Alfred Webre Interview with
Leuren Moret

Japan, U.S., Canadian Governments Complicit in Covering-Up Fukushima

15 August 2011


Editor's Note: This is a "rush" transcription of Leuren Moret: Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit in covering up Fukushima radiation, dated 15 Aug 2011 provided by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books that is reasonably but not totally accurate for my own false flag research purposes.

I have marked any transcription problems in brackets


Leuren Moret: People on the West Coast of the United States, and even in Arizona, have been reporting a metallic taste in their mouths. And in the Pacific Northwest around Seattle, they reported salty-tasting rain. These are indications of radioactive particles in the air just as they are in Japan. And the salty rain and probably the main cause of new increases in asthma reported in Japan and in the Northwest is Cesium Chloride, which is a compound that forms from the radioactive cesium released into the atmosphere from nuclear sources. On the night of June 14th a nuclear incident occurred in the reactor 3 building in the spent fuel pool when huge bursts of gamma ray florescence lit up the night sky and turned the reactor building as bright as the sun, indicating the spent fuel rods, and melted uranium and plutonium may have been boiling off. But it may have been something else because most of the radioactive isotopes in the spent fuel rods are oxides, and they have extremely high melting temperatures, so something certainly was happening, but we are not sure, and that is still with the assistance of a lot of top notch nuclear scientists. This is a very complex situation, and since it has never happened before there is a big learning curve. Of course we will learn a lot more about radiation because of this or accidents. The radiation from this unreported but very dangerous event on the night of June 14th was released without protecting the residents of Fukushima Prefecture, especially the children. But the radiation was detected at elevated levels from 2:30 AM to 7:30 AM on a monitor in Ibaraki Prefecture. How many curies of radiation were released? When will this nuclear war against the Japanese people and the Northern Hemisphere ever end? It is months later, and there are really no solutions to the problems at Fukushima. It is an unprecedented nuclear disaster many times worse than Chernobyl. Instead of evacuation, the Japanese Government gives the children who are sick with radiation symptoms now, they have increased asthma, diarrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome, they are very tired all the time. They have nose bleeds, it is just horrible. The government is giving them film badges to measure the external exposure dose. They are just part of the national sacrifice zone, exactly like the study groups in the U.S. who were secretly studied. Just like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims who are still being studied after we were exposed to nuclear bomb tests. The Iraq victims and Gaza victims, Cheney has been sending people over, exports over, to do dose assessments. To take soil samples and to assess the people to see how high the radiation levels are. And obviously so they can add more radiation until they can reach the desired dose to eliminate the target population. And the U.S. Government did the same thing to Americans during 1,300 nuclear bomb tests in the U.S.
Webre: So can I interrupt here? When you mention Cheney, was that during the Bush administration, or is he currently doing it, or what?
Moret: He was doing it under the Bush administration, but there are indications he sent the same person, his name is [M. Jean-François] Fechino to Gaza. And this is after Cheney and Bush left office. He is still involved.
Webre: I see, so the radiation from the depleted uranium, I mean of Gaza --
Moret: Well they also they used DIME weapons, D-I-M-E which is a very, very carcinogenic tungsten alloy. They are putting about ten pounds of it into the warheads of various bombs and missiles. And it has a 100% tumorigenesis within three to five months, and hundred percent death rate within seven months, and this is in rat studies. But we know already from death rates and analysis of various parameters in Fallujah and Iraq that they used it there and Lebanon. [5:41]
Webre: Right. So these are similar, very specific genocides going on.
Moret: Very specific genocides, with more and more efficient technologies.
Webre: Back to food contamination in the U.S. due to Fukushima.
