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14 November 2012


RadChick Interviews HatrickPenry 11.14.12, Published on Nov 20, 2012. YouTube caption: " RadChick hosts Wide Awake News and interviews Hatrick Penry 11.14.12"


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Editor's Note: This transcription provided
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Christina "The RadChick" Consolo: Wednesday Nov 14, 2012, I am your host Christina Consolo, and I would like to say hi to everyone from Nuked Radio, from the RadChick page and from YouTube who made their way over to chat tonight. We plan on doing a video, but a couple of days ago I needed some emergency surgery on my teeth. So I look like someone punched me in the face right now. I even had a space helmet and a ray gun to use as props because Charlie always teases me about that, but we will have to save it for another show. Now the NRC is probably going to want to punch me in the face after this show is over tonight, because one of the guests I am going to be having on later is someone I consider an expert on the NRC documents, which the alternative media has called Plume-Gate to tell us what the government knew, when they knew it, and how they conspired to cover up the effect of the Fukushima disaster, and the effect it would have and continues to have on North America and the entire Northern Hemisphere. Now tonight I was going talk to you guys about Hurricane Sandy and its affects on nuke plants, the 25 plus events in the past 30 days that have happened, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, or contamination in food, grapefruits from Florida, oranges from California, seafood, almonds, dates, and how our government is not testing for any of that. In fact, Russia is even rejecting shipments of radioactive cars and goods because there is too much contamination, while the US is just letting them in. Or I thought we could talk about how we are still getting fallout detections in rain from the jet stream, in the tropopause, and the fact no one in the mainstream is reporting it, no weather forecasters are reporting it, nobody is talking about this except the alternative media. In fact, any one of these topics could be a whole show in itself. I talked to Charlie about some of these issues numerous times in the past. Charlie is actually the first person who let me come on to the radio and talk today. In fact, any one of these topics could be a whole show in itself. I have talked to Charlie about some of these issues numerous times in the past. Charlie is actually the first person who let me come on the radio and talk today. Because of that and something that happened yesterday, I am going to talk about something else, that I never actually talked about before, and that is the media effects that Fukushima may have had on my own health personally, and people that I know, even though it might gross some people out. Now I have people who have asked me all the time, why are you so nuts about Fukushima. The thing that happened yesterday reminded me of why, when I started reminiscing about the sequence of events. It all started with the reactors that exploded in Japan and what the term fallout really means. Yesterday one of my best friends in the whole world died. He was 32, and his name was Devon Barton, and he lived in Tampa, Florida. Now his death in particular is probably not directly related to Fukushima, but maybe it is, and when you hear what he was doing in the first few weeks after the massive plumes moved across Florida and MidWest and California, and all over the place, it was, and we won't know for weeks if he died of a heart attack, brain hemorrhage, overdose, intentional or accidental, but it could be from a broken heart too, because two weeks before that his Dad died from a massive brain hemorrhage that was associated with a very severe, aggressive form of leukemia that his Dad developed in the summer of 2011. Now here is the thing about fallout. It isn't just a term used to describe radioactive contamination from a nuclear accident or an explosion. It is also a term that is used to describe the ramifications of an act or event. In my friend Devon's case, maybe his father's death. It is also used to define the adverse side effects or results of a situation. For example, you might irritate your boss, so he gives you a boatload of extra work because he is ticked off. That is also considered fallout. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a term used by the Japanese to describe the survivors of the atomic bombs, hibakusha, which literally means explosion-affected people. Now on March 17th President Obama held a news conference, which I will play for you in a moment, but I wanted to point out some numerous discrepancies in this clip before hand. One of the things that is almost laughable is he says that nuclear power that brought peaceful energy to the people of Japan, as opposed to being, having the bomb crapped out of them like we did in World War II; two, as far as the risks for the United States, he said that there were none according to the experts at the NRC, which he specifically says, but which the phone calls and emails that our guests has read paint quite a different picture. He also said that all available resources would be sent to the Japanese. Where have we done that? We haven't. The only thing that we did was to allow a Navy carrier, which coincidentally just happened to be parked offshore at Fukushima, to possibly triage people from the event and send people out to help clean up after the tsunami happened. But the thing was they were so covered in radioactive fallout that they actually took off. They had to decontaminate every one of their personnel. They had to decontaminate their entire ship. They ended up not helping at all. And we haven't done anything since. Some of that is because TEPCO has refused it. Some of it is because maybe they don't want to get involved to the extent that people might say, "Hey, nuke energy is really dangerous. Maybe the stuff is really bad." They don't want to point any fingers towards the nuke industry for various associations. And the thing is, the mainstream media is owned by all the same companies that own nuclear reactors: GE and Westinghouse and Toshiba. I know Charlie and I have talked about this on the shows. We won't get into too much detail about that. But I would like to play that clip for you guys so you can hear in Obama's own words exactly what he said about the disaster in Japan. [6:50]

