Alfred Webre Interview with
Leuren Moret

Fukushima Tectonic
Nuclear Warfare
Monitored by World
HAARP Partners

21 May 2011




Fukushima tectonic nuclear warfare monitored by world HAARP partners (1:10:33), uploaded May 21, 2011

Interview Transcript


Transcribed by William B. Fox,
Publisher, America First Books
as a public service.

Alfred Webre: Welcome, this is Exopolitics TV, and we are once again with expert Leuren Moret, and today is Friday May 20, 2011. Welcome.
Leuren Moret: Thank you Alfred. Very nice to be on again, but I do not think my message today is such a cheery one.
Webre: Let me see if I understand what the message is, and that is that you have found that in fact the Fukushima tectonic nuclear warfare event of March 11, 2011, which has now spread this deadly radiation throughout the Northern Hemisphere and down to the Southern Hemisphere, and is implementing a policy of depopulation, was in fact monitored by international partners. Is that what you are saying or is there more?
Moret: That is correct. It was rather shocking to discover that. I also have much more forensic evidence now that HAARP was used on this event and that these international partners were conducting an observational experiment at the time this was happening.
Webre: Could you just before we get underway with all the details, just name some of those international partners?
Moret: Well, it would be Japan, Britain, China, I have forgotten all of them, just a minute. Russia, I guess I will get to it when we will get to that part of it.
Webre: I just wanted to see what exactly, you know, the level. Now, I know that you have put together a lot of graphs and charts and we will be putting them up in a special slide show. So could you begin to walk us through all the findings that you have found. .
Moret: Yes, just to get back to all the international partners, it is called the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association or EISCAT. It is a leading world scientific organization, or at least they call themselves one. I think I would agree with them. The headquarters is in Kiruna, Sweden, very near the Tromso, Norway HAARP facility. The partners there are Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Japan, China, and Finland. And Alfred, this facility was founded, this association was founded in 1975. So it was right at the very beginning of HAARP development, and Russia was also a participant in this experiment at the time of the Fukushima earthquake and disaster.
Webre: Right.
Moret: That is notable because Russia has the seven largest HAARP transmitters in the world, bigger than ours even, and they always have. So it is actually Russia that has been the lead scientific developer of HAARP, which is rather surprising, but not so surprising when you realize that they conducted very serious and very extensive scientific experiments in the Arctic since 1898. So in order to weaponize the ionosphere and the earth's magnetic field, they certainly knew more about the Arctic than any other country in the world with over a one hundred year history of gathering data there. The Arctic nuclear bomb tests were conducted in order to inject huge amounts of highly charged radioactive particles high into the ionosphere, and then observe the behavior of those highly charged particles, interacting with the earth's magnetic fields in the Van Allen belts. That is how they were able to develop HAARP as a weapon of mass destruction, and it also how they can manipulate weather, climate, earthquakes -- their tectonic warfare, it has a global influence, actually.
Webre: Was this the terrible weapon that Nikita Khrushchev was referring to?
Moret: Yes, but surprise, surprise, the U.S. and the Soviets were secret partners developing it. So we co-developed it. Their scientists came from the Soviet Union to the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, and we sent our scientists with money and technology and even a 40 ton magnet to the Soviet Union, and I am sure a lot of the experimentation, it was done in these northern latitudes of the Soviet Union close to the Arctic Circle where their HAARP facilities are.
Webre: What do you make of this recent videoclip of Zhirinovsky of the Russian Duma on I think it was Georgian national TV, where he revealed you know, that HAARP had done Japan, and threatened any nation not subjecting itself to the Big Four, Russia, China, UK, and USA, is essentially toast. [Editor's Note: Alfred Webre is probably referring to Russia has Secret Weather Weapons could Kill Millions Destroy, U.S. in 15 min. Russian Politician (YouTube VIDEO), uploaded May 16, 2011. Please see transcript in the Appendix below. I transcribed this because I have a somewhat different interpretation of Zhirinovsky's intent than Webre, although I am sure we would both agree that this translation of Zhirinovsky (presuming it is accurate) is still very ominous and filled with saber rattling. Please also see the article Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician, by Paul Joseph Watson,, May 16, 2011.]
Moret: Well I thought that was very interesting and I did take note of that, but you have to always be very careful about media and what is on the Internet. It could have been a false network broadcast, you know, done in a studio and then put on YouTube. We really don't know.
Webre: PSYOPs, right?
Moret: PSYOPs, yes, but you know, since I know that they have the biggest HAARP facilities in the world, and they have the power of veto in the UN Security Council, I am beginning to believe that the Soviet Union, and now Russia, have been a very major player behind the scenes with the other controlling entities on the planet, and that would be the British Dope, Inc., the British Royal family and the Crown, which is the City of London. The international financiers. I think Russia really does have a hidden hand in this.
