Dr. Winn Parker
Interview with

Leuren Moret


The Hidden Purpose
For Using DU


3 Feb 2008


2008-02-03 The Hidden Purpose For Using DU, Hours 1 and 2, Dr. Winn Parker interviews Leuren Moret on "Parker Pathways," web page Here, (Republic Broadcasting Network, Download Hour One Here, Download Hour Two Here, each show 13.8 MB, 58:58). Additional description: Leuren Moret wrote:
"This is a HISTORIC two hour interview I did this morning with Dr. Winn Parker on his radio program called "Parker Pathways" with an audience of 2.5 million. Parker is a PHD Medical science researcher who reviewed biomedical grants and patents for the US Govt / Pentagon / WHO / NIH. This interview ties together and exposes the integration of DU / nanoparticle toxicity / depopulation / chemtrails / fluoride / chloramine / nanoparticle / antennas / HAARP / Google "23andMe" programs....
Folks - it is much much much worse than we ever imagined the applications could be. Listen to this interview carefully... it is beyond demonic. There is an urgent need for a Rockefeller-specific bioweapon that is a more efficient exterminator than what they are ALREADY using on us."

Interview Transcript


Editor's Notes this is a "rush" transcription provided
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that is reasonably but not totally accurate for
my own false flag research purposes.
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Part I
First Hour

Dr. Winn Parker: [1:35] This is Parker Pathways. Dr. Winn Parker on Republic Broadcasting Network. February 3, 2007 [2008]. And we are here with coverage of what is on the beltway, what is on medical medical opinions, legal opinions, but more than that, some insights in connecting the dots in several disciplines around the world. I want to congratulate some added listeners from Canada and Australia and a few from Japan. Welcome to Parker's Pathways. I wanted to let you know about the Federal Drug Administration has open call on comments by February 19th 2008, on some changes which are highly influenced by a Parker's Pathways that started in 2003 concerning manufacturing practices in pharmaceuticals. But of course that is the water we drink as well. And what the FDA has on open call for comments to the FDA is the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency water standard. And this is to replace a requirement that all water be safe for human consumption. This is the first time in the history of the United States that this has ever been done, that all water be safe for human consumption. The caveat there is that the government is trying to get people to drink reusable water which is really recycled sewage water and I will be very much involved in having the listeners toward a national amendment for the toilet-tap on the table initiative nationally. The other addition is the addition of bio-burden testing as an example of in-process testing for all processes, for pharmaceutical and process materials for food. We had I think a lot to do with that. The FDA mentions us and this is bioburden testing. It has to do with the chemicals that are being tested in the human body that are toxic and are changing in the biochemisty of the human body for food and water. This is an extraordinary development in the history of the United States. The first time officially in the United States of America to have any type of effect on the food and water that is ingested, not rubbed on the body. Britain has decided that they are going to go the other way. They are going to deny treatment to anyone over 65 and any health-only person who is obese and take that as a way for their health care promulgations. This is part of the new health care system that is being touted for presidential candidates in the United States. When we come back at the other end of the break, we are going to pursue the internalization of real danger out there and how we can prevent it. [5:01 start of break]
Dr. Parker: [8:15 end of break] This is Dr. Winn Parker, Parker Pathways and I wanted to finish up on the Federal Drug Administration's new good menu feeding manufacturing practices that they have as an open call from the public, as a window from starting at February 19th, that these comments are due by February 19th concerning if you don't want any testing of the water or if you want the drug products to be contaminated as they are or you don't want the elimination of the EPA water standard to be replaced with the requirement that all water be safe for human consumption. But that of course the caveat is that sewage water is involved in that caveat and when I first started in the year 2003 exposing the contaminants in the water, were not just contaminants, we are talking about the medical chemistry of the body. With that the FDA told me that while they didn't have any jurisdiction over the water because concerning its content, because it was a food. And the EPA when I talked to the head of the EPA and the president's cabinet he said, "We don't have any control over the water for the drinking because it is a food." And then it was after that I had a little something to do with the idea of having a date stamped on the water bottle when you have your drinking water bottle you will see a date there on the bottle, and that has to do with the contaminants in the water and plus any kinds of plastic that afford its toxicity to the human body. So that is a big change in the history of the United States to have at least the consideration by the Federal Drug Administration to change the standards by which the chemistry of the water is to be evaluated. And then of course we have other facts of what Britain wants to do which is the opposite. And how the United States by not giving care are denying any treatment to anyone over 65, or anyone who has an unhealthy lifestyle, or who is obese. It is framed in a lot of these revisions by the government agencies in the United States to control who gets future care, and this is why I want a Constitutional Amendment for the content of food and water and medical protocols, and medical protocols being the testing concept that goes into testing for these various situations, and harm to the body, and several harms to the body can be from any kind of form. It can be from radiation, it can be from food contaminants. From disinfectants, which we talked about that are carcinogenic as well, and I am very honored to have as a guest today Leuren Moret who is a very knowledgeable person as a geoscientists about deteriorated uranium and the effect in our body. Leuren, are you on air?
Leuren Moret: Yes. Can you hear me?
Dr. Parker: Yes I can, good morning.
L. Moret: Good. Good morning, how are you?
Dr. Parker: Good, very good. Thanks for being the guest on Parker Pathways today. Did you hear the intro on what I exposed on the FDA?
L. Moret: Yes I did.
Dr. Parker: What did you think of that?
L. Moret: Well my comment is that all of these government agencies were set up by the military and the Atomic Energy Commission to hide the effects of radiation from bomb-testing and nuclear power from the American people. So it is no surprise at all.
Dr. Parker: Well I know that you are highly expertised in the subject that we are going to be dealing with today on deteriorated uranium. That there are other aspects of this. Effects the physiologies of mammalian cells, and how food and water is effected, and this effects us all politically. We are politically oriented as well. Are you familiar with the breaking story in the past 20 hours about a Beryllium contamination at Livermore Labs in California. Have you heard about that?
