The Real Deal, No. 84

Dr. James Fetzer

erview with

Major William B. Fox

The Death of
Michael Collins Piper

July 30, 2015



The Real Deal Ep # 84 William Fox on the death of Michael Collins Piper, Plus Live JFK Group Talk (YouTube)

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The Real Deal
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Host: Dr. James Fetzer Ph.D.
Guests: Major William B. Fox





Dr. James Fetzer: [Introductory music] [2:11 in] This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal where I am pleased to have a special guest, Major William Fox, who was a close collaborator of Captain Eric May, along with Sergeant First Class Donny Buswell. He introduced me to Captain May and I collaborated with them as well. Major Fox, as the first slide shows, served as an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps.

This is a photograph from his role as a watch officer in April 1991 in an exercise held in Honduras. His next stop was likely to be Persian Gulf War I where he might very well have inhaled a great deal of depleted uranium, if not for somehow evading that fate [laughter]. He was the first to published my very first article actually on politics which was about "9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" at America First Books. Capt. [Actually Major] Fox, it is a real pleasure to have you here.
Major William B. Fox: Well it is a real pleasure to be back with you, especially on something as important and timely as the suspicious death of Michael Collins Piper.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, if I did not already say so, we are going to be talking about Michael Collins Piper who Major Fox knew well, and had a lot to say about it. Our next slide actually shows the young Michael Collins Piper who was smoking a cigar, which was his habit.


As we will discover his health was not very good towards the end of his life, but nevertheless we are going to discuss a controversy that has arisen about how he died, why he died. Major, tell us more about your interest. I think it is the next slide, historically, that led you to the realization that Michael Collins Piper was doing research on JFK, and especially Israel's involvement therein.

Maj. Fox: Right. That goes back to late 1993. I attended an anti-NAFTA rally on the west steps of the Capitol Building. That is where I met Willis Carto for the first time. So he invited me to spend some time with him in his office, and then later we went to a local restaurant where also in attendance was Tom Valentine, who was a host of a major populist radio show. During that meeting I mentioned to Willis Carto, who incidentally is quite famous as sort of a grand old man of the American nationalist populist right wing, who has probably published more in that realm than any other man alive, I mentioned to him that I had been reading the book By Way of Deception by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky. A place in the book caused me to just burst out laughing. That is where Victor Ostrovsky said that the Mossad had created a complete mock-up of the JFK assassination site in Dallas in Israel, and that also collected every book, every video, every work that had to do with the assassination. In the course of the training of Mossad agents, they devoted a short class to give the Mossad's theory that organized crime had done it. When I read that, I started laughing. One reason why I started laughing is after I graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1984, and after doing a stint working at the CBS network headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, I got involved as a real estate broker in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn and I was surrounded by Jewish people. I got very familiar with Jewish culture. In fact, when I would ride the subways I would usually always grab a copy of The Jewish Press on the newsstands and other Jewish publications. One of the first people I would turn to would be Rabbi Meir Kahane who had a pretty punchy style. But anyway got very much interested in reading about Jewish history, since after all New York City has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world and is certainly a power center along with London and Tel Aviv. So it struck me as totally out of character for an organization like the Mossad to go to such lengths just for academic enlightenment. [In other words, this could only be their uniquely Jewish way of bragging that they had killed JFK. After all, Victor Ostrovsky had characterized the Mossad as being one of the most out of control, frankly criminal organizations -- one of the most dangerous organizations -- in the world. So when I relayed that on to Mr. Carto while I was having lunch with him, he said, "Oh, by the way, one of my ace journalists is already a few steps ahead of you. In a matter of months, he is going to be coming out with a book whose main theme is that the Mossad and Israel was central to Kennedy's assassination. So I said, "Well, I am really going to have to see that because we are really on the same wave length here." So I actually got one of the first copies of the first edition that came out. At that time I was in the process of, in late 1994, training to become -- I had switched from real estate to being a stock broker. I started out with Dean Witter and I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I took time out to read the first edition of Final Judgment. I was extremely impressed. I had hoped some day I would be able to meet Michael Collins Piper. And that day came in 2005 when I attended a European-American Conference held in New Orleans, organized by Dr. David Duke and other activists. There were nationalist activists from Scandinavia, France, Germany -- all over the world, [and] Lady Michele Renouf [from the UK along with Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party] [Laughter]. In fact, I was not there for very long, when I just happened to be in the lobby and David Duke walked in and said, "Hey, how would you like to ride with us out to a meeting at the house of my campaign manager."


Lady Michelle Renouf


So the next thing I knew, I was in the back seat of a limousine, and David Duke was on my right, and Lady Michele Renouf, who is a drop-dead beautiful blond, was on my left, and David Duke's little dog he carried around in a little pouch was up behind [us], wagging its tail [more laughter]. So I was getting a quick introduction to some of the celebrities here among the conservative side of American politics, you might say, euphemistically here. But anyway, so at that conference I met -- Willis Carto was there, and so was Mike Piper. So that is how I met him for the first time. So I threw the idea out to Mike Piper. "Hey, you know there is not an ebook version of Final Judgment and I would love to put it together for you and maybe put together a web site for you." So he said, "Let's go out and take a walk." We were walking around near this hotel near the New Orleans International Airport, he was smoking a cigar as we walked, and he just stopped, after taking a puff, he looked up and said, "OK, let's do it." [Laughter]. So when I got back to the Pacific Northwest that became one of my projects along with creating the web site was to create In fact Paul Angel, who handles publications at the American Free Press, sent me about a 75 megabyte file of Final Judgment. I had to shrink that down to about ten megabytes, and I built that file by hand in Word, so that is currently -- it has my name on the ebook edition.