Webre: Yes, Communism is a Zionist invention and Zionism essentially comes out of Russia. So, you know, there is a close kind of historical and bloodlines connection there.
Moret: Yes, that is true. That is certainly the fingerprint, the modus operandi for the last millennia. No doubt.
Webre: Yes, so lets get back to, and also before we finish this broadcast, I would like to give people an update on where the radiation stands, because that is utmost I know on people's minds. There is an information blackout on this. And also what kind of health data and health measures and nutrition measures people can take. But let us go on with this.
Moret: Yes, on May 18th, an article was posted in The Technology Review which is published by M.I.T. in Boston, one of the two big military contractors for weapons for the Pentagon and U.S. Government, and it was titled "Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before the Magnitude 9 Earthquake" which was at Fukushima. What this scientist said is infrared emissions above the epicenter of the -- it is actually called the Tohoku earthquake which damaged Fukushima and northern Japan -- it increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan. He posted a series of very, very interesting maps of Japan, where you could see the plate boundaries, the tectonic plate boundaries, there are four of them around Japan, or under Japan, and on March 5th you could see that there were heating spots in the north of Japan and in Kyushu, the south of Japan, which is on the Asian plate, subducting under Japan. Japan is just kind of floating or teetering above on the edge of that. There was also a spot near Hamaoka, which is south, southeast of Tokyo, I guess southwest of Tokyo, and so on the Philippine side of that plate boundary just offshore they were heating there too. These are fairly round, fairly circular heating spots. That would be characteristic of HAARP. On March 6th and 7th there was no activity, but on March 8th there was heavy, I would call it burning, or major heating, and it actually triggered a 7.2 Richter scale earth quake up in the north end of Honshu, which is the main island of Japan where Fukushima is also located. So on the 9th, there was further heating where that earthquake occurred, and there was much heavier heating on sort of the Tokyo area, the Kanto area of Japan, kind of in the middle of the big Island of Honshu. On the 10th there was very, very intense heating up above northeast of Fukushima, in the area where that earthquake had occurred, the 7.2 earthquake, and there was also more down on the southern end of Tokyo next to the Philippine plate boundary. Now on the 11th, the day that the earthquake occurred, there was very heavy burning offshore from Fukushima, some slightly in the sort of Chiba area offshore. And of course that is the day the earthquake happened. Now what is interesting is there was more heating, more than any other time, on the 12th. This time it was at the junction of the Philippine plate, the Asian plate, and the North American plate, which covers the Pacific. That is very, very interesting because three of those burn spots were in a straight line, which was from northwest to southeast. So this is really, really, interesting. The magnetometer readings at Gakona, Alaska actually correlate with these activities that were measured with the infrared light over the islands of Japan, the archipelago, and those measurements would have been made probably by five geosynchronous Los Alamos satellites that were used to observe the Kashmir earthquake, I believe it was in 2005. These magnetometer readings are very, very interesting, and they certainly correlate with that data. What they show, which was also observed by the Japanese magnetometer readings, is a frequency of 2.5 hertz for a couple of days before that earthquake. That is the frequency actually that triggers earthquakes with this HAARP technology. So I think that we are collecting much more information and understanding how HAARP works, and also finding the forensic evidence on their own sites to prove that what we are saying is correct.
Webre: Right. Now there have been various accounts, and people have been asking and saying that there were events in the sun which correlate with the various dates of the earthquake, or events in other astronomical entities like the galactic black hole. I just want to go through and test for the fact that it appears as though the data shows that it was HAARP and not these solar events of these other galactic, astronomical events that caused the Fukushima earthquake event.