L. Moret: Well I worked at Livermore for two years. I was in charge of the sampling database for the Superfund Project. And basically Livermore is a scientific whore house and they of course have Beryllium contamination. I have not heard this story but the whole town is completely contaminated in the region, and just from their activity exploding depleted uranium out at site 300 every person who has had their hair tested in the San Francisco Bay area, I have been told by a hair analysis person, has uranium in their hair. So you just can't have a nuclear facility or a nuclear bomb factory and not poison the whole region.
Dr. Parker: Yes.
L. Moret: What is the story?
Dr. Parker: Well the story is to me a cover story. What they are doing is saying that Beryllium has been in contamination out there for a year or so, maybe longer --
L. Moret: Oh no, decades.
Dr. Parker: Yes, but that is the cover story. And then at least three people have died from the ingestion of the metal, and Beryllium -- and of course the symptoms for Beryllium are very close to other symptoms that affect along. Some are tumor oriented. At the cough. The usual look-alike of asbestos poisoning, but at the same time they are neglecting to mention that they are saying the dosage is not something to be concerned about, and not everyone is breathing it. And that is the cover story. But I can remember the old days when I was involved with the Defense Department up front on the front line and doing cancer work before cancer was rarely the romance disease of death, and that is what it was called. The romance of disease of death because at that time cancer was considered sexually transmitted.
L. Moret: Oh.
Dr. Parker: Yes. And that was considered the latest thing. Beryllium was one of the metals that we used to use as a radioactive tracer for the phosphorous, the outlying phosphorous. They would take these energy cell systems, and then to be able to measure it out in the serum of the patient and then take that and re-inject it. Which was really quite advanced at that time. Now of course we are going to get in today with the use of stem cells and radioactivity today to tie in with your expertise and have your comments about that. But we are really honored to have you start off after the break as well, where your thoughts are on deteriorated uranium, and all the implications of it. The listeners are going to have a rare treat here, because there are not many people walking around on this earth that know as much, that can expose as much, concerning how far we have gone in terms of contamination on this planet and in people's bodies with uranium byproducts. I mean, it has almost gotten to the point where Einstein's equation, energy changes to mass [E = MC squared] has turned out to be that we are the mass and in a lot of other ways. I have done extensive writings on this subject too, and you know there is the editorial on the Republic Broadcasting Network page on chloramine causes health damage, and I have suggested that drinking water have a black label.
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Parker: And I am not joking. And of course we have facilitated the FDA on their own to develop some kind of concept to be able to change the concept of "Well, we had better look at the biosensor concept of how our products that we make with drugs and the use of the kinds of waters that we are using affect the manufacturing of the drug." Well I know personally, and you can add to this as well, even better than I can, is the fact that I know absolutely hands down that the water that is used in the pharmaceutical industry is radioactive.
L. Moret: Oh, I am sure.
Dr. Parker: And number two, the function of radioactivity for food sterilization is good for molds and fungus, but is not going to do much good for protein assimilation in the human body, even though I know ionization has got to be done somewhere along the lines. It is done already for spices, but you can start anywhere you like with your whole concept of how you got into exposing to the world the knowledge that you have. I am interested personally in whistle-blowing concepts because I have felt for a long time that whistle-blowers are the unsung heroes of this country. And they do more for this country than some people can ever believe. You can take a full force of people trying to go up against the government, but why would the government want to keep it from happening? And I can know that with the interview with Dr. Anthrax, that I did not interview on Parker's Pathways -- that is a government deal -- but you know you take a little person like that and put him in Iran and fall in love with the guy from the Mideast, and look at what the hell happened.
L. Moret: Yes, I know. [laughter]
Dr. Parker: Well, we come back from the other end of the break, Leuren, the show is open to you, and you start right in and with your expertise.
L. Moret: Thank you. [20:00 start of break]
Dr. Winn Parker: [23:25 end of break] This is Parker's Pathways, Dr. Winn Parker and we have as our guest Leuren Moret who is an expert and a whistleblower of a very important subject that has to do with contamination from uranium. Plus we are going to have other tie-ins with other contaminants with uranium and water, food, and the human body. Leuren, you have a statement in explaining your work which I find absolutely fascinating, and perhaps you can elaborate on it. Your statement is that the real danger from deteriorated [depleted] uranium nanoparticles is that they are non-specific catalysts or enzymes. And when they get into a cell they create a disruption of the information flow. It is called Gulf War Syndrome, but it is really a nanoparticle toxicity. I felt that was a very profound statement, and what is your view on that, and can you start with your work to explain that statement?
L. Moret: Yes. I am actually a geo-scientist so I have a very interdisciplinary background in science which has helped me tremendously to understand and to be able to explain to people to make science transparent so they can understand how radioactive nanoparticles that they have cycled and recycled through the environment and through their own systems. Now I have had a key person helping me. His name is Marion Fulk. He was a Manhattan Project scientist at the University of Chicago. And he did all the research for the Livermore Nuclear Weapons program on the dispersion and the rainout of basically nanoparticles of radiation from bomb-testing. And that was key to understanding how it cycles through the physical environment. But after he retired, he is 86 now, he spent the rest of his life understanding the microbiology and the bioenergetics, and to have someone who understands both of those vast fields, it is almost impossible to find anyone like that. And what he has taught me is what you cannot learn in any university or from your own research, it is a lifetime of his unique experiences that he has really passed on to me so that I can warn the public around the world. And so I really have to thank him. We all have to thank him for his tremendous contribution.
Dr. Parker: Well I hope one day that we can talk him into having a --depending on his interview, to be on Parker Pathways, because he would fit very nicely.
L. Moret: Well you and he would sure have a party together.
Dr. Parker: Yes, and I mean it too.
