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28 February 2020


On February 27, 2020, Christopher Jon Bjerknes was interviewed by Adam Green, host of This interview was published 28 Feb 2020 on Bitchute under the title: "Was Adolf Hitler a Zionist Stooge?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a writer and researcher of Jewish or partial Jewish ancestry. In this interview he explicitly laid out Jewish genocidal intentions towards all Gentiles. His books are listed on Amazon and at His Coronavirus Chronicles series can found on his bitchute channel, and recent commentaries on his blog at



Interview Transcript


Editor's Note: This is a "rush" partial transcription of the entire interview provided by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books, that is reasonably but not totally accurate forresearch purposes. It begins at 17 min 18 seconds in and ends at 1 hour 15 minutes and :39 seconds. The overall interview ended at The overall interview ended at 2:01:26.

Any spelling problems are designated within brackets. In additiion, in places where someone was reading from a written passage and skipped over some verbiage, or quoted from a video in a way that left the Editor wanting more information about the overall context of the video extract, additional material has been provided in brackets. Last, but not least, brackets designate time intervals.


Adam Green:  [17:18 in] How about that. So that is the other thing with the legacy of the Holocaust is it gives the Jews like a trump card to be immune from criticism so that anybody that calls out Zionism or Judaism or Jews is labeled a Nazi and Hitler lover and suppressed.  And now it is intensifying so crazy with these TV shows and propaganda that they say anybody that talks about Jews is a Nazi, and then we deserve, they are encouraging people basically to go out and attack Nazis, not to mention deplatform them.
Christopher Jon Bjerknes: Burna (spelling?) was saying that back in the early 1800s that anybody who criticizes Jews should end up in prison or the insane asylum. And I sent you a quote, in 1946, of that man who is saying the same thing, that anyone who criticizes Jews --yes, there it is in that book-- there's a quote talking about Esau. And he said that Esau, if Esau who hates the Jews, criticizes the Jews, he should be put into an insane asylum or jail.  But that was a much earlier idea established by Burna (spelling?), and then Sigmund Freud tried to establish the idea that anti-Semitism is a mental illness so that psychiatrists could commit people who were supposedly engaging in the psychotic behavior of anti-Semitism.  And Lenin said that anti-Semitism was a crime punishable by death.  So we are under the same Leninist-Bolshevik regime of these top Jewish leaders who insist that we obey their Leninist -Democratic centralism whereby they assert a dogma, that dogma cannot be criticized once it is established, and anyone who speaks out against that dogma is a psychotic criminal who must be killed. That is exactly what happened in the very early Soviet Union.  It was the first law of the Soviet Union and they have turned the United States into a branch of that Bolshevik revolution whereby our free-speech rights are inhibited, and the next thing they're going to start doing is lining us up and shooting us.  And they will probably make public spectacles out of the executions of people like me for telling the truth about them. [19:39]
Green:  Well they very clearly believe the West, the Christian European West, this modern day Esau, which is in the End Times is either going to serve them and be righteous, Noahide Gentiles, or be exterminated. [19:53]
Bjerknes:  Well that is  what these stupid Christian Zionists don't understand is that the Israelis view America as Esau, as Edom, as Amalek, as their primary enemy Haman that has to be hanged on his own gallows.  So they are setting up the United States to be destroyed. They are so foolish, these Christian Zionists, to help their worst enemies who are out to chop their heads off under the Noahide Laws.  It's a form of insanity as far as I'm concerned.  They are suicidal even though they don't really realize it.  They are working with the enemy to establish the enemy's power so that the enemy then has power to chop their heads off.  And they think that Jesus is going to come down, they are going to be Raptured, and none of these horrific things are going to happen to them.  But we will see what happens when coronavirus hits the US.  Are these Christian Zionists Raptured away from it, or are they going to die with everyone else?  [20:53]
Green:  I had you on one or two weeks ago to talk about the coronavirus and since then I  just saw a headline that Israel is about to come out with their vaccine for the coronavirus and also there was a rabbi that said that, “Coronavirus won't go away until the 3rd Temple is built.”
Bjerknes:  Well, there is their threat and their leverage.
Green:  Let me bring you back on the topic about the Atonement and the Messianic prophecy of the Holocaust. This is from a movie in the early 90s called The Believer about a young kosher Jewish Nazi who became the leader of a neo-Nazi movement. This is him. He got in trouble and they forced him to go to like some kind of counseling where he talks to Holocaust survivors. And this is what he says, check this out. [Film clip from “The Believer - kill your enemies” (YouTube), 2:26 in]

[Daniel, the young Jewish neo-Nazi: ...There were concentration camps all over Europe and he [Hitler]  only manages to get rid of a measly 200,000 [Jews], he is a fuckin’ putz!]
First elderly Jewish man:  [Hitler wasn’t a putz] Hitler was real. God created him to punish the Jews for abandoning the Torah.
Elderly Jewish woman:  [Indignantly] For God’s sake Hyman, I am not here --
Second elderly Jewish man sitting next to the elderly Jewish woman:  Remember who you're talking to.
First elderly Jewish man: It is you who are putzes.