So that has been part of the success story. Final Judgment was one of the best underground best sellers. Michael Collins Piper spoke about [how] it is good if any book sells more than 10,000 copies. Without any real publicity, certainly [despite] the way it has been ignored by mainstream media, Final Judgment has sold well over 50,000 copies, not to mention copies that have been sold internationally. So it has been a real big hit. And more and more people have come over to the viewpoint of Final Judgment. In fact you had a very cordial interview with Mike Piper a couple of years ago in which it seemed like there was a meeting of the minds. It seemed like you were coming on board with the thesis that certainly Israel and the Mossad did play a very significant role.
Dr. Fetzer: I thought that one of his most valuable distinctions in the book was between the Italian mafia, Sam Giancano, Carlos Marcello, Santo Tropicante, and the Jewish crime syndicate run by Meyer Lansky. I really hadn't sorted those out. I mean, Meyer was the brains behind the creation of the modern Cosa Nostra, but he had independent ties to Israel, to James Jesus Angleton, and to others. Angleton would of course eventually retire to Israel, but he played a key role really in setting up JFK, convincing others that he had betrayed the country on the basis of correspondence he was undertaking with Nikita Kruschev where both of them were weary of their very hawkish military who were all too eager to engage in a confrontation with the other super power, which of course would have been catastrophic. So JFK was trying to thread the needle and engage in correspondence with Nikita, but where Angleton created multiple versions, only slightly different, so that when he discovered, you know, the copy that Krushev had received, he was able to trace it back to JFK himself personally.



Maj. Fox: Right. Of course one of the major themes of Final Judgment is that JFK got in a behind the scenes, sort of a personal war, vendetta with David Ben Gurion. JFK wanted to frustrate, prevent Israeli from getting the atomic bomb. Of course there were other back roads [for acquiring nuclear weapons]. Certainly the Rothschilds / City of London and the French Rothschilds have controlling interests in nuclear industries in Britain and France, but certainly the United States is the biggest gorilla on the block in that regard. After Kennedy was killed, America's policy towards Israel under Johnson did a 180 degree turn, and the Israelis were free, for example, to steal plutonium from the NUMEC facility in Pennsylvania, not far from where I live, in western Pennsylvania, north Pittsburgh area. And also, of course, more recently in my Mission of Conscience series I talk about the suspicious death of Roland Carnaby who ostensibly was shot dead by Houston police, but according to Wayne Madsen he was trying to thwart Israeli smuggling of plutonium from the Pantex facility in Texas to Israel because not only is plutonium needed to make original nuclear bombs, but it is also needed to refresh aging warheads. So -- [13:57]
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, and of course JFK was not only opposed to Israel developing nuclear weapons but he had actually required that the Zionist World Conference be registered as a foreign agent and would have done so with AIPAC as well, which of course the Israelis did not want at all. So Ben Gurion, as you are implying, was furious with JFK.
Maj. Fox: Well, as a matter of fact he resigned, or he was out of office, before the assassination of JFK. Of course the assassination on, was that November 22nd?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: Yes, that is a very Kabbalistic date in terms of numerology. 11-22 is divisible by 11 just like 9-11. The London 7-7 bombing, the Mumbai 7-11 bombing, or the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shooting of 7-22, it goes on and on. So that is another interesting finger print. In fact, that is a point I will make about the likely death date of Michael Collins Piper. It may fit an 8-8 pattern.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, I believe that Ben Gurion resigned so he would not be in office when JFK was taken out, but I believe his final instructions to the Mossad may have been to support the removal of JFK by force . A termination.



Maj. Fox: One reason why I like Final Judgment so much, of course it not only talks about the feud between JFK and Ben Gurion, but some other intrigues, the likely Mossad murder of Marilyn Monroe, because she knew too much, just like maybe Michael Collins Piper was murdered, because he knew too much and still wanted to talk, and also the likely Mossad-orchestrated murder of Robert F. Kennedy. Also Piper later wrote, he felt that the Mossad and FBI were involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King. The Mossad may have been involved in the suspicious death of former CIA Director William Colby. So the Mossad is without question the most active intelligence organization in the world when it comes to conducting black ops, false flag operations, and assassinations. [16:18]
Dr. Fetzer: My own research suggests that the story given by Darwin Porter in his book Marilyn at Rainbow's End is accurate about her death. I mean it was a controversial day, she was being mugged by all kinds of important people, including the mob. But whereas Sam Giancano was worried she was going to have a press conference to reveal things he did not want her to tell, and where he had instructed Johnny Rosseli to take her out, but to make sure she felt no pain. It is a fascinating read about Hollywood, their personalities, their sex lives, the whole bit. I mean really fascinating where this guy I think actually really nails it down with Marilyn. On some of the other killings the Mossad may have very well had an input. I think that taking out Martin [Luther King] was a personal project of J. Edgar Hoover who developed a considerable dislike of Martin just as he had of the Kennedys. But our focus here, of course, is on Michael Collins Piper, and the next slide actually shows him meeting former Malaysian Prime Minister [Mahathir] Mohamad during a visit to Kuala Lumpur in June 2006.


