abusive and harassed him so much, that he refuses to fly now. They said to me, the crew said, "Well Leuren, we are giving you five minutes in this sixth segment. Nobody else gets that much, but we want you to give us a big bang at the end of the interview." So we were at the end of the interview, after we talked about the scanners and everything, and I turned to Jesse, because I wanted this to be the end of the program, and I said "Jesse, you were a Navy SEAL, weren't you?" And he said "Yes." And then I said, "You were in Vietnam, weren't you, you are a vet." He said "Yes." He was looking straight ahead. He did not know what I was going to hit him with. And I said, "Well then you know about the Phoenix program, don't you?" And he said, "Yes." I said "Well, Jesse, Homeland Security is the Phoenix Program."
Christina: What is the Phoenix Program?
L. Moret: The whole crew went deadly silent for a whole minute. [Laughter]. And Jesse finally said, "Oh, I never thought of that." And that was the end. The Phoenix Program in Vietnam was set up by the U.S. military. And it was set up to destroy the civilian support of the Viet Cong resistance in Vietnam. The Viet Cong resistance was the guerilla fighters who were trying to push the U.S, get rid of the U.S. in Vietnam. They of course relied on the civilian population to supply them with food and arms, and whatever they needed, shelter, clothes, whatever, money. The U.S. military wanted to destroy that civilian support so they set up death camps and torture chambers, and all kinds of horrific harassment of the civilian population. Terrible things. That is Homeland Security. And Homeland Security was set up, basically it had a lot to do with Oliver North and the FEMA, the Federal Emergency [Management] Agency, the Phoenix Program, Oliver North was involved in that, so a lot of things that are being rolled out in the U.S. now actually were tested and tried in Vietnam. Another program was Project Popeye, which was the very beginning of the weather modification, which is now on testosterone and a big part of the HAARP weapon of mass destruction system. So here we are, a whole country over 300 million Americans, and our lives are going through a paper shredder. Our children are being destroyed with weaponized food, weaponized water, everything. They are closing schools all over the United States now on this austerity excuse, and the U.S. is still one of the richest nations in the world. We are being broken down so that they can take us down and just loot this country and destroy the whole population. So what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan at some level is going to happen here. It is already starting.

Kelly Osbourne attending "The 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards" Beverly Hills, CA on Oct. 10, 2009 - Photo by Glenn Francis of www.PacificProDigital.com. (Photo from Wikipedia).


Christina: I actually have quite a few more examples of recent celebrities who had seizures and other things. Kelly Osbourne, case number three, she is 28, she is an English fashion design, singer, actress, and is best known for being the daughter of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne. Kelly, while filming her e! show, Fashion Police, was taken to a Los Angeles-based hospital where she was expected to stay overnight. She actually stayed two weeks, while she was recording the episodes, she turned to another star and said that she did not feel well, before she fell out of her chair, shaking. An audience member who happened to be a doctor reportedly went to her aid. She came around a few minutes after the seizure. Her team wanted her to go to the hospital for tests. There was no cause found for any of these seizures, and prior to that in June of 2012, she suffered from what was described in the Huffington Post as an emotional breakdown on a flight. Sources said that by the end of the flight Osbourne had looked completely disheveled, and was basically carried down the corridor to the airport tram. They surmised something must have triggered a reaction from her during a four hour flight. She had even tweeted photos of herself looking very pulled together at the beginning of it, which was a far cry from how she looked when she left the plane. Again, this is a pretty young girl. She is 28. I mean, how do you explain seizures?
L. Moret: These people are all under 30. These are just exactly what I was talking about. These are the young people who have had multiple radiation exposures, and they are more weakened and compromised than older adults. It is a cumulative effect. In the illnesses caused in our soldiers and veterans from exposure to depleted uranium and fission products in Iraq and Afghanistan, similar symptoms and illnesses have been reported. The number one disease, the number one complaint diagnosed by the Veterans Administration, in our soldiers and veterans from these radioactive wars is neuromuscular damage. Polio was invented as a cover-up for the neuromuscular damage caused worldwide by nuclear bomb tests. Medical doctor in Canada, Dr. LeVann, was studying the damage to the Canadian population from the huge nuclear bomb tests that the Soviets did in the Arctic. One of them was such as huge release of radiation that it exposed every person in the Northern Hemisphere to the equivalent of a chest X-ray. Dr. LeVann was looking at illnesses and infant mortality, things like that, where the big clouds of radiation came down through central Canada, through Alberta. [Ed. Note: See LeVann, L. J., “Congenital Abnormalities in Children Born in Alberta During 1961,” Can. Med. Assoc. J., 89:120, 1963.] If you read that paper, you realize that polio is the cover story, it is an invented disease to cover up and hide the neuromuscular damage that was caused globally by the nuclear bomb tests. So I am not surprised these are happening. It sounds like they may have mitochondrial damage as well. Mitochondria are little things in the cell that produce all the energy for the body. I have seen Iraqi soldiers on panels at conferences that I have been at, where they would start talking, they were all very, very, very sick. It was so sad. It was just almost unbearable to see these young lives that were already finished. I remember one young woman who had been in Iraq as a soldier, in the middle of her talk she would talk for maybe five minutes, and then she would just sit there because the mitochondria were not working properly in her brain, releasing energy to propel the signals that go down the nerves, and they have to stop at these gas stations. They are called the syntaxes. And it is where that smoke signal made out of calcium goes down the nerve, it stops at the synapse, picks up energy so that it can go on to the next one. These are like gas stations along a freeway. She just had to sit there until the mitochondria, even if they were compromised, they were producing some energy, but not enough fast enough, so it interrupted her talk. And we are just going to see more and more of these kinds of symptoms and strange diseases and things that should not be happening to especially people this young as the people you are talking about tonight. [59:56]

"Too bad they don't make them like this any more" is more than a cliche when it comes to Hollywood's dabble with anti-nuclear activism in the making of films such as China Syndrome (1979) starring Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, and Michael Douglas, and Silkwood (1983) starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, and Cher. Catastrophic events have proven that both films barely scratched the surface of extremely serious problems involving the nuclear industry around the world. As an example, "Sodium Reactor Experiment Meltdown" by Michael Collins at enviroreporter.com explains how the 1959 Rocketdyne disaster in Simi Valley near Los Angeles was covered up for decades, but according to the California State-sponsored study cited in his article "Very Dirty Laundry," released an estimated 459 times more radioactive Iodine 131 and Cesium 137 than Three Mile Island in 1979. On page 37 of his book Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations, author Dr. John Apsley provides a data table showing that the Hanford Site in eastern Washington State released more radiation into the environment (16,169X10^15Bq) while operating for decades as America's premiere Cold War plutonium production facility without any meltdowns of its reactors than the Chernobyl meltdown released across Europe in 1986 (12,000X10^15Bq). In his classic work (now online) Secret Fallout: Low-Level Radiation From Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island, (1972 and 1981), Dr. Ernest Sternglass documented the outrageous cover-up of the effects of bomb testing fallout and nuclear power plant emissions across America, not to mention the major media blackout regarding the Three-Mile Island meltdown radiation releases and the horrific effects all of this had in terms of infant mortality rate spikes and other forms of mass premature death.

Part 2


NUKED IN THE SKIES: Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber & more, Part 2, (1:14:52)


L. Moret: It is really sad, and I want to thank you for doing all this research and bringing this forward because they are high visibility, they are celebrity. A lot of young people follow them religiously and very closely. Everybody knows who they are. So when we start looking around the news now, everyone listening tonight or in the future to this talk will begin to notice themselves and educate themselves on what is really happening, until they are informed, they are unaware. It just passes by. But I mean even you surprised me with all these cases that you have mentioned. It is great, really great topic, thank you.
Christina: Well, we have some more. We are getting into thyroid cancer and adrenal problems now. These are all recent cases. I started collecting these about a year ago, but I have seen a huge jump in the number of these illnesses being reported.
L. Moret: It is going to escalate every day, every week, every month, every year.



Christina: Case number four is Brooke Burke. She is 41. She is an American actress, dancer, model, and television personality. She has been on Dancing With the Stars, hosted the annual Golden Globe Awards, the preshow for that, she also hosted in 2011, 2012, and 2013 The Miss America Pageant. She does a lot of flying, and in November she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This article appeared on FOX News, December 17, of 2012, and from the article it said:

...Although no one wants a diagnosis of cancer, the good news is that thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable types, says Dr. John Yim, professor of surgery at City of Hope National Medical Center. More and more people around the world are being diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid. A butterfly-shaped gland in the neck and no one is sure why.

