Michael Edward
interview with
Dr. Mark Sircus and
Dr. Gabriela Segura

17 March 2011


DETOXIFICATION ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE with Mark Sircus Ac., OMD & Gabriela Segura, MD (YouTube), Uploaded by WVPRadio on Mar 18, 2011

2011-03-17 Michael Edward interviews Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Gabriela Segura (Gulf Blue Plague Update, download here; 28.1 MB; 2:00:00) "Detoxification Essential Knowledge."

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Interview Transcript


Editor's Notes this is a "rush" transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
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my own research purposes.

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Transcript first posted 21 Oct 2012


Narrator: [3:07] Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague Update with Living Light Network host Michael Edward, who reminds us all, wherever the Gulf Wind blows and the Gulf water flows, and here is Michael with the latest Gulf Update.
Michael Edward: Well welcome once again, Friday, Blue Plague Update. I am Michael Edward, it is a privilege to be your host. Today is very important. I always say that every week, I know, but I feel that this is the most important show not just for Gulf residents, but for everybody in North America, even in Europe about detoxification. We have got some detox problems going on right now. It is not just the Gulf. It is not just bacterial and chemical toxins coming from the Gulf. Now we have our problem coming in the jet stream, and apparently some people are saying it is already here with the nuclear contamination and such. So we have got a lot of things that we have to face at this moment. Today we have two people who are beyond just knowledgeable. We have got Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Gabriela Segura to discuss how we can naturally, with things that are naturally available to us, from foods to supplements and things like clay, very common sense but well proven things to help us detox from everything that is coming in the air, everything that is in the water, in our soils now. If there is ever a more important time to have a broadcast with two people who know so much about this, this is the time for the broadcast. We are also going to be doing something that I have never done before. We are going to have three continents tied together. I am in North America. Dr. Mark Sircus is in Brazil, and we have Dr. Gabriela Segura who is in Toulouse, France. So we are going to be joining together three continents here, if we can get all of our communications working correctly. And right now we are having a problem with that, so I need to go off on the side here. Actually no, now we do have it connected. OK, well, that is like I said, we are spanning three continents on this show. We do have, Dr. Mark is in here. And that is fantastic, we will get started there with that. Just want to mention something, if you can go and buy a book that will make an unbelievable difference in your life of reading it, it is called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. My wife and I have been reading it. She has just finished with it, and I am still half way through, and this is written by Mark Sircus, one of our guests today. Let me tell you something. I learned so much out of that book, and I thought I knew a lot about naturopathic and allopathic things, because I use that with all the animals and I have been looking at all this and studying it as much as I can as a layman since 1992. I learned so much out of this book about how magnesium deals with so many different things with this. We are talking about osteoporosis and diabetes and everything else. It is this deficiency in magnesium that is such a cause of so many problems. So all I can say is, if you can afford to go buy a book, this is one you need to get. It is called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, and it is by Mark Sircus, OMD. He also has it on his site, and on our chat we have the links to International Medical Veritas Association, which is what Dr. Mark is behind. You can find that link real easy if you are not on our chat. Just go to IMVA.info, and go on there and read what Dr. Mark has written, not just with detoxification which is our main subject today, but he has just come out also with another new ebook, I believe it is, and he will correct me if I am wrong when he gets on here in just a minute, about pediatrics. He calls it Humane Pediatrics. You need to read what this man has written. This is a practical approach to how we should be taking care of ourselves. In his book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, I have never seen a book reference so much, which is impressive to me. He has got so many references in there. So this is not just some guy saying, "Oh, you should do this, you should do that." It is so well documented and referenced. I can't say enough about him. I am going to get him on now. Our subject today is "detoxification essential knowledge." And that is what -- we are going to have two hours of absolute essential knowledge on detoxifying, not only for the typical things that are in our air and in our water, and even in our soil now, the typical toxins that are there from mercury to aluminum and everything else, but now we have some fallout, some nuclear problems with Japan. The jet stream is bringing it to North America. So I think this is the most critical time that all my listeners, you need to listen to what is going to be said in the next two hours. If you are not able to stay with the program it is archived after the program is over right on blogtalkradio.com/wvp. So here we go. Dr. Mark, you made it, you figured out this wonderful Skype mess again. Welcome. [9:56]
Dr. Sircus: [Laughter] Oh yes.
Edward: It is always a challenge, all this technical stuff. Like I said, this is amazing. We are going to have Dr. Segura on here with you, and she is in France. We are going to span three continents with this show, which I think is really amazing.
Dr. Sircus: When is she coming on.
Edward: As soon as she can get on [laughter].
Dr. Sircus: OK. [A two second silence]. So where do we start?
Edward: Well, you know I think what is on everybody's mind the most right now is there is a lot of fear. There is that spirit of fear going around. People aren't getting proper news about what is happening in Japan. I know that you have written, I am part of your newsletter, and you have written, oh gosh, four IMVA special articles about it within the past week. So why don't you start there, so that you can knock down the myths and the craziness that is going on of people buying things that might not help them with this. Just go over some of the things that you have been putting out in your IMVA newsletter dealing with nuclear fallout contamination. And let's just start there, because I think that is number one on everybody's mind. [11:22]
Dr. Sircus: Well, the first thing I think is very important to get clear in our minds, do we trust the media and do we trust the United States Government and the World Health Organization and the Japanese power industry and the Japanese government? Do we trust these people to tell us the truth?
Edward: I think we all know that answer. [laughter]
Dr. Sircus: Yes. Everybody who is listening answers that probably in a different way. I am not sure of your audience. But the, I will be writing today, I have probably written about six essays since Sunday just on the nuclear thing, and there is one coming out tomorrow. One just came out, but the one I am working on now will highlight a little bit of the twist, lets call it the twisted nature of the official thinking about toxicity. And this goes for chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, and especially for radiation toxicity. Now there is a Dr. Chris Busby, he is a physicist in England. A few years ago he forced the British government to release under their Freedom of Information Act the radiation levels over their nuclear plants just at the period when Bush went in there and bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age with depleted uranium weapons, which is a standard weapon that we use, the United States Government uses now. Different armaments have that. Basically the Army manual for the depleted uranium weapon -- depleted uranium means slightly weakened uranium, it is uranium, but a little bit less potent than your normal full strength. They use it because it is very heavy. It is heavier than lead. You fire it at an armament with this material, at another tank or whatever, and it just cuts through plating, steel plating like butter. Like through soft butter. So it is very effective and the military services love the weapon. But the instructions for their use is it is safe. No problem. You can sit on it, or can have the armaments in your tank and can sit on it, and you can blow up another tank, a couple of hundred meters away, and even pull up next to that blown up tank. Maybe even sleep right next to it, should be no problem because this stuff is totally safe. So this is a radiation weapon. Now Busby -- so, you know, it is safe to sit on, meaning right next to you, safe to sleep next to where you have already burned, you have already exploded a shell, now Busby 2,500 km away in England, they got the information, and after this, they used all the "safe" material, they found that the radiation levels 2,000 something kilometers away from the battlefield went up nine times. The average person in certain parts of England, there were different contamination areas depending on the latitude, but had absorption of 26,000 particles per person.
Edwards: Wow.
Dr. Sircus: I am not sure of that number. That is 26 million or 26,000, I can look that up during a break or something. But a lot. Now of course this was not reported at all. No danger. It is safe to sit on. It is safe to be right next to an exploded shell. But radiation levels and particle contamination was registered 2,000 kilometers away. This stuff has a half life of over a billion years. These people, including the Queen of England who is one of the biggest owners of uranium mining in the world, interestingly, won't say anything. It is safe. It's no problem. So, so now today, officially -- officially -- the first radiation from the first day of the accident has hit the California coast. That is official news. It is on the mainstream media. But don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. It is not a problem. It is just not a problem. Of course it is perfectly safe, even though the instruments can pick it up, they don't think your cells will pick it up and mind it at all.
So this is an official from the, let's see, I'll quote, "A diplomat who has access to radiation tracking by the UN's Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization told the Associated Press in Vienna that initial readings show radiation has in fact reached California," and UN was warning about that yesterday. But don't worry, don't worry, go watch your favorite TV program, and I wouldn't do anything. Maybe get drunk, and you know, maybe, you know, mmmm.... [laughter]. Now, the official story, a few thousand miles away, is what is happening actually at the plant. And that question was asked of the federal government of the United States in Washington, D.C. Representative Michael Burgess who is a Republican from Texas, asked "Are we talking about radiation equivalent to a chest X-ray, a CAT scan?" He asked Gregory Jaczko, the Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. And the reply in front of everybody, was levels that would be lethal within a fairly short period of time. He is saying that at the plant itself, you hang out there for a brief time, you are going to die. So these guys over there working there are heroes. And Harold Denton, the former senior official of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who was all over the Three Mile Island crisis, said this is certainly far worse than Three Mile Island already. So we are talking about there a very hot spot. And from there, that is coming -- so it is recognized a very hot spot -- now nuclear depleted uranium, you can blow up a lot of it, and it is not a hot spot. So officially, we are talking much worse than depleted uranium. But again the official story is there is nothing to worry about. Now on this show we can talk about that. I would tend to disagree, people who distrust. So when they say it is not a problem, and it is safe, do we trust them? We put fluoride in the water -- [18:34]
Edward: This is not depleted uranium, this is a different kind of fuel. One of the reactors, at least they have let it be known that this is MOX fuel which is much more lethal when it comes to radioactivity.
