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Investment/project analysis professional with ten years experience in stock investments and nine years of experience in real estate investments. Strong results in uncovering inside sources, modeling business plans, and identifying strategic advantages and catalytic events. Uncovered numerous inefficiently priced small to large cap companies capable of sustained growth in diverse sectors. Advanced training in public affairs. Skilled financial educator. Continually strive to become more automated, for example, develop own web sites.


Harvard Business School, Boston, MA (1982-84) Masters in Business Administration. Second Year Honors. Second year electives included: The Analysis of Corp. Financial Reports, Investment Analysis, Corporate Finance, Cost Accounting.

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (1975-77) BA Psychology. Broad natural as well as social science curriculum. Phi Beta Kappa.


Extra research efforts sifting through publicly available information has paid off in individual stock selection and market strategy calls; some examples: Successfully accumulated certain high tech chip companies around the time of their deep dip in summer 1996, certain natural gas exploration and production companies during highly depressed oil and gas prices in 1998, and certain financial companies on their deep sell-off following the Russian and Long Term Capital management crisis in 1998. Been seasoned by observing numerous market anomalies and comparing them with major Wall Street fundamental and technical research. Examples include observing oil and gas and precious metals prices drop from twenty year to nearly fifty year inflation-adjusted lows in the 1997-1999 period (with smaller resource company stock prices following), while simultaneously watching Internet and telecom stocks rise from absurd valuations to insanity during the great 1995 to 2000 Bubble Market. Macro-economic structural issues: On own initiative anticipated such issues as potential dollar slide and successfully began investing in large cap gold stocks and foreign bond funds beginning in late 2001-mid 2002. Often weigh out-of-consensus views as an empirically-supported analytical approach.

...Extra research efforts have also helped in playing defense; some examples: In late 1996 toured an analyst’s “A”-rated gold mine with a newsletter writer and the gold mining company’s CEO, discovered through other sources that company was actually in trouble. Prevented investors from riding stock all the way down to zero. Given the level of disinformation and wishful thinking that often exists on many levels, this raises question about how much one can really know about any particular company without thoroughly studying its sector, its financial statements, or making on site visits and really getting to know its management team and even its suppliers and buyers. In regard to various aggressive growth mutual funds, by mid 2001 had substantially reduced client exposure in favor of income funds, high dividend-yielding stocks, investment grade corporate bonds, closed end foreign bond funds, and various commodity-related funds that included precious metals and the oil and gas sectors. Was key person to get short-selling Prudent Bear Fund selling agreement in place with firm by Nov 2001.

Modeled complex business situations: Media/telecom company example: Modeled cash flow impact of time-phased conversion from microwave towers to satellite distribution while a Senior Financial Analyst at CBS in NYC. Built models from ground up. Real estate examples: Modeled properties with 10-year spreadsheet analyses that included time phased income and cash flow statements, balance sheets, and investment evaluation measures. Analysis of an approx. 200,000 sq. ft office warehouse property procured a $12 mil all cash offer (owner's asking price) from a national investor. Also modeled a proposed $60 million USMC HQ complex in Washington, D.C.


Web site developer, ebook vendor, writer, intelligence analyst Developer of americafirstbooks.com and mikepiperreport.com. Cover social and political analysis that help public better understand the ultimate source of the growing financial crises analyzed in the 2002-2005 period (see sections below). Authored America First Books home page topics such as "Critical Issues," the four part series "Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies," and the 30 question quiz "Have You Been Brainwashed?" (complete with commentaries for all questions). Co-authored alerts with Captain Eric May, Dr. James Fetzer (founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth) and others that are archived in both the Captain Eric May author archive and William B. Fox author archive. 9/11 was likely a Mossad-CIA "inside job" (see further explanation in Captain May archive), requiring public alerts whenever potential repeat "inside job" indicators begin to accumulate. Quite a few alerts have been coincidental with significant events ranging from greater Houston area petrochemical explosions to the commencement of military actions (for example operation "Immediate Response 2008" that probably went "live" with the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia). Our April 26, 2008 "Mayday Alert!" achieved over twice the Internet postings as the "Kennebunkport Warning" preceding the "B-52 Loose Nukes" incident that made alternative media history less than a year earlier.