Moret: Well the tectonic warfare is actually designed to release huge amounts of energy that are part of natural events. So in an earthquake zone, and the major earthquake zones are at the tectonic plate boundaries around the world where the continents, these tectonic plates sort of meet, or they are marginal to each other, those fault lines, and they are actually collision zones, have tremendous amounts of stresses that build up and they build up and build up. That is called the elastic limit. And when they reach a certain point where they have enough energy stored up to suddenly release it, that is called reaching the elastic limit. That would be like pulling a rubber band and pulling a rubber band tighter and tighter until it breaks. So what would trigger these excessive amounts of energy in a fault zone? Well something just as simple as a high tide which adds a tremendous amount of burden or an overload, a load on a fault zone. Actually high tides very frequently trigger earthquakes. This HAARP tectonic warfare technology is designed to be used in fault zones areas where the faults are overdue for an earthquake and where huge stresses have been stored up and accumulated. And that is how they triggered the Sumatra earthquake which threw the whole island of Sumatra 14 feet to a new position. Just the Fukushima earthquake, this is for a 9.0 earthquake, I had Marion Fulk who is one of the last Manhattan Project scientists who solved all the problems on the hydrogen bomb and made it work for the U.S., I asked him to calculate what the nuclear bomb equivalent energy was released from the Fukushima or Tohoku earthquake on March 11th. He calculated it and said it is one million 30 kiloton nuclear bombs the size of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So this is releasing much, much more of a shock wave, a destructive shock wave than a nuclear weapon can release. It is great, because no one thinks, they think it is just a natural event, an unfortunate earthquake and tsunami. They just pick themselves up and go on to clean up the disaster and to rebuild their communities, their lives and their country. But in the case of Fukushima and some of these other earthquakes that we know are triggered by HAARP, it is not a natural event, it is an artificially triggered natural event, which is a natural event that has been weaponized for the benefit of whoever is triggering it. Now the way that they are pumping extra energy into that fault line to destabilize it, as we know from the magnetometer readings, and from the atmospheric irregularities reported for a week over that fault area, and also geologists around the world are noticing that also happened in Haiti before the Haiti earthquake. It has happened in other earthquakes, which is not normal. It was not observed in the past. And so the way that they are doing it, is to pump very intense, very focused energy in radio waves. These are ELF or Extra Low Frequency waves into a fault zone. And that increases the heat and the stress, and finally after about five days of these daily pulsing into the fault zone they can trigger an earthquake. Now when a sun spot event happens, that energy that is released is not just diffused over the planet earth, it is also diffused throughout the solar system and also the universe. It is not focused. It is not pulsed. It is just a random event which has always happened. So it would not really be suitable for triggering earthquakes. Now what also goes along with this, is that it is the Department of Energy and Intelligence assets [Editor's Note: eg. Mossad-CIA-MI6] who are putting the sunspot theory out as the reason for these earthquakes. They are the ones behind the weapons of mass destruction. They are deciding how to use it and how to benefit from it. So I just do not think that is a credible theory. You have to ask scientists, not politicians and intelligence agents and bankers who are really gangsters.
Webre: Right, now there was an international HAARP experiment from March 2nd to 9th at Tromso, Norway. Is that sort of like the drill exercise that they had on 9/11, on the day of September 11, 2001, where they were simulating the hijacking of airliners?
Moret: Well, I think so. They may have even participated in it. It could have been a practice for them, you know, monitoring what the U.S. was doing. Certainly the signal was transmitted from Gakona. But it could have come from other transmitters as well. This was called the International Experiment on the Research of Ionosphere Heating Phenomena initiated by powerful HF radio waves provided by EISCAT at Tromso, Norway. EISCAT is that international organization or coalition of Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Japan, China, Finland, and Russia was there too. Two researchers, M. Shvets and E. Dubrovskiy, participated in this international experiment, and they are from the PGI [Polar Geophysical Institute], or the Geophysical Institute in Russia, Murmansk, and they were certainly there. I do not know why they were there unless this was of interest to a much larger community of scientists, but it is pretty interesting they were there since they were partners with the U.S. in developing HAARP. So the Japanese magnetometers were also picking up steady frequencies in the 2.5 to 3 hz range, which led up to the largest March earthquake. This was the largest one in the whole period of 150 years that Japan has been recording and monitoring earthquakes, so that is the resident frequency that creates earthquakes that the Japanese were picking up even on their own magnetometers. Now the Russian Group, Oh, PGI is the Polar Geophysical Institute, and it was established October 11th in 1960. So this Polar Geophysical Institute represented at the experiment in Tromso is located in Murmansk, but they also have facilities on the Kola Peninsula, in Barentsburg which is in the Spitsbergen archipelago, and that is sort of in the area where the Russians did the big hydrogen bomb tests to experiment or to study the ionosphere in order to develop HAARP. The PGI researchers, Shvets and Dubrovskiy, were in Tromso between March 2nd and 9th. So they were definitely there. The Russians interestingly enough, have a HAARP facility at Sura [Editor's Note: according to Wikipedia it is at Vasilsursk on the Sura River in Russia], it is called the Sura Ionosphere Heating Facility. It is actually called the Sura HAARP facility, but it is obvious from the date it was established in 1981 that it is 12 years older than the HAARP facility the U.S. has constructed or developed in Gakona, Alaska. That project began in 1993, so the Russians are definitely leading the research on this HAARP technology. Now it says officially in the Sura web site, the Sura facility was commissioned in 1981, "Using this facility, Russian researchers achieved extremely interesting results regarding the ionosphere behavior, and discovered the effect of generation of low frequency