Alfred Webre Interview with
Leuren Moret

Leuren Moret:
Chemtrails PSYOP,
Hurricane Isaac and
California Megaquake

30 August 2012




2012-08-30 Leuren Moret: HAARP/Chemtrails Psyops - Hurricane Isaac and foreshadowing California megaquake (1:13:54), uploaded by ExopoliticsTV 31 Aug 2012


Interview Transcript


Transcribed by William B. Fox,
Publisher, America First Books
as a public service.


Alfred Webre: Welcome back. I am Alfred Webre and today we are honored to have independent scientist Leuren Moret, who is here from Berkeley California, to give us an update which is tentatively entitled, "HAARP, Hurricane Isaac Psyops and Foreshadowing a FEMA-Predicted California Megaquake." Welcome Leuren.
Leuren Moret: Thank you, another great interview! [laughter]
Webre: Good! Well, we have seen quite a bit of ionosphere, upper atmosphere and on the ground,. political theater and PSYOPs with Isaac vis a vis the GOP Convention in Tampa, as well as perhaps some foreshadowing along the California coast. And for those who might not remember, in January of 2001, when George W. Bush was first elected, FEMA issued three warnings. Number one, of a terrorist attack in New York. That was 9/11, a false flag. Number two, of a destructive hurricane in New Orleans. That was Katrina in 2005, another false flag. And three, of the California megaquake or West Coast megaquake. Well, that hasn't happened yet, but there is perhaps some foreshadowing that happened along with the California [earthquake swarms] with the hurricane Isaac PSYOPs. And Leuren, you are here to parse all of that out for us, is that correct?
Moret: Yes
Webre: OK, so you have some evidence to share with us starting with Hurricane Isaac. That it was HAARP-controlled. Evidence from the satellite weather tracking.
Yes, actually a web site called had three video clips of Hurricane Isaac moving through the Gulf region and coming into, well actually it split, and part of it went off to Florida to hit the Republican National Convention in Tampa. But the most part, the biggest part of that hurricane went directly into New Orleans. So if you watch those satellite video clips, and that is U.S. Government data, you can actually see very, very, very heavy chemtrailing on both sides of Hurricane Isaac as it moved into the Gulf region coming from an easterly direction. Then these chembombs started going off inside the hurricane. They look like two big mushroom clouds, mushroom explosions, mushrooming up through the hurricane. It was actually in Bernard Eastland's patent application for his HAARP concept, his HAARP invention, that I first read about shooting rockets of chemicals and radioactive materials into the atmosphere to facilitate HAARP. So certainly if they are spraying chemicals all over the skies and they are associated with weather modification, they could also shoot these rockets with the chemicals into the hurricane as well and change the direction or whatever the intended chemical effect is. And basically it looked like in these video clips as Hurricane Isaac moved across the Gulf that it changed these chemical bombs in the hurricane. Changed the direction to the northwestern direction and also towards New Orleans, and then it split the hurricane. Split off a piece of it to direct into Tampa, Florida. I have never seen or heard of that happening before, but it is right there on the U.S. Government satellites, so it is hard to say that it didn't happen. It certainly did.
Moret: So then, one would say that there probably is an elaborate scripting much as you would script special effects for this sort of weather warfare, psychological weather warfare against the American mainland. Against the U.S. population, and against the political system.
Moret: Yes.
Webre: There would be an elaborate script that is well thought out.
Moret: It took years, decades to plan this and to carry it out. None of these things are overnight events. It takes a very long time to plan them and to develop all the technologies and test them as well. So there are three reasons why I believe that Hurricane Isaac was HAARP-controlled. The evidence is certainly there in the satellite weather tracking, U.S. Government. Number one, is that it was exactly the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. On that very day. Now there are photographs that I was able to find at the time of Prince Charles with Camilla, his wife, standing on the levee in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina. It was very unusual. Why would Prince Charles go to the New Orleans disaster? Why in the world would he do that? But there he was standing on the levee, and it was covered by the BBC and other news outlets in England. They made quite a big deal of it, and it is actually in a collection of BBC photos. It is called "Prince Charles and Camilla in Pictures." It was one of the featured events or appearances they made in their marriage. So to the British and the British Royal family and to the City of London financiers it must have been very significant. When you look at the political agenda and the economic agenda behind manipulating Hurricane Isaac in the manner that they did, it is pretty obvious why the British are so interested in New Orleans. So, first of all there is a political agenda. We all know that the Republican National Convention was held in Tampa, Florida. It happened to be right in the path of the split Hurricane Isaac. I have never heard of splitting a hurricane, but they sure did. That would be to disrupt the celebrations by the Republicans over their candidates Romney, and what is the other guy's name? His Vice President [running mate]? I can't remember. Anyway, it actually resulted in a comparison in the minds of the American people, comparing Obama's response to Hurricane Isaac to George Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, which was a total failure and a tremendous embarrassment to the Republicans. So it is unavoidable that Americans listening to Obama's public address and his warnings to people in the New Orleans area to take heed and obey efforts to relocate them, or to remove them from harm's way, to evacuate them. What actually happened is that in some areas the houses were under water. People were on the roofs. We will talk about that later in the details. We are just kind of outlining this right now. And then of course this is all to persuade the outcome of the election which will be in November.
