Screen capture by Hatrick Penry of radioactive rainfall warnings issued in France, the UK, and Japan but not in the United States. Ilustration taken from "Screencaps for BlogTalkRadio broadcast 4.8.13 children’s doses" by Hatrick Penry


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Hatrick Penry Hosts
Nuked Radio 6.13.13

June 13, 2013


Hatrick Penry Hosts Nuked Radio 6.13.13
Published on Jun 16, 2013 YouTube caption:
"Many thanks to Christina Consolo aka: RadChick for allowing me to host her show.
This is my recording from 6/13/13. The original episode, complete with bumper music can be found at Nuked Radio here: Radio
Thanks again to RadChick for allowing me the opportunity to speak on Plume-Gate, the world's largest, and most suppressed, cover-up of all time with over 65,000+ American fatalities.
Remember if they talk about Fukushima, but fail to inform you of what is contained in the NRC FOIA documents, you either have an incompetent and ignorant reporter, or they have sold out to the dark side of the force. Let them know you know. (They've had over 2 years to report on this...)
And if your source IS reporting on the massive government orchestrated cover-up known as Plume-Gate then please thank them and show your appreciation."
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Nuked #117 PLUMEGATE: Hatrick Penry hosts (58:38)
Published on Jun 18, 2013
Tony Muga host Nuked Radio and shares his extensive knowledge about what the NRC knew, when they knew, and how they tried to cover their tracks.

Interview Transcript


Editor's Note: This transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
is reasonably but not completely accurate for research purposes.
He has supplied corrections or comments made inside brackets.