"We are heartbroken and deeply concerned about the developments in Japan. We have seen an earthquake and tsunami render an unimaginable toll of death and destruction on one of our closest friends and allies in the world. We have seen this powerful natural disaster cause even more catastrophe through its impact on nuclear reactors that bring peaceful energy to the people of Japan. Today I want to update the American people on what we know about the situation in Japan. What we are doing to support American citizens and the safety of our own nuclear energy, and how we are helping the Japanese people contain the damage, recover and rebuild. First, we are bringing all available resources to bear to closely monitor the situation and to protect American citizens who may be in harm's way. Even as Japanese responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Daiichi plant poses a substantial risk to people who are nearby. That is why yesterday we called for an evacuation of American citizens who are within 50 miles of the plant. This decision was based upon a careful scientific evaluation and the guidelines that we would use to keep our citizens safe here in the United States, or anywhere in the world. Many Americans are also worried about the potential risks to the United States. So I want to be very clear, we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. That is the judgment of our nuclear regulatory commission and many other experts. Search and rescue teams are on the ground in Japan to help the recovery effort. A disaster assistance and response team is working to confront the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. The US military, which has helped to insure the security of Japan for decades, is working around the clock. To date we have flown hundreds of missions to support the recovery efforts and have distributed thousands of pounds of food and water to the Japanese people. We have also deployed some of our leading experts to help contain the damage at Japan's nuclear reactors. We are sharing with them expertise, equipment, and technology so that the courageous responders on the scene have the benefit of American teamwork and support."

Now [you] have heard that clip, just erase if from your brain, because it was total B.S. The entire thing is a lie from beginning to end. So how did this affect me personally? when we come back I am going to share that story. [9:50] Stay tuned, you are listening to Wide Awake News on Rense. And welcome back to Wide Awake News. So how did this situation affect me personally? During those first few weeks when the plume was at its highest levels, here is what I was doing. I was being kicked out of my house by Bank of America. They had sent me a letter saying that I had six days to get out of my house, and the reason I was in this predicament to begin with is because I had a serious back injury at work, and workman's comp and disability had been fighting about this for two and a half years about who is going to pay for it. In the meanwhile I lost my house, my cars, I sold almost everything in my house so that we could have food. I mean, we had at times no food and no heat. We went through the crap hitting the fan years ago, me and my kids and it has had some pretty lasting effects on us. So I get this letter and I am like "Oh my God, what do I do." I don't have anyone I can move in with. I am going to need to move into an apartment. I need a security deposit. I have no money. So we put an ad in Craig's list to sell all the stuff that was outside, like trees and bushes, tulip bulbs, and patio stones, and all of that stuff. And this was right after the reactors had blown up, and I thought there might be a problem, and I had talked to some of my neighbors, because they were getting their yards ready too. It was late spring and the weather was nice, and I am like, "Do you think it is all right that we are outside right now?" And you know, everybody kind of said the same thing: "If there was a problem, the government would have told us." So when these people started showing up at my house to buy stuff, you know I would go outside with them and show them where things were, and I did not feel sick or anything, but I had this metallic taste in my mouth that I could not get rid of no matter what I did. No matter what I ate, no matter what I drank. It wouldn't go away, and having worked in the medical field for a long time doing imaging and injecting people with dyes and so forth, I knew that radioactive contamination, where tests can cause that to happen. I also found out later that you can get that from tasting fission products. On April 13th of 2011, which was the first day we moved into the apartment, I started bleeding out of my ass. Not a little bit either. I have never talked about this with anybody and I know it is really gross, and I know it is almost too much information, and that is why I haven't shared it before, but the matter of fact