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Radiation Horrors

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The Real Deal

19 August 2011


Editor's Note: This transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
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2011-08-19 "Johnny Moon/Fukushima Radiation Horrors." Dr. James Fetzer interviews Mike Palacek/Leuren Moret. (The Real Deal, MP3 download link Here, 41.5 MB, 1:57:58). The first half involves Mike Palacek's personalized book about the impact of the JFK assassination, the second half interview with Leuren Moret begins at 1:02:26.

The interview with Leuren Moret starts in the second half of the show at 1:02:27




Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with the second part of our show today is an ongoing conversation with Leuren Moret, an independent geo-scientist who has been focusing her attention on Fukushima and its consequences and doing quite remarkable, even stunning work in my opinion. She has recent developments that I thought were important enough to abbreviate my conversation with Mike Palacek although I love his work, as I presume was obvious, in order to add these new developments for you today. Leuren, welcome back to this show.
L. Moret:
Oh, thank you so much.
Dr. Fetzer: Tell us, what are some of these new developments? I mean, I am simply appalled by what you are discovering. Everyone needs to know more.
L. Moret: Well, this week, today is August 19th, its been reported this week that the radiation levels measured in Toronto, Canada are as high as 20,000 counts per minute which is three hundred and thirty three becquerels per square meter, and that is very, very high. At 100 counts per minute people should get out of the area. And just citizens up in Canada are taking swipes and going out into the woods and measuring the radiation levels. The 20,000 counts per minute are higher than they have ever measured up there or reported since this Fukushima disaster started. So we do know that this week the Fukushima power plant has been releasing radioactive steam from cracks in the earth. And what that means is the melted fuel that dripped out of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima just within six hours after the earthquake, all of the fuel had dripped out of the reactors. And within about 24 hours it had melted through all the containment vessel in the reactor and everything and was dripping and melting through the floor under the reactor and dropping down into the basement below, and what that means -- this is the China Syndrome -- what that means is that the radioactive molten fuel has now melted down through the ground, and is hitting the water table, and that is what is creating the radioactive steam. And it is over here already. I have a Gamma Scout, a German a very good geiger counter that has been taped at eye level to my printer since March 11th, and the levels are elevated over the last two days. So that radiation from Japan is already over here. And that is what they are already measuring in Toronto.
Dr. Fetzer: Very disturbing. Very disturbing. Am I to understand that one of the most effective ways to develop radiation is to have a bomb explode high in the atmosphere and then have it rain down on the population you are targeting?
L. Moret: That is correct, and in a 1947 or 1948 article in the Tulsa newspaper, this in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they had an article on nuclear bombs. And in that article they stated the most efficient way to carry out a nuclear war is to explode nuclear bombs in rain clouds, because very very tiny particles form in the nuclear bomb explosion, because so much energy is released. Those extremely tiny particles, which are fission products -- over 1,300 different radioactive isotopes come out of a nuclear explosion -- and those become part of atmospheric dust in the atmosphere. They act as nucleating agents for moisture, and attract moisture until they are heavy enough to be a rain drop and fall out of the sky, with the radioactive particle in the center. And I did get the bombing runs, the number of bombing runs from a think tank in Washington, D.C. between 2002 and 2006 I believe, or it may have been 2004 to 2008, and I looked at the monsoon rain cycle in central Asia and I was able to show that in Iraq and in Afghanistan the peak bombing periods with depleted uranium bombs and other exotic weapons, which we don't even know what they are, has been occurring or has been synchronized with the monsoon rainy season, so they are raining out all that radiation all across Asia. And certainly the drop in fertility, the increase in conjoined twins, or what people call Siamese twins, which are very rare, are much more common now. And also all kinds of pathway cancers, there is now an epidemic of esophageal cancer. That is the wind pipe and throat, the esophagus. And that is called the Silk Road esophagus epidemic. The Silk Road esophageal cancer epidemic. And that is happening all across Asia. And it is from the rainout of the nuclear war that the U.S. military is carrying out in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dr. Fetzer: You know I had a guest on just this week who was talking about the U.S. Navy conducting war games off the West Coast involving depleted uranium, Leuren. I mean this just goes on and on. It is a horror story that appears to be -- it is going to have ramifications and consequences forever.