Webre: Now I don't blame you for not remembering the name of Mitt Romney's running mate.
Moret: Ryan.
Webre: But it is Paul Ryan
Moret: Yes.
Webre: And of course Cathy O'Brian claims that there is a long mind control history in the Romney's, and that Mitt Romney and his wife used mind-controlled slaves. His father has a long history of implementing mind control techniques, and in fact wanted to implement those techniques in the Mormon Church.
Moret: Ryan is very, very, very deep CIA. He is extremely well-connected for a long time with the Mossad. He has been involved in very, very extremely dirty activities, illegal criminal activities with the Mossad and other entities that I will not name right now. But he is a very shady character, believe me, and the worst thing is that he is a Mormon.
Webre: That is Mitt Romney you are talking about [being a Mormon].
Moret: Yes.
Webre: So that it seems here that HAARP, which we know is controlled by an international war crimes racketeering organization through 17 sites and not just one nation, seems to be playing for the Democrats, for Obama, which suggests that Obama's higher ranking in the New World Order pantheon of the Pope, the Queen, and the Obama.
Moret: Well, you could see the tremendous welcome reception that Queen Elizabeth gave Obama and his wife on every visit to England, and that is very significant, because I am sure they are very racist, the royal family, and the Obamas are African Americans. But this isn't really an election between the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate. Because both of them are funded and selected by the Rockefellers and by the City of London financiers such as the Rothschilds. So they dont' really care who wins, it is just the same as the Hegelian dialectic, pretend enemies that they create for wars, because every time they win, every time they win on the wars because they fund both sides and drive them into enormous debts they can't pay off for centuries. In the elections they fund both sides, and both sides are agents for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds ultimately. So, you know, it is just a silly game to convince Americans that they are actually voting, that they actually make a difference, that they are actually making a choice that is their choice, but in fact it is just the Rockefellers getting re-elected every time and that guarantees there is no change. I think the reason Obama is going to be reelected, is so that he can carry out the unification of North America. That is what his main assignment is as President for two terms. It involves the NAFTA Highway, it involves Big Oil drilling in the Gulf region and the Arctic region, if they have their way. BP and Shell, British Petroleum and Shell are both owned by Queen Elizabeth. Shell is partly owned, it is shared with the Queen of the Netherlands, so it is really the gangsters in tiaras, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrice, who are the ultimate players in this whole global New World Order nightmare that we are unwillingly a part of.
Webre: So you say there is a political agenda, and now you have begun to cover the economic agenda. Of course this record drought in North America, in the U.S. actually, in the U.S. because Canada is kind of fine, funny enough, it is having a perfect harvest, but farmers are looking at famine in the Midwest to drive up food prices. Isn't that funny that just the U.S. is being targeted by Mother Nature? Of course it is not Mother Nature, it is HAARP, correct?
Moret: It is absolutely HAARP. So let us look at the economic agenda. This is a global famine that is being engineered to depopulate the whole planet which is their main agenda. Certainly the farmers in the Midwest have been severely impacted by this drought all summer long. Pretty much the corn and soybeans are a loss. If this Hurricane Isaac makes it into the Midwest and brings rain it will help the wheat. But the wheat has not been damaged as much as soybean and corn. I mean there are so many products that they use soybean and corn in, that is definitely going to raise the food prices. Big Oil is going to raise the gasoline prices, the energy prices. It is just another way to bleed the Americans dry, and to drive the middle class down into the lower class. A two class system is what they really want.
Webre: Right. So part of the economic agenda that you mentioned then includes the Gulf and Arctic drilling which Obama approved on what, today? This is being recorded August 30, 2012.
Moret: Right. That is right.
Webre: HAARP you indicated will be used to melt the Arctic Ice, to open up the Northwest passage.