L. Moret: Well, one of the reasons why there is such a large increase is that on March 17th, which is two days before the Fukushima, the first clouds of Fukushima radiation reached the West Coast of North America, the U.S. Surgeon General had sent out a notice to every county, the public health department in every county in the United States, warning the public health departments to notify all medical doctors in those counties, in their county, that they should not provide iodine or encourage patients to take iodine, patients who are concerned about the Fukushima radiation. The iodine disappeared from pharmacies. Doctors would not provide it for their patients. They told them not to worry about it. I am sure some good doctors who were concerned about their patients accommodated them. But boy, that is the first thing I ran out and got as soon as I knew there was a Fukushima problem, because that stuff was over here, let's see, in seven days, eight days. It travels pretty fast. A woman sent me two letters from two doctors, in two different counties, Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, and the county where Stanford is, I have forgotten what county that is. But those letters were sent to those doctors. I read them, and I was really shocked. And what it said in the letters is that, oh, they shouldn't take iodine, because it might damage their heart or it might make them sick or whatever. Well, I am telling you not taking it is what is making them sick. So obviously the Surgeon General was ordered to do that and to deprive the entire American population of any way to protect their thyroids and their children. It was so crazy. It is so deliberate. It is obvious. It is undeniable.
Christina: In a recent study from Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman, hypothyroid cases in five states on the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington increased by 28% from March 17th to June 30, 2011. They reported that large amounts of fallout disseminated worldwide from the meltdowns in four reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, including radioiodine isotopes just days after the meltdowns, iodine 131 concentrations in U.S. precipitation was measured up to 211 times above normal.
L. Moret: It was horrendous.
Christina: The highest levels in airborne gross beta were documented in the five U.S. states on the Pacific Ocean. That is where we are seeing this rise. Now this data only goes through to June 30th, 2011.
L. Moret: Yes, they quit reporting and they quit making the information available to the public.


Jessica Alba


Christina: Case Number 5 is Jessica Alba. She is 31. She recently revealed how she was rushed to the hospital after fearing that she was having a stroke. The Fantastic 4 actress, 31, said she was terrified after losing feeling in her hand and suffering a headache and heart palpitations. The mother of two was at home with husband Cash Warren when the drama unfolded. She explained during an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon live show. "Basically I thought I was having a stroke. I really, really thought I was. My whole arm went numb, I got cold sensations in the back of my neck to the front, and I couldn't move my face." She also said she had heart palpitations. She eventually went to the hospital for an MRI, but the tests revealed she was suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome. This appeared in the Daily Mail as well. I am not aware that carpel tunnel syndrome causes heart palpitations, and you not being able to move your face.
L. Moret: It is disinformation. She has neuromuscular damage, and she has cardiac damage. Cesium has had a terrible impact all over the world, because I have been monitoring cardiac arrests, heart attacks, and deaths from heart attacks. In athletes there were a number of big running races in Philadelphia, in Pittsburgh, and in Texas in the summer after the Fukushima disaster. Some of the athletes just collapsed and died from heart attacks in the middle of the race. Some of them collapsed with cardiac arrest and were taken to hospitals. You can imagine that it might happen once in a blue moon in someone under thirty, but when you have five or ten athletes in the same race and they are all under thirty, having heart attacks and cardiac arrests and all these unexplained problems due to heart damage, then you have to kind of start to question Was that the cesium? Well, yes it is. Dr. Chris Busby did a very, very good video clip on cesium and the damage it does to the heart muscle, and I am talking about very, very small amounts. And it is just so sad. It is really sad. [Moments of silence]. I am sorry, I -- it just upsets me.
Christina: There has been a couple of cases from television personalities --
L. Moret: Oh, I know what I wanted to say, let me just finish. There were soccer and football matches in England and Italy where athletes had cardiac arrests. Another athlete in the same football club in England, one week one of their top runners ended up with cardiac arrest in the hospital. I think he survived. Another player on the same team three days later announced he was at the game, but he wasn't playing, and he announced to the media that he just found out that morning that he had acute leukemia. Horse races, horses are dropping dead in races in high numbers, and now I am seeing all kinds of animals, little puppies with hair lips and puffed pallets, deformed legs, or born with no legs. Oh my God, it is just turning into a medical nightmare.


From: "Chantelle Houghton Shows Signs Of Strain As She Accuses Ex Alex Reid Of 'Bringing Her Down' (PICS)," by Ashley Percival, Sept 10, 2012, huffingtonpost.co.uk


Christina: Case number 6 is Chantelle Houghton. She is 29, she is an English glamour model and television personality. She also said that she thought she had had a stroke, went to the hospital, it turned out it was the flu. Case number 7, Gwyneth Paltrow, who is 41. She is an American actress. She described recently what appears to have been a miscarriage of her third child. It reveals more details of unrelated health scare.
L. Moret: She almost died from that miscarriage.
Christina: Well this event that happened in late spring of 2011, she said after what we just read about Jessica Alba, this is really a very strange coincidence. She lost control of her right hand. She suffered a blinding pain in her head that was so extreme she thought she was having a stroke. The incident occurred while she was in the garden of her home in north London. She said she underwent a series of tests that revealed that she was a mess. She was vitamin D deficient. She had anemia. She had thyroid issues. Her liver was congested. She had hormonal imbalances, and a benign tumor on her ovary that had to be removed.


From "Gwyneth Paltrow to Release New Cookbook 'Its All Good'" by Rosemina Nazarali December 29, 2012. [Editor's Note: Interestingly enough, all of the Amazon reviews of Paltrow's book (as of 19 April 2013) suggest that it completely ignores the effects of Fukushima fallout and radionuclide bioaccumulation from myriad sources (to include nuclear power plants, bomb testing, and DU in addition to contamination from the meltdowns at places like Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Rocketdyne/Simi Valley). In the transcript of my 10 Jan 2013 Nuked Radio interview titled "The Fukushima Cover-up," I explain why I think people like Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. John Apsley, Dr. Cass Ingram, Dr. Marc Sircus and Sara Shannon make vastly better Fukushima-era "reality show stars" when it comes to providing recipes compared to this perhaps well-intentioned but naive Hollywood starlet].


L. Moret: Sounds like she got nuked.
Christina: Sounds like she got nuked, and what is so strange is she actually wrote in her newsletter about how to avoid radiation in April of 2011. She said in her newsletter she had some super helpful advice on protecting yourself from radiation, among the tips from doctors that she knows is limited exposure, move away from an exposure area, have other sources of food and water, drink Miso soup, and the most helpful advice of all, just stop thinking so much about it. Worrying about the nuclear radiation from the Fukushima reactor meltdowns, worrying does you no good, it impairs your immune system, tips your brain out of balance, and distracts you from dealing with real life. Worrying is living a "what if?" life, and thus far we are fine. It was shortly after this she had her stroke symptoms. [12:45]
L. Moret: Well, she has problems in her reproductive organs and tissues. She has endocrine system damage. That is what thyroiditis is. It sounds like she has heart or brain problems. So that poor woman has a pretty heavy exposure. I doubt she will have another child, be able to have another child. But in May of 2011, two or three months after Fukushima, is when the highest levels of radiation were released. That was the peak. That is exactly when she reported really being sick. Isn't that when she had the miscarriage?
Christina: I don't know if it ever indicated. It happened some time within the last two years.
L. Moret: She said late spring of 2011, or you read something that --
Christina: When she had the stroke-like symptoms.
L. Moret: That is when that peak release occurred, and Dr. Chris Busby, who is an international radiation expert, and he is also British, he was able to get air filters from cars in Japan in the Tokyo area to the Fukushima area. He was able to calculate that the concentration of radionuclides in the atmosphere in northern Japan in April or May, it would have been about that time, was equivalent to 300 Chernobyls. So it doesn't matter how far you are away, you can't get away from this stuff. It moves around the world in air masses. It is carried by winds and ocean currents and there is just nowhere to hide. The whole planet is being impacted with this horrible poison.


From: "Michelle Heaton speaks out after double mastectomy: ‘It was hell, but worth it’", Monday 10 Dec 2012, metro.co.uk, caption: "‘My rock’: Michelle Heaton recovers in hospital with her husband Hugh Hanley (Picture: Lorraine/ITV)"


Christina: We have another singer from the UK. This is case number eight, Michelle Heaton, is facing hospital misery when she revealed she will undergo a heart operation. 33 year old singer needs surgery to determine if she will need a pacemaker for her irregular heart beat. This appeared in the Sun recently.
L. Moret: Yes, that is cesium and damage to the mitochondria. The heart is not firing properly at the right time.