L. Moret: Well, the half life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years. It takes at least ten half lives to reduce that radioactivity to a low amount, and so that is 45 billion years for all the uranium they have released all over this planet. It is almost all Queen Elizabeth's uranium. Most of it is mined in Canada, although Afghanistan, and Tibet, some of the Himalayan countries have even more than Canada. So its obviously a depopulation agenda. The U.S. Navy is very, very, very active in it. It is all being carried out and developed by the Anglo-Dutch monarchies, and these are what I call the gangsters in tiaras. It is Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands. And Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard who was the father of Queen Beatrice are the two major actors in planning and carrying out this global genocide. And that is exactly what they do. We are in the middle of a nuclear war and people don't even know it.
Dr. Fetzer: What is the rationale for the depopulation program? I mean there are so many indications of so many wars taking place in so many different parts of the world it is very difficult to believe there isn't something underlying all of this that has those features. But I have such a hard time understanding why there would be a desire to reduce the population of earth so dramatically. Some estimates have it taking from six billion to two billion. Some even dramatically less than that. What is your take on what is going on here?
L. Moret: Well people should read a very interesting research paper "The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor [PDF]." And this is why Lyndon LaRouche, he wrote it in 1994, he identified Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard as the main actors in the depopulation agenda although it is several hundred years old, but it is from the British. It is to gain control and increase wealth upwards. Gain control of mineral resources. Gain control of land masses. Gain control of essential resources such as water, timber, things like that. There was no overpopulation in the 1700's, that is for sure, and yet that is when Malthus came up with this overpopulation agenda. In fact, Jim, I did a paper on indigenous agricultural technologies and indigenous crops in pre-Columbian times around Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru. And geographers and archeologists have never have been able to explain why the Indian population was ten times higher around Lake Titicaca in pre-Columbian times, and it is one tenth now. And so these geographers, soil physicists, archeologists went to Peru about 20 years ago. They planted indigenous crops, indigenous potatoes. It is a purple potato that the Peruvians eat. They used indigenous agricultural technologies, the shape of the bed the potatoes were planted in. How they fertilized it by scooping the mud out of the irrigation ditch. And they were able to produce ten times the yield of potatoes from this indigenous technology. And the fields that had planted according to the dictates of the World Bank who had loaned money for the crops produced one tenth of the potato crop and yet they were planted side by side. And so I finally realized that world famine is a total product of capitalism, Western capitalism. And I was very, very surprised six months later to read Marx and Engels had said the same thing, and so indigenous food, the wild food that is gathered is five times more nutritious. And the agricultural technologies produce ten times as much yield in the crops, so obviously the planet is not running out of food. We are running out of sane people running this world. And its all a hoax, there is plenty of food, it is just that these greedy people, and I call them basically the roots of it, and the driving force is the Anglo-Dutch monarchies, and I call them gangsters in tiaras. It is Queen Elizabeth of England and Queen Beatrice of Holland, the Netherlands.
Dr. Fetzer: But I am still baffled as to why a dramatic reduction in the world's population is supposed to be beneficial to their interests.
L. Moret: Well what you have to do is to read "The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor" by Lyndon LaRouche --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
L. Moret: And he exposes the whole depopulation agenda and how it is being carried out over the last one hundred years. And its too much in depth to go into now, because it would take the next five hours to talk about it and explain it, but it is very well explained in "The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor."