Moret: Well they have actually done that now. There are starting to be articles coming out with ships sailing though the Arctic Sea, the Arctic Ocean. They have used HAARP to melt the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic Sea, the Arctic ice. But that can also change very quickly with just a very small change in the temperature there. But this is so that Big Oil, also this is Shell and BP can drill up there. And the requirement to have a share in the Arctic and the Antarctic mineral resources, and there are tremendous resources, especially in the Antarctic, is that a country has to be geologically connected in structure to the Arctic or to the Antarctic. And Canada, I believe that Britain, Russia, they all have geologic connections to the Arctic, so they are going to share in basically the oil resources there. Canada would also give them access. I think that the main reason, well I am certain that England has held on so tenaciously to the Falkland Islands, is because geologically it is connected to the Antarctic, and by holding on to the Falklands Islands despite the fact that they really belong to Argentina, Britain will share in even greater mineral resources in the Antarctic. So this all about getting richer and richer and richer. Since the Queen of England is a sovereign ruler, she owns all the people. She owns all the mineral rights to the Commonwealth, that is over 27 countries I believe and territories. She owns all of the offshore mineral rights to the whole Commonwealth. So my question is, she appears to be a penny pincher, and thrifty and everything, but that woman is worth over $35 trillion just in the land that she owns. A man that I know who worked in her platinum factory in England, she has a platinum factory too, he said that woman is so rich she could bulldoze England and the British Isles into the Atlantic Ocean and she would never miss the money.
Webre: Now, returning to Hurricane Isaac here, which is of course, what you are saying is directed by the British throne, by the City of London, those strategic interests, with the Rockefellers as their kind of American subcontractors, and you are saying that Barack Obama, of course he may have been pre-identified by DARPA time travel also. [Editor's Note: In regard to this mention of "DARPA time travel," please see my Extended Note at the end of this interview]. Isaac seems to have been set up to deliver a knockout blow to Romney, to the GOP Convention.
Moret: -- With a Biblical name, excuse me.
Webre: Yes, Oh sure. Then to come in and open up the agenda that you were talking about for Obama's second term, which is the regionalization and unification of North America, including the NAFTA Superhighway from Mexico to Canada with U.S. interior ports. Could you talk a bit more about that?
Moret: Well that is very, very interesting. We are not just talking about a hurricane, we are talking about huge world-changing agendas. We as Americans and the Canadians and the Mexicans are right in the middle of this scheme without even knowing about it. But the NAFTA Superhighway basically is going to be funded by American taxpayers. It is also a huge land-grab agenda. It is basically from Mexican ports where China and other countries will be sending, transporting their goods. They will be loaded on trains and trucks on these superhighways from Mexico through Texas up through the Mississippi River area into Canada. The proposed NAFTA Superhighway will end at the Saskatchewan Legislature, the building which is a Masonic building. When I investigated with a Texan the states that the superhighway will be going through, I know that in many of them that road goes right through the Scottish Masonic Headquarters of the Masons in multiple states. It is very clear after Bush served as President for two terms, and lived on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, just a few miles from Waco, Texas, that is where the headquarters for Texas is of the Scottish Masonic Rite Masons. That is a huge drug activity center, probably for the whole United States, because Rothschild pretty much owns Texas, and they always have even before it was a state.
Webre: So what you are saying is that there is an intimate connection between Dope Inc., the City of London and its 13 bloodline fundings, the Dope, Inc families that go back to the reign of George III with the certain aristocratic families that control the drug trade, the worldwide Masons, and now the New World Order rollout of the NAFTA Superhighway, and the North American unification. They are kind of all working hand in hand.
Moret: That is correct, that is correct. Now the plans for the NAFTA Superhighway are horrifying. I have just been reading about Map 21, I think that is what it is called. It is a bill in Congress that was spearheaded by Senator Barbara Boxer from California. She has been the largest recipient of AIPAC campaign contributions of anyone in Congress. So she is working directly or indirectly or both directly and indirectly for the City of London financiers. So if she is spearheading that superhighway in Texas, why isn't a member of the Texas legislature doing that, the legislators I mean. She has got to have a tie-in to London. Certainly Senator Diane Feinstein does as well. So what this Superhighway proposed through Texas, it is a $300 billion project. The laws in Texas only require that a freeway have constructed overpasses so that people can go under the freeway only where there are major intersections. So they had designed this superhighway through Texas with only four underpasses. The whole entire length of Texas from the Mexican border to the border of Oklahoma. Now that just cuts the state in half, and how in the world do people with ranches, or commuting to jobs, or living in a town that is split by this superhighway, how do they get back and forth without driving a quarter of the way through Texas? It is really crazy. It also is a major land grab because they get land on both sides of that superhighway. It is like the railroads that got every other section of land throughout the whole United States. It is really the Rothschilds who built covertly the U.S. railway system. So they happen to be the biggest land owners in the United States with those alternate sections of land throughout the U.S. Another thing that this bill allowed was for the Spanish company [sound glitch in the video] scheme in Texas was for a Spanish company called Cerna, something like Cerna [Editor's Note: Cintra, mentioned in NAFTA Super Highway Debate Inflames Texas Governor's Race by Jerome Corsi, Human Events, Nov 4, 2006], and so the super highway was not even being built by an American company or owned by one, yet they got all the easements. They got the land. They got special perks like they could borrow money from pension funds without the knowledge or agreement of people in the pension funds. One of these schemes, a superhighway they planned to build in California, went bankrupt, so $60 or $68 million dollars that belonged to people who planned to retire with that money, it was all stolen from them. So it really does have, the NAFTA Superhighway really does has the British stamp all over it. I am quite certain that Spanish company was just a cover story for the British involved in it.