L. Moret: Yes. So what he taught me was about how the body functions and the cells function. And of course we have hundreds of millions of cells in our body, and they are organized in a syncopated dance, which makes life possible. And they are controlled and organized by information flow. And in the cell there are a large number of small molecules which are turned on or turned off by a specific catalyst for each cell catalyst or enzyme. So hormones and insulin and all kinds of chemical reactions come to the cell wall, knock on the cell wall door, and if they enter they continue carrying the information throughout the cell. And it is all organized and coordinated, and it has to happen in the right sequence, and it has to be the right specific enzyme at each small molecule in order for the information flow to go forward to the other molecules in the cell. So what happens is depleted uranium particles, and of course this applies to other nanoparticles, including radioactive and nonradioactive particles, they behave according to the rules of quantum mechanics. They do not physically and chemically behave the way larger particles, larger than a tenth of a micron in diameter, do. And because they have a very large surface to volume ratio and because the electrons on the surface are much freer to react, they are extremely, extremely toxic. And each of them has an unpredictable biological effect as a nonspecific enzyme or catalyst. They are inhaled. 70% of the nanoparticles that are inhaled go through the blood-lung barrier into the blood and they are carried in the cholesterol and the lipids right through the cell wall in the cell.
Dr. Parker: Well the lipids are the communicator cell enzyme cell systems for energy in the cell.
L. Moret: That is right.
Dr. Parker: So that is very important. When we come back from the other end of the break we are going to continue with this discussion and interject as to why Canada has closed off their nuclear reactors. [30:05 start of the break]
Dr. Parker: [33:24 end of the break] We are discussing with our guest, a geoscientist, Leuren Moret, concerning deteriorated uranium and its other aspects of its interference with cell energy transfer systems. Leuren, I wanted to just for the basis of our listeners who may not know what depleted uranium is, because it comes from a metallic uranium, I'll let you explain that. I could explain it, but I would rather have you do it. What is depleted uranium?
Leuren Moret: Well, when you mine uranium -- extract uranium metal -- you get a ratio of three isotopes of uranium which is constant throughout the universe and this is because they have different half lives. And so the only isotope that bomb-makers and nuclear power plant people are interested in is Uranium 235. But that is only .72 percent -- less than one percent -- of all the metal that you extract from the ore. And so 99.3% of the uranium metal that is extracted is depleted uranium once you remove half a percent of the U-235. And so most of what is thrown away or discarded or is not useful is uranium 238. That makes up 99.5% of the uranium that is not useful. And it has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the age of the earth. And so the Department of Energy has [or had] over a million tons of depleted uranium stored as uranium hexafluoride gas, which is how the uranium 235 is extracted from the mass of uranium. And Edward Teller said, "What are we going to do with all of this fluoride, it is horribly neurotoxive, and it is also very corrosive. So what he devised was the chemtrail program and the drinking water program. So they converted the uranium hexafluoride gas into solid uranium -- depleted uranium -- and fluoride. And the fluoride was dumped in the drinking water of America, because "dilution was the solution" to the DOE pollution from fluoride. And there was never anything, any real benefit meant for the public. The fluoride actually in the mouth in toothpaste kills the bacteria. And so it does cut back on tooth decay, but the fluoride gets into the structure of the teeth and actually weakens the phosphate structure. [37:18]
Dr. Parker: One comment I would like to make on this is that on the addition of the secondary disinfectants, which are really being used as primary disinfectants, like chloramine and chlorine, you add the fluorides to it, of course you are leeching lead from pipes at that point, but the whole thing which goes in the drinking water -- but the hydrofluoride gas -- well, one of the steps that is in there when I uncovered this as well, but I came from a different position, was the chloride to oxide gas which the EPA sanctified in 1989 along with chloramine and chlorine. Chlorine is directly related to peer-reviewed instances of breast cancer and chloramine has 17 different tumor artifacts, gene signal changes that have been done with animal and human studies and interrupted in 1989. They had already researched it for 15 years on real people that this was a leukemia and cancer-causing agent, you add to the chlorine dioxide and you ask yourself why would they add the chlorine dioxide gas, which I know the answer to it, there is a whole ream of things, but what they were doing is camouflaging what you are saying. In other words, they were putting it in -- if you add the chlorine dioxide into the drinking water, which they do as we speak, across America, in France, in Germany, and in China now, you are taking and causing a hydro fluoric-iodoacetic acid that is connected to a bromide.
L. Moret: Oh.
Dr. Parker: So the bromide acetic acid combines with the deteriorated [depleted] uranium to cause what is called a conversation factor. Just give me some libertarian concepts here to interject into your reveal. But the whole thing is that the deteriorated uranium now becomes what is called a sepsis carrier, in other words, when it adds itself now with a hydroacetic acid, it is now iodoacetic acid, which now affects directly the endocrine system of the thyroid gland, the pancreas, which is one of the causations coming in for a type I diabetes. You add that to the fluoride, which is now tied with the bromine fluoric iodoacetic acid, you now have a killing machine. And now I interviewed on June 17th, I believe it was June 17th, an incredible interview with a person by the name of Janet Phelan, and she had exposed, and she was a journalist in Los Angeles, and working for the Los Angeles Times, and she uncovered the idea of the government putting the chips into the drinking water pipes, and these would be controlled by satellite. And they had a separate set of blueprints according to her, and I saw the blueprints and the whole thing. They had one [set of] blueprints for the public and other blueprints for the system. But what you are doing is you are selectively killing people if you wanted to. I am not saying the government is going to do that, but that is what her reveal is. Well what the carrier is for the chip is now coming into your arena of the nanotube concept and the nanoparticles that has to do with being able to trigger these nanoparticles that you are going to talk about by satellite. And this chip is actually a fluid combination chip which has been extrapolated from biological enzyme systems. I have seen the chip, and also it has got a special marking and the whole thing. So now if you add the deteriorated uranium with the fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and the gas is now mixed with chlorine dioxide gas. That is mixed with the chloramine which now a carrier for the very organisms and viruses of which they are claiming they want to eliminate with cryptosporidium and jargardolandia [spelling?] as organisms in the water. So now you come along and mention this whole process, and the government's line is that the whole process of nuclear waste is in the form of plutonium 239, with a half life of 24,000 years. So at the Kyoto meeting in Indonesia, they had a little paragraph in there for the sake of if you want to get a carbon credit, what you do is you dump this stuff. [Laughter] You just dump this process of the drinking water in such a way to take the nuclear waste and turn it into a fuel. So then you get a carbon credit for that. But in order to do that, you have to contaminate millions of people. And that is where we are right now. And in Canada as of a week ago closed its nuclear reactor that makes all the [medical] radioisotopes for 75% of the world. And the director there, Linda Keen, was fired for closing the thing down. She established that there are dangers of nuclear power and we shouldn't use it and that was it. So the countries of France, Russia, Japan and China have put a protest in the United Nations which goes on the table tomorrow morning concerning how we are going to take nuclear waste and turn it into fuel. And of course we are into a climate change fiasco of misrepresentation of information. All of that in the process of this. So now we plant you into this whole thing and you are revealing the exact reason we should not even have deteriorated uranium.