emission emission at the modulation of ionosphere current." So the American HAARP ionospheric heater at Gakona is very similar to the Sura facility. They look the same from the air. And of course the U.S. project started 12 years later. Now that facility is at Nizhniy Novgorod [Editor's Note: according to Wikipedia it is 100 km eastward of Nizhniy Novgorod at Vasilsursk], and I believe that is one of the places where Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientists worked during the Cold War with the Soviet scientists, and took equipment and money and technology, experimental stuff over there. This international HAARP experiment coalition, EISCAT, has a lot of descriptions about their program, and it is very, very interesting that they monitor things like Noctilucent clouds. These are the shimmering clouds that have been reported over the fault zones just before earthquakes. And they have been observed in China, before the China earthquake. They have been observed over the New Madrid Fault in the United States. People are worried about that being triggered. That sort of goes north-south in the mideastern part of the United States, sort of in the Mississippi River area. And that is a very, very serious fault, although it is not going to split North America, the continent into two pieces, because the roots of the continent are like the roots of tea. They go very deep into the mantle, and earthquakes would not release enough energy to split a continent. It might happen through plate tectonics, through continental collisions, but we are just talking about movement along a fault zone in mid-continent. So it is not quite as easy to split it as something like Japan. So it is pretty darn convincing that these people are in partnership, that it is HAARP technologies. The plasma resonance they are studying are 4 to 8 megahertz. The British also have one, it is called SPEARS, Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science, and it is located at Lancaster University in the Department of Physics. Now, their major projects are sub-auroral magnetometer network, imaging riometer for ionospheric studies, Digital All-Sky Imager Mark II. Interferometer, that is definitely HAARP, and another sky imager, so the group's main interest is in European Incoherent Scatter Facility Research, and the Tromso one is owned by six nations including the UK, which consists of three of the most sophisticated high power, ultra high frequency and very high frequency radar systems in the world. And EISCAT at Tromso has the world's largest high power HF transmitter, capable of temporarily modifying the natural ionosphere for fundamental wave plasma and radio propagation. They even talk about influencing climate and tectonic, sort of environmental issues. Now that coalition, including Russia as a guest there, were definitely monitoring what the U.S. was doing were doing from Gakona, Alaska in the week that the U.S. was doing the heating over in the plate margin areas on the east side of Japan and in the North area where the earthquake occurred offshore from Fukushima. So it is certainly partners in crime, I would say. It also makes it very clear that it is the citizens of these countries that are attacked with HAARP that are the real target. It is not militaries targeting other militaries. It is countries with these facilities targeting citizens. And I think it is a very, very, very dangerous technology. It is a very dangerous project they are embarking on. And it extends to CERN in Switzerland, which now has the capability to destroy the earth, to turn it into a black hole, to split it in half. So what they are using are Nikola Tesla technologies, which he suggested and developed and tested over a hundred years ago, and the poor man had all of his intellectual property stolen from him, ripped off, and he died poor. He must have been murdered in a hotel room, because the FBI went in on behalf of the Rockefellers, and cleaned out his laboratory, all of his documents and his experiments, all of his notes. They just took everything. I don't think that it is any accident that the south boundary of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab is named Tesla Avenue because Livermore is where the HAARP technology project was conducted secretly with the Soviets. That was under the cover of the Star Wars and national ballistic missile defense and national missile defense. [35:07]
Webre: Well it looks like Tesla-based technologies are the fundamental technology for all of the black ops. From the HAARP-like ops to the quantum access to the time space hologram in terms of the teleportation blacks ops technology, which is Tesla-based and the time travel technology which is Tesla-based. But this new finding of yours confirms what many researchers stated, and that was that the November 9, 2009 spiral, which appeared over Tromso, Norway the night before before President Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize, was indeed an artifact of HAARP, and not a Russian rocket. So it appeared otherworldly, and people have said that it was part of Project Bluebeam, and that is the use of the mind control conditioning aspects of HAARP. So what you are saying now is that we really have almost various tiers. We have at the top of the pyramid, or at the top of the tiers, kind of the puppet masters that are the international bloodlines to the Black Nobility, to the Queen of England, to the Zionist bloodlines at the City of London, and up through Moscow. That comes down to the various nation states, not surprisingly the Communist nation states, because both Lenin and Mao were Illuminati projects, the Skull and Bones Project, through Harriman and Bush, George W. Bush's grandfather. Skull and Bones basically funded Bolshevism and Communism and Capitalism. Mao Tse Tung was a Yale and China project.
Moret: You are absolutely correct. That's right.
Webre: And then you have got the UK, and the US is sort of the main kind of battle front, or muscle for this. I am surprised that Israel does not have a HAARP facility, but I guess they are the trigger masters or maybe the targeters.
Moret: Well, it is not clear why they don't, but they may have privileges at these facilities. There are certainly a lot of them at Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. There are a lot of Israeli visitors, and we have had an Israeli astronaut on the space shuttle. So Israel is definitely part of it, but it may be a hidden part. Now what a radio host told me just a couple of weeks ago, she is in San Diego, and when I was mentioning NASA and Google, and the fact that the two Google owners, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, park their private planes at the NASA facility in Mountainview, the woman said, "Oh my God!" She said "An engineer who works at that NASA facility told me at night many Israelis come into the NASA facility." So the Israelis are part of it too, but it is in a more hidden way.