Green:  So God created Hitler to punish us. [Green repeats the video clip from The Believer].  So this what they believe.  This is mainstream belief, essentially that even their persecution by Esau is to make them stronger, like in a eugenics type of way. [22:14]
Bjerknes:  Well let's look at who they consider to be God.  They consider their own people to be God. Moses Hess, really who was the stronger Zionist even than Herzl, and really established the Jewish side as an agent of the Rothschild family to push for Zionism, said that since God hadn't done it, the Jewish people have to do it and it is part of their racial instincts that they have to engage in a war against Germany, specifically Germany, Hess said.  Now let's look at this war between Jacob and Esau. The Jews often have the refrain that Esau hates Jacob, and Jacob tricks Esau, and that is exactly what they set up in Nazi Germany was that Esau would hate Jews, and that they would use Esau's hatred of Jews as a trap so that they could expand the Soviet Union and terrify the Jews and scare them into moving to Palestine and staying in Palestine.  And that is what this man is talking about. It's not really God that does it. It's the Jewish people that do it. Now who is the head of the Jewish people, and God's representative on earth?  That would be the Jewish Messiah and the Jews have had a Messiah ever since Sabbatai Zevi there is a dynasty. This dynasty has gone underground and remained hidden and controls the destiny of Jewry and the destiny of the world ever since Sabbatai Zevi. So they believe they are already in the Messianic era, that they have not violated their Messianic prophecies because the Messiah is here and that is why they are so desperate to build the Third Temple so that they can anoint the Messiah in the Third Temple.  And they have to do those things. And it is the Babylonian Talmud in the Tractate Sanhedrin Folio 20b where it says that there are three things that they have to do when they return to the land of Israel and Palestine. They have to exterminate Amalek, which they think they did by killing off the Armenians.  They have to anoint their king, and they have to rebuild the Temple. And that is why they are so desperate to do it.  But they already have their king, so they believe that they are not violating their Messianic prophecies.  And when they say that God brought Hitler what they're really saying, I'm not saying that this is what the creators of the movie said, this is what I'm saying history says, is that the Messiah of the Jews created Hitler to serve like Moses as a cruel deliverer of the Jewish people from Europe to Palestine. It wasn't God that created Hitler. It was the Jewish bankers that created Hitler.
Green:  In the book Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed about the history of Zionism and the creation of Israel, it quotes a rabbi in here who believed that Hitler was the Messiah, and he was the one that allowed, that  brought the Jews back to Israel. And I believe that it is in this book as well that the [Haavara] Transfer Agreement sent like about 70,000 or 80,000 Jews to early Palestine, and without that and all the money, that it wouldn't have been created at the special 1948 time like they wanted.
Bjerknes:  It probably never would have been created is what many Jews believe.
Green:   Also let me just read something real quick from there, and this is Controversy of Zion, page 282, “This event was the coming of Hitler, and for a while filled a gap left by the collapse of the legend of persecution in Russia and produced in some Jews a desire to even go to Palestine.  For the Zionists, Hitler, had he not arisen, would have needed to be created.” [26:05]
Bjerknes: Well he was created.
Green:  And it says, “Basically the Zionist adventure was in collapse.  Left alone the Jews of the world would clearly never in any substantial numbers go to Palestine. If events took their natural course, the Arab population evidently would have increased its preponderance.  At that very moment the mysterious Hitler arose in Germany and Mr. Roosevelt in America and the Second World War loomed ahead.” Can you talk a little bit about, or do you want to get into this Rebbe, or do you want to talk [Theodor] Herzl and anti-Semitism and how they will use that to create their own state? What you think of that? [26:47]
Bjerknes: It all ties in together. The first Rebbe, Schneur Zalman,  said that he wanted the Jews to side with the Russian Empire against the Napoleonic Empire because Napoleon was acting as the Messiah and  was very friendly to the Jews, emancipated the Jews, and wanted the Jews to assimilate into the French Empire.  He tried to take Palestine for them and restore them there.  And the first Rebbe Schneur Zalman said no, we don't want the Jews to be emancipated. We don't want the Jews to be friendly to the Gentiles. We want there to be strong anti-Semitic hatred so that it will preserve the Jewish race and the Jews will not assimilate.  And then we have the last Rebbe saying that the Holocaust was an act of God, because it cut off a sick limb of the Jewish people so that the stem could be preserved.  And I have numerous quotes in the book of Zionists saying that you can't kill off the Jewish people because you can only kill off a certain percentage of them and then there will be a remnant to restock.  And that remnant will be the healthiest, strongest Jews who remain loyal to their people. So Jewry under this Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe dynasty has always sponsored anti-Semitism because they believed that it is essential to the survival of the Jewish people, until such time as the Gentiles are exterminated. Now these Rebbes also said horrible things about Gentiles, saying that their souls are lower than the soul of Jews and evil and derives from the supernal refuse and is garbage. It is the cause of chaos and destruction of God's creation and that God's creation can only be purified once the Gentiles are exterminated.  And these Chabad Lubavitch Rebbes are celebrated by Donald Trump's family.  And the same people who celebrate Hitler are the same ones who told us that Donald Trump would be the savior of the white race, savior of America, and preserve us, and was playing 4 or 5-D chess against the Jews, which was all complete nonsense. And I was one of the only voices who was warning people that Trump is absolutely in bed with Russia, Israel, and Chabad Lubavitch, and that there was a trio of leaders: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Benjamin Netanyahu, who were in bed with the Hassidic rabbis of Chabad Lubavitch and that they would they would lead us into disaster. And that Trump would surrender our military technologies and all our military intelligence to Israel and to Russia.  And that is exactly what he is doing. He is a complete traitor to the United States of America and he is setting us up for absolute disaster.  [29:39]
Green:  I know, it really pisses me off.  Anybody that is like really trying to set people back into the Left-Right game and “Oh, we've got to support Trump and he is not a communist and even though he's a Zionist,  he's not that bad.  He is the lesser of two evils.” We need somebody totally different.  Let me bring you back a little bit to the --