Kuala Lumpur turns out to be a rather interesting location because they have held international war crimes trials in Kuala Lumpur. I am suspicious that they may have lost a couple of aircraft as a consequence.
Maj. Fox: Right, well that has also been the thesis of Leuren Moret who believes that a U.S. directed energy weapon, an advanced laser-type device, brought down the flight that was actually, contrary to what she believes was disinformation where the plane was flying say, in a southwest direction from Australia, in fact it was flying in the direction of Vietnam. She believes it was shot down and claims that Vietnamese and others were witnesses.
Dr. Fetzer: That's rather fascinating.
Maj. Fox: Yes, but anyway getting back to Mike Piper, of course one of the big issues involving his death, if you want to delve into that at this point -- [18:32]
Dr. Fetzer: Sure, lets turn to the next slide which shows the location where he died.
Maj. Fox: OK.
Dr. Fetzer: Go right ahead.


Maj. Fox: Yes, that is the Budget Saver Motel at 1519 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. All right, let us start out by observing that even less than a week after his death, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today came out with an article in which he felt that it was very suspicious and that it was likely a Mossad hit. I would like to get back to that later, but then a little less than a month later, on July 3rd, the CDA Press, Coeur d'Alene Press, published an article called "Death Raises Questions" by Jeff Selle and Maureen Dolan that contains so much anomalous information that I felt personally a strong need to come forward like with this interview, and raise these red flags with the public.
Dr. Fetzer: Well, we are going to get to that story. It is included in our slide set, Major Fox, but I thought before we reach that point we would review what Mark Glenn, for example, has to say. Here you can see him in the next slide.



He was a long time associate with Michael Collins Piper and with the American Free Press. He has written about the deterioration in Piper's health, deterioration in his state of health. Or as we shall see shortly, he tends to believe that he died of natural causes. So I believe there are good reasons to question whether that is indeed the case. [20:15]
Maj. Fox: Yes, and also Ian Greenhalgh, who also like Gordon Duff writes for Veterans Today, came back at Mark Glenn and accused him of engaging in ad hominem attack against Gordon Duff and not dealing with major issues. [Ed.Note: Please see "Only the Good Die Penniless and Alone: You Can Tell Who Was Honest by Who Was Bumped Off," by Ian Greenhalgh,, June 16, 2016]. For example, Ian believes that the diabetes condition and heart condition of Michael Collins Piper was treatable and could have been stabilized. In fact, Ray Goodwin, a professor in Texas, was interviewed on the Heretics Hour with Carolyn Yeager, and he said that a week before Michael Collins Piper died, Mike was feeling good. He was upbeat. In fact, he does not think Michael Collins Piper knew it yet, but he had actually finally received Social Security that he had applied for that would alleviate a lot of his financial worries. And things were beginning to turn around. Of course there was a series of events, a little more than two weeks before Piper moved into that motel he was staying at a guest house on the property of Mark Glenn, and there was a fire that broke out in that house and he was forced to move, and he was relocated in a motel in Coeur d'Alene. When I saw a blurb from Michael Collins Piper in a mass distribution email to which I was copied, he had verbiage to the effect that "I have been burned out, and some say it is God's Will," that didn't sound right to me -- it sounded almost like sarcasm, because in his book The Caiaphas Complex, he had mentioned during his tour and his talks in Kuala Lumpur, he talked about how he felt that God's will was on his side. So I went back to him with an email and I said "You know, I think you are under forms of stress and Americans in general are going to come under even more, and in fact it gets to point where we could be under genocidal stress, like we are getting hit with Fukushima radiation, GMO. I even mentioned a Red Ice Radio interview of a gentleman who talked about the holocaust of the Irish people in the 1840's. I suggested that was probably principally orchestrated by the Rothschilds / City of London. So anyway I never got a response from Michael Collins Piper regarding whether any details about whether he thought there was foul play involved in the fire that broke out at the house on Mark Glenn's property, but I did speak with an employee at American Free Press who had known Mike Piper for a long time. He said he got some emails, and there was something to do with a structural problem on that property a day before the fire that sounded suspicious and something about the fire sounded suspicious to him as well. One thing that fire did accomplish is it relocated Piper to a motel where, based on my reconnaissance looking at Google maps, it looks like he was really a sitting duck. It was almost like a perfect way for a hit man to come in and take him out, because there is easy parking on the backside off the main drag. The motel complex is perpendicular to the roadway and a person could stand out on the aisle in front of Michael Collins Piper's motel room any time of day without arousing suspicion. So I think that, again, some interesting coincidences are there. But the main evidence that I reacted to, which got me motivated to want to have this interview with you, is contained in that article "Death Raises Questions."