Webre: Right, so how do you square that with Barack Obama today, suggesting that the Israelis-Palestinians go back to the 1967 borders, which is what the Palestinians were asking for, is that like to secure an even playing field vis a vis the Arab world, or is that just a different level of the chess game?
Moret: Oh, I just think that Obama was chosen and created as a black man to carry out this genocide against white people, the whole North American continent. That huge spiral over Norway when he received his Nobel Peace Prize, was an ironic sort of "Ha! Ha!" by the CIA or this coalition of partners who are really at the top of the pyramid. Because he is their stepinfetchit guy to carry out all these HAARP events. Look what he has done. Look at the HAARP events, the tornado episode in the southern United States. Fukushima, which will change forever the North America continent, not to mention it will be contaminated forever with very, very, very dangerous fission products. While the military manipulated weather to rain for two straight weeks day and night, along the whole West Coast of North America, certainly the United States, Obama took his wife and children to the Southern Hemisphere, Never mentioned the danger and never has since and avoided contamination while he left the whole country that he is the head of, and the head of the military too, to take their dose without a whimper. And not only that, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, who has already been a governor for two terms, his sister works for Goldman Sachs, and he declared a state of emergency in a number of counties, I think 19 counties, because of all the flooding caused by the military rainout of Obama's nuclear war on the United States. Well it goes beyond Obama, but it is indicated by his appointment of Dr. Steven Chu, who won the Nobel Prize for solar energy at Stanford, he was moved to the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, which is the home of the Manhattan Project and received $500 million from BP. He was only there two years as a holding place, until Obama became President. He immediately appointed Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, and Steven Chu immediately appointed a British Petroleum scientist called Dr. Koonin, and so he was one of the under secretaries of science. And they oversaw the BP disaster in the Gulf. So what is this resulting in? What this is resulting is a chemical, a very, very nasty chemical pollution and contamination of the Southern United Sates and the Eastern United States, which will combine with this radioactive pollution that is arriving from Fukushima. Very dangerous fission products. Chemicals plus radiation interact synergistically and multiply the effects of each other. So we are getting huge doses of ionizing radiation, and very, very dangerous, more than 1,300 fission products from Japan, and the East Coast and the Southern States are getting a chemical and radioactive cocktail in all their food, their drinking water, and in the air. So clearly this is having a dreadful, a long lasting effect. A terrible economic hit on North America, and that includes Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. This is exactly what they did to the Soviet Union with Chernobyl. They are using these horrific environmental events to bring about transformations in the geopolitical realm.
Webre: To follow up with that, with two Illuminati mouthpieces, one of whom was former U.S. President Bill Clinton, of course a principle in the Bush, Dope Inc, Mena Arkansas Cocaine Gang during his term of office in Little Rock as Governor, and I think that is pretty well proven. I recall very distinctly a scene where Barack Obama was first elected president, and Bill Clinton was on the podium with him, kind of introducing him, and saying, and these are the exact words, "This is Barack Obama, he is going to be your executioner. He is going to execute the laws." [Editor's Note: See A Clinton Puma Obamaland, with the quote "He can be the Chief Executor of good intentions as President. (...) he is a great executor." Please also see the transcript extract in the Appendix below for the YouTube video of Bill Clinton's speech during Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign in Kissimmee, Florida where Clinton says "chief executor" and "great executor." Code language?]. The "executioner" was the double entendre. It is a Masonic thing. Obama uses a lot of that where they stick their tongue in their mouth. That is a Masonic thing. Tongue in cheek. This is Obama, this is your executioner. Now I am thinking that we have talked about it. Is this not an artificial intelligence that is directing all of this, the New World Order? [45:58]
Moret: I believe that it is. I live in the city of Berkeley and the University of California and San Francisco State University, probably all the state universities, have been using directed energy weapons and mind control and social engineering on their campuses since the early 1960's. That was stated in an official U.S. Air Force report by a Colonel, I don't remember his name, but I was not surprised to read it because I was an undergraduate at UC Davis in the '60's, and the monkey colony there has been used, it was set up even before the '60's, and used since then to develop the mind control technology in animal studies to be applied to humans. The photo that I have in about 1964 of Nelson Rockefeller, beside Edward Teller at the dedication of the new applied science facility in Davis, was exactly where the animal studies were applied for human application. I interviewed a man who was kidnapped. His name is David Silvey. He has written a book called Project Artichoke, which people can buy through Amazon, about his experience since his childhood since he was 8 years old, where he was experimented on with MKULTRA and with mind control, chemicals, and with EMF, Electro-Magnetic Frequencies, in the safe house, which was at Livermore. Project Artichoke is how they created Manchurian Candidates. That is actually where he saw Sirhan Sirhan, three days before the Bobby Kennedy assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Dave said I can't remember anything at that time, but I am sure that I was there too.