Moret: Yes. I want to mention a study that was reported from Los Angeles on July 15th. The title is "Abnormal Spikes Reported in Southern California Radiation. Radioactivity in Los Angeles Peaches Jumps 208% Above Normal." So this is a volunteer radiation monitoring program that people are doing because ordinary citizens have to do the measurements now. They can't count on any other international organizations or their own governments at any level. We are on our own now and we are facing total extermination and genocide if we don't act on our own behalf. I can't emphasize that more strongly. We are on our own. So what these citizens found on July 8th was the interior spot reading in a Santa Monica market had an approximate background of 39 counts per minute. Two peaches sustained 81 counts per minute and above or over two times the background, 208 percent times higher than the site background. On the seventh of July a ten minute interior average of the driver's side floor mat of radiation station's vehicle; 48.8 counts per minute which is 23% higher than the previous interior average. So here we begin to see the cumulative effect of low-level radiation in the environment in the western U.S. This is Los Angeles. On July 6th there was a ten minute interior average of a radiation station. Teledyne waterpik air cleaner and ionizers 3M filter. So it is a dust aggregate from the filter which was video-recorded at 57.6 counts per minute, which is 46.94% higher than the previous interior reading. So this is a cumulative effect. Then at 7 PM, an hour before, the interior average of "Radiation Station Teledyne waterpik air cleaner and ionizers 3M filter," a specific spot on the filter measured 50.2 counts per minute, which is 53.5% higher than the preceding interior reading. So this is what is happening all over Japan, but at higher levels. We have got it all over the U.S. now. It is on our shoes. We are tracking it into our houses. It is on our rain umbrellas. It is on our raincoats. On our jackets that we wear outside. Our gardens are contaminated and our drinking water is contaminated. And our food is contaminated. Now what is notable is the last decades, the last ten years, bipolar disorder has increased 40 times in the United States.
Webre: Is that because more people are being given the diagnosis or is that because standard diagnosis has increased 40%. [10:10]
Moret: It is being caused by the increasing levels of global radioactive pollution. And in the last ten years that would be from primarily the depleted uranium floating around the world and being rained out into the environment all over the world from the depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are using them in Africa. They are using them on Mindanao in the Philippines. They are using them all over Australia, every base. And we are about to have another Talisman Saber huge joint exercise in Australia with U.S. [Australian] and American troops. A quarter of a million troops, and I have documentation from Australian military web sites and soldiers blogs that are photos of every caliber of depleted uranium munitions being used during those Talisman Saber exercises. Australia is completely radioactive. It is blowing all over the Southern Hemisphere. And it is just causing horrendous brain damage. Uranium really affects the brain function and causes a decrease in intelligence, in SAT scores. Very large increases in bi-polar disorders. What is the disease children have where they can't concentrate -- dyslexia. All kinds of -- Autism. it is horrific what is happening to American children, and it has got to be radiation, because this is the same brain diseases as --
Webre: ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder.
Moret: Attention Deficit Disorder, yes. These were also reported during the nuclear bomb tests. As soon as we turned the radiation off and ended the bomb testing, the fishing catch improved overnight, practically. Recovered in less than five years. And unfortunately the brain damage in American children has become permanent. There was a 12% decline in SAT scores for children born between 1945 and 1963, 12% just a few years, and that never recovered because nuclear power plant pollution replaced the bomb testing nuclear pollution. Now Japan has had three nuclear wars since WWII when they were bombed with Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs. Then they got the Fukushima power plants, and now they have got the Fukushima disaster which is going to finish the Japanese future.
Webre: We may have covered this elsewhere, but I would just like to reiterate it for this for this particular program. What you just mentioned about the effects of stopping the atmospheric nuclear tests, and how there was a recovery in the biosphere among humans to a certain extent, so that means that if in Japan these nuclear reactors had been encased in concrete or some other similar thing, I am not the expert here, or even now similar measures had occurred such as occurred at Chernobyl and elsewhere. This would greatly ameliorate the situation. It that correct?
Moret: Yes, the initial response created all these problems.
Webre: So why is it that, I guess the answer is obvious, is it because this is a false flag operation tied to a genocide that in effect there has been no "permanent solution" which has been relatively obvious to a casing in Fukushima reactors in concrete or some other permanent solution like that.