Dr. Sircus: That is correct.
Edward: You are talking about, I understand what you are doing. You are laying the groundwork, yes, they say depleted uranium is just fine. And we know that's not true. Just look at the birth defects all through the Mideast right now, especially in Iraq. So there is with that. I have had many friends that were in both the ridiculous so-called wars that our country is involved in over there. They have got health problems, unbelievable, makes agent orange look like it is nothing at all compared to what most of they have and their friends who are there. We are dealing with something that is not Chernobyl, and lets just get to the bottom line here Dr. Mark, because, you know, we are getting lied to. We are dealing with something far worse than Chernobyl. That was one reactor, and that was some of what some call iodine type reactor fuel. We are dealing with nuclear fuel that is much, much more dangerous in these four reactors, that basically are melting at this point. That is what all the real sources outside of North America are saying at this point. So, you know, the good old movie The China Syndrome seems like it just might not be all that much science fiction very soon. So what are we going to be faced with? Well, it is not going to be good no matter what because the jet stream brings everything right across from Japan and it ends up in North America, just depending on where the jet stream comes in and what it does when it goes over North America. So we will be affected no matter what. Absolutely. And this will be more than just a one time shot. It will be over a continuous amount of time. There is no way for them to get in there and cool these reactors to stop them from melting down. Outside the U.S. all the news sources, the small ones, not part of the mainstream media, are saying that. And they are interviewing people who know. So here is our problem, Dr. Mark. What do we do? What are some practical things, and what myths are there out there about, that you know that are wrong, of how we should not be doing certain things when it comes to toxins in air like this. And yes, radioactivity is a toxin, and there is where I really want to start with you. [21:38] What happens when we breathe this fallout from radioactive substances out of these reactors, and it comes to us, what does that do to our body? How does it affect us? Why does it affect us? Does it cling to metals within us? Or explain to people exactly what happens when that is in the air. Then take your time and tell us how we can actually protect ourselves.
Dr. Sircus: Well first of all we have to really understand that radiation toxicity, the toxicity of radiation inside the body is different from radiation outside the body. Once it gets in through the water, through food, or through breathing it in, or even through contact with the skin, and it actually penetrates, then we already have another level of toxicity. In fact, there is a Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, and years he ago he talked a lot about the problem with the depleted uranium dust particles. But basically he said they become tens of millions of times more hazardous once they enter the lungs and into the living tissue. And of course probably we will be talking later when the good doctor from France comes on [Dr. GabrielaSegura] about the damage it does. I mean, you can look at it from directly burning the cells. You take plutonium and, you know, it just burns you. Burn some cells to smithereens, and destroy and damage the DNA of cells around it. It is just murder. It is like Jack the Ripper coming in and just opening you up, and there is no way you are going to survive. You are not going to survive one particle of plutonium. And there is a lot of plutonium at this plant. A lot. A lot of plutonium is mixed in with just about everything. So you are correct. We are not dealing with depleted uranium, we are dealing with something a quantum level more toxic.
Edwards: Absolutely.
Dr. Sircus: So you are going to have a lot of production of free radicals, and free radical damage. When you look at uranium toxicity it has both a radioactive toxicity and a chemical toxicity. And the chemical toxicity and the radioactive toxicity are similar. Same with any heavy metal. They do certain types of damages to the cells themselves. To the proteins. To the sulfur bonds that hold proteins together or in a certain shape. So it is murder. So I think we should begin, it is looking at the main parameters that will help people think about what the situation actually is. Is one, each individual has a particular nutritional status in which they are going to confront the situation, which we are talking about increasing levels of radioactivity. Your nutritional status is very, very important. For instance, number one, iodine. 95% of the American population are deficient in iodine. [25:15] Some very good doctors, including Dr. David Brownstein, who is a friend of mine, who has written, and I, a book on iodine. I have also on my site, my book on iodine. He has stated very clearly that he has tested 5,000 of his patients, and 95% of them are iodine deficient. And he has checked this out with other professional associates of his throughout the country and they have similar results. So if he is wrong, we are talking about 90%, but we are talking just about the whole American population. If you are iodine deficient, then you are going to be more vulnerable, at least to one component of the radiation that will eventually drop down in increasing quantities. We don't know what quantities yet, but the iodine, radioactive iodine, if you don't have a lot iodine in your system, the radioactive iodine will take the place of regular iodine, and they will flood into the thyroid gland, and give you thyroid cancer. And it will flood into the breasts and the ovaries and the prostate gland who also have concentrated iodine receptor sites, so the radioactive iodine will go into these glands also. So now the government is saying to people, "Don't take iodine. Wait until the sirens go off."
Edward: Why would they say that? Are they really saying that? [26:49]
Dr. Sircus: Yes, they are really saying that. Because the American government, the protocol for the use of iodine in radioactive situations is this: You take one massive dose, 125 milligrams as the radiation cloud comes. It is really from the old time when you expect a nuclear blast in your neighborhood, and so if you are not killed right away, then right away you take iodine, a big dose of iodine. It will block out the penetration of radioactive iodine. But it is not the situation we are going to be, it is going to be low level chronic, possibly building with time. So it is a good idea to start taking low levels of iodine tomorrow. Unfortunately for many of your listeners it is going to be too late because there has already been a panic, and people have just wiped out iodine stocks. But the government should have some. Many manufacturers will race it out even more. So you start taking, let's say, 12 milligrams a day, every day. And as the threat increases, you keep increasing your dose. But if you are taking it for a week or two before any real radiation comes your way, you have already brought up the dose, the levels. So you do not need to take a massive one time dose. But if you know it is going to be intense radiation coming into your town, then you probably, if you had already taken a running start, would be taking 50 milligrams a day. But keep it that way. We need iodine. It helps. You use it to treat cancer. So there is no reason to be afraid of it, especially if you use a purified form, the nascent form which I use. It is great for children. So the government is totally, you know, they have got scrambled eggs in their heads. [28:48]
Edward: Here is a question I have already got from somebody dealing with the iodine. Health food stores are sold out of nascent iodine. Organic iodine. Kelp products. So what kind of alternatives, and they also mention about miso.
Dr. Sircus: We'll get to that.
Edward: Can you explain?
Dr. Sircus: Stay with the iodine. The iodine, today, any type of iodine you can get your hands on, get your hands on it, buy it, put it in your pocket and come home with it. I will be publishing in one of my next posts on the situation some material from a Dr. Miller who has done research and his point is that even taking the iodine you can't drink, the stuff you can buy for next to nothing at the drug store if there is still any there, you can just paint it on different parts of your body, and it gets absorbed very quickly.
Edward: Really?
Dr. Sircus: It will also provide a protective effect. So the idea is to not overdose yourself and drink a whole bottle of iodine, but to start taking it and increasing the dosages as fast as feels comfortable to your body.
Edward: OK. Now I want to explain to listeners. You have already written about this in pretty good detail on your blog, so let me give where they can find that. I believe you have had three of your, I call them the newsletters, with your IMVA site on your blog. Let me give that so they can go there and look at that. That's blog.IMVA.info. Go there and look at what Dr. Mark has up in that blog, especially about the iodine, and then you will understand everything he is talking about right now. OK, I want to throw that in there. It is not a cheap plug. It is information that is very important for people, and you have put it very plainly and made it very understandable for the average person, and that is why I want to push people to read what you have written, Dr. Mark.
Dr. Sircus: Also, for the everyday person, when you buy any kind iodine, unless it is in a pill form, any kind of liquid iodine, you put it on your skin like a silver dollar's size. And you watch. If you don't need any iodine, if you have plenty of iodine in your body, it will sit there, and it either will stay wet, or just won't absorb. It will stay dark color for hours, or maybe even in the next day you will wake up and can still see a color. But if your body is hungry for iodine, you will see it get dry very quickly and start absorbing very quickly. Next morning you won't see any of it. So the faster it disappears, it is showing you, the body is like a sponge, a dry sponge, it just sucks up the iodine quickly. So you do not need to go to tests, you don't need to have any elaborate blood tests, and monitor this, you just -- .
Edwards: So what you are saying is the iodine, the reason for this, and I am trying to get as simple terms as possible, so correct me if I am wrong, the reason that we need iodine when it comes to radioactive fallout, or even for other reasons too, because I know that even with detoxing from the Gulf chemicals and bacteria problems that we have here, iodine is also important. But the real reason, especially for nuclear-type fallout is that the radioactive iodine, when we breath it, when it is in our soil, and not very much time will come through the food and things like that, if we don't have enough iodine in our system, then the radioactive iodine will come in faster. So it is a deficiency. If we are deficient then in natural iodine in our bodies then the radioactive type from the fallout will take its place, and boom, we have all of a sudden got thyroid cancers and prostate cancers and everything else. Is that correct?
Dr. Sircus: That is correct, and the same goes for fluoride. Your fluoride in your drinking water is more toxic, because fluoride is a halogen like iodine. It also takes the place of iodine, so fluoride becomes more toxic the more iodine deficient you are. The same with bromide which is put in like white bread, and drugs have bromide. The rocket fuel that is polluting half the water supplies in the United States is a halogen. So there are many things that will actually become more toxic and into the thyroid and other tissues, just because of the lack of iodine. So you are absolutely correct. It is very important. Radiation or no radiation it is important. You can't go wrong. Everybody needs iodine to live.