Webre: Right, or it could have been Rothschild-controlled, because Rothschild companies control Spain.
Moret: Right.
Webre: The governor of Texas was a visible participant at the Bilderberger meetings over these past several years. That is probably the contractual connection there.
Moret: I think you are right. It think you are absolutely right. I think it wouldn't be very hard to find out. So now this involves not just Mexican ports, but it also involves maybe even more importantly interior ports in the U.S. And that refers to the ports along the Mississippi River which go all the way to the Canadian border, almost. So you can begin to see what this agenda is for unification of North America. NAFTA is a land grab. It is depopulation. It is relocation of people against their will. It is stealing their land, disrupting their financial activities, and grabbing a lot of land in the heart of our food producing area other than California. So this would also be a way to get oil and tar sands and things like that into the U.S. to be refined here. Canadian oil and tar sands at our refineries. We see now why New Orleans is so important because that is the mouth of the Mississippi River. That is right on the Gulf. There are lots of oil refineries there. Who is drilling now in the Gulf? It is BP and Shell. British Petroleum, despite the platform disaster that happened two years ago in the Gulf, poisoning the whole shoreline and depopulating the Gulf region, they have five deepwater wells now as of the beginning of 2012. They are planning to have three new ones, increasing by more than 50% their holdings and their pumping in the Gulf region. Now the U.S. government is only getting $350 million a year as their share of the revenue, which seems quite ridiculous when you realize that Shell oil has spent $10 billion over the last five years to get the rights, the oil rights, contracts, to drill in the Beaufort Sea, which is on the North Slope of Alaska in the Arctic. That has never been drilled before, I don't believe. Finally, Obama gave them the OK today. So he is also a Big Oil guy too.
Webre: Right, right. Now let's come back to Hurricane Isaac and kind of look at that. How that was micro-managed and did its political damage at the GOP, but then came up for a second weather warfare false flag attack against New Orleans, could you talk a bit about that?
Moret: Yes.
Webre: On the seventh anniversary to the date.
Moret: Right, on the seventh anniversary to the date. Well we know that it was a HAARP-manipulated event or scam, with evidence of chemtrails and chembombs literally used. Isaac also impacted Haiti, and you know that was not very long ago. A few years ago there was a big HAARP-triggered earthquake which destroyed the infrastructure of Haiti. This was within a few months of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds buying the mineral rights to about 50% of Haiti. The Haitians had never sold them before because they wanted the mineral rights for themselves. You know, if you really want to get on the bad side of these people for centuries ahead, you just win a black slave revolution. The slave revolution in Haiti was the only successful one in the history of the world. They have been attacked and undermined and burdened with horrific destruction of their culture, their country, everything, so the earthquake destroyed the whole infrastructure. I mean, people are living in tents now and outside. How can they resist superpowers going in and taking over the mineral rights, and just looting the country? When a lot of them were sent to the Dominican Republic for medical care, they came back with arms and legs cut off. That is what the Dominican Republic did, disabled them even more. So 23 people, not very many people know this, were killed by Hurricane Isaac and there was a tremendous amount of damage to Haiti as well. Now, Isaac continued on across the Gulf, and when it hit south of New Orleans, it slowed down. It stalled. And what happens when a hurricane or a storm slows down or stalls is that it creates tremendous increased flooding..The parish south of New Orleans that was impacted was a poor parish that was not part of the Federal system that got new levees as a result of the hurricane disaster in New Orleans. So it wasn't reported here, maybe once or twice. I think it was once on CNN, but that report disappeared very quickly. I did find it in the Telegraph and BBC in England. They covered it. They reported people were on roofs, they could not be rescued due to the 80 mile per hour winds. The rain was 20 inches in just a day or so and caused severe flooding. Now it is headed for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. They expect a lot of damage. Much more damage there than happened in New Orleans, with the exception of this parish. So Happy Anniversary New Orleans!