was I had been outside. I had this horrible metallic taste, I started bleeding like crazy. I have no insurance. I go to my doctor and I am like, what the hell do I do? He is like, put your feet up, we can't do anything. You can't afford any tests, you are just going to have to get through this. And for months I was in bed. I was in bed, I was on the couch, I could not walk around or it would start up again. And the really crazy thing is the few people that I did tell about this, my producer Jules, some of the radio hosts that I have been on with before, Darin Stone, and some other people, Kevin Blanche, they all knew people too that were my age, they are bleeding out of their asses! This is not normal for somebody my age to have this without other medical problems, and my back injury sure didn't cause this. So my doc told me just hang in there. First of all, he wanted to prescribe me Valium, and said stop worrying about this. I said, "No way." He told me to just hang in there until Obamacare passes. But I mean at the rate I am going, I will be dead by then. Then my thyroid is blown up. I have lymph nodes that are swollen all over the place. Some of them are even bleeding under the skin. The doctors that I have gone to about that have said they have never seen this before. I had a case of pneumonia that did not respond to three weeks of antibiotics. The X-ray they said was atypical. I was coughing up blood from it. Now in the last couple of days my teeth start going bad. I go in to get one pulled, I find out I need three pulled. So, and I have got stitches and all this stuff going on. On top of that, once your tooth goes bad, like you have to deal with it. You can't live with the pain. So, you know, I have had to deal with that situation and I know people are probably saying, "How can you draw these correlations, and so forth? But you know, it is what you do when you need to figure out how to survive something. The only real proof that I have had, I got on Charlie's Show, and that is when he had Sharry Edwards on. I had never met Sharry Edwards before. In fact, I had never even heard of her. But she did this test on me on air, and after she analyzed this voice scan that she did on me, she told me not only did I have a spinal chord injury, which there is no way she could have known about, but that I had had massive Iodine 131 exposure and Zirconium from a fuel rod fire. From a nuclear fuel rod fire. So I went back to my doctor and told him about this, and of course he was skeptical and ordered $3,000 worth of blood work to try to verify what Sharry Edwards said. But the thing is, all of the different things he is testing for or wants to test for in the blood work, none of it is going to show exposure or contamination. The only way that I could tell is if I got to go into one of those really sophisticated MRI's that they have at nuke plants, where they put people with metallic contamination, or they just cut you into slices if you are dead, and look at everything under a microscope as see if they can find any particles. They don't have any way to test for this except for cesium in the urine which is only right after exposure. So now that is the fallout that I might possibly be dealing with. I am actually one of the lucky ones. This has also affected a few other people close to me who haven't been so lucky. My daughter got a burn in her arm after being caught in the rain in September of last year. I uploaded a video about this on YouTube, and people were like "Oh, it is poison Ivy, it is ringworm, it is this and it is that. It looks like is a spider bite." Well, I took her to a dermatologist, we paid to have it biopsied, and it was a burn. And a few days after this a woman from LaPierre County who is just a few miles north of me, who had in Inspector Geiger counter, told me that rainfall we got caught in actually measure four times HAZMAT level. Stay tuned, you are listening to Wide Awake News, be back in a moment. [16:37 start of music, ad, end 17:20 ] Like what I said about the fallout, and how it is making us sick, and what he [Obama] said about warnings and did he know anything, and he said everything is perfectly fine. That the government projections had only said up to a 1,000 people in totality would die from Fukushima, and that includes people in Japan and possibly North America. Now it is sad Tony Barton developed leukemia in July 2011. Also, he was in and out of the hospital for chemo almost every day since. I don't think that he even ever went back to that boat. Maybe his son from the Pentagon would know. And now he died two weeks ago, my friend was found dead a few weeks ago, I am sorry, I mean yesterday, and despite what the government experts were saying, we now know because of these Freedom of Information Act transcripts, that we were hit with fallout in massive quantities. And they knew about it then, the NRC knew. These other agencies knew. Obama knew. In a study that was published by Mangano, showed that 14,000 excess deaths that happened in the first 14 weeks. That figure has actually been upped because some of the regions were not reporting at the time, to 22,000. The only people who are going to tell you this, or any truth about the situation, are people in the alternative media that aren't funded by the nuclear industry and the ramifications of this. And the fact it is unabated and continuous, not only by the definition of radiation landing on our food and water and produce and cows and pets and people, but the families that lose people to this, to the other fallout. Joining us tonight is freelance reporter and host his own show on blogtalk radio, Hatrick Penry. He also has a YouTube channel under that name. Mr. Penry, thank you for being here tonight.