Christina: Case number nine is Steven Patrick Morrissey. He is 54, he is the oldest one so far in our collection here. Also known as Morrissey, is an English singer and lyricist. He has been on tour flying between the U.S. and UK. He was recently hospitalized with pneumonia in both lungs. The former front men who suffered a string of health problems in recent months including a bleeding ulcer, throat condition, and anemia, was forced to cancel his show in San Francisco on Saturday due to the potentially life-threatening condition. However, Morrissey, who only returned to the stage last month after axing a string of U.S. states because of his health woes is hopeful to be well enough to perform in Mexico on Thursday. This story was updated yesterday that he has been forced to pull the plug on his tour because of spiraling health care costs and health scares make him uninsurable.
L. Moret: He shouldn't be doing that any way. He is a very sick man.
Christina: He has a bleeding ulcer. Here we go again with the gastrointestinal thing.
L. Moret: See, a lot of ulcers are caused by bacteria in the stomach. He has got this problem with pneumonia in both of his lungs, so he has got immune system damage.
Christina: There have been a couple of other famous people who have had to cancel concerts recently for medical reasons. Rihanna had to cancel a concert in Boston about ten days ago. Elton John had cancelled a concert recently as well for undisclosed medical reasons. ABC News actually wondered about all these concert cancellations, including Justin Bieber, then Rihanna, and now Elton John. They said apparently concert cancellations are in the air. This appeared in the entertainment section of NBC news.
L. Moret: It is the second anniversary of Fukushima. It is just a cascade of illness now. It is just going to get worse. Every month, every year. It is irreversible. People need to do everything they can to boost their immune system. Don't eat processed foods.



Christina: Justin Bieber, who is 19, collapsed on stage from a shortness of breath during a performance in London on Thursday night. This was about a week ago. Representatives for the Canadian team pop star said that he was heading to the doctor, he fainted, and took a 20 minute reprieve, and was given oxygen. Against his doctor's advice, he returned to the stage after the break to finish the show. He was very light of breath the whole show. "He has been complaining" said his manager. The following day he actually got into an altercation and tried to assault a photographer. And it is another thing that we know radiation will cause very aggressive behavior in people who have been exposed, and that was widely documented in animals around the Chernobyl disaster. We had hogs attacking cars and other cases that were reported.
L. Moret: Yes, the radiation damages the executive part of the brain. In other words, it damages the impulse control mechanism that the brain has to keep us from doing really crazy things, that may be an impulse. In studies done all over the world during the bomb testing era, there is a peer-reviewed published scientific paper on murders and terrorist acts and violence reported in young men all over the world, in cities all over the world. It almost always correlated, these episodes correlated, with a particular bomb test. So the radiation definitely damages the brain and the proper function of the brain which is to keep our lives running smoothly, basically.
Christina: You found an article about "Today's Opera Singers Getting Ill Too Easily, Because They are Weak says Covent Garden Boss." [by Anthony Bond, 14 March 2013, dailymail.co.uk] The music director of the royal opera house has launched an astonishing attack on modern day opera singers by claiming they are weaker in body, and likely to pull out of shows. So here they are being criticized because they are sick.
L. Moret: They always blame the victims. [20:28]
Christina: Leuren can you talk about some stories that you have been following too about people who work in the airline industry. There have been some strange things that have happened to flight crews and pilots since Fukushima happened.
L. Moret: Yes, very early on. the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty verification site monitoring stations that are all over the world reported that the entire air column, this is from the surface of the ground up into lower orbital space, was contaminated with radiation from Fukushima. That was just a month or two after Fukushima occurred. Then not very long after that, flight crews on Alaska Airlines were complaining, and they still are of nose bleeds, and strange rashes, and other illnesses, that were hard to explain. Just not feeling good. Their hair was falling out. And just not very long ago, a couple of months ago in early 2013, two pilots for Alaska Airlines just passed out flying the planes. Of course they had a co-pilot to take over. But that is pretty unprecedented for a pilot to just pass out while he is flying the plane in mid-flight. So that, I have been warning people not to fly across the Pacific Ocean. It is better to fly south into Mexico or South America, and then go across the South Pacific south of the equator. Some people have been following my advice and doing that. I know I take my Geiger counter on the airplane. Everybody today needs to have a Geiger counter they carry everywhere with them. You just have no idea where the radiation is, and if you have a Geiger counter you can leave that area. If you don't know, you are just going to be staying there and you become exposed. In the last 6 months, I live in Berkeley, California, I have been reading the student newspaper for UC Berkeley, the University of California at Berkeley. Beginning about October I noticed that almost every week, in the student newspaper, there was a front page obituary on a student who just dropped dead, with no explanation. These are new graduates, or students who have not graduated yet. I have a Masters Degrees from Berkeley. I can't ever remember even reading an obituary on the front page of any student newspaper until now. One of the ones that I knew was caused by radiation exposure to the Fukushima disaster was about two months ago in early 2013 when a young woman student, an athlete, just dropped dead with no explanation. She had gone for the summer to Hawaii to do her sport, and also she had done, the article mentioned she had done a lot of surfing there while she was there. Well, when I was collecting the data from these Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty stations all over the world, they were reporting that the radiation levels, especially the radioactive iodine levels measured in Hawaii were as high as they were in Japan where the disaster occurred. So this poor young woman unwittingly went to Hawaii and unfortunately she was in radioactive paradise, but she certainly did pay for it with her life. So young people who are dying, it is even more upsetting. At least an older person has had their life, they have had their children. It just seems like the young people are being turned into radioactive fodder. I can't imagine this ever happening in world history.
Christina: Hawaii already had contamination problems from some of the testing that was done in the Pacific, is that correct?
L. Moret: When I went to Hawaii in 2007, I wanted to get a depleted uranium bill in the state legislature to help the sick veterans coming back. I went all over Hawaii, and no one even knew there was any radioactive contamination in Hawaii. I went on ABC TV and did a two and a half minute news story because I had gone to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and measured high levels of radiation on a day that they were doing live firing at Pohakuloa Army base, which has been a bombing and gunnery range since World War II. [Insertion of news clip into the interview].

Hawaii KITV commentator: Some activists claim the U.S. Army is firing depleted uranium on gunnery ranges in Hawaii, contaminating the state with radioactive fallout. It recently took Geiger counter readings downwind from Pohakuloa on the Big Island. KITV Dick Allgire joins us live now with details. Dick?
Dick Allgire: Hi Jill. The U.S. Army of course says it does not use depleted uranium rounds when it practices in Hawaii, but one activist said she took high radiation readings, which may indicate depleted uranium, recently on the Big Island. Leuren Moret is a world renown expert on the subject of depleted uranium. She travels the globe giving presentations about the dangers of spreading nanoparticles of radioactive uranium through bombs and bullets.
Leuren Moret: It is not harmless. It is extremely toxic.
Allgire: On April 22nd, she took Geiger counter readings on South Kona on the Big Island.
Moret: 63. This is very, very alarming.
Allgire: Normal background radiation would be five to 20 counts per minute. On this day, she said she took readings of up to 93, which experts say is abnormal and quite high.
Moret: That is horrendous. It could only be because they were doing live fire with depleted uranium at Pohakuloa while we were doing the measurements.
Allgire: Leuren Moret claims the Army is using depleted uranium on the Pohakuloa firing range, and the wind is blowing radiation over south Kona. The Army insists it does not use depleted uranium in Hawaii. Dr. Lorrin Pang is a public health official in Hawaii. In this interview, he says he is speaking only as a concerned physician.
Dr. Lorrin Pang: Regardless of what it is from, it is high. It has to be looked at. Now furthermore, she went around training area and I guess it was high downwind of the firing range, which is kind of like a smoking gun.
L. Moret: All of the bombing and gunnery ranges are contaminated in Hawaii with depleted uranium already.
Allgire: Now there has been a bill at the legislature that would require testing for depleted uranium near targets at Schofield Barracks. The Army would not comment on that. Again, the Army and the National Guard have said DU is not used in Hawaii. Reporting from the newsroom, Dick Allgire, KITV 4, Island Television News.