Webre: Exactly, you know these are very rich areas and show the interlocking of all these events over four decades. But we actually have only about 12 minutes left in this segment. The time has gone by so quickly. I know that there are at least two major parts. One is that the contamination levels exposed by nongovernmental monitoring stations under the Nonproliferation Treaty, show that the largest radiation releases were in the first week. I am wondering if you can walk us through some of this and also through the behavior of TEPCO, the Japanese power company, within the time left that we have. [49:00]
Moret: Yes, well, the only really good data that we have been able to get is from the International Nonproliferation Treaty Monitoring Facilities that have very sophisticated equipment. They can do air monitoring as well as make other measurements. They are nongovernmental, so we are able to get more information from them. And the Takasaki station in Gunma, Japan, in the north of Japan, their reports were released by the Ministry of Education. The data tables of their air monitoring are extremely alarming. They expose that TEPCO, and the Japanese Government, the U.S. Government, the Canadian Government, are all lying, the international agencies. And what the data table indicates that the largest radiation releases from Fukushima were in the first week after the March 11th earthquake. That is when the explosions occurred in Building One, Building Three, where the MOX fuel was, Building Two, and then Building Four. There were extremely high levels, March 15th and 16th, reported in the data, but the data for March 14th to 15th is missing, and that was when the explosion occurred in Reactor 3, the MOX fuel pool. The first increased radiation levels were detected after March 14th. So there was some kind of very, very large event in Reactor 3 that did not occur in the other reactor explosions. Now there were some releases of radioactive iodine and radioactive cesium on March 19th. There were more releases of radiation on March 21st, 30th, April 18th, and those were probably related to activities that they were doing to try to respond. TEPCO was trying to respond to an absolutely impossible disaster. Not only is every reactor much larger than Chernobyl, but there are six of them, and there were 600[000] spent fuel rods in cooling pools. So this is the greatest radiation disaster in the world and people don't even know about it. Now, on March 16th, that is the only time that huge amounts of Iodine 135 were released. The half life is less than 10 hours. So there had to be a nuclear event, and that coincided with the explosion at Reactor 3. Mr. Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University mentioned this mysterious Iodine 135. The levels were so high the Takasaki station could not even measure it. It went off scale. The result is that he said the huge amount of Iodine 135 supports the speculation of a nuclear explosion at the Number Reactor 3 Reactor on March 14th. We know now that it was in the spent fuel pool. The land surface contamination now from this data table indicates Cesium 137 as high as 80 curies or three million becquerels per square kilometer in Iitate Village which is 37 miles or about 25 miles from Fukuoka, and levels as high as 1.4 curies per square kilometer in Chiba, which is 220 kilometers from Fukushima. So that is about 130 or 140 miles. This is horrendous. And the proof that this is getting into all of the plant material, and contaminating the whole environment and it is supporting the fact that all of northern Japan should be evacuated, because a professor Bin Mori of Tokyo University graduate school of agricultural and life sciences, provided autoradiographs on his blog of dandelion leaves. This actually shows the particles of radioactive materials that landed on the leaves. This is supporting the evidence and the reality that it is landing on all our food here in the United States too.
Webre: Now let me ask you a question there. Two questions, number one. Is radiation still coming over? Being directed through the troposhere to North America and into the Northern Hemisphere.
Moret: Yes, yes. We also have a debris island of tsunami debris. It is at least 40 miles across. The Navy observed it. That is all the building materials, cars and trucks and even whole houses bobbing along in the Pacific. It is all contaminated with radiation. It will be washing up on our shorelines and then the shorelines of Hawaii. The whole North American coastline up to the Aleutians will be contaminated for years by this radioactive trash that will be floating up on to our beaches. We won't even want to be taking our children to beaches along the West Coast, much less eating anything out of the Pacific Ocean.
Webre: Now these are just horrible facts, but I want to get them out on the record. In terms of the radiation released, we know that there was a huge cover-up at Chernobyl that was intended as a kill shot for the Soviet Union.
Moret: Correct.
Webre: About a million people have died. Perhaps more.
Moret: That is correct.
Webre: In terms of Fukushima do you have an estimate of the radiation that has been brought over to North America and to the Northern Hemisphere and is continuing to be released into the Northern Hemisphere. Are we talking about a million atom bombs. Is this a kill shot for North America?
Moret: This is a kill shot for North America. This is contaminating all of the Japanese agriculture, food sources, drinking water, agricultural water, all of North America from Canada to Mexico, including Hawaii, and it is radioactive isotopes that have half lives of millions of years.
Webre: You quantify the amount of radiation, for example --.
Moret: More than Chernobyl, other than that, other than that, I can't possibly quantify it. We don't know yet. We have so little data, it would be impossible to estimate now. But we do know it is more than Chernobyl.