L. Moret: Depleted uranium.
Dr. Parker: Yes.
L. Moret: Yes. Well, let us look at the big picture. The big picture, it took me seven years or eight years to figure out all of this, working eighteen hours a day, but the big picture is that the City of London bankers, the international bankers, they actually control the nuclear power industry. And they also secretly control the nuclear weapons program. Since the 1700's they have advocated world depopulation. They are the ones who started the overpopulation scam and they have continued to hype this in the media that they control, in the universities that they control and serve their purposes. And so it is very, it is just embedded in people's minds, but depopulation isn't necessary. It is actually capitalism and modern agricultural practices that have cut down by ten times the amount of food production from these modern agricultural technologies. Indigenous technologies produce ten times more food. So we don't have an over population program [problem]. But in order to get ahold of the world's wealth they have to exterminate populations. So the nuclear power [industry] and the nuclear weapons programs and their byproducts are being engineered and used by the City of London, the international bankers and the Wall Street bankers to cause the deaths of two to four billion people in future years. It is already done. We have been living in a continuous nuclear war since 1945.
Dr. Parker: Yes.
L. Moret: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of the atomic and hydrogen bombs have depleted uranium in them. It is packed around the tiny plutonium core which is less than 20 pounds. And so all of these nuclear bomb tests that were done, the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs were released into the atmosphere by the superpowers doing their bomb-testing, starting in 1947 and continuing until 1963 when the partial Test Ban Treaty ended bomb testing by Russia, Britain and the U.S. But other states continued. And so the City of London owns the nuclear power industry. They own the nuclear weapons industry or it serves their purposes, and they have initiated this campaign to exterminate two to four billion people. The genetically modified organisms, the whole GM[O] industry is part of that. The poisoning of drinking water is part of that. This is happening all over the world, and it is being directed from a central location. It is being directed from the City of London. And the Queen of England and the Rockefellers own much of the uranium supplies around the world. Most of the uranium deposits are in Australia, Africa, and Canada. So that serves the purposes of the British empire, and the Queen of England personally owns -- it is not the Royal Family, it is not the Crown, it is the Queen of England who personally owns the uranium. [47:54]
Dr. Parker: Yes, I know that this has a high probability of truth. The thing I opened the show with this idea that Britain signs tomorrow, the same day that it goes to the United Nations. This subject that we are talking about, that Britain is denying treatment to anyone over 65 or people who have unhealthy lifestyles. And plus people who are obese. And they put them in what I have always called the economy of scale, which is a certain percentage of people are going to die anyway kind of statement, which is usually used in. And it has always been said that about five percent for about ten years now, so the addition of people being selectively programmed in to be curtailed on health care is integrally involved in your statement, I feel.
L. Moret: Well, let me just read to you a statement from National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974. The title of this memo is "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." This is from a paper that I have written. "Depopulation," this is not the memos, it is the intro, "Depopulation through a continuous covert global nuclear war has been waged against citizens, paid for by citizens through taxation, and privatized and secretly implemented by the global ruling elite. From 62 years of depleted uranium wars alone, global public health has been devastated by large increases in death rates," and Winn, that is what you are talking about in England. They are increasing the death rates and chronic disease, and decreasing the birth rates, because radiation causes infertility, both evident in the vital statistics of many countries since 1945. And I have gone to lots of countries and collected data and it is in the vital statistics of Japan, the U.S., and many other countries. This is about Henry Kissinger and depopulation. Quote, from the National Security Memo 200: "Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the National Security Council that `Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.'" He quoted reasons of national security and because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospect for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies, and the economic interests of the U.S.
Dr. Parker: Yes, and when we get back from the other end of the break to start our second hour, I would like you to continue with that thought and on nanotubes. [51:22 start of break, 54: 30 end of break]
Dr. Parker: This is Parker's Pathways, I am Dr. Winn Parker, and it is February 3, 2007. We have as our guest Leuren Moret who has done some extraordinary work in exposing deteriorated uranium and its implications. We have a caller, John from Tennessee, John are you on air?
John: I am here, Dr. Parker, thanks you.
Dr. Parker: Thanks for calling the show, John. We have to ask for our wonderful guest here, Leuren.
John: Yes I do, and first of all thank you Leuren for what you are doing. You know I heard you mentioning uranium hexafluoride, and I told Dr. Parker before, I have transported chemicals for years. My question for you is, is there any relation between uranium hexafluoride and SF6 [sulfur hexafluoride] which has been reported to be something that is in the chemtrails, they are finding traces of SF6. Is there any relation between the two?
L. Moret: Well, that is a good question. What I do know is that the fluoride escapes from drinking water supplies, reservoirs and so forth into the atmosphere and it started screwing up atmospheric processes and the proper transmission of electromagnetic frequencies. And so Edward Teller and the nuclear weapons lab had to do something about that. And so they started flying planes, military and secretly commercial planes through the air across America releasing chemical trails. They were aluminum and barium particulates which reacted with the fluoride and neutralized it in the atmosphere. Now what has happened since then is chemtrails are now being used for a different purpose, and that is to serve as electromagnetic frequency mirrors in the sky for HAARP transmission. HAARP is the High [Frequency Active] Auroral Research Project, which is three very large ground array antennae systems around the Arctic Circle. The University of California has been involved with developing all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. Actually the weapon of mass destruction contractor for Wall Street Bankers and the City of London bankers, and this large antennae around the Arctic Circle is being used to modify weather, trigger tectonic warfare, and also for global mind control. Now I cannot answer your specific question but I can give you the history of the chemtrails.
John: Well my question I would add to it a little bit if I understand correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong, SF6 is actually one of the elements or chemicals that affect global warming. I guess it is the most effective way to perpetrate global warming if it were man-made, is that true?