L. Moret: The day I drove through the base, you have to drive through the base to get from one side of the Island to the other between the volcanoes, and then I went 35 miles south down the coast to a macadamia farm. I said, "Gee, lets get a video camera, just in case we measure some radiation," because we had organized a radiation monitoring citizens' posse. I had people going all over the island measuring the radiation. We would go off in cars, six or eight or twelve cars. Do it together some time. So I ended up down on this macadamia farm. We bought a video camera on the way and some film. We are standing there on the deck, looking out at the ocean, and listening to the whales, and I said "Gee, I will put my Geiger counter on now." And I almost dropped it because it went up to as high as, over 90 counts per minute, and usually it is about seven. I just about had a heart attack. So we filmed it, and I called Dick Allgire who is a TV anchor at ABC TV in Honolulu, and he heard me on the Jeff Rense program, and he said, "If you ever come to Hawaii, I will do a story on you." So I said "Dick, I am in Kona and this is what I got today," and he said "Did you film it?" And I said "Yes." He said, "Get on a plane and come over right now." Well all the Hawaiian Islands are completely radioactive from simulated nuclear bomb testing on different islands. From nuclear rockets they were launching from one of the islands. They were shooting, let's see, it is called the Davy Crockett. It is actually a mini-nuke, a shoulder nuke, but they used depleted uranium in it instead of actual nuclear weapons because you don't want to shoot nuclear weapons where you live, off the battlefield. And so all of Oahu, which is where Honolulu is, is contaminated on bombing and gunnery ranges. All along Pearl Harbor, is a nuclear sewer. The whole beaches and the coastal currents carry it past Honolulu and Waikiki and Diamond Head, so that very, very expensive area of Hawaii is all contaminated with radiation.
Christina: Now they will have problems with the ocean releases from Fukushima, which when I interviewed Dr. Christopher Busby in June of 2012, he indicated to me that the contamination from Fukushima had already reached the beaches. Not to be confused with the tsunami debris field which is traveling north of there, and once it hits the West Coast of Canada and the U.S. it will curve back around and eventually end up in Hawaii as well. Hawaii is going to have some big problems, and some of that is already showing in their coral. They have fish and turtles that are exhibiting lesions, and I have had reports from people who live there, that do a lot of Scuba diving, that the reefs are in big trouble.
L. Moret: That is the Fukushima radiation, and it of course, as I have mentioned, radiation has a cumulative effect. I noticed when I was going to the Hawaiian legislature every day on buses, I was staying in Waikiki, I was noticing on the buses every day going back and forth, that it was the sickest population I have ever seen anywhere. People were pushing adult children with completely neuromuscular problems. They could not even walk. There were people getting on dragging oxygen tanks. Everybody was walking with canes. It was just horrible to see that. I said "What in the world happened here?" Well, I figured it out finally. The U.S. and Britain did nuclear weapons tests and biological tests and chemical tests with different weapons on Johnson Island and Christmas Island. They are less than a 1,000 miles upwind to the west from Hawaii. So Hawaii was getting nuked, and it was mixed with biological agents and chemicals, and that is why so many people are sick in Hawaii already. This new exposure to Fukushima is going to have a devastating effect on the existing Hawaiian population. And quite frankly, anyone who goes to Hawaii as a tourist or for any reason is committing suicide. [35:20]



Christina: Before Fukushima, in fact decades before Fukushima, some of the greatest actors and actresses and performers of our time may have died because of their exposure to atmospheric testing or their proximity to the Rocketdyne plant. As one example we will show this even extends to their children. One of the most famous and talked about examples of this is the movie The Conqueror, which was a 1956 film produced by Howard Hughes, starring John Wayne as the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan. Other performers included Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Armendáriz. The picture was directed by actor-director Dick Powell, and the film was principally shot near St. George, Utah. There was a huge cancer controversy following this film. The exterior scenes were shot on location near St. George which was 137 miles downwind of the United States Government's Nevada test site. In 1953 extensive above ground nuclear weapons testing occurred at the test site as part of Operation Upshot-Knothole. The cast and crew spent many difficult weeks on location. In addition, Hughes later shipped 60 tons of radioactive dirt back to Hollywood to re-shoot scenes. The filmmakers knew about the nuclear tests, and there are even publicity photographs of Wayne holding a Geiger counter during production. But the link between the exposure to radioactive fallout and cancer was poorly understood then. Now Powell died of cancer in January of 1963. Only a few years after the pictures' completion, Pedro Armendariz was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1960, and he committed suicide in 1963 when he learned it was terminal. Hayward, Wayne, and Moorehead all died of cancer in the mid to late 1970's. Cast member John Hoyt died of lung cancer in 1991. Skeptics had pointed to other factors, such as the wide use of tobacco. Of course we get into a multiplier effect. And the notion that cancer resulting from radiation exposure does not have such a long incubation period. [Christina read the following excerpts from the Wikipedia article The Conqueror]:

...The cast and crew totaled 220 people. By 1981, 91 of them had developed some form of cancer, and 46 had died...

. .Dr. Robert Pendleton, professor of biology at the University of Utah stated, "With these numbers, this case could only qualify as an epidemic." The connection between fallout radiation and cancer and individual cases has been practically impossible to prove conclusively. But in a group this size, you would only expect some 30 cancers to develop... I think the tie-in to their exposure on the set of The Conqueror would hold up in a court of law...

L. Moret: Absolutely it would, except that radiation law suits are very, very, very difficult to prove. One person, Dr. Chris Busby, has won almost every, I think he has won every law suit that he was an expert witness in. He was able to do it because he is British, he is not American. He was an expert witness here in the U.S. on the Simi Valley nuclear disaster in Los Angeles. He won that law suit. Rocketdyne had a facility there in Simi Valley, which is in the northern part of L.A. They were operating an experimental or a research reactor because they were developing x-ray lasers for space weapons. Now he went to Los Angeles for the law firm representing maybe 35 or 40 children, the parents had filed this law suit, who had extremely rare cancers or died of very rare cancers. The parents wanted to, they knew it was Rocketdyne, they wanted their day in court. Chris finally tested the ground water, and discovered that there were very fresh, very short half life fission products in the ground water, the drinking water, which means that the reactor had to be operational at the time that he took the samples, because some of the short half lives are hours or minutes or days or whatever. When he got the results back and there were fresh fission products in the ground water, he went straight to the law firm and gave them the data and explained what it meant. He interpreted it for them. They took it to the defendant law firm, the one representing Rocketdyne, and Rocketdyne immediately, quietly, settled out of court. They did not want a court judgment or a precedent set, and they paid $250 million to those plaintiffs. Nobody has ever heard of that out of court, because every single person in Los Angeles has been exposed to Rocketdyne fission products, and everyone in LA could sue Rocketdyne if they knew. So that had two meltdowns, there was one in 1963, and an earlier one, I believe that was 1957. And I believe that 1957 was the first meltdown in the United States of a nuclear reactor.
Christina: Yes, and the one that happened a few years later, that I found in an interview with a former worker, at the site she indicated that the second incident, they had lost 80% of the cladding on the fuel rods during that melt-down. No one was ever even told about that accident.
L. Moret: I know. I know a woman who is a secretary for G. Edward Griffin. He writes books. He wrote The Creature From Jekyll Island on the Federal Reserve. She contacted me because she said, " I have cancer of the eye and I used to jog on the public pathways around the Santa Susana site, Rocketdyne, where they were operating this research reactor." And I said "You were exposed to fission products while you were out there jogging." I don't know whether she has completely lost her eye yet or not. She is still trying to file a law suit. So I put her in touch with Dr. Busby. But what Busby told me, is that reactor, all reactors in the United States have to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The predecessor was the Atomic Energy Commission. It is now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. You can't operate a nuclear reactor in the United States without an NRC license to operate. The NRC had revoked the Rocketdyne license to operate that reactor 10 years before he took that water sample and discovered the fission products in it. So they were not only operating a nuclear reactor in a heavily populated urban area, but they were also illegally operating a nuclear reactor for 10 years and they were never caught. Now didn't you say that it was Michael Landon [who] bought some of that property, he was making films there?