Dr. Fetzer: Can you give me a capsule summary to give me a leg up on this because, I mean honest to God, this has been rather baffling to me. There are so many menial tasks that the wealthy are not going to perform for themselves. You need so many workers to pick the tomatoes --
L. Moret: You know, Let me stop you right there, because what you are doing is you are using logic, which makes sense, which is sane, to explain illogical things. Basically you are trying to use logic to explain insanity, and it just doesn't work.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I had a conversation about this with Paul Craig Roberts who may be our leading public intellectual. He was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to the Reagan administration but he is no ideologue. He is quite brilliant. And I had him on this show and kept him on for an extra fifteen minutes to ask him the following question. I said "It seems to me in dong all this outsourcing by these corporations where they saving on all this labor and inflating their profit margins, it is ultimately going to be at the cost of the middle class and its discretionary spending, so who is going to buy the expensive products they like to market? I mean the television sets, the automobiles, and all that when there is no longer a middle class?" And he said to me, Leuren, that he had tried to make that point with the directors of these corporations but they just wouldn't listen. They are putting their short term profits ahead of their long term considerations and basically putting themselves out of business.
L. Moret: Well what is always happened is that the business plan, in for instance the United States especially, is one business quarter of the year. That is three months. And they can change that business plan any time they want to . When I went to Japan, I was told they have a one year business plan, a five year business plan, a ten year business plan, a five hundred year business plan. And so Asia operates very differently than the West does. And what is happening now is that this is just a pump and dump cycle. They pumped up the Unites States, they pumped up Japan, and that was a big economic work horse that pumped out a lot of money into the world economy. But what has happened now is now they are dumping the U.S. and Japan and a lot of first nation countries. They are dismantling them because the new pump is China, and there are huge mining enterprises all over the world, especially in the Commonwealth where the Queen of England, the monarchy, owns all of the mineral rights to the entire Commonwealth. And so what they are doing right now, because they have always kept the population down in Canada and Australia where there is tremendous mineral wealth, they are depopulating both of those countries and the United States, and they are going to mine the hell out of all of that continental material to provide China with the raw resources and the minerals that they need to pump up their economy. And then in a couple of hundred years they will dump China and they will pump another region. South America or Africa, who knows. But it is the pump and dump cycle, and that is how they steal all the accumulated wealth of each generation, the fruits of their labor, and this has been going on for centuries. They do it the same way. Pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump.
Dr. Fetzer: Well that is fascinating, Leuren. I must say in relation to some of your observations about American corporations, they appear to have been profoundly affected by the Milton Friedman principle, that the only social obligation of a corporation is to maximize profits for its stockholders, which of course means find the cheapest labor you can, avoid taxes if you can, exploit natural resources, don't clean up your own pollution and create monopolies. All of which are the kinds of practices we see demonstrated by these multinational corporations that have no loyalty to any particular nations, certainly not to the United States of America.
L. Moret: Well 17 corporations own all the rest of the corporations. So there are 17 corporations that are running the whole world. Who run those corporations? I can tell you who it is, it all comes out of the City of London bankers and the Anglo-Dutch monarchies. I was talking to Marion Fulk who is one of the last Manhattan Project scientists alive, and he made the hydrogen bomb work for the United States nuclear weapons program. And he also has been my mentor since the year 2,000. And, let us see what I asked him -- [Editor's Note: Later in this interview Ms. Moret remembers that Marion Fulk posed the question "Who is making these back X-ray scanners for the airports for the security?" -- and she gives his answer]
Dr. Fetzer: You were talking about the City of London and the role of the bankers and so forth and consolidating all of this. A small number of corporations that own all the other corporations.
L. Moret: I just completely blanked out --
Dr. Fetzer: You were going to peruse that issue. Let me squeeze in while you are thinking about that --
L. Moret. OK
Dr. Fetzer: I have an article discussing Milton Friedman's principle, and why it is grotesque, and why Marjorie Kelly in her book Divine Right of Capital proposes the alternative conception, that corporations have an obligation to meet, to satisfy the interests of stakeholders, everyone who has an interest in the consequences of the actions of those corporations. Not just the stockholders, who are going to make money out of them, but all the
populations in the environment that are affected. The article of mine that addresses this squarely is "Are Corporations Inherently Corrupt?" It is in OpEdNews, I just encourage anyone who wants to ponder this issue in greater depth, because it is profound, if you want to understand why we are in such terrible shape. Corporations are operating on the wrong principles and require dramatic revision if we were to overcome the problem, which in all probability given the political control that the corporations exert over our legislators and our Congress are most likely to happen, but if you at least want to understand why we are going down the toilet economically and in other ways, then you may want to look this article "Are Our Corporations Inherently Corrupt?' Have you recalled where you were going? You were mentioning your mentor, he sounded like a very impressive fellow --
L. Moret: I can't remember what I was talking about, but --
Dr. Fetzer: I was still pushing that issue, of what is the benefit to these entity's interests, let us say the queens, for example, the terrors of dramatically reducing the population. You used the dump -