L. Moret: Well, I have no doubt that there may be very valid evidence to support what you are saying. It does explain more about the purpose of HAARP. That would all be tied to HAARP to accelerate global warming and --
Dr. Parker: Excuse me, we are going to come to the end of the hour and I want to make sure that both of you have -- Leuren is mentioning a very important point about the HAARP program. John, when the HAARP program went into effect, they put a HAARP in Arizona, for that purpose, for SF6 --
John: Did they really?
Dr. Parker: Yes, and that was the change, as Leuren is putting out, by the beta wave of the brain.
John: I would be interested if you could address it [58:58]

Part II
Second Hour


Dr. Parker: [1:27] This is Parker's Pathways. Dr. Winn Parker, February 3rd, 2007. We have as our guest Leuren Moret who has done some exquisite expose on deteriorated uranium and other facets of the contamination of our environment and the chemtrails and the discussion of HAARP. I wanted to just give a few lines from an interview by George Piro, the FBI agent who debriefed Saddam Hussein following his capture in December 2003. The transcript from that interrogation by Mr. Piro was, "Mr. Piro: The folks he needed to reconstitute the program are still there." Mr. Pelley, who was part of the 60 Minutes interview of George Piro, said, "What weapons of mass destruction did he intend to pursue once he had the opportunity." Mr. Piro answer: "He wanted to pursue all the WMD's. He wanted to reconstitute his entire WMD program." Mr. Kelley, "And that is, what? Chemical, biological, and eventually nuclear?" and the answer from Mr. Piro is "Yes." And he elaborated "What nuclear meant?" was what we are discussing on Parker Pathways today and what Leuren is bringing out. I just want to put that on the table because a lot of people have been misguided in terms of the incredible microbiological new bacteria that were 6,000 times stronger than Anthrax. The concept of a virus in bioterrorism that was to be unleashed across the world." [Editor's Note: Please see Chapter 12 of my Mission of Conscience series "The Bush Cabal Resurgence, Bin Laden-Hussein Fakery, and Making the Next Terror Prediction" According to Joe Vialls, Dr. James Fetzer, Al Jazeera, and other sources, Saddam Hussein was killed the night of 7 April by a bomb dropped by a B-1 pilot, identified as Capt. Chris Wachter. Hence, the FBI interrogation was very likely a propaganda exercise that used a Saddam Hussein double to make statements that would help to justify America's invasion of Iraq]. And the deteriorated uranium concept, which is by the way part of the contractors who are in Iraq right now, building these chlorine factories which cover four acres at a spot and for the use of chlorine with the DU. Leuren, did you have a chance to reflect just a few minutes before we go to the next break on John's call, do you have anything to add to his answer?
Leuren Moret: [4:10] Well, this is all part of depopulation. So let me just read another paragraph.
Dr. Parker: Yes, of the memorandum. Memo 200.
Moret: Well this is part of my paper. It is after the memo. "According to an NSC spokesman, that is National Security Council spokesman at the time of Dr. Kissinger's comments. "The United States shared the view of former World Bank president Robert McNamera that the population crisis is a greater threat to U.S. national security interests than nuclear annihilation. In 1975 Henry Kissinger established a policy planning group in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs. And the U.S. population is as much a target. [5:10 start of the ad break, 8:12 end of break].
Dr. Parker: This is Parker's Pathways, Dr. Winn Parker, and I wanted to mention that in the physiology of deteriorated uranium, the assumption is that the behavior of the deteriorated uranium in the body is identical to that of natural uranium. That is the basic premise in medical physiology circles. On the average we have got about 90 micrograms of uranium in the human body and what is considered by the United Nations position, which we are going to talk about tomorrow, that their normal intakes of water and food and air we just normally take this in and about 66% of uranium is found in the skeleton of the human body, and 16% is in the kidneys, and 10% is in other tissues. I take issue with how the physiology works on that. I feel it is far worse than that because I have been on the front lines of these kinds of activities in the human body in measuring them, and I can tell you right now that the behavior of deteriorated [uranium] in the body is not identical to that of natural uranium. And then the other fact that we are going to get into, Leuren, is all the aspects of what she is calling radio-nanotubes, and the nanotubes of single cells. Permeable membranes, which is a very important subject. What I would like to have you do, Leuren, if you would be kind enough to finish reading your very important statements that you were starting to read about McNamera and human depopulation. That is an important piece of work that you have done there. Would you be kind enough to finish reading that?
L. Moret: Yes, I am going to just read that again, because it has sort of faded out. This is extremely important. According to an NSC spokesman at the time, this was in 1974, the United States shared the view of former World Bank president Robert McNamera that the population crisis is a greater threat to U.S. national security interests than nuclear annihilation. In 1975 Henry Kissinger established a policy planning group in the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs. By 1979 depopulation was the top priority of U.S. national security policy, as outlined in the national security paper, Global 2000 written by Rockefeller contractors. These are people who actually work for the Rockefellers. Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Gen. Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie for President Carter. The Rockefellers brought the idea of depopulation to the U.S. from England in the 1920's, and with the Bush and Harriman families are the elite of the American eugenics movement. The sole purpose of this policy of scientific racism continues to be for the reduction of the world's population by two billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary. So this is a war against the global population and the American population, and it has been engineered in the U.S. by the Rockefellers and their contractors. And the Rockefellers serve the City of London. Now, in the October 28th online edition of Nature, Nanotechnology, which is the science journal published by Nature, the first direct images of carbon nanotubes entering cells were captured and presented in this paper. And it says, "For the first time scientists have directly imaged carbon nanotubes entering and migrating within human cells. And the images are actually nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes which entered the nucleus where the DNA is located of human cells within 48 hours of exposure. And this is exactly what nanoparticles of depleted uranium do. And our soldiers have reported being sick within 48 hours of exposure on the battlefield or wherever they were exposed. Determining as a result that whether the nanotube caused cell death depends on the dose and exposure time." The work published in the October 28th online edition of the Nature, Nanotechnology, namely to better ways of determining carbon nanotube toxicity to humans. And whether it is carbon nanotubes or depleted uranium nanotubes, I am sorry, nanoparticles, these are the most dangerous biological toxins of all. Now, what is very interesting Winn, and you can explain this, in February, no let's see, oh this is Nanoletters 2007. So this just came out, it was just published. Nanotube Radio, and the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley and the materials science division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which is where the Manhattan Project started, have actually put out these press releases proving that they were able to turn a carbon nanotube into an antennae, making it a nanotube radio which could receive and transmit radio signals and radio frequencies. And you can go to their web site and actually listen and watch a video clip of a carbon nanotube receiving the electromagnetic signals of a song, and then actually transmitting it so that you can hear it. Now what would be the purpose of turning nanotubes into an antennae, Winn?