Bjerknes:   It's important because it is such a strong parallel to what I Hitler did.  Hitler tried to lead the Germans to believe that he would be the savior of them from Bolshevism and from Jewry and instead he delivered them into the hands of the Bolsheviks, killed millions of them ,and established the state of Israel.  And Trump is the exactly the same thing. That is why these people who pretend to worship Hitler hate me so much because I exposed both Trump and Hitler.  And this whole process that the Communists use of these neo-Nazi stooges and the original Nazi stooges to set up our people so that the Communists can take us over, because they want us to engage in massive self-consuming wars that will invite the conditions in which Communism can thrive.  And then they will overtake us.  And Vladimir Putin is one of the key agents behind all this. He was a KGB chieftain. He was the director of the FSB and he is setting up these neo-Nazi movements in America to subvert us and to create an artificial war with Antifa, the antifascists, which are also controlled by the KGB, the FSB and the Mossad. And they want us fighting each other and destroying ourselves while he sits in Moscow and laughs at us and Benjamin Netanyahu sits in Israel and laughs at us.  And Donald Trump is working for both of them to destroy us.  And we had better wake up to these facts real quick and get some people into our government who are for, of, and by our people and represent our best interests, and who don't try to draw us into the Communist trap of getting into wars and consuming ourselves and fighting each other so that the Communists can take us over. [31:46]
Green:  Yes, the New York-Moscow-Tel Aviv triangle, the Chabad mafia, Kosher Nostra.  And you write about the kosher Nazis and the controlled opposition groups and Putin’s reign of terror, that is another one of your books, I have the links to all these below, CJB Let me read on this about using anti- Semitism.  It is so vital for Judaism.  So Alan Dershowitz, [who] is close to Trump and Epstein and Chabad and all of this network, wrote in his book in 1997 [The Vanishing American Jew: In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century]: “Jews paradoxically need enemies in order to survive.  That anti-Semitism is what has kept Judaism alive.” So they thrive on it and then also Herzl says this.  This is from your book, part one. A quote from Herzl: “Whether we like it or not, we are now, and shall henceforth remain a historic group with unmistakable characteristics common to us all. We are one people, meaning Jews.  Our enemies have made us one without our consent, as repeatedly happens in history. The governments of all countries scourged by anti-Semitism will serve their own interests in assisting us to obtain the sovereignty we want.” So talk about Herzl’s predictions of anti-Semitism and how Hitler fulfilled that.  [33:08]
Bjerknes:   Herzl established, in his book he said the Jews should establish a Jewish country and a society of Jews.  And he said that what we will do is we will have Jews sell off their assets to anti-Semitic governments, and then those anti-Semitic governments will provide us with goods and ship the Jews down to Palestine and help us seize the land of Palestine.  And  that became the Transfer Agreement.  And Herzl said that Zionism cannot thrive without anti-Semitism. He called the anti-Semites his best friends. And he established parameters of what would be required to formulate, to  establish a nation in Palestine. And they always knew that they couldn’t transfer that many Jews, the land couldn’t  support it. They would have to start out with a small number.  And he and many other Zionists said that would have to be the healthiest and strongest Jews. They didn't want old Jews. They didn't want Jewish children or babies. They wanted young adults who were the fittest and smartest to go down there and establish the nation of Palestine.  And I believe that is why part of the Holocaust was this natural selection process of killing off the weakest Jews through disease, starvation, and actual selection of who would be killed immediately and who would not.  And I am not saying they had gas chambers and gassed six million Jews, which is a bunch of crap. I'm saying that they did allow the Zionists to come into the concentration camps and hand pick the fittest, best Jews to survive and go down to Palestine and prior to that they ensured that there would be pressure on Jewish professionals to kick them out of the professions so that they would have a strong incentive to sell off their assets to the German government with a thousand pounds in a German bank, and this is all exactly what Hitler wrote --what Herzl -- I confuse the two -- what Herzl wrote about in his book The Jewish State. He said that they would set up a bank in Germany and a bank in Palestine. He did not specify Germany, but he said that basically this process would take place with the Jewish company whereby they would put their funds in the government. The government would then allow the Jew to move down to Palestine. The British would let him in because he had the  thousand pounds that were required.  The British had control of Palestine under the Palestine mandate, and then the Germans would give the Zionists a thousand pounds worth of goods to sell in the Middle East or to use.  And then when that was sold or used when the Jew immigrated down, he would get land or goods worth a thousand pounds. And there was a man named Sam Cohen who: wanted to profit from Herzl’s scheme and he tried to make it all cashless for the Jew, but he and his company had an idea.  He would get this thousand pounds worth of goods, would sell them, and this man owned property investment,  he was a land broker.  And he would put the Jew, who moved down to Palestine on the land and keep him as an indentured slave and not allow him to have any cash.  He would supply him with the goods and the land but not any cash so that Jew who came down there would have no means to leave.  So they would trap these Jews in Palestine, and they utilized all these funds to keep Hitler afloat and build the nation of Palestine.  Now Hitler, in 1933, was in serious trouble. We were in the heights of the Depression. Germany was largely an export nation, and it could not import the raw materials that it needed to produce the goods that it needed to export and there were boycotts against its exports. So the big Jews got together and said you either agree to the Transfer Agreement or we will instigate these boycotts against you and we will publish all kinds of atrocity propaganda against Germany in the press. And that would have ruined the Nazi revolution and probably Communists would have taken over.  And they did not want that.  They wanted there to be a war between Germany and the Communists. So they kept Hitler in power by financing him through this Transfer Agreement. Now, they didn't do this to convince Hitler. They did this to convince all the sincere Nazis who genuinely were trying to save Germany from these Jewish bankers.  [37:56]
Green:  And it is interesting, you know they founded --Herzl was at the World Zionist conference-- and he founded the Jewish National Fund, which was the fundraising for them to set up and start building in Palestine.  And Trump won the Jewish National Fund Award in the early 1980s, the Tree of Life Award and it was the Rothschilds who funded the first settlements to grow for great vineyards, to grow wine, which is like a Biblical thing that they will go back and plant vineyards.  [38:31]
Bjerknes:  Yes, and they will also destroy all the groves and vineyards of the Palestinians.