Moret: Well let us just put it this way, the United States government and the Japanese government have been issuing joint contamination maps, joint documents, and so forth and so on. It is very clear that it is actually through the Department of Energy, Dr. Stephen Chu and his science advisor, Dr. Koonin, that they are running the emergency response in Japan. They are telling TEPCO what to do. And when one of the contamination maps was hacked by a Japanese friend of mine he discovered that the map was the same on the underneath layer, but instead of having joint release by Japanese and U.S. Government, it said map made by the Department of Energy.
Webre: The U.S is basically calling the shots as to Fukushima, and the U.S. Department of Energy as we know from the BP oil spill is essentially run by the British crown and the City of London.
Moret: Well let's just take it to Queen Elizabeth. Dr. Steven Chu received a Nobel Prize for his research on alternative energy, solar energy. And he was at Stanford then. Two years before Obama was elected he received 500 million dollars from the Crown, which is the City of London bankers for the Queen to start his election campaign. Steven Chu was hired two years before Obama was elected by the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, which is where the Manhattan Project started. And it is managed by UC Berkeley. Steven Chu, while director of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, received 500 million dollars from British Petroleum which is owned by Queen Elizabeth to set up a British Petroleum, it is called the Helios Research Project or research village at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. And so he was very beholden to British Petroleum and Queen Elizabeth. His twin, he called him, at that time while he was director, was British Petroleum scientist Dr. Steven Koonin. And as soon as Obama was elected President, he immediately appointed Steven Chu to be head of the Department of Energy and Steven Chu immediately appointed Dr. Koonin as one of his under secretaries for science. So it is the two of them who actually oversaw the British Petroleum Gulf Disaster, we know what happened there it was a big cover up, and they let the poisoning go on and on and on. They are also overseeing the Fukushima disaster, and obviously they are both British Petroleum. Chu is even a Nobel Prize kind of an agent. The Wallenberg bankers in Scandinavia run the Nobel Prizes. We know it is a dirty prize.
Webre: So they are both, Obama and Chu, are Nobel Prize recipients.
Moret: Yes, yes. So all three of them, Obama, Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Koonin are all working for Queen Elizabeth directly, there is no doubt. It is just how it is. Now what I did want to say before we go on to evidence of U.S. and Canadian Government complicity. There is a very strong, very subtle, and immediate radiation effect in terms of the birth, sex ratios. In other words, the number of new born baby boys born for every one hundred baby girls. As soon as there is radiation contamination, the number of new baby boys begins to drop, and in Fallujah it has dropped in the five years since Fallujah, the battle, it has dropped from maybe about 105 baby boys per 100 girls, that is the world average, to about 87. And that happened very quickly within two years of the Fallujah Battle. So we are seeing all over the world a decline in the ratio of baby boys to baby girls. And in fact the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation made a film, a documentary on the disappearing males. The little disappearing boy male children in Canada and that is reported all over the United States and other countries along with a big decline in fertility, a very large decline in fertility. Also a new article published on June 24th in the Daily Mail in England is that one in five pre-school children in the United States are overweight or obese, and there was an alarming article in a Chinese paper that a toddler two years old, weighed 131 pounds. His mother could not even pick him up. He weighed more than she did.
Webre: Amazing.
Moret: So this is what they are doing. They are turning the global population of babies and children into the Seven Dwarves at Disneyland. They are mutilating the future of all populations. And mutilating the DNA.
Webre: This is part of the nuclear depopulation plan, so as you say within a couple of generations we will be down to the one billion or the five hundred million that has been the plan of the British Crown, the Dutch Crown, the Rockefellers, the House of Rothschild.