Webre: Right, right. Now could we talk a bit more about the offshore drilling, because we almost had an extinction level event with the BP oil spill if the Gulf Stream had been interrupted to a significant degree, which may have been the design of the false flag operation there. And yet you are saying that offshore oil drilling, which was once prohibited in the U.S., is now being relaxed in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Arctic and in Alaska.
Moret: That is correct, because a law was passed I believe in 1981 in response to the big oil spill and drilling disaster offshore from Santa Barbara in Southern California, there was no drilling allowed offshore in the United States or Alaska. The Big Oil companies have been really putting tremendous pressure in many ways on Congress and the U.S. Government and politicians and anyone who was a decision-maker, influential in any way, to allow them to drill offshore. Now, McCain was for drilling everywhere. He said "Drill here, drill now." That was his motto. He would have opened up all of the coastlines to drilling and that is probably one of the reasons he lost. But Obama was much more conservative and more resistant to that offshore drilling. Also the Republicans were very tepid about McCain's scheme. They did not support offshore drilling. So what has happened now is there is offshore drilling, and they do have oil platforms offshore from Louisiana. There is a lot of oil there. The offshore drilling and pumping has resumed now since Hurricane Isaac has passed. But now there is a big debate about how much to open it up for further contracts in the Gulf region. Obama seems willing to sell contracts or to allow the deep sea drilling for British Petroleum and Shell. There may be other companies involved too. Of course today he has given the green light to Shell to drill up in the Alaskan Arctic region. It is really the Arctic Ocean region. So now Obama may have to prohibit offshore drilling on the East and West Coasts of the United States, but it is doubtful that Romney would do that. I think he would allow offshore drilling. It starts creeping into a couple of states. It would be like Georgia and maybe South Carolina, but then it begins to creep up the whole shoreline, and then it ends up on the West Coast too. They do things in increments, and that is how they are going to do the NAFTA Superhighway as well, because there is so much opposition from environmentalists, environmental organizations, and just the American people are opposed to it, especially after the Gulf disaster by BP, that is only two years ago. Now Shell has spent ten billion dollars over five years to get permits to drill in the Beaufort Sea, and yet the U.S. Government is allowing oil drilling contracts in the Gulf because they are going to benefit by $350 million a year. That is like paying someone five cents to write the Encyclopedia Britannica, you know for all the time that took, $350 million, that is not even the budget for one year for the regulatory agency that regulates offshore drilling and the handling of mineral rights, the responsibility. So what they are trying to do in order to do better regulation of deep sea and offshore drilling, is to raise the liability insurance that is required in order to develop the contracts. So for a disaster like the BP disaster the lid was at $75 million. That is all the liability that the oil company had, and the government is trying to raise it to $10 billion for oil disasters, but there is a lot of resistance from the oil companies. What they will do is just raise oil prices and extract it from the American people. I just think it is -- these are public lands, you should see how much land the U.S. Government owns in United States. It is a huge amount. So they are just doling out the mineral rights for pennies on the billions of dollars that these mining companies extract from our land. It is not even our land, it belongs to Native Americans. Native Americans are being exterminated now so that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers can loot their reservations and their mineral rights. 70% of the energy resources in the U.S. are on Native American tribal lands. The U.S. Government took away their good lands, their tribal lands, and gave them the worst land in the United States, and the irony is that is where 70% of the mineral resources for energy are.
Webre: Right. Now to shift finally over to the West Coast and some unusual [fore]shadowing, could you talk about just the backdrop of the famous FEMA prediction?
Moret: On the day before 9/11, on September 10th, 2001, it was 2001 right?
Webre: Yes
Moret: Yes, yes. FEMA was doing drills in New York City. FEMA predicted on September 10, 2001 that there would be three disasters in the United States. One, terrorist disaster. One was a terrorist event in New York City. It happened the next day. Two, was a hurricane disaster in New Orleans. That happened in 2005. The third disaster they predicted was an earthquake disaster on the West Coast. That hasn't happened yet, but along with Hurricane Isaac is a very unusual swarm of small earthquakes that has been reported in Southern California this past week. I believe there have been earthquakes, was it Costa Rica? It was somewhere in Central America.
Webre: What drew my attention was the potential PSYOPs, and that is, off of El Salvadore.
Moret: Oh, El Salvadore, right.
Webre: Which is again a Biblical reference to the Savior, the Christ. Because then in California the focus of the potential false flag operation was around the Los Angeles, Diablo Canyon, Diablo in Spanish means devil--
Moret: Devil!
Webre: So then you have the polarity of the script of the HAARP operators, or controllers, going to that Biblical theme that they are using as their script of the Savior and the Devil, the Diablo Canyon and the nuclear power plant there, which is Fukushima-like. Could you talk about that?