Dr. Parker: I have two answers for that. On the October 28th Nature, what was the year on that?
L. Moret: This year. 2007.
Dr. Parker: That is what I thought.
L. Moret: Just a couple of months ago.
Dr. Parker: I know. Because the reason I am asking that is because the Russians have suppressed that information.
L. Moret: You have to remember that the Soviet Union and the U.S. Government were secret partners on the HAARP Project.
Dr. Parker: I know, I know.
L. Moret: We should have a program on that, because I have traced the full development from the Soviet Union and the woodpecker signal to the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. They were the secret partner agency.
Dr. Parker: That's right. And they did that up in Alaska.
L. Moret: Through HAARP in Alaska. It is also in Norway and in -- not Greenland -- but Newfoundland.
Dr. Parker: The one they put up in Arizona is an extraordinary situation.
L.Moret: That's part of Los Alamos. And this is the images of the nanoparticles came out October 28th. The press releases for this nanotube radio came out October 31st. They are absolutely related.
Dr. Parker: You know, right. This whole system is dependant on the antennae, and if you have the antennae, you can measure out the nanoparticle and its activity. One of the major processes that I have talked about on other Parker Pathway shows, which I called synthetic biologies, the rebuilding of human beings. And the development of the use of these nanoparticles with magnetic fields that have to do with making synthetic enzymes for the new humans. I haven't got into it as much as I should have, but I could do about two shows on this. In fact, I am thinking here re-inviting you back on when I do that show because what is going to happen is the measurement of the enzyme systems of the red cell of the human body, it carries the oxygen that is necessary for the human being to live. The blood-brain barrier transfer of all the purpose chemicals of the hydroacetic acids and the fluorides and the bromides and the deteriorated uranium as part of its carrier will send a signal by the antennae to the hippocampus of the brain to change the hormones to give a different thought process to the human being. That is project one. That is going on right now. Number two, the Japanese have sophisticated the nanoparticle to the point where they can change the gland system of a human being 700 feet away by using the antennae process of the nanoparticle and also everything you eat and everything you think can be set to the nanoparticle's magnetic frequency. So right now in gibbons, you can read the thought processes of gibbons by this process, and there are some human experimentations that are going on in France, and we can pick up on this after the other end of the break and get your comments on the radio frequency system. Leuren Moret, our guest. [20:00 beginning of the break].
Dr. Parker: [23:24 end of the break] This is Parker Pathways, Dr. Winn Parker, February 23rd, 2007 [2008], and our guest Leuren Moret who is actually giving us some valuable information on deteriorated [depleted] uranium. I want to finish up real fast before we go to your next question, Leuren, but one of the things about the antennae and the wiring of the cell, the whole point of the antennae at the moment, is to also give instructions to the nanotubes that are inside the red cell and the white cell of the human body and what is happening here on another project that has not made the world yet, but it has to do with the wiring which you have alluded to. The cells are actually wired to the new system of how to control the human body and human thought and not only that, but change the glandular structure of the human being as the eventual goal. And then the third project that is scooting around here is called, is called under what is called the field of transmutation and essentially what is going on is that there are particle collisions, and these particle collisions of the enzyme systems are getting into these new projects with these nanotubes in such a way to make a whole new element. So what you have here, what we have always thought about as colliders, to be able to fire at thousands of miles an hour particles together and create new elements is now being controlled by the antennae in the nanotube chemistry in such a way to create whole new human cells to trigger the gene system which will in turn will wire the cell which in turn, if you will, facilitate the goals of the social planners. So I have kind of short-handed this whole thing to try to answer that question that you posed to me. Go ahead Leuren.
L. Moret: Yes, well this is a major part of this. I was reading about the Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and on November 14th there was a article that Larry Page was going to be married, and I said I just was glancing over it when I suddenly saw that Vice President, former Vice President Al Gore, a senior advisor at Google had been invited to the wedding, which was in early December. So I immediately started investigating Google and this is what I found out. Larry Paige and Sergey Brin are both Zionists, and they both married women who were involved in biological information systems. When I investigated Sergey Brin who got married six months before Larry Page, I discovered that he married Anne Wojcicki and she had started a personal genetics start up company. She is the founder of 23andMe, a venture based in Mountain View which promises to make sense of customers genetic information. "Genetic testing for consumers is a field with growth prospects, and Wojcicki wants to solve medical mysteries and unite the world with DNA." But it is controversial. For instance, imagine if it became standard practice for couples to take genetic tests before marriage. Now when I investigated as soon as she married Sergey Brin she received millions of dollars from Google in her fund-raising she also received money from Genentech, Mohr Davidow Ventures, New Enterprise Association, and others. But listen to her background, because it must have popped out and was very controversial. Their marriage, because it is not just two people getting married, it is much more than that. And what her background turns out to be is Anne Wojcicki cofounded 23andMe in 2006 to enable individuals to get access to their genetic information. Prior to starting 23andMe, and "23" by the way is the number of chromosomes on the DNA, Anne spent 10 years investing in health care companies. Bingo. Graduated with a BS in biology from Yale. Yale is where all of this garbage is coming from. Anne she did her molecular biology she researched at the National Institute of Health (NIH) which is where the eugenics program is being engineered from. The Weizmann Institute, which is the City of London connection, and Israel, and UC San Diego which gave her access to the biggest U.S. Navy base. And the Navy is heavily invested and involved in depopulation. So isn't that interesting.
Dr. Parker: Oh yes,and it comes under the heading of bio-banking.