Hatrick Penry: [1:11] OK, sounds like the music is fading out, and this is your substitute host for Nuked Radio, Hatrick Penry. I am filling in for Christina Consolo, aka RadChick. Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but before I get started I want to thank RadChick for this opportunity. It is both an honor and a pleasure, because I realize how much time and energy is devoted to a radio show and building it up and making it your own, and so to turn that over to someone for an hour, that is like letting them take your kid out to the movies that night, right? Hopefully I do Christina, RadChick proud today.
What we are going to discuss today is a very controversial subject, and that is the NRC Freedom of Information Act documents pertaining to the Fukushima meltdowns. Now I am not going to be discussing the melt-downs themselves. A lot of people have spoken of that, and that is out and in the open to some degree. But what I will cover is the orchestrated cover-up that is proven inside of these documents. You really get a broad feel for how these -- like if you go back to the BP oil spill, and you guys look into that, you know that there was a no fly zone and a black out and the mainstream media gave their version of the story. Same kind of thing happened with the cover-up of the radioactive plume and cloud from the Fukushima melt-downs.
And so quickly I want to brief over -- I took some notes last night, I said to myself, "What have I learned from these documents from reading so many thousands of pages? What is it that I would want to get across to RadChick's audience while I have this opportunity?" So let me briefly go over what I have learned from these documents pertaining to not just the cover-up, now, because there is a lot of other interesting information you can glean from reading through the Freedom of Information Act documents.
Now one of the important things early on I realize that they were suppressing and covering up, but you could read in these documents a lot of detail about just the extent of the damage at Fukushima. How serious it was, the catastrophe, and in fact the Japanese forces inability to respond quickly and effectively. OK, that is something they don't want you to know about nuclear power, that when a big one happens like Fukushima, sometimes the rads are so high, or the entryway is blocked due to debris, you can't even access the plant to begin to rectify the situation. So that is a serious concern that is revealed in the documents and it is much suppressed by the NRC and the authorities here in the United States. That is just briefly to cover that. We will come back to that in more detail.
Secondly, obviously the cover-up. OK, when you look in these documents you see just who all was involved. It is a very broad involvement. I will read you quickly some agencies involved, and indeed at first when I got into the documents I said, "Well, this is a United States cover-up. But it is more than that. It is global because it involves obviously the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, you will have to have like WHO, the World Health Organization downplaying the results of these catastrophes, so quickly, obviously, NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the DOE, the EPA, the CDC, HHS, DHS, FEMA, USED, DoD, and [U.S.] Navy Naval Reactors, the White House, President Obama -- and he called for a worst case scenario, so we know he had an idea what was going on. Corporate-wise you had Bechtel and GE were involved. Like I said, the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Association, INPO, International Nuclear Power Plant Operators, if I got that right, and NEI, National Energy Institute, which had a password-protected database where the roof top grabs from our nuclear power plants here in the United States, when they picked something up, unless it was super low and miniscule, it was forwarded up the chain of command to a password database.
So part of what is really big in this is just the size and scope, the staggering scope of this cover-up when you look at who all was involved, and when you compare that again to the fact that we begin to look at the thyroid study coming in by Sherman-Mangano, I am sure RadChick has touched upon that, and if you look at the initial assessment of the fatality index study by Sherman-Mangano, and also Bobby1 has got a very detailed, in-depth study that goes forward to the year 2030, where he has projected 1.3 million American fatalities. So you put that in line with the cover-up, and you see just that the fact that human lives are being sacrificed to protect industry.
Many of you already know that children's cells divide at a higher rate, that is why they talk about children thyroid doses in the documents, and they are very concerned about that. There is plenty of evidence they were modeling for the United States, Alaska, Midway, and California, and so on and so forth.
Also in the documents they mention a number of times that they have the benefit of knowing all about Chernobyl, OK? In the premiere study on Chernobyl is the Cost and Consequences study, let me bring it up here on my screen real quick. Chernobyl, Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, and this is on file with the annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. So in the documents when they say they have the benefit of knowing all about Chernobyl, that is what they know. When you look at that study and look at the fatality projections for Chernobyl, well it is over 900,000, right? Because it is not just the initial blast, people died, it is latent cancers that really kick in.
Now I remind you at Fukushima Unit Number 3 was MOX fuel. When you read about that, it was extremely dangerous because it is carried aloft in aerosol, gaseous form. That is what we are worried about. Our Navy ships and our sailors who were in close proximity at the time. So they know all about Chernobyl.
Now they are not going to act on that knowledge. This is about a cover-up. Three Mile Island [was a] cover-up. There was a cover-up on Chernobyl by Russian authorities. We even had a salt water reactor here that I have heard was a cover-up. We had a meltdown. And a lot of people don't know that the Navy had a purposeful, some 13, 14, 15 odd meltdowns in Utah back in the 80's and late 70's just to test and see what happened in a meltdown.
Also, although the NRC and our authorities say potassium and iodine is not a bad deal, you don't really need to have it, don't sweat it, not to worry about it, all throughout these documents boy are they sweating potassium iodine. They are shipping hundreds of thousands of units to the Japanese. If one of the NRC leaves his doses at home, there is a big stink about it. Hey, he left his doses, let's get him some more doses of potassium iodine. So whilst on the one hand they tell us over here, "Naw, we are not a big deal, we don't stock it, it only protects you against [radioactive] iodine anyway, on their trip to Fukushima they ain't leaving without potassium.
OK, also I have an article on the Navy ships and rads, where I discovered a couple of documents that show what looks like they had plenty of foreknowledge. They should have moved our Navy ships and sailed them west [around the globe] into the wind. When you look at these documents, clearly they were running worst case scenarios. They were modeling a worst case scenario, but they never acted on a worst case scenario. That is one of the big things I push out there because while our sailors are suing TEPCO, I have got a couple of documents with evidence I am asking to be forwarded to these sailors that show, hey, it looks like Navy reactors, NRC, and Admirals had a pretty good idea they should have moved those ships, but to protect the nuclear industry, you know if you move the ships, if you make any move to admit there is a problem or take counter measures, again, that is admitting there is a problem, and they cannot do that.
Many of you will remember the Surgeon General right after Fukushima came out and said you might want to have potassium iodine. It might not be a bad idea. Then a couple of hours later she came back out again, and in the press just said "I made a mistake. Now you don't really need it." It is almost as if she got a phone call, so that is the way some of these things work.
Response to nuclear catastrophe is inhibited, in particular the ability to speak freely and communicate openly because participants know they are being recorded and their emails saved. Throughout these documents they make references to the Freedom of Information Act. That we are being recorded. Cut the conversation you are getting a little too carried away. Two guys are having a conversation about the melt-through sublimating through the concrete down to the Taurus, and a guy says "OK guys, OK. You know, chill out there, we are being recorded." This is a serious problem if there is an incident in the United States, their ability to respond to that is going to be restricted simply because they don't want to be open and honest about the true nature of what happens in a major catastrophe such as Fukushima.
Also I noted in the documents and had some information sent to me by another researcher, that the NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, spends millions to search social media and online monitoring. They want to know what we are talking about them, what we are writing about them, what information we have discovered on them, and then they can go in and take counter measures and have their bloggers beat it down, send their trolls and shills out to attack us in the threads and tell us we are wrong and what have you. Again, this is a huge massive orchestrated effort to do what? Control information, folks. That is what it is all about. They don't want you to know the truth of nuclear power and what really happens when one of these major catastrophes goes down.
Also in the documents, there is, it is called the saga of the Bechtel pumps. Initially the water cannons they said were useless, nothing has really happened there, looks good on TV but is not very effective, and so they are trying to ship these pumps in from Perth, Australia. And I don't have all the documentation on this yet, but I have got another researcher Shazam [sp?] who is going to get me the documents screen capture where it looks initially, they would have just given the pumps, said here, take the pumps and just get them to work and then try to cool the stuff down and maintain the situation. But in the end, our Department of Defense ends up paying $9.8 billion for these pumps, and Bechtel owns the pumps. They are profiting from it again. And indicative in the documents is certain places where they say, "We'll start at $200,000, and then the price went up, then it is millions, and then it is $9.8 billion. And I am told reliably that there is a section in there, "Hey, just take them, get them there and put them up." Who cares about the money, right? So it looks by all accounts we got bilked for $9.8 billion tax dollars, John Q. Taxpayer. OK, condition of U.S. nuclear industry. It reveals also some information about the condition of our plants here at home, for instance I have a video on YouTube about non-seismically qualified spent fuel pools Alexander Higgins picked up and carried that one as well. You see in this email the guy says President Obama is calling for a review of our nuclear plants, and he says, "We have got to make sure and tell them there are spent fuel pools that are not seismically qualified, of which I recall there are many." The guy says, "So if we have a severe earthquake, hey, some of our spent fuel pools won't be able to withstand it. That could be a concern."
Finally, one of the big things I got out of this, maybe the biggest, OK, and that is the consortium. OK, which in the documents they say is the government and industry grouped together to handle this catastrophe. But in the end I find that the industry holds sway over government. They even say in the documents, I am paraphrasing here, but the guy says that industry will determine the Federal role in this disaster. That just blew me away when I read that because at that point, I am like I have read about fascism, and I know who Mussolini is, and I know a little bit about Italy. My Mom has talked about it a little. But this seems to be a hyper form of fascism, with the merging of the corporate and the state is going beyond that, folks. That is like Bechtell and GE and DOW and Monsanto and these huge corporations, transnational, bigger than any governments, governments don't really exist anymore. They are just there to do the will of these massive transnational conglomerations and corporations. The consortium is how I refer to them, so when I talk consortium, I am talking about mostly the industry, these huge, whether it is the nuclear plant industry, or you know Chevron, the fossil fuel industry, or what have you, it doesn't matter. It is these huge corporations. In the documents you see like Wow, shouldn't the government define the role? Shouldn't the people whose representatives go into allegedly a republic to represent us, and then when they get there they really don't represent us because they are in contact with the consortium, and the consortium, if you want to get reelected, right, and GE as we all know contributed heavily to Obama's campaign.
So that in a nutshell, I am just kind of going over what I have got out of these documents and what you kind of need to know about it. I will come back into detail. I will read from some screen captures, for instance, let me show you the one real quick about the, they don't want to move the Navy ships because it is going to cause them angst. You know, moving the Navy ships would be an admission, beyond that 50 mile zone, and in the documents you see that plume, chart of a plume headed to Tokyo, like 75 km worth of a plume. They discuss 150 miles away they are getting sensitive readings to be concerned about.
Look in this particular one here, I will read from the document. This is Admiral Donald, with PACCOM with the Navy, and he is speaking to a Mr. Burrows with the NRC, I will have to check on that, yes, Chuck Burrows. Admiral Donald, this is in reference to the Navy ships, and the plumes and the radiation.
Admiral Donald says, and a name redacted here, he says: [from page 25 of 110, ML130008A108.pdf]

This is Kirk Donald. Just one correction on what you said there. The particulate levels that are being measured, the ones that reported in the two to 7 x 10 to the -9th region, those are being taken on the U.S.S. George Washington that is currently located in Yukoska, Japan, which is about 175 miles from the site.