Edward: OK. We should have it even if there is not a radiation threat.
Dr. Sircus: Exactly.
Edward: It is something that is essential for us. I am guessing then that a lack of it would affect our immune system.
Dr. Sircus: Correct, correct, it is important for all systems. Some systems need it more than others, like the glands, especially the breasts, the ovaries and the prostate. It is essential for metabolism.
Edwards: All right, so we know iodine with this is important. If we don't have kelp, you have said, "Hey, you can even go use the stuff you used for cuts, the good old iodine you can't drink, and put it on your skin and we will absorb some," so that is something I have never heard of. That is all new to me. I always thought the good old "X" and the Skull on the bottle meant that you couldn't really use it for much of anything unless you had a cut. [35:21] So very interesting news. All right, we know the importance of the iodine. What else is there for detoxifying or whatever that is essential in your book besides the iodine?
Dr. Sircus: Well, it is a good moment to notice, recognize that after the iodine the government just jumps off the cliff and just registers a blank. Nothing exists, basically, to help. They have no recommendations. They have nothing to say. The doctors are not trained for it. Their minds are closed to anything beside the iodine. So they are a blank wall. Don't worry, and anyway we don't have any answers for you except this iodine which we don't want you to take.
Edward: But that is not true.[Laughter]
Dr. Sircus: What is not true?
Edward: No, it is not true that they don't have answers. Look, I was in the military, and I went through the training with nuclear disasters, OK?
Dr. Sircus: OK, and what else?
Edward: We knew about the iodine.
Dr. Sircus: What else?
Edward: That was part of the protocol.
Dr. Sircus: What else?
Edward: And let me tell you with the Canadian government, I know this as well. In all the areas that are close to nuclear reactors in Canada, the government has a government supply for all citizens within a certain kilometer perimeter of all nuclear reactors. They have iodine --
Dr. Sircus: And what else? And what else, Michael? That's my point. Do they say is it just iodine and they are blank about anything else. Is there anything else that can help?
Edward: I am trying to remember. I remember the iodine pills with the nuclear training. I know that there were two or three other things, so bring me back to memory. It was a lot of years ago [laughter].
Dr. Sircus: Well, actually, basically that is it. They wash you down, decontamination. But they don't have any real -- there is no protocol.
Edward: No, the iodine was the only thing. It was pill form.
Dr. Sircus: Right, so my point is that is all they offer. Now we are going to talk about, everything we are going to talk about now is their blank wall about.
Edward: Great, great.
Dr. Sircus: And even they will say the iodine is only good for the radioactive iodine. But how about the radioactive cesium? How about the plutonium? How about the uranium? They don't have any answers. But we do have answers, and the list is not short. It is long. The second most important thing, which is normally, there are actually three things, fourth, on my top four items in my general, universal protocol. Let's just talk about the top three, which is iodine, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium. And specifically magnesium chloride. Normally magnesium is the number item in my protocol for everybody, and we will talk about that in a minute. But in the case of radiation, the number one spot gets taken over not by iodine, because iodine is only good for protecting the thyroid from one form of radiation. [38:22] So what goes into number one place is sodium bicarbonate baking soda, Arm and Hammer's Baking Sodium. Everybody who is listening to this broadcast should go out after the broadcast and go buy 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds of sodium bicarbonate. You will never regret--.
Edward: That much? [Laughter]
Dr. Sircus: Yes. You can get 50 pounds at Costco for less than $50.
Edward: Really.
Dr. Sircus: It is the cheapest and one of the strongest medicines in the world. If you inject it in the emergency room or intensive care ward and you are not a doctor they will lock you up. It is a legal medicine that is injectable.
Edward: Isn't part of Myers' cocktail, isn't it?
Dr. Sircus: Well, modern ones, yes. Modern people will be using bicarbonate in IVs. It comes in very handy, but you have to really monitor what you are doing, because if a person's blood not acidic, you can't put in too much bicarbonate. So bicarbonate is a medicine if it is injected. Otherwise you can just eat it right out of the box, legally. It is sold in supermarkets. It tells you the maximum dosage. Or you can throw it into your bath. Now if a radiation storm is coming down on your town, the first thing you do is jump into a bath full of sodium bicarbonate and full of magnesium salt. And a little bit of sodium thiosulfate, which has sulfur. There are different ways of getting sulfur, we will talk about that later. Sodium bicarbonate, you can use sodium bicarbonate to clean anything. You can use sodium bicarbonate to make the body run better, to change its PH and it will handle the radioactive toxicity in a different way. It will eliminate it faster. Sodium bicarbonate you can use it in the soil to clean uranium from the soil. This stuff is strong stuff. The U.S. Army decades ago put it in one of its manuals that you can use sodium bicarbonate to protect the kidneys from uranium damage.
Edward: I don't remember that. Hunh!
Dr. Sircus: Yes, and the plutonium, it strikes the lungs and the kidneys the worst. So if there is any, any answer to survive one particle of plutonium, you can find that in sodium bicarbonate. It is just, you know, just like the box. You know, this mallet, this arm, you know, this muscled arm with a mallet on it. It is that strong. It is industrial strength. It is natural, meaning, you would have to eat the whole box to, you know, have a toxic effect. Not quite, but I mean you could put a pound, two pounds, three pounds in a bath tub, and it is very protective.
Edward: How does it protect? Describe what effect does that have with us in our body?
Dr. Sircus: Well, this is one of the few books I would recommend people, of mine, read right away, because it talks about the bicarbonate and also the magnesium. My book on sodium bicarbonate. It is the only and first full medical review in the world on the subject. And the subtitle is actually Rich Man's, Poor Man's Cancer Treatment [42:06]. So the book is oriented to treatment, mostly of cancer, but also kidney disease and diabetes. It also helps a little with neurological situations. Sodium bicarbonate has different effects. But its main effect is to supplement our bicarbonate levels. The body struggles every day in the stomach to produce sodium bicarbonate, in the pancreas to neutralize the stomach acids, and also the kidneys produce it to keep the blood in a very strict PH range. Most people have turned to be acidic. Modern life, modern toxicities have made us acidic. Coca cola, you drink a glass of coca cola it is very acidic. The body goes acid, so all the cells are kind of burning a little bit, and this is a little bit what diabetes is all about, or pre-diabetes. The house starts burning down from the acid. So nothing works very well, everything is straining and struggling and the cells get more toxic. Everything is a mess. You take sodium bicarbonate, and very quickly it will neutralize acids in the body and bring the PH back to something more normal. Now everything in the body, every physiological process is PH-sensitive. When the PH changes into the acidic, things don't work as well, the biological processes. When you bring it back to alkaline, and bicarbonate does that instantly and strongly, you change things back into a healthy parameter. Things function better. So bicarbonate is really a miracle thing. It has been used for 125 years, since Arm and Hammer started this whole thing. Even back to the Egyptians different alkaline powders and things like that. So it helps detoxify. It does it through the neutralization of PH and of destroying acid. It is nutritional, meaning the body needs it. So you are helping the body with something it needs. It is not like an outside strange chemical or drug. It works and it works instantly. They use it in emergency rooms to save people's lives. So it is a good idea. There are a lot to know about it. You can use it for colds. I use it to brush my teeth. You can take it orally, and very importantly on my site, from about two or three months ago people will see an article on glutathione and bicarbonate nebulization. I would recommend people go out and cry and beg, go to a medical supply houses, I believe you need a prescription to get a nebulizer in the United States. Of course, here in Brazil you can just can get them anywhere. Companies are not so strict about these nebulizers. You can pretty much pick one up. I would get them, I would go to my essay on that subject, and look at the companies. There is a link to a company that sells capsules of glutathione and sodium bicarbonate already mixed together. You break it open, you put one or two in the nebulizer and nebulize it into the lungs. Now this is a fantastic treatment for any kind of problems in the lungs. Lung cancer, asthma, so when we have toxicity of radiation, one of the main entrance points is in the air, and into the lungs, and these particles get stuck in the lungs, so it makes sense to treat the lungs directly with glutathione. Glutathione is an enzyme that is produced inside the body that its main job is to help the body get rid of heavy metals, and nasty chemicals, and even radiation. It is an enzyme that picks things up and carries it out of the body. So we get depleted, but for many reasons, to include deficient magnesium levels, deficient selenium levels are very critical for this production. There are very few products you can take it orally. You can use suppositories with glutathione for radiation emergencies. Very effective, and nebulization, especially -- well not especially, any kind of radiation contamination you want to treat the lungs. This should be put on the front page of newspapers. The government just step in to manufacturing plants of nebulizers. Put them on 24 hour alert and production schedules. Get this stuff out to the citizens who are most affected. You should be preparing, even if the plant doesn't blow up for another three weeks, I mean really blow up where -- and then they bury it, and even then it is going to be too late, and radiation is going to be, [people will be] going "Oh, we are so surprised levels are now dangerous." What are we going to wait for? They should do something. [47:33]
Edward: You are in Brazil. So I just got a note saying that the Today Show, which I guess is NBC, has been telling everybody don't take anything. And that is today, apparently. So I don't know what the idea is. Why would they not want to tell us? Well, I don't need to ask you that question. I am kind of asking it myself. Why would they deliberately not tell people how to very easily and practically take care of ourselves with this, unless we are all supposed to be in some sort of denial of some type. I have no idea, but that is why it is important you are on this show. We need to know what to do.