Green:  And interesting too, now that we have a Trump figure who they call Cyrus that is going to help them rebuild the Temple.  They call him the head of Edom which they believe is either going to repent and help them rebuild the temple, or be Noahides or be destroyed.  And his daughter, Ivanka, is married into the Chabad supremacist Jewish cult.  And they are calling her Esther which is like, both of those ways it means the people of America, the patriots, the people that are really standing up --the Esaus that are standing up to Jacob and persecuting him for no reason are going to be genocided, basically.
Bjerknes:   And who is our alternative in the election campaign? Bloomberg and Sanders.  Bloomberg the capitalist Jew and Sanders the communist Jew.  So what are our options? Chabad Lubavitch?  Open communism and  exploitive capitalism?  Why isn't there a normal natural American running who can win in the American presidential campaign?  Why do they have absolutely absolute control over all three of the leading candidates at this time? Complete control.
Green:  Because it's been the century of the Jews.  And after World War I and World War II they have just come out on top big time.
Bjerknes: Well they completely control it. And they control it by default because nobody stands up and people are so easily duped into supporting Trump as if he is some kind of opposition to all this.  And the horrible thing is that they have brought us so far down that we see Trump as the lesser of two evils instead of as part of the cabal of evil.  That is how far down we have allowed them to bring us.
Green:  So let's talk about the Rebbe and God as a surgeon. This is just from 2007. This is quite frankly amazing. [Reading the headline of the Haaretz article: God As Surgeon, by Yehuda Bauer, January 1, 2007, subtitled]  “The Lubavitcher Rebbe, [Rabbi Menachem] Schneerson described the Holocaust by comparing God to a surgeon who amputates a patient's limb in order to save his life.” [40:35]
Bjerknes:  Well he's being honest. That is the way they viewed it. They thought that these 6 million Jews were the souls of the Jews who committed the sins in the past. Jews believe in reincarnation, a lot of people don't realize that.  They think that all the souls of humanity originally stem from Adam and that Adam has both male and female souls.  And they believe that their God is a hermaphrodite and Adam was created in the image of their God, which made Adam a hermaphrodite.  So Adam can contain both male and female, and all the souls, and they especially believe he can save the souls of the Jews, male and female.  Eve was constructed out of Adam because Adam was created in God's image, and God is a hermaphrodite, according to them.  So we have this idea of reincarnation, main temp [spelling ?] psychosis throughout Judaism.  And that is one of the reasons why they believe that this Sabbatai Zevi is still alive today and Menachem Mendel Schneerson is still alive today because they believe that these souls transmigrate.  And of course they got all this from Hinduism and they really believe in reincarnation, so they believe that the souls of the 6 million supposed Jews who were killed in the Holocaust are the reincarnation of the souls of the Jews who disobeyed God and married non-Jews and were led astray to worship the Gods of foreign wives like Solomon was.  And that is why Solomon's Temple was destroyed because he had foreign wives and he establishedt temples for those foreign wives and disobeyed their God. And that is why in Moses’ time they worshiped the Golden Calf and it was a mixed multitude, and eventually the Jews got whittled down to 70 Jews going to the nation of Israel.  Those 70 Jews are symbolic of the 70 grandchildren of Noah who formed the 70 nations. And there are 70 princes who rule over the 70 nations, and those 70 princes live on the planets in our solar system.  They believe that the 71st Prince is Samiel [spelling? or did he mean Azazel?]  or they call him Jesus Christ, and that he betrays the Gentiles every year in exchange for the gift of a scapegoat. They send out a scapegoat to Azazel, who is the 71st Prince of the 70 princes of nations, and that he then puts all the sins of the Jews onto the Gentiles and that is exactly what they did with Adolf Hitler is they put the sins of Adolf Hitler onto the Gentiles when they themselves were responsible. So they continue to utilize the Holocaust, which they deliberately created as a means of scapegoating all Gentiles as [it is the fault of] Esau, who hates Jacob.  And Jacob tricked Esau into believing this. [43:20]
Green:  And this is what [Pastor John] Hagee believes as well.  And Hagee, Trunews calls him Rabbi Hagee, they wonder if he has converted to be a Noahide and I think he wears a prayer shawl and stuff and so he is in with CUFI [Christians United For Israel], the highest level of Zionism. He is their biggest guy to convert Christians.  This is what he in 2015, he said “‘Half-Breed Jew Committed Holocaust, Claims Netanyahu Ally John Hagee” [by Bruce Wilson, Huffington Post]  He says “Adolf Hitler was a half-breed Jew” and states that “Hitler was sent by God as a hunter,” which is Esau, to persecute Europe's Jews and drive them towards “the only home God ever intended for the Jews to have: Israel.” So Hagee is --  [44:25]
Bjerknes: Well the Jews believe that they have the mythology of Esau and Jacob being born as twins who could inherit the covenant of Abraham through Isaac.  And Esau was born first, and Jacob tried to grab his heel as he was coming of the womb so that Jacob could be born first. And grabbing the heel is an idiom in Hebrew for tricking the Gentiles.  So Esau came out, he was to inherit the covenant. He was supposed to be this woolly hunter and Jacob tricked Isaac and stole the covenant from Esau and had Esau surrender his covenant for a bowl of lentils which are red so that he could then surrender his covenant because Esau went out hunting and he was unsuccessful and he was starving, so Jacob tricked him into surrendering his birthright to the covenant with a bowl of lentils.  And he supposedly had red hair, red, and the lentils are red, and the Edomites supposedly have red hair.  So Esau obviously became outraged that Jacob had done this to him and had tricked Isaac, who had poor vision by putting on goat skin to make it seem that his skin was furry.  So Jacob also tricked Isaac.  And he stole the birthright from Esau. Now Esau swore revenge against him and God promised to Esau that his covenant would be to serve Jacob as a soldier and as a slave, but that he would eventually break the yoke of Jacob, and that would be the times of the Gentiles, what happened at the time of Christ, which was the changing of the age from Aries to Pisces. Remember that Moses blew the shofar, the ram’s horn, and that was symbolic of Aries and then we have Jesus as the fish symbolic of Pisces who instigated the Age of the Gentiles, when Esau would break the yoke of Jacob and come to rule the earth. Now that period has ended and we are transitioning back into what will be the Messianic Era of the Age of Aquarius where Saturn rules and the Jews will then be empowered to exterminate the Gentiles. All this was planned.  It is happening exactly, precisely, to the year, according to their schedule and we are in grave danger because now the times of the Gentiles are supposed to end which means the Gentiles are supposed to end. [47:15]
Green:  If you wonder where all this anti-white, anti-European stuff is coming from, this is the root cause of it, wouldn’t you say?