Don't worry too much about the numbers in this whole thing, folks, because what I would stress to you is that is a zeolite cartridge, and it is only going to test for iodine. What you need to know is in the number three, unit number three [reactor], there was MOX fuel. In these documents they never talk about plutonium and they never test for plutonium. They test for cesium and iodine because of the short half lives, but they never look into plutonium. But as we understand, it is in aerosol type form when one of these meltdowns occur with the MOX fuel payload, and that is something to be worried about. So they should have acted on the worst case scenario just based on that alone.
Now here is Mr. Burrow's response: [from page 26 of 110, ML130008A108.pdf]

MR. BURROWS: Actually, Admiral, this is Chuck Burrows. What we saw was the plume on its way. [Penry repeats: We saw the plume on its way. We are still measuring 2 x 10 to the -9th at this location 90 miles from the reactor plant, as well as now measuring 10 to the -9th down in the Yukoska area. The plume is an extensive plume. I mean, I have readings at both locations that are above 10 to the -9th microcuries per milliliter as far out as Yukoska and as far in as this 90 mile point.

In another section of this document, there is a quick back and forth between two NRC guys, Charlie Miller and Marty Vergilio, and they are talking about running a worst case scenario and maybe having to move Navy ships. Charlie Miller says: [from page 155 of 203, ML12052A111.pdf]

CHARLIE MILLER: If you are getting angst about moving naval ships and things like that, the worst-case scenario isn't necessarily the one you want to run."

Marty Vergilio responds:

MARTY VERGILIO: Right Charlie, this is what we're all thinking, that there's, you know, you run at least two cases.

Now in the documents, it gets to the point where the guy says, "I don't want to hear about worst case anymore because there are so many worst cases now floating around out there. Don't even say the word `worst case.'"
So what you see is they keep running "worst case" until it comes back with the least number of source terms possible, in other words, the least amount of emanations from the disaster site where they can downplay it and say, "Well, we have run worst case models. We are going to chose the least of these worst case models and we are going to promote that, right?"
And then they still never would even act on anything as I thought they should, because when they test it, sometimes the models are only for three to five days of emanations. If it is only three to five days of emanations, Hey, that is a real problem, because I have just received information last night, a new report has come out, it shows plutonium in the Pacific, strontium in the Pacific, that is indicative that there has been a recent fission activity to produce these particular elements. That is my crude understanding. Again, I am not an expert on this, I am just an average Joe Schmoe citizen that realized, Hey, I am going to get radiated to death if I don't get busy and try to do something to shut this archaic industry down.
All of this is an energy monopoly, folks. It rides on the back of energy technology suppression. I have a number, I have a photograph I took out of a book where the Union of Concerned Scientists is talking about 5,000 plus suppressed patents in the United States alone. If your invention is more than 70% efficient, or your solar cell more than 20% efficient, it is subject to restriction or seizure under national security.
I have the actual USC title code. I could read it to you. If it threatens their version of national security, which really means threatening their energy monopoly, your invention is not going to go to market. They they will seize upon and restrict the patent. If you try to privately produce it and bring it to market, it is very difficult to do so when no bank will finance you.
Again, no bank will finance you. That seems to be the problem now. There is plenty of inventions. Many of you are aware of Stan Meyer and his "water car," which uses electricity to split hydrogen away from H2O. The hydrogen powers, just like the back of a Dodge truck, like my truck. Hydrogen gas is routed to the engine, it is highly combustible, more so than gasoline. The byproduct is oxygen, OK, but that is not going to perpetuate this petrochemical monopoly that we are all putting gasoline in our cars.
So understand that like cancer, if a cure ever did show up, it would be seized upon under national security because so many jobs again and livelihoods somehow depends on this.
Again, they are worried about what? Collapsing the system. I say the system is one that is so negative now, that might not be such a bad thing, you know, when you think about it.
OK, lets go into quickly, I want to discuss the extent of the damage. This is very important you realize they are hiding this from you. They don't want you to know that they knew for weeks there was no water in spent fuel pool number 4. Now I had a screen capture on my Wordpressblog, and when I went back it disappeared. Well that was the one where they discussed the melt-through in spent fuel pool number 4 down to the taurus.
The guy said "Look, it has been without water this long, it is going to melt down through the concrete, sublimate through the concrete, and when it hits that taurus there is going to be a big release."
I though like, Oh, they are really worried about that. I think that might be the one where the guy says, "Hey, calm down, chill out, guys." They know they are being recorded. Don't get carried away.
Well they don't want you to know that. They don't want you to know that. And the Mark I containment system, my understanding is, the spent fuel pool reservoir is on the top of the building. It is above everything else, right? It is that brilliant of a design. If you think of the Mark I containment, think about it like Ralph Nader's old Chevy Corvair that he complained about, right? He had a mission to let people know that the Corvair is extremely dangerous, it is not a good design, it is a very poor design. People are being injured in it, and he went and tried to warn people about it.
Well the Mark I containment is kind of similar, except that it is not easy to recall. You can't bring it back to the factory and put a new electronic control module on it that easily. You have to send someone into the field. You have to make modifications in the field, and early on they had a problem with the Mark I where they said, "Look, we need to install this hardened vent, and again it was a generic requirement. In other words, you can install it if you want, and if you don't, don't worry about it." They said you needed this hardened vent to release pressure in certain circumstances to avoid a criticality. You might vent some radioactive material into the atmosphere but you will save a larger disaster.
Well a lot of ours to my knowledge are not required to have that. I have got a screen capture that says it is a generic requirement on a hardened vent, so think of it like that old poor Corvair design. That is indeed what they had in Fukushima. Worst of all was the massive amount of fuel located in Spent Fuel Pool number 4, and the fact that MOX was the payload in the number 3. [21:57]
Now quickly I want to read from an article of mine where I talk, where I quote someone else, actually, I quote a guy named Prahull Bidwy [sp?] . He is an Indian, obviously. He says, "Rector 3 uses mixed uranium, plutonium oxide fuel in the core. It is called MOX. According to Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists, "The use of MOX generally increases the consequences of severe accidents in which large amounts of radioactive gas and aerosol are released compared to the same accident in a reactor using non-MOX fuel. Because of this, the number of latent cancer fatalities resulting from an accident could increase by as much as a factor of five for a full core of MOX fuel compared to the same accident with no MOX."
So again, I stress to people they were running worst case scenarios. Obama even called for one that was a fair, it was only for three to five days worth of emissions, but it was a three source term and two spent fuel pools, if I remember right, which is somewhat fair. If you modeled it out for several months, or at least a couple of months considering that you have no water and the water cannon is not working, and if you acted on that, you would have had to make a further evacuation zone.
Fifty miles is good, and it broke all the records I suppose. It was at ten miles before. But really when we are getting plume models out to 75 km, readings of 150 and the discussion of a plume, and there is no testing for plutonium, and that is the kicker. I can't stress that enough in these documents. There is a mention of MOX fuel, but not plutonium.
OK, as far as the extent of the damage, they had to bring in bulldozers to bulldoze over dirt and rocks and debris and kind of cut what they call shine back, this incredible amount of radiation. In fact, there is a quote: "Lethal dose rates outside that building." And the workers don't want to go in because they know they are not going to last very long. So to access the site, first you have got to bring bulldozers in, and then talk about shielding on Humvees, maybe hanging lead shields to try to get in there.
What they are coming up with early on you can tell there is no quick fix. There is no quick fix, and they haven't had a lot of practice at this either, so they are kind of winging a lot of it as they go along.
The water cannons, we know were ineffective. There was a lot of that on TV, but that was just for show. In the documents they are very clear on that. There was minimal effect if any at all.
I would add today, like I said a minute ago, recently or last night I am hearing about a study coming out that shows plutonium in the Pacific, strontium 85 and 89, something like that, and they are telling these are indicative of recent fissions. So if you think that those three to five days of emissions, and then it stopped and you have nothing to worry about, wrong. Their models were based on three to five days. And even then some of them came back with some results to be concerned about. But if you had modeled it correctly for the long period of time in which these emanations are coming from, you have a "lube oil fire" on March 14th which they know is not a lube oil fire. They say that in the documents. And they say when it is a fire, and the smoke is the worst according to the Protective Action Guideline manual I was reading last night that when there is a fire and smoke goes up, that is the worst. Right, and that carries everything aloft.
OK, lets go into the aspects of the cover-up. I read you who all was involved. It was multiple agencies. It is the usual suspects, right? Everybody already knows the agencies are by and large in the upper levels corrupted and compartmentalized and indoctrinated in this particular system, but what is staggering is just the size and scope of who all is involved.
FEMA is told to stand down right off the bat. Let me read you this particular memo here. This is the David Lew, March 12th memo, and I will read from this memo where he says: [Ed. Note: from page 38 of 395 of ML11269A172.pdf]