L. Moret: Pump and dump.
Dr. Fetzer: The pump and dump model, which is quite illuminating if we look at this from the big picture perspective. I mean the idea that the United States could become a wasteland, just an enormous site for mining and other enterprises is just traumatizing. Traumatic concept!
L. Moret: I have been spending a lot of time with native Americans and indigenous peoples all over the world, and they have been the real targets and victims. The American Indians, on their tribal lands have 70% of the energy and mineral resources. And they have been horribly targeted by the City of London mining companies like Peabody Coal that has been mining coal and has been destroying the Navajo reservation. And they come in, they form a new company, new mining company. Vancouver, British Columbia, is kind of the center where they do that. And they completely rape the land, poison all the water, and the food, and destroy the environment which the Indians depend on to live in their traditional ways, and then they go bankrupt and leave. And leave the whole mess, and there is no accountability. And it is all coming from the City of London financiers. Oh, Marion Fulk asked me, "Who is making these back X-ray scanners for the airports for the security?" And I said, "I think it is Michael Chertoff who is the head of Homeland Security." He said, "No, no. It has got to be a company that has been in this business a very long time." And I said, "Well, I am at my computer, and I will just do a search." And up popped -- the very first company that popped up -- was Philips Electronics in the Netherlands. They are the ones. It is the Dutch Queen making all of these airport scanners and that is another piece of the depopulation agenda.
Dr. Fetzer: Right, I gather they have not even tested it to determine how much radiation exposure is being given to those who aren't using them, and that there is a high rate of leukemia and other cancer-induced diseases among those who are working for TSA. This is all quite scandalous Loren, we have to take our break. Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with Leuren Moret, we will be right back. [Start of break at 1:26:49, end of break at 1:31"17]
Dr. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, continuing my conversation with Leuren Moret about the horrors of depopulation and related issues from Fukushima to the TSA. Tell me more about these radiation scanners because these search scanners they use at the airports, Leuren, because you may very well be right.
L. Moret: Well, Marion Fulk and I had a long conversation and I began looking in peer-reviewed scientific research papers on the frequencies of airport scanners and cell phones, and I found many, many studies that have been done on specific frequencies that have been included or used in these airport scanners and cell phones, and the effects are horrendous. It is all in the scientific literature. It is infertility. It is prostate cancer. It is neurological illnesses. It is cancer. It is hormone disruption. It is all kinds of biological effects. They have already done all the research and they know full well what the effects are. And it is all deliberate. It is part of the depopulation agenda. There are even public buildings, office buildings, government buildings in Washington DC where you have to walk through an X-ray machine every time you enter that building. What about people who go into work in the morning, go out for lunch at noon, and then maybe go out once or twice a day to meetings. Those people are being fried.
Dr. Fetzer: That is stunning. It is absolutely stunning. It is absolutely stunning.
L. Moret: It is really stunning, and I also discovered in doing research on HAARP that the really big electronic companies are owned by the bankers and the monarchies.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh really?
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: Michael Chertoff I gather has a really big chunk of investment in all of these companies. And of course he has been in this unfortunate position of having been director of Homeland Security, and now that is having a great influence on his successors.
L. Moret: Well he was very carefully selected and you should know that his mother worked for El Al Airlines. Isn't that -- what is the Israeli airline?
Dr. Fetzer: It is El Al, yes.