Christina: Yes, he bought the property adjacent to there. There has been comments from people on blogs that knew some of the actresses that were on Little House on the Prairie. Bonanza was filmed in this area. There have been a number of films. Men in Black had filmed a scene there. But Little House on the Prairie had been there for quite a while, and people who worked on that cast reported that there were a large number of people that also came down with illnesses but that had not been publicized. This is just comments on blogs for people that know the actors and actresses who worked on Little House on the Prairie. Michael Landon himself died of pancreatic cancer. This appeared in Jan 13, 2009 in Mental Floss. [Christina reads an excerpt from "Little House on the Prairie" by Kara Kovalchik, Jan 13, 2009, mentalfloss.com]:

In 1991, Michael Landon was hospitalized for what he thought might be an ulcer. Sadly, medical tests revealed cancerous tumors in both his liver and pancreas. Landon had been a heavy drinker and smoker throughout his life. Multiplier effect. So although the diagnosis was shocking, it was not totally unexpected. However, several years after Little House had stopped filming, many crew members were also diagnosed with rare forms of cancer. Little House on the Prairie had been filmed on the Paramount movie ranch near Chatsworth, California. Recent studies have turned up previously suppressed reports that the entire Simi Valley area was exposed to what has been labeled the worst environmental release of radioactivity ever in the United States, courtesy of an experimental sodium nuclear reactor operated at the time by Rocketdyne Corporation. Actor Patrick Swayze, who also grew up in the Simi Valley area, he currently suffers from pancreatic cancer. He has now passed away. And Motley Crue singer Vince Neil who lives in Chatsworth for many years lost his four year old daughter to a rare form of stomach cancer.


Above, a nuclear explosion as a military spectator event in Nevada. Some of the biggest maneuvers involving soldiers and Marines near nuclear blasts were called the Desert Rock exercises (1951 to 1957). According to Wikipedia, the Nevada Test Site commenced its nuclear tests in 1951.

Was Steve McQueen a "throwaway nuke test serviceman" made good? McQueen became one of the highest paid Hollywood stars in history. Above, a montage (left to right) of McQueen in the films The Thomas Crown Affair, The Great Escape, LeMans, The Sand Pebbles, Papillon, Nevada Smith and The Hunter from the Michael Manning blog. Since cancer typically has a long incubation period and can stem from myriad causes, there are different theories about the origins of McQueen's cancer. The online "Steve McQueen mini-bio" states: "Steve McQueen died on November 7, 1980 in Juarez, Mexico at the age of 50. After being diagnosed with inoperable Mesothelioma in 1979, he went to Mexico to receive an unconventional treatment to cure cancer. He died of a heart attack following surgery. It is unclear where he was exposed to the asbestos that causes Mesothelioma. There are several theories, the first one is he breathed in the asbestos when working on the drum brakes of his Austin-Healey and another was exposure when he was in the Marines." This bio also notes that he served in the Marines from 1947 to 1950, which suggests that he missed the Desert Rock exercises which commenced in 1951 at the Nevada Test Site. However, the plausible possibility that involvement in these kinds of exercises could have happened if he had stayed in the Marines longer is sobering. Every bit as sobering is the fact that the Pentagon and utterly sociopathic "High Priests of War" higher-level handlers have continued to "throw away" substantial numbers of U.S. military personnel through needless radiation exposure, such as through gratuitous exposure to depleted uranium (please see the Dr. Doug Rokke, Dr. Chris Busby, and Leuren Moret archives for documentation) and more recently to Fukushima radiation, such as the crewmen of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan task force who were ordered to loiter for approximately 80 days not far from the Fukushima reactors soon after the melt-downs that began on March 11, 2011 (See Nuked Radio #91, "
70,000 US Crewman Exposed to High Levels of Radiation while Testing from Fukushima" and the testimonies of former U.S. Navy Quartermaster Jaime Plym and Maurice Ennis in the Press Conference at 234:22 minutes into the 264:55 long online video for "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident, Day 1" symposium held at the New York Academy of Medicine 11-12 March 2013; also an extract in poorer sound quality of this testimony is available on YouTube here).


L. Moret: They are not the only Hollywood celebrities who were exposed. There were atomic veterans, Steve McQueen was one of them, who were sent out to the Nevada Test site by the thousands and they were put in fox trenches, or they just sat on the ground, a 1000 feet from the nuclear bomb explosion. The test site. They had to sit there when the nuclear bomb went off and have all this radioactive debris fall down on them. And of course Steve McQueen died of leukemia. Even Canada sent a number of atomic veterans or their own soldiers, personnel, to be exposed to nuclear bomb tests. There is just no morality at all with nuclear materials. There is no morality at all. It is definitely being used to depopulate large numbers of populations and certain targeted groups. And of course Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England, owns the mineral rights to the entire Commonwealth. That is every country. 27 countries in the Commonwealth. When you buy land there, you are only buying the top 12 inches of dirt. She owns everything below the top 12 inches from the surface. She owns most of the uranium mines in the world. She certainly owns a very, very large percentage. So who is benefiting from this nuclear nightmare? That money is going straight into Queen Elizabeth's pocket. I think she is one of the most evil people on this planet. [48:39]


Wikipedia caption "Paula Abdul & Patrick Swayze. Grammy Awards - back stage during telecast - February, 1990. - Photo by Alan Light.


Christina: I just brought up an article about Patrick Swayze. He died at the age of 57. He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer or intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm, which metastasized to his stomach and liver. He was very secretive about how severe the cancer was. He died two years after his diagnosis. That is something I keep seeing reoccur in these cases which may be linked to nuclear fallout. People suffer from very, very aggressive forms of cancer, many times multiple organs. I believe John Wayne had it in his stomach and esophagus. He had it in several --
L. Moret: Well see, that is immune system damage, because everyone has cancer in their body. It is a healthy immune system that suppresses the cancer so that it cannot lose its growth control mechanism. There it is, it is damage to the immune system. But what I have been noticing is that in older people as compared to these younger celebrities we discussed earlier, the older people are dying from heart attacks, from heart disease. Elizabeth Taylor died from heart disease. She shouldn't have died of heart disease. She was exposed to all kinds of radiation in Los Angeles from bomb testing and the nuclear power plants, and the depleted uranium and fission products from Iraq and Afghanistan. No wonder she died from heart disease. And then other celebrities, older celebrities, these are in their 60s and 70s, a lot of them have pancreatic cancer or, mostly pancreatic cancer. That is probably damage to the endocrine system. The thyroid, pituitary, adrenal gland, and the adrenal gland is right above the pancreas. But it could also be immune system damage. Why does it keep happening in the pancreas? I think it is probably related to endocrine damage. Now comparing the thyroiditis increase caused by Fukushima to the Chernobyl rate, occurrence incidence of thyroiditis, the Chernobyl exposures in Belarus and around the Chernobyl plant, the immediate vicinity, thyroiditis did not express itself until three or four years after Chernobyl. This is a much more acute exposure, even though we are an ocean away from Japan on the West Coast of North America, all of North America, because I have talked to six people now with thyroiditis. One was a woman, and the rest were men. All of them except for one were under the age of 50. They reported the symptoms of thyroiditis occurred, they noticed, within six to nine months after Fukushima. This is at least five times faster, seven times faster, than more rapid onsets, than the people exposed locally to Chernobyl. So we have had a very, very serious global exposure, but much worse in the Northern Hemisphere, although now it is being reported, radiation is being reported off of Australia. I have a friend in Australia on, near the SW coast of Australia. She told me her hair is falling out. She said the radiation levels along the beaches are much higher over the past four or five months. So the radiation from Fukushima is moving around the Pacific. It is now below the equator.
Christina: And it is continuing because there has been nothing done to contain the releases. And we have broken fuel from the explosions that is laying all over the countryside there. Isn't there a continuous release of iodine from that broken fuel as well?
L. Moret: Well, I don't know because there is no data that is being officially released, so I don't know what they are measuring. But they are still having daily problems with the reactors, with the spent fuel pools. And of course these releases into the atmosphere and into the ground water and into the ocean are not going to end in our lifetime, Christina. This is going to be centuries of radionuclides escaping from that disaster. The Stuxnet virus was deliberately put into the operating system to sabotage the backup electrical generators. That was not an accident. The voltage in the generators was the wrong voltage for the reactors. That couldn't have been an accident. These reactors were built to withstand nothing higher than a magnitude 7 earthquake, when Japan has a magnitude 8.5 earthquake every five years. The island of Japan, the island arc of Japan, is sitting on top of four colliding tectonic plates. It is one of the most major earthquake prone countries in the world. Why in the world would you put nuclear reactors there? None of this is an accident.
Christina: One of the saddest stories that I came across, this was in an L.A. Times article from 1999 [Ed. Note: Christina reads the following excerpt from "Rocker Sues Rocketdyne in Girl's Death," by Tracy Wilson, latimes.com, August 18, 1999]:

The lead singer of Motley Crue had sued Boeing, North America, who now owns the the Rocketdyne plant, claiming his daughter's death by cancer in 1995 was caused by radioactive material dumped in the ground in water water near his former home near the Santa Susana field laboratory.
Vince Neil and his ex-wife Sharise bought a home in Chatsworth in 1991 a few miles east of Boeing's division. Boeing acquired the property in 1996 when it bought Rockwell International's aerospace and defense business.
The suit claimed that Boeing, Rockwell, and Rocketdyne knowingly dumped hazardous materials, such as plutonium and uranium, near the Neil summit ridge circle residence SE of Simi Valley.
Their four year old daughter Skylar was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer in April 1995 and died four months later. The suit claims that her death came as a direct result of the activities conducted by defendants...
. .. Beverley Hills attorney David Cordrey, said the singer only recently learned about the toxic contamination at the Santa Susana field laboratory after a Rocketdyne worker health study was released by UCLA researchers in April.