Deputies meeting at the White House with significant focus on the nuclear event, continued monitoring to the situation.

And then he says down here: [Ed Note: within the same aforementioned letter on page 38 of 395 of ML11269A172.pdf]

Interaction with DHS, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Agencies including plume plot, possible exposure models, and monitoring on the West Coast.

Then beneath that, it says that FEMA has stood down and operating under normal weekend staffing.
So despite the fact they know all about Chernobyl, and they have all the benefit of knowing that, and even despite the fact you have got guys like Congressman Blumenauer writing letters saying [words to the effect]: "Look, if China has put all their dust and smoke and what have you, waste stuff is floating through the air over here -- many people know that but they are actually testing for that over here and they know we are getting blasted by China's waste and everything -- he says: "How come we are not expected that Fukushima is not going to affect us and we are in the Pacific jet stream." I am not saying that perfectly well. I should try to find this Blumenauer letter.
He questions the fact that pollution, pollution is the word I am looking for, [if] pollution from China hits us, why wouldn't the Japan effect hit us, especially being that the commercial pilots catch that Pacific jet stream, they piggy back on it coming back from the Orient to save fuel.
We have an explosion where the guy goes on to say it hurled parts and debris a mile away. So in that explosion there must have been a substantial amount of material carried aloft, nanoparticulates in aerosol form. Gases being released, Xenon is being released. It was quite a massive amount of emanations, and it is still ongoing, is my understanding. There is a new report coming out. As soon as we get ahold of that we can post that up for you guys. I am sure everyone will be talking about it.
The latest report prior to that is the Sherman-Mangano thyroid study where they are showing, yes, thyroids have been affected from fallout from Fukushima. Here is the, let me read you the Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, again in 1986 Oregon issued rainwater warnings from Chernobyl, and look at the position of Chernobyl. Not in the jet stream, a little more in the Northern Hemisphere.
We really had to have gotten blasted. It would just be against all common sense to say there is no effect from Fukushima. In fact, like I say, studies are coming in now, the mortality index studies, thyroid studies. We will continue to see rises in cancer, and they will blame it on anything but the environmental conditions, especially nuclear.
So Blumenauer is writing to Lisa Jackson of the EPA, and he says, "I write to enquire about the potential risk to U.S. West Coast communities from the explosion and release of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility in Japan. In a region that is already breathing air pollution from China, my constituents are concerned about radiation contamination from the facility reaching the West Coast. While a number of experts have indicated that contamination in the U.S. as a result of the Japanese catastrophe is unlikely, I would like to better understand the agency's contingency plans and your plan for disseminating information to concerned citizens."
Well they weren't going to give a lot to concerned citizens. Let's take a look at the Elliott Brenner memo from March 13th, which was sent to 13, 14 different people. He is just getting out to the office of public affairs staffers. He wants them to know what the game plan is. Here is what he says. Again, this went out on March 13th. Early on, this is setting the tone for the cover-up. [Ed Note: from page 6 of 358 of ML11206A947.pdf]

"It has been a very hectic weekend, and a good test of our crisis communication planning."

That is a friendly euphemism for our ability to cover-up. Our ability to cover-up. A good test of our ability to cover-up. A nice way of saying that, isn't it? Crisis communication planning.

Thank you to the headquarters folks who sacrificed their weekends (and their sleep) to come in. And thank you to the regional folks who fielded a number of calls about our response and the impact of the Japanese situation on our plants. Some things worked very well -- the blog was a great way to get information out besides our standard press releases, and NSIR released access to YouTube and Twitter by mid-day Sunday so we could do more monitoring of what information was `in the public domain.

As I have said, they spend millions to search media and the press to see who is talking --mainstream as well, anywhere and everywhere -- and they want to be able to respond to that.
He goes on to say:

Please take the time Monday morning to review all the releases that went out, and the blog posts as well. Please use these to guide any media response you provide. While we know more than what these say, we are sticking to this story for now. Stay tuned as the week unfolds. We anticipate staffing the Ops Center on a 24-hour basis at least through Wednesday. Neil will help us out in that regard, and we may need to ask for further regional assistance if we need to continue the full court press through next weekend.