Dr. Fetzer: We'll get there, Major Fox. Here is the next slide shows one of the last photographs of Michael Collins Piper actually at dinner at the home of Mark Glenn, I take it.
Maj. Fox: I would infer that. It looks like that was published at the Ugly Truth web site of Mark Glenn, and with all the plates there, it would appear to me that he is having dinner. By then Mark Glenn had ten children, including a newly baptized child in the Roman Catholic faith. Mark Glenn asked Mike Piper to be the godfather. On the radio show Mike Piper said he was very pleased to take on that role.
Dr. Fetzer: Well the next slide shows Mark Glenn's assessment of Michael's state of health. This is very significant. Would you like me to read it through?
Maj. Fox: Sure.
Dr. Fetzer: [Reading]

So, here are the facts–Mike was a very sick man. Exactly a year ago, he underwent quintuple bypass surgery to relieve a 98% blockage in his arteries. After surgery, his heart operated at only around 25% of its capacity. In the 5 months he stayed with us, he had no less than half a dozen different heart ‘incidents’ that were more than likely heart attacks of some sort that on several occasions necessitated me taking him to the emergency room, one instance in particular occurring in the middle of the night during a blinding snow storm. In addition to this, he was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day from the neuropathy in his legs and feet, pain so severe that at times he found himself breathless and dizzy. Most days he stayed in bed because of the pain and when he did walk was only able to do so with a cane or had to brace himself against walls, sofas, chairs, etc, from point a to point b.

And of course he is explaining all of this in support of his belief that Michael died from all of these medical maladies and not from an assassination.
Maj. Fox: Right, the operative word is "natural causes." Now interestingly enough, Ian Greenhalgh wrote a rebuttal to that specific verbiage, and I would like to read from that.
Dr. Fetzer: Sure.
Maj. Fox: Actually there are a number of different rebuttals, but let me just provide his first. He said:

This information changes nothing, we already knew that MCP was a sick man. However, the sort of heart condition he had is very much treatable today; therefore his death remains under suspicion.

Why the vitriolic attack from Mark Glenn? The thing to remember in these situations is that you attract the most flak when you are approaching the target; therefore we can surmise that Gordon’s article about MCP being murdered was definitely on-target; hence it attracted flak from Glenn.

On the surface, the impression Glenn tried to give is that his motivation for attacking Gordon Duff was his friendship with MCP. However, we never take things at face value and have to ask who directed Glenn to attack Gordon? The obvious answer is the same people behind the death of MCP. Therefore, if we know who Glenn works for, it points us in the right direction to determine who was behind the murder of MCP.

Who is Mark Glenn? He is a self-declared right wing Christian fundamentalist who plays the role of ‘ranting Jew hater’. It should be noted that the Christian fundamentalists are largely Zionist and therefore supporters of Israel; this makes it a little suspicious that Glenn plays the role of anti-Israel, anti-Jew and anti-Zionist. One is reminded of Lenin’s comment that ‘the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves’. Israel employing American Christian Zionists as fake critics of Zionist Israel? Far more shocking things happen every day.

As a last paragraph, he says:

Another logical way of getting a handle on who may lie behind the death of MCP would be to look at who he had made an enemy of through his writings. Foremost among Piper’s work was his book on the JFK assassination Final Judgment first published by the American Free Press in 1994 and re-issued many times since in new editions that added further material. In the book he argues that David Ben Gurion, the prime minister of Israel, initiated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The main motive concerns Kennedy’s attempts to halt Israeli atomic weapon research. Others involved in the assassination include the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton and Jewish mobster, Meyer Lansky.