Moret: And not only that, they are culling populations as well. I know that certain ethnic groups are targeted. I know that people with mathematical abilities are being targeted. They are culling them. They are attacking them from cell phone towers and other means and methods using HAARP. Using CIA cancer. And in England it has been reported that 50,000 people a year are being culled from the English population. [Editor's Note: In this interview she apparently says 150,000, but in the article "Global Depopulation Agenda and Fukushima (PDF); No Accident: New World Order Watch Review interviews with Leuren Moret, July 2012, Ms. Moret provides the figure fifty thousand, which is what she meant]. These are people who have the ability, the creative thinking ability, the mathematical ability to reverse the technologies that have been developed by the international financiers and the monarchies in order to cripple the human population and reduce it to a slave population they can easily control. There is no doubt about this. I am just going to talk about the government complicity now in the U.S. and Canada. Now on March 9th, there was a foreshadowing event of this Fukushima disaster, and that was that the Center for Disease Control in the United States suddenly posted a lot of documents on radiation and continued to for the next 30 days. Hundreds of documents.
Webre: And this is just to remind people, this is suddenly out of nowhere two days prior to the March 11, 2011 Fukushima event.
Moret: Yes
Webre: And that foreshadowing is part of the technology of a false flag operation so that it shows that it was a command and control element within the false flag operation that triggered the CDC to do this, and that coordinated the Stuxnet virus and the HAARP, possibly the Tromso, Norway HAARP facility on March 11, 2011. This is just so that people get an idea of the integrated, genocidal, planetary genocidal aspects of this program.
Moret: It has never happened before. I think we have been very lucky because of the Internet to be able to get so much information and to connect it. And I do not think that there are many people putting this information out. So the audience should not be alarmed by it. It is meant to empower you, not to frighten you. We are doing it because it is happening to everyone and everyone needs to know. So the radiation syndicated pages that the Centers for Disease Control posted have titles like Radiation Emergencies; Radiation Emergencies: Protecting Yourself and Your Family. Hold on just a minute. [Pause]. Radiation, Ask Questions, FAQs about a radiation emergency. Radiation emergencies information for clinicians. Radiation Institute. And so it goes on with many, many, many of these documents that were suddenly posted two days before the disaster. Now on March 17th, which is the day before the radiation from the first Fukushima explosion reached the West Coast of the United States, public health officials in counties around California, and it must have been for every state, issued letters to doctors, ordering them not to give iodine tablets or iodine supplements to their patients who were concerned about radiation poisoning. How could a doctor in his right mind prevent his patients from protecting themselves and their families from damage to their thyroid glands. That is a central messenger system in the body that controls and sends messenger molecules to all parts of the body to control functioning. And damage to the thyroid is a main causes of this huge epidemic of obesity that we have in the United States. And I just keep saying over and over again they want to blame it on us, our lifestyles, our genetics, blah, blah blah, but if it is an epidemic, it is not genetic. It is impossible. So these public health officials in every county issued these letters. I have copies of two from different counties in California. On March 17th and 18th there were very, very heavy chemtrails being sprayed all over the San Francisco Bay area, and it has been reported that they were widely sprayed over the West Coast as well. Even parts of Arizona. On March 18th they were still spraying chemtrails. This was a Friday morning in San Francisco. And this huge vortex appeared in the sky over San Francisco. At 11:00 AM there was suddenly lightening and thunder and the electricity flickered. And at 11:05 AM suddenly tornado alerts came out on the television, and a two week downpour started. We should not have been having two weeks of rain at this time of year. We have no rain from April or May until November, because we have a Mediterranean climate in California. That downpour started. We get fourteen inches of rain on average every year in California. We were getting an inch an hour for hour after hour on many days. It caused flooding of 19 counties in California. The governor announced a state emergency because of all the flooding, but he never mentioned all the radiation. This is more weather engineering to carry out a more efficient nuclear war. And there is no more efficient nuclear war than that delivered by bombs or radiation that are exploded in rain clouds, and then that is rained out. We got a huge dose on the West Coast, and that is why the car floor mats and the building where that volunteer radiation monitoring station is, has been reporting such high levels, and they are increasing every day.