That full court press, I put to you, is media suppression of information. Information suppression. Full court press. Full spectrum. [Ed. Note: Continuing with the Brenner memo on page 6 of 358 of ML11206A947.pdf]

The chairman has a hearing on the Hill on Wednesday morning, which will occur a lot of my time, and may be the place where we push out our message.

OK, he goes on to say it is a marathon, not a 50-yard dash and so on and so forth. Clearly right here we know more than what these say, these press releases say, we are sticking to this story for now.
Now in regard to these press releases, I made some notes here from last night. I told you about crisis communication planning. This is a nice way of saying covering up what really happened. They have got like a tri-point attack: "press release," OK, "talking points," and "questions and answers."
If you think about it, a press release is a one way street, folks. They say something and it is like watching TV. You can't yell back at Diane Sawyer or Brian Williams and say "No, that is not true. Al Qaeda was built by the CIA and Pakistani ISI." You can't say that back to them, so it is a great way to say what you want to say, and leave it at that. Leave it at that.
Talking points, well, wow, we all know about talking points, right? This just tries to center and control the flow of conversation and what they want to discuss. It is pretty obvious there.
Again, where is the debate? Where is the open questions? It seems you can not ask them in this country because the questions, you know RadChick or myself or Kevin Blanche or Ms. MilkytheClown or Alexander Higgins, the questions we want to ask, they are not being asked by those able to ask.
Like for instance in the White House in the press conference when Tony Snow or whoever the guy is comes out now and they are asked questions. That is very carefully controlled. That is a question and answer [session] where those press agents are likely prompted with the question to ask, and they already know the answer. And that is "questions and answers." Pretty self-explanatory.
Let's see, also there is talking points, press release, and Q and A. Those are the three ways they are controlling information. And there is plenty of talk in the NRC FOIA documents, there is a lot of discussion about they want everyone's story to be straight. They use terms like "alignment." We need to make sure we have alignment on this. We need to be on the same page, they would say. We need a consolidated viewpoint, they would say. They are worried about a diverging perspective.
OK some of this, you have to kind of, you know the guy doesn't say "OK we covered this, don't talk about that." It is not blatant, but it is pretty obvious once you get the big picture and read enough into these documents. Oh, it is really obvious what is going on. And the truth is winning out now in these studies that are coming out. Grass roots word of mouth, that is going to spread. You are not going to be able to hide what Sherman and Mangano, these two scientists are doing. It is word of mouth, it will in time, just like it always comes out, unfortunately maybe ten years later may be too long. We have a meltdown over here, or some incident over here. That is what we are trying to avoid. [34:28]
Again, I am very clear, I am not for "safe" nuclear power, I am for systematically shutting down or decommissioning all nuclear plants, dry casking the storage, and releasing suppressed technology. I told you guys about thousands of patents being suppressed. If anything would compete with any of these monopolies, it is quashed immediately and you don't go anywhere with it.
OK, there is a password-protected database for roof top graphs, nuclear plants over here were detecting material from Fukushima but they like to say it is not of a level that would be dangerous or a health problem. And again I say you look at these studies, and in these documents when it really gets serious, and they talk about measurements that are not super low that they can talk about, that is when the redaction comes in. Now my understanding is in a court case that redacted material can be viewed. Can be viewed. So it is not totally out of the realm of possibility we may one day be able to look into what is redacted in these documents and really serious measurements, maybe some slipped up and actually said.
OK, again like I said, they know they are being recorded. They know about Freedom of Information, where the emails are being stored. Their phone conversations are being recorded. As time goes on, people who weren't down with the plan early on, they kind of figure it out and say: "Hey, you know not to say so much and keep my mouth shut."
I got an example where the guy is trying to avoid actually saying the President's worst case scenario. He is telling the everything scenario, and the guy says, you are talking about the President? Of California? And he says yes, he really didn't want to say it because, you know, it is like a Homer Simpson Do! kind of moment. Do! Trying to avoid saying President's worst case scenario. Here let me read it to you. I have got it right here. [Ed. Note: from page 144 of 507, ML12052A109.pdf]:

BRIAN: Got it. Just kind of [Inaudible] add to the [inaudible]

Sometimes when I say inaudible, they play the tape back, they conveniently sometimes can't hear what the guy is saying.

BRIAN: Just kind of [Inaudible] add to the [inaudible] the wind shift. Is that still in the forecast?
MALE PARTICIPANT: [Sometimes it is a male participant. You don't get the full name, I don't know why, you would think they would be proud to have their name associated with nuclear power, right?] Right.
BRIAN: Did we ever get the -- I am trying to think of what the best term is, the -- everything [Inaudible] scenario back from -- I thought that was one we were going to ask NARAC to run once they had time.
MALE PARTICIPANT: Are you talking about the doses they saw all the way out in California?