Dr. Fetzer: Let me say a couple of things, but go to the next slide, because Michael Collins Piper and Mark Glenn are both very active with the American Free Press, which has been extremely critical of Israel and Zionism. Here you see [him] discussing the idea of freeing Jonathan Pollard from prison giving him parole, which I personally think is a very bad idea. But it appears to be going forward. Now as far as David Ben Gurion initiating the assassination, I think it goes back much further to the convention in Los Angeles in 1960 when Lyndon knew he really could not defeat JFK and forced his way on to the ticket. He did so by threatening to reveal that JFK had had amorous dalliances with women who were spies for foreign nations, that he suffered from Addison's Disease and was not expected to live a long, healthy life, and moreover that if he were not on the ticket, then as majority leader of the Senate he would block any legislative proposals coming down from the White House which would be dead on arrival. When a supporter of Lyndon burst into the Johnson suite, outraged that Lyndon was going to run as JFK's Vice Presidential nominee, Bobby Baker took him into a bedroom and explained their plan, which needless to say was to take out JFK for Johnson to accede him, and he came out all smiles saying he thought that was an excellent idea and he supported it completely. So I think that with JFK's opposition to Israeli development of nuclear weapons it gave Israel a reason for becoming a sponsor of the assassination. It may have gone further in its contribution, but there were many powerful organizations and entities who were upset with JFK, including the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the anti-Castro Cubans, the mafia, the Texas oil men, the eastern establishment associated with the Fed, and of course Israel as well. So,you know, there were quite a few sponsors of the assassination where Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar [Hoover] appeared to have been the key facilitators, Johnson of the assassination, Hoover of covering it up, which isn't to say that there was not a lot of busy work for Israel to contribute here. I am just laying out, Major Fox, the results of my own research on this in relation to what Michael Collins Piper may have unearthed here.
Maj. Fox: Well that reminds me of the plot to the Agatha Christie novel Murder on the Orient Express where we find out at the end it wasn't one murderer, it was like a jury trial, you know --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, interesting. Actually that is very interesting because I have identified six of the shooters, men who appeared to be the shooters, including one that is the Dallas Deputy Sheriff, one Air Force expert, an anti-Castro Cuban, a mafia-CIA guy, a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA, and Lyndon Johnson's personal hit man. So I am inclined to believe that each of the groups involved put in one of their own shooters as a kind of blood oath that if this were to become unraveled and exposed, then they would all be in it together.
Maj. Fox: Yes, well Michael Collins Piper points out in Final Judgment that-- and he also reiterated in his interviews, that he had actually been put in contact through Congressman Paul Findley with a former French intelligence officer who provided names of other so-called "mechanics" or assassins, that was their nickname, who had been with the O.A.S., which actually had been sponsored behind the scenes by Israel. For those who have seen the movie The Day of the Jackal, the plot there is the O.A.S. robs a bank [to finance an assassin] --it is called the Secret French Army Organization in Algeria, they did not like the fact that Charles DeGaulle was going to allow the Algerians to get their independence, and so they hired an assassin to try to take out DeGaulle. But anyway, Israel -- actually the Mossad often plays both sides of any conflict. For example, in By Way of Deception - [Editor's Note: There is another very important point that I did not get around to making in the interview, namely Michael Collin Piper's very plausible theory that there was a "plot within a plot" that deceived many high level U.S. government agencies involved in the assassination to think they were going to stage an attempted assassination of JFK that would be blamed on Fidel Castro's agents. This would be used to justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba to get rid of the communist regime. When the assassination plot went "live" with the unexpected death of JFK -- thanks to Israeli treachery -- many participants became involuntarily participants of a "pact of blood." Please see Chapter 17 "The Bombing Beat Goes On and On: The JFK Assassination Subplot, the McVeigh Subterfuge, Bali and Amman Explosions" of my Mission of Conscience series for further more details.]
Dr. Fetzer: I loved the book, by the way, it is absolutely fascinating
Maj. Fox: Yes, well there is a great anecdote Ostrovsky tells us about on an Israeli military base. It turns out that the Mossad is training not only the government forces of the island of Sri Lanka, but the insurgents at the same time. Somebody screws up the scheduling, and they are out doing physical training, and both groups are coming towards each other, and they are divided only by a fence, and the Mossad instructors almost have a heart attack hoping they don't recognize each other. Fortunately these two groups pass each other without recognizing each other as blood enemies. One important point, though, is The Spotlight actually came out with a booklet called --this was before it became the American Free Press [came into existence] -- called JFK: The Murder Mystery Unraveled. They said that the key to understanding the Kennedy assassination is not only just to look at who had a motive to pull it off, but also who had the power to sustain a cover-up for so long. So we also have to talk about the complicity of the major corporate media. And what group in this country -- and of course Michael Collins Piper wrote a book called The New Jerusalem, and The New Babylon about the Rothschilds / City of London, how the Jews came in on the coattails of Oliver Cromwell, the Amsterdam Jews helped finance him to gain power, then they intermarried with the British aristocracy and took over the Bank of England, and then from there they managed to set up the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913, and were able to gobble up control of Hollywood, that is written about by Henry Ford in his book The International Jew. Many other books document that like An Empire of Their Own by Neil Gabler, and they grabbed control of Wall Street, so there is one group with strong ties to Israel and its Mossad that has the media power to sustain a cover-up. That is the elephant in the living room.
Dr. Fetzer: Well the cover-up was very elaborate, including stealing the body, altering the body, enlarging the throat wound, taking a cranial saw to the skull to try to make a fist-sized blow out of the back of the head look more like something that could have been caused by a shot from behind. It was very elaborate and involved quite a few very powerful individuals, none more so of course than J. Edgar Hoover. But I appreciate your suggestions here that there was an additional role by the media not ever getting serious about researching the death of JFK. Here is the next story that you have been most interested in addressing in the next slide here. That was about the causes of death of Michael Collins Piper. I know there is much here you want to discuss.
Maj. Fox: Right, well I would like to add some additional commentary to the biography section. This is a draft I am still in the process of wanting to go through to revise and add [on to] at that will cover many of the details of our interview now. This gives us what I consider some very strong circumstantial evidence of foul play. You know, we have to approach things from two angles. Hopefully we can get to the macro view, but here is more of the micro view. Hard core suspicious indicators. I'll read this [from the "Death Raises Questions" article]:

...When police went into the room to identify the body, Piper had strange blisters on his back that were weeping fluid, so the patrol officers called in detectives and contacted the coroner's office.

"He had multiple blisters forming on his neck and right elbow," the responding officer wrote in his report. "Also, something appeared to be soaking through his shirt on his back."

The officer reported that Coeur d'Alene Fire Department was also on the scene and said the blisters and stain on Piper's back looked "very odd."