Webre: I really want to really like go in, in my capacity as a war crimes judge here, and in your capacity as a war crimes expert witness, and just begin to ask you, here we have a HAARP facility, that was a facility that was jointly developed by the U.S. and Russian governments. They are at least one of the twenty HAARP facilities around the world, one or two of them are in the U.S., one in Puerto Rico and one in Alaska. There is probably a great deal of technical knowledge about HAARP within the U.S. Government, namely the U.S. Navy and others. How high does the complicity and the knowledge within the U.S. Government, the Department of Energy, David Chu, all these people, do they know they are using HAARP to use weather warfare, to bring, to ferry the radiation across over to the West Coast and then to create these rain clouds to rain it down on the American people. Who in the U.S. Government is doing this, what do they know, when did they know this, and who is doing it? In your judgment, as an expert witness.
Moret: Well the three partners that developed HAARP are the Lawrence Livermore Lab, the UC Berkeley University Campus, and Stanford University. Steven Chu was at Stanford. He has to know about HAARP. He was chess-moved to the Lawrence Berkeley lab. When they hired him as director, I said "Oh, where is he going next. I knew it was a chess move." And it was a chess move to put him in charge of the Department of Energy. The Department of Energy knows all about HAARP, they developed it at their nuclear weapons lab. So of course he knows about it. Dr. Koonin, before he was hired for BP as a scientist, he worked as provost at Cal Tech. Cal Tech hired. He was responsible for hiring 35% of the faculty. The new faculty that he hired made up 35% of the total faculty at Cal Tech. So there he is acting for British Petroleum at Cal Tech to set up a whole new science direction that would benefit them. Steven Chu was working at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab with 500 million dollars of Queenie's money, the Crown money, to set up a whole new industrial park for BP called the Helios Project. So do you think these people know about HAARP? Of course they do. HAARP is for the Queen and for the oil companies. Of course they know about HAARP.
Webre: Do they know that Americans are being genocided with radiation from Fukushima deliberately by HAARP? That is my question. [33:28]
Moret: Of course they know that. In fact, Steven Koonin has a very broad background, but one of his areas of expertise is the oceans and ocean circulation and the ocean environment. So it took many decades to set up this Fukushima disaster. And I wrote an article in 2006 or 2007 for the Namaste magazine in England. It is called "Global Implications of Sellafield, the Irish Sea Coast Effect and Beyond" and that article got a very, very large global audience. It also caused the slashing of my face by the University of California Berkeley. They had it done remotely and with their directed energy weapons which they have used on students and faculty since the 60's. That was in an Air Force report. So in my article what I pointed out and proved is that the Sellafield nuclear weapons facility on the coast of Wales, well, Cumbria really, on the west coast of England, has dumped huge amounts of radiation deliberately. It is a reprocessing plant into the Irish Sea. They were deliberately doing it. It was admitted by a scientist who worked there to the environmental committee in the British Parliament. He testified and said that Sellafield was the largest nuclear facility polluter in the world. And I was able to prove that radiation migrated not just up around Scandinavia and poisoned all their fisheries in the Arctic, but that radiation moved south into the Atlantic where the Great Conveyor Belt, it is an ocean current that circulates through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and controls climate on this earth, that radiation from Sellafield, even though it was extremely diluted in ocean currents, over a forty year period it was carried to India where it up-welled in the Indian Ocean, washed up on the shore line, and along with nuclear bomb testing radiation, it was responsible for the deaths of twenty five million Indian babies in a forty year period. So that is the kind of stuff Dr. Koonin has been specializing in. And I believe that Koonin and Chu were active actors in the Fukushima disaster and the HAARPing of the tectonic plate zone where the Fukushima earthquake occurred. There has never been a magnitude earthquake in Japan in 1,200 years. There has never been a 131 foot tsunami in Japan in 1,200 years. These are unprecedented off-scale events that are not natural.
Webre: Right. Just to take it one step further. The Department of Energy clearly is culpable. David Chu and his deputy. Let' go to the executive. The presidency and the vice presidency. In your opinion as an expert witness, do you think president Barack Obama is knowledgeable and knows at this time, and Vice President Biden, that the U.S. is actively bombing its own citizens on the West Coast and now in the Midwest and southeast to southwest, with radioactivity from Fukushima?