Bjerknes:  Yes, absolutely, and the story of Esau and Jacob. Esau hates Jacob for stealing the birthright. Jacob tricks Esau through his hatred into serving as Jacob's soldier and slave. All that was predicted in Genesis. And it's the plan they're following.
Green: So, and  this is what Hagee says also.  So Hitler was sent by God as a hunter to persecute Europe's Jews and drive them towards Israel or to Palestine.
Bjerknes: And he identifies him as Esau.
Green:   Hagee’s book Jerusalem Countdown says Esau's descendents would produce a lineage that would attack and slaughter the Jews for centuries. Esau's descendents included Haman, whose diabolical mind conceived the final solution of the Old Testament, the extermination of all Jews living in Persia, but then Esther reversed it and then they slaughtered all the non-Jews, which is what they want to bring back again.  Have have a modern day Purim, essentially.  [Editor’s Note: According to the Jewish scholar Isaac Asimov in his work Asimov’s Bible, the story contained in the Book of Esther is not corroborated by any ancient Greek and Persian historians who existed during the alleged era of Esther, and hence many scholars believe this story to have been a work of religious fiction that became so popular among ancient Jews that they eventually adopted it in their religious literature as if it were real a few centuries after the alleged time of Esther.].
Bjerknes: Absolutely.
Green:  Esau's descendents who produce the half-breed Jews of history have persecuted and murdered the Jews beyond human comprehension.  Adolf Hitler was a distant descendent of Esau.
Bjerknes: That's why they call him Haman.
Green: And again he said --
Bjerknes:  But the Jews view all Europeans as descendents of Esau. That is the way they viewed Armenians.  They killed one and a half million of them as the descendents of Esau who are also referred to as the Amalekites. And there are repeated Commandments in the Old Testament that the Jews have to exterminate the Amalekites.  And those commandments are repeated in the Talmud and in Kabbalah. It is a prerequisite that they do it when they enter the land of Palestine, which they have.  And that means they have to kill off all Europeans.
Green: I have a clip of a rabbi saying that the end times won’t come unless they kill the Amalekites and build the Temple. I think it is right here. [49:28]
Rabbi [Film clip] That's why the Torah tells us there are three mitzvah's that the Jew has to do when he comes into the land of Israel. Eretz Israel, Eretz the land says the medish (spelling?) means etymologically a place where you run to do the will of God. So when a Jew enters into Eretz, into the land of Israel, what should he do? The first thing,  appoint a King. What does that mean?  Accept the yoke of God unconditionally. If you want to or not, do the mitzvah. Even if you do the mitzvah out of coldness, still do the mitzvah. Step two, destroy Amalek. Now, do the mitzvah with warmth, with excitement.  When you begin to do the mitzvah with excitement, then you have the third aspect. The third mitzvah which is to build the Holy Temple, a place where you and God will meet because God only meets in a place where a Jew does the mitzvah with joy.
Green: OK, there we go. Those are three things that have to happen
Bjerknes: That' is exactly what we said before and it is found in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin Folio 20b.
Green: I know, all the stuff you say, I can find rabbis saying the exact same thing.  Here is a little more, John Hagee in his [late 1990’s] sermon said “...that the Nazis had operated on God's behalf to chase the Jews from Europe and shepherd them to Palestine.  According to the Reverend, Adolf Hitler was a `hunter,’ Esau was sent by God, who was tasked with expediting God’s will having  the Jews reestablish the state of Israel.” And Hagee preached, “And they the hunters should hunt them, it will be the Jews, `from every mountain and every hill and from out of the holes of the rock.’  If that doesn't describe what Hitler did in the Holocaust, you can’t see that.”  He goes on, “Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, he said. `God wants us to live in Israel so he went to the Jews of Europe, and said `I want you to come and join me in the land of Israel.’ So few Jews went that Herzl went into a depression. Those who came founded Israel.  Those who did not  went through the hell of the Holocaust.”
Bjerknes: And before Hertzl was [William] Hechler who was a reverend in Victorian England. And he tried to get Queen Victoria to help the Jews go to Palestine and it wasn't successful because the British ministry wouldn’t send, transmit the letters that he had written to the Sultan of Turkey to try to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. And then Hechler told Herzl that there would be an anti-Semitic movement which would do great harm to the Jews, but it would result in their getting Palestine. And this was in the 1880s I believe, or 1890s.  And then Hechler later told other people that there would be a Holocaust against the Jews, and that would be the pretext for their going to Palestine. And they would succeed.  So he tried to keep them all hopeful in the Zionist movement.  And he described exactly what would happen. He knew what would  happen, which proves that it was a plan. Hitler was a plan and people have to realize that Hitler was a nobody in the Wehrmacht, in the German army, and he was made into what became the Nazi leader, the Führer, the Messiah of the Jews. There's even a book: called How Hitler Was Made, which talks about it a little bit. But it doesn't get into the fact that it was the Jewish bankers who set it all up. Hitler was not made by his will to power. He was deliberately constructed. He was funded. He had Wehrmacht agents who would attend his speeches and  loudly clap for him at a clack (spelling?) to make it appear that he had broad support. The whole thing was a set up and he started out as a Bolshevik working politically for Kurt Eisner and Eugen Leviné in a Communist Bavarian Republic, which became a Leninist Soviet Republic. And Hitler was there helping them serving as a bodyguard and serving as a liaison for the soldiers’ counsels .  And Soviet means counsel.  He was serving as the soldiers’ Soviet liaison.  [53:59]
Green:  So people that have a hard time trying to understand that Hitler was against Communism and against the Bolsheviks, you're saying that he was, Kurt Eisner was a Communist or Socialist, and he went to his funeral and he worked for them and that they put him in as a mole to be, and built him up to be controlled opposition to ultimately to ensure that Germany was destroyed and they could fulfill everything , this anti-Semitism, and create Israel.