Now folks, how many times when somebody gets a heart attack, or dies of diabetes, do they show blisters and a strange wound on the back that is soaking through?
Dr. Fetzer: Oh, I think that is an excellent point, Major Fox, I agree completely that this is very, very strange and is highly suggestive of foul play. I have no doubt.
Maj. Fox: Right, and then later on we hear that the deputy coroner Lynn Acevedo arrived, and she said she thought the blisters were from accelerated decomposition of the body caused by 80-85 degrees in the room. She said that certain medical conditions could speed that process too.
Dr. Fetzer: That is a pretty odd diagnosis in my opinion.
Maj. Fox: Yes, now let us look at that from a couple of angles. One is, what was the outside temperature? I went to for historical data. On Friday the 29th, the two most likely days in which he was dead was Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th. So on Friday we show a high of 78 degrees and a low of 51 degrees, and on Saturday a high of 76 degrees and a low of 57 degrees. If he was dead much of the night in which the temperature dipped into the '50's, how come by noon -- the body was discovered around 1:00 on Saturday -- how would the temperature get up to, you know, 2 to 7 degrees above the highest temperature for Saturday?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes. I agree, that's suspect.
Maj. Fox: Why would Piper turn up the heat inside the room to such an uncomfortable level inside his apartment?
Dr. Fetzer: Sure, that is all good stuff.
Maj. Fox: Right.
Dr. Fetzer: Talking about major motives, here the next slide of course shows his book. I mean, what could be a more major motive? The Israelis do not react kindly to people who expose their activities, as you well know.
Maj. Fox: Right, well, and actually more than that, I was going to hit on that even harder towards wrapping up this interview, is not only had he given them some real black eyes on an informational level in the past, but he said outright that he was going to go no-holds barred in creating a web site, to spill all the beans, and he could write a book about stuff that was off the record that people would want suppressed. He showed every indication that he was not going to quit. He was going to keep coming out with more earth-shaking books like Final Judgment. But anyway, that would be another motive to try to shut him up.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: But incidentally, another point I want to make is when we talk about blisters on the body, I looked at Wikipedia in the article on putrefaction, and according to Wikipedia it normally takes about five days under normal circumstances to get blisters.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: We could ask how long was Piper dead? Well, there was a neighbor who heard tapping noises in his hotel room around 11:00 Friday night. So if that was true, and his body was discovered at 1:00 PM on Saturday, then Piper was dead for no more than 14 hours. On the other hand the apartment [or motel] complex manager said he saw him on Friday morning. So let's say he saw him around 8:00, OK? Then Piper was probably dead less than 29 hours. OK, well between 14 to 29 hours, that is still only a small fraction of five days to produce blisters. [41:00]
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes. Let us look at the next slide further about the motivation that might have brought about his death. [Excerpt from biography page of Final Judgment:] "This is the author the Israeli lobby loves to hate." I mean, Michael Collins Piper's work was very disturbing to Israel no doubt, that the American people should have the idea that they could have participated in, collaborated in the assassination of our 35th president.
Maj. Fox: Yes, and it it is actually worse than that. I mean, like you have studied the likely assassination of Paul Wellstone, an elected government official, in an airplane crash. When I created the Mission of Conscience series which is online, I discussed likely assassinations within the U.S. military like CPL Pat Tillman and COL Ted Westhusing. Speaking of journalists, what about Gary Webb in Los Angeles who caught on to the CIA dealing of drugs with blacks in Los Angeles. And then apparently he got "suicided" by shooting himself twice in the head. How does someone kill himself by shooting himself twice?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes.
Maj. Fox: Yet the local coroner ruled, I believe, that it was a suicide, right? I mean --
Dr. Fetzer: This is like the agriculture inspector Henry Marshall who came out to see if Billy Sol Estes actually had the cotton lot he had used for collateral for these massive loans from the Department of Agriculture. He was found shot five times with a single shot bolt action rifle. He had been rendered unconscious by a blow to the head and his lungs were filled with carbon monoxide, yet the Justice of the Peace ruled it a suicide.