Financial analysis and marketing for robot company
. (April 2004-Sept 2004). Worked on a contingency basis to source prospective nonprofit and corporate joint venture funding for a Seattle-based robot/aerospace company with a robot designed to crawl over aircraft surfaces. To help develop the "package," canvassed SBIR award recipients for possible project partners and key decision-makers in Air Force and nuclear waste clean-up industry for possible end-users. Examined state of the art end effector applications pertaining to laser de-painting and nondestructive inspection. Created spreadsheet pro formas for prospective venture capital firms. Unfortunately principals of the firm were unable to deliver on their promise to make their robot functional again (as originally depicted on a DVD). Subsequently created the six part "I, Robot Entrepreneur" analysis of the mobile robotics industry, and in Dec 2004 delivered a presentation based on the report "Mining and Robotics: An Introduction" before the Northwest Mining Association annual meeting. Robotic applications for under water mining and oil and gas industry applications continue to have enormous potential, however, to return to this area, would need to team up with solid sources of technical expertise and adequate capital in order to be assured that projects can be taken to completion.

America First Trust, Vancouver, WA (2002-2005) Vice President, Investment Strategist. Publish investment strategy overviews. Managed retail accounts as a registered representative with Sammons Securities LLC (Jan 2003-May 2005). Developed americafirsttrust.com. Feb 2003 article "Bear Case Overview" and Aug 2003 "Amidst Bullish Hoopla: A `Behind the Curtain' Look at Fed Desperation and Intervention Wizardry" correctly identified long term factors (to include massive fraud, irresponsible financial instrument creation, and outright market manipulation) that have contributed to the market crash in fall 2008 and the $700 billion Wall Street firm bail out. Aug 2003 analysis of the economics of gold in the "Id Monsters" series posted at numerous leading gold-related sites and drew unsolicited praise from many top financial commentators, to include Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster. The March 2004 Part III forecast article created when gold was $400 an ounce correctly predicted that gold would reach $1,000 an ounce within five years. The Oct 2003 articles "Templeton Trepidations, Buffett Battle Stations" and "Why I Like Australian Treasuries" correctly predicted the long slide of the dollar against other currencies. Lastly, the March 2005 five part analysis "The Cortez Story: Right Trend, Right State, Right Country, Right Time?" prompted one of the most prominent and well-respected CEOs of the gold mining industry to have his Public Affairs officer contact William Fox with praise.

Paulson Investment Company, Portland, OR (2000-2002) Investment Executive/retail stock broker. Selected stocks in diverse sectors. Worked with hedge investments as well as certain IPOs (Paulson is a national leader in the $5-50 million market cap niche). Advisor to 401K plan. Prepared asset allocation reports and managed diversified mutual fund portfolios. Sold life insurance.

Morgan Stanley, Portland, OR (1994-2000) Financial advisor/retail stockbroker. Helped over 200 individuals structure portfolios to meet personalized needs, ranging from aggressive option traders and short-sellers to elderly buyers of fixed income products. Organized and led financial seminars. Worked with contrarian and value investments as well as certain Morgan Stanley IPOs.

Independent Real Estate Broker and Consultant, L.I.C., NY (1989-1994) Sourced and negotiated leasing deals for commercial/industrial spaces in Queens and Manhattan. Constructed dozens of spreadsheet analyses of large, multi-tenanted properties (25,000 to 600,000 square feet).

Greiner Maltz Realty, Queens, NY (1986-1989) Real estate salesman and broker. Sold warehouse/industrial properties in the $1.5 mil to $2.5 mil range. Negotiated over eight leasing deals. Created reports using standard appraisal techniques.

CBS Senior Financial Analyst and Documentary Filmmaker, NY, NY(1984-1986) Modeled cost conversions and provided monthly forecasts and variance analyses for network transmission facility budget centers for a year. Completed independent investigative documentary project in 1986.

United States Marine Corps Reserves (1978-1998) Captain and Major, USMCR (1982-1998). Honorable discharge in 1998. Held leadership positions in the intelligence, logistics, supply, fiscal, and legal fields. As a 2nd Lt., graduated in top 10% of The Basic School and earned a Regular Commission. Turned around a Brigade HQ supply account from "unsat" to "all categories outstanding" in eighteen months. Member of Public Affairs units in Boston and Manhattan (1982-1989). Co-leader of “hot seat interview” training while member of a Manhattan-based public affairs unit whose annual week-long "meet the press" clinics for Marine commanders featured presentation skills seminars led by civilian experts.

Long distance running. Like to travel. History buff, particularly in regard to topics related to exploration, entrepreneurial innovation, and military and business strategy. Been active on and off with Norwegian and other Scandinavian-related fraternal and business associations.

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