Dr. Sircus: As I said in the beginning of the, the main question is do you trust the government or not? The government and the industries behind them, whether it be the bankers, or the military, or the chemical people, or the oil people, or the pharmaceutical people, we have just covered a big territory there, these people all make their livings by killing or poisoning. The military gets into killing. I mean, they will kill and they can claim responsibility for who they kill. Everybody else, like in the old days, you could kill somebody, I am talking about centuries ago, or thousands of years ago, you could kill people two ways: with a sword, a spear, an arrow or poison them. Now if you use a sword, or spear, or an arrow, and there is anybody around, you can pretty much you can prove who did it. When you poison somebody, then there is a doubt. Nobody sees it. The poison goes in, and there is not a direct line back to the source. So the advent of modern era starting back with Heinz ketchup, and different chemicals they started putting in the foods, a lot of people started making a lot of money playing with poisons. Making money from poisons. It has been a growth industry of incredible proportion in the last 120 years or so. And so now we live in a culture of monsters. Medical monsters who believe in using poison.
Edward: True.
Dr. Sircus: And believe in saying that it is very safe. It is very safe, the official policy of the United States, the medical part of the government, it is totally OK to inject ethyl mercury into six month old babies. It used to be OK, the first day of life, with the hepatitis B vaccine. They finally took that out in America, but of course here in Brazil it is still in every birth dose. They think it is fine, now mercury is up there with uranium. It is not quite as much as plutonium in toxicity, but it is way up there with uranium. Very deadly stuff. Now of course it is coming across from 5,000 miles in the Pacific. We don't have to worry about it. Even when you concentrate it in an injection, and put it in a baby it is safe! Man, it is safe! Relax, relax, it is not a problem!
Edward: The government says so, it must be safe! [Laughter]
Dr. Sircus: This is the religion that we live in today, that fluoride of course is safe when we know it is not. The mercury in the teeth is safe when it is not. You know when you pull a dental tooth with mercury in it, you can't throw it in the garbage can legally. The dentist has to put it in a special place. When it comes into the office it is marked with the cross and bones. And then if you pull it out of a tooth, it then has to be picked up by a special truck and stored, they do something special to it.
Edward: But it is OK for it to be in our mouth. [Laughter].
Dr. Sircus: Right, right. So how do you deal with this kind of culture and mindset? You don't. These people, they have already had it. It is a reason our civilization is going to fail. It is the reason we have all these nuclear plants. They are safe! We don't have to worry about all these nuclear plants! You can live right next door to them!
Edward: Sure.
Dr. Sircus: And build your house right against the nuclear wall of the plant! I mean, it is fine!
Edwards: [Laughter]. Well, that is what they say. Look, we have got Dr. Gabriela Segura, she finally got in here and we got connected. So I am just going to welcome her in, and then you two just go at it. So, Gabriela?
Dr. Gabriela Segura: Hello.
Edward: Hi, great, yes, good afternoon here, almost evening and late night for you. Thanks for getting in.
Dr. Segura: Yes, sorry I am late.
Edward: It is almost 11:00 at night your time, but this is a great broadcast. We have three continents tied together. You have heard that Dr. Mark Sircus is on there already and I know you two really fall along the same line with things. So here is how we are going to do this. We will continue with Dr. Mark trying to explain the practical things that we can do. And whenever you have got something to say, Gabriela, please, chime in. OK?
Dr. Segura: OK. [53:08]
Edward: Put your hand up! [Laughter].
Dr. Sircus: Hello Dr. Gabriela! [Laughter]. Nice to meet you on the radio.
Dr. Segura: Hello. It is very nice to meet you, finally. [Laughter].
Dr. Sircus: One thing that we both share in common. We both recently written about, and I have quoted her extensively in my recent essay about MMS, which is called magical mineral supplements. It is like going into a bee's nest, people didn't like it at all.
Dr. Segura: I know. And you know, what most people don't know is I wrote an article because one of my friends almost died after taking MMS. Otherwise, I would not have looked into it. I will research more about it. But she nearly died, basically. We believe that she recovered because of the massive amounts of vitamin C she took in the 24 hours after she was in a toxic state. So yes, that is why I wrote that article, that itself is dangerous. It doesn't matter if some people tolerate it just fine. Some people obviously don't.
Dr. Sircus: So it is very clear on this radio show that we do not recommend MMS for radiation exposure.
Edward: Definitely not! [Laughter].
Dr. Sircus: Would you concur doctor?
Edward: Or take it for anything!
Dr. Sircus: Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Edward: Some people had bad reactions, so that is just what is going on in the Internet.
Dr. Sircus: I don't discount all the testimonies of some people do get benefits, and there are different ways of using it a little more safely than drinking, using it transdermally. But we are not here to talk about that. So Gabriela, I was just talking about the general mindset that we live in a society in a civilization that basically pretends and fantasizes and has hallucinations that all dangerous chemicals and radioactive particles and heavy metals are basically safe. That we as a population have nothing to worry about. That even though we are all exposed, that there is a miracle happening. And we just have to do nothing. Maybe drink some Johnny Walker, and keep watching our TVs, and not worry about anything including what is going on in Japan, and how that might already be beginning to affect the West Coast of the United States.
Dr. Segura: Yes, it is basically a message of "Go back to sleep, you know, everything is fine!" when clearly it is not. And I was reading just today about Chernobyl, how do you pronounce that, "Chernobyl experience," and the attitude we are seeing today about the Japanese nuclear alert is basically very normal. People or the governments tend to just say everything is fine. Obviously they have ties with the nuclear power advocates, and they are more interested in preserving their status quo, basically, than helping people, innocent people that are going to be exposed to, you know, these radioactive materials. So yes, the situation is very, very bad. I do believe, very, very bad.
Dr. Sircus: So we were talking about glutathione, and bicarbonate nebulization, and leading into that basically we talked first about iodine, and then even though I tell people that magnesium is always number one in my protocol, but for radiation sodium bicarbonate,
Dr. Segura: It is very important. And it has proven effective --
Dr. Sircus: Which are you talking about, bicarbonate or magnesium? [a long pause] hello?
Edward: OK, we lost her! [laughter]
Sircus: We lost her.
Edward: She was saying that she was having real problems with Internet connections, so she is off the switchboard. So you will just have to continue on, and when she gets back, I will just let you know, because I would really love the two of you to have a dialog back and forth, because you are so like-minded when it just comes to allopathic and just common sense approaches, and I want to get that across to people. You don't find heart surgeons like Gabriela Segura talking like you are, Dr. Mark. You don't find that very often. This is great to me. I think this is the best meeting of medical and practical knowledge that I could ever have on a radio show. So I will just let you continue onward. We have got iodine, we have got sodium bicarbonate. What else? I can't pronounce it.
Dr. Sircus: Glutathione.
Edward: Glutathione. And that could be suppositories as well as a nebulizer.
Dr. Sircus: That is correct. Now let's go to the magnesium. People should be going out and looking for magnesium oil, which is magnesium chloride, or Epson salts, or Dead Sea salt. These are three main sources. Or magnesium bath flakes. Actually it is four different types of magnesium products. Except for the Epson Salt, Epson Salt and Dead Sea Salt, these are salts. Magnesium chloride is a salt, so you get it in crystal or power form. [59:16] And then this stuff called magnesium oil, which is liquid magnesium chloride. Magnesium, lets just talk about magnesium for a few moments. It is number for me in just about every situation. Number one and a half in radioactive [situations]. The basic analogy, first of all, without magnesium we'd all be dead. There would be no life on this planet. Magnesium is the metal that allows plants the miracle of changing light energy into chemical energy. It is the heart of chlorophyll. It is the atom that sits right in the middle. Knock the magnesium out and you put iron in and then you have hemoglobin. So it is a very interesting thing. Magnesium is the lamp of life. Because it is involved in almost every physiological process, I basically use the analogy it is like the oil of a car. You try to run your car up a mountain side with no oil, or with very little oil, you are going to seize your engine, you are going to have big trouble. When you walk into an emergency room, having a heart attack or a stroke, if they inject magnesium sulfate or magnesium chloride, with a stroke, if you inject it in the first two hours, you basically are going to avoid all the damages. If you inject it while somebody is having a heart attack, you save the person's life in half a heartbeat, a heartbeat. Magnesium is just like a lubricant -- it is not really, I am using that as an image. But it can just save your life in a heart beat. Like iodine, as they said, one of the biggest things we have to look at, and maybe we should go back to a little bit of generality, the biggest thing we have to look at are our deficiencies. If you are iodine deficient and magnesium deficient, you are a sitting duck. Like trying to get yourself, like the analogy of a radiation cloud coming, or trying to climb up a mountain, if you are deficient in these minerals you are a sitting duck.
Edward: Dr. Mark, we have Dr. Segura on again, so just go ahead. And Gabriela please chime in.
Dr. Segura: OK.