Bjerknes: Very well said. And the proof of that is insurmountable. If you read volume 1 and volume 2 of my books, you can come to no other conclusion.  The head of the military intelligence agency,: Capt. Karl Mayr, wrote an article called “I was Hitler's Boss” and he lays it out how Hitler was made by these people, by Ludendorff and by the Wehrmacht to become this leader of this anti-Semitic party. He doesn't reveal the fact that Hitler was doing this to set up and create a Communist Eastern European Empire and the land of Palestine.  But he reveals very clearly that Hitler was a nobody. He was a nothing. He was an absolute puppet from beginning to end.
Green:  And they like to carry out stuff by dualism  and Hegelian dialectic and controlled opposition like these Kabbalist are really into the dialectics, correct?
Bjerknes:  And dualism to the Kabbalist means that evil is good. They believe that everything comes from God, which means that evil comes from God and that they can atone and achieve redemption through sin, and the biggest sin that they could commit would be to kill 6 million Jews themselves. So they believe that they obtained redemption and atonement through that act of sinning. [56:00]
Green:  Let us finish up a little bit of this.  It says “Jeremiah wrote,” this is Hagee, “It was the truth and is the truth.  How did that happen?  Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen?  Because God said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel.”  And then it says, [paraphrasing from the Huffington Post article “`Half-Breed Jew’ Committed Holocaust”] “Tracing back,” so this idea of half breed Jews traces back to Esau.  “It seemed to originate from the theological ideas of the fringe racist white supremacist Christian Identity movement.” I don't think he's getting this from the Christian Identity movement, though. I think he's getting it from the rabbis that he talks to because Christian Identity says that they are the true Jews.
Bjerknes: The worst anti-Semites are Jews who breed with Gentiles.  Half-breed Jews are the worst anti-Semites.  Jews have always said that.
Green:  They also write here that --
Bjerknes:  But it is a horrible sin of mixing Jewish blood with non-Jewish blood.  Ezra would tear out his beard and shred his clothes when he heard that Jews were marryinh non-Jews.  It is the worst sin in Jewry to assimilate, to marry non-Jews, and mix divine Jewish blood with non-Jewish blood so they view those people as the most evil people and the  people who have to be exterminated. And that is how they justify the idea that they were going to attack European Jewry because European Jewry, especially in Germany, was assimilating. And they believe that assimilation was a form of genocide.  So they asserted that since these Jews were assimilating and committing genocide against the Jewish people it was legitimate to commit genocide against European Jewry.
Green:  And they didn't want to go to Palestine either so they kind of deserved it. So I remember some Jewish person said that miscegenation for Jews is like a holocaust also.
Bjerknes:  Absolutely, that's a Zionist theme from beginning to end and they still assert it.  So they want there to be anti-Semitism because anti-Semitism promotes their desire for segregation and in my book I prove that it was Jews who created the ghetto system.  [Adolf] Eichmann said when he moved into Poland there was no need to create ghettos because the Jews had already done it.  All that he needed to do was brick it in and put barbed wire around it. I have quotes from Poles and other people, and even in ancient times in Alexandria the Jews formed a Jewish segregated quarter. They formed a Jewish ghetto in Alexandria.  And Herzl coined the phrase “world ghetto” and he wanted Palestine to be the world ghetto. So what Hitler did was create the concentration camps and ghettos to establish the concentration of people to form this world ghetto in Palestine. And this was planned 2000 years ago. It was a crypto Jew, Tiberius Julius Alexander who destroyed the Alexandrian Jews from whence he came and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. It was a Jew who did that, not the Romans.  A crypto Jew working under Titus to serve the interests of the rich Alexandrian Jews and to fulfill Jewish prophecy to begin to have Esau break the yoke of Jacob, and begin the time of the Gentiles at the transition of the age between Aries and Pisces. It was a Jew, Tiberius Julius Alexander, who was the one who sent the Jews into the Diaspora, which is another Jewish prophecy that they would be scattered to the ends of the earth, so that they could spread monotheism and destroy all the other indigenous religions which they set about to do with Christianity.
Green:  By destroy all the other cultures you mean be a light unto the nations, of course, right and heal the world.
Bjerknes: Yes.  [1:00:00]
Green: Or cause the birth pangs and destroy the world also.  They are going to do some of both,  right?.
Bjerknes: Well the birth pangs were not going to commence until after the time of the Gentile, the Age of Pisces. At the end of the Age of Pisces, then the birth pangs of the Messianic Age will begin.  In the Talmud it specifies that there will be three 2000 year periods and the ages last for 2000 years each, and so we have the period from Adam to Abraham, we have the period from Abraham to Christ, and we have the period from Christ to Hitler. And those represent the three ages. After that, that is 6000 years, you have the Sabbath, the seven thousand years. And we are now entering the Sabbath Millennium, when the earth gets healed like a Jubilee.  They will allow everything to rest.  And there are birth pangs at the beginning of that transition of the ages. And those birth pangs include pestilence,  disease which we see with coronavirus, they include nuclear war which is prophesied in Zechariah.  They  include climate change, the warming of the earth. All these things the Jews predicted. [1:01:19]
Green: Amazing.  