L. Moret: Bio-banking and now they are moving Google headquarters to Israel.
Dr. Parker: Yes, I know. We are going to come back on the break and talk about this. [30:38 start of the break]
Dr. Parker: [33:21 back from the break] This is Parker's Pathways. I am Dr. Winn Parker, and our guest is Leuren Moret, who is exposing the population control, social planner concept for world domination. And that is what I call it, world domination, and the deteriorated uranium concept. Leuren I just wanted to make a quick comment about how correct you are about this. There is a company called LabVantage, and LabVantage is a highly supported global investment company that is centered out of England when they made this declaration last week about cutting off various care to various people at a certain age and developing this whole process of having specimens. But this is in the public domain. What we are talking about right now there is something else going on right here. What is going on, and it has been going on for three years, is the sophistication that has come from lots of research over a period of time to collect semen and urine and blood samples from people all around the world to put them into a depository and registry that is very private. This is called the biological-synthetic depository. And what they are doing is separating these samples with other species for the development of the new human. Because when new diseases come up with new types of gene changes, and what are called gene signatures, on the genomes of the various species on the earth, they will be able to have this select group of people to be the ones who survive in the New World Order. And right now there are 38,000 cancer patients so far in this system and they are run by an automation process that is by six computers that are mind computers equal to 4,000 people's minds. They control what is called the Tecan, and the Tecan is a company which has these liquid-handling work stations that develop and isolate out the particulate matter of the proteins from the serum and the blood cells. And also in urine for getting subsets, and the idea is to get these subset protein systems from at least a half a million people. And I have always asked why the half a million people, and of course the answer I get I already figured I would get, of course that is a sacred people. And so these investments that you are talking about are not only real, but they are going on. It is all part of the scheme of the global warming concept to have the threat out there for the reason for doing all these things.
L. Moret: Exactly.
Dr. Parker: And so you have 38,000 cancer cases that are now registered in this close to secret program that you are alluding to on the investment. It is called Janus. And I appreciate the idea of your interview time for me to expose this along with your expose because it is quite real. The real war that we are fighting is for our own survival, and the concept which I call life and death issues that are very important. And there is a project that is related to this that has to do with uranium contaminants, and I am not going to be telling you something that you don't already know. But there always have been blames (spelling?) for having uranium from rocks and it is from natural processes, which it is, or something. The uranium mining and all the rest of it. But the nuclear facilities and the concept of the waste disposal system is very much a part of the protection sequence of gene change. The uranium as itself is really a water-soluble uranium. Uranal ion. And this uranium atom is really linked to the two hydrogen and the two oxygen atoms in all -- by double bonds, so when this fluoride system, hydro system connects, it adds a third bond. Now if the uranal ion is to react with any other substance, it is going to change it into a different insoluble ion. So that can be filtered out. But the uranium binds to oxygen. The bonds that form -- and these are twenty five percent stronger, a typical double bond -- so what is being researched, in this process of the genetic change, is something which is affectionately called an organic molecule which is called a macrocycle. And these macrocycles can fold in half to form really a structure like a chelator. A chelator being a molecule that has jaws, that can pick up -- it looks like jaws, that is why it is called a Greek word "ke" (spelling?) -- chelate -- and the thing is so it is picking up all these metal ions and coming in the other way. And it can go between the cobalt ion that will combine with the water soluble ural ion, which is the uranium, and so what is happening here is that this macro-molecule is dissolved in water. And it leaves this one oxygen-protruding ion. And so because this macrocycle molecule is destroyed by water, it can't be used to remove the uranium from the contaminated water.
L. Moret: Oh.
Dr. Parker: So what happens is --this they believe, this is all out of the public domain, by the way, but they are finding that if you take the substances and transform this dissolved ural ion into an insoluble compound, you are achieving something that has never occurred in research at the bench. So what has to happen is to create a new pathway, just like Parker's Pathway show, that is one of the reasons why I named it that way, for having the uranium removed from the body. So what you have, there are only three ways you can approach this, is that you have to deal with the contamination water of our water supply on the earth and create a new macrocycle molecule to loosen the bonds of the ions that are containing the plutonium. So what is going on here is not only the concept of the nanotube being involved in the antennae signal, it is also the purpose of changing the ural ion of the uranium in the body itself.
L. Moret: I see.
Dr. Parker: That's the big secret.
L. Moret: That's the big secret. Now, let me explain to you the difference between ingesting uranium, for instance, in drinking water, and inhaling it in the form of depleted uranium particles. And then I want your comment. This is the most interesting interview I think I have ever done --
Dr. Parker: We have about twelve minutes.
L. Moret: Because I am learning so much. And I hope the audience is too, and you too.
Dr. Parker: Oh, this is the top of the line here. This kind of information. The top of the line.
L. Moret. Yes. Now when uranium is dissolved in water, and there are many populations that have lived in areas where there are high levels of uranium in the drinking water, in the ground water. And it doesn't seem to affect the population. The reason is when you drink it, or if it is contaminating food, the particles are highly charged and they attach themselves to the organic material passing through the gut. So they are pretty much excreted efficiently. The difference between depleted uranium particles that are formed at very, very high temperatures, hotter than the sun even, 3,000 - 5,000 degrees centigrade is that they form very insoluble high temperature oxides, and the depleted uranium when it burns actually forms a radioactive poison gas. As it cools or quenches it forms nanoparticles of these high temperature depleted uranium oxides which are round, hollow spheres or Christmas Tree balls. And so the density of uranium metal is over 19, but the density of high temperature depleted uranium or ceramic oxides is less than one. The nanoparticles remain permanently suspended in the atmosphere and they are kept suspended by Brownian Motion or air molecules bumping into them and keeping them suspended. They become incorporated in atmospheric dust, and they circulate around the world within two or three weeks. Within seven to nine days they are carried from the battlefields of Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Yugoslavia to Britain, and we have continuous air monitoring at the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Facility in England, which proves the U.S. and Britain constantly grid-bombed and carpet-bombed Iraq from 1998 when the database begins through 2003. Now this is causing global pollution. All during atmospheric testing all the nuclear states only released the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs into the atmosphere. But since 1991 what the U.S. and Britain have admitted to using, which is much less than what they have actually used, is the equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs. So they have released ten times more. This is causing a global diabetes epidemic which the diabetes, the World Health Organization, projected will increase ten times by the year 2030. Cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. Hypertension, Alzheimer's Disease, Lou Gehrig's Disease, all these neurological and neuromuscular diseases are the types of diseases that have the greatest increase. Cancer has the lowest increase. So it is only the tip of the iceberg. So what comment do you have about the different physiological effects of the dissolved soluble uranium which occurs in nature as compared to these artificially produced depleted uranium particles.