Moret: It is the Hegelian dialectic over again, plays on words. The CIA loves anniversaries and plays on words. OK, the Fukushima disaster in Japan, which happened a year and a half ago, is located and is at the same latitude and it is the exact mirror opposite on the other side of the Pacific Ocean as Fukushima, and that would be Diablo Canyon. San Onofre is nearly shut down and it may close. So it is unlikely that an earthquake or nuclear disaster would happen there. Diablo Canyon and San Onofre were chosen as sites for those two nuclear power plants because they are directly downwind, I am sorry, they are directly upwind from the largest dairy areas in California. So the Fresno, central valley dairy area that is downwind from Diablo Canyon is providing milk to most of Southern California, milk and cheese and diary products. Of course that is all contaminated with Diablo Canyon nuclear emissions. I have collected something like 250 baby teeth from children in California with a small group of scientists called the Radiation Public Health Project. And that would be Dr. Ernest Sternglass who helped convince the Senate for President Kennedy to ratify the Partial Test Ban Treaty and that ended bomb testing. Well it took about ten or twenty more years and he and Dr. J. Gould realized that fresh fission products were in children's baby teeth, and they had to be coming from nuclear power plants in the United States. So there is another genocidal program that the U.S. Government has carried out. It has especially targeted African American communities, such as Harlem in New York City, the ghettoes, or the inner city black communities in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh. These are East Coast cities, which we discovered had very high levels of ionizing radiation, Strontium 90, in their milk in the Mom and Pop stores after the Chernobyl levels had declined to almost nothing in most other cities in the United States. So we began investigating it and we realized that, we discovered that it was U.S. national policy to deliberately ship the most radioactive milk and dairy products into the Mom and Pop stores in poor black communities. That is why African blacks have the lowest diabetes in the world. They are very healthy and their children are very healthy until they come to the United States. As soon as they arrive in the United States, the health of their children begins to decline. Also African Americans in the United States have the highest rates of diabetes probably in the world. That is because the U.S. Government is deliberately poisoning them with radiation. So the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre dairy areas are feeding or providing the dairy products to Southern California. Of course there is a big Mexican, Hispanic community in Southern California as well, and there are a lot of poor people. So I would not think that San Onofre would be the target of a HAARP nuclear disaster. I call it Kabuki nuclear theater, HAARP theater, but also the main reason is because the U.S. Navy has a huge base [in San Diego]. I think it is the biggest one on the West Coast, with the exception maybe of Seattle. They don't want to nuke themselves since the Navy is in charge of HAARP, and in charge of space, it is not the Air Force. So I would think that Diablo Canyon would be the likely target of this HAARP event, and of course again it would be a play on the Fukushima disaster. As of last Christmas 2011, over 100,000 Americans had died from the Fukushima radiation. What did Obama do when that disaster happened on March 10 [Ed. Note: she means the 11th] of 2011? He took his family to the Southern Hemisphere and stayed there for a couple of weeks. So I do not think we can count on any politicians, Presidents, or government agencies to protect us any more. It is very obvious that the whole U.S. community is being targeted with poison food, poison vaccines, EMF poisoning, and of course all this radiation that is coming from Japan.
Webre: Right, now let me ask you this question, and it is really sort of a scientific vetting question, because a lot of rumors and memes that are floating around the Internet and elsewhere. There is a large body of opinion that says, "Oh, look at Hurricane Isaac, look at the swarm of earthquakes in Southern California, and look at the El Salvador quake and the other quakes, and this is the part of the end times and is part of a dwarf star planet X that is approaching our solar system or some other cause. They are feeding into this scenario that the earth is having a natural sort of earthquake cataclysm. Now in your professional opinion then, is the Los Angeles earthquake swarm, and the El Salvador quake, and the Hurricane Isaac, are those all environmental warfare by HAARP and chemtrails?