Dr. Sircus: So we are sitting ducks. So the treatment, the treatment -- it is an emergency room treatment. It is intensive care treatment. The treatment is to start taking iodine. To start taking magnesium in very high dosages. And you can take this magnesium oil and put it all over your body. This transdermal approach. And the best medical treatment for Cleopatra herself, is to put this oil all over your body or your children's body and then massage it in. Combining massage and touch, therapeutic healing touch. And the medicinal property of magnesium on the skin, you have just won the most wonderful treatments, and you don't even have to give a professional massage, just like you would intuitively put in sun tan screen to the skin. You can just rub it in. I recommend this for all people with cancer and other serious diseases. But one way is putting it in on the skin. Second way you could drink it, although when you take high dosages it gives diarrhea. Oral consumption of magnesium is limited because it would provoke loose stools very quickly. But going back to our bicarbonate baths, if you put one or two pounds of bicarbonate, you put one or two pounds or three pounds of one of these magnesium salts in the bath, and then you have what I call the ultimate mitochondrial cocktail, which is magnesium and bicarbonate which will be like ramming the magnesium into the mitochondria so they can produce more energy. Of course we need energy to detoxify. So magnesium is going to make detoxification of the body much easier. So it never should be ignored. And that is the problem with Western medicine. They talk about iodine, like that is the only thing to think about. Don't take iodine, take iodine! It is a crazy paradigm. It is like, "Oh, just breath for the rest of your life through one nostril. Forget about the other one exists!" We might as well plug it up. We need to do many things. And the basic things are iodine, the magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate. These three super emergency room medicines are very inexpensive. Will give people, and this is just the beginning of the list, and the next thing is going to be clay in terms of importance, and what we can use clay for. But these three things are the core of my protocol for just about everything, including cancer. And of course radiation, the fear that the result will be cancer. If it is high enough dosage, you get radiation sickness and die very quickly. You can get a little bit of radiation, not notice it for a few years, and then you end up with cancer.
Edward: So Dr. Segura, you agree?
Dr. Segura: Yes.
Edward: We said this before. Chime in there, because you are a medical doctor and a heart surgeon and such, and you brought a lot of things up with me in your show last time about how things such as the sodium bicarbonate and the magnesium oil and such, how there was such a positive effect, even that you had seen with heart patients and such, so join in here and make some comments, because some people need to see this is real, and this is how it can help us. [1:05:29]
Dr. Segura: Yes, definitely the magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. I was talking about spirulina and chlorella. There are also other therapies that are widely available just in case, I heard people already starting to have trouble in getting iodine, you know, supplements. They are starting to run out, or you know, but also cocktails of antioxidants, because radiation basically that is what it causes, it oxidizes your body, basically. And popular anti-oxidants have proven effective if taken 24 hours before and after exposure. We are dealing here also with chronic exposure of radioactive material for a long period of time. It will be decades of this exposure, so it is important to have, to keep in mind also, small cocktails of antioxidants. You guys already talked about it a little bit. You know, there is glutathione, like N-Acetyl-Cysteine, which is [abbreviated as] the NAC, the alpha lipoic acid, I think those are basic. But there is also vitamin C, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and --
Dr. Sircus: Selenium.
Dr. Segura: Melatonin is another important one. And I want to mention about melatonin. There is an effective way of increasing your levels of melatonin, but it doesn't cost anything. It is basically sleeping in total darkness. Your room has to be completely dark to the point that you can't see your hand if you put it in front of your face. That is an effective way of increasing melatonin levels. We have tried it with excellent results like people report that their dreams are more vivid and they sleep much better. It helps to regularize your bowel movements. It is basically something that is free and you can do it. But also melatonin implementation has been used effectively in case of radiation. I basically encourage people to keep in mind, take a small cocktail of antioxidants, along with your magnesium and your bicarbonate treatment, and what we are talking about on this show and the last show as well. And there is also the research of doctors that work at Chernobyl, they have very good results with products like pectin. Have you ever heard of pectin?
Dr. Sircus: Yes, sure. Go ahead.
Dr. Segura: It is basically a complex carbohydrate. In Chernobyl they used pectin in children, and it showed it helped them clear out radioactive material up to 50%, and it was used basically at a dose of 5 grams once or twice daily for one month, at least four times a year, and after that children were much better. And this is something that is also widely available.
Edward: I am letting you two just go on with this. I know I am the host, but you two just go ahead and interact and speak about what we need to do to get rid of these toxins. Go for it. Don't let me interfere. OK, so that is why I am letting this silence here.
Dr. Sircus: OK, let me continue, because I have been trying to put out a very structured protocol. I definitely concur with everything Dr. Gabriela just said. There is a whole list of different things, and the key point is there is going to be a run on all of this. So there is going to be shortages of just about everything, so provide a long list, and people should pick up what they can.
Dr. Segura: Sounds great.
Dr. Sircus: One of the next major ways of dealing with the detoxification, and this brings us back to the beginning, on one hand we have to deal with our nutritional deficiencies, which make us weak in handling toxicity. The second major thing is we have to understand that we are already are toxic. We already live in a poison planet. We already have a tremendous amount of mercury pollution in the world. Not only do we inject it and put it in our teeth, but all these coal-fired plants that we cry or the press cries about the CO2 they produce, the CO2 is actually very necessary and healthy and the plants love it, and life wouldn't exist on this planet, but they don't talk about the mercury they put out. And of course in the Gulf of Mexico we have had this tremendous oil pollution and toxicity. Also it is one of the most mercury-polluted areas. We have problems with lead, we have problems with rocket fuel, we have problems with the pesticides, fungicides, and we are just surrounded with toxicity. So people are already toxic. They are already deficient in nutrition. So we are not dealing with very healthy specimens. We are dealing in the year 2011 with a weakened population through incredibly bad diet, nutritionally deficient foods, poisons in our air, poisons in our water, some of which are deliberately put in there like the fluoride, the chlorine is also poison, the list is thousands of things, along with the beauty products we use, the beds we sleep on, with the fire retardants, the list doesn't stop. So in dealing with the situation that is coming up, especially if you live in a city, cities of course have the urban pollution, people breathing 24 hours seven days a week, air with poisons, forget that you are a cigarette smoker, or you are drinking all the time, alcohol which is very toxic in itself and depleting of magnesium, so without belaboring this point, we are dealing with subjects, with patients, with people, with a population who are deficient and weak and who are already walking, toxic bombs. And now we are talking about spraying these people with radiation. I mean, we do have radiation on this planet. We love to do that in dentist office, more radiation. Go to the airport in the United States, more radiation. Of course your medical tests, more radiation. Now they use more powerful testing machines, more radiation. And let's see, now you have got cancer, lets give you some more radiation. Radiation is the death principle.
Dr. Segura: Yes.
Dr. Sircus: Dr. Walter Russell, one of the greatest geniuses who ever walked this planet, about a hundred years ago, he was friends with Thomas Edison and all these group of geniuses who lived back then, he wrote a book called "Atomic Suicide," and defined radiation as "The Death Principle." Death. And it is true. Radiation equals death. Of course in our modern insane society, with the medical doctors and scientists, it is safe. [Laughter]. Death is safe. Radiation is safe. So we are talking about radiation hitting a nutritionally deficient population, who are already chemically poisoned. So they are on the edge, and we have to help this population. So of iodine of course just doesn't do it, bicarbonate of course will help and magnesium will help a lot, but we have got to keep, you know, if you can afford it, and it is still available, like the next item on the board or on the table, clay, eating clay, eating edible clay and also clay baths and clay packs. Clay has a very special property. Clay tends to be very pure. So most clays that you can buy today are very, very pure. They have a very special property because they are so pure. They have an incredible affinity for the impure. Like a sponge, they will just suck the impurities to it. So you can eat an edible clay, and clean from the inside. It will draw, especially if you are ingesting some contaminated food, radiation poisoning. It will help and create a drainage through the whole digestive track, drawing the poisons to it, and then you eliminate it, and then you could also do clay packs, you put it in your bath, jump into a bath full of clay, or you can put clay packs, different medical treatments, you know you have different problems in certain part of the body, but in general clay will help with removal of radiation, of heavy metals, and chemical toxicity. It creates a drainage on the body, it is inexpensive, again, this is not another medical item that costs an arm and leg, and you have to go to your bank account and borrow money for. Clay you can buy a year's worth of very fine eating clay for the whole family or six months supply for $50 or $60, registered eating clay that is certified by the government to eat in a glass bottle from the LL Magnetic Clay Company. There are other fine companies too all around the world. There are a lot of good people dealing with clay. Clay is your best friend in detoxification. It makes everything easier. It gives people the access to the healing power of Mother Earth. It comes from the earth. Water has its own special healing power. Pure water. And the same with the earth. Animals when they get sick they eat the dirt, because it cleans. It absorbs the pathogens, it absorbs the toxicity and leaves the biological systems cleaner. This is what you want. It is effective for all types of radiation contamination. Not like iodine which is only for iodine radiation. So clay, eating clay and clay to put on the body, if you have a radiation cloud coming down on you, and you are panicking, if you have clay, it is just like having Mom around. You have the earth. We need the earth, in these trials and tribulations we need the best of the earth. Clay offers the best of the earth. Most of these eating clays, they come from underground deposits, so they are not exposed to the toxicity of the modern era. The magnesium oil I recommend too comes from underground. There are different magnesium products you can buy. You can buy from seawater evaporation. Or you can buy this stuff that comes from underground in Europe. It comes from a deposit that is 250 million years old. It has been down around 1500 meters, 1500 yards, it is 250 million years old. It has been down around 1,500 meters, is a sea that the earth turned upside down, or whatever happened, and it got trapped, and now they pump it up like oil. This magnesium oil. It is so pure, there is like hardly any mercury in it. You have to get down to the one part per billion level to see even an atom of it. So the purity of substances really helps us out when you are dealing with toxicity. You do not want to use impure stuff that has its own toxicity, which includes of course all pharmaceutical drugs, they are all toxic, so when you -- with toxicity, what do you get?. More disease and toxicity.