Webre: So it is at least six Chernobyls, plus plutonium?
Moret: Yes.
Webre: Each of the units was larger than the Chernobyl plant.
Moret: That is correct, but Chernobyl did not blow up the spent fuel rods. This is what makes the Fukushima so much more dangerous and different.
Webre: So this could be a thousand Chernobyls.
Moret: It could be, we have no idea. We just have no idea. And then it will start washing up on the shorelines.
Webre: Why is it that question, which is a crucial question, is not being addressed on either side of the fence.
Moret: Because they don't want to answer it. They want to dose us first, and then tell us later. They don't want us to know.
Webre: Can anybody in the alternative analysis community, part of the resistance of the population, you know we are the people's army, we are the people, is there anybody on our side that can address that question and answer it within "x" degree of certainty so that we know the ballpark that we are dealing with. Is is a thousand Chernobyls, it is a million?
Moret: I know exactly who knows this. Dr. Chu and Dr. Koonin. They planned this. They pulled it off and they are covering it up. They are also directing TEPCO in what to do along with General Electric.
Webre: When are we going to begin to see a die off of the North American population.
Moret: Well the Japanese within 60 miles or 90 miles of Fukushima, the teachers already are reporting radiation disease and rashes on their skin. They are already exhibiting radiation sickness. What we will see immediately is a drop in fertility in North America of at least one child per woman in one year [59:46]
Webre: Now there was that motion picture Zardoz starring Sean Connery that may have been an Illuminati foreshadowing of the Fukushima event, and that is where it is a post-Apocalyptic World, the human population is radiated, and their features have been affected by radiation and their breathing, so that they are kind of hybrids affected by radiation. Do you think that the humans in the Northern Hemisphere ten years down the road, or how many years down the road will it be before the humans are affected?
Moret: They are already affected. We will see big decline in infant mortality this year in North America tbecause --
Webre: A big decline in infant mortality?
Moret: Can I explain it? We will see a big decline in infant mortality in 2011 and 2012 because the women who are pregnant in their first weeks of pregnancy, 80% of those embryos that exposed to even low levels of radiation, will either be aborted or reabsorbed by the woman's body. So that will decrease the number of babies born, but it also will kill the weaker babies out of the embryos the first, say, four weeks. A lot of women don't even know they are pregnant when they go through the airport scanners. When they live near nuclear power plants they have trouble carrying babies, they lose their babies. This is why. Or they do not even know they are pregnant and they are un-pregnant before they even know they are pregnant. Now, the new film called After the Apocalypse, is a documentary film which was premiered in London on March 11th. This is the reality, this is the documentary of that film Zardoz that you were talking about. This is the reality of all the nuclear bomb tests that were conducted in Kazakhstan, at Semipalatinsk, and what the people look like now. It is exactly what Zardox was made about in a fictional sense, but this is reality. And this is what North America is going to look like in time. We will see more and more people with mixed sexual aspects. We will see higher sterility and infertility. We will see feminized men and masculinized women, because these hormone and estrogen effects of radiation are very subtle. But they are already being expressed. I saw them in Portland, Oregon a month ago. There were women at meetings that I went to who had beards and moustaches. Women with physiques and bodies like men. And men who were very feminine. So it is already happening. All you have to do is go to cities that are close to nuclear facilities, and certainly Portland is on the Columbia River, which is completely contaminated by Hanford Nuclear Weapons Lab, and by the nuclear power plant, the Trojan Reactor, which was on the Columbia River. It is turned off now. But it has feminized the men, and masculinized the women already, and you can see it everywhere. [1:04:11]
Webre: Right, and one final question. It kind of struck me, because the fact that that documentary screened on March 11th seems like too coincidental.
Moret: It is not a coincidence. And remember, that was Russian bomb testing in Kazakhstan. The Mongolians have told me now, that the Chinese did nuclear bomb tests in Mongolia and the Chinese now are growing potatoes for the Mongolian food supply in their nuclear test site so that they are feeding and selling radioactive potatoes to Mongolians, and it is all about depopulation, in Kazakhstan and in Mongolia. And this Mongolian woman said "I am not from Mongolia, I am from Mining-olia!" A woman from Mongolia a few years ago went to the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab for two years, who knows what she was doing, but she went back to Mongolia and started a whole uranium mining industry in Mongolia. The whole environment is being contaminated just like we did, or I should say the British bankers did, with the Indian Reservations in the Southwest, where they poisoned the whole Navajo Reservation with uranium mining activities.