Dr. Parker: That is why I made the comment in the last hour of Parker's Pathways that the going theme is the behavior of the deteriorated uranium is the same as that of the natural uranium, and I don't agree with that.
L. Moret: It is not.
Dr. Parker: Because the kidney pathology of the human is really measured by the amount of enzyme change that can occur similar to dialysis. This is why I always maintain that if you have chloramine as a secondary disinfectant in the water, you are picking up the other particle on the nitrogen ion to the bromide, haloacetic and iodocetic acid, and this attaches to the ural ion which is creating this whole new gene signal. The gene signals are created by what are called the filtration kidney rate, which in order to determine the amount of deteriorated uranium in the urine from the human, you are using the ratio of the uranium 235 to uranium 238. So what you are doing is measuring the amount of protein enzyme change that is triggering the pancreas to cause diabetes type I. And that has been totally hand-cold documented, that hasn't reached the public either in terms of the disaster that we face.
L. Moret: It has been very hidden. All through atmospheric testing you find someone who will admit who worked in the nuclear weapons program that depleted uranium is even in atomic bombs. They all deny it. They never measured it.
Dr. Parker: Well one of the comments I want to make is about the idea of passing through the intestine and the concept. I don't quite agree with that because I have a whole series of enzyme and conceptual ideas of fecal measurements that have been made in Russia and Germany and in Iran, by the way, who is researching this extensively.
L. Moret: Oh Good.
Dr. Parker: And that is how you get the real use of deteriorated uranium intake in the human body is to measure it in the feces.
L. Moret: Oh.
Dr. Parker: So the feces have a natural uranium flow. My question is how the body has already accommodated the contamination of radioactivity to give us cancer, so that is why the percentage of the 66% in the skeleton figure of uranium is close but it needs to be taken more seriously because when you go in and drink the water in any form, even the bottled water, when I have to put the date on the bottled water, I was responsible for that, and when you look at your bottled water you see a date on there. Well you can thank me for that and buy me a cup of coffee some day that has got real water in it, but the thing comes down to the fact that is the most important thing that could have happened, because we are just at the touching of the base of this. You change the intestinal quality of the absorption. You do not have a pass-through. You have a change which occurs with the chemistry of the nanotube in the cell to create another protein, which is why the Japanese have come up with this antennae, the nanotube measuring of a blood cell memory 700 feet away from the antennae. Now what they are after is to have that global satellite click on and follow your very hormone thought process.
L. Moret: That's right.
Dr. Parker: And that's what they are after. Well, the whole thing is on the fecal measurements on the natural uranium can be as high as 500 micrograms a day. That is the average that we have been finding. You realize that if you gave 500 micrograms a day of natural uranium to be extrapolated to a mouse, a cancer mouse specially bred for lymphoma that humans have, the human gene for lymphoma researched in a clinical laboratory rat. They will die in fifteen minutes and get cancer.
L. Moret: Yes.
Dr. Parker:
That is reality. And of course what it does to the lungs is unexplainable. That is why I was upset at the Beryllium story last night on the national news about Livermore Labs. What a joke.
L. Moret: What a joke.
Dr. Parker: We have five more minutes left of Parker's Pathways, and we will have you with closing comments. [51:20 start of break...54:37 end of break]
Dr. Parker: This is Parker's Pathways. Dr. Winn Parker, and we have Leuren Moret, who is a geoscientist, and discussing deteriorated uranium. We will have her closing comments in a minute. I just wanted to mention that the concept of getting rid of uranium itself from the body is really an intravenous transfusion of isotonic 1.4% sodium bicarbonate. And I have always found that in this kind of setting, that sodium bicarbonate is also used for the process of, sort of the suggestion of the sodium bicarbonate for the change of the PH of the blood. What really has not been discussed here today is the concept of the PH change as a result of the magnetism of the nanotube. And that is a whole world in itself, and how the gene changes occur as a result of the PH of the blood. And I just wanted to mention that. Number two, very quickly, on the North American Union meeting in New Orleans in February, which is this month, when the representative of the United States President and Mexico and Canada take the United States off the maps, it will be called the North American Union. The concept of the control of what is called "following conflict," the "following conflict" paragraph of the new nation called the North American Union will have exclusive exceptions with United Nations Preambles on deteriorated uranium. I just thought I would bring that in, because that is your life and death paragraph, folks. Who controls your life and death. I talked about it on other Parker's Pathways, and it is on the medical consent form on the new one that are being printed, with United Nations paragraphs on them. Leuren, I would like for the listeners to know how they can get ahold of you. And if you have any materials that you would like them to know about please tell our audience how to get ahold of you and your materials.
L. Moret: Yes, I have a program for public access TV. It is called Global Nuclear Coverup. And I have 35 one hour DVD's formatted just for public access. They are about the nuclear technologies and how they are impacting the global health of the environment and global public health. And these are extremely important. I am getting them in cities around the U.S. A citizen in a city can contact the public access station and arrange for them to be shown in their city. They are interviews, they are presentations, these are by top radiation scientists who are honest. And they are also documentaries and things like that. It is the most popular series on the Berkeley public access station. And the DVD's are $5.00 each to cover the cost of reproducing and formatting them for public access. You can contact me either through Dr. Winn Parker or my email is Leurenmoret@yahoo.com. And I really want to thank you Winn for this very, very interesting interview.
Dr. Parker:
Oh, I thank you very much for your time to be here, and we are going to have to have you back again. And my email is kwati@sbcglobal.net. And support Republic Broadcasting Network, God Bless America, and thank you Leuren and remember we are all human beings that need to support each other. That is the result of mutual cooperation.



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