Maj. Fox: [Laughter]. So maybe they go to the same -- like that movie The Shining -- the same Shining country club. Maybe they and the coroner who ruled that Michael Collins Piper died of natural causes, they are all part of the same Shining country club. Who knows? So anyway, how do we tie it all together? By the way, another piece of evidence in the article was that Piper's room was locked from the inside, OK? So the murder mystery question we have to ask is how do you get blisters, a strange wound on the back, the body is found inside with the door locked, and maybe the temperature was elevated, is there something that is very obvious that could have done these things?
Dr. Fetzer: Well before we get there, you also point out that his Wikipedia entry was savaged. Here in the next slide you will see, and I have some experience with this myself, namely that there are lots of attacks on Michael Collins Piper.
Maj. Fox: Like that's the article by Gordon Duff that came out less than a week after Michael Collins Piper died. I salute Gordon Duff for coming out with that, and Ian Greenhalgh, who followed up after the attack by Mark Glenn, because obviously I feel that we must put this on the skyline.
Dr. Fetzer: Well I have differences with Gordon Duff, [but] I also regard him as doing some excellent work. I don't reject everything he does. And raising questions about Piper's death, I think, was in fact very appropriate. Just to reveal my experiences with Wikipedia, if you look at the next slide, they gutted my whole entry which was actually very extensive. They took out all my work on JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, even the Holocaust, and I think it was because I participated in a conference on academic freedom held on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champagne Urbana where we used JFK, 911, and the Holocaust as our illustrations. But I had retained a copy of the original entry so I published a piece comparing before and after so you can actually see how much they gutted, which was massive. More than half of the entry was simply taken out. It was a real butcher. And punishing me because I was speaking out about the Holocaust, about which I have now done more by editing a book titled "And I Suppose We Didn't Go To The Moon Either." That includes discussion not only of the moon landing hoax, and of Paul McCartney's replacement, and the first death of Saddam Hussein and the second death of Osama Bin Laden, but also about the Holocaust. And I brought together thirteen experts on these subjects. There are four chapters on the Holocaust, but of course you will never see a word published about that in Wikipedia. Here finally William we get to the real core of the matter in terms of your interpretation of what may have happened, your hypothesis, which I think is quite fascinating. [46:10]
Maj. Fox: Right, right, but before we continue with this, I just want a short look -- I had a bad experience myself. I put in an update article about Tom Chittum's book Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America. It is an ebook that I carry, and that was delisted by Wikipedia. If somebody goes to the Tom Chittum page that I have at and scrolls down they can read all about it. So yes, that is true.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, Wiki appears to be a Zionist op, you know, that the Israelis run it, like they run so much else of life in America. When you have 47 Senators who are willing to write to the President of Iran to say that the negotiated agreement with the P5 + 1 is not going to get anywhere because they are going to reject it, is a form of treason motivated by their devotion to Israel. Major, are you aware that Cynthia McKinney recently revealed that when you come to Washington as a new member of the House or Senate you are asked to sign a pledge to put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the United States? If you do not sign that pledge, next time around you will find yourself confronted by a well-financed alternative candidate, advertising is going to be vacuumed up by a lot of money, and you are going to be in a desperate plight. Now Cynthia managed to be elected some eight times, but she is the only one I have ever heard of who has come forward with the truth about this.
Maj. Fox: Well, actually, supporting that from a slightly different angle is Paul Findley in his book They Dare to Speak Out. He was a former Congressman from Illinois, said that basically if you want to become a candidate for a major office like President you have to get vetted first by going to various Jewish organizations. In fact, a number of books point out that at least 50% of the campaign financing for both the Democrats and Republicans comes from the Jewish lobby, so they pretty much control both sides. What we ought to call the "Republicrat" system.
Dr. Fetzer: Donald Trump is wreaking havoc among the GOP candidates because he is outspoken and financing himself so he is not indebted to anyone and I dare say he has made it clear that if they don't play fair with him he is willing to run as a third party candidate which would destroy the prospects of the Republicans to regain the White House. It is really fascinating how that is being played out because the Israeli lobby is hamstrung from controlling Donald Trump.
Maj. Fox: Right, well you know Ross Perot at one point created a serious threat that he was serious, so it will be interesting to see how far Trump --
Dr. Fetzer: My understanding is Ross Perot's family was threatened, you know, that he was actually threatened with death of him and his family if he continued to pursue it.
Maj. Fox: That is pretty typical. Getting on with the directed energy weapon -
Dr. Fetzer: You have got a great hypothesis here, William, go for it.


Leuren Moret in the documentary Beyond Treason


Maj. Fox: Well actually I am indebted to Leuren Moret, who --I created a web page for her, she is a whistleblower, a former scientist with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and she in fact did a YouTube video titled "Leuren Moret: DHS Uses Berkeley California Template USA-gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes", posted July 15, 2014. She talks about how she is seeing proxies of the Department of Homeland Security and police beta-testing what are called "cop toys" where they can punch in on cell phones and from cell towers and other sources, deliver electromagnetic pulses to people from cell towers and other sources. In fact, I was once on the phone with Leuren Moret back in 2013, and [interrupted by echoes in the background on the phone line]
Anonymous Voice: Hello?
Dr. Fetzer: Hey Chance, Gary got in here by mistake, OK. [Ed. Note: Chance is an individual who provides production support for Real Deal interviews]
Maj. Fox: Anyway, I was calling from western Pennsylvania and Leuren Moret was in Berkeley, and in the middle of our conversation there was a pause, and she said "On, they just zapped me!" She claimed that somebody had hit her with a directed energy weapon and she had blood rolling down the side of her face.
Dr. Fetzer: I have had numerous conversations with her where she was reporting herself being under attack. It appears that she is a targeted individual. Very, very troubling.
Maj. Fox: Right. And also of course microwave attacks are nothing new. For example, beginning around 1964 and 1965 U.S. embassy personnel in Moscow were continually bathed in radiation. It lasted for about 15 years. And even mainstream sources like Time magazine reported that. Also, of course you have Deborah Tavares, who has a web site who covers this in some detail, for example government documents like Quiet [actually Silent] Weapons for Quiet Wars. In fact there is also a web site, the Advanced Electronic Security Company of Southern California has a web page titled "Electronic Harassment" and they point out how even microwave ovens can be modified to focus and direct up to 1200 Watts or more and it can penetrate several walls. They say that attacks from high energy microwave weapons can cause blisters, cause internal bruising, internal bleeding, stimulate cancer, cause cataracts, encourage tumors to grow, generate boils, create red patches on the skin.


Dr. Fetzer: Of course for someone with a delicate cardiovascular system with a heart condition as he did, I think he would be a relatively easy target to take out.
Maj. Fox: Right. And also they point out that:

Radar guns are available from surplus stores most anywhere and can be obtained from ex-military sources or even police departments. Radar gun power outputs range from a two or three watts to 3 Megawatts! Portable radar guns range in size from small hand held devices to vehicle mounted long range high power models.