Dr. Segura: More toxicity.
Dr. Sircus: Yes.
Edward: Well, I use, I take care of animals and rehab and such, and we use internally clay as a detox for the horses
especially. That is once a week. Somebody just had a question, you were talking about using clay externally such as put it in the bath tub, and you also said that with Epson salts. Can you combine the two of them together such as bentonite clay with Epson salts in the bath and get a good detox double whammy at the same time?
Dr. Sircus: I have never experimented with combining clay with like the, to me, the ideal bath is loaded with sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, and if you are using chlorine in your water, you don't have a filter taking it out of your bath water, using a little sodium thiosulfate, which is the stuff you buy in the fish store to put in the pet fish tank before you put the fish in because it neutralizes the chlorine right away. And the sodium thiosulfate, which you can only buy in a chemical supply house. You can do that online. It not only neutralizes the chlorine, but it gives you sulfur. And sulfur is an important item. In fact, I just read a post from somebody. It was you, Dr. Gabriela about the DMSO, is that correct?.
Dr. Segura: Yes, indeed.
Edward: That is something I wanted to bring up. Get into that right now. DMSO and MSN (spelling?) and such.
Dr. Segura: Yes, DMSO has a long history of use as an antidote for acute exposure to radioactive material. And that is why they recommend anti-oxidants that have sulfur-containing compounds, such as NAC, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and also Alpha Lipoic Acid, but there is also the typical classic sulfur containing compound, it is dimethyl sulfoxide, which is DMSO, which nowadays you know is mostly used, veterinarians use it, a lot of people use it, and they get it from the so-called black market because this is not approved by the FDA for many, many reasons. Basically, actually for the only reason that it works very well and it doesn't have a profit, so pharmaceutical companies are not interested in it, you know. There was a Japanese study I was reading just the other day that showed that even low concentrations of DMSO had radioprotective effects, because it repairs DNA that was damaged. It provided protection against radiation damage in all the body. The DMSO is really a fascinating compound. People use it for many, many things with excellent results. That is why basically I posted one entire article about DMSO. [1:21:21]
Edward: I know one thing, when I used it with the horses, and if I don't use gloves, in fact we use it for horses that have sprains and everything else. It is amazing, and this is since the 80's, when they first came out with it, so it is nothing new with animals. But with people, like you said, Gabriela, it is not approved by the FDA. You can't patent it, you can't make money from it, so of course it won't work! Just like Dr. Mark was saying, "Well of course radiation is fine for you!" [Laughter]. But I do know, definitely, if you get it on your skin, at least in a veterinary strength, and I don't know what the difference is, but you can taste sulfur in your mouth.
Dr. Segura: Exactly.
Edward: When I am rubbing a horse with it, it only takes about a minute. I taste sulfur.
Dr. Segura: Exactly. It dissolves that quickly, and for emergencies it works very well. Typically, you use it topically in sprains, but it has many, many uses and people can take it also orally. But there are a few precautions to take, because it dissolves very well, and everything you put into it, it will carry very well into your body, even though it is a powerful antioxidant and it can neutralize some of the bad effects of drugs, you have got to be careful because of that property of dissolving anything into your body. But I will keep it mind. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant. It also serves as sulfurous first. It detoxifies your body in a very effective way. We have used it with very good results for detoxification. So the news that it is radioprotective is very good news indeed.
Edward: Radioprotective. OK, so that means that it protects you from the effects of radiation.
Dr. Segura: Yes, exactly.
Edward: OK. These are new terms for me, so I am just playing the dummy in the middle here. I know other people who will probably be like me and not understand all the things that both of you are saying. I know it is hard to oversimplify when you know the proper terms.
Dr. Segura: It is amazing because they are like the Chernobyl experience like in a sense enriched the medical vocabulary with new diseases that were never described before. Mostly due to chronic exposure to all these radioactive materials. People nowadays are being affected mostly from the foods they eat that are contaminated with radioactive material and will continue to be so for decades to come. So this is some of what we can expect now from the Japanese nuclear alert.
Edward: So you have already experienced this because of Chernobyl, and what was that, ten years ago? And that was one reactor, so now we have at least four reactors in Japan, to bring this on the jet stream to go around the northern hemisphere. So we are probably looking at some extremely long term effects.
Dr. Segura: Yes, that happened in 1986, and actually even some levels of radioactive material in foods started to increase even more after 1996, that was ten years after the accident.
Edward: Wow.
Dr. Segura: Yes. That is pretty bad. But they have also seen that processing foods helps a lot in reducing the contaminated material, so for example, soaking in water, boiling, salting, and pickling foods, such as vegetables, can decrease the amount of radioactive material in food, like several times. They also suggest to avoid dairy, milk especially, because it usually will concentrate radioactive material. Processed dairy like butter, d-butter (spelling) is much safer. So that is a good thing to know.
Edward: Yes, this is all news to me.
Dr. Sircus: OK, so I am going to tell you the breaking news coming out this particular moment, reads this: the head of the power company in Japan, the headline reads, "The Moment the Nuclear Plant Chief Wept." As Japanese finally admit their radiation leak is serious enough to kill people, he broke down, and we have a picture of him crying, they finally are beginning to admit that this is very, very, very, very dangerous. All these communications we are hearing from the government or the news media, "To not worry, go back to bed," tell that to the Japanese now.
Edward: Yeah. They are on an island, where do they go?
Dr. Sircus: Right.
Edward: They can only disappear by boat, even commercial airplanes are not flying in and out of Tokyo-Narita Airport now.
Dr. Sircus: They are not?
Edward: No. No, they have cut off, KLM has cut off, and the U.S. Airlines have stopped their scheduled flights.
Dr. Sircus: It is a small place. Japan is a small place for something like this to be happening. Very small.
Edward: Well, so let us get back to, we are going to have to deal with this. It is coming our way. The entire northern hemisphere of this earth for sure will have effects from this.
Dr. Sircus: OK, so the next item, the next big thing, is a whole category of things. Eating super foods, we talked about nutritional deficiency. But it is more than fulfilling nutritional law. Feeding the body super foods, and superfoods are basically high in chlorophyll, which means also high in magnesium. We are talking about things like spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass juice, barley juice, or my favorite, which I use personally is this [unintelligible] I call Rejuvenate made by this physicist of all kinds of people in Arizona. I have been involved with spirulina for 30 years. My mentor in life, Dr. Christopher Hills who saved my life, spirulina and in every other way, he is the guy who brought spirulina to the world, something the Aztecs used to eat, it is a micro algae, now the Japanese, the Israelis, the Chinese, the Indians from India, everybody makes this stuff. It is wonderful stuff, it doesn't taste so good, but it is wonderful, wonderful for children. This Rejuvenate, it was sent to me like six months ago, and I just looked at it for about a week. I opened it up and smelled it, and I started seeing stars. It is incredibly good-tasting. It is made from spirulina, chlorella, and then it has all of this organic, like alfalfa sprouts, hemp seeds, and on and on and on. Delicious-tasting thing, so you can take a lot of it. Taking a lot of spirulina, a lot of this good-tasting Rejuvenate, or growing your own wheat grass juice, any of these green, these substances are just like rocket fuel in terms of the potency. Flooding the body whether you are sick, forget about from radiation poisoning, but, well it is like being a jet fighter, turning on the dial, and putting your after burner on. The cells will just go into overdrive which means the nutrition can flow into cells more easily, and give them everything they need to protect themselves and it makes it easier for the waste to get out of the cells. Magnesium is very important, also bicarbonate. So super nutrition is critical. I promote this Rejuvenate as a survival food. Spirulina as a survival food. It is a medicine, fasting food, survival food, all in one. Makes you feel better, makes you more beautiful. These nutritional basic things, it is just so powerful and wonderful, we could go on and on. We could talk about spirulina all night, and all the research. But if you can get your hands, whether it be for survival, because the planet is running out of food, one area of the world after another these past twelve months, production of food is going down. The number of people still going up. And now Japan, we are not talking about it very much, but what got destroyed with the tidal wave? A good chunk of their food production capacity. Farmlands and the low-lying areas along the coast. There is not that much space to grow food in Japan. 30% of their fishing fleet in their ports were wiped out. So another huge amount of food production just got wiped out. And there are not extra stocks in the world, I mean the Japanese are going to start bidding on the world markets for some of this food. The Chinese are having trouble with their wheat crop. So it is a good idea, whether it be for radiation poisoning, or for survival food, or just to get healthier, and prepare for more future shocks. These super foods go along way. Some of them can be expensive. If you eat a lot of it, so it is not a bad idea to learn how to make wheat grass juice, do it yourself. So it is a solution.