L. Moret: April of what year?
Christina: April of 1999.
L. Moret: It was before Dr. Busby did his work there. If he had had Dr. Busby on his law suit, or if he had been able to join the law suit that Busby was involved in, he would have won. But you can't face a huge force like the nuclear industry and the military with vested interests in protecting the nuclear weapons program and nuclear reactor program, you cannot face that and win as a single plaintiff. You have to be a part of a really big group. A lot of people. There have been very, very few law suits that have been won in the United States for radiation exposure.
Christina: He was interviewed a few years later where he indicated that there was a problem with the statute of limitations on the law suit, so he had to give up on it.


Caption from the Silkwood movie poster above:

On November 13, 1974, Karen Silkwood, an employee of a nuclear facility, left to meet with a reporter from the New York Times.

She never got there.

L. Moret: Yes, it was the statute of limitations to protect the corporations. Do you know who the security company is at the nuclear power plants, but especially at the nuclear weapons laboratory? It is Wackenhut. Wackenhut is the security company that assassinated Karen Silkwood. The director of the Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab when Karen Silkwood was murdered was Dr. McGee from the Kerr-McGee family who owned the Kerr-McGee facility where Karen Silkwood was working. So you can see that all these interests are all intertwined. It is a web of death and deceit and greed. Wackenhut is partly owned by Barbara Bush. I remember reading about George W. Bush and Jeb Bush hanging out all the time at a Wackenhut facility in Florida that is like a country club. When then I learned later the reason they were hanging out there all the time is because their mother owned it. [Laughter]. So what aren't they involved in? They have their fingers in every nuclear pie. Because it is profitable.
Christina: So it sounds like Vince Neil was right about what he thought, blaming it on this plant, and he was asked in this magazine interview, [Christina reads from "Mötley Düde: Vince Neil Uncensored," interview by Giddle Partridge and Dan Kapelovitz, Hustler Magazine]:

[HUSTLER]: "Wasn't there a nuclear meltdown at Rocketdyne in 1959?".

He answered:

[NEIL]: "Yes, so we had them dead to rights. If it was privately owned, that would be a different thing, but it is a government thing and they are wrong. Of course I asked the doctors why did Skyler get cancer. Obviously they don't blanking know. But you hear these reports, it is the smoking, it is the food you eat, it is this, it is that. You are f***ing four years old, you are not exposed to that much yet, give me a break. It is weird, because she went through six operations and they actually cut the cancer out of her. It weighed like 4 pounds. You only weigh 30 pounds when you are four. It is like most of your body. They took me down to pathology, they actually showed me her cancer. I was like, I have got to see what is killing my daughter. It looked like evil. It was black. That is what pure evil looks like. That's what was on that f***ing table. There were lots of people that lived there and got out. I sued not only the government, but the developers that sold that house and developed the community. Obviously they f***ing knew. You have to disclose that. You have to disclose that there are f***ing ghosts in your house. You have got to disclose that you are living in a crap neighborhood, even though it was multimillion dollar homes.

He goes on to say:

[NEIL]: It was like the NASA space program. It is run by Boeing, who now owns Rocketdyne, but Boeing is contracted through the U.S. government to run the tests. They said they cleaned up that basin down there. They said that they took out a foot of dirt then sealed it and carted it away. But it has been there since the f***ing 50's. It is not a foot down, it is 40 and 50 feet down. You can't fight city hall. There is another a--hole of the fucking month, OOOPS! [laughter at accidentally saying out loud the "f" word, she repeats the last sentence], there is another a--hole of the f***ing month, the U.S. government."

L. Moret: [Laughter]. I wish you would leave that in.
Christina: Leave it in. Hey, that's real life. That is how people feel about this stuff. What can we do?
L. Moret: They should feel that way. Let me tell you what Merrill Eisenbud said at an AEC atomic energy commission meeting in New York City. This was in the 50's. He said, this was discussing the nuclear bomb tests in Bikini Atoll, the ones in the Pacific, he said, "Well, these Pacific Islanders are not exactly like us, they are more like the mice, but it is OK to bomb them with nuclear weapons because they are not really human." It was so horrible. It was so blatant. Basically they just think we are all mice. We are lab rats for them to experiment on.
Christina: Someone from the AEC said when they found out about John Wayne, they said, "Oh my God, don't tell me we killed John Wayne."
L. Moret: Yes.
Christina: Because they knew they had detonated eleven tests there the year before they filmed this movie on the site.
L. Moret: Those are called the radioactive Spaghetti Westerns. Howard Hughes absolutely knew, because he refused to ever go to Nevada when they were doing bomb tests. He absolutely refused to go to Nevada. He wouldn't go anywhere near the bomb tests. He knew.
Christina: Leuren, what can people do who have to fly for work. What precautions can you recommend for people, or anyone who might live in an area around one of these facilities? There are lots of facilities around the United States. You mentioned them at the beginning of the broadcast. Pantex in [Texas, other nuclear facilities in] Idaho and Tennessee Valley.
L. Moret: I think the most important thing is for people to have personal Geiger counters or dosimeters so that when you hear that going off, it is alerting you that you are being exposed to radiation and you can leave the area or refuse to fly or whatever you need to do to escape. I don't believe anybody any more working for the government or any institution that is supposed to be protecting your health and the environment. The Atomic Energy Commission and the military set up the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, and that was to protect the government and the military's nuclear weapons testing program, and to hide the harm from the citizens of America. They also set up, the U.S. military and the Atomic Energy Commission then went on to set up the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute to protect the government and the military programs. They also set up the Centers for Disease Control. So all of the agencies, government official agencies, that American citizens think are there to protect them, it is absolutely the opposite. So another thing to avoid are the x-ray machines in the airports. Whatever you do, don't go through those. Ask for a pat-down. I have done it many times. The TSA agents, personnel have been very courteous. I did not have any problems at all. I am not going through any of those x-ray machines. I went through one, I was at the Tokyo airport, I was on my way back to the U.S. from Malaysia from a war crimes conference there, and this agent came out, this older man came out and pulled me out of the line. I was waiting to check in and give them my bags. He said come with me. He took me somewhere, and I was disoriented. He just opened the door, and he just shoved me backwards into one of those x-ray machines and zapped me. Then when I came out, then I went through the security. They found a bag of film in my backpack, which was in a protective lead bag. And they said "Can we take this and check it?" and I said "OK." I am certain that they switched the film on me. Every time I have gone through the Tokyo Airport, documents have disappeared from my bags, from my backpack. Newspaper articles where I was interviewed in different countries. This has also happened to Alfred Webre, who has done a lot of interviews with me. So it is all a web of deception. The citizens of the world are the real target, and they are just making a lot of money on us, making us sick and selling their uranium.
Christina: Leuren, it is part of control, too, isn't it? People who are sick really can't fight back.
L. Moret: That's right, and Americans and people in North America, the northern hemisphere, are just going to die from long, lingering illnesses. Like I mentioned before in the last interview, Chase Bank owns CVS pharmacy. The bankers are buying the pharmaceutical companies and the drug stores. They are putting drive through windows in these pharmacies so that they can make even more money, because they are illegally selling drugs also, without prescription.
Christina: The saying "canary in the coal mine" is an allusion to caged canaries that mining workers would carry down into the tunnels with them, and if dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine shaft, the gases would kill the canary before it killed the miners. In regard to someone whose sensitivity to adverse conditions make it a useful early indicator of such conditions, something which warns of the coming of greater danger or troubles by a deterioration in its health or welfare.
L. Moret: I want to recommend the Gamma Scout Geiger counter from Germany. It is excellent. And everyone should have one of those. They come with a 12 year battery. They are excellent Geiger counters. You asked, "How can we protect ourselves?" Well, that is one of the best ways to actually measure the radiation. You can trust that. I wouldn't trust any government agency or health department. I think they are all terrorist organizations.
Christina: Many of the nuclear workers that I have talked to who have since retired from the industry, have since told me the same thing. Whatever you do, do not trust your government to tell you things are OK.
L. Moret: No, they are not. That's right. We are on our own. You have to take responsibility for your life, for your family, for your children, and you have to educate yourself in order to be able to protect yourself. The government is not protecting us. We are in this mess because of the government.
Christina: Leuren, thank you so much for joining me today in this discussion. I know sick celebrities are not something either one of us usually discuss. But I think we definitely could use some help gathering information. If you guys come across any articles that pertain to this discussion that we had today please email them to me at Christinax4@yahoo.com. We will also be accepting mutation images. Leuren, you are probably most renown for your work and research related to depleted uranium as a weapon of war and genocide, and it would be wonderful to have you back to discuss that and other nuclear crimes against populations in more detail including the 70,000 U.S. servicemen and women who provided relief efforts to the people of Japan after the 9.0 earthquake, of which many of them now are coming down with serious illnesses, cancer, birth defects, and other issues, and they have started their own law suit against TEPCO. We can also continue collecting the sudden cardiac death articles too, because I have a few of those as well.
L. Moret: Yes, and I would like to encourage the listening audience, our listeners, to send images. You can email them to Christina or to me of mutations. Please pass these interviews around to your family, your friends, post them, put them on facebook, but circulate this information please, because the more people are educated about this, and the more aware they are, the more difficult it is for the ruling elite to go on with these insane eugenics and depopulation programs. The canary in the coal mine is our babies and our children. That is another form of monitoring the radiation and I know that grandmothers and mothers today know there is something terribly wrong and they know it is environmental, because the children and the babies are not thriving. It is going to take many people. I know we can do it, but I think we need to turn off ionizing radiation. Radiation respects no borders, no socioeconomic group, and no religion.

