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Published on page F2 of the October 19, 2003 Sunday Oregonian:

NOTE: This is a historic example only. The rates and terms below are now ineffective. The U.S. dollar has lost substantial value against the Aussie dollar since this ad was posted, as I predicted. Also, I am no longer with Sammons Securities and am currently not soliciting securities-related business.


...........4.08% YTM
3 Year Australian Treasuries

6 ¾ coupon, maturity: 11/15/06
Backed by full faith and credit of
the Australian Government.
Purchase minimum US $77,000.
Call: ..Bill Fox
..........VP, America First Trust
Free: 866-945-5369
Read why he thinks the Aussie
dollar will continue to appreciate
against the US dollar and why
Aussie T bills make a good
portfolio diversifier and hedge
against inflation at www.amfir.com
Price and yield as of 10-15-2003
offer subject to change and
availability. Rates expressed as the
current yield. Principle subject to
currency risk. Securities offered
through Sammons Securities Co., LLC
Member NASD and SIPC.



Please also note my article titled "Why I like Australian Treasuries" contained within this web site.




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