Moret: Well, there is a very easy way to answer that question. I found a paper, actually a Japanese friend sent it to me. It is published in a British disaster journal. It is a new journal that started less than a year before the Fukushima disaster. This journal is about natural disasters, but actually there are HAARP-triggered natural disasters, so they have been assisted by these big antennas that are all over the world to benefit the bankers. In that article, it was written by two professors at the University of Tokyo in the wireless transmissions department. They were able to show by looking at historic earthquakes in the United States, in Southeast Asia and in Japan, they were able to identify two groups of earthquakes. One had no ultra low frequency, in other words HAARP signal. The other group had the ULF, ultra low frequency signal, which is a result of HAARP transmissions, although they did not state that in the journal, but scientists in the know would realize that. I happen to be a geoscientist with a very long history and very broad experience, so I picked up on it right away. So the Loma Prieta earthquake in the San Francisco Bay region had the ULF signal, and that indicates that the Navy triggered it, they were offshore fooling around in their ships when that earthquake occurred. It took down part of the Bay Bridge. It caused one section to collapse. They are rebuilding a new Bay Bridge now. They are almost through with it. But then I wanted to know if the Northridge earthquake in Southern California, Los Angeles had the ULF signal, or was it a natural earthquake? Apparently it was a natural earthquake, it was not HAARP-triggered. The Kobe earthquake in Japan was HAARP-triggered. It did have the ULF signal. They even had a map showing the two transmitters on either side of Kobe that the signals were transmitted from to cause that earthquake. And then they looked at the Sumatra earthquake, that had the ULF signature. If we look at the Fukushima earthquake I can guarantee there is a ULF signal because even NASA scientists went to MIT right after Fukushima, and they did a presentation which was posted on the MIT science magazine web site. They showed exactly how they had transmitted the signal from Tromso, Norway that boiled water in the earthquake zone and caused the walls of that earthquake zone to lubricate or push them apart. The steam expands and unlocks that earthquake zone. And then three days before the earthquake happened, the Gakona, Alaska Japan magnetometer, the Japanese have a magnetometer there, transmitted a 2.5 hertz signal which caused the earthquake. So even Japan was involved, and they are partners in the Tromso, Norway HAARP facility, that big transmitter. The partners in the Tromso, Norway transmitter are Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Japan and Germany. So you see, these are multinational interests now causing disasters that benefit them in any country, any fault zone, any nuclear power plant, anywhere they want to, they can trigger a volcano, or whatever they want to do. It is incredible, it is absolutely incredible. And then the mind control aspect is even worse. And that is probably the main purpose of HAARP, a least Nick Begich told me that he thought it was to kill the spirituality of the human race. I looked at the HAARP facilities in the Antarctic, and Japan has three. The most recent one that was turned on in June of 2011, just a few months after the Fukushima disaster, went operational in June, and it is called Pansy, for that lovely little flower that we love to put in gardens. That is taken from the French word panse for thought or thinking. So this nightmare is just beginning, I am afraid to say. I am sorry to tell people that, but I think they need to know. You know, the power of the human spirit is much greater than any military.
Webre: Now do you have any concept or intuition as to what the script or possible timing of that third predicted earthquake would be? I mean, maybe they called it off. Maybe they would put it through. Do you have any thoughts? Will it come in the second term of Obama? Will it come later? What are its -- will it come at all?
Moret: It would facilitate the breakdown of the U.S. and California. It would bankrupt people, it would facilitate land grabs and grabbing farmland. I mean California has fabulous farmland. We produce most of the fresh produce for the United States. 95% of the tomato products. Congress has cut off water to the central valley farmers. When you drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Sacramento up through that valley, which is, my God, one of the richest food producing regions in the world, you drive by miles and miles and miles of orchards that have died because they have no water. You drive by acres, thousands of acres of farmland that have no crops on them because they have no water. Why are we having more and more food imported into the United States now? If you go to Trader Joes so many of the food products are imported from other countries, including fresh produce. So I know that 30 or 40 years ago the Rockefellers had bought up a lot of farmland in Mexico and they produce a lot of food there that ends up in the United States. But we are getting food from Chile, in South America. Why are we getting raspberries from Chile, when we can grow them here or in Oregon or in Washington State? It is part of the international financiers taking over the food supply.
Webre: Now, finally, could you give us an update on Fukushima? We just heard from you that in 2011 there were 100,000 excess deaths in the United States alone from Fukushima radiation. What are some of the other updates from the Fukushima false flag events?