That is the "Do!" moment. Do! OK, we are trying to avoid saying Do! out in California. We are being recorded. Freedom of Information. They are trying to subvert and get around Freedom of Information. It is very clear. That is another thing these documents, like I say, they can't respond adequately because they are trying to subvert Freedom of Information. So they can't even talk about what is really happening.
OK, as far as the cover-up, I just want to make sure I cover that basic, we know more than this, press release talking point is a huge aspect, there is so much to it. I have got a lot of screen captures and documentation, and I have done a number of broadcasts on blogtalk radio under Hatrick Penry Unbound, and you can go in and listen. I have got thousands of hits on rads and Navy ships with a conundrum. Leave Navy ships there and protect nuclear industry or move them and then everyone knows it was ultra severe.
They are already on edge about nuclear power over here now since Three Mile Island. There is a cover-up on Three Mile Island. A lot of people don't know, the Department of Energy was the big player in that. They say well there is no emissions and nothing that would harm human health, but they would settle out of court for over a million dollars to a family with a Down Syndrome kid, so that for me is indicative enough that they knew there were emissions, they knew it affected some, a family had a Down Syndrome baby, then they had to pay one point something million out of court settlement, and hush it up, don't talk about it.
And Chernobyl same thing. Massive cover-up, neighboring countries nuclear power plants detected emissions, made the phone call to the Russian embassy and said, "Hey, what is going on."
Speaking of embassies, Ambassador Roos, our Ambassador to Japan, he was denied certain plume models. He said "Hit me with something that is not so nice and easy." I am paraphrasing. He said, "Give me a worse case scenario." They did not want to do it for him, in fact, there is documentation here where China is denied a plume model, because they say if we give it to China, then we have got to give to all the other nuclear power plant operators in the states, referring to the United States. They will want to see that plume model too.
OK, now that is just a big red flag right there because if it is so innocuous, if it is not going to harm us, you would just reveal everything, right? There would not be, one would not withhold plume maps and you would not withhold documentation from the ambassador from China or whoever. You would share freely your information knowing that really the situation is not that bad, as we said, and hey everybody come have a look. There is nothing to hide here. But then you see this massive concerted, orchestrated cover-up to hide and downplay the cloud, the radioactive plume, and the effects of [it].
I might add, when you look at some of these studies, you go in and you look at Chernobyl. First of all, they say, the trolls and shills will say "Well, it is not from Fukushima and you know, bomb testing or whatever."
Well that was shot down early on when they used the "Fukushima fingerprint." Even Fairewinds, Arnie Gundershill's site, has got that on there.You can go in and look and say, "Hey, they have proven what the West Coast was bombarded with was from Fukushima, as a particular fingerprint."
Now when you look at the fatality index studies, there was one done also during Chernobyl in the United States, and there was one done after Fukushima by Sherman and Mangano. If you compare that to what I call the Chernobyl-Fukushima bird study, this is linked on covering Plume-Gate which is at Wordpressblog, you can watch this scientist's video, where during Chernobyl he was studying birds on the West Coast in the mountains, and during Fukushima he was studying birds on the West Coast and in the mountains, and the effects were the same in the fatality index rate, the deaths of the baby birds. Because the baby birds would eat the leaves with the cesium and iodine and plutonium and strontium land on. Then when the insects eat that, and then the baby birds eat the insects, and then that is the end of the story. There is a very high mortality among the baby birds. This was not just Chernobyl, but the same thing happened during Fukushima. So we know that it is from Fukushima. We know we have been affected by it.
I tell people even without the FOIA documents, considering what we know about Three Mile, Chernobyl, et cetera, et cetera, really for France to give rainwater warnings, and we didn't give any -- for Taiwan to school kids home when radioactivity was ten times the amount in the rain here in California -- OK, that is a problem. That means the fascists, the corporatocracy, is more concerned about profits. We are on a need to know basis. If it affects protects profits, we don't need to know.
Let me read you a screen capture of a title of an Alexander Higgins blog article. He published some of my stuff back in the day when it was very controversial. People don't want to hear about Fukushima. People don't want to hear about people that don't want to talk about the NRC documents and this cover-up contained within. But Higgins did publish me, and the title of this article is "Confirmed: EPA Rigged RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Equipment To Report Lower Levels of Fukushima Fallout."
And how he discovered that is he looked at the baseline prior to Fukushima, and then after they rigged it, it actually dropped to below what the original baseline was, OK? That is how much of a misadjustment they made, and they went too far. If you look further into this, you will find the whole RadNet system was pretty much underfunded, under-maintained, and under-run. It was a George Bush crony, I can't remember her name, but I have seen a picture of the building it was run out of. You would think it was abandoned or something, right? So it plays into their hands to not have all their monitors functioning at any given time to be able to re-calibrate, that is a friendly way of saying rig the monitors, right? Although EPA and DOE were heading up, especially EPA the monitoring over here, they weren't about to say anything about it.
You guys probably already know all about EPA, FDA, and those guys. Again, like I say, most of these alphabet agencies were compromised a long time ago. OK, that quote about JFK and the ruthless and monolithic conspiracy, he knew about it back then in the 1960's before many of us were even born.
OK, I talked about [how] we have the benefits of knowing about Chernobyl. Let me read you this one little screen capture here from the FOIA documents where they say that. It says again: [Ed. Note: from page 153 of 507, ML12052A109.pdf]

MALE PARTICIPANT: [Penry: We don't know who this participant is.] But that all can be found when indictments are issued and people are hauled into court and questioned]: We know about Chernobyl, and if we were to have [inaudible] where we are today, and U.S. citizens in Ukraine, what would we have told them? We've got the benefit of knowing everything there is to know about Chernobyl. How far out would we [inaudible]. Would that be roughly consistent with the recommendation we would have made then?