Bjerknes:  It is amazing. It's amazing how much power they have to fulfill their own prophecies. They're not doing it with their God, they're doing it themselves, and Hitler was their agent to do it.
Green: Self-fulfilling, and here Huffington Post [in its article “`Half-Breed Jew’ Committed Holocaust.”] is kind of talking about what we are talking about here.  Here he said this is “rewriting the Holocaust by recasting the victims of Nazi persecution such as Jews, liberals, and Communists and Homosexuals as having been themselves the architects of Nazi persecution in the Holocaust.”  So let's move into what Schneerson said.
Bjerknes: Well it is not the right wing. It was Rebbe Schneerson and the chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef said exactly that.  That it was the sins of these Jews, which led to the Holocaust so that God could purge these sinners, which would obtain atonement for the remnant of the Jewish people.  And the Jews always predicted that two thirds of Jewry would be destroyed and only one third would return to Palestine.  And Max Nordau created the concept that that was dubbed Catastrophic Zionism and I write about this in my book, whereby he said 600,000 Jews should go to Palestine and he said that one third, 200,000, would die of starvation and disease and that 200,000 of the second third would flee and leave Palestine and that one third would remain.  200,000 would remain in Palestine and form the Jewish state.  And he said this in the 1920s and he was another one of the so-called political Zionists who made his political Zionism to the letter to fulfill Jewish Messianic prophecy.  So the reason that they utilize the idea that they were political is because the Roman Catholic Church and  the Russian Orthodox Church church oppose, as did the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, oppose the idea that the Jews should return to Palestine, because contrary to the dogma that Christian Zionists had been fed by crypto Jews, Christianity opposes the return of the Jews to Palestine.  Jews are to convert to Christianity. That is the only means that they have to gain salvation, and that was stated by Cyprian (spelling?) In the first couple of centuries A.D.
Green:  I know the Pope was against the creating the state of Israel, correct? In 1948?
Bjerknes:. Yes, absolutely.
Green:   Let's get into this Rebbe Schneerson, what he said. [1:04:02]
Bjerknes  My point is, they had to pretend to be political and not be religious because if they said they were being religious they would be viewed as the antichrist and as [Al-Masih] ad-Dajjal by Muslims. They had to pretend it was political when it was truly religious.
Green: And you hear this a lot, oh they weren't even religious Jews. They were atheist Jews that created Zionism.  The true Torah Jews -their anti-Zionist stuff-- but it really was religious movement.
  Absolutely.  They say the same thing about the Communist Jews, that Trotsky was an apostate Jew, or not even an apostate Jew, an atheistic Jew.. Therefore, the Jewish people aren’t  responsible for the 30 million people that Leon Trotsky mass murdered deliberately to try to create white Negroes out of the Russian people. [1:04:48]
Green:  So let me read a little bit of what the Rebbe says here --
Bjerknes  They play it both ways. They say that we are not religious and then they say that non-religious Jews are not Jews.. There is no Scotsmen in Jewry.
Green  Yes, they do like to have it both ways. On the subject of the Holocaust the Rebbe wrote as follows [as quoted in “God as Surgeon” by Yehuda Bauer, Haaretz]. “It is clear that no evil descends from above and buried within torment and suffering is a core of exalted spiritual good.” He is saying the Holocaust was spiritual good. “Not all human beings are able to perceive it, but it is very much there. So it is not impossible for the physical destruction of the Holocaust to be spiritually beneficial.  On the contrary, it is quite possible that physical affliction is good for the spirit.”
Bjerknes And that is that dualism that evil is good.
Green  [Continuing to read from “God as Surgeon” ] “Schneerson goes on to compare God to a surgeon who amputates a patient’s limb in order to save his life. The limb is incurably diseased... The Holy One Blessed Be He, like a professor-surgeon ... seeks the good of Israel and indeed all He does is  done for the good ...In a spiritual sense no harm was done because the everlasting spirit of the Jewish people was not destroyed.” [1:05:58]
Bjerknes  And the Zionists always said that.  Herzl said you can't destroy the Jewish people because when we rise we become the financial elite and when we fall we become the revolutionary party so that any weapons the anti-Semites try to use against us cut themselves.
Green   [Continuing to read from “God as Surgeon” ] “The Rebbe's stance, therefore, is clear: The Holocaust was a good thing because it lopped off a disease-ravaged limb of the Jewish people - in other words, the millions who perished in the Holocaust - in order to cleanse the Jewish people of its sins.”
Bjerknes  And this is the man, the movement, the Chabad Lubavitch movement, which has Trump by the nose and has Vladimir Putin by the nose and has Benjamin Netanyahu by the nose.  And those three world leaders are working for this guy Schneerson and he said horrible things about Gentiles. They believe he has been reincarnated and he is alive today and they believe he is the Messiah.
Green  And then he says that “the Holocaust took place not only with God's knowledge, but also with His approval.  “Schneerson says that God was there, and that he wanted the Holocaust to happen. But because it is inconceivable, in his view, for God to commit evil, he portrays the Holocaust as a positive event, all the more so for the Jews.” [1:07:19]
Bjerknes  Well the man who appointed him to become the next Rebbe was rescued by the Nazis and sent to America.  He would not have existed as the Rebbe were it not for the Nazis, because it was the Nazis who had their hands on the sixth Rebbie, I think  it was [Yosef] Yitzchok Schneersohn and they delivered him safely to the United States of America so that he could give this guy Menachem Schneerson to be the seventh Rebbe.  And they always predicted that there would be only seven Rebbes and then the Messianic Era would commence. There will be no eighth Rebbe.
Green  It is amazing this Seventh Millennium, seventh Rebbe, seven Noahide Laws, Schneerson--
Bjerknes  It's because Saturn is in the Seventh Heaven. Saturn is the planet that they worship. They are star worshipers and they believe that their God in heaven inhabits Saturn and that their God is a hermaphrodite.