L. Moret: She was one of the very, very early, one of the first Mossad agents in Israel, and she flew on planes to Spain to pick up Sephardic Jewish children, thousands of them, and bring them back to Israel where the U.S. government had paid Israel to X-ray their brains and their heads. What they did is they said that they were treating them for ring-worm with X-rays, and then they studied the brain damage in thousands of Sephardic Jewish children that were brought to Israel, and it was Chertoff's mother who was on the planes as a stewardess or flight attendant bringing these poor innocent children to Israel. This genocide and depopulation is directly a Zionist program. It is a Zionist program . Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is Satanism. It is driven by greed. And trying to concentrate wealth upwards. It is Christians who are not Christians, Jews who are not Jews, Muslims who are not Muslims. It is Zionism and it is Satanism.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, the best I have been able to sort out about Zionism when I realized how important it is, but it had not been a part of my conceptual awareness up until the last few years I began featuring Barry Chamish and Stephen Lendman and others who are more expert on this subject than I, and I even had a conversation with David Ray Griffin about it, and it appears to me that Zionism is really a political movement or ideology that believes in a greater Israel and Jewish superiority and in the entitlement of Israel to the lands of Palestine which is of dubious historical justification, but also a whole lot of other issues about the acquisition of power and the control of political decisions, especially here in the United States.
L. Moret: Well, people think that Zionism is about Israel, it is not. Zionism is about a larger apparatus, in fact I would say that Dope Inc, which is the British global drug traffic economy, which is five times larger for every dollar in circulation in the legitimate economy, world economy, there is $5 or other currency equivalent in the Dope, Inc. economy, and it is a completely secret economy. That is what took down China in the 1800's. It started in the 1700's, because China refused to trade silk, tea, and porcelain with the British. They wanted to be paid in gold or silver. They did not want anything produced from the industrial revolution in China, I mean in Britain. They had much better stuff they had produced over five thousand years. And so the British said, "Well, we don't want to give them all our gold and silver, so we will just invade India, grow the opium there, and we will take down China with drugs." And it is a horrendously profitable industry. The headquarters are in Hong Kong, and I went to Burma a year and a half ago, and that country is kept down with that military junta, which we have put into power. And Halliburton and the Chinese are looting the natural resources of Burma every day. They are building oil refineries and pumping oil in a race to steal everything out of that country. And the people are living like they did ten thousand years ago. There are no cars or motorcycles or anything out in the country in those villages. They walk out into the fields every day. They work all day, and they walk back to the village. There might be one light bulb in the village somewhere, but basically they get up with the sun and they go down with the moon. So when you actually visit these countries, Burma is a wall to wall drug factory, border to border, north to south and east to west, and the U.S. and the Chinese are operating that drug operation. That is why we are in Afghanistan. That is why we went to Vietnam. It was all for drugs. The present Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, and the son of Princess Anne have both worked, well Princess Anne's son is based with Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong, they go to Hong Kong, they get trained by Dope Inc at their headquarters, and they get sent back to England to work in politics, or economics, or whatever, and the biggest, richest families in England and the United States, basically the Boston Brahmins all made their money as sea captains transporting opium to China and illegally selling it there. The Dutch East India company, all these companies -- the Hudson Bay company, are part of the gangster apparatus, the Anglo-Dutch monarchies that are the headquarter of all this horrendous looting and genocide.
Dr. Fetzer: Really stunning stuff, Lauren. Stunning stuff.
L. Moret: It is what is happening.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes. We are living in a drug dominated world where it seems to me the legalization of drugs as Ron Paul has suggested is the obvious first step in bringing some semblance of balance back because then you deprive these sources and agencies of the vast profit they are making where the CIA has become the largest drug dealing operation in the world. You no longer have to chase after drug gangs and prosecute ordinary civilians because they prefer to smoke their high rather than drink it. I just believe the whole war on drugs was a sham or cover story to keep drugs illegal and profits high.
L. Moret: That is right, absolutely right.
Dr. Fetzer: LIsten, because it is so valuable having you here to talk about Fukushima, I noticed in one of your recent articles you talked about how Japan, the U.S. and Canadian governments are complicit. That misleading radiation surveys and maps have been provided to Japan by the U.S. government. That you reveal that you have discovered the misleading radiation surveys and maps released by the Japanese government that are supposed to be radiation levels from the Fukushima area were actually originally authored and created by the U.S. Department of Energy, then passed secretly to the government of Japan, which made them public as though they were their own, or released them jointly with the U.S., all to mislead the people of Japan and indeed of the world.