Moret: Well there is a very, very clever and very, very courageous professor. His name is professor Mori at Tokyo University, and he has been collecting plant material and insects and animals in Fukushima Prefecture and reporting on the radiation levels in them and also the mutation rates. He took a small bird, apparently you don't even hear any birds any more. It is a silent spring in Japan now in the Fukushima region. He took a Bush warbler which he found dead on the ground, and he laid it on photographic paper. He made an autoradiograph of it. In other words, he left that bird on the paper for about a month to have the radiation disintegrations recorded on that photographic, it is like a negative. You could see the wings had a lot of radioactivity. That would be from dust flying through the air, the dust particles sticking to the feathers. Also in the stomach area you could see the outline of the stomach. So, that would have been the worms or insects that it was eating that were very radioactive. Now he also took cedar leaves from cedar trees and he laid them on that paper. After about a month you could see they were highly radioactive. He also examined the female and the male reproductive organs of the cedar tree, and usually all of the female parts are on one branch, and the male reproductive tissues are on a separate branch. They don't mix on the same branch. Well what he was finding was male appendages with female appendages growing out of the top and bottom of them. So this is something that has been reported in humans and in fish already, and that is due to the nuclear weapons and radiological weapons, depleted uranium and battlefield nukes that the U.S. has been using in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and we gave them to Israel to use in Lebanon. We now have intersex in humans where the sperm-producing tissues and the ova or the female eggs are mixed in the same organism, in the same human. So they are people who are hermaphrodites. They have both male and female sexual appendages and internal organs. In the fish it is the same thing. The United States Geological Survey published a report in September 2009. They had examined fish, male fish, in river populations all over the United States. In some populations 95% of the male fish demonstrated intersex in their tissues. There was only one river in the whole United States where the male fish were normal and that was the Yukon River in Alaska. So this was also happening to humans in the U.S., and it is happening across the planet wherever the monsoon rain pattern rains out the radiological and nuclear fission products into the environment, originating in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, I mean, they are even using them in the Philippines. So it is changing the sex ratio. We have an expanding female population in all species, and a shrinking male population in all species. Now the Fukushima disaster is having a much more rapid impact and a much more severe impact, because Dr. Chris Busby in England was able to determine or calculate that the radiation by April that was reported in the Japanese atmosphere was the equivalent of 300 Chernobyls that the British radiation monitoring laboratory reported in England after Chernobyl happened. So what is happening in Japan, also the most recent report by Dr. Mori in June of 2012, he took worms living in soil in Fukushima Prefecture and he was able to measure the radiation levels in the worm castings, or the excreta of the worms. The concentration of radiation was 1,390,000 becquerels. That is disintegrations per second per kilo of worm castings. So he said basically every living thing in Fukushima Prefecture is contaminated with Fukushima radiation. The same thing is happening over here. Russia Today interviewed me about radioactive tuna fish, tuna that were caught offshore from San Diego. Oh, also there was a butterfly study. This is really, really horrifying because it just going to happen more slowly here. The butterflies in the first generation, after the Fukushima disaster, he reported or the study reported about a 24% mutation rate. Now the mutations that are visible externally, are not all of the mutations. There are ten times more invisible mutations that are internal or they have not been expressed yet for every visible mutation that you can see. By the second generation in these butterflies, something like 45% or 48% or 44% had mutations, and in the third generation it was over 50%. So it is just a cascade. It goes faster and faster and more and more. Once you damage, you mutate the DNA, if it is in the sperm or the ova, the organism that is produced from a mutated ova or sperm, is expressed in every cell of that organism, and is expressed unpredictably in all future generations of that organism. It never corrects itself. So this is very, very serious for North America, because we are directly downwind from basically a permanent point source of devastating levels of radiation every day. In the Gulf of Mexico fisherman last summer, they were catching pregnant female sharks, and when they opened them up, the unborn shark pups or the embryos, they were bigger than embryos, they were fetuses really, they had one head and two bodies on the same shark, baby shark, or two heads and one body. This is called conjoined twinning, and there is an epidemic of it in the rain pattern, the areas where the monsoon rain out occurs globally.
Webre: Well, that is quite an update. We want to thank you for being with us. We have run out of time on this segment, but we want to invite you back soon so that you can begin to talk about what remedies we have, or at least what adaptive modalities we as individuals or families may have to survive this environmental onslaught.
Moret: Thank you so much Alfred. You have really given me such a voice and helped me so much in becoming a better researcher and presenter. I mean, I wouldn't even probably be doing interviews, I wouldn't be able to give this information to the public without the support and assistance that you have given me so generously. So I think all of the audience and especially myself want to thank you for this tremendous effort to warn humanity about what is happening around us. It is an invisible war. Thank you so much.
Webre: Thank you Leuren.



Editor's Extended Note:

Neither this editor nor Leuren Moret necessarily share Alfred Webre's views when it comes to speculation about possible "DARPA time travel" phenomena and other "exopolitics" -related topics. Although Mr. Webre himself is heavily involved with these topics, we are not. He has normally been pretty good about staying off "exopolitics"-related topics when interviewing Ms. Moret to avoid complicating political discussions with what many readers may consider to be science fiction fantasies. In my own conversations with Ms. Moret, she has discussed how many alternative media sources on the Internet that list UFO-related articles alongside articles containing serious political discussions are probably Mossad-CIA-MI6-influenced fronts who sprinkle in science fiction fantasy articles to limit the public audience for very timely, very important, and very real political investigations that may threaten the current "establishment." I am normally very pleased when Mr. Webre helps Ms. Moret gain wider exposure on YouTube, except when he brings in "exopolitics"-related material, in which case I feel a strong need to call him out on this, as I am doing here.




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