OK, to some extent they may even be questioning that 50 mile evacuation zone. Like I said, I have seen enough evidence of plume charts and monitoring a hundred and fifty kilometers out, that indeed the evacuation zone in my opinion, again it is just my opinion, at least a hundred miles out. And there are soldiers and sailors well within that area where plutonium, again, if you are just going to check for iodine, and its very short half-life, OK, in a device that might not be that accurate, meanwhile the plume drifts from here to there, and the concentrations vary, like if you were to have a campfire, and you are testing for smoke when the fire is blowing to the north, and you are testing to the south, of course it is going to be a lower reading, right? And that is a lot of ways they can get around some of these tests and samples and measurements that would have been worrisome and quite high.
So they know all about Chernobyl but they are not going to act on it again? I refer you, and there is a link to this on "Uncovering Plume Gate" on Plume-Gate, my WordPress blog.
You can go read from the annals of the New York Sciences Academy that particular study which is titled Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment. It is by Alexei Yablokov and the Nesterenko couple [Ed. Note: actually brothers]. Alexei, I don't know if I am pronouncing that right, it is an excellent, very thorough study. The methodology and the results are congruent with what we are finding now. It is also congruent with that guy's bird studies.
See, humans and birds all suffer from radiation and while we are two different beasts we are talking about here, to some degree we can compare. We can compare with Chernobyl. They say "You can't compare with Chernobyl," but that is not entirely true.
In fact, my Mom sent me this little clip right here, you guys would be interested to hear this. The Hiroshima bomb contained 140 pounds of uranium. Chernobyl had 360,000 pounds. Fukushima Daiichi has 3.5 million pounds of nuclear fuel, and part of that again is the MOX and plutonium, the most deadly substance known to man in aerosol form, carried aloft by the Pacific jet stream. The effects were wide-ranging. That is just a fact. The cover-up was also wide-ranging.
I told you guys, and we discussed earlier about potassium iodine. In the documents there is plenty of indication that they take that very seriously. They are not leaving for Japan without their KI, period, end of story. And if you forgot it, you had better express that to me as fast as you can and let me pick some up from someone else that has some extra stuff when I get there. OK, so don't let them fool you, that is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in the states, because if we have a meltdown, and again you look in the documents you find how that response would actually be.
It may be a Sheriff having to come out to your house, [knock-knock sound] knock on door, say: "The nuclear plant has melted down, you might want to know." OK, it could be that, what is the word for it, primitive a means of establishing contact. Maybe you don't have a phone.
Maybe you live out in the woods. Not everybody, there is a guy who lives on the Santa Fe [Ed. Note: Penry probably means Santa Fe college campus in Gainesville], he is naked actually, but he does not have a phone, and he lives off the land, right? How are you going to get ahold of, what do they call him, Ed, I think is his name? He lives out there on the Santa Fe. He is, what is the word, a hermit, right? How are you going to get ahold of him? The Sheriff may actually have to come out, so that also comes out in documentation as well.
There is no quick fix, and any big one, wow, it is really severe. They can't get in water to begin to cool it. On the 24th of March, ladies and gentlemen, they are still discussing rewiring circuit boards and other electronics that were inundated with salt water. When you have a tsunami, think of the debris pushed around, number one, and then the inundation of salt water into the electrical components.
There is no easy fix, even if you have backup diesel generators, and even if you routinely test them, you have back-ups to those, because the task force that went there had a recommendation that you would want an offsite backup as well. You can have backup generators at the nuclear power plant, but if the catastrophe is so severe that those are damaged or there is too much radiation on them, you can't even use them. You have to have a backup to your back up.
Again, with nuclear power this is par for the course for how dangerous this is. You don't hear this kind of talk with solar panels, do you? Really, you don't. Solar panels, the worst that can happen is it might shatter and you get a piece of glass in your eye, I suppose, right? A solar panel could fall on your head and crush you at the warehouse, I guess. But comparatively speaking you can't even compare the two.
Again with solar power, what is the problem there? You or I can convert our own home into an electricity-producing plant, and sell it back to the power companies, thereby bypassing their monopoly. And that is why they restrict and limit solar technology and force nuclear power on us so that we can't replicate. We would not want to if we could, trust me, have in your back yard or garage have a controlled nuclear criticality in heat, water, and turn a turbine with it. It just isn't going to happen.
OK I was very clear about the two documents. I have got this article on my web site, uncovering Plume-Gate, and on my Word Press Blog, where I talk about the Navy ships, and the plumes, the rads, the measurements, and the fact that they said we are running worst case scenarios, in fact we got so many of them now the guy did not want to talk about worst case any more, but they are not going to act on it. So the whole thing for me is like negligence. Knowing the plutonium, knowing about the MOX. You are only checking for iodine, knowing the plume moves all around, and you decided to just take the chance, we will leave them there. They probably will not get sick, it will protect nuclear power.
And now we know that our sailors are suing TEPCO. It is incredible. It is incredible because yes, TEPCO, they are liable, but they are to some extent going to be the scapegoat to keep the diversionary type thing when Navy, Navy reactors, Admiral Willard, Admiral Donald, these guys had a pretty darn good idea that we should have been trucking our ships, our sailors and our ships to the west. They could have have sailed them into the winds to the West.
President Hatrick Penry would have sent them around the world. I would have said, "Just sail them west around Cape Horn." I suppose it is safer than getting blasted by the nuclear radiation.
You know some of the female sailors at the time could have been pregnant. So the amount of rads [permissible among certain nuclear workers] to pregnant woman is greatly reduced. .5 [rads] is my understanding if you work at a nuclear power plant, if you are a woman and you are pregnant, if you are exposed at .5 rem, that is one of their measurements, they send you home. You don't come back while you are pregnant, that is too much.
So in all these modeling, and let me read you, let me dig back into these documents. Let me read you from some of their modeling and some numbers that they are going to throw out there. Now let me back up here, I want to tell you about the Jim Wiggins quote: [Ed. Note: from page 20 of 203 of ML12052A111.pdf]

JIM WIGGINS: "The PAR [Penry: Protective Action Requirement, I think], looks good, and we'll let you know about these NARAC..." [Penry: NARAC is under DOE, I believe, and they do plume modeling. They can model fires and forest fires, but they can also model criticalities and radiological emanations from a meltdown. And so he says:] "We will let you know what these NARAC, what the president's run results in California, Hawaii and those places...

[Ed. Note: from page 16 of 203 of ML12052A111.pdf]

Another reference [JIM WIGGINS]: What is the president's case? [Penry: he says].
MALE PARTICPANT: It's, it's bounding. It includes the fuel in the three reactors, the fuel in four spent fuel pools. It does not include the common spent fuel pool around Unit four, nor reactors 5 and 6 or any spent fuel pools there. And it is assumed a release based over a four -to five -day period --

OK, again I told you they won't check for plutonium, and they want to make it short. Three to five days and check iodine or cesium or whichever one has the shortest possible half life.
Again, we are not being treated as humans any more. We like not even cattle, because cattle has some value to you. At this point it is like the industry is placed on a pedestal so high, that even the lives of children, women and children, but they would not even tell them to stay out of rain in California. They would not even give them any kind of advisement. In France, as far away as France: "Don't eat any leafy green vegetables and stay out of the rain."
I have got a screen capture from a web site that shows their actual advertisement with a woman and her child under an umbrella with the rain falling down, and that nuclear yellow and black symbol in the rain. Telling you, even if you don't read the Japanese script, or French or whatever, it is right there. So you can easily understand what the graphic is about. Stay out of the rain, stay out of the rain.
Well we are directly in the Pacific jet stream, and we did not even get that. Not even for pregnant women to stay out of the rain. Athletes, don't practice out in the field while this aerosolized plutonium is coming through, if you don't mind.
Here is a quote from the NRC FOIA documents, where the guy is talking about modeling again. My understanding now is, and I am learning more and more all the time, I am becoming an expert but I am not an expert. The child-protected thyroid dose, the number is going to read higher because the thyroid is more susceptible. So the number may look worse, but that is because they are accounting for [it being] more susceptible in uptake.
He says: [Ed. Note: from page 64 of 195, ML13008A112.pdf]

[MR. WEBBER] "In Alaska, up to 35 FAR rem for a one-year old-child projected thyroid dose. That is for a northeast wind. And also up to a 6.4 in Alaska for the thyroid dose for the one-year-old for an eastern wind. And in Midway, if the winds are from or to the east, would show a dose up to 4.9 rems to the thyroid for a one-year-old child."

Then he goes on to say:

"We are working through the interagency to understand and peer-review those results.

When the results came back, they did not look good. They have got to review it and check it out, and I have got a lot of stuff in there where they will beat it down. They can move a decimal one place and wow, doesn't that make a difference folks?
OK, here is another one where Mr. Zimmerman says: [Ed. Note: from page 123 of 197, ML13008A113.pdf]

"Yes, and just to throw a value at you to let you know why the concern is so high is that the Transamerica model guy from ScottOut [Penry: That is a phonetic, the way it sounds, not necessarily the way it is spelled], ScottOut is talking four and a half rems is a thyroid dose for infants in California.