Green  [Continuing to read from “God as Surgeon” ] Schneerson’s explanations “were based on the Torah. Hitler was a messenger of God in the same sense that Nebuchadnezzar is called "God's servant" in the Book of Jeremiah (chapter 25). The "surgery" he spoke of was such a massive corrective procedure that the suffering (i.e., the murder of the Jews) was minor compared to its curative effect.”
Bjerknes  And they are saying something similar about Trump, that he is Cyrus.
Green And this is exactly what Rothschild and Warburg's buddy Kalergi wrote in his book, which came out in 1925. Like 20 years before this stuff is supposed to have happened and it says--
Bjerknes  Well Hitler was very active in 1925.
Green  Yes, but there was no --
Bjerknes  He did not become Chancellor until 1933 but he was quite active in 1925.
Green  [Reading an extract from Kalergi’s book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925.  This was reproduced in the 19 Aug 2019 version of the Wikipedia article “Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in the “Views on Race and Religion” section, but has since been edited out]  So right before he predicted that Europe, “Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process.”  So like eugenics, basically.  “No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. [Therefore a gracious Providence] provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe's feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish [emancipation].”  And then he also said all the other races will be mixed. [1:09:50]
Bjerknes  Yes, that they will resemble the ancient Egyptians. And in that book you show the cover of it. It showed something from the United Nations. The UNESCO man and he looks like the ancient Egyptians that Kalergi said that they were going to convert Europeans into.  Kalergi wanted to commit genocide against Europeans by mixing them with Asians and Africans until they became like coffee mixed with cream.
Green  This is what they promote on National Geographic too,  like the future human looks just like some mixed hybrid of all the races together, while they are very ethnocentric.  They are all about marrying birthright and keeping it in the tribe.
Bjerknes  Yes.
Green   OK, I didn't ask you how long I was going to go, but I've got a couple of clips here that I wanted people to see. This is all about Esau and persecution and how important it is.  It is spiritual that Esau persecutes them to make them stronger. I'm going to play this Chris.
Bjerknes, The Zionists used to quote Moses as causing the persecution of the Jews and therefore refining them and making them stronger.  The Bible has many references to the idea that the Jews will be tried as gold is tried in the furnace, and as silver is tried, and they will be refined, tso it is eugenics through persecution. They also said that in Ezekiel 37 it talks about the dried bones prophecy.  That God will raise and put flesh on the bones of the Jews to build up an army. And I think that was one of the ideas of the Holocaust was to put new flesh on the Jews and to improve their genetic stock. They also have predictions which again in that book talks about the idea, and it talks in the Jewish utopia that in Isaiah, I think chapter 61, that the future Jews in the Messianic Age will be tall and beautiful.  So they had to change their genetic stock in order to fulfill the dry bones prophecy, and to fulfill the prophecy that they will be tall and beautiful in the Messianic Age.  And Williams in that book you showed, World Utopia or whatever it is [The Ultimate World Order: As Pictured in the Jewish Utopia by Robert Henry Williams],  said that, quoting Israeli newspapers, that in the1950s there started to appear all kinds of Jews who looked like Swedes and not Jews, and that these were children.  And that the children were undergoing terrible trauma when they were told by their adopted parents that they were Jews because they knew they weren't Jews.   So again like they want to do to anti-Semites, they want to put them through psychological treatment to try to convince them that they were Jews and alleviate the trauma of being told they were Jews. And  I think that was also part of this process and its Williams who really said it, of fulfilling the idea that in the Messianic Age Jews will be tall and beautiful. They have always been envious of the beautiful Nordic European peoples. Benjamin Disraeli wrote in several of his books about how beautiful the Nordic race was.  So I think they want to emulate the Nordic race in the Messianic Era.
Green  Hmmm, well, I can't blame them for that.
Bjerknes  No, they have good taste as far as that goes.
Green  Yes they like their Shiksas, their dirty unpure [women].  I've got a clip of a Rabbi I put up the other  day,  He said ”The goyim are impure because they have demons that are around them all the time, basically.”
Bjerknes  Not only that, they believe they are impure because they are demons from the supernal refuse.  They are evil. They corrupted the perfect universe, which is why it is the mission of the Jews to exterminate them.  As above, so below. Now this all I believe --and I think this is a novel theory of mine as well -- this Talmudic Kabbalistic concept that as above so below, just as they believe that they want their god Saturn to rule all the other gods, they're not monotheistic. They think the universe is filled with gods, but that their God is a jealous and wrathful God and punishes humans who don't worship it, and their God does that, because if humans don't worship the other Gods, then the other Gods die .  So they turned that around “as above, so below” so that the Jewish people are a wrathful and jealous people and that they have to kill off the Gentiles, so that there are no Gentiles left to worship other Gods and then their God will reign, Saturn will reign, and the Jews will reign on the earth. And they have this prophecy that there will be a new earth, in the Messianic Age and they believe that this new earth will be an earth only inhabited by Jews, just as Saturn is inhabited by their hermaphroditic God, so they want it “as above, so below.” They want Saturn ruled by their God. All other Gods killed off and all Gentiles killed off so that Jews can be the single, jealous and wrathful people on the earth, just as their God Saturn is the single and jealous and wrathful God in the heavens.  As above, so below. So it is like the Star of David symbolizes for the Jews “as above, so below.” The arrow pointing up points to Saturn, to their God. The arrow pointing down points to the Jewish people, who are the Gods of the earth.
Green  Sounds like lunacy.
Bjerknes  It is lunacy and its dangerous lunacy and they are going to kill us all if we don't stop them. 
Green I know.  I see it
Bjerknes  You'd better take that damn seriously, because they're about to do it. [1:15:39]

[This is the end of the interview extract. The overall interview ended at 2:01:26]




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