Hatrick Penry: RadChick, thanks for having me. And while I have the opportunity, if I could just publicly apologize to you. I have been critical of you in the past and after speaking with you today and understanding our circumstances and all the problems that everyone has, everyone has their own problems, I wish to apologize. It is kind of publicly unfair of me to do that. If I could just say that, and answer any questions you have tonight.
Christina: Well I appreciate that. It is totally unnecessary. You know, sometimes we need that, like critique from other people to tell us. [20:00] You need to hit this topic more, and you need to make this more serious than what you make it. At times I have tried to do videos, you know, and do things to get people interested in other ways, because we plateau getting new people to learn about this any more. You talk about a lot of really interesting topics on your channel, and I wish we had more time to go over all of them. But the one thing that I wanted to bring you on for tonight is because you have studied these NRC transcripts and I wanted to ask you what you learned, maybe what was your initial feeling after you read through them the first time, and what did you learn from reading them?
Hatrick Penry: Well after my initial diving into the documents, and there are hundreds of thousands of pages, they blizzarded, they just cranked a lot of them out and it is really difficult. But initially you can see right off the bat that all of our agencies, a lot of our agencies are working to do their best to downplay the severity of the accident. To downplay the fact that there is a radioactive plume, that each time there is a meltdown at Three Mile or Chernobyl there is always a plume, there is always a discharge. You can see this giant effort to do their best to hide the plume and the fallout from American citizens. As you just mentioned the Mangano-Sherman study is indeed correct. It is a very accurate study based on the mortality index, and you can see in the 14 weeks prior to the arrival of the plume there is a particular rate of death, and then after the 14 weeks that bumps up and you can see a marked increase. If I could add, this is backed up by another study now I have on my Wordpress blog, if you go there and look, I have the, I call it the Fukushima-Chernobyl bird study. The scientist during Chernobyl and Fukushima, he is out studying birds on the west mountains of the West Coast, and he notices in the baby birds that the fatality numbers are increasing. A lot of babies are dying off. Well, they eat the worms that eat the leaves, where the cesium and iodine fall on, and plus their cells are dividing like children at a higher rate, so you can see clearly that the birds also are dying at an accelerated rate. And that kind of backs up that Sherman-Mangano study. Despite what authorities are saying, and despite what Obama said, all the science and evidence says, "Look, the plumes are a factor. They are reality when there is a meltdown. Yes, we got hit by a plume and now we are suffering the consequences." And if I can quickly add when it comes to Obama, he was very careful to lay the blame at the feet of NRC and other agencies. In that audio clip, he said that is the judgment of the NRC, and other experts. See, he is very careful to keep himself, in the documents there is no reference to the President, but there is a lot of redaction and a lot of "male participants" that leaves you wondering, you know, but I can't pin anything on Obama that says for sure he knew, but RadChick there is one of three possibilities. Either he is just a buffoon, and clueless and really doesn't know anything, and that is not good, or everyone is conspiring through him. All these agencies around him and telling him to go out and tell everyone everything is OK, there is nothing to worry about. That is not good. Or he is totally in on the cover-up. I mean one of these are the three possibilities. None of them are good, and the guy just got reelected, so I will leave it at that. Back to you. [23:27]
Christina: You know every 45 days we know now that the plumes from Fukushima circle the globe, and this was found by researchers in Japan where they measure the overall spikes from 1600 to 2000 different types of nuclear materials that blew out of the reactors. Every time we see one of these, like plume maps, we are only talking about one isotope. There were 1600 at the very least blew out of those reactors. All of them affect people's health. In fact, we know that exposure to radiation causes neuro[logical] problems. Most often it is diseases like leukemia, or bleeding, that has been caused because of the bone marrow being affected. Thyroids are often affected, numerous other cancers. But of course this is going to show up in things that are smaller, in animals, in insects. Sometimes in plants, although plants don't always uptake up uranium. I found out from Chris Busby, but they do up take other radioactive isotopes, and we have mutation pictures from all over showing that this is going on. So where can we actually, if people want to look at these NRC documents in their entirety, although it is going to be a really, really difficult, heart-breaking read, I will tell you right now, where can they find those documents? Do you know?