A successful outreach effort via mainstream media :

Michael Collins of enviroreporter.com successfully reached a vast audience in Southern California on April 16, 2012 with his message about the serious dangers of Fukushima radiation by getting on NBC G4- TV's Attack of the Show!


Christina: I have also had a number of people contact me since our last interview saying that they have noticed an increase in babies with birth defects in their areas. In the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] while they are waiting, places when they are in public they see people they would not normally come across. After that interview, I had a bunch of emails from people saying, "You know what? I am noticing that, and when you know what to look for, you do see it everywhere." And it is like having eyes all over when you share these stories with us too, because we can use it together to gather more information and do more shows and help make people aware of what is going on and how we can protect ourselves. We will really look forward to speaking with you again, Leuren. And thank you so much.
L. Moret: Thank you so much Christina.
Christina: Nuked Radio airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on UCY TV. Check out our archive of a 100 past shows including the two year anniversary interview that I did with Leuren. It is on FukushimaFacts.com and on YouTube. Please share love, caring, and concern for your fellow man, and together we can find answers on how to stop getting nuked. Stay safe everyone.




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2013-06-19 Want to keep up with the Kardashians? Have a radioactive baby, by Christina Consolo, Contributing writer for End the Lie, endthelie.com.
Thanks to the wonders of the real-time social media age, celebrity watchers the world over have been able to enjoy every second of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy in excruciating detail. From her obvious disdain for her pregnant body to her sudden enthusiasm for eating her own placenta to maintain her youthfulness, it’s all been put out for the world to see.
But this article isn’t as much about Kim K, as it is the blatant disregard for the health of her baby. Not only on the part of Kim and her family, but even her own now-famous obstetrician that has appeared several times on her reality show.
The amount of flying Kardashian did while pregnant has been glaringly obvious to the radiation researcher. All this flying didn’t even register as a blip with her clueless doctor as we now know, from yesterday’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season 8“. Instead, he just stroked her ego and managed his TV presence, while he should have been concerned with the health of her child in light of a severe stomach infection which occurred during a transatlantic flight, one of many Kim made during her much-publicized pregnancy.
The latest word on the Kardashian/West baby is that it was delivered 5 weeks prematurely  and severely underweight, following the discovery of another massive infection with Kim and was placed in neonatal intensive care.
Despite hundreds of tweets and updates from the family since the birth, the only information being shared is that “It’s a girl” and “It’s a miracle”. Even Larry Hackett, Managing Editor of People Magazine exclaimed somewhat disappointedly during Good Morning America, “It’s been strangely quiet on Planet K”.
Premature birth is nothing new, especially since the meltdowns of 3 nuclear reactors in Japan, in March of 2011. Three nuclear meltdowns that is, which have never been contained. In fact, a peer-reviewed scientific study showed that miscarriages and premature births skyrocketed in the months after 3/11. So did maternal deaths, where both the mother and baby die unexpectedly.
Mainstream media, eager to push the Angelina Jolie elective mastectomy and Kardashian’s weight gain, has neglected this study as well as a more recent one, showing infants on the west coast of North America have suffered negative health effects since the Fukushima meltdowns as well. Considering the companies that own the mainstream media also make nuclear reactors, that really comes as no surprise.
But what is a surprise is a huge radioactive fallout cloud, called a “plume” has circled the earth every 40 days since the beginning of the accident. This was reported from yet another peer-reviewed scientific study, this time out of Japan. And this has been going on 2 years.
This new plume is in addition to leftovers from atmospheric testing, depleted uranium (DU) that we have used in Iraq and Afghanistan that has made its way back into our weather systems, and the continuous radioactive emissions that come out of the normal operations of 400+ nuke plants in the northern hemisphere.
But the Fukushima plume has been a game changer, except no one really told us that the game had changed. Unless, of course, you have turned off the reality shows to pay attention and come out of the virtually extinct instinct for one’s own sense of self-preservation.
Many OB/GYNs have long cautioned against exposure of radiation while pregnant because they are smart, informed and they actually care that their patient’s babies turns out okay. Radiation severely disrupts the formation of DNA, which happens at an astronomical rate during the first trimester of pregnancy. Organogenesis, or formation of organs, happens during the second. Brain development and growth happens during the third.
Radiation at any of these stages is very, very bad for the health of the fetus, which is why flying is usually discouraged. The reason being the higher you go into the atmosphere, the more radiation you are exposed to. This can be hundreds of times higher than what you would ‘normally’ get on the ground.
Most of it in the past has been attributed to gamma radiation from the sun, and our star emits heavy doses of it 24/7. Gamma radiation is mostly mitigated by our magnetosphere, a protective bubble around the earth that keeps out the bad stuff. But for several years now, our magnetosphere has been doing some crazy things, like developing cracks.
Our sun has been acting up too, for reasons can’t get explore in depth here. But there are many websites, from NASA and other sun observatories that have documented these anomalies ad nauseam for several years now, for those people who care about the health of our planet and its people, and are interested in the science involved.
Los Angeles residents, like Kim Kardashian and her family, have also been exposed for decades to a pesky problem of uranium in their drinking water, courtesy of the 2 nuclear meltdowns that occurred at the Rocketdyne plant in Simi Valley in 1959 and 1963.
You may remember Michael Landon, who filmed “Little House on the Prairie” for years on the land adjacent to Rocketdyne. He died of pancreatic cancer. Or Patrick Swayze, who lived in Simi Valley. He died of pancreatic cancer that had aggressively metastasized. Or Vince Neil, lead singer of Motley Crue, who sued Rocketdyne when his 4-year-old daughter, Skyler, died from an aggressive stomach cancer. They lived in Chatsworth, right next to the facility, which developers said had been ‘cleaned up’ after the meltdowns, right before they built million-dollar homes on top of it. Even Kim’s father, world-renowned OJ attorney Robert Kardashian, died of esophageal cancer just 8 weeks after learning he had it.
But this added insult of radiation from Fukushima, which circles the globe endlessly and continues to blow out of the 3 radioactive holes in the ground in Japan and across the Pacific, has definitively increased west coast residents’ risk to radiation induced illnesses, the biggest threat being thyroid problems, immune system disorders, sick babies, and eventually cancer.
If you are flying too, you are getting even more. The longer the flight, the higher you go, the more radiation you get. This chart demonstrates the causal effect of radiation to illness. The more you get, the sicker you will be. Period.
But the most vulnerable group are the unborn, babies and little kids. They can be up to 1000 times more susceptible to the effects than an adult. A pregnant woman, with the added strain of carrying a child, already has her health compromised. add a little radiation into the mix and you have a sick mother, prone to immune system problems, giving birth early to a sick underweight baby, who could have countless other health problems down the road.
Which brings us back to the Kardashian baby: would any mother willingly experiment on her unborn child considering the risks involved, if they were known? Hopefully not. Kardashian was probably never told of the dangers.
What is so shocking is that she sought treatment for an illness that occurred during a transatlantic flight in her 6th month, was diagnosed with a massive stomach infection, and her doctor never said, “Hey, maybe you should cut back on the flying a bit?”
So she continued to fly on dozens of transcontinental and transatlantic flights, without a care in the world except whether her feet would fit back into her stilettos after she landed. Her doctor dropped the ball, and in a very big way.
Pregnant women everywhere put their faith wholeheartedly in a system of physicians and specialists that, let’s face it, only make money from people being sick. The sicker you are, the more money they make. And, it is certainly easier to blindly follow a doctor’s advice than to pick up a book once in a while (and actually read it), especially if you are under the impression that they actually care about you.
We have become a nation obsessed with things so unimportant that the health of our children, especially those being born today, will suffer greatly for our inattention. Kardashian’s health may improve, but her baby’s life is just beginning. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, it is no fun being sick, especially if you are a sick little kid.
Luckily, Kim and her famous family will have access to the greatest neonatologists that money can buy, but you can see how that may be problematic for the rest of our new mothers in this world. Maybe following the saga of a celebrity’s sick child will condition the masses to accept this as ”the New Normal”, along with the pros and cons of eating placentas, and how long a woman should reasonably wear stilettos during pregnancy.
That certainly is more exciting to talk about than flying through radioactive fallout, and makes for better “Reality” TV.
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Christina Consolo is a former clinical researcher supervisor with NIH credentialing; a former Member-at-Large for the Board of Directors, Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society; A peer reviewer for the Journal of Ophthalmic Photography; She has written, published, and contributed to numerous scientific research in retinal imaging and ophthalmogy for the past 24 years; She is also an award-winning biomedical photographer and maintains several websites to teach people about radiation, mitigation, and other nuclear issues. She is also the host of “Nuked Radio” Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 pm EST on UCY.TV.