Moret: Well, I think there are some very strong indicators. Number one is that President Obama took his wife and daughters to the Southern Hemisphere for the first two weeks after the Fukushima disaster. He never said a word to the American people. He split. He left us. He dumped us. He committed treason against the American people. Against the North American people. Against the Northern Hemisphere nations. Of course he knew about it.
Webre: On behalf of the British Crown.
Moret: On behalf of the British Crown. And I am sure that Steven Chu and Steven Koonin, I mean, all of these scientists have to -- and the politicians -- everybody has to be aware of what is happening so that they are put in key positions where they can control the emergency response. They can control the flow of information. We saw this happen with 9/11. A Rockefeller agent was put in charge of the EPA, and she denied that there was any danger in the air, and yet EPA officials monitoring the 9/11 site right after, right when it was happening, people were running in every direction trying to get out of there. The EPA officials were in full protective gear, with air tanks on their backs, walking around among the citizens scrambling for their lives. Of course they know.
Webre: Right, right, so basically when we are talking about people like Chu, the Secretary of Energy of the United States, his deputies, even you saying there is some evidence that even the President of the United States Obama and perhaps his Vice President can be considered as British spies. [40:02].
Moret: Yes, in fact we have had CIA dictators since George Herbert Walker Bush. Every single one of them.
Webre: Yes.
Moret: We are in a CIA dictatorship.
Webre: And the CIA essentially answers to the British Crown. It does not answer to the President, nor does it answer to the U.S. Congress, obviously. It answers to the British Crown and the City of London and the Rockefeller groups.
Moret: Well, the CIA and the Mossad, the Secret Service and Israel were both created by MI6. The intelligence agency in Britain. So they work for the British.
Webre: Right, so--
Moret: The FBI works for the British. The FBI is the secret intelligence agency for the Federal Reserve, and the CIA is the secret intelligence agency and arm of MI6.
Webre: So that is why we can now logically say, and find the logical train of culpability, why we can say at different levels of culpability, sure it goes up to the British Crown, and further down the pyramid, agencies of the U.S. Government starting with the President.are knowingly genociding the U.S. people with radiation from Fukushima using weather warfare capabilities and raining it down on them.
Moret: With a smile on their faces.
Webre: And now it can be measured in 35% spike in infant mortality. [This is followed by a 42:01 to 42:25 gap]
Moret: Alfred, Alfred
Webre: Just bring your camera back on if you can. All this interference was captured on camera on tape, by the way.
Moret: Good.
Webre: OK, so I just wanted to, as they say, put that on the record as to culpability. We are talking about U.S. complicity as to war crimes culpability and complicity in terms of officers and officials of the U.S. government.
Moret: Yes.
Webre: Complicit in genocide.
Moret: Yes, and the U.S. nuclear regulators have also weakened safety rules. They have relicensed very old, 64 old nuclear power plants in the United States that should never should have been relicensed. Forty years is how long they were designed to operate. They are forty years old, and they should be scrapped, and the nuclear regulators have relicensed them. They have increased the exposure limits for radiation exposure. They will not report any contamination in drinking water, food, or the air. They are reporting nothing to the American people. It is not any different than Japan. It is just more subtle and it is more covert and hidden.
Webre: Right. Exactly. Well, we have about fifteen minutes left in this sixty minute segment. What are some of the other indicators of U.S. and Canadian government complicity in this genocide.