L. Moret: That is correct, and the way I found this out is I have a Japanese friend and he spent a lot of time at my house and I have educated him a lot and taken him to meet people who have helped me, and he decided to hack one of the Cesium contamination maps that was jointly released by the Japanese government and the U.S. Government. And guess what? The map was a contamination map of Fukushima Prefecture or the northern third of Japan. And it said on the map "Jointly released by Japanese and U.S. Government." He hacked the top layer, and took that off, and underneath was the same map in that document, but it said, "Map by Department of Energy." And so that is when we began to be very suspicious, and do a lot more investigation as to the involvement of the U.S. Government in the whole response to the Fukushima disaster because it has all gone sideways or backwards or upside down because they are deliberately spreading the radiation all over Japan. The government has trapped the citizens in Fukushima Prefecture. They cannot leave unless the government evacuates them and gives them money to leave. Japan is very expensive to live in, and where would they go? They wouldn't have jobs, they have families to take with them. They have to take the elderly members of the family with them. And so it is impossible for most people to evacuate, so what I starved investigating was, "OK, who is running this whole thing?" And the first thing I looked at was that map which told me that the U.S. Department of Energy was involved. And I investigated the Director of the Department of Energy, the Secretary of Energy who was Steven Chu. Well he received the Nobel Prize while he was a Stanford for his work on alternative energy. Two years before Obama became President, Steven Chu was chess-moved into the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, which is where the Manhattan Project started. And was made director of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and British Petroleum gave him five hundred million dollars to set up a British Petroleum industrial park at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab under the Department of Energy and the University of California, and he said at the time that the chief British Petroleum scientist Dr. Steven Koonin was his twin. His --
Dr. Fetzer: Twin? biological?
L. Moret: No, he called him his twin, his alter ego, or whatever. And so apparently they were working closely even then. The Crown, which is the Queen of England, and/or the City of London bankers also gave Obama 500 million dollars to begin his presidential campaign. And as soon as Obama became president, he appointed Steven Chu as the Secretary of Energy, and Steven Chu immediately appointed Dr. Steven Koonin as his under secretary for science. So it is British Petroleum agents, Steven Chu and Steven Koonin who supervised and ran and monitored for President Obama, also a recipient of British money, the Gulf oil disaster, and they set back and let BP absolutely poison the whole Gulf and the whole eastern part of the United States with very toxic chemicals, Corexit, which I think it is even illegal to use it,. And they did nothing and they let it all happen. And now they are doing the same thing with the Fukushima disaster, and you can trace both of them, all three of them, directly to funding and the positions they are in now are directly related to their activities on behalf of Elizabeth and the Crown of England.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I think the fact that the government did nothing really to control BP in relation to the Gulf of Mexico is a stunning indictment of not just the Obama administration, but President Obama himself who has to be simply a tool or figurehead that is operating at the behest of these major corporations.
L. Moret: Well Obama is a third generation CIA operative. His mother, his father, his step father, and his grandparents were all CIA, so he is just a CIA dictator. And we have been under a CIA dictatorship since George Herbert Walker Bush was president.
Dr. Fetzer: Let me ask you this, Leuren. And it has not crossed my mind before, though, and I don't know why I didn't think about it. The United States should have gone ballistic when BP created this disaster. We should have brought all of our power to bear upon them, not only to get it done, but not to allow them to use Corexit, which made the matter overwhelmingly worse. I mean the ecological and evolutionary consequences of this disaster are almost unfathomable. What about the little island nations? What about Cuba, for example, which is surrounded by water here? How can the Cuban people be possibly coping with the contamination of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico?