Moret: So now what we have is documented proof, starting with the top tier of the Zionist bankers and the City of London bankers and the royal bloodlines in the Black Nobility and British aristocracy and Crown, now coming down to all of the major nations, which are just kind of shills for them. In fact that leadership, which is an Illuminati leadership and part of the Illuminati pyramid, fascism and communism are all up just under Aleister Crowley, all of those are carrying out the depopulation program put in motion by the Rockefellers prior to Hitler, and adopted by the British Crown, and according to the Zionist plans, the Zionist bloodline plans, and it is all through radiation. That seems like a future to you? Do you see any bright light coming out of there?
Moret: Well, I was in denial for eight years. I thought this was all an accident, but two years ago I got completely converted when I did a search on Google for the University of California plus Skull and Bones. And that took me straight to the bankers, nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, depopulation, it is all for the bankers and the British Crown, and other royal thrones in Europe and around the world. It is no accident that most HAARP facilities are located by very large mining projects over the next century for British-owned mining companies.
Webre: So basically they are carrying out the project of reducing the population of this planet, like the Georgia Guidestones say, about 500 million and a master-slave class system
Moret: Well, I don't know about the Georgia Guidestones, but you don't need to see those to see it and figure it out. I looked at the decline in fertility in Iran. Iran is in a secret nuclear war carried out from Afghanistan and Iraq. The Monsoon continually rains out, or snows out more and more radiation into Iran. Now Iran had very large families. The women had eight or more children. That was the average size of the family in Iran in 1986. One year after Chernobyl it dropped by one child to seven children. But today, after 20 years of uranium wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, the fertility rate of Iranian women is less than 1.6 children. That population, like the Japanese population, is going extinct. That is also what is happening in Israel to the Jewish population. They are decreasing. Their birth rate is lower than their death rate, while the Palestinian population is increasing. So they have nuked themselves, and all we have to do is sit and wait.
Webre: Well, on that note, we have come to the end. We have gone a bit over, but we have come to the end of this segment. Sitting and waiting goes against the grain of many of us, who at least if we are going to sit, let us stay as healthy as we can and as alert as we can. So we would like to invite you back for a special program to look at just lifestyle changes and consciousness changes that we all should engage in, in this new, what should we call it, the brave new world of ionizing radiation. Thank you very much Leuren.
Moret: Thank you.



2011-05-22 Leuren Moret: Fukushima tectonic nuclear warfare monitored by world partners by Alfred Lamont Webre,


2011-05-16 Transcript for Russia has Secret Weather Weapons could Kill Millions Destroy (YouTube), U.S. in 15 min. Russian Politician, and interview with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, uploaded May 16, 2011.

Zhirinovsky: Washington, Brussels, Moscow, Beijing. That's it. The only 4 capitals of the world. No one else matters, no one else has any serious influence. The rest of the countries are not real players in the international scene.The four capitals of the world will always agree. Players are Obama -- Representatives of the EU, -- Medvedev, -- Representatives of China. That's it. The four of them will always agree. In this case, the Chinese will come to Moscow and will agree with the position of Moscow. The Europeans will arrive in Moscow and agree with the position of Moscow. And then the Americans will come to Moscow as Biden did. And agree on everything, just like him. No problems. Everything is decided in the 4 capitals of the world, and nowhere else. Now add to this, that: Washington has no future, that artificial state will collapse; Then this old Europe will collapse, a continent, with no importance whatsover, China is also about to explode, and what remains is Russia! In possession of orbital launch capability and space power. Russia, with lots of money and resources. And new weapons which nobody knows anything about...not yet. With these new weapons we will DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. No explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of a laser, not lightning. It is a calm and quiet weapon instead, with which whole continents will be put to sleep, forever. That's all for now.
Interviewer: There was that tsunami in Japan, right?
Zhirinovsky: I say, if you want even the tiniest Kurile Island from us you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And 129 million of you will all die! And that goes for the rest of the world too. Everybody should start thinking about their own future. and the future of everybody else. Are you still thinking about selling your Georgian wine to Russia, now? You want UN observers at the border? Do you want the world to forget the word Georgia completely? It will be the Russian-Turkish border instead! Think about that, President Sakashvilli. Then there will be another tsunami on the other side of the planet, in the Caucasus, that will be the end of you!

2008-10-30 Transcript for Bill Clinton Obama in Florida Part 2 2/5 (Video).where Barack Obama and Bill Clinton share a stage in Kissimmee, Florida, uploaded Oct 30, 2008. At 46 seconds into this video Bill Clinton says, "Has there ever been a campaign that involves so many people, that makes so much use of the Internet. That thought about how to solve problems. That gave people so much opportunity to give their money, give their time, to express their opinions, to do things. He has executed this campaign in a way that is different from modern and forward thinking, something that no one else could have done. He can be the chief executor of good intentions...So you have definitely got to vote for Barack Obama. He has the best philosophy, he has the best positions. He definitely has the decision-making ability. And he is a great executor. Folks, we can't fool with this, our country is hanging in the balance..."




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