Moret: Well this is very interesting. I received an email from someone, and she asked me to do something, and I said I have to know who is involved and so forth and so on. And it turns out that the names on the email, she would not tell me, but I looked up the names on the email, who she had "cc: ed." One of them was Dr. Barclay G. Jones, and the reason I was interested is because she told me she had been to a meeting at the IAEA in Vienna two months after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and she met with TEPCO officials, with this Dr. Barclay G. Jones, with IAEA officials, and Mr. Wataro Mezumachi (spelling?) who I mentioned earlier as sort of the liaison between the nuclear establishment internationally and U.S. Now Dr. Barclay G. Jones was going to provide her with instruments to analyze the internal radiation levels in TEPCO officials. She has a patent on the technology, but she wouldn't tell me what it was. So I looked up Dr. Barclay G. Jones. Well, he is Canadian, but he is the chair, he is 72 years old, and he is the current chair of the Department of Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois. He has academic positions on committees within the University and within some of his consulting activities have been in the Argonne National Lab, that is DOE. The Thermohydraulic Nuclear Regulatory, Commission Washington, D.C., Illinois Power Company Nuclear Review audit. Electrical Power Research Institute. Palo Alto Institute of Nuclear Power Operations in Atlanta, Georgia. He received an Athlone Fellow of Canada to Great Britain award in the 50's, and he was at Harwell, which is the British nuclear analytical laboratory in England. He also got a Halliburton Education Leadership Award and I believe that Halliburton is owned by the Rothschilds. He got an Edison Electric Institute Power Engineering Educators Award, American Nuclear Society Fellow, Palo Engineering Educator Award, Edison Electric Institute, that is probably Rockefeller, and outstanding professor award from his own department. So he is very, very, very tied in to the nuclear establishment, Canada, Britain, and the U.S., all three. He is a key player. And that department at the University of Illinois Champlain is very, very tied to the Health Physics Society. I am telling you these people are dumb. They are really dumb people. Now some of the conferences they have had I wrote down the different interests who were represented. This is the network that we are talking about that put this nightmare together and is now doing the cover-up. June 22, 2009 they had a big health physics society conference, not just health physics but other aspects too, and this is posted on the University of Illinois web site, which means it was very important, and they were very involved. So Entergy, the big nuclear power plant company was there, representatives from the Pilgrim and Indian Point reactors were there. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the University of Illinois, the Nuclear Engineering Institute, NASA, the American Nuclear Insurers. Isn't that interesting, the insurance companies were there. The EPRI which is the Electric Power Research Institute, Radiation Safety Control Services Incorporated, American Electric Power. The Presidents Office President Obama sent from the Office of Management and Budget, a representative. AREVA was represented from France. Wataru Mizumachi represented the Japan Nuclear Engineering Society. He was from Tokyo. PG&E sent a representative from the Diablo Canyon power plant. Progress Energy Environmental Lab. Chesapeake Environmental Services. So all these people, all these stakeholders -- there was another one at Brown's Ferry in 2009. Atomic Energy of Canada was there. Sumitomo Metals Industry was there. Exalon Corporation. Constellation Generation Group. The Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Plants. The German Chemkraftwurkliebstag [spelling?] A.G. was represented. Duke Energy, Oakridge Associates, University Studies, Ontario Power Group. Look at this spider web of vested interests. This is who is running the nuclear power industry. And the reason Areva is so interesting is because in a Japanese book an investigative journalist called Takashi Hirose wrote a two volume investigation of the Rothschilds, and he had a page in it that was in English, and it showed that the whole entire nuclear industry globally is run out of France for the Rothschilds. That must be Areva.
Webre: Yes, and to show the Canadian connection to it, as you know a huge amount of the lands here in Canada are Crown lands. Canada is one of the largest uranium exporting countries in the world, and that is part of the Rothschilds. The Crown of England's principle interests in Canada and against the explicit provisions of Canadian law and the rules and regulations of the Canadian nuclear regulatory committee, Canadian uranium is routinely exported from Canada and is the preponderant majority of the uranium in American, UK, and Israeli depleted uranium weapons. And when you and I brought this issue to a member of Parliament of the New Democratic Party, who brought it to the floor of the House of Commons, the now Prime Minister of Canada who is an Illuminati agent, Stephen Harper, brought the director of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of Canada and fired her on the spot right on the floor of the House of Commons over another pretext. But that is what it was about. To insure that there was a steady supply of Canadian uranium for depleted uranium weapons for the continued use in this planetary genocide. So we have named plenty of names here from Stephen Harper to Barack Obama to David Chu, his assistant, to President Obama to Vice President of the United States to Elisabeth Windsor and her Consort to the Rothschild Family to the Rockefellers headed by David Rockefeller, who should be in the dock for war crime.