L. Moret: It is much worse than that. I have the only reliable information on the radiation levels actually being released from Fukushima, and where they were spreading and going. It was from the comprehensive Test Ban Treaty monitoring programs, and the best one releasing the best information, including animated maps of the plumes coming across the Pacific, and that is in Cologne University in Germany. And that is just about the only reliable information besides the NILU information coming out of Norway, but they got shut down and Cologne is no longer reporting. And I know why. I knew as soon as Cologne announced they would stop reporting radiation levels on July 31st or 30th, I said they are going to release a whole lot more, and I am sitting here looking at my geiger counter right now, in Berkeley California, and that is exactly what they did. And that is the radiation they are measuring in Toronto and New York and Long Island and even here. But it is not reported. And I forgot your question.
Dr. Fetzer: It is stunning -- it was about the effects of the Gulf contamination on the island nations of Cuba and others, but Leuren, look at how corrupt this is. I mean not only should Cologne not be ceasing to report the radiation levels, but it is obvious that they are becoming even more important that they should be reporting them. I mean their moral and intellectual obligation to report them is greater now than it has ever been.
L. Moret: Well that does not count any more. Principles and morals and laws and treaties, none of that counts any more. It is all off the table. They are doing exactly what they want to and they are rolling out a global depopulation. And what I was trying to say is that when I looked at the radioactive Iodine and Cesium releases over March, April, May and June that was released by the CTBT program at Cologne, I was horrified because at the beginning and at the end of April when the wedding occurred in England between -- Prince William got married, the radiation levels of radioactive iodine went up in the southern part of the United States, higher than the West Coast, higher than Hawaii, and almost to the levels of Japan. And I said, "Oh my God, that is when the tornado storms were happening. So they deliberately are using HAARP to heat up areas and regions and they are using fluid dynamics of high pressure and low pressure areas to guide these extremely radioactive plumes into certain regions that they really want to nuke. And there is an NHK television one and a half hour documentary on independent scientists in Japan. NHK is the biggest network in Japan. It is a government-sponsored network, and yet on March 15th NHK took these independent Japanese scientists, who quit their jobs because the government would not allow them to monitor the Fukushima radiation, and for two months NHK filmed them and drove them all over Fukushima with extremely sophisticated instruments, and they have now created the best and the first and the only research study on radiation levels, and even including the short half life isotopes following a horrific global nuclear disaster. This is the only study that has been released and they did extremely careful data gathering and analysis and it is a fantastic documentary. I am going to send you the link and I want you to post it. And in that documentary they mention that when reactor number three exploded with all the plutonium fuel, the air flow was changed and took it directly into Tokyo, and today Tokyo is more radioactive than Chernobyl.
Dr. Fetzer: Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
L. Moret: And then I helped to arrange for Dr. --
Dr. Fetzer: You are talking about genocide. You are talking about extinguishing life on the Japanese islands.
L. Moret: Extinguishing a whole country.
Dr. Fetzer: A whole country.
L. Moret: A whole country, and I also learned that the British for the last 150 years have wanted to destroy Japan. Well they just did. And it is very obvious from the research that I have done that it goes right to the Crown of England and the City of London financiers.
Dr. Fetzer: Leuren, can you give us the title or tell us how we can find that YouTube video. Can you give us the link, or is it a whole bunch of numbers and letters?
L. Moret: Oh, I can't remember. I have to send it to you because I don't have it right in front of me. It just came out dubbed in English. They released it in April.
Dr. Fetzer: Do you remember the title of it?
L. Moret: I can't remember.
Dr. Fetzer: OK, OK. Well what you are describing is just horrifying. I mean the idea of destroying an entire nation, not to mention one with such an exquisite history, such a fascinating country as Japan where I have been myself in Japan on three occasions. And it is all --
L. Moret: And I also wanted to -- just a minute, I am going to get that title -- I also wanted to talk about other levels. It is international agencies that are also involved in this. And that would be, oh gosh, the United Nations. [Editor's Note: Ms. Moret is referring to the NHK Special - "Collaborating to Create a Radioactive Fallout Map" (video)]
Dr. Fetzer: The trouble is Leuren we have run out of time. I cannot believe how much you have today, and I look forward to having you back very, very soon. This is Jim Fetzer, thanking my very special guest Leuren Moret who is doing extraordinary about Fukushima and related issues for being my guest here today, and all of you for listening. [1:56:05]



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