Edward: OK. We got a question from the chat real quick before we get too far away from clay. Instead of taking a bath, could someone use it in a shower where they get wet, they put the clay on them, let it pretty much dry, and then go ahead and let it rinse off later.
Dr. Sircus: Correct. You can go out in sun, or you can just go out and relax, and let it dry. You can also put clay packs on over night and sleep. I used to do that when I had those, when I was having problems with my cataracts. I put clay on my eyes, and covered that, and put a bandage around my head and sleep with the clay pulling out the poisons from my eyes.
You can do that around your chest, for the lungs. There is no limit. Especially if you are desperate. So yes, you can go out in the sun. You can sit in your shower room and read a book and let it all dry, and give it a good time to dry, and then, sure, shower it off.
Edward: OK, I know in Europe and especially in Poland, Germany, and such, and I guess in France they might still do it. They use poultices. A poultice where you have herbs or clay or anything in there and put that on a spot where you might have a problem. Now I am just thinking, wouldn't that work if we have got clay or even the iodine perhaps if we are on severe exposure with radiation and such? Could we use a method like that in using some of these things? If they are just in a small quantity and small availability for us, just to use a poultice? [1:33:42]
Dr. Sircus: Yes sure. That is what I am talking about. You can put poultice, and sleep with them on, or put them in certain parts of your body and walk around during the day with them on. Or just leave them on for a few hours. It doesn't have to be always a bath in covering your whole body which makes an incredible mess. So if you have a lot of people to do, you have to be smart, you have to be creative, and you have to be very flexible, depending on how much of a product you have. Of course you use less of it that way than filling up a bath with it. Same with the magnesium, putting it on your skin directly, you use less of it than if you pour it into a bathtub. So depending on the product you are buying, how much you are able to get your hands ahold of, how much money you have and what you can afford, there are different ways of combining these different substances. Of course again sodium bicarbonate is the cheapest and one of the most effective, so you can go for that. Clay also, especially eating clay. Any fine clay that you can eat, very inexpensive. You get a lot of kick for the buck. A lot of effectiveness.
Edward: Well internally I use clay myself. I use it for the horses, like I told you, especially with them. But I do the same thing myself when I get USDA human consumption-certified bentonite clay or montmorillonite clay. One pound costs about $5. And it seems like it is really expensive. It goes a long way, so I would like to throw my two cents in with that, because I have seen the proof of detoxification from clay with the animals. It is one of the first protocols we use for rehab, especially with the horses, which their intestinal systems are very, very sensitive with certain things. There are lots of toxins they bring in, and we have a weekly protocol with bentonite clay internally with them, and I do the same thing myself, along with diatomaceous earth and things like that. It does make a difference with detox, so I want to stress that to every listener. This might all sound kind of odd, Dr. Mark and Dr. Segura are talking about things that are not magic pills. OK, that is the mindset that most of us have is, "Oh, we have got a pill for that, you will be OK, just take a pill and radiation won't bother you." Well, I am sorry, that is a lie. That is why this show is so important. You need to listen to both these people, because they understand exactly what is going to get us through for some of us -- some that are younger, not some of us -- some who are younger get through the next 40 or 50 years, because we will have this contamination. And some of us that are a little bit older, OK, I would like to make it another 20 years. That would be nice. So I just want to encourage everybody who is listening live, and also when you hear this in the archives, write down everything that Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Abrigail Segura are saying. We have got about 20 minutes left, either one of you, anything that we have missed, or any comments. Just, you know, lets just keep this going. Perhaps there is something else with other studies that you have heard will help us, or even talk about how it affects our soil and how that affects our food or whatever. People just don't know. So anything you have got to say, just go do it and another 20 minutes and let's save some people. [1:37:43]
Dr. Segura: Yes, and another interesting thing, I learned in the last few days, is that after these kinds of accidents, the rates of infections rises for the next several years. I am talking here about microorganisms, viruses, hepatitis, measles, herpes virus, bacteria, and so forth, all these micro organisms become much more virulent. They don't understand exactly the mechanism, but there is a strong possibility that we will see an increase in infectious diseases for the next several years.
Edward: Wow. For those of us in the Gulf of Mexico, what you are saying is we have got this problem because of the oil flow, the fake spill that is really a flow, that we already have the bacterial problems and the chemical problems, which is why I have had both of you on separately before today's show, talking about detoxification with that in particular. Now we are talking about not just around the Gulf, we are talking about the whole northern hemisphere with radiation detox, which a lot of, and correct me if I am wrong, I am seeing that what both of you are saying of how we can naturally detox, we are talking about pretty much the same basic things with clay, magnesium, the spirulina, and the chlorella, all these things cover both, whether it is the chemical toxins from the big oil flow in the Gulf or the radiation toxins.
Dr. Segura: Exactly, the antioxidants. Also keep in mind the DMSO has antiviral properties, and also the therapies we are talking in general are effective against infections, the anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and so forth.
Dr. Sircus: We shouldn't pass too quickly over these antioxidants.Vitamin C, my favorite company for that, is Megafood. It is not ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid which is normaly considered vitamin C by just about everybody, is not really vitamin C, it is a part of vitamin C. So there are some fine companies. I think another fine company called Chapter House. They make whole food vitamin C's, and there other, many companies you can look around for, much better than ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is a life-saver. It should be included in almost all intravenous injections from doctors. In severe radiation poisoning, fighting for somebody's life, vitamin C, injectable will increase ones odds of pulling through it. Alpha lipoic acid is a known chelator of mercury, so it would also be effective for other heavy metals, including uranium. Also helps increase glutathione production, these are very important if you can get your hands on them and take them in high dosages
Dr. Segura: Yes. it can save your life.
Dr. Sircus: Yes, so this NAC is also a precursor for glutathione. All these amino acids, or substances that deal with sulfur and opening up the sulfur pathways. I like the sodium thiosulfate, as I mentioned for the baths. But Epson salts can be used as a magnesium and sulfate, providing sulfur, so there are many different options. The Megafood also has a very good selenium, and vitamin E complex. Selenium is very important because it binds with mercury. Everybody is dealing with the mercury toxicity, so we can't forget about that. You get rid of the mercury and you can stand the radiation a little better because you are a little stronger. So selenium --
Dr. Segura: And also vitamin E and selenium act synergistically to protect you against radiation.
Dr. Sircus: Correct, and of course the government doesn't tell you it makes the iodine work better. Iodine supplementation is safer. You should always use selenium with the iodine. So the whole idea behind everything we are talking about is hitting and taking care of many different angles, being like in your own house creating a field hospital and treating yourself and your children or other loved ones as a comprehensive medical team would. Meaning, you have specialists, but your specialists aren't these doctors with the stethoscopes hanging around their neck. The doctors are the bicarbonate, magnesium, and the iodine and the selenium. These are all the doctors you bring into the room, and each one will play its own special role, like a team of medical specialists. You increase your strength and you increase your capacity to eliminate new poisons and the radiation exposure. One of the keys that is very important to understand, which we didn't talk about, and I call this approach to medicine I have been talking about tonight, I call natural allopathic medicine. Normally the word natural and allopathic would be oxymorons. They don't go together, because allopathic or Western medicine does not deal with natural substances. They hate natural substances and they like to do witch hunts against natural medicine. But, they don't want to listen to it, but their best medicines in the emergency room are concentrated nutritional medicines. Sodium bicarbonate, iodine and magnesium. So the secret in this form of medicine is to get the dosages up high enough, if you just take a little bit of this and and little bit of that, you are not talking about real medicine here. It is the opposite of allopathic medicine, which uses poisons at low dosages, you need to use low dosages of pharmaceuticals because you don't want to kill the patient, right away at least. So you do very low dosages of pharmaceuticals. You have a little effect, and you try to change the symptoms. You don't ever cure the person with the poison, but you can change them. So this is the opposite. You use very safe substances -- not even water is not safe, you can drown in a bucket of water, so take everything I am saying with a grain of salt. You have to use your own intelligence. But basically you are starting out with low dosages, and if your radiation cloud is coming, you go up as fast as you can. As fast as your body can comfortably take it. Better than following government, and don't do anything, and then take a massive one time dose of iodine, and not anything else. It is a little bit like in the Stone Age of medical thinking in terms of toxicity syndrome whether it be through radiation, oil or heavy metal, general chemicals, we are dealing on a more sophisticated level, and we have to be our own doctors, because doctors are not trained in this. They are trained in dealing with poison, not concentrated nutritional substances that really help the body. [1:45:41]
Edward: Quick question from Chad. I have heard that Arm and Hammer Baking soda or whatever it is has aluminum in it. Is that true? Man, if it doesn't, how should you take it? I know you spoke about this earlier, but let's go over it again. A teaspoon or whatever?