Moret: I would like to name one more name. In another one of these conferences that was held in 2008 in Florida, I found a link between the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital to this nuclear industry. And one of the attendees was a medical doctor, Dr. Ludwig Feinendegen who was from UC San Francisco, the University of California at San Francisco. He had been there, but he is at Memorial Sloan Kettering right now. He is the one who has been promoting low level radiation, cell biology, research update, but Dr. Feinendegen is the one who has promoted hormesis. That is really interesting because the University of California is the major weapon of mass destruction developer for all the international financiers. And they were the management contractor and co-developer with the Soviet Union of HAARP. And it was developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab where I am a whistle-blower and here is one of the main promoters, a medical doctor of hormesis, which is a fantasy or a hypothesis or a disinformation meme that has been promoted broadly that low levels of radiation actually benefit your health. It is the opposite. Low levels of radiation, especially chronic exposure, which we are facing now for centuries [into the future], is an extremely dangerous thing to public health and the environment, because low level radiation per unit has a higher biological effect, a more dangerous biological effect than higher levels, and there are complicated reasons to explain it, but basically at high levels there are so many free radicals from the radioactive particles and tissue that they run into each other and cancel each other. It is the free radicals that cause a lot of the damage. So at low levels they are very far apart, and they do more damage because have to pair up with electrons by stealing them from molecules that make life possible in the cell. So there we have all of the ties right to UC San Francisco. And Alfred, I was attacked physically outside of my apartment on September 20th, 2010, in Berkeley, California by a man I have never met or seen. He was is the keeper of the RNA database, ribonucleic acid base at UC San Francisco. He is the one who physically attacked me in front of my apartment. I had never met him. I did not even know who he was. And it is because of the things that I have been exposing.
Webre: Right, right, and so we now can see through this forensic evidence, and by tying it into all of the hierarchy of government and offices and responsibilities that we have done, we can see how what we could call a catastrophic timeline has been created of a radiated earth that will be going forward. And that is the catastrophic timeline. Now, just to let people know that there is science out there that says there are parallel timelines and there is a positive timeline, and we can opt into that one. That's my humble opinion. We have about three minutes left in this segment.
Moret: OK.
Webre: I am just wondering --
Moret: I would like to tie it all together.
Webre: Oh, good, good. Great.
Moret: What I want to say, and I am sorry to interrupt you --
Webre: That's fine.
Moret: Slip this in. Prince Philip, who is the Consort of Queen Elizabeth, the British monarch, and Prince Bernhard who was the Consort of Queen Juliana, the Dutch Monarch, both were Nazis. They are both German. They were both German princes married to crown princesses, and Prince Philip went to a Nazi school in Germany when he was 16. The leader of that school left Germany and he went to Scotland and started Gordonstoun which is where most of the ruling elite send their sons including the crown prince and princess of the British monarchy. Queen Elisabeth has practically 95% of the ownership of uranium supplies and mines around the world, because she owns the mineral rights to all of the British Commonwealth. It is her personal wealth. Now Prince Philip started the world life fund and brought Prince Bernhard into it. That is a master plan to depopulate the world. The game parks, establishing game parks is part of the Tavistock Institute, Chatham House, Aldous Huxley, all of these people were very, very instrumental entities in developing this global genocidal program. And one of the most dangerous men, maybe the most dangerous man in the 20th century, was Bertrand Russell. He gave lectures in the 1930's on this whole genocidal effort and plan and they were compiled into a book published in 1952 called the Impact of Science on Society. So all of these people are grand architects of this global genocidal plan. And Japan was also always meant to be targeted.
Webre: Right. OK, well, we certainly want to thank you. We have had some listener feedback and communications that in our future updates they would like to also hear ways people can protect their health and the health of their young children and families. Also any technologies that may be out there that can reverse the effects of radiation. As we have seen, the studies show that as soon as the source of radiation is stopped, nature tends to self correct itself. But we will be addressing those issues in future programs. Thank you Leuren, and thank you [audience] very much.
Moret: Thank you Alfred.


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