Hatrick Penry: You can access them at the NRC web site, or if you go to the Word Press blog we have up now, myself and another researcher, and it is called Uncovering Plume-Gate [ at]. And if you go there we have a directory to this adams list of FOIA documents, it teaches you how to understand the numerical system and understand how to access the files. So if you go to the Uncovering Plume-G
ate blog on Word Press, it is much easier. If you go through the NRC web site, they do have a long list of documents there, but my understanding is it is not a complete list. It is only the ones people have sued for under Freedom of Information. The NRC is unique in that they record all their conversations and transcripts and they keep records of everything so you have just got to know where to go to find particular documents, so excellent question.
Christina: All right, stay tuned, you are listening to Wide Awake News [25:27 start of short break]. I hope all of you enjoyed that. You are listening to Wide Awake News, welcome back. That is putting lipstick on a pig, there is no crawling away from Fukushima. That song was actually written in relation to fallout testing. If Russia had nuked us during the Cold War, when we had the Civil Defense Department, and people had actually somewhat cared to tell you what was going on and how to protect yourself, there really isn't anyone doing that except people in the alternative media that can help break down the situation, and Mr. Penry and I talked about today early on when we were on the phone even if you put a cover over Fukushima right now, and prevent any further releases from happening, which you can't do, it would still take 2.5 years approximately from the studies that they did on atmospheric testing, to rain it out of our atmosphere. Possibly even longer, since some researchers have said there is still stuff up there from atmospheric testing. Mr Penry, are you still with us?
Hatrick Penry: Yes I am.
Christina: What do you think about that?
Hatrick Penry: Well earlier you mentioned something that if I could quickly go back. You talked about what they are testing for, and in the documents they refer to cesium and iodine quite frequently. They say some of the nuclear plants over here, Diablo and SONGS [San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station] and Nine Mile [Point Nuclear Generating Station] have detected radiation, but they always talk about it in terms of cesium and iodine. The half life for those two elements relatively speaking is quite short compared to plutonium. Well there is an article on Alexander Higgins web site that mentions plutonium levels in the U.S. are at 20 times higher than during Cold War era bomb testing levels. So you can clearly see they are avoiding this discussion of the MOX fuel and the plutonium, which we know had to have made its way over here. So it is really unfair of them to pretend like they are testing and looking into it when they are leaving out the most critical, not just plutonium, there is other, as you mentioned earlier, other elements also released that have long half lives as well. They simply don't go away in a short amount of time. And so also in these documents, not just this big cover-up where they are downplaying and damage mitigation and searching the media to see who is writing about them and trying to deal with it, but you also can clearly see just how bad it was at Fukushima. They are bulldozing over piles of rubble because the rems are so high, workers will refuse to go in. But they know that once they bulldoze it into a pile, it cuts the rems back enough, blocking it enough, that workers can go in and get trucks and try to do something. So it clearly shows the horrific nature of one of these catastrophic meltdowns, which they have done well hiding Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, and as we have discussed, and I have discussed with other people, very effective in Fukushima, downplaying it and hiding these Freedom of Information documents. I give them credit, and with each cover-up, from Three Mile to BP, to whatever, some we might not know about, the Simi Valley salt water [Ed. Note: actually sodium] reactor, I am just finding out about that. They are getting better and better every time. They are honing their skills, RadChick. So maybe one day maybe something happens where we never know anything about it at all.
Christina: Yes, definitely. I mean it is possible, you know, it would probably take decades before we actually know if even we do then, how bad the situation was. The numbers are always up from TEPCO from what they say, the release was, you know, water poured out of the reactor on this day. You know, first it was 100 liters, now it is a 1,000 liters for this amount of radioactivity. Then they up that number. I mean, trying to sort out this mess is really difficult. You know we try to talk to people and explain all radiation is bad, and anything you can do to cut down on your exposure in your daily life is a good thing in terms of longevity. And you know, mitigate, just eating healthier, taking charge of your own life. Even Leuren Moret has said that back in Dec 2011, there was excess mortality in the United States of 100,000 people. Those numbers had been in decline for the previous decade. All of a sudden in 2011 they take a big spike. This includes babies, pregnant mothers, maternal death where the baby and the mother both die, people whose immune systems are re-compromised from being sick from something else, as well as people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time outside during those first few weeks after the reactors exploded.
