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If you do not own an MP3 player already, please seriously consider getting one. Now you can download free discussions of investment-related topics to your personal computer, and then transfer them at will for easy listening to a car unit or to a relatively low cost mobile player such as the Rio Sport Player. You might be surprised how much “dead time” during your day can now become part of a continued intellectual awakening, whether involved with doing chores around the house, working out, or while on the road. I find that by clipping my Rio Sport Player to an elastic waistband and by using a headband to help tuck in my earphones, I can stay comfortably plugged in even while doing gymnastics. Obviously I have morphed into a hardcore MP3 enthusiast in continuous search of new material to feed his habit. Having already listened to hundreds of hours from the sources listed below, I invite readers to send me ideas for other web sites to add to this list that provide free continuing education material (I prefer 20 minute to one hour long serious discussions rather quick two minute teaser clips). Please send link ideas related to investments and economics and also related fields as estate planning, insurance, business law, politics, history, psychology, and current events. Please contact me at wfox@sammonsrep.com.


Business Radio 650 Houston, TX, by Streettalk Advisors. Includes interviews with Jim Rogers, William J. O'Neil of Investors Business Daily, and Lew Rockwell, Jr. Give yourself a free password to click through the "Interviews With the Best of Wall Street" icon on the left side of the home page.

Business TalkRadio Archives. Roger Arnold weekend show archive (one hour installments with ads) along with those of numerous other weekday and weekend hosts.

Financial Sense Newshour. (Two hours). Updated every Saturday. The first hour typically consists of weekly wrap up market commentary by money manager James Puplava and producer John Loeffler with update reports by silver expert David Morgan and market technical analyst Tim Wood. The second hour consists of an interview with the author of a recently published book on a financial topic. Archived interviews at Financial Sense Online include Jim Rogers, Nelson Hultberg, Dr. Marc Faber, Victor Niederhoffer, Richard Russell, and Bill Murphy. See download note below.

Harry Browne: Former Libertarian candidate for President and author of excellent Why Government Does Not Work explains dysfunctional impact of excessive government on economy. However, his brand of libertarianism ignores important cultural and sociobiological/genetic factors

Korelin Economics Report Ten minute clips of contrarian experts interviewed by Al Korelin. Guests include precious metals stock guru Jay Taylor and heads of mining companies. Alexander B.Korelin's written Northwest Commentary is archived at kitco.com.

Von Mises Institute Audio. The Von Mises Institute has become a leading proponent of the “Austrian” school of economics, a libertarian, value-oriented, laissez faire, “bottom up” approach to economics very similar to what most Americans actually thought and practiced up until the 20th century. This perspective has been more successful in predicting the course of the continuing secular bear market since 2000 than the “top down” Keynesian, Monetarist, and Supply Side approaches to economics espoused by most Government officials, Wall Street firms, and analysts. Dozens of free downloadable MP3 files include treatises on the market, economics, politics, and history. They provide some very valuable perspectives, although I still think we also need a “sociobiological” school of economics as the third perspective to gain a more complete picture (c.f. my discussion in of this issue in my “Other Experts” section).

Download note:

For all of the above, with the exception of the Financial Sense Newshour, one can simply mouse over a program title, and then right click. A dialog box will appear. For the "save in" box, create or select a music folder somewhere on your hard drive. For the "file name" box, I find it helpful to type in the name of the show first so that the computer will alphabetically keep shows involving the same source grouped together. When I click on "save" the download process begins. With Rio Music Manager software on my PC, I usually have to left click on the Rio icon on my desk top and bring it up many times and exit many times before the new file appears. With the Business Radio 650 downloads I have had to this as many as 30 times, whereas with the Mises Institute downloads it has been closer to six to ten times. Once downloaded files are are finally pulled up for the first time, they remain in the Rio Music Manager list all subsequent times the window is opened.

The last time I checked, Financial Sense News Hour files are downloadable only in an MPEG Video format. In order to convert them into a WMA format so that you can listen to them on a portable player such as the Rio Sport Player, you need to obtain conversion software. When I double click on an icon for some conversion software that is loaded to a c: drive folder, it creates a conversion icon on my computer screen. I then pull up the MPEG icon for the program that I have downloaded over the Internet into my music file in another c: drive folder. Finally, I click and drag the MPEG icon over to the conversion icon and this accomplishes the conversion. Sometimes I have to enter and exit the Rio Music Manager program a few times before the download in the converted WMA format will show in my list of programs.







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