Dr. Sircus: Arm and Hammer is absolutely free of aluminum. The aluminum free, John's Red Mill is very fine sodium bicarbonate, but it is a marketing gimmick. Yes, it is aluminum free, and Arm and Hammer is also, I have seen the papers right from the company, I have communicated with the company. They are a great company, the baking powder has aluminum, it is different than baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate. So it is very safe to use. You can use it, and on the box of Arm and Hammer, the maximum dose for an adult internally orally is seven and half tea spoons a day. That is max. You should always use, if you want to use sodium bicarbonate therapy, you should read my book, because it is good to be knowledgeable about it. You need to have PH paper, so you don't take too much. You need to regulate your PH, but if you have cancer you want to get to urinate PH up to 8, for instance. You don't want to bring it up to 9. You want to bring it up to 8 or 8.1. So you have to navigate. So you need PH paper. If you take strong bicarbonate baths, you can put one, two, I had a person wrote me, put five pounds of bicarbonate in their bathtub, and they said to me it was leaking out of them for two weeks, they were so full of bicarbonate. But in an emergency situation, if they were telling you live right next door to the plant in Japan, you would be thinking in terms of these massive dosages. Because it is either that or die.
Edward: I would be jumping into a whole tub of baking soda, believe me. I am sorry, I forgot the other half of the question that this person had. If you are on other medications, such as a doctor [prescribed] medications or poisons, would there be any kind of effects with the banking soda that could counteract or anything like that? Anybody need to show extra caution if they are on pharmaceuticals?
Dr. Sircus: Well you always have to be a little extra cautious if you are on pharmaceuticals, because you are suffering or having to deal with the side effects or the toxicity. A big contradiction would be the clay. You don't want to take your medication right after you take your clay, your drinking clay, because then the clay will absorb the poison, which is probably a good thing, but --
Edward and Dr. Segura: [Laughter]
Dr. Sircus: -- Yes, it will absorb the poison, I mean, excuse me, the drug, and it won't enter the blood stream. .
Edward: Well, we had to have some good humor. We just had it! Well, OK, chemotherapy is just as good for us as radiation, according to the government, so I guess we are OK.
Dr. Sircus: A secret. The oncologist, they don't tell anybody this, when they give most forms of chemotherapy, at the same time they will give bicarbonate. Now, they give bicarbonate, why, because the chemotherapy is so toxic, if you are not careful, you could kill the person right there in the office. So you need sodium bicarbonate to soften it down. I mean, all radiation is incredibly nasty. Without sodium bicarbonate it is deadly, so they use sodium bicarbonate very quietly. And when I discovered this, I told this to my wife, and she said to me, looked at me, because I had just written a book using sodium bicarbonate for cancer treatment. She said well how do they know when they do actually help somebody if it is the bicarbonate helping them or the chemo therapy? And I looked at her and I said, "There is no way to answer that question." They don't control for that. So it could be all the good from chemotherapy could actually be from the bicarbonate, and it is not only saving you from the cancer, but it is saving you from the chemotherapy and the radiation.
Edward: That is a scary thought, but probably more realistic. Well, OK, can either one of you think of anything. We have covered a lot. OK, go ahead [Dr. Segura].
Dr. Segura: I wanted to say something about the diet very briefly, because some of the biological properties of these radioactive materials, are similar to stable components in food. Meaning that if you eat the food, it will help to block the binding of the radioactive material into your body. I am talking here about foods rich in potassium and calcium, which are similar to the components of radioactive material. So foods rich in potassium like you know bananas, raisins, beets, nuts, lemons, and other rich foods like green onions, parsley, spinach, I wouldn't recommend dairy [products] though, will help also to protect your body from radioactive material. It is something you can do, and it is through the diet. It is like healing. Allowing food to be your healing medicine, basically.
Dr. Sircus: Yes, so everyone should go out and buy a kilo, we can't not say this, of miso. Miso is what the Japanese used after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People who ate miso, one of the chemicals inside of it, also were statistically much higher rates of survival. This is, stories about this from different sources ever since the end of World War II, so miso is a very important thing, as is diet in general. Probiotics, not a bad thing-- .
Dr. Segura: Probiotics is very important because in Chernobyl it was shown that your gut, your intestinal flora, your gut of children, gets imbalanced and in a[n otherwise] healthy gut, it is guaranteeing basically chronic disease. So it is very important to balance the gut flora.
Edward: You need to have the right kind of bacteria in the gut. Isn't that what probiotics promotes is for the right kind of bacteria that we need?
Dr. Segura: Exactly, yes.
Edward: I only deal with horses, so I am hoping everything is the same with people, because I relate everything to what I do with the animals, and like I said I use all natural, everything that I can. We don't have any chemical warmers or anything like that. So my approach is look, if it is good enough for the horses, it is good enough for me.
Dr. Segura: Yes [laughter].
Dr. Sircus: I would like to correct something I said. My assistant is watching, Claudia. Hello Claudia! [Laughter] Who is listening in from Florida. She said, corrected me. I mentioned Megafood and Chapter House. It is not Chapter House, which is very good with vitamins and minerals. It is New Chapter. They are a very fine company. New Chapter, and the Megafood company. We are talking about spirulina and chlorella, many different companies, the Rejuvenate, there are many,many, many, many things.
Edward: So we have to have a broad approach to not only protect ourselves from immediate effects, but also long term effects, and a lot of this is not just clay and typical quick detox. We have to have a long term approach with this of things such as nutrients and building up our immune systems. Correct me if I am wrong. I am just trying to --
Dr. Sircus: Surviving a poison planet is not easy. It is not easy. It has already been this way for a while, and getting worse every year. And what happened last week in Japan, is just going to make it worse. We are going to be an even more poisoned planet. What happened in Russia last year they never talked about it. But the two biggest nuclear accidents were before Chernobyl in Russia and with Chernobyl they spread nuclear material all over the forests, all over the soil, when Russia burned down almost, big areas of Russia burned to the ground and forests burning up, all this radiation and heavy metal toxicity spread out in the planet. Of course our best friend BP, what they did in the Gulf Coast, and this is a huge toxic bomb, we might as well put out the largest hydrogen bomb in the world in the Gulf, it probably wouldn't have done near as much damage as what this oil is doing, and to the people in the local area. Now we have Japan, you live
downwind of an electric coal plant, a crematorium, a municipal incinerator, if you live on the West Coast, you have got 30% of your pollution coming down from China. We have a messy situation that is bad and it is getting worse. The most vulnerable people are the old people and the newborns, the children.
Edward: If they can make it that far, because there is a terrible abortion rate of pregnant women along the Gulf Coast right now, so if we can even have a new generation.
Dr. Sircus: That is in question, that is in question. And so this is all very serious, it is not just about Japan. Japan is just kicking a guy, he is drowning already, and he is coming up for water, and you put your foot on his head, and you push him back down again. This is a little bit of what Japan is going to do to us. But fighting for the survival, the health, is not a joke, and these things are gong to help in every sense. Unfortunately it is a negative sense, meaning we have to fight against toxicity, meaning radioactive toxicity.
Edward: We have got two minutes. I'll ask Dr. Gabriela Segura first. You have got one minute, summarize the most important things, and then after that, Dr. Mark, you chime right in. [1:56:54]
Dr. Segura: Well I would like people to check out as sott.net, that is because I just wrote an article about what we talked about today [Editor's Note: please see: "Detoxify or Die: Natural Radiation Protection Therapies for Coping With the Fallout of the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown," by Dr. Segura, 18 March 2011] and basically it is call radiation protection therapies for coping with the fallout of the Fukushima nuclear melt-down. So it is a comprehensive article about what we can expect. What has happened in the past, available treatments, natural treatments, like we just talked, that are widely available and that are cheap, comprehensive detox, through diet, through supplements, through other cheap therapies, and a briefing program, also that is available as a free download. People will have to take this seriously, because we are not going to get a lot of help from our governments, as we have seen from past experiences. We have to take responsibility for this if we are to protect our own health and that of our children. Yes, basically that is it.
Edward: OK, Dr. Mark.
Dr. Sircus: Well, I have said most of the things that need to be listened to. So I will address the United States Federal Government and governments around the world. For them to wake up, to take the situation really seriously. To stop lying, and start making an all out effort to help the public with these basic approaches. Safe and effective approaches. They should be organizing all the companies that are involved in producing iodine, for instance, or clay. Put these people and resource centers twenty four hours a day. Get this stuff produced. Get this stuff out there to the people who need it. Take a couple of billion dollars from the bankers and spend it on this and help people. Ask President Obama to forget about golf, and look at the president of this company in Japan who is crying. People should be crying. The leaders should be crying. This is an incredible disaster. To open their hearts and be vulnerable to what is going on, and then with the humiliation that comes with being vulnerable and crying, maybe their intelligence will start flowing back, and they will start acting in a way that is going to really help as much as we can help. There is a limit to what we can do now to help. Plutonium is nasty. You take everything we just talked about --
Edward: We are out of time, I am sorry. [Laughter].
Dr. Sircus: People get my point.
Edward: OK, they got it for sure. My only last comment in five seconds: Be who you were created to be. Love you all, thanks for listening.


Additional Notes:

The information being offered in this broadcast from 3/18/11 is absolutely essential for detoxification from Gulf of Mexico toxins as well as radioactive fallout detoxification. We were very privileged to have both Dr. Sircus and Dr. Segura discuss the proven and researched methods for naturally ridding our bodies of the lethal contaminates from our air and water.

It's vital for everyone to read the latest IMVA updates Dr. Sircus is posting at International Medical Veritas Association http://imva.info/ as well as essential information Dr. Segura posts at Health Matrix http://www.health-matrix.net/ and Signs Of The Times http://sott.net.

Detoxify or Die: Natural Radiation Protection Therapies for Coping With the Fallout of the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown:

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