Hatrick Penry: And I might add that a lot of people aren't aware of the protective action guidelines and what the EPA, their limits are for people's exposure, and you don't have to have technical knowledge about the rems, curies, and microcuries to know that an adult per year is allowed 5 rems, and an interesting note, a pregnant woman who works at a nuclear facility, if a pregnant woman receives more than .5 rems, she has to go home and can't return, right, for the rest of the year. She has met her maximum. So there is plenty of evidence in these documents they are plotting plume models, DHS knows about it, FEMA is standing down, and they are modeling off Three Mile and Chernobyl. And so despite whenever they downplay the radiation levels, our science shows otherwise. And we know that at least as far as pregnant women are concerned, we can draw a line there and everyone else to the side. .5 rems might not be that much. You really should have like France, United Kingdom, and Taiwan, they all had rainwater warnings. In fact in Taiwan, they sent kids home, not to walk home in the rain early, and when the rain was coming down, and in California the levels were ten times as high in the rainwater. This was another, an ENE News article, I believe. So there is plenty of evidence we got blasted, they knew about the plume. We can look at the recommendations and say for sure. If there are pregnant women, they should have told them to stay indoors, and in my opinion athletes on the West Coast, they should have told the USC football team, hey, hit the gym and practice in the gym the next 30-60 days. Even more than that, even that is not enough. But just the minimal things they could have done. At least I would be able to say they tried to do something. But they told us not to take potassium iodine, and clearly in the documents everyone going over there is picking up their potassium iodine before they go. So we know that potassium iodine can help, and the NRC doesn't stock them at the plants around America, so we are in bad shape RadChick, as you well know.
Christina: Well a lot of those levels, where you talk about .5 rem [5 millisieverts], that is just one exposure from one thing. In terms of a year or lifetime, but when you are getting a little bit in your drinking water, and you are getting a little bit on your produce, you are getting a little bit if you are caught in rain, you are getting a little bit from the beef you are eating, you are getting a little bit from your sushi --that adds up. I have a friend who explained to people that when my mom used to go grocery shopping, she had a little counter, and it was red and white and had these buttons on the top and you could like count your coupons or orders as you are going. Every time you get hit with an exposure, you can't tell of course unless you have very sophisticated equipment, if you hit that clicker once, for an adult, you have to hit a thousand times for a baby, or a hundred times for a little kid. And you have to do this every time you come across this stuff. I mean without sophisticated equipment, or knowing where it is, you can do things to say, "Well maybe if it is on my produce I am going to wash it really well. I am going to use maybe baking soda [if I] take a shower, if I swim in a pool, and just every bit helps." If you are sick, you don't have any quality of life.
Hatrick Penry: That is correct, and even talk about monitoring and dosimeters and whatever, they were going to monitor the plume. Let me read you a quick little thing right off of an email here where they are talking about monitoring for fallout: "Now we are getting calls from ordinary citizens, from California and Oregon, wanting to know if they need to evacuate. This is from the 12th of March. The liaison team was ready to "deploy DOE assets to monitor the plume." Then someone realized that maybe DHS, Homeland Security, or EPA should take the lead. Look at an article that was on Alexander Higgins web site before he got swamped by Sandy, and you can see that the RadNet monitors were clearly rigged prior to the Fukushima incident there was the flat line for the background radiation, and then when they fiddled with monitors, you could see that then after Fukushima the radiation was even lower than before Fukushima. So there was the evidence that they had tampered with monitors, so we really can't rely on -- the information is just totally unreliable, I will put it that way.
Christina: We are actually getting close to the end of the show and I want to make sure that people knew how to connect with you. Can you give us some links to your Blogtalk radio and to your YouTube page? How can they find you?
Hatrick Penry: My blogtalkradio is actually called the Muga Report. That is my name, Tony Muga, and I go by Hatrick Penry just so that I can, you know, a pseudonym, write certain things on the Internet without catching too much flak for it. You can go to YouTube under Hatrick Penry. One Word is my YouTube channel, and my wordpress blog is also Hatrick Penry. So I have got a lot of articles and a lot of videos, as you well know. And if I could say this, I will say a prayer for you tonight RadChick, because I really hope you get better. And I hope that anyone and everyone who is suffering effects from this, a lot of people I think may be suffering effects that we don't know about.
Christina: Thanks for joining us, and I hope that we can work together again in the future as well. You guys check out links to my stuff too at Links are there for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and feel free to share any of my uploads at any time. Stay tuned for the second hour with guest host Michael Weiner and his guest Michael Olinic. Stay safe, everyone. [36:13 music at ending].



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