For more info including mitigation for radiation exposure, please visit FukushimaFacts.com.

2013-01-07 Jeff Rense interview with Michael Collins (Rense.com, Show MP3 download link Here 5.4 MB, 23:04). Michael Collins at EnviroReporter.com discusses his latest elevated readings at 30,000 feet on a Detroit to Los Angeles flight and compares them with above normal background readings at his home in Santa Monica, California. He also discusses how radiation sickness may have caused an episode where Justin Bieber threw up on stage. The following are transcript extracts:

Michael Collins: [1:30 in] ...when we think about unit 4 and its possible collapse, I think folks are going to find it a little disconcerting that a recent round of new testing that we have done has shown radiation levels up in the sky, and in the air in Los Angeles still to be really high. Not quite as high as one year ago, and there is a reason for that. Our Year in Review covers all sorts of stuff, and it's easy for people to sort of get caught up in it. Things are so bad, Jeff, but you know, I do want to tell you, last time we talked, we were in Michigan, but we were taking readings coming back.
Jeff Rense: Got it.
Collins: Above the United States on a Detroit to Los Angeles international flight. The readings we got were about four times higher at the same elevation we were at, we took the same reading about 30,000 feet above the Colorado River at the Arizona-California line on the way to Detroit. We were going to match where we had tested exactly a year ago. What we got was 80% of what we got before. But instead of five times what the manufacturer of the Inspector Alert Nuclear Radiation Monitor that we were using --
Rense: Right
Collins: Instead of it being over five times what the manufacturer says that you will find at 30,000 feet, not on the ground where it is a lot less, we found four times as much. Four times as much radiation as should be found in the atmosphere. There were two people on the plane with masks on, and I am married to one of them.
Rense: Wow.
Collins: So it is just astonishing that people still don't get --they can really reduce their exposure to this by wearing N95 masks.
Rense: Sure.

Collins: They are not uncomfortable, and it just gives you a feeling of security on top of the fact that you actually are making yourself secure.

Rense: Have you bent to the temptation to write a little message on the mask at all for people who stare at you?
Collins: Oh, well you know what? People don't stare. That is the thing. And you know when we get up to go to the bathroom or to whatever, basically go to the bathroom, we take them off. When we eat, we take them off. So it is not like, you know, anything that really does surprise people. You can buy these masks in airport shops that are good shops because they will not only protect against radiation, they will protect against that kid two rows behind you that won't stop coughing, or the volatile organic compounds that you get at low levels in jets because the air that comes into the cabin comes through the engine first. So you are going to get just a little bit of that petroleate. That is why you sometimes smell that, especially at airports when the doors are open and they are gassing up and the engines are roaring. Anyway, you will get that into the cabin and you can protect against that with this. Now I will tell you what you can't protect against. You can't protect against just walking around and breathing in the air, but you can outside -- on the inside, but you can control the inside. We have talked about having HEPA filters and their effectiveness. We have just done a six day test, finished it about ten minutes ago. The six days, 92% above background. 92%, and this is not background radiation like gamma radiation from the sun, or the stars, or the earth zipping through you and off to other places.
Rense: Got it.
Collins: This stuff, that if you get it in you, could do you great harm. And measuring it against a 40 day period a year ago, and extrapolating six days into 40 days, the 40 day period was about 7.46 or 7.5 times background. This would work out to be about 6.14 or six times background. This correlates with the same readings that we got up in the jets that we took from L.A. to Detroit and back, because we tested on the way back and we tested at a different and higher elevation, and there was a slight lowering there. But don't let it fool you. The lowering is a function of, that there is slightly less air emissions out of Fukushima. But this is what is so disconcerting, Jeff, we know now from EnviroReporter's research in the last year and stuff we have talked about here first and we have published, that all aerosols that go into the air on this planet, be it soot, be it anything, go up and come down within about three to four weeks. That is the life span of it. It comes up and comes down. When you hear about Cold War fallout, that is coming from above the troposphere, in the stratosphere. What was literally blown into it, and it comes out in dribs and drabs. So the fact that we still having such high readings before [reactor building] 4 collapses, which is kind of unfortunately due, I am amazed it has handled it so far with the degradation of the concrete, the intense radiation. We are running at 80% of what we were a year ago without that. That is from resuspension. That is from the stuff in the ocean being resuspended in the air, and it is from dust on the ground being resuspended from wind and our interacting with dust, rolling cars over it, plowing, all this kind of thing. It is very disconcerting, and you know, it is just natural to think that the further you get away from a disaster like Fukushima, you know, the more you can forget about it. I mean, I am not dead yet. Right? [Laughter]. No, no. You folks look at Rense.com every day, and you see these headlines, and they will blow your mind. We have in the last year and a half, we have had Rad News Digest, which also keeps a whole list of articles, which is very helpful. But these latest figures are definitely disconcerting. Now I can imagine that you can extrapolate this to the rest of the country, but you can't. There is a very limited database. However, in the time that we have been talking, almost in all the time we have been talking, we have taken 2,500 plus different radiation tests.
Rense: Got it.
Collins: So we have an idea.
Rense: That is a lot of tests. Are you kidding. You have a better idea than maybe most anybody in the country outside of the Feds who aren't talking.
Collins: Exactly. And that is a frightening thought...


Justin Bieber THROWS UP on Stage! (Vomits While Singing)


Jeff Rense: [14:53 in] ...I got to tell you, I just did a search for [laughter] "Justin Bieber Pukes." Do you know how many, there is a 12 second YouTube. Do you know how many people have looked at that? How many views it has gotten?
Michael Collins: Millions
Rense: 90 million. [Laughter].
Collins: [Laughter].
Rense: How to make a name for yourself. Just puke on stage, no problem. It was in Arizona
Collins: It is the biggest unbelievable self-deception I have ever seen. We are in that Twilight Zone episode. We are in together, Jeff. The people listening right now, we are all in it together.
Rense: Yes.
Collins: Because a guy like Justin Bieber, Ah Man! Wouldn't it be cool to be Justin Bieber and flying all around the world, all the time, never wearing a mask. Because there is Fukushima emissions up in the air. That stuff when you have three blown apart, nuclear reactors.
Rense: Right.
Collins: We are getting these measurements a year later, measurements we could say we took this measurement exactly a year later, at exactly the same place, in a very rarified environment, a jet aircraft cabin. This is what we got. So this guy is flying around, President of the United States, everybody. It is a giant, you know, like nothing is going to happen...




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