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The Cortez Story: Right Trend, Right State, Right Country, Right Time?
A look at what might become one of the world's top three gold fields --right in America's own back yard.
Posted March 5, 2005. Also published at Financial Sense University, Safehaven.ca,.Silver Bear Cafe, and in a March 5, 2005 External News listing at 321gold.com.
.Part 1: .Overview
...Part 2
:.. The Fundamentals
...Part 3
:...Overview of Players and Two Majors
...Part 4....Profiles of Sample Junior Players
...Part 5
:...Cortez Trend Maps and Pictorial Overview

I, Robot Entrepreneur .
About an industry virtually guaranteed to become a Next New Thing. Originally posted Feb 2005, DARPA race update 9 Oct 2005.
Part 1:.. Futuristic Glimpse/Expected Growth Trend
.....Part 2:.. An Industry at an Inflection Point?
.....Part 3:.. Modular Frontiers
.... Part 4: . Where and How Do We Make Money?
.....Part 5 . ..Robo Political Economy
Part 6 . ..Robo Supremacism, Integration, or Something Else?

"Mining and Robotics: An Introduction" dated Dec 10, 2004. Background article for the presentation made at the Northwest Mining Association's 110th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Spokane, Washington.

"Mining and Robotics: A Next New Thing Joins the Commodities Bull Market" (PowerPoint file). Presentation made December 10, 2004 during the New Technologies in Exploration & Operations Technical Session of the NWMA Annual and Exposition.

Id Monsters, Self-Deceptions, and $1,000 Gold: ..A baseline overview and a psychological, political, and historical approach regarding the emerging gold bull market. Currently three parts to the series.

Part I: Series Overview, The Dual Nature of Gold, and a Mystery. Posted February 21, 2004. Also published at Financial Sense University, Gold-Eagle, Kitco, Silver Bear Cafe, and Safehaven.ca.
Part II: General Market Characteristics of Gold. Posted Feb 21, 2004. Also published at Financial Sense University, Gold-Eagle, Kitco, Silver BearCafe, Safehaven.ca, and Prudent Bear.
Part III: Back of the Envelope Analysis for $1,000 Gold in Five Years. Posted March 21, 2004. Also published at Safehaven.ca, Financial Sense University, Kitco, Gold-Eagle, Silver Bear Cafe, and Prudent Bear (abridged version).

"Templeton Trepidations, Buffett Battle Stations" (1,007 words) original version posted October 28, 2003. Also published at Financial Sense University, Prudent Bear, and Silver Bear Cafe.

"Why I Like Australian Treasuries" (2,634 words) original version, posted in the "Instruments" section of this web site Oct 18, 2003.

"Fed Intervention 'Wizardry' Signals Desperation" (1,069 words) short version of "Amidst Bullish Hoopla" article published exclusively in the October 20, 2003 issue of The American Free Press.

"Amidst Bullish Hoopla: A `Behind the Curtain' Look at Fed Desperation and Intervention Wizardry" (8,293 words, excluding footnotes) published at Kitco, Prudent Bear, and Financial Sense University.

"Don't Get Bullish On Market Yet; Grin & Bear It" (1,534 words),short version of A Bear Case
Overview," published exclusively in the June 23, 2003 issue of The American Free Press.

"A Bear Case Overview," (6,509 words) published at Financial Sense University, National Investor, and Prudent Bear.



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