My next screen capture shows dose equivalent to an embryo/fetus from the U.S. NRC web site. It is .5 rem. 5 millisievert is the maximum allowed. That is what I base my rhetoric and my dialog when I talk to people. I am an adult male, I am older, it does not affect me as much. I try to go with the worst of the worst, and say, "Look, the kids were affected the most. The thyroid study came back, pretty much, that is a lot as far as I am concerned."
In these particular ones, Sherman and Mangano, you guys Google them and look into them, their reputation is second to none. They are not industry scientists. They are not establishment scientists. No one is getting rich off of this, but we are trying to clean up the planet and restore some kind of proper living conditions and environment. It is never going to happen with nuclear power. It will never happen with nuclear power.
It is such a concern to me, if I were president, once I had all the plants decommissioned and shut down, and I released suppressed technology and said we are going to use our Stan Meyer water cars, and our Tesla devices, I would then look at China and say, you know, to me it is like an act of war if you build any more nuclear power plants, because all it takes is for one of yours to go up. We are affected many, many miles away. I am not about to lose a million Americans to you guys power plant blowing up over there. You need to release suppressed technology along with us. Relax your grip, you cannot have this much power any more [or] we all die. You can still be a little more well off and have a little more control, if that is your thing and that is what you want. And the conditions would greatly improve.
It is kind of a two-fold process. You can't just take the nuclear power plants and shut them down. You have to offer an alternative. Many people are totally oblivious to the fact that thousands [of cases] here in America alone, patents are being suppressed.
Ironically, my Dad is a nuclear physicist, and retired from the University of Florida. He had a couple of proposals with the George Bush administration and Obama administration for what I call a super battery that would work with your solar panels on your house storing your electricity. If is very efficient. They would call him in and say "Can we have another press conference, Dr. Muga? Come in..." [Penry: My real name is Tony Muga, my father's name is Dr. Lewis [sp?] Muga from the University of Florida]. And they would call him in and say -- and other scientists too -- and they would have a press conference, they were looking into alternative forms of energy, and we are looking into possibly financing and promoting this. They would have a press conference and promote that.
Then later, my Dad would get a call back saying, "Hey, we are going to decline, we are not going to do that. We are not going to finance your proposal."
He would take the time to write out a detailed proposal. If you knew what he had to go through to do it, Wow! I am pretty angry for him, even if he doesn't see what I see.
And then they would call him back and say, "We are not going to look into it, but they would not have a press conference a second time to come back and fess up and say, "Look, we are not looking into this after all. We have no intention of financing or funding any experimentation, exploration, R & D into alternative technologies, alternative energy, period, end of story."
So, quite ironic though that my childhood was kind of, my Dad taught general chemistry and nuclear physics at the University of Florida for many years. So to some extent my food and my house and my home was paid for to some extent by nuclear power, so it is kind of ironic that now at this point in my life I am like dedicating myself like so many others that are standing up and doing this to try to bring some kind of change.
We have run out of time. I have got three minutes. I haven't heard any commercials. I just hope this is all going through, folks. And what I would say to sum up is, look, there is so much to know. Please go to Uncovering Plume-Gate and my WordPress blog and or to Hatrick Penry Unbound. I have got a blogtalk radio broadcast that I do, and I have a web site. A lot of this information I have condensed. I have brought it into easily readable and understandable form. You can spread this amongst your friends and family and inform people and enlighten people, because they simply don't know.
Once I found out about nuclear power and the dangers of [it], Hey, my life changed forever. It was no longer the happy go lucky, I can fool around and play games and have a good time all the time. I still play disc golf and I record music and play guitar, but I am pretty much dedicated now until my last breath that nuclear power, chemtrails, all that stuff has got to be handled, right? It starts right here in a grass roots movement.
Again, I thank RadChick and Jules as well for this opportunity to speak to you guys and try to get this out there, because this information has been suppressed, and the few that have spoken of it, I am anxiously awaiting joining us in promoting what we now know about Fukushima, the cover-up, the extent of the catastrophe, the whole nine yards. I mean, I have got a whole list here. I will publish my notes that I took from last night as an article on my web site so that you can go back down over this, and I will link to certain documents you can read what I am reading for yourself in its entirety, and so you can judge for yourself, you know, and read out of it for yourself and get out of it for yourself what you want.
Don't just take my opinion for it or my assessment. Go ahead and read for yourself and form your own opinion on the matter. It is important we do that, and we spread the word. Again, any of this stuff you can pick up on Uncovering -- [recording abruptly ends here]. [59:55]


Additional References:

2013-06-17 Do you love our troops and sailors? Then I humbly ask your help YouTube (5:51), Published on Jun 17, 2013 by Hatrick Penry. YouTube caption:
"It all started with my screen capture from the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima titled 'sfp #4 melt through to torus'...when I went back the next day it had been removed from my WordPress blog.
So I attempted to re-upload the same screencap and guess what? ERROR! Unable to upload. So I re-screencap and try to upload again, this time I name it 'flowers and fluffy bunny rabbits' and I am able to re-upload the pic.
Now that same pic has been zapped again and I'm having more difficulty uploading screencaps from documents pertaining to our Navy Admirals and the NRC refusing to move ships because it would cause 'angst': the documents prove they ran a 'worst-case-scenario' but refused to act on it.
Now I cannot upload ANY screencap pertaining to Navy ships and plumes. Even when I re-screencap and rename, somehow I am being tagged. This also includes my GoDaddy account am unable to load ANY screencap having to do with the two documents for which I am now providing my 'best of' screencaps AND a link to the two documents...THEY ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!
I am pleading with any of you who really do care and support our troops and sailors to promote and share these two documents and my 'best of' screencaps (all in HD, just pause and screencap my best of if you like).
These are the two most important documents I've ever read/exposed. Period.
Help me offset this Chinese-style censorship. Help me protect our troops! Share, promote and make viral!!!
btw- Why have you not heard of this? All this information and a whole lot more has been forwarded for OVER 2 YEARS to InfoWars, Russia Today, and other 'alternative' media outlets. They CHOOSE not to report on it.
NRC FOIA document #1 ML12052A111:
NRC FOIA document #2 ML13008A108:
Again, I cannot stress enough...these are the two most important documents I've ever read/exposed. There is a reason I am being censored. Please help our sailors get justice!"

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