Also, there is an article in USA Today titled "New Police Radars Can `See' Inside Homes" by Brad Heath. That was dated January 20, 2015. So I think somebody could have used an imaging device that can see inside homes alongside a directed energy weapon to see Piper inside his motel room and then just train a directed energy weapon on Piper. Maybe that is what accounted for the knocking noises. Maybe he was rolling around in agony at about 11:00 at night. You know, it occurred to me that could have been an opportunistic mission. In other words, somebody could have walked up there when nothing was going on with a battery pack and at the first sign that somebody might be in the area, then they could just scurry down, get in a car, and drive through the residential area which is on the backside of that motel without any real notice. Of course Piper was crippled. He had neuropathy in his feet. He often had to use a wheel chair. So there was no way that he was going to jump out of bed, bolt through the door, and chase after somebody coming after him. So it could have been that the minimal mission was to harass Michael Collins Piper just like the way Leuren Moret described to me how she got zapped. The maximum mission was that if no one showed up, and Piper was rolling around helpless, to just keep the directed energy weapon trained on Piper until he was dead. It is quite possible that the suspected assassin overdid it and they left more clues than what they had expected. Which actually raises another question. It kind of gets into wrap up issues [for this interview], and that is whether maybe some of these clues and the evidence left in the Coeur d'Alene Press article "Death Raises Questions," maybe they were sort of planted there to hide in plain sight sort of like what Kubrick called the name of his movie "Eyes Wide Shut." In other words, you know, it is sort of in our face, and it is kind of like what are we going to do about it, right? The "Eyes Wide Shut" syndrome is you see evil things going on, but you just sort of learn to ignore it and go about your daily business and not worry about the big picture.
Dr. Fetzer: Well, I think this is a fascinating hypothesis, Major Fox. I think the blisters are extremely telling and I like what you are explaining here. It seems very plausible to me. Here is our final slide, and I would like to invite you to take the last few minutes to talk about the significance of this man's life and why you believe he made such valuable contributions.


Maj. Fox: Oh yes, one other thing I wanted to mention was the Kabbalistic connection. Remember I talked about numbers divisible by 11.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: His body was discovered 5-30-2015. In Kabbalistic numerology, you knock out the zeroes in the date fields, so that would be 5-30, [the 30] becomes a 3, and the 2015, knock out the zeroes, 2+1+5 is 8. Now If you add across fields, the 5 + 3 is 8, and the 2 + 1+ 5 is 8, so you could get 8-8. All right? A lot of right wing, neo-Nazi groups like that as a signature, "8" for the eighth letter of the alphabet is "H" for "HH" for "Heil Hitler." Piper was into a lot of revisionist history. According to the interview with Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin on the Heretics Hour, he kept a bust of Adolf Hitler on his desk. Of course Piper was a complex individual. He claimed American Indian ancestry. He was a godfather to an African American child. Also, he claimed to be a populist in the LaFollete tradition, so I would not exactly call him a romping and stomping, goose-stepping Nazi or neo-Nazi. He was actually more of a populist, but he did like to be a free thinker, and push the envelop, and I like free thinkers. But anyway, it is possible that Mossad-CIA selected that date for what is called a "Ha! Ha!" The "HH" designation is just like when I was writing my Mission of Conscience series many people believe that the date of the Mumbai bombing in India on 7-11 was a black joke on Indian immigrants to the U.S. who run 7-11 stands. So often Mossad-CIA-MI6 likes to do what are called "Ha! Ha!"s, that are these little black jokes. But anyway getting on to the other point you want to make, what is his legacy and then also his greatest contribution? I think all his writings are really good. I have gone to a special effort to make sure that his author archives at are updated to his last contribution to the American Free Press in the September / October time frame 2014 so that people can go there and read all his articles. I think his articles are really good. All his books are good. The New Babylon is a classic, just like Final Judgment. I think that there are so many other projects that he wanted to take on, too bad he could not have been more like a marathon runner. His health -- a number of people commented, like Ray Goodwin in his interview with Carolyn Yeager, also some people posted comments who corresponded with him -- that his health seemed to deteriorate fairly rapidly in the last two-three years of his life. It was possible that he was being harassed with directed energy weapons on low beam -- of course radiation exacerbates every disease known to man -- so maybe he came under attack before somebody finally let him have it in the last day or two of his life. Also the other big concern I have is the death of Piper, is this part of a pattern where we might see increasing levels of death squad activity directed at journalists and other free thinkers in our society? It is that concern that prompted me to want to get active with you and put the case of Michael Collins Piper on the skyline, because we are not going to stop this by being quiet.
Dr. Fetzer: Well you have done a splendid job. I want to congratulate you, simply excellent. Anyone who wants to hear my interview with Michael Collins Piper about the death of JFK should go to and put in the name Michael Collins Piper in the search bar that will pop up. Meanwhile this is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, thanking my special guest for the first hour here, Major William Fox for being here. Stand by for a rather raucous discussion about recent work on JFK with a group of rowdies. I think you might enjoy it. Meanwhile, we are going to